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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  September 11, 2018 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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september 11th. the ion at this in our lives. maria: great show. thanks for looking back on that horrible day for all of us 17 years ago. thank you to the fallen heroes, nypd, the fire department of new york, first-responders. we're with you. lindsey bell, connell mcshane, seize the day. your, take it away. stuart: well-said, maria. a massive movement of people, a million have been ordered out of coastal regions as your -- hurricane florence. four major highways converted to one-way driving. they're flushing out coast of cars off the coast. governor menry mcmost tear wants everyone off the coastline. they're on the move. the storm forecast to hit the carolinas thursday. possibly it will intensify to a
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catfy. 130 mile-an-hour winds and storm surge but so will rainfall. if the storm hits land and stalls, they will measure the rain in feet. 48 hours to impact. to the markets heading south this morning. it is not going to be a huge selloff at least not in the early going. the dow remains just shy of the 26,000 level. how about this from the small business guys? optimism, record high. hiring plans, record high. capital spending, best in a dozen years. the economy is doing very nicely, thank you very much. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ stuart: look at this, the hurricane is close to being a cat-5 storm and still on strack to hit the southeast. how close is it to becoming a
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cat-5, ashe? ashley: very close, stuart. it is coming from the right-hand side towards the east coast. the water temperature in that area, 80 plus degrees. there is really nothing stopping it from gaining more fuel to become the biggest category of a hurricane there is, category five. the question, does it stay that strength as it gets towards the east coast? impact late thursday, early friday into the carolinas. biggest concern, storm surge, six to 12 feet at the eye of this thing. that can be catastrophic. storm surge is the thing that kills more people than anything else. we have to talk of course about the winds. even if it talks to category 4, we're talking 130 mile-an-hour sustained winds. that will do a lot of damage. it will bring down trees, create structural damage and long-lasting power outages. the biggest issue with this system, this massive storm is going to be the rain. 12 to 24 inches.
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possibly 30-inches over a very wide area. a lot of low country. a lot of deltas feedback from the ocean. we're talking about a catastrophic flooding event. the question of the forecasters have, does this storm barrel in and then kind of move slowly inland, which would be terrible because of the rain that is associated with it, or, does it get to the coast and drift a little bit? it all depends on the steering winds. we've seen other storms do the loops. they touch the landfall, go out to sea and come back in. that also would be a catastrophic event. it keeps the rain coming down and down and down. evacuations mandatory along the coastlines, southern south carolina, north carolina and virginia. stuart: that was bold move, henry mcmaster, who yesterday, four days before the arrival of the storm orders the evacuation of a million people. early cities --
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>> precautionary. stuart: better safe than sorry. ashley: better to get it wrong, not do it and suffer the consequences. stuart: it was a bold move. he took it. susan: learned lessons from hurricane katrina. this could be the strongest hurricane to hit the carolinas in 30 years. stuart: president trump arriving in shanksville, pennsylvania, where he will mark where one of the planes went down on 9/11 right there. the president will make a short speech and meet dignitaries and observe the 9/11 17 years on. that will be a lit later on this morning. that's 9/11. that's the hurricane. let's get to politics. only 56 days until the midterm elections. according to the latest "qunnipiac poll," voters give the president a very low 38% approval rating. joining us is kelly ayote. former republican senator from new hampshire. ma'am, senator, why does the trump economy get a whopping 70% approval rating but trump's
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presidency, only 38%. why? >> well, stuart, i think sometimes it es some of the way the president talks about certain issues. certainly the economy is doing well but i don't put a lot of weight in those approval ratings because they haven't changed a lot since he has gotten into office. what is most important in these elections who comes out to vote and can he get his voters to the polls, especially in those states that he won in the senate where senators are up for, either re-election or the seats are open. stuart: well, "real clear politics," i'm sure you know of them, they take an average of polls, they say that eight senate races are a toss-up. those states include trump strongholds like north dakota, indiana, tennessee, arizona. republicans should be running away with those states but they're not. again, can you explain this? >> yeah. i think stuart one of the issues
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is the enthusiasm gap. again who shows up. and the president needs to energize those voters in those states. those are states he won. if the people who voted for him stay home and the other side is energized, even in states that republicans won, it can be challenging. that is why i think you will see him campaigning around the country, especially in those states he won where he can be helpful, and also those senators are going to be running, the ones incumbents are running what they have done for their states as opposed to some. national issues. stuart: as a former republican senator are you worried? is there enough time, 56, 57 days to turn this thing around? >> stuart, i'm morey worried about the house as most people are than the senate. there are a number of toss upsenate races but there are a number of states where president trump won, the republican cost take seats hello by democrats right now. i think the senate, yes, there are a number of toss-ups, but
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that, in the end the republicans will hold control of the senate. stuart: you are worried, aren't you, about the house? >> well i think, i think many people are especially because a lot of the retirements. when incumbents retire it is easier for incumbents to keep seat because they have the infrastructure in place. we've seen a number of those in the house of representatives. stuart: what would your advice be to the president right now? get out there and spread the word? >> i would say, that he needs to get out to the states where he won, especially in the senate races and distributes that he won where he can make a difference and really work with the candidates what can be most helpful to them. stuart: would you tell him to tone down his tweets. >> i felt that way from the beginning. i would love for him to tone down his tweets. i'm not sure we're going to see that happen. stuart: i think you're right. kelly ayote, senator, thanks for joining us. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: from politics to money. where are we going to open this market, we'll be down triple
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digits, maybe 120 points down for the dow industrials. market watcher dennis gartman with us this morning. welcome back. i'm hearing the expression, debt bomb. the huge growth in debt at almost every level. we heard about it for years. nothing has happened but it is back in the news again. does this debt bomb possible explosion worry you? >> what should worry you the size of debts emerging markets taken on the past couple years. they borrowed very inexpensively but they borrowed in dollars, not in their own currency. withof strong dollar, not extraordinarily strong dollar, the amount of money they owe increased rather tramatically. if there is a debt bomb to be concerned about, concerned about what is continuing to go on in the emerging markets. so the answer is yes, there is a
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debt bomb to be concerned about. stuart: seems remarkable you have 4.2% growth, at same time you have a trillion dollar deficit. it really isn't supposed to be like that. i have to ask, what happens when we get any kind of slight slowdown in the economy? >> there in lies the real problem, stuart. the fact during economic rebound, during economic strength, when we have 4% gdp growth, tax revenues should be expanding dramatically, and they are. the problem spending is expanding dramatically and it shouldn't be. therein lies the problem. any slowdown in the economy. less than 2% gdp growth will have inhibiting impact upon revenues and size of the deficit here in the united states shall grow accordingly. if you're not concerned about that you're wrong. stuart: okay. you've suggested that we're going to hit, i think you said 30,000 on the dow. i'm not sure the time frame. but you did say this thing is going to go up. are you going to hedge your bets
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at all given this debt situation? >> well the fact was, the trend had been higher in the u.s. stock market. the trend is still upward in the u.s. stock market. the fact it looked like we might, we might get to 30,000. i didn't think we would get there. the odds there, the chances were we could. i argued you should be bullish of shares here in the united states but bearish the share around the let's of the world. we're still the strongest economy. we'll probably do better, if the trade is long of us and short of them and i see no reason to change that opinion. do i think we'll get to 30,000? quite honestly, no, i don't. stuart: dennis, we'll see you again soon. >> thank you. stuart: where will we open this tuesday morning? we'll be down 100 points on the dow. backlash against nike's decision to name kaepernick as the face of its new campaign, a louisiana mayor says he is
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banning nike products. draftkings says they have had, wait for it, a 300% increase in bets placed on football this season. the ceo of the company will join us next. yes, it is 9/11, 17 years on. our nation comes together today to remember. a moment of silence planned on wall street. we will take you there. ♪
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stuart: where is apple's stock this morning? take a look at it. it is down, very, very slightly. $218 a share. why we highlight this? well, bank of america says apple may respond to pressure from the president and ask its partners to bring some iphone assembly operations back to america. if that were the case it is very likely that the iphone would go up about 20% in price.
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would you pay $1200 for an iphone x? the stock is down, up, just turned around. now it is up,. ashley: the power you have, stuart. stuart: 218. now down three cents. ashley: sorry, stu. >> apple, 218. all right. elon musk says tesla is ditching some paint options. however, susan, i see the stock down 2% now. i don't think that is because of paint options. what is that all about. susan: nomura cut the target to $300 from the $400. get back to the paint. that is interesting story. they're ditching two colors and black and metal i can silver. still available, if you want to pay for it. this is about streamlining operations. tesla is trying to get to 5,000
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model 3s a week. some draftings was paint and lack of people to paint the cars. maybe you get to elon musk's target of doubling vehicle deliveries from the previous quarter. stuart: big jump yesterday. susan: big jump yesterday. stuart: paint don't count. susan: bernstein says they could see increases of 30% on their stock. 30%. this is the analyst that he insulted on the earnings call as well. stuart: oh, really? ashley: there are so many. stuart: this is a soap opera. the tesla soap opera. a louis mayor reportedly says no more buying of nike rec products in his time. tell me more. ashley: in kenna, a suburb of new orleans this was internal memo. it was from the parks and recreation department. basically under no circumstances can any nike apparel or equipment be purchased for use or delivery. why? he says look, people and
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taxpayers in particular, their money should not be used to promote a company or individual's political position. turns out the city council knew nothing about it. what are you doing. you can wear nike. i will not let taxpayers pay for nike equipment. stuart: fallout rolls across the country. google set for a showdown with european regulators. let me see what the stock is doing. it is down four bucks. susan: remember the european union won a case against google for the right to be forgotten. any links he will bear asking, google has to remove them if they petition them if they deem it necessary. they want to go back to court. this is expanding the right to be forgotten, not just in the european union, but other countries outside of france. stuart: google does not want the right to be forgotten to be expanded out of europe. susan: cost money and labor. stuart: supreme court on that. get to sports, talk about
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sports betting. it is now legal in a number of states. that is good news for the fantasy sports site draftkings whose ceo jason robbins joins us now. jason, am i right in saying the amount of money, dollar number of bets placed on football this season is up 300%? is that right? >> i don't know -- so we're about 300% of ahead where our target was. that might be the stat. stuart: okay. >> i think there are, probably, only new jersey that has mobile betting now. a few others have retail. i think it is still largely a black market. i think with all the hype around it i imagine the black market is up but hard to get stats on that. stuart: are you going after buffalo wild wings? as i understood it, wild wings started their own sports betting platform. you're going after them, aren't you? >> we have a partnership that we just announced with buffalo wild wings. we think they're an extremely
9:19 am
attractive brand that fits very well with our target demographic. they have a great, you know, vision for what they ban to create. already a really nice network of established restaurants people generally go to watch sports. i think it's a very good fit what we trying to do as well. stuart: i misunderstood the story, sir, my apologies. >> that is okay. stuart: no, it is in your favor. an ipo, going public, i'm told you want to go public next year but i don't that why. why on earth would you really want to be subjected to all that scrutiny? the short sellers will have a go at you, the lawyers will pick you clean. why do you want to go public? >> i don't know that we do want to go public next year. stuart: i have this entire interview wrong. i'm very sorry, sir. go ahead. >> well, i think at some point in the future a public offering is probably where we're headed,
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but how hard to say where we will be. we're focused on the growing the business. a brand new market that could open up worth tens of billions of dollars. we have to focus 100% to go after that. stuart: jason, i'm sorry to interrupt you. i want to go to the new york stock exchange where a moment of silence for 9/11 is being observed. [moment of silence]
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stuart: here is a story, i want to bring ashley into it. he knows more about it. naming rights to nasa rockets. you could have a budweiser rocket. ashley: this space rocket brought to you by burger king. speak rockets, spacecraft, a way of generating significant revenue. they want astronauts on cereal boxes as opposed to athletes. they want kids to be inspired by astronauts as much as they are by sports hero. they think this is one way to get nasa back into the american culture. stuart: good idea. the mind conjures a whole lot of things on the side of a rocket. we'll open the market in four minutes time. the dow will be down triple digits. 100 points down. hole on right there, folks. we'll take to you wall street right after this.
