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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 12, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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you know, you had that vladimir putin did that with barack obama and they kind of got away with it, we sent up stealthfighters this time. they escorted them away and did not penetrate u.s. airspace. thoughts and prayers from all our friends from north carolina and south carolina. charles: you got it. lou: good evening, everybody. our top story. hurricane florence bearing down on the east coast more than 10 million people are now under warnings or watches, and the carolinas and virginia. the category 3 storm generating 80-foot waves and could strengthen, we're told, back to a category 4 storm by the time it makes landfall. president trump says the federal government is fully prepared to face florence. >> has already placed extensive resources on the ground including search and rescue experts. power restoration and medical
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support. tremendous people working on the hurricane. first responders, law enforcement and fema and they're all ready. lou: and we'll have the latest for you on the path of the hurricane coming up here tonight. also, the rage of the radical left boiling over, targeting conservatives for politically motivated violence. republican lawmakers demanding dems denounce those attacks. >> i get angry when i see that because there's no place for that in american politics. you're attacking them because of what they do and believe in. that's not what american ideals are about. lou: we'll take up the left's campaign of violence and what can be done to stop it all. attorney harmeet dhillon, gregg jarrett join us, and the never-ending russia witch-hunt. senate intelligence committee chairman richard burr says, quote, no evidence of collusion, and yet, he could
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continue his investigation, he says, for months more. what sense do these people make? we'll take that up and discuss the russia hoax, the very real evidence of fbi and department of justice political corruption. chris farrell of judicial watch joining us tonight. we begin with hurricane florence. it's sitting about 385 miles off the southeastern coastline, putting more than 10 million people under warnings and watches as i said, though that storm has weakened to a category 3 storm, some forecasters are saying it may hover off the carolina coast for more than a day, bringing up to 13 feast storm surge with it, increasing potential for devastation. the president addressing the impending storm just moments ago. >> from politicians and the people, we are ready, but this is going to be one of the biggest ones to ever hit our
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country. protection of life is the absolute highest priority, and that's what we're doing. it's called protection of life. lou: spending talks in washington to avoid a government shutdown, fema's disaster response and recovery account could pose something of a problem. the account has $25 billion in it. the national hurricane center estimating hurricane maria alone caused $90 billion worth of damages last year. joining us ed rollins, great america pac chairman, former reagan political director, fox news contributor. great to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: we're hearing a lot of politicization of the impending storm. the democrats questioning closely fema, and making it clear they're going to be weighing in critically and as harshly as they possibly can in its aftermath. >> the president is doing everything getting prepared for this. these are disasters that you
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can't control, and the idea that now someone is out there saying it's all his fault because his position is on weather control and what have you, the critical thing here is he's shifting money, he's prepared. a first rate team tested through the terrible tragedies of a year and a half ago, and to a certain extent, you do the best you can and as far as the money, congress will always put money in a supplement to take care of american citizens. lou: ed was alluding to the "washington post" effectively blaming president trump for hurricane florence before it makes landfall. the editorial board saying this, if we can put this up for the audience, please. the "washington post" editorial board saying -- if we've got the full screen, please. there we go, the "washington post" editorial board saying -- now, this is just about as
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idiotic as anything i've seen in the "washington post" in the last week or so. another hurricane about to batter our coast, trump is complicit. >> he gets no credit for the stuff he's effected, which is the strongest economy. seen certainly in my lifetime. lou: have you seen the "washington post" get idiotic? talk about blinded by -- >> i need to read it, but it's getting more idiotic and more drooling from the mouth try and get trump every single day. this reaches a new level. >> i think the president probably gets some entertainment relief from watching this kind of nonsense in the "washington post." i know we had to be thrilled when jamie dimon. do we have the sound bite of jamie dimon carrying on? let's go to that full screen, if we may. and this is jamie dimon, the chairman of jpmorgan chase.
