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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 10, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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espn refusing to air the anthem this season. join us tomorrow. we'll be talking with among others, congressman matt gates. >> at the possibility considering the numbers have doubled for president trump. charles: thank you very much. here's lou. lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories, radical dams unleashing their midterm strategy come embracing this strategy presidency of barack obama while relentlessly attacking president trump personally. >> please don't say impeachment anymore. and when they say that, i say impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. [cheers and applause] lou: will be talking about the left-wing attack on the presidency of donald trump tonight. congressman louie gohmert, listserv prize-winning comment
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there. michael goodman joining us. also tonight from a stunning new revelations about disgraced fbi agents peter stzrok and lisa paige lives and makes his left-wing media. investigative journalist eric carter with us tonight to look at the latest evidence of fbi and doj political corruption and intensifying call to discuss why fisa documents. the nfl says it won't have a national anthem policy the season as the opening week is marred by a dozen players insisting on insulting the five and a national anthem. >> what hell is the nfl doing? what are they doing? do they not have a clue? it's hurt them badly. the "washtington examiner" to take up the ratings fall out and tell us why nfl owners refuse to demand players respect our country and our troops.
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the radical dimms and the result has intensified as we head toward november's midterm elections for the president warning voters thursday that if democrats to take at the house, they will try to impeach mr. trump. if anyone doubted the concern they need look no further than crazy dimms leader maxine waters. there are those who simply like stability when i got up and talked about the president's cabinet. i did not threaten his constituency supporters. i do that all the time, but i didn't do at that time. the president of the united states. i wake up in the middle of the night and all i can think about is how i'm going to get it. >> despicable human beings occupy the white house should not be there. if you cannot talk about impeachment given what we have learned about him in the way he's defined himself, then
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impeachment means nothing. [applause] tree into any doubts about what the republican party is contending with. maxine waters tirade came a day after former president obama could not resist his high regard for himself while giving a speech extensively about democratic candidates. obama gives us not mean nor no one the attention he deserves for himself. he lovingly referred to himself 102 times during his unprecedented attack about his successor in the oval office. the obama shadow campaign beginning as the dimms hope they'll do at the polls than they did while obama was president. in his eight years as president, they presided over 63 seats in the house, 10 in the senate as well as the loss of government ships in 900 seats in state
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legislatures. in short, obama was an electoral disaster. today we focus on another democratic luminary. none of than house minority leader nancy pelosi who hasn't called for the president to be impeached, but i've have vowed to instruct his policies for as long as he's in office. >> at hillary clinton had one in the political character was protected i'd feel very proprietary about that. i'm happy to go my way to have the political character of risk. as long as he's here, i'm here. lou: it is nice to know that the minority leader is enacting the personal ambition, but simply clinging to power in order to obstruct the president. so far, not a single democrat has an answer to president trump's unprecedented achievement and overwhelming success. only 57 days to the midterm elections. our first guest tonight joins us to discuss the latest drivel.
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he was also one of 12 house republicans call for the declassification of the five application used to spy on the charm campaign. joining us tonight, congressman louie gohmert who serves on the judiciary committee, congressman, great to have you with us. your reaction to what is going on. i mean, maxine waters, nancy pelosi, this has become a personal attack and it hardly looks, it may be, but it hardly looks like a winning strategy. >> well, you said no democrat has an explanation for the great success of this president. but there was one and you mentioned obama 102 times. but yeah, he has an answer he says everything that trump has done actually i did that. but he didn't build die. we know that. he didn't make that happen.
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i mean, every policy had weather was the regulations, the overtaxing, going after the producers of oil and gas, they really made life tough for businesses in america. and so, anyway, of course as soon as he was gone and we have president trump, things started getting better. he gets no credit for that other than what he credits himself. i'll tell you, we do have a good economy and government is starting to work better. but lou, there are still a number as we know from the anonymous op-ed. there's still a bunch of deep-sea people in the white house, and in the justice department. the intel not as bad as the fbi justice department, but it goes on. it's a wonder he's been able to do anything with the people trying to stop him, even within the administration.