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♪ stuart: we've got 30 seconds to go before we actually open this market. you see them all applauding. you will hear clanging of the bell right there, as we build up towards the actual start of trading. we're still expecting a loss of about 100 points for the
9:30 am
dow industrials. to put that into perspective, the dow closed at 25,850 level. [opening bell rings] you knock off 150 points, you're not exactly on a heavy-duty downtrend, are you? four seconds to go, three, two, one, 9:30 eastern time on a tuesday morning and we have indeed opened lower. we're down 34. down 40. down 54. down 56. down a 3. i'm doing this for the benefit of our radio listeners who cannot see a screen. down 72, that is a quarter of 1%. i see a lot of red on the left-hand side of the screen which means more than half of the dow 30 are underwater. they're down. as of now the dow industrials are down 1/3 of 1%. check out the s&p 500, down a quarter of 1%. look at nasdaq. that indicator is down also. that is down 1/3 of 1%.
9:31 am
we're down modestly across the board. the economy. small business optimism shatters a 35-year-old record. optimism at a record high. plans to hire at a record high. capital spending the best since twix. looks good to me, murphy. >> looks great. tells you all those people out there saying in nine year bull market it has to end at some point, this economy is just heating up. there is a lot more room for this economy to grow. stuart: just heating up, really? >> there is a lot more room. we have 4% gdp growth. the people i speak to across the country are more optimistic than they ever been. bam, there is the number. stuart: what do you say? >> piggyback, what gets me the old engineer excited is capital spending. when we're spending money now on capital, that means we have the impetus for that growing economy mike is talking about. i think that will be the engine
9:32 am
for the next leg. stuart: okay. the dow industrials down 86 points now. after a minute 1/2. two minutes worth of business, down 87 points. investors still a little concerned about trade and talks with china and canada but let me turn this around. they're concerned about it. let's suppose we get a deal of any kind with canada -- are we off to the races. ashley: i do believe we are. one of the few dark clouds hanging out there. taxes, regulation, corporate profits are good. small businesses to the later survey, small business is the engine room of this economy and this country. all the signs are very positive. we can get something done with china and canada. stuart: off to the race. >> we're hanging stuart, right near the top of the chart with all of the tariff troubles we have going on now. stuart: right. >> this is really a long game we're looking to get broader, free market trading, this will propel the markets. stuart: let me raise another possible negative here. >> do it.
9:33 am
stuart: the democrats take control of the house. >> that is a negative because you're back to gridlock. you're back to all of the deregulation, all the tax cuts that we've seen that are really partially responsible for this small business optimism. stuart: they wouldn't be reversed. >> they wouldn't be reversed. you're not going to be able to get more deregulation. you will not get more tax cuts. that would definitely be perceived as a negative about it market. but underlying, stuart, will be corporate profits. as those are strong they can support the market. gridlock in d.c. is not good for business. stuart: dow industrials with 3 1/2 minutes in. we're down 84 points. that is where we are right now. 25,773. tesla, they're ditching some point options to try to streamline production. >> obsidionn black, metallic silver. i don't think that is it. nomura cuts the price target
9:34 am
from 400 to 300. stuart: they cut the price target to 300 but the thing is at 278. >> i know. bernstein raised it. they said they could come back from the troubles. tony, one of the analysts he insulted on earnings call says tesla problems could be resolved. stuart: susan, i've been asking this question a long, long time. >> yes? >> would you put money into tesla. >> would i not. >> not at all. stuart: if you had any money would you put money into susan? >> at 279, i might. stuart: really. >> we're trading below, high is 380 is the record. we could bounce back if they double production as elon musk promised. he wants to double car production. >> 380 after he put out a tweet taking it private at 420, then reversed that a week later. >> get to buy it much cheaper if you want to put money to work in this stock. stuart: they are ganging up on you. >> they are. i believe the technology is still there. you have to believe in the
9:35 am
fundamentals. stuart: very interesting, susan. time we look at apple please. i believe it's a down a little tiny bit. down a buck at 217. bank of america thinks there is a good shot, there is a possibility that apple will bring the assembly of iphones back to the united states. now that would mean a price rise for iphones. what do you make of that? >> well i think that the whole number that bank of america merrill lynch put out talks about an 8% price rise if they only bring in one tent of their production to the u.s. apple may do some window dressing but not any serious moving manufacturing. stuart: i noticed words assembly, assembly. >> component parts. stuart: component parts. ashley: the parts are made around the world. basic stuff is in china. you have the little tiny components in italy, france, all
9:36 am
around the world. >> this goes to president trump's point if he is negotiating with china, if we bring any part of the making of the iphone back to the u.s., he already talked about, we have foxconn in wisconsin. we have apple campus out in california. anything there is pressure on china from trump. anyone paying for the iphone, stuart, if it is $1100. you don't hand $1100 over. they give you a interest fee payment plan. put 8% on top of that i don't think that will affect. >> if they ship 50 to 100% of iphone assembly to the u.s., prices increase by 14 to 20%. so there might be a law of large numbers at some point. but you know, as i said to you, 1.3 million indirect jobs linked to iphone assembly around the world, doesn't turn on a dime like the titanic. stuart: story on apple tomorrow they release their three new iphones. there is upgrade on the iphone x. there is a bigger model and a cheaper model. ashley: 100 bucks.
9:37 am
stuart: you often see this. i think i'm right in saying this, the stock goes down the day or two days before the new iphones are released. >> it goes down. so we've already seen a run-up. typically you get the sell the news, sell the news fasttation that people go oh, that is all the new iphones are. then we'll get a little bit after trickle off. stuart: every time i see the screen, apple at $217 a share. i remember when my kids told me to buy it at 57. >> after the split. stuart: way before. >> there have been so many splits. stuart: i lost a fortune ignoring my children. terrible thing. major airlines said strong economy led to record air travel. >> i do not own airline stocks. we run a venture-capital fund. we have invest in private aviation options. wheels up, handle private i have
9:38 am
a very is. that business is booming. people want to gets away from the airport. people want the private jet, rather than wait on line at security in the airport. stuart: got that little dig in there. >> through it right in. stuart: chucked it right in. ashley: too easy. stuart: you want to come back on this program? >> some day, play your cards right, lad. amazon, there is always a story on amazon. here is the one. business-to-business sales program is on track to generate sales of more than $10 billion in a 12-month period. that strikes me as huge. >> this is amazon again only going after big fish. only two years this was a one billion dollar business. now $10 billion in only two years. stuart: look at it. 1925 is the price. >> yes. stuart: wait a minute, why is it down like this? this the beginning of the bust in techs? >> small fraction of a tick down on amazon. down .6% on the day. if you look at it, stuart,
9:39 am
amazon is doing a great job of getting into things like, they conquered the cloud, getting into groceries, moving a part where the government can't call them a monopoly. they're not getting too big in any one area. spreading themselves out horizontally. very smart. susan: challenging advertising. that component went up 130%. they think they can take money away from facebook and google. stuart: are you buying amazon at 1926. >> no. but i will on a dip. talking three to 5%, some sort of overreaction on market, hey, something is happening in china, everyone sell big tech, that is when i will be buying amazon. stuart: i think we should gang up on him. post office hiring for holidays starting couple weeks. the economy is strong. that could mean a busy season for package delivery i take it. >> having tough time finding right people to deliver packages. that will be even tougher. tight labor market. very tight labor market.
