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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 7, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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pudding. charles: we got an update on gerri willis. she passed $57,000. that's the susan g komen "race for the cure." you can still donate. david: i'm david asman sitting in for lou. the trump economy continues to move. the president in atlanta last night touting its success. >> we have the best economy in history. the stock market is at record highs. unemployment is at historic lows, and more americans are working today than ever before. david: more great economic news today with job growth and wages on the rise. we take that up and more with
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the white house national trade council, peter navarro. the obama shadow presidency stepping into the spotlight. the former president slamming the trump administration for what he calls stunted progress. >> it did not start with donald trump. he's a symptom, not the cause. he's capitalizing on resentments politicians have been fanning for years. president trump: i'm sorry i watched it, but i fell asleep. i found he's very good for sleeping. david: political savant. ed rollins will join us to discuss the obama coordinated attack against his successor. president trump will ask for the
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fisa documents to be declassified. but a 2006 obama executive order could complicate things. strong job numbers today. another indication the trump economy shows no signs of slowing down. the bureau of labor statistics announcing the united states added 201,000 jobs in august. thage wage for american workers rose to the highest since june 2009. unemployment remained at 3.9% and black unemployment was at its second lowest rate ever in recorded history. these numbers come as the president is digging in to protect the american worker against china. the president telling workers he's willing to impose additional tariffs on chinese goods. the president make it very clear
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he is extremely serious about balancing trade between the two nations and he's determined to stop the theft of american technology. joining us, the director of the white news national trade council. peter navarro. congratulations. this is a boom like the 1980s. what is the headline in today's economic figures? >> you are right about this. you and i go a long way back. talking numbers, how they affect wall treat. this is extraordinary. we have millions of jobs created since the president took office. we are seeing strong wage growth. i always like to try to kate to where the puck is going to be. and what i like about these numbers is business confidence
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is really off the charts. when you combine that with the strong manufacturing numbers that also came out this week, that means we are going to continue with these numbers. we'll have a lot more investments. on the consumer side you have got consumer confidence off the charts. when you combine that with wage growth, it means we are going to get the con sum sun -- the consumption driver going. good today and looking good for tomorrow. what this president is doing is extraordinary. it's an extension of what he promised to do. i was part of that campaign, i was probably on one of your shows during the campaign. we are going to cut taxes, deregulate, level the playing field on trade, and all four of those points of the compass will tim late growth. that's what happened. this is a good day for america. >> when it comes to trade, we
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are going to focus on one country that has been getting away with murder for years you be attended to by previous administrations. but china. today of course the market took a tiny dip but then came back when they saw how strong the economy was reacting to all the policy changes by the trump administration. what about china? why are they continuing to say no? >> the problem with china is structurally it's geared toward being the parasite of the world. everything that it does to grow its economy often comes at the expense of everybody else. and the poster child for that is the theft and acquisition of the intellectual property not just in this country but of europe and japan and other countries. the problem china faces is if it wants to continue that kind of model which is based on intellectual property theft, how
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does it back away from that? that's where a lot of its growth comes from. we would love to have a fair write with china. that's not happening now. the good news is, we have got a great deal we worked out in principle with mexico. president trump promised to do that and he's doing that. david: canada is still stuck on milk. they are choke on it. >> you can do no better than roberrobert white highser, the d representative. that is the trump presidency. a presidency that basically made the republican party the party
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of the people, the party of the working men and women of this country. when we get this kind of data, it validates what president trump is doing. in the first almost two years of office, he put together a resume that's unmatched in modern presidential history. >> there is a balance. one of the keys is economic balance. where you finally balance the interests of wall treat with the interests of main street. the consumer confidence is across the board. we have blue collar confidence in this economy as well as the white collar folks on wall treat. but i have got to ask, i don't mean to throw a skunk into the garden party. president obama claimed all of trump's success was started under obama's presidency, even though he had the slowest economic recovery if you can call it that. i don't think it was a recovery, from the great recession.