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here we go. he was saying he could beat trump. oh, man, it proves i wouldn't make a good politician, i get frustrated because i want all sides to come together to help solve big problems. jamie dimon is lying because he wasn't trying to solve a problem and wasn't trying to bring people together. his ego got way ahead of his mouth and the rest of him -- >> certainly not the first time. what's happened is because donald trump got elected, who is also a successful businessman, every one of these guys think if he can do it, i can do it. the uniqueness is he can tap into ordinary working people. jamie dimon couldn't tap into an ordinary working person. lou: he said he's smarter than trump. jamie dimon is a bright fella. he isn't that bright. i would say they're close in iq, and jamie, as i recall, was
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a baker scholar at harvard business school, i feel like president trump could have been whatever he wanted to, he had a little more fun than jamie dimon did throughout his life. >> the bottom line is it's not going to happen. lou: i'm not worried about it happening, i'm laughing about the fact you have another establishment jerk. >> who's going to bring all the sides together. what they don't understand -- lou: he's running a public company and acting like an ass. >> how complicated government is when you have democrats aren't going to do anything the president wants. if he thinks he's going to bring the sides together because he has magic solutions, if he wants to sent 1600 pennsylvania avenue his answers to everything, the president will look at it real quick before he shreds it. it's stupid. lou: that's the bottom line. and here's a guy running one of the biggest companies, he's more of a coach now than a quarterback, i'm sure that's
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what is convenient to be the case. he wasn't pulling an elon musk, toquing on a joint and swigging whiskey. >> no excuse for his stupid statements. [ laughter ] >> i don't think there is. and the other thing is he's taking a run at this, he did this last year, and he started talking about running for president, and everything he said he was repeating what donald trump had already done, talking about 3% growth and this president is delivering 4%, talking about lower unemployment. this president has record low unemployment. there isn't any room there for jamie dimon to improve on anything that this president hasn't already accomplished. >> and benefitted immeasurably and company benefitted immeasurably. lou: he needs to stop now. let's go to the executive order, there won't be any election interference, the president signing a note on
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sanctions. this president, it seems to me, is not getting his due. he's dealing with all of the international foreign policy issues. he's dealing with everything and highly effectively, and yet he's not getting credit for this economy, for these markets, for the confidence and the bright outlook by the american people right now. what's he got to do to turn that around? >> he has to basically go out on this campaign trail and do nothing but talk about the booming economy and what it means to americans. don't get distracted by everything else that's happening. lou: how about getting people out there talking. >> absolutely. we had the worst week. the u.n. weeks, get distracted and all that stuff. the reality -- lou: what week? >> united nations week. that's my most unfavored week of washington, d.c., not being a diplomat, but the town gets shut down. lou: can't we have a vote where they hold. that maybe out in bermuda. >> i've always thought
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governor's island is a place without boats to take them out there. the reality is the president has done an extraordinary thing on the economy. most americans have benefitted immeasurably and that's what he has to talk about. if you go back two years from now, he was way behind and he'll come from behind this time. he and every one of his cabinet members need to talk about nothing else but the economy and the benefits for the american people. lou: absolutely. good to see you. >> thank you. lou: ed rollins. up next, new numbers showing the more candidates embrace the trump agenda in the midterms, the better chance they'll have to win. we take up what should be a very obvious algorithm right after the break. stay with us, we're coming straight back. touch shows how we really feel. but does psoriasis ever get in the way? embrace the chance of 100% clear skin with taltz.
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. lou: the violent leftist who was arrested for attacking and trying to stab a california republican congressional candidate in california tonight is free on bail. the assailant farzad is scheduled to return to court monday to enter a plea. attacking eric swalwell's challenger rudy peters at a festival over the weekend. peters described the attack
7:15 pm
today. >> we hear somebody screaming f, the cuss word, f donald trump, f donald trump and he has his hand with his middle finger up. i grab him, threw him on the ground. shirt was ripped. he jumped up and pulled the knife out and said he was going to kill me. lou: the attack as the radical left ramps up violence ahead of the november midterms. last week a wyoming republican office was set on fire two days after it opened. law enforcement suspect it was arson. the staff of republican maine senator susan collins receiving threatening calls over the brett kavanaugh confirmation vote. one caller telling a female staffer he hoped she would be raped. house majority whip steve scalise says it's time for the radical dems to denounce this left-wing violence. >> they need to be denouncing that kind of activity. no place for it.