9:40 am
stuart: so are you buying fedex? >> i like fedex and i like ups both, stuart. stuart: you do? >> buying fedex and ups? >> i would look at amazon there. ashley: three to 5%. stuart: that time, 9:40 eastern time. dr, mike murphy thank you very much. gentlemen all good stuff. we're down 80 points for the dow industrials. ten minutes into the tuesday session. 80 points down is where we are. remembering 9/11. where we are 17 years later. joining us the man who personally interrogated khalid sheikh mohammed. it was a historic moment for president trump shaking hands with north korean leader kim jong-un. why a second meeting with the two leaders is in the work we're told. we have got details. ♪ - why are drivers 50 and over switching to the
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stuart: president trump has arrived in shanksville, pennsylvania, where he will observe the plane that went down there on 9/11, 17 years ago. we will show you this. we'll set the scene for you. later when the president speaks, we will be carrying that speech. you will be able to see exactly what the president says on this occasion. back to your money for a moment. the market coming back a little bit. we're down 68 points. look at speaker maker sonos. look at that it is down 20%. nicole, what is it lower sales or something? >> it was revenue that dropped 7%. the sales, actually they sold 11% more year-over-year but the outlook was pretty much in line, but they did see the revenue drop. people are selling this one, off in such a big way. goes back to the august 2nd
9:44 am
date of the inpoe. it was a $15 ipo. that was the low. 15.51 was the low for sonos. you can see a dramatic drop-off. 699 speaker, goes against the99 play base. focus on annual performance. our profitable growth in the long term. they're playing the long-term card this morning, trying to push that out, not on this one quarter. back to you. stuart: nicole, thank you very much. the white house is coordinating a second trump meeting with north korea's leader kim jong-un. ashley: apparently got a second letter. they called it very warm, a very positive letter. the white house says, we are in the process right now of coordinating a follow-up to that meeting pack in june in singapore between the two leaders. if you remember mike pompeo, secretary of state was supposed to go to north korea. it was abruptly canceled because mr. trump said we're not moving with sufficient progress with respect to the denuclearization
9:45 am
of the korean peninsula. at the military parade there were no icbms on the show. white house took it as a positive. usually the parades are all about the missiles. there was none in that. they took that as a positive. maybe we'll have a second meeting. stuart: possible. ashley: possible. stuart: switching gears. today we remember 9/11. joining us is the the man who personally intear gated 9/11 terrorist, khalid sheikh mohammed, the mastermind of the entire plot. he wrote that book, "enhanced interrogation." james, why is it that khalid sheikh mohammed has not been found convicted or found guilty or convicted in any court or any military court. what is going on? >> i will be perfectly blunt with you, he confessed in open court in 2007 i think it was to 31 capital crimes, war crimes, including 9/11 and killing daniel pearl and killing americans overseas but because of the naked, narcissism of barack obama and eric holder
9:46 am
they set aside that confession and dropped all charges against him so that they could fly him to new york and try him in new york so that they could claim credit for his prosecution. when that fell through, he had to be recharged. and i know that guy. when he got charged a second time, even though he had said he was willing to plead guilty and take whatever punishment he had because he wanted to get to paradise, when he got recharged, he pled not guilty because in his mind he can continue his jihad through the courts because if you spend millions of dollars prosecuting him, it is not millions of dollars that you can spend treating vets or improving our immigration or taking care of families of the people he killed. it is millions of dollars squandered while this flock of lawyers who want to do pro bono work for al qaeda gum up the works. stuart: it seems, james, it
9:47 am
seems like, that the authorities somewhere, authorities in america, lawyers in america, want to get this guy off, no matter what because they say, you tortured him. you waterboarded the guy. >> i did waterboard the guy. let me tell you what. i did waterboard the guy and it was legal. it was effective and it was authorized. and it wasn't torture because eric holder's hostile justice department investigated that for two years in front of a grand jury in washington, d.c. and could return no case. but what which do know, what we do know, is that the lawyers would like to distract, distract people from what the real problem is and make him look more cuddly and more human. the truth is, it is not an either/or thing. he killed almost 3,000 people on 9/11, 2001, and i waterboarded him. those two things are not
9:48 am
mutually exclusive. he still deserves to have a military commission, found guilty of war crimes and executed regardless of what happened. and none of, none of the things that happened to him inside of the cia would have needed to have been brought up at all if eric holder and barack obama had not set aside his confession in open court and then dropped the charges against him. there is one other thing. one other thing i think your audience might be interested in knowing. and that is that just recently the judge in the military commission ruled that the confessions that they made to the fbi, clean team, one who was not part of original questioning thing and knew nothing about what was going on, can't be admitted in court. they made the ruling this summer. you have to wonder at some point who is in charge, what side are they on? stuart: he is still sitting there and he did it. thanks for joining us on a
9:49 am
today. >> thank you, sir. stuart: the market losing 50 points. now this, a jeweler in massachusetts wanted to have fun with the kneeling controversy, took out a billboard. you're looking at it. he is now accused of being a racist. the owner explains why he did it. he is next at least. can lower t now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
stuart: florence approaches the carolinas and we have hurricane stocks for you. home depot, the rival lowe's hitting all-time highs. jenner rack, make generators -- generac. all-time high today. boeing down a fraction. no series trade news in the headlines. boeing up 341. check this out, i want to show you a billboard put up by a jeweler in massachusetts. it reads, if you're going to take a knee this season, please have a ring in your hand. he is making light of the nfl anthem protests. didn't go down too well. the jeweler is being accused of being a racist, he joins us now. that gentleman on the screen. i will get that right. that is a promise, scott. you own the jewelers.
9:54 am
now, you're accused of making light of a serious protest which they say, your critics say amounts to racism. what is your side of the story? >> well, stuart, i mean we've been accused of being a bigot, being a racist. you know, it is a billboard. we have 3 1/2 to five seconds to get your attention as you are driving by. you know, we promote love. we promote, we want to sell engagement rings, that is what we want to do. this had nothing to do with being a pig got. had nothing to do with any kind of racism. stuart: have you withdrawn the billboard? have you taken it down or closed it down? >> no the billboard stays. stuart: have you got any threats of any kind? >> we've gotten all kinds of threats, and it is actually kind of sickening. we have had threaten to come into the store and vomit on the
9:55 am
showcases and urinate in front of the store. when my daughter tried to diffuse the situation, claiming that there is no racism here they were actually told, she ought to go out an kill herself. stuart: was this face-to-face, scott? >> no, this is all over social media. stuart: what about your overall business, up or down? >> up. excuse me. the overall, i mean we've had calls from all over the united states, emails from all over the world, people just want to spend money in the store. they, you know, they want to support us. they want to do anything they can to help us. they're behind us 100%. and, business is really flourished. stuart: did you do it as a form of advertising or did you do it because you are a football fan, maybe a patriots fan and you want to see some football played and you wanted to make a almost
9:56 am
light of the controversy? >> well it is a little of all of the above. you know, i mean it's, you need to, we find that when you interject humor into a billboard people really kind of pay attention to it a little bit more. and, you know we just thought it was you humorous and good play on words t would be a great way to get attention and hopefully do some business. stuart: you got a lot of attention, scott, that is a fact. the jeweler's billboard. thanks for joining us scott. we appreciate you being here. >> we appreciate it. stuart: sure. hurricane florence is bearing down on the carolinas. state officials have to prepare. they have got to organize. are they getting it right? my take on that is next.
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
stuart: is hurricane florence bears down on the carolinas state officials bear a heavy response ability.
10:00 am
they have to prepare and worn, they have to organize and they got to get it right. consider the position of henry mcmaster, governor of doctor lena. late monday florence intensified forecasters attracted and that computer model was likely to hit the coast there's a. that is three full days away and that's the dilemma for the governor. take action now or get moving or wait for confirmation of the direction and intensity of the storm. do it now or delay? he took action. ordering the evacuation of 1 million people from the coastal regions. starting now. governor mcmaster says it's better to be safe than sorry. order the disruption of daily life now to save lives later. did for him. and good for other state officials who jumped in to organize early. they took the risk and they will be judged on their performance. this is not a democrat, republic and issue but there is politics
10:01 am
involved. heaven help the governor who fails to take action. voters do not forgive. let's not forget the voters will be unhappy if they were ordered to evacuate a million people flee in the storm turns away. at this point governor mcmaster thomas south carolina, lloyd cooper of north carolina have it right. florence is coming and it will be a big one. second hour of "varney & co." is about to begin. president trump is tweeting about the hurricane. here it is. also, - janice dean, fox news weather center, janice, i hear the really big problem could be
10:02 am
the rain. what is going on? >> absolutely. i'm using hurricane harvey last year in texas as an example of what could happen with the storm. obviously, looking at a major hurricane aching nipple and we think north carolina is the bull's-eye but succulent in virginia will fill in fact but the storm is going to slow down and it could last for several days along this vulnerable coastline and inland it will be perhaps life-threatening flooding. let's take a look. latest track, new track coming out at 11:00 a.m. very good agreement on the computer models going ahead say 24-48 hours and upon level in good agreement were talking about a north carolina landfall depending on where the eye welcome to shore in the right front quadrant is the worst with the rain and storms in search and then there's tropical storm
10:03 am
winds along the south carolina coast. flooding is going to be the legacy of the storm like harvey. this could be conservative but if the storm installs like the commuter models are showing we could deal with upwards of 2 feet of rainfall plus as we go into saturday, sunday and monday. the top of the hour was dead on. the got to take precautions. better safe than sorry. stuart: janice, we know you been working 247 and appreciate you staying only to help us thank you very much. moving away from the hurricane and let's get to your money. minor lust for the dow industrials as a secret the dow has down 80, 90 points for now 13. look at amazon. it will double the number of prime subscribers over the next decade. that's a big deal and the stock has turned around. it was down nine but now it is
10:04 am
up nine. have a look at tesla. we have an investment bank in the united states suggesting that they change the price target and they lowered the price target and that is not helping. it's down $5. that's 2% down. sonos makes smart figures and sales are down after their first earnings report as a public comedy. oh deere. filtered down, stock is down 16%. to the economy. more business optimism at a record high. hiring plans at a record high. capital spending, best in 12 years. marketwatch scott is willis now. i see you back in america. welcome home, young man. >> i've said this time and time again all president trump has really done is what you and i would've done and what larry
10:05 am
kudlow keeps talking about. we've taken commonsense measures less circulation, tax cuts and that has been a big reason why we got the ceos to change their mindset. the difficult thing was the psychology behind the eight years of melee and i say the your economy. what was me, what will go wrong next to what can go right next and that's a big reason why we seen this rebound. stuart: look, we've got 4.2% growth for the economy and we still got a trillion dollars opposites. that strike me as being not a good situation. have we got a debt bomb that is looming in the future if we slow the economy down a bit? >> that will be something to be dealt with. got a problem with student loans, car loans and other things out there that will cause problems if we have this economy derail. that's the biggest issue other is how strong is the economy as far as what would take it to
10:06 am
move it off those reels. that's the problem. i say this. if you continue with 4.2% as far as your gdp or have good gdp numbers and continue to see that rate of 2.943.8, at times i can be a debbie downer and looking for the thing that will derail the thing but as long as we have this growth this market could get surprised by good news. all i want to do is say hey, remember the movement we got in the market when we did the deal in mexico. what happens when we do a deal with china? stuart: wouldn't that be nice? you are on to something every stay there please. we have a couple items later on. kevin hasek, white house economic advisor give a big presentation countering president obama's claim that the strong economy is not trump's doing. watch this. >> i can promise you that the economic historians will one 100% except the fact that there was an infection at the election of donald trump and that
10:07 am
trajectory reverse itself completely when president trump was elected. if you assert that the current good news is just the extension of recent trends you are simply being factually incorrect. it's a clear downward trend going on in the growth rate for president obama. stuart: he says it with a smile. those v-shaped graphs you have tell a story. tammy bruce is with us. pretty strong case that he is making that it comes economy not obama's. >> obviously. here's what i think president obama was trying to do and continues to try to do. that's an internal conversation about his legacy. he's embarrassed like hillary was a mess but no one wants to talk about her not going to wisconsin and obama does not want to talk about being wrong about everything. president trump - [laughter] stuart: you slipped that one in
10:08 am
their. >> but it is true. is a man for they been saying the economy is nothing good and to be part of it and now to try to take credit for what they say is not good. the fact is this, american people know the difference. they know the difference between delivering pieces as her job versus getting your professional job, manufactured job back. it's not number of jobs but the nature of how many you are doing and whether or not jobs you can raise your family. barack obama also noted that there was no way to bring back those jobs that were leaving the country because the world has changed. there's a new world order. that was the eu or that scott noted. everything is bad and this is the way it will be. americans knew that was not true. donald trump has proven that to them. obviously the economy is frame of mind and this is about not just hope for the future but you see the change that has occurred and that belongs to donald trump as does the nature and quality of the recovery. stuart: prosperity is not a series of numbers. prosperity is the feeling of
10:09 am
your society mac i think this is admission from the democrats that barack obama comes out and tries to claim credit and shows that they're worried this is a big issue or the gop. stuart: but we've got findings on the economy is doing well. the polls have 70% of people responding to the economy is excellent or good. that's a high number and then there is this. broadway star jokes about a trump assassination. listen to this. >> where is john wilkes booth when you need him? right? will i be on - my god, i hope so. stuart: why were they laughing? >> they realized they needed to make it a joke at the time that she was serious and you can see it in place. there's a thing called nervous laughter. when she was pressed on it she said why not.