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lou: historians are going through this presidency, sse and all that he has done. the tremendous successes. but i think you're right. one of the larger stories here has been his capacity to overcome a full on 360-degree assault from the dimm, from the rinos committed deep state intelligence community, the national left-wing media and this president come if the american people ever wanted to look at a test for president come in this president has been in that test. he's not it. >> yeah, even andrew johnson didn't deal with this kind of ridiculous invention, especially from prosecutors and i think you alluded to in the introduction, but you've got strzok and page we now find out about the attacks were strzok is
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congratulating her on the great media leak strategy and these are going around, back-and-forth april 10th through the 12th. and shazam, april 11th there is a big article blasting carter page that led to so many other things. it is unbelievable the way the fbi has westernized. i was hoping that christopher ray would be good for the fbi, but it appears he's more interested in protect in the reputation that is gone now that he has cleaning up the office. and we know this because after it was put in print by richard pollock, reporter doing some great again and he got some independent verification of the things i last strzok about, that hillary we know with 100% certainty that she was hacked. the fbi releases the statement that we didn't find any evidence of a personal server being
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hacked. well, that was fraud eye omission and for them to allow that to go out. really a slap that the intel community as well. lou: congressman, you're being very genuine. it is also fraud and political corruption through aggressive, aggressive acts against both the fbi regulations, their procedures and common sense. >> i don't know who in the fbi is telling the president not to release these documents that will tell us exactly what was in the application. but it needs to be released because they were lies being told by comey, by strzok, by page. we need to see those things in print ourselves under attack did except for sources and methods. lou: we are assured by everyone
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who has led the fight is a document is no concern about national sources, massive and most people want to see. >> their lives will be revealed. lou: the new letter from mark meadows referring to a number of tweets between strzok and page from april 10th through 12th with the report conveniently sandwiched between the two. this is stunning stuff. >> it is. and these are likely crimes that we are talking about the media leak strategy. the thing is, lou, we know that it's gone on. they did it to ted stevens. they have done it to pennsylvania congressman.
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lou: here we are. two years of this, congressman. no one has been more outspoken than you. the reality is we are all very frustrated because we are covering old ground right now. we are sitting here talking about the issues that should have been resolved months and months if not a year ago. in turn next to a president that every quarter release they tried to. >> keeps going like the energizer bunny. lou: he's a stalwart, a warrior and no one months could possibly withstood the pressure that he's been under from the moment he stepped into that office. i do want to ask about what your leader, speaker ryan and mitch mcconnell, majority leader of the senate or doing because it looks like they have ordered up a hot mass and they are trying
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to serve it up as an extraordinary delicacy and a clever strategy. three spending bills. i mean, come on. at what point -- wait, wait, what point is the republican party in the conference going to wake up and say get the a out of here, ryan. he's retired in place. he's been basically told he can obstruct and subvert a president just so he does what k street, chamber of commerce and coke others tell him to do. >> well, the room raised his rating for kevin to get to 18 months he does assured he'll be the speaker, the rumor was he might retire early or resign early. i don't know about that. lou: who is going to have the 218? >> they were hoping kevin
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mccarthy. lou: well that is not happening. >> i'm supporting jim jordan. lou: me, too. >> they needed to have some money in their for at least a good portion of the wall. i keep bringing it up to paul and kevin. lou: don't they actually save you, go to a? >> they don't say anything. i brought it up in conference last week and then there crickets. okay, next comment or question. i keep telling them, and the people that voted for trump will turn out in 2020 and vote again. we have got to give them a reason to come out and vote in the midterms. lou: date night vote for democrats. what's the difference between a bunch of rinos and democrats? >> a lot of them won't turn out.