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to which you say what? >> that dog won't hunt. if you look at the 8 years of the obama presidency, the on thing that grew robustly was the national debt. we started at $10 trillion at the national debt when obama took office and he left office double that. that is crushing to this country. the other thing that's useful to compare the two presidencies with obama basically slumped along at 2% or less gdp growth year in and year out, nobody said, and i was debating to clinton's people on the campaign trail. nobody said you can get past 2%. guess what? we are well over 3% and they revised the number upward to 4%. it's a beautiful thing. david: you and i remember the
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late 1970s when we were told the same thing. limits to growth, we'll never get anywhere. you have to be satisfied with zero growth rates. ronald reagan came along and said we are better than that. it was ronald reagan who said make america great again. we were in a depressed mode. obama's people were saying we are never going to grow more than we are growing now. and donald trump said no and he proved himself right. >> he's got these charts where basically the moment that president trump won, you saw an immediate jump and lift in business confidence and consumer confidence and the confidence of this economy. confidence is so important. when businesses are confident, they invest.
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when consumers are confident they spend. david: president trump is calling on sad sack attorney general jeff sessions to investigate anonymous author of the "new york times" op-ed. the president demanding the probe citing national security concerns. president trump believes the writer is not someone very high up in the administration. the radical dems roll out their savior, barack obama in an he snrenlts illinois to unleash an unprecedented attack on president trump and his agenda. >> what happened to the republican party? appealing to tribe. appealing to fear. pitting one group against another. that's an old playbook. >> how hard can that be? saying nazis are bad. it should not be a partisan
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issue. to say we do not pressure the attorney general or fbi to use the criminal justice system as a cudgel too punish our political opponents. sometimes the backlash comes from people who are genuinely and wrongly fearful of change. it did not start with donald trump. he's a symptom, not the cause. david: notice her in called him president trump. you're headed down the highway when the guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake.
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david: for decades there has been a tradition that form presidents don't attack their successor. barack obama brought his shadow presidency into the light today to trash the trump administration and arrogantly take credit for the booming trump economy. >> when you hear how great the economy is doing right now, let's just remember when this
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recovery started. david: let's just remember. those comments from the only president in american history to never see a single year of 3% gdp growth and the same president who called 2% growth quote the new normal. the reason for the economic boom is because of bold leadership by president trump, he overturned job killing obama executive orders. fixing unfair trade policies and has brought real hope and change to the american worker. >> for 8 years the coal industry had the boot of government on its throat. and many, many jobs were lost and many towns were destroyed by this and it was just a horrible thing. what your administration has done is bring us back to life. families now have an opportunity to provide for themselves and
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have a great future any cases and small towns in north dakota and other places survived because they have a great coal mine and power plant. it's what america is about it's great to see that we again care about those things. thank you, mr. president. david: joining me, ed rollins. i used the word unprecedented to talk about what obama was doing today to apply to that. is that zplect i don't recall ever hearing an american president attacking -- ed: certainly in modern times. the historians can tell you. i'm some of what an historian. i welcome him into the fray. if he thinks he can defend we did, he can pay a heavy price. when he was president his party
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lost seats every time he went on the campaign trail. i welcome him to try and argue his regulatory reform stuff that sunk the economy, his high tax or obamacare, or any of those things were good for this country, let's have the debate. david: what gets me about attacking president trump, he's always attacking president trump for doing things that are un-american. you and i cannot remember a president attacking a predecessor before. so he's the one who is actually doing something that is un-american. ed: he began the speech by talking about george washington. and obviously it would be much better if he went off and ran an academic institution or set up his library. but he won't be an effectived a
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row kait cat for democrats other business communities. david: president raised taxes in the midst of a recession. and as a result we had virtually what amounted to no growth for 8 years. president trump did exactly the opposite. he lowered the cost of doing business. he had business friendly regulations oriented in a way that were a boost to the energy sector and business in general, and we had this extraordinary growth. there could not be two more different economic policies put in place. ed: as effective he is as a speaker, he cannot convince anyone that his administration was good for the american economy. the day he left office the regulatory stuff started getting repealed. and that did so much damage. he never would have pushed a tax cut. and the american business
7:20 pm
community clearly understands who is responsible for this economy. david: there is also the idea of leading from behind. and this president who takes such a strong action whether it's china or dealing with all kinds of areas around the world, particularly the middle east, sending our forces into syria to take care of that red line that president trump ignored. this is genuine leadership. what we saw from president trump was an absence of leadership. ed: he wasn't viewed as a world leader by any of the leaders around the world. he was a community organizer and he continued as a community organizer as president. he was advocating healthcare for all. he wants to get on the campaign trail. trump will use him like a speed
7:21 pm
bag. david: he had an almost open contempt for business. you didn't build it. he what chastise every level of business whether it was on the small side or wall street. and now you have a president who is clearly from the business community is doing the best that he can to re-energize the free enterprise system in america and receiving extraordinary results. ed: he has a tremendous opportunity to make that comparison. trump likes to be on the campaign trail. he'll do that effectively, i think. come on out, the water is deep and you are welcome to get in. david: the atlanta mayor is cutting her city dies with i.c.e. she signed an executive order transferring i.c.e. detainees out of the atlanta prison.