10:10 am
this is where they've gone and the mentality. if the american people want the recovery and strength to continue they will keep a republican in the office regardless whether - i'm a democrat from california but if you want a decline or the obama declined to return you will vote for the today's democrats. americans don't want that and that is carol cook is a talented woman on broadway and it's such heartbreak to watch people decline in this manner and to suggest that. stuart: you are the most pro- trump democrat i've ever seen. >> i'm a pro- trump american. there are many other democrats like me. it's very important to realize that the people who are in the front, carol brooke, barack obama, clinton or even alexandria cortez are not the average liberal in the country. that's what they keep dismissing and do not understand. i'm not the anomaly. they are. stuart: all right. how do you really feel?
10:11 am
[laughter] >> i love what president trump is doing. i love what this network does. i love what we do as individuals. generationally what were doing. this is the future and they can't deny it no matter how barack obama applies to himself and other people. stuart: we love table pounders here. >> i'm italian. [laughter] italian and scottish. it's a double whammy. [laughter] stuart: look. we were down 80 or 90-point a half an hour ago now are up 15. [inaudible conversations] stuart: jeff sessions will meet with attorney general from several states and the issue, social media censoring conservative speech. regulation could be coming. former attorney general joins us next on that subject. happening right now. ceremony at the flight 93 memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania. president trump is there and he will speak.
10:12 am
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stuart: this is a long-running story. jeff sessions and president trump butting heads over the mueller investigation. it's been a rocky relationship say the least and been going on for a long time. join us former us attorney general on the president george w. bush alberto gonzales. welcome back. good to see you again make good morning. how are you? stuart: i'm very well but i want to know about this trump session, trump sessions. i never seen anything like it. with the end in here? >> if i had to guess the end game is that the president is the president he can hire or fire people in the cabinet and ultimately it's time to get to attorney general there will be a new attorney general. i don't think the sessions will resign. just session believes he's doing a job and i think by all indications he's been effective in promoting drums priorities.
10:16 am
jeff sessions enjoys his job and just session believes that by staying at the apartment he's in fact protecting the department. we'll have to wait and see but at the end of the day most pundits and observers believe that after the midterms we may have a change in a to have just sessions thing i like that because i like jeff sessions and i think he's on a job but the president makes the decision is due serves in his cabinet. stuart: jeff sessions will meet with several state attorneys general and the issue is social networks censoring conservative opinion. do you think a, we need some form of regulation to make it a level playing field? be, is there such relation possible? >> i don't know enough about the technology is whether or not i was feasible or possible. i worry about more regulation, quite frankly. i tell your viewers that don't rely upon one source for
10:17 am
information. consult various media sources in order to be informed because it is true that certain sites and aspects of the media are slanted or bias. therefore, i think, it's a mistake to rely upon only one side and believe this is the way things are. as to whether or not relation will be appropriate for whether relation is even possible that is something i believe jeff sessions is exploring us attorneys the one you think it's coming? infamous pressure to do something about the censorship and privacy do you think nothing, the matter what it is, something is coming? >> quite honestly, i just don't know. i worry about it regulation and how effective it would be. the technology is changing so rapidly and we may have put in place relations that may inhibit
10:18 am
evolutions and technology which will be humble. i just don't know enough about this technology and possible future uses to have an informed opinion as to whether or not it's coming. stuart: i want to ask you about alimta mayor. she signed an executive order which ends alimta's relationship with i.c.e. now, what you make of that. i don't know whether she has the power to do that legal authority to do that do you think she is putting politics before the safety of the citizens of atlanta? reporter: i can't speak for motivation as they don't know her but the executive order cannot keep out federal agents cannot prevent federal agents from doing their job. within the city limits of atlanta. venture what the effective nature of this executive order. i expect i.c.e. will continue to chop it it'll be harder, no question, without cooperation of the atlanta police in atlanta officials but nonetheless i.c.e.
10:19 am
agents have a job to do and i fully for them to continue their job in atlanta. stuart: would you stay there for a moment because you want to get your thoughts on the 17th anniversary of 911 after we hear from president trumpet bear with us, please, sir and will react you shortly. there is a charity event going on in new york city right now. lots of liberties are there and raising money for 911 families did lawrence joins us. you have several or least one celebrity with you, who do you have? >> i got to. come over here, jerry. he's been practicing boxing. and this little lady. [inaudible] >> i'm just a nine -year-old lady and today is a jewish holiday. my whole family is in the synagogue. i was there yesterday. i decided i will not miss charity day. this is very important to raise money for the families of 911
10:20 am
and that is why i am here but also, i'm getting a little money >> $147 million had has been raised in 17 years. ecg charity. it's existed since 2005. jerry you are helping, too. there is 10 million last year want to raise more this year. any charities you want to share? >> get a better start in life and programs in schools and help kids get out and fight. >> it's a route raising money for charities. as i said about you, stuart, - >> you forgot to ask what i charity? reporter: telus. >> exam of jewish heritage. it's in battery park and the holocaust survivors and i was an orphan of the holocaust. >> thank you.
10:21 am
>> wait, wait. one more thing. [inaudible] jewish music for new conductors. reporter: she is feisty. back to you, stuart. stuart: that was a tough - well done. lauren. [laughter] that was in the short of it. the president is set to speak. in chicago, pennsylvania in about ten minutes from now we will take you there live when it happens. we'll be back. let's take a look at some numbers:
10:22 am
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10:25 am
now this. look at these big thing companies. these are google, ernst & young, apple and a lot more and how these companies are hiring workers without a college degree. i think this is great. >> it's good news. as we were discussing, it's a sign that some people are overtrained were overeducated and the individuals with high school, can do a great job in this is a good time for another. >> mark bird and bill gates approve that a college degree does not move that you need a college degree to be proven smart. yes, i agree. stuart: i agree. >> there's a bill of goods that's been sold if unless you can do anything in life unless you have a country. there may be too many and it is not a right fit. they can go out and do big things in the world without it. stuart: i'd rather college or i'd rather have no degree, no credential and no debt rather
10:26 am
than a degree and a ton of debt. [inaudible conversations] >> years of conditioning. stuart: indeed. check the board, up 18 points and now president trump is about to give a speech in shanksville, pennsylvania that would honor the victims of 911 attack. we'll see here next (guard) i've seen things i shouldn't have.