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they'll say we've got no choice. the same either way. still doing at the deep state wants and not what we elected him to do. god bless him. he said he may have to veto this if there's not money for the wall in there. he have to continue it back to wake our so-called leadership a. lou: congressman, were way over time. >> i love talking to you and i agree with everything you said. lou: i agree with everything you said. congressman, great to see you. >> great to talk to you. lou: louie gohmert. up next, congress scrambling to knock down a spending bill to avoid a third shutdown. but can they come up with an agreement on funding president trump's border wall or have they just told him to go to hell, too? hoover institute john jordan hoover institute john jordan joins
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lou: 57 days to the midterm elections. joining us tonight, john jordan from the hoover institute of overseers has written for fox daily color. great to have you with us. let's start with a spending
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fiction that has now been projected by the majority leader in the speaker. this is just simply another insult to the present of the united states and is it not? >> it is. but the president is handcuffed. the democrats are more been widely reported. they are showing ever greater shrillness on their part which will come back to haunt them in november if the president will let them. when the other side is between themselves. it is not los angeles. it's not new york and it's not in the heart of the resistance. so i don't think you want to have a shot out more here. you want to punt on this one even in a super bowl winning offense can't sometimes. you want to control the terms of the debate and make it about immigration in a reasonable way. lou: let's take your football metaphor. it looks to me like you've got a team that has decided to punt
11:20 pm
against its own defense, which is on the sideline. this is the same team. the republicans control the house. the senate or the white house and somehow think they can convince the american people against the return to office and the entire government. you've got to be kidding me? >> i agree with you wholeheartedly. lou: know you don't like intel. >> the question is whether we do now? >> how about understanding president trump is the president in and speaker ryan is a lame duck sorry filled speaker who for some reason has been allowed to retire in place for crying out loud and mitch mcconnell has decided to follow the chamber of commerce business
11:21 pm
roundtable. >> okay, i agree with you on all that. however -- lou: i don't know why we shielded that margin where you disagree with. i'm just kidding. go ahead. >> tactically they should not have a spending battle right now about the democrats off the map. lou: that's very good except for one thing. why should the president of the united states be forced into that position by two rinos. they are absolutely sickening in the opposition to this president. the american people and get the base to turn out with the enervating personalities who have been permitted by the conference to stay in place. have you ever seen anything like this? this is just ignorance beyond
11:22 pm
belief. >> know it's not. is there scaly spot in run amok. if i were the president don't think you'd risk that right now because you can't win. you either have a shutdown or you don't. that would be a big messaging disaster a thing for the president going to the elections. >> let's assume you're right and the president gets rolled by ryan m. mcconnell. how are the american people supposed to think. remember, this is a president who brought to the american consciousness that they would fix things and meanwhile he can't get even a dime out of ryan for the wall. there's not been a dime put forward to the wall this president promised. not a dime. what is he to do? give him some advice here, john jordan. >> all of these things are an abject failure of leadership in the house and senate without
11:23 pm
question. however, they need to talk about these issues. 70% poll after poll show americans are for a while. 70% say for certain border enforcement. lou: we know all of that. what's he going to do? he's the only reason these rinos are even in office. took their jobs when he was elect them. >> you go out and win the election for them. make the case, when the election with the democrats vision of impeachment. lou: rinos are continuing in office had why not take your punishment now and be done with it? >> i don't think we can afford to even consider rolling over and letting democrats. the cause of freedom has to win this november as imperfect as it may be. we cannot afford. lou: does it occur to you or
11:24 pm
anyone else but if this president has the guts to sit there and say you're going to do it my way, i want the funding for the wall and i want it now before the election. we're going to demonstrate that integrity and i mean business, ryan and mr. mcconnell. the base would be energized and supportive of his. he's the guy who says he is not going to kick things down the road. he's not going to roll over for the swamp in a slump right now is in control of the two thirds government. >> at the question of tactics, lou. we have to prevail. lou: can i be honest with you, all of this tactic and strategy since we all know what it takes to win votes, you've got to represent the people who elect to do. jim jordan says that every time he speaks that it's really true. by comparison, paul runyan says
11:25 pm
he will fold up with a bunch of gobbledygook and blather and get onto the next paycheck which he has dutifully taken from the public trough for 20 years. >> no one is defending paul ryan's behavior here. we have to win the election. you cannot allow democrats to control the house because it truly is the end of the administration in the first term. fetish is too a price to pay. lou: john jordan, thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. it is quite a price that's being paid because right now having paul ryan in the speakership, you could the speakership come you could've nancy pelosi and not have much of a difference. thanks for being with us. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. you think gop candidates would be thrilled for barack obama maxine waters said nancy pelosi to remain the faces of the democratic party? cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs. senator ben sasse says he sees
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lou: i know never trump senator ben sasse as he regularly considers leaving the republican party. >> why stay republican when's the last time you thought about becoming an independent? i think about it every morning when i wake up. lou: wow, that's a lot of mind space you get into that. but it does seem like i finally found something in common with senator sasse, a vision for its future before going to washington come as fast as president berlin university in nebraska credited with nearly doubling the university body.