7:22 pm
her executive order did not mention how the members of i.c.e. have protected her citizens from criminal illegal immigrants. follow lou on twitter @loudobbs and follow him on instagram @loudobbstonight. tech giants under fire. social media platforms with more access to your federal government than the federal government. stay with us.
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rushed into booking one. that's why we created expedia's add-on advantage. now after booking your flight, you unlock discounts on select hotels right until the day you leave. ♪ add-on advantage. discounted hotel rates when you add on to your trip. only when you book with expedia. david: welcome back. a shock report showing how apple users' data was stolen and sent
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to china. it secretly recorded users' data and browsing history before sending it to a server in china. am was told about the app a month ago but only decided to remove it today. >> i'm a huge mac fan. apple is normally very good about preventing any kind of malware. you can probably count on two hands the number of times something was snuck by. this app masqueraded as another app. the question is who is getting it? the chinese army or some other company. david: why did apple wait a month before doing anything about it? >> stock price, optics, hearings
7:28 pm
coming up. responsible disclosure. people discovered it. they could have got an update done. it could have been removed from the store. david: you probably have an idea about this. but how much data could they have collected over the course of a month. >> you think about how popular the app was. i tell you, tons and tons of data. david: data and possibly hundreds of millions of people. >> absolutely. david: let me switch to the committee hearings that happened this week the twitter executives. and the facebook executive, jack dorsey. while he was talking, his stock went down 5%. clearly he was not reassuring investors that he gets it. >> the government hasn't got it right.
7:29 pm
facebook admitted they haven't got it right. i wrote all this in an op-ed in "the hill." if nobody can get it right, ways the hope for the mid-term elections. there is sensitivity about data, privacy and security of information. and what steps these big companies, google thumbed their nose at the privacy of the american people. david: there is also the question of the bias. and you notice it particularly with twit everywhere people, a whole bunch of people including congressman jim jordan have been shadow-banned. where you have people banned for life now without going into details. this is soviet talk to say urbanned for life. i understand this is not a government.
7:30 pm
this is a private company and they can do what they want. but it shows a contempt for the idea of freedom of thought and freedom of speech. >> there is bias. people think we are going to use artificial intelligence. the algorithms used for artificial intelligence are written by people. they are publicly traded companies using money and taxpayer loopholes they benefited from going over facilities being paid for by the american people. the internet is an invention of the defense department and darfa. citizens want some equity. these guys were all big about net neutrality. what about subscriber neutrality and personality neutrality? if they want it neutral they have to play both sides equally
7:31 pm
well. david: you mention tax loopholes. there are a lot of loopholes. >> i am not an economist by training. if you want compliance you start changing the tax laws. al capone went to jail for tax evasion, not murder. if you want to get their attention, change the tax laws and you will see the shadow-banning start to go away. david: you have got to get their attention since google didn't show up for this meeting. i do not want government regulation of speech on the internet. it may be fbi for one term. but another presidency, it gets into a bunch of issues that run counter to our constitution. how do you get their attention? one way is to get into the tax loopholes. are there any other ways they can do the right things?
7:32 pm
those are probably the most of far reaching consumer friendly regulations out there. they actually have a user bill of rights we don't have in the u.s. the e.u. said you have one hour to take extremist content off or we'll start considering regulations. this is a shot across the bow. i agree with you, i don't want them to regulate speech. but i want he quality of access to these platforms. defining hatred is a tough thing. but this is a slippery slope to have them be the only sole arbiter. david: they were shadow-banning jim jordan. they were wall that hate speech. or at least some of their algorithms were churning up the hate speech. david: morgan wright, great to
7:33 pm
see you. over 100 marines launching an air assault as a warning to russia not to send their troops anywhere near u.s. troops. the syrian president bashar al-assad is expected to launch an attack on the rebel-held idlib province. president obama's unprecedented attacks on president trump sending shock waves across the nation. with... a steak. luckily for him, he uses super poligrip. it helps give him 65% more chewing power. leaving brad to dig in and enjoy. super poligrip.