10:27 am
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10:30 am
apple has come back to 220 and that is up to dollars. look at microsoft. up over 1% at 110 dollars a share. stuart: you a microsoft. bankamerica says apple might bow to pressure from president trumpet and bring iphone assembly to the united states. that would raise the cost of an iphone significantly. scott, come on in. what about this? any chance, at all, that apple will bring back the assembly of iphones to america, and he shot? >> you know, i just got a phone and they're already around a thousand dollars. for getting to the point unless they put diamond studs on it and i can wash my feet, i won't own one. it will be difficult for them to have that happen because i can't get that much more expensive enough to see them suck up that cost. there might be small concession
10:31 am
but they both could walk away and city at a small win but ultimately it will be cost-effective to have them done where they are doing out hold on one second, scott. anyone around the table, the new phones coming from apple tomorrow, enhanced iphone x, a bigger screen and a cheaper phone. so, what you make of this? >> this is expected. iphone x they say it needs an upgrade and payment because it stalls a bit. yeah, you need to battle galaxies and sandstone phones have bigger screens and that's what the trend. >> bigger is better when it comes to displacement i have the eye seven but i'd like a bigger screen so you could have a bigger watch. but - >> you know what it is. the phone and computer and television but look at what it is you're talking about this is
10:32 am
this. $1200 if you're at the south of a price point another $200 but who is buying them out right? go and get your leasing and you get rebates and you spread it out over the year. no interest rate so this is more than doable to get this country back in the country. stuart: what about the bigger screen. >> this is already what they are. the streaming is smooth and i'm in if it's in your pocket that this is an iphone. stuart: the ten? >> know the one before the eight. and it is fine for me. stuart: i think they're making a bigger screen for people like myself, baby boomers, who need to see them better. >> use the iphone and said. stuart: that make sense. >> some phone companies are offering free ipads when you get the iphone or one free when you get one. there's all deals out there for
10:33 am
$200 extra is not going to have impact on the choices people make they want us. stuart: stock is at 220. moving to perfection this morning. next, start is with us. trey talks with canada. i believe that continue today and we went to see if canada's foreign minister merges and i don't know she's in washington dc but - >> she still talking and positive. stuart: scott, if we even got into progress on the nafta canada deal do you still think this market goes up significantly? to get china but not canada. >> look what happened with mexico. if we get something positive that comes out of canada, then yes. the human psyche is worried about what might be around the corner. it's like the your economy like we had with obama. decent research has been put forward and we got some last week that said what if mostly things go okay and what if most things turn out all right,
10:34 am
there's a lot of reason why you could see a decent leg up in the market because we will have resolution with canada and resolution with china and the economy will continue to do what it's doing in the face of higher interest rates. look at our economy. even if we have six, seven, eight or nine of those were talking through that's good for the market so generally speaking i like it. stuart: you don't think that either president trump or president xi will allow us to become a full-blown trade war, a total standoff with no conclusion at all other than their economy takes a hit in our economy take the hit. they don't think they will let it get to the point? >> no i don't. here's what i think will happen. the push it to them next elections and hope that president trump has weekend but the play off the fact he got goodwill capital in this country and it's not a never-ending while but he has it and they
10:35 am
have a timeframe too. their economy is not doing well and nothing in front of their eyes. both parties have a limited amount of time to come to the table and get them done. the work it out. stuart: okay. what you think? the president is taking a hard line with china. >> there's the presumption that there are unknowns. this is amidst the north korean situation people worried about the ravens, nuclear war and these are tied together. there's anyone can handle it it's president trump. president xi and china has an interest even though it's a controlled economy and manipulate it and having things go smoothly there in a much more risk your position and they will trust - they relied on the nights it's been a partner and they want that to continue but they want to be at the top and president trump will not that have an. >> how can they both get out of it and they face? stuart: both have to say based
10:36 am
sticky line to walk. stuart: but hopefully there will be a nice announcement. >> turn out my wait until after the midterms if present is beginning and they can negotiate from a stronger position. stuart: i would not be surpris surprised. >> and they will be wrong. stuart: time is 1036 a.m. eastern time and joining us now is a brian kilmeade, currently on the radio but joining us on tv. brian, 17 years ago september 11 you were on the air at the time. take us threatened. >> we were in a break and they were shooting video of us and said guys, look at the television but were trying to be out what happened. looks like a small plane hit the side of the building. i thought it was channel five which is the local affiliate in new york and so we were listening the two as they described it and trying to figure out how lincoln hit a building like that and then we come back it is clear it was a huge passenger jet and people inside. we were able to broadcast to the
10:37 am
right rest of the hour from 84016 until nine and we watched john scott take over at 9:01 and then i went down with the crew and went downtown. as we were driving we kept getting pushed and pushed by cops who were not let us down and finally we stopped because we look up and i watched the tower fall. then chaos ensued with joe brown again. by the time i got down to where the buildings once stood david lee miller was there and david lee miller said brian, i need you your crew. he took scott wilder even though we weave their way and he said i need them. david b willard miller is the war correspondent and most the time he was in israel but now he's here. he took that and the camera arrived and in my office to this day i have my dress shoes that are still full of the dust down at 911.
10:38 am
little did i know it would still be killing people today. stuart: extraordinaire. one more, private earlier on the program this morning james mitchell was with us, the man who water boarded caps on and told us that kay sm had pled guilty in open court to numerous capital crimes but then he was, charges were withdrawn and he was no longer on trial and still sitting someplace 17 years on. i personally was outraged at this. i guess, you are to. >> jim mitchell question more of the not the hijackers but the one who put this whole attack together than anyone else whether [inaudible] was in charge of indonesia in the region to kay sm and our sheep and used enhanced inherent tension that if you read the book and take the time to do the research even the cia director the information allows us to stop future tax and they were watching a story now that would not be alive if jim mitchell was unable to do enhanced interrogation. politically it doesn't sound
10:39 am
good but we know the reality of it. it was barack obama who said civilized people the only people in gitmo so take these terrorists and bring them to new york city do you know who stop them? the right wing conservative chuck schumer. everybody in new york said are you kidding me, you bring this guy into court and have a blind circus, no way. now they are in hyperspace and the charges dropped not dropped but been sidelined and they have regular american attorneys were trying to see they get their rights and their playing soccer and volleyball and fighting goes on they file grievances and mohammed who was ready to die, originally went to north carolina anti- that in your system yes for a lawyer. they said you're not getting a lawyer but you're going to one which turned out to be the black sites and then gave us information that led to bin laden. read his stuff and sign up for debate but the fact and they gave us that information and now
10:40 am
mohammed sits there and making demands on us. he's costing us dollars everything a day. the families of the victims that are down there in the pentagon and in new york city they are the ones who deserve justice. those are the ones that are being denied because of politics. any clear thinking american knows they get a military trial and they die a military death. whether by execution or whether by firing squad, who cares. they don't deserve to live. stuart: brian, we appreciate you being with us. difficult day. thank you for your contribution when you were on the air right back then, 17 years ago. >> crazy stuff. thanks. stuart: ryan zinke is at the podium now in shantou, pennsylvania. he is just introducing president trump who is at the microphone now. [applause]
10:41 am
president trump: thank you very much. thank you very much, ryan. it was so beautiful. we gathered on these holograms to honor the memory of nearly 3000 souls who were murdered on this day 17 years ago. we are here to pay some tribute to the 40 passengers and crew members on flight 93 euros up and defied the enemy and took control of their destiny and change the course of history. today we mourn their loss and share their story and we commemorate their incredible pallor. on september 11, 2001 a band of brave patriots turned the tide on our nation's enemies and joined the immortal ranks of
10:42 am
american heroes. at this memorial on this sacred earth in the field beyond the small and in disguise above our heads we remember the moment when america fought back. melania and i are grateful to be joined for today's ceremony. by governor tom wolfe and kevin are mark schweiger. i also want to thank the members of congress in attendance, senator bob casey, chrisman barletta, bill schuster and along with the president of the families of flight 93, we are also joined by members of the
10:43 am
national park service along with firefighters, first responders and incredible people from law enforcement. these are truly greet people. [applause] some of you here today answer the call in race to this field 17 years ago. you fill our hearts with pride and i want to thank you on behalf of of our country. thank you very much. [applause] most importantly to the family members of flight 93, today all of america wraps up and joins together. we close our arms to help you shoulder your pain and to carry
10:44 am
your great, great sorrow. your tears are not shared alone. they are shared grief with an entire nation. we greet together for every mother, father, sister and brother, son and daughter who was stolen from us at the twin towers in the pentagon. and here in this pennsylvania field. we honor their sacrifice by pledging to never lynch in the face of evil is to do whatever it takes to keep america safe. [applause] seventeen years ago your loved ones were among the 40 of flight 93, the 40 passengers and crew
10:45 am
members on board the 8:00 a.m. united airlines flight from newark to san francisco and there were men and women from every background and they were young people returning from visiting family and moms and dads on business trips and friends going and coming from birthdays and weddings. they boarded the plane and strangers and they entered eternity linked forever as true heroes. [applause] soon after takeoff flight 93 was hijacked by evil men bent on terror and conquest. passengers and crew members began using their phones to call home and they learned that two
10:46 am
planes had already crashed into the world trade center in new york city. immediately those on board flight 93 started planning in response. sandy bradshaw, flight attendant, called her husband and told him they were in the back of the plane preparing hot water to throw onto the hijackers. passenger jeremy glick explained the plan to his wife and said, stay on the line, i will be back. the passengers and crew members came together, took a vote and they decided to act. at that moment they took their faith and america's faith back into their own hands. in the last 20 minutes when he placed their final calls home.
10:47 am
whispering those eternal words, i love you. some said the lord's prayer and then they bravely charged the cockpit. they attacked the enemy, they fought until the very end and they stopped the forces of terror and defeated this wicked, horrible, evil plan. flight 93 crashed yards from where we stand just 20 minutes flying time from the united states capital through their sacrifice before they saved the lives of countless americans and they saved our capital from a devastating strike.
10:48 am
in the days after the attack tens of thousands of firefighters, police officers and recovery workers traveled to new york and arlington to crawl through the rubble and the search for survivors. there were prayer vigils, memorials and charity drives all across our nation. here in shanksville many of you raised up the first memorial, a wooden cross, a chain link fen fence, mementos and tributes pouring in and dozens and dozens of american legs. a piece of america's heart is buried on these grounds but in its place has grown a new resolve to live our lives with the same grace and courage as
10:49 am
the heroes of flight 93. this field is now a monument to american defiance. this memorial is now a message to the world, america will nev never, ever submit to tyranny. [cheering and applause] since september 11 nearly five and a half million young americans have been listed in the united states armed forces. nearly 7000 servicemembers have died facing down the menace of radical islamic terrorism.
10:50 am
[applause] today we think of the more than 200,000 servicemembers now serving overseas and we think of every citizen who protects our nation at home including our state, local and federal law enforcement. these are americans and great heroes. we honor and thank them all. [applause] as commander in chief i will always do everything in my power to prevent terrorists from striking american soil. here with us today is dorothy garcia. her husband was one of the passengers on flight 93. on september 11, 2001 just over
10:51 am
a month after their 32nd wedding anniversary, sonny was on his way back from a business meeting. he called dorothy, who he loved so much, culture on the plane and ordered her name before the line went dead, silent. in the days after the attack dorothy told me a and the investigators there was only one thing she wanted from this fie field. her husband's wedding ring. they would know it by the inscription edged inside. all my love, it said, followed by the number eight two 69, the date of their anniversary. the officers, great people, promised to try but in this
10:52 am
field of wreckage it seemed certainly impossible. dorothy began to pray and asked her friends to do the same. days went by, months and still no ring. a week before christmas on december 19 she heard a knock at the door in two officers were standing with the beautiful - she said it was so beautiful she knew what was happening. a beautiful small white box. inside it was a wallet. a luggage tag, a driver's license, a small bag with the wedding ring inscribed with those three precious words, all my love.
10:53 am
those words echo across the field and those words tell the story of 40 men and women who gave all their love for their families and country and our freedom. to dorothy and to every family here today america will never forget what your loved ones did for all of us. [applause] earlier this week you dedicated the final part of this memorial, the tower of voices. standing at 93 feet tall the tower of voices is now the first structure visitors see when they
10:54 am
come to this now sacred ground. it will hold 40 beautiful times that ring to route these fields and each, a unique note, but all in perfect harmony. each time we hear those times plane in the wind we will remember the 40. we will remember their faces, voices, stories encourage and their love. and we will remember that free people are never at the mercy of evil because our destiny is always in our hands. [applause] america's future is not written by our enemies. america's future is written by
10:55 am
our heroes. [applause] as long as this monument stands, as long as this memorial endur endures, brave patriots will rise up in america's hours of need and they, too, will fight back. [applause] seventeen years ago 40 incredible men and women showed the whole world that no force on earth will ever conquer the american spirit. we treasure their memory and cherish their legacy. we ask god to forever bless the immortal heroes of flight 93.