11:31 pm
by the way all the way up to 1400. [laughter] often they will tell you most of the students came from a school that had to close nearby. the school now boasts a graduating of less than half of them. joining us tonight, michael goodwin, pulitzer prize-winning columnist, fox news contributor. great to have you with us. let's start with you. ben sasse, why does a really good stuff of the anxiety of being a democrat he is. >> is very interesting. he ran as a republican but he doesn't want to be a republican. he should at least go back to the people of nebraska and say do you mind if i leave the party would you want to do with leave the senate and get somebody else. that would be the honorable thing to do. lou: onerous forefront of notice of washington politics. obama, 102 references to himself
11:32 pm
as i said, loving references to himself. the guy doesn't change. he is still just as objectionable and hard to take as when he was president. thank god he can't do as much damage. >> 18 months away and is just repeating the same arguments he made the last time we saw him, which was trying to get hillary clinton over the line. lou: he'd take it as a personal insult that americans didn't vote her in. >> there was some of that in the speech last week where he's basically scolding people for not voting on the assumption. but the assumption was you'll all vote for what i tell you to vote for if only i can get you off of your couch long enough to pull the lever somewhere. the assumption that we don't do politics here, the democrats. only republicans are doing
11:33 pm
politics. that was the rhetoric he used her eight years. it is why donald trump was elected. he didn't talk to the people. the economy, think about the different between for .1, four points you at one point it at 1.9. lou: 3% growth again. donald trump is ernie delivered four plus. >> you thought it was impossible to do. the unemployment rate, all of these things that were beyond him. they couldn't be done. sanitarium to trump and pretend that eithera i did this, not you or it's not happening. lou: do you suppose he is so obliviously unaware himself, as much time as he spends talking about himself, far more self-aware. but he is a bizarre contradiction. he has very little understanding
11:34 pm
of economics than he has a horrible, horrible presidency to refer to. maybe he would rather reserve references to himself that pleases at least his ego. >> i think he certainly cuts both ways. he might energize a certain section of the democratic base in certain districts, but also energize republican who we remember the sky. that is why we voted for donald trump. that feeling is out there, too. obama could make things worse for democrats again. lou: the mid-terms. how do you think it goes? >> right now generic show republicans behind. it moves week by week the numbers, but it's never been a tie as the last six months or so. they still got a lot of work to do. lou: how do you think the president should handle this nonsense again letting paul ryan get away with another insult, not a dime for the wall.
11:35 pm
by the way, this story about the report that mcconnell and ryan go into the white house with fancy visual aid and convinced the president that he should just let it go because they're such good people in the worship at least for that one appearance in the white house. >> look, i completely agree with you on paul ryan. he's a failed leader. he's hanging around his retirement in place where he's collecting a paycheck and all the perks, but not really been a speaker, giving the party nothing to look forward to. i would cut mcconnell some slack if only he's been a master at handling -- cavanaugh, all of them. lou: i'll cut him some slack, but not much more because this isn't a front to the american people. a valuable service in the
11:36 pm
confirmation. >> it doesn't solve the whole fiscal issue, the spending. none of it gets addressed. lou: another way of keeping government ever growing larger as we watch the debt going over $20 trillion. the president will have that come to reckon on his watch as well. michael is always, great to see you. thank you very much. the next time a new text from peter strzok and how the disgraced -- how far he would go. stay with us right after these it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better.