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only aleve targets tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve back & muscle. all day strong. all day long. david: president trump on air force won discussing concerns over a perjury trap in sitting down with special counsel robert mueller. president trump: i would do it under certain circumstances. i think it's a big waste of time because there was no collusion. david: sidney powell, great to see you. your book is about a lot of shortcuts prosecutors take. what do you think robert mueller is more interested in, getting to the truth or just getting donald trump? >> ever since he hired andrew wise man and brought him on --
7:38 pm
wiseman and brought him on this task force i know he has no under in seeking the truth. wiseman is the read villain in the "license to lie. so, no, he's not interesting in getting the truth. he is part of the understand policy concocted with mccabe, strzok, mccabe and others to destroy the president. which is why he's featured on my website t-shirt. david: why should nun cooperate with somebody who is out to get their scalp. >> i understand why the president wants to, and i appreciate the fact he's bent most of transparent president in long history. but i would not allow him to do that under any circumstances were i advising him.
7:39 pm
you simply cannot trust that environment to produce anything other than an indictment for the slightest misstatement. look at mr. papadopoulos who gave a wrong time frame for some of his conversations with people and wound up being indicted. david: the real collusion story, the collusion between the fbi and the doj and possibly even the cia over the trump dossier and christopher steele, the author of that dossier and fusion gps funded by the hillary campaign. that collusion story continues to get fleshed out more. and some of it came from bruce ohr's testimony. but he, the husband of a woman who worked for fusion gps was the one spreading the dossier even before the fisa warrants were issued by the fbi. the fbi knew about his relationship to chris steele.
7:40 pm
he was quite open about that before they issued the fisa warrant, something they should have put in the fisa warrants, no? >> yes. they left out a lot of information that should have been included. in fact since the entire thing was made up. there should never have been any fisa warrant applications to begin with. i think nellie ohr had a greater role in this than we know now. it wouldn't surprise me to find out she had as much a role in writing the steele dossier and mr. steele did. gps fusion was one of the private contractors comey gave access to the data base in 2015. david: a lot of people have been pressuring the president to declassify everything.
7:41 pm
however, there is a hangover, an executive order hangover from the previous administration which might make it so it's not that easy for the president to declassify, no? >> there are a lot of considerations that go into declassifying something, the main being national security and the presence of sources or methods that need to be protected. but it's not that hard to read these documents and tell what need to be kept secret and which is a cover-up of information the taxpayers and public are entitled to know. david: are president trump's hands tied by an executive order that prevents declassification by president trump? >> no, he can undo that executive order. he just need to be mindful of the considerations that warranted the executive order in
7:42 pm
the first place. david: speaking of president trump, i am wondering his outrageous, i would call it attack, certainly unprecedented attack on president trump. most of presidents in my lifetime have had the decency to be quiet about the successor even if they totally disagreed with what the successor was doing. >> i was appalled it's a 200-plus year of tradition of silence for the past president to allow the new administration to do what the voters wanted it to do without that intrusive interference. he paid lip service to that in his speech then proceeded to absolutely destroy it. he walked all over and spit on that tradition. it's nothing short of outrageous and appalling. david: do you think there will be blowback from this?
7:43 pm
>> i hope there is blowback. the democrats with a donkey as their logo for a reason. most of of them are acting like the south end instead of the northbound donkey. david: will american values prevail over the nfl and nike? >> who is going to win this cultural standdown over nike? president trump: we are. honestly i don't know what the nfl is doing. as far as i understand it's in the contract that you have to stand for "the national anthem." i don't think it's appropriate
7:44 pm
what they did. i honor the flag, i honor our national anthem. david: we take all that up with tammy bruce and dom giordano next.
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david: elon musk's erratic interview. >> do people get upset with you if you do certain things, tobacco and marijuana in there? >> strange. david: the nfl kickoff game falling to a 9-year low. they dropped amid the nike and cap kaepernick protests. joining me, tammy bruce anddom. first of all, it was a lousy game, even though philadelphia ended up winning it was good in
7:49 pm
the end. but copper nick's ad didn't help the ratings at all. did it? >> no, it didn't. it was a rabid town for football. the numbers in philadelphia were still tremendous. but once you get past that city it's obvious what's happening. there was only one player, michael bennett who sat on the bench at the end. but people know what's going on. i think the more remarkable thing. we had a miss america candidate, miss virginia, win the question contest by saying she supported this sitting down and it's about police brutality. david: miss america? really? the thing i can't get over with with kaepernick is those socks.