10:56 am
rank you, god bless you. god bless the families and god bless the united states of america. thank you very much. [cheering and applause] stuart: president of the united states, donald trump, we are used to seeing this president in rally mode but this was very different. the president was somber, restraint but he did use the words islamic terrorism and he did they never america would never ever submit to tyranny. why we were watching the president in our studio we been joined by the marines and it was a privilege to watch our president along with the marine at such a historic moment. more varney after this.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
there isn't. the evidence is clear, by almost any measure this is a boom. walk down the street, see the help wanted signs. you can see prosperity sprouting. small business confidence at the highest level in history and the latest quinnipiac poll shows 70% believe the economy is excellent or good. with the elections just eight weeks away, you'd think the trump-led republican party would be a shoe-in to keep control of congress but that is not the case. real clear politics says eight senate races are a toss-up. that's a shocker because the list includes montana, tennessee, north dakota. aren't they big trump states? even texas is considered close. senator ted cruz admits we've got a fight on our hands. on the house side, republicans in high tax states like new jersey, new york and california could become an endangered species because the trump tax plan actually raises the tax on
11:01 am
one percenters living in those states. in short, control of congress is up for grabs, despite the stellar performance of the economy. what's going on? two things. number one, the media has orchestrated an outbreak of trump derangement syndrome, the leaks, the gossip, the constant drumbeat of hatred and contempt is being thrown at voters on a daily, if not hourly, basis. number two, the president's style. not everyone approves. many people don't like the president acting and speaking the way he does. this is why the poll found 70% enthusiastic about the trump economy but only 38% approve of trump, the president. there really isn't much time to reverse this. bottom line, to turn economic success into political success, the trump base has to turn out in very large numbers. the third hour is about to begin.
11:02 am
stuart: modest gain for stocks this morning, 33 points higher, 25, 890 is where we are. look who's here. he's laughing. i don't know why he's laughing. david stockman, former reagan budget director and perpetual bear. the crash is coming, the crash is coming, the crash is coming. i have a problem with this. i know your logic, i have heard all about it but you keep on predicting the great crash is coming. if i had followed your advice, i would have been out of this market during one of the greatest bull runs in history. >> that would have been true in the year 2000 and the year 2008. we go through business cycles. we are in month 110 of this expansion. last time we were at month 110 was april 2000. the unemployment rate was 3.8%. the job creation rate in the
11:03 am
prior six months was 273,000 per month. this is what an economy looks like at the end of the business cycle when it's about ready to roll over into the next recession. that's where i think we are now. not the rear view mirror, but looking forward. three big forces that aren't good for the economy. number one, the fed is tightening like never before, stuart. you have to take account of the fact the fed has been off the deep end for eight years, pumping money like there's no tomorrow. now, wait a minute, now it's going to be shrinking its balance sheet by $600 million a year for the first time in history. that's more in one year than the entire balance sheet of the fed in 2000. that's number one. number two, the trump tariffs are going to hit the economy, you know, with a gale force that will accelerate inflation, force the fed to tighten even faster. third, we're in the tenth year of a recovery and trump is
11:04 am
raising the deficit to $1.2 trillion a year. that's crazy. stuart: i understand the argument. i do see the logic. you have laid it out very well. but i have heard it all before. unless you can tell me when the crash comes, i'm not going to take any notice of you. i'm just not. >> okay. but i'm not in the forecasting business. i am actually a political and economic philosopher. i believe in sound money. i believe in -- stuart: hold on. there's a forecast built into your analysis. of course there is. the crash is coming. so tell me when. >> i have no idea when, but i would say we are in the final days when you look at the firestorm that's coming down the road. stuart: okay. listen to me for a second. i have done very well -- >> i know you have done well. the point is, you can have a bubble that extends for seven, eight or nine years. the last three have, and then they end in tears. the last time the -- wait a
11:05 am
minute, you mentioned it this morning, 107 all-time high. no. in april 2005 it was also at 107. the stock market then was at 1200 and it took five years to get back there. stuart: i understand. i hear the logic. just wait a minute. let's suppose i agree with you, that this bubble is going to end in tears and i want to get out. i've just got to get out. suppose i did that, and i sold all my microsoft. i made a lot of money in microsoft. i sell it. i sell everything i've got. what do i buy? >> what do you do, you put it in cash and wait for the correction, then you buy low and then you ride the next cycle, because that's the way the economy works. stuart: all cash. david says all cash. >> it would be a good idea right now. stuart: like a bank account. >> buy treasuries. they are yielding 2.8%. in two years yielding 2.8%, all the while people are buying
11:06 am
stocks, the yield was zero. we are normalizing rapidly. money is going to move. stuart: david stockman says the crash is coming, go to all cash or treasuries. be absolutely liquid so when the crash comes you buy cheap on the other side. >> swoop in. stuart: you still have not told me when the crash comes. >> it's impossible to predict because we are in uncharted waters. the fed has never kept interest rates in negative terms, in real terms after inflation, for eight years running. it's never happened. this is a giant academic experiment that can't end well, because money can't be at zero or negative cost for eight years. stuart: you have done well. i don't know what you're worth. i'm not going to ask you, i don't care, but you have done well. you're not poor. what have you done with your money the last ten years? >> i kept it basically in cash. stuart: you missed the market rally. >> well, okay. in march 27, 2000 the nasdaq 100
11:07 am
was at 47 -- stuart, you have to hear this. your viewers should hear this. at the last bubble, march 27, 2000, 4700 on the nasdaq 100, 13 trading days later it was at 3200. 33% vaporized in 13 days. people didn't know what hit them. two years later, it was at 800. they lost 83% of their position. when you get to the top of the bubble, prudence says take your winnings, put them in the bank and wait for the next go-round because we have an unsound monetary system. we have keynesians running the central bank thinking they can control the whole economy by manipulating interest rates and fueling the stock market -- stuart: you see what you did there? when you started this interview three and a half, four minutes ago, the dow jones average was up 15 points. you told everybody get out of
11:08 am
stocks. wait a second. the trade rep is speaking. is that canada's trade rep? she's speaking in french. that is canada's foreign minister who talks on trade in washington, d.c. she's come out of the cameras, is speaking in french. i don't know what she said. we will find out pretty fast. maybe she said something positive because the dow industrials have just moved up a little bit. maybe it's a positive statement. i'm waiting for her to switch to english, or answer questions in english, then we will have a better sense of where she's coming from and what the impact on the market is. i can still hear french. i'm waiting for her to come to the end of this little statement. all right. we will leave the shot up. as soon as she goes to english, you will hear from her. stockman still with me. >> let me speak in numbers. trade imbalance is immaterial.
11:09 am
our problem is china. if trump goes ahead and puts tariffs on $500 billion worth of goods from china, that is going to fuel an inflation. stuart: $267 billion. >> on top of 200, on top of 50 we already have. he wants to go the whole way. stuart: would that be the signal? if he puts all these tariffs on against china, that is the signal the crash is starting? >> it's the orange swan. stuart: the orange swan? >> we aren't going to have a black swan this time. the orange swan is sitting in the oval office and he's a dangerous man. stuart: she's speaking in english. listen to this, please. >> today is september 11th. i think above all, it's important to pause today to remember all of the people who died and all of their families
11:10 am
in this horrific, brutal attack. i think it's also a day when we can remember the way -- this day was a tragedy for the united states and a tragedy for canada and a tragedy for the world and above all, i would just like to express canada's continued solidarity with the united states on this anniversary and with all the people who suffered personally so horribly. ambassador kraft i believe won't be with us today here at this meeting. he has been working very hard and has been part of the u.s. te team. she is in newfoundland and i think that's a very appropriate place when we think about this tragic anniversary. i think that remembering today and what happened today, maybe
11:11 am
that helps us all put into perspective the negotiations that we're having and also put into a little bit of historical perspective the importance and the significance of the relationship between canada and the united states. at the end of the day, we're neighbors and at the end of the day, neighbors help each other when they need help. so turning to nafta, i spoke with ambassador lighthizer over the weekend. there was a lot of contact between our teams and we agreed that it would be useful to continue talking today, so we're back for more negotiations. the conversations over the weekend continued to be constructive and productive. [ speaking in french ] stuart: okay. >> speaking in english or french, none of it makes any
11:12 am
sense. stuart: in all seriousness, she addressed that this is the 17th anniversary of 9/11. she addressed that. >> that's different. stuart: she did say the event today, the 17th anniversary, helps put in perspective the issues that we are discussing and that will be trade issues between canada and the united states. after that, she said that there have been continuing negotiations, they have been productive and positive. the dow jones average has gone up 70 points. there you have it. i just want to say thank you very much for david stockman. he took my abuse with great charm and courage this morning. i appreciate it. thank you, sir. i will change gears now. in the past three weeks, i find this astonishing, 100 bangladeshi nationals were arrested trying to cross the border from mexico into the united states. it would have been an illegal crossing. 100 bangladeshis. you thought it was all people from central america?
11:13 am
wrong. 100 bangladeshis all together. joining us, thomas h omo homan,r i.c.e. director. what is going on? bangladeshis, 100 of them? i don't know whether they got together as a group or were caught separately but 100 bangladeshis in a short period of time. what is going on? >> people from all over the world are smuggling to the united states. my last year as i.c.e. director, we removed people to 140 different countries but the whole world is watching. they know there's loopholes in the immigration system, they know there's judges that said we can't detain families again and they know the loopholes in asylum claims, they know they get past border patrol, they don't show up in court or even if they get a final order, they don't leave. this is why the zero tolerance policy that jeff sessions pushed was the right idea. i stand by that. lot of people in the administration want to run away from that. it was the right thing to do. the three weeks they did it, the border crossings dropped 20%. we should have stuck with that
11:14 am
game plan. stuart: i just want to go back to the people crossing the border. 100 bangladeshis. were they individuals who made the run on their own, or were they part of an organized group? the people who approached the border and try to cross illegally, are they in the hands of smugglers? have they paid to do this? >> absolutely. these people pay a lot of money. over $20,000 a head to these criminal organizations. that's why i keep pushing against sanctuary cities. the more we talk about abolishing i.c.e., about sanctuary cities, the more we bankroll criminal organizations that smuggle people. they are getting rich off the lack of the far left trying to abolish i.c.e. and not enforce the law. stuart: it's an investment. you ante up 3,000, 4,000, 5,000, $20,000 to get you in, then you can't be gotten out. you have made the promised land. i want to ask about atlanta, the mayor keisha lance bottoms.