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i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪ lou: joining me now, investigative reporter, fox news contributor sarah carter. great to see you. they make great to see u2, lou. lou: mark meadows surveilling these new april 10 and april 12th of last year between strzok and lisa page. this is an obvious evidence of a very specific strategy to leak to the media and to use that to act against in this case carter page. >> that's right. it was actually two act against as well for the trump administration. these text messages are so
11:41 pm
explosive because they reveal the malfeasance inside the fbi and doj. here, peter strzok is saying we are coordinating high-level officials with high-level doj officials to leak information about a foreign intelligence surveillance warrant. this is about a counterintelligence investigation to the media. on the day the text was sent, they went and met with the doj. the very next day, they publish a story about the exclusive story saying that carter page is being investigated by the fbi and the fbi undertaken if i is a warrant out on him. this this is not just that carter page. they are utilizing carter page to go after president trump in the administration and this is really serious evidence of malfeasance. this will be investigated. lou: it's going to be investigated, but mailer and, but may lord we watched two
11:42 pm
years of investigation. we watched it in congress. we watched the investigation of the fbi and the president. we watch the special counsel. we have seen more evidence of political corruption on the special counsel, the fbi, department of justice and not one scintilla of evidence is president. it is just mind-boggling to see this thing persists. >> it's astonishing. it is actually astonishing, lou. after two years of working on these stories, we've seen this dossier that the use to go after carter page and they withheld exculpatory evidence from the fisa court. we know they withheld a number of pieces of evidence come which hopefully the president will declassify all of these documents in the american public can see what the fbi in doj did under president obama and how they went directly after
11:43 pm
president trump. you said it perfectly. we have found nothing to show collusion between president trump in russia. absolutely zero. everyday we get more documentation showing collusion between the doj and the fbi, between the hillary campaign and foreign spies and rations. it's really incredible. lou: at this point, here we are, september 2018 and we have a president standing absolutely clean of the charges brought against him. we see every kind of evidence of corruption, political corruption in the fbi, the department of justice and the obama administration intelligence community by the way and we have no action that's been taken by the special counsel for the department of justice. eric holder could be running the justice department right now and
11:44 pm
it would be behaving no differently than it is. >> you're absolutely right. we have an attorney general, jeff sessions of basically recused himself from almost everything. everything russia, everything clean and he's recused. the deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein who signed off on the fourth fisa warrant on carter page. he had access to all the previous information had signed off on it anyways. there's no one over scene investigators. this is a problem. now we are at the mercy of john uber has been appointed as a prosecutor. he hasn't even interviewed bruce ohr yet. lou: as far as i can tell he's done nothing. he's capable of doing nothing and he's working apparently for air colder because the result is nothing. just like it was under air
11:45 pm
colder, he stumbled everything quite successfully and it looks like, took a lesson, doesn't it? >> it does. the one thing we can hope for and i've been hearing rumblings all throughout congress that attorney general jeff sessions either resigned after the november elections are before someone else has put in place in special counsel is ordered to investigate on this. lou: please, no worse russia council. >> either john uber has to do his job -- lou: he is either incompetent or he's checked out or he's a different two history because this is insane. a year investigation by the fbi of the president. another almost a year and a half by the special counsel and all that happens is we are frustrating the president to
11:46 pm
have favors on stability to the government nation is still doing incredible things, unprecedented achievements. it's insane that we would in my opinion dig about another special counsel. this is the justice department and the president should order these people sacked and replaced them with people who will get to the bottom of all that is politically corrupt in washington d.c. >> absolutely. and hopefully that does happen. i don't think the american people are going to stand for this. i know people in congress will not stand for this. lou: they don't even stand for paul ryan to remain a speaker. the people in washington could stand for anything. >> you're probably right, lou. lou: sarah carter. another round of nfl and the protests. some players even earning praise from social justice warrior:
11:47 pm
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lou: the nfl kicked off the week with 11 players. actually a couple more than not protesting the national anthem. other groups, some raise their face while others remained in the tunnel, stayed off the field in somerset county for the infamous over. the ratings just fell 9% from last year's opener. more anthem protests doesn't bode well for the league yet it still refuses to implement a league wide policy. joining us tonight, byron york, chief political correspondent for the "washtington examiner," fox business contributor, great to have you with us. i've got a lot to talk to you about, but i want to just get your reaction to an nfl that is can canoeing to permit this kind of nonsense. >> we will see more of this because as you alluded, the nfl
11:52 pm
passed a policy banning basically this kind of display in the nfl players association objected and the league has backed away and we just learned the last day or two that were not going to have any -- for this entire season. you're going to see more of this. >> that is going to result in considerably lower ratings. the nfl has a lot of problems. but the insult to patriotic customers, patriotic americans who demand at least respect for the flag for and done. it's going to be a significant fall out again in ratings. >> well, there's always an argument about why her nfl ratings going down? as a tv oversaturation, making it a less enjoyable game to watch. there is just no doubt that this is part of it.