7:50 pm
when i see somebody wearing socks of cops depicted as pigs. that ends the relationship for me. no matter how spruced up that sad was. tammy: this goes beyond the anthem issue and larger attitude about who we are and law enforcement and everything we are dealing with now. the problem is this kind of reminded everyone about what was happening last year. and they were reminded they didn't like it. and those socks did come into play. just do it even if it costs you everything. let's just say what's being said on the internet and facebook, trump's economy is so good even kaepernick has a job. david: the ad was a lie saying he sacrificed everything. tammy: the tone and the intention of the ad actually was very good about people
7:51 pm
overcoming problems. but separate from him it was a shame that that message is lost. but at the same time look nike has seen a decline across every demographic with it comes to support for nike. you can be a millenial anding young athlete and boomer and support law enforcement and like the anthem and love this country and be in the military. so this i think was a misjudgment about who is going to respond well. we'll take some time to see. 25% said it will affect their desire to support the nfl. david: let's move over to what president obama did today. not just what he said. but what he did. he broke precedent. this has never done done before in my lifetime. what do you make of it other than what he said about the economy was dead wrong.
7:52 pm
it wasn't doing great under him. >> it's not surprising me. president obama has a way base has a calm exterior of wrapping himself in dignity and almost tradition. but deep down he and the people around him have been chicago politicians. you can't have it both ways. he savaged the trump administration today and he projected the things he was critical of are the things he was doing. he was one of the worst presidencies when it came to freedom of press. when it came to his own staff and lie detector tests. and to go after the president in this manner is unprecedented. it broke with tradition. let's see how this plays out in the mid-terms. >> the fact is the economy did nothing when he was president. it did -- the stock market came up because it was at the
7:53 pm
absolute bottom when he was president. even in a depression the markets can go up. but the economy stayed the same. people lost purchasing power from their paychecks. it was a disaster. tammy: each us as individuals experienced that personally. david: now they are experiencing the opposite. tammy: having a job selling pizzas and delivering pizzas are different than the kind of jobs created the last year and a half. but for president obama, he destroyed the democratic party. a thousand seats were lost. a thousand offices that were held by democrats were lost and turned over to republicans. that was the messaging to barack obama that we rejacket you are doing. we expect the truth. american people can sit there and respect him and like him for the symbolism of him.
7:54 pm
but they know what happened. that's why donald trump won. they did not come out for him when he supported hillary clinton in 2016, even before we knew whether candidate trump would be successful. but the economy is what matters. we are no longer going to be gas lit bid anyone pretending to be something they are not. and president trump has proven himself. david: is this going to help or hurt the democrats in november. >> it will be very interesting to see how many people want president obama to come in with them. tammy: great point. david: former president obama takes to the camera before the mid-terms. (guard) i've seen things i shouldn't have.
7:55 pm
unnatural things. these people they don't sleep... like ever. they reveal in extremes and defy limitations. these pursuits may seem unnecessary. but the scariest thing i can imagine is a world where this,
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david: on wall street the stocks closed lower today. volume on the big board 2.9 billion shares. the dow down nearly a quarter% for the week. the nasdaq down 2.5%. listen to lou's reports coast to coast on the salem radio network. former president obama make
7:59 pm
unprecedented attacks on a sitting president. former prosecutor sidney powell weighing in on obama's remarks. >> it's a 200-plus year tradition of silence for the past president to allow the new administration to do what the voters wanted it to do without that intrusive interference. he paid lip service to that in his speech and proceeded to destroy it. he walked over and spit on that tradition. it's nothing short of outrageous and appalling. david: former president obama also attempted to take credit for the trump economy. president trump hitting the campaign trail stumping for senate nominee josh holly attempting to unsee the democratic senator claire
8:00 pm
mccaskill. you can be sure to catch me weekdays at 4:00 p.m. on the fox business network for after the bell. we hope you can join us. good night from new york. >> announcer: from the fox studios in new york city, this fist maria bartiromo's "wall street." maria: happy weekend. i'm maria bartiromo. thanks for joining us. we have an all-star lineup coming up. i'll speak with kraft heinz ceo bernardo hees and the great one, wayne gretzky joins me to talk about his latest business venture. reporter: the tech industry was a major focus for investors this
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week. th


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