11:15 am
she signed an executive order that stops the city jail from receiving people detained by i.c.e. what's going on with that? >> well, she wants to have her spartacus moment, too, like the other guy. look, she says she did it because the way i.c.e., this administration mistreats illegal aliens. i got to remind her, jail is for people that violate the law. these are exactly who we put in her facility, adults. second of all, the only one she really hurt was her own taxpayers because she lost $7 million in funding from the federal government they are about to make up from multiple taxpayers. she's saying she did so to help the immigrant community. she didn't help the immigrant community at all. now i.c.e. didn't miss a beat. we found beds for these people, different beds, but now they are away from their families and away from their attorneys. it makes it more difficult for them. this is the political decision she made that hurt everybody. stuart: there's one more point. we will make it in california, a move to ban i.c.e. agents from arresting illegal immigrants in
11:16 am
courthouses. again, what do you make of that? was i.c.e. going to court appearances and nabbing people like that? was that going on? >> i.c.e. were going to court. they would wait after the hearing. look, this was my policy before i signed before i retired, and we didn't make this policy in a vacuum. we worked with the association of chief justices throughout the country. the chief justice in california applauded this new policy. criminal aliens arrested in the criminal courthouse is exactly where we should be arresting them. politicians think better than judges and law enforcement. again, they say they are protecting the immigrant community. we can't arrest them in jail, we go to court. we can't arrest them in court, we arrest them in the neighborhoods, where we arrest others who weren't on the radar. they are hurting the immigrant community. stuart: well said. thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. two native american tribes suing the trump administration over the keystone pipeline. they claim the administration
11:17 am
approved the pipeline without considering potential damage to burial grounds and other cultural sites. the tribes want the court to rescind the line's permit. couple of markets, we like to check them frequently. bitcoin still in the $6,000 range. how about the price of gold, still around $1200 an ounce. sorry, $1195 this morning. immigration still a huge issue for europe as well as here. in sweden and in germany, across the country, actually, across the continent, angela merkel's popularity has fallen to an all-time low and immigration is the problem. nigel farrage has a lot to say about that. you will hear from him later this hour. nancy pelosi admits democrats need new blood but says she's not going anywhere as long as president trump is in office. we will play you the sound on that one coming up. president trump wants apple to build its iphones here but apple says moving production would raise the cost of the phones significantly. we are on that as well.
11:18 am
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11:22 am
price has been downgraded and is down 3.5%, $10. lower sales for the speaker maker, sonas. news on oil. president trump planning on rolling back more obama era environmental regulations, this time on methane gas. according to the "wall street journal" he wants to ease requirements that force energy companies to find and stop methane leaks when drilling. the plan would save companies hundreds of millions of dollars. as for the price of gasoline, hovering around the same where it's been for a long time, $2.84 is your national average for regular, of course. now look at the airlines. record number of people traveled this summer by air. the airlines are crediting the booming economy for this. 253 million flew sometime between memorial day and labor day. that's a 6% jump from last year.
11:23 am
that's pretty strong performance. now, here is susan li on apple maybe bringing back some assembly of the iphone to the united states. i know it's just a suggestion. >> a suggestion. from the man at the top, president trump. we finally got some numbers to this. if this was to happen, bank of america merrill lynch did some analysis and said the most likely scenario in their minds is if apple brings back 10% of their assembly here to the u.s. price of your iphone would go up 8%. if they brought back 50% to 100% of iphone assembly here to the u.s., it would basically push up prices 14% to 20% respectively, which may not be great if you want to buy, say, an iphone x which already costs $1,000. if you can afford a $1,000 phone, maybe 10% is not that big a deal. stuart: if you bring any production from china and make it in america, the price is going to go up.
11:24 am
>> u.s. workers make on average 2.6 times what chinese workers make. stuart: that's why it goes there in the first place. you build in china because it's cheaper to build in china and has done very well for you. >> the 10% scenario does kind of work because the assembler of most of the iphones just opened up a factory in wisconsin. that's the likely scenario. stuart: the stock is up because tomorrow, they release three more iphones. >> three more. two iphone xs and one lcd one. stuart: the big screen i want so i can read more easily. next case, getting a college degree doesn't necessarily represent the key to a successful career because more companies are dropping college degree requirements for new hires. you would be surprised at some of the companies on the list. yes, we do have a booming economy. however, new poll numbers show republicans are in danger of losing control of congress. fred barnes is next. i want to know if the republicans, with eight weeks to go, have enough time to turn this thing around.
11:25 am
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11:28 am
sometimes, they just drop in. obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group - how the world advances. ♪ stuart: well, a fairly solid gain, up 67 points, just 25,924. we have bounced off the lows of the day. want to get back to my editorial at the top of the hour, about the economy, which
11:29 am
is doing very, very well, and the midterm november elections, where the republicans are und under -- are in a lot of trouble. come in, fred barnes, "weekly standard" executive editor. is it possible the republicans lose in november because people don't like president trump's persona and his style? >> well, that would be part of it, for sure. i can think of a particular group of people of which you probably know many and i know many. i would call them soft republicans or something like that, ones who voted for president trump sort of reluctantly in 2016, particularly because they didn't want hillary clinton to name the next supreme court justice. here, trump has gotten two. he's done that. stuart: there doesn't seem to be any doubt the republicans are in trouble. i'm looking at real clear politics, the average of these things. they are looking at eight senate races and say they are a toss-up and those races include arizona,
11:30 am
indiana, montana, tennessee, florida, nevada, north dakota. that's trump country. how can mr. trump be in trouble there? >> i don't think there are -- that's a broad category when you don't see sharp polls showing a strong lead for republicans and so on. but you know, look, i think republicans have a little chance of getting the house again. the senate looks a lot better. stuart: there's not much time to turn it around, is there? here we have this very good performing economy and prosperity has come back. then you have eight weeks to turn around the message for voters. >> well, a lot can happen but trump would have to change some. he would have to become a lot nicer and a lot more accommodating and you know, i have always thought politicians who people like, ronald reagan comes to mind, really help them in campaign and elections, and
11:31 am
trump doesn't qualify there. there are a lot of people that just don't like him. i live in virginia and i saw that in the governor's race last year. there were just so many people who didn't like him. stuart: you should have seen the speech the president just delivered in shanksville, pennsylvania. it was a very good, focused speech. very good indeed. >> yeah, but he does, he gives good ones, but it's the tweets and you know, the remarks when reporters ask him something when he's walking between the white house and the helicopter. stuart: move on to nancy pelosi. she says she's not going anywhere as long as president trump is in office. >> i'm happy to go my way. we didn't know who would come forward, but that's up to the caucus. they give me the honor of serving, and it's up to them to choose who comes next. but to have no woman at the table and to have affordable care act at risk, i said as long
11:32 am
as he's here, i'm here. stuart: she's resisting pressure from younger up-and-comers, i suspect. >> indeed. in the past, so far as i recall, she hasn't had to use the female card which she just did, we just heard. but i think, look, she's very underrated by people who are not democrats. she's been a strong speaker and she may not be your cup of tea and mine, but here's the difference. all the young people you mention, the young democrats who are going to be elected in the house, come november, what she's going to have to do that i think is different this time is negotiate a return to speaker. stuart: okay. fred, you're all right. thanks for joining us this morning. appreciate it. >> i enjoyed it. stuart: glad you did. all right. now this. i will throw some company logos on the screen. there they are. all of these companies are hiring people, even if they
11:33 am
don't have a college degree. i find that very interesting. >> big name companies. stuart: google, ibm, apple. et cetera, et cetera. this is fascinating. our resident economist is with us. peter, i have to say i really approve of this because i think america has become over-credentialed. it's a great way to see people just hire them, they have talent. what's wrong with that? >> it was perfectly fine. when i was young, people went right out of high school into business. high schools and colleges were functioning better in those days but a lot of jobs that require a college degree simply don't need one. they need a trainable mind. on top of that, 40% of college graduates aren't prepared for professional work because they haven't been educated. they have been indoctrinated and that makes them more difficult to train. they are more arrogant and as a consequence, why bother?
11:34 am
stuart: it's a real kick at academia, isn't it? >> when you put emphasis on women's studies, international relations, trans-environmental studies and all other kinds of things, when your university president is encouraging students to get out there on the streets and demonstrate at the time of unrest and violence and so forth, i mean, it's hard to educate someone in that context and environment, and the fact is, a lot of the faculty that we have these days don't want students. they want to indoctrinate, not educate. if you're not liberal, you're not competent. when we are in that kind of world, where universities can drive athletes so hard that they drop dead during practice, we got a problem. we have that kind of problem in american education and the market is speaking. they're saying hey, we don't want your product. stuart: i was a socialist when i left college. then i spent a couple years in hong kong and learned the true virtues of free market
11:35 am
capitalism but that's not story. i read your stuff. in your opinion piece you say democrat policies if enacted would make inequality worse. you got a minute to make your case. >> basically, what they encourage is people to go on the dole instead of acquiring skills. to go to college where they become indoctrinated instead of education. that means they earn low wages, are burdened by too much student debt and things of that nature. republican policies encourage people to get an apprenticeship, to get into a training program. that's what president trump is doing. his daughter is championing that. that reduces income inequality. if you go into a trump apprenticeship program, you get $15 an hour for two years, come out the other end earning $60,000 a year. that's more than a college graduate earns. if you go in during the obama years, he said hey, take a loan, learn feminist studies or i will give you a social security disability. both of those are the road to poverty, incompetence, impotence
11:36 am
and so forth. stuart: good thing you retired from active teaching. >> i'm not a popular man on campus these days. no, i'm not. stuart: you got that signature bow tie so everyone knows who you are. >> i view my unpopularity at the university of maryland as a checkmark, so to speak, of my intellectual competence. stuart: good man. i don't care what they say. you are a good man. see you very soon. that's a fact. thanks for joining us. to hurricane florence which is a cat 4 storm barreling towards the carolinas. roughly a million and a half people have been told to evacuate coastal areas. come on in, adam. give me the latest. reporter: it's a big storm. the latest information we have is winds at 130 miles an hour. we just had an update in the last half hour. still a category 4 storm. still a very similar track to what we have been seeing the last couple of days. staying strong, category 4 storm, as it runs all the way up along the coast. winds likely at that cat 4 level
11:37 am
or close to it, at least strong category 3 storm. when will this make landfall? likely late thursday night into early friday morning. we are looking at an area anywhere from charleston running up to norfolk, virginia. all areas where this eventually could make landfall, that's where we will really focus with these powerful winds. pay attention to all the tropical models. in pretty good alignment taking you up to the coast in those areas but what happens next? that's going to be the big story. you start to see a little bit more indecision as where will the storm then head, will it linger a little off coast, will it head immediately inland. if it lingers for just a bit like some of the models are suggesting and here is one of those, what you will end up seeing is winds will hang around and rain will hang around and we will start to see big rainfall totals as this spins just off the coast of the carolinas before eventually heading in. again, this is early so it's a bit of a guess but one model would suggest anywhere from getting up to two feet of rain right along the coast,
11:38 am
widespread getting up to 12 to 20 inches. this is the kind of thing we could be dealing with if this ends up just spinning off the coast there for a couple of days. no surprise here, we have got hurricane warnings stretching all the way down from charleston up towards the state line there in the outer banks. this is going to be a big one and one we will continue to get a little clearer idea over the course of the rest of today. stuart: well said. thanks for joining us. thank you very much indeed. couple of stocks in the news. boeing, they are calling back retired workers to fix delays at their 737 jet liner plants. the market kind of likes that. it's up to 344. now look at amazon, big gain today. citi analysts say prime subscribers will more than double. 275 million prime subscribers by 2029. they keep giving perks to this subscription. the market just loves that one. it's up $24, $1963 on amazon right now. have to show you this one.