11:53 pm
it does not do any sports league good to be viewed as hyper political. lou: get it turns out even espn has decided it's going to be hyper political and it is continuing to just unravel. so we'll see what happens. why do we turn to mark meadows, congressman meadows releasing those two tax that have been discovered between page and strzok as reported here tonight, confirming a media leak strategy on the part of the department of justice and fbi. this is again where political corruption. it is criminal was they are doing and yet no one investigating them apparently and everyone seems to be intent on ignoring the simple reality that there is no crime committed by this president, yet the
11:54 pm
special counsel charges on a money, time and the governance of the country. >> this really increases our understanding of what peter strzok was doing as well as lisa page. these things were just turned over. you have to ask why was bad. they should have been turned over a long time ago. lou: they are stonewalling. >> remember when peter strzok testified before congress and the big defense was he didn't like donald trump. we know that. they never let that affect his work. he was always completely professional about it. what you see in these taxes trying to make things is breaking the rules at the fbi and letting that bias affect his work. i think this really sheds a lot of light on the defense we saw when strzok went off on capitol hill. lou: we are in trouble on time.
11:55 pm
the declassification of fisa, will the president do it or not? >> a lot of republicans believe that he will. the biggest thing is looking for is the extra pages of the carter page by the application. lou: 20 pages i believe the number is. byron york on the great to have you here. let's hope it's soon. appreciate it. up next, born lisa page, peter strzok's plan to make anti-trump information to the public. these people are cute. very, very -computer, order pizza. -of course, daniel. -fridge, weather. -clear skies and 75. -trash can, turn on the tv. -my pleasure. -ice dispenser, find me a dog sitter. -okay. -and make ice. -pizza delivered. -what's happened to my son? -i think that's just what people are like now. i mean, with progressive, you can quote your insurance on just about any device. even on social media. he'll be fine. -[ laughs ] -will he? -i don't know.
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lou: this is where we are and what we are looking at tomorrow. president trump may soon be ready to declassify fisa documents. congressman louie gohmert joined us and shared his concerns about the deep state and its influence. >> it's unbelievable the way the fbi has been weaponized. i was hoping christopher wray would be good for the fbi. but it seems he's moren'ted in protecting the reputation that's gone now than he this cleaning up the office. lou: president trump suggesting nfl ratings will continue to climb unless all players quote stand proudly for our flag and anthem. it will be quite a test.
12:00 am
espn refusing to air the anthem this season. join us tomorrow. we'll be talking with among others, congressman matt gates. good night from new york. kennedy: president trump swinging back hard against former president trump, claiming his predecessor had nothing to do with today's booming economy. and the fight could be a taste of what's going to happen in the mid terms. who is going to get the last laugh or the best credit. the former president hit the campaign trail and said this. >> when you hear how great the economy is doing right now, let's just remember when this recovery started. suddenly republicans are saying it's a miracle. i have to kind of remind them, actually those job numbers are the same


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