11:39 am
vladimir putin and china's xi tossing pancakes at the economic forum. there's no financial angle to this story whatsoever. it's just kind of video. however, we will show you the companies that make pancake making syrup. mixed reaction. >> buttering each other up. stuart: not bad. i want to see them flip these things. now this. from an anti-immigration party doing well in sweden to angela merkel's popularity plunging to an all-time low, immigration continues to be the big issue that faces europe. nigel farage is next. i want to know if this is the issue that really does drive europe apart. get this. one town in europe wants to test universal basic income for its residents but doesn't have the money to do it. we will tell you where the town is and how they are trying to raise the money for what is an
11:40 am
outrageous policy. from the market when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel. with expedia's add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip. add-on advantage. only when you book with expedia.
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nicole: i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. as hurricane florence barrels toward the carolinas and virginia, preparations are being made. this is expected to be an extremely dangerous storm. evacuations of one and a half million people roughly. meantime, we are seeing stocks moving along with it. home depot, lowe's, people are buying generators to board up
11:42 am
their homes, getting supplies and materials needed for this storm. the insurance stocks have been to the downside for this week, though today they are somewhat mixed. travelers down almost 2% and also, allstate as well. we also are seeing now the numbers that may come in, hurricane florence is expected to be around $20 billion according to damage estimates now. where does that rank? katrina, harvey and maria were among the most costly. stay safe.
11:43 am
11:44 am
stuart: a village in switzerland will pay residents nearly $2,600 a month as an experiment on unconditional basic income. here's the money, do what you like with it. the village does not have the cash, so they are going to go to crowd funding to get the money, because they can't get it from taxpayers. good luck with that. let's get to sweden. the country's far right anti-immigration party surged in the national elections sunday. sweden has long been one of europe's most open towards accepting refugees. perhaps not now. joining us, nigel farage, fox news contributor. always good to see you. welcome back. the far right party in sweden, i don't really like to call it a far right party because i think in many ways, it's center of the road, quite frankly. but they were expected to do better than they did.
11:45 am
does this mean that the immigration situation in sweden has kind of stalled? >> not at all. in fact, we have had riots going on in big cities over the past few months, hundreds of cars being set on fire. we have the murder and rape capital of europe so there's really bad stuff happening in sweden. this is a country of ten million people who have allowed a million people in over the course of the last few years, so pro rata they have taken more people that came across the mediterranean than anybody. what has happened here is the swedish democrats who were very far right and we go back 25, 30 years, national socialist, to be precise, what they found, they were dominating the debate on immigration. the other party started wearing their clothes and promising they would stop big numbers coming in. that's why they got 80% and not perhaps the 24%, 25% some thought possible. stuart: what's been happening in
11:46 am
germany recently? i noticed that angela merkel's popularity just sunk to an all-time low. was there some kind of incident that pushed her popularity rating so far down? >> yes. there's a town in eastern germany, there was a murder there, two migrants from the middle east have been arrested for that. that led to riots on the street and some very, very ugly scenes with the absolute worst in people being brought out, even, believe it or not, a jewish business attacked and damaged. this in germany, of all countries. i think what people are saying is angela merkel, having made possibly one of the worst foreign policy decisions of any european leader in 70 years by saying please, as many as can come, we can cope, merkel herself directly was led to this breakdown in social order that we saw in this town.
11:47 am
i am not condoning that horrible behavior that we saw in that town, but understand actually, civilization is a bit of a veneer. people can become feral very, very quickly and angela merkel has directly led to the far right being back on the streets of europe. stuart: europe's got this immigration crisis and it's got a financial crisis that's brewing away steadily. you are a european parliament member. you are a member of the european parliament. that's what you are. do you think the days of the european parliament, the eu, are they numbered? >> normally, big political change comes because of big problems with the economy. the remarkable thing is, the populist wave, the growth of euro skepticism has happened during relatively benign economic circumstances. it's happening for cultural reasons, because people are saying this is our community, this is our religion, this is our way of life.
11:48 am
when the next financial crash comes which as you well know, these cycles always happen, when the next financial crash comes, i believe that will be the end of this political project and i hope it gets replaced with a europe of neighbors trading together, being friends together, not one of political union with frankly, a bunch of unelected bully boys in brussels telling us what we can and can't do. stuart: i agree entirely. why not just a free trade zone instead of this political amalgamation? if it was just free trade, come on, buy and sell, buy and sell, there wouldn't be a problem. but when you have everybody in the same political organization, you got to obey the brussels bureaucrats. you're one of them. that's a terrible thing. last word to you, nigel. >> of course. look, my parents voted for a free trade club nearly 50 years ago. they turned it political so i help leaders out of it. i believe brexit were the first ones out. many others will follow. this project is doomed.
11:49 am
it will never, ever work. stuart: all right. you said it very succinctly there. mr. farage, thank you for joining us. we will see you again. thank you very much indeed. an update for you on california. governor jerry brown signed a bill yesterday that requires all utilities to get 60% of their energy from renewable sources by 2030. it ramps up, you got to get it 100% from clean energy by 2045. california is the second state after hawaii to commit to carbon-free energy. let's see how much that costs. trade concerns have stocks lower this morning, so we're told. we have turned around a couple of trade-sensitive stocks for you. boeing on the upside, $3 higher. caterpillar, a fraction down. the dow industrials right now, 87 points higher. 17 years after 9/11, khalid
11:50 am
shaikh mohammed is still behind bars and no one has been tried as yet. judge napolitano on where the legal case stands now. he's next. i get it all the time. "have you lost weight?" of course i have- ever since i started renting from national. because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle. and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off. looking good, patrick. i know. (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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stuart: today we remember september 11th, 17 years ago. judge napolitano is with us. judge, let's get right at it, shall we? 17 years ago, the towers came down. mastermind khalid shaikh mohammed was eventually captured, 2003. he's still in jail. >> admitted in open court and virtually every allegation against him. stuart: he admitted 31 capital counts, guilty. in open court he admitted it. >> there's 2900 capital counts, that he admitted to being the mastermind behind all this. there's three things that happened. first was the catastrophic error of putting this in a brand new military court in a venue where a trial had never taken place, in cuba. if they had tried it in lower manhattan, i don't care what the politicians would have thought, these people would have been convicted and either sentenced to life or executed. stuart: it was president obama who jumped in and said we are dropping the charges so that he can be brought back to lower
11:55 am
manhattan and tried in court. he dropped the charges. >> yes. then a grand jury was about to indict when the politicians in the democratic party persuaded the president, send them back to cuba. then the military charges were reinstated. in my opinion, obama did the right thing, because if they had been brought to lower manhattan, if george w. bush had put them in lower manhattan, they all would have been tried by now and the evidence of guilt is overwhelming. they would have been convicted and sentenced the life in prison or executed by now. we wouldn't be having this conversation. second thing that happened was the fbi agent who got himself hired as a paralegal for the defense team and was telling the prosecutors what the defense was doing. this went on for six months until they discovered his shenanigans. then they had to undo all the damage he did. the third thing that happened is the judge in cuba, on his last day as a judge, excluded all evidence obtained by torture.
11:56 am
now there's a new judge, and the government wants that judge to review the decision of the old judge. if the judge says let's start this trial tomorrow, would the government be ready? absolutely not. stuart: the judicial system has truly screwed up. >> the military judicial system. the trials that took place in lower manhattan all produced convictions. stuart: it is an abomination that a man who conspired to kill nearly 3,000 americans, and who admits to it in open court, is still not been dealt with by either the military judicial people or the civil judicial authority. that is a disgrace. >> agreed. stuart: disgrace. >> i rarely praise him, only one person did everything he could to bring this to the civilian prosecutorial apparatus. president obama. george bush was afraid to. and the present president. for all his strength --
11:57 am
stuart: i don't care which venue you bring the man to trial. i do care about convicting this man who has admitted his guilty in open court. i don't see why he's sitting there 17 years on with nothing happening. it's a disgrace. >> you should complain to the government. not to me. stuart: i'm complaining to our viewers. of which there are many. >> military justice is to justice as military music is to music. stuart: put the camera on me. i'm responsible? more after this. . .
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: look at this. we have rally on our hands. the dow up 140 points. right around 26,000. it may be because canada's foreign minister came out said mildly positive things about talking trade with canada. susan: i think it is job numbers.
12:00 pm
6. the million openings in july -- 6.9 million available. stuart: that is very positive for the economy. more good stuff. the dow is up 142. see what you do for you, neil. take it away. neil: thank you very much, my friend. as you were speaking there, getting news out of the white house the president is canceling a planned trip. this is a planned trip to europe that would include a trip to ireland. all of this to recognize the commemoration of paris of the 100th anniversary of armistice that ended world war i. we don't know much beyond that there were planned protests talked about there. but the president runs into that to matter where he goes. but the trip it ireland is off. meanwhile a hurricane potential five is on and getting close. i'm talking about florence. more than a million people fleeing its path. more states already declared


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