7:16 pm
if somebody on the right was doing it, we'd be vocally denouncing it. i should not incite violence or assaulting people based on political views. lou: joining us attorney rnc committee woman harmeet dhillon. great to have you with us. gregg jarrett, fox news analyst and author of the "new york times" best-seller the russia hoax. congratulations on your continued success. >> thank you. lou: harmeet, start with california, delivering once again. this is getting really both dangerous and just as stupid as it can be on the part of the left in this country. >> you got it. far from denouncing it, republican supporters in california are subjected to this type of violence on a daily basis. maxine waters encouraging it. senators like cory booker encouraging it. as you know, lou, i have a lawsuit against the city of san jose and police officers for allowing trump supporters to be
7:17 pm
beaten up in the streets and everybody anybody who is an out republican in the bay area is concerned that safety may be at issue, so we need to have zero tolerance policy from law enforcement and the government for this type of violence, it doesn't belong in our country at all. lou: gregg, is she right? >> absolutely. people like maxine waters who are harassing and confronting people, there is a tiny step in physically attacking them as we just saw yesterday with this republican candidate why. in the world they haven't charged him with attempted murder, i don't know? he came after him with a switchblade and but for the failure of the switchblade, you might have somebody dead as a consequence of this, and yet he's out on bail and not charged with attempted murder, it's astonishing to me. but that's alameda county in california. lou: and nevada, a professor taking a gun into the school,
7:18 pm
the university of southern nevada, and shooting himself in protest of donald trump. i mean, this stuff is building, and it is not a very pleasant path or trajectory that the left is on in this country, harmeet. >> you know, it is not just sort of amusing anecdotes. this is a real thing in our area and throughout the country, this is a strain of trump derangement syndrome but a virulent strain. i don't know if we can turn this back other than law enforcement taking this seriously. in berkeley, a professor actually beat somebody over the head with a bike lock repeatedly causing massive facial injuries and broken bones and he's already free, this is just last year. outrageous. lou: law enforcement taking it seriously in san jose, the case you're prosecuting is one which they just stood down in the face of obvious riot against trump supporters, but the court
7:19 pm
system in this country right now is behaving, i think, gregg, absolutely irresponsibly. they're just basically saying we'll see you, you're out on your own recognizance and the next time. >> and places where harmeet is in san francisco where, i used to be a criminal defense attorney in the 80s. used to throw the book at my clients. not anymore. there is this kumbaya mentality and a lot of it derives from the sanctuary city policies of san francisco and other communities in california where, they are literally inviting people, criminals to cross the border, and you get sanctuary in our city, and i feel badly for the citizens of that city that are now at risk. lou: well, the hatred of the left in this country for republicans, for the right is
7:20 pm
palpable it. success acted out, now in streets and campaigns. it is a very sobering moment it. should be for the left, but they are giving it all a wink and a nod and a tacit blessing with their silence and acquiescence. harmeet, good to have you with us, gregg jarrett, thank you, sir? >> my pleasure. lou: chicago mayor rahm emanuel refusing to let a good crisis go to waste. mayor emmanuel is considering government handouts to alleviate poverty in the windy city. he couldn't do it through prosperity, he couldn't keep the city from going bankrupt. so mayor emmanuel set up a task force to look into whether universal basic income is the solution to chicago's many fiscal problems. showing us again exactly just how smart chicago's leaders are, they're broke, they have a high murder rate. their big ideas to give away money that the city doesn't
7:21 pm
have. fun to watch, huh? be sure to watch our poll results tonight -- cast your vote on twitter, follow me on instagram. up next, more violent gang members caught crossing the border with mexico, but paul ryan and mitch mcconnell don't want a wall, and they really don't want to get in the way of ms-13. it would be inconvenient for them. we take it up with congressman andy biggs right after the break. stay with us.
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. lou: president trump is having an impact. new "fox news poll" showing three trump endorsed candidates have moved ahead over the past week in senate races, they are
7:26 pm
congressman kevin cramer in north dakota, congressman marcia blackburn in tennessee all moving into the lead. president trump endorsing 56 candidates this year. violent street gang members being stopped before they enter the country. border control agents in the rio grande valley sector arrested 17 members of the central american street gangs of the past week. among those arrested, members of the notorious ms-13 and the 18 street gang. joining us now, congressman andy biggs, it's great to have you with us. and i've got to start with, again, the leadership of the house. the president has called for, has promised the wall. we've got the border patrol capturing these ms-13, the other central american gang members, and the drugs are
7:27 pm
still being just pouring over that border. it is an opiate crisis, a national crisis and republican leadership tells torch go to hell. collateral damage and the president's wall is not going to be funded and says with 55 days before the midterms. >> yep. well, lou, i've got to tell you i'm frustrated as anything. in the overall budget, we're asking for less than one-half of 1% to build a wall that will preserve our sovereignty. it will stop cross border criminality. it will slow down human trafficking and smuggling. not the be all to everything, but i'll tell you what, we could build, it fund that wall. and if you don't like that, i've got a bill that provides offbudget funding, and gets assigned to seven committees. i'm frustrated, the american
7:28 pm
people are frustrated. if you want to prevent a blue wave, what i'd be doing in the next week or two is find a way to fund that wall and promise to get it started, because i keep hearing, we're building the wall. no, we're not. we're making repairs on walls that already exist. we're not building new wall, rebuilding old wall. that's a big problem when you look at the numbers of people crossing the border. we're back into a surge situation again, lou, that can't go on. lou: new levels of illegal immigrants crossing the border, ms-13, the 18th street gangs as well. this just goes on and on and, by the way, i've talked to members of the caucus until i'm blue in the face. the fact of the matter is, if you don't care, the rest of the country doesn't because it's really the republican conference has become an embarrassment.
7:29 pm
you have a man in jim jordan who should be the speaker of the house. you endorse him, you support him, and your conference understands that, and you have a president who has achieved unprecedented success already. some days i think, congressman biggs, some days i think president trump is the only republican in -- the only republican or democrat in washington, d.c. who's actually working. he gets up in the morning and tries to get things done. what in the hell are the rest of the -- where is everybody else? >> well, lou, i got to tell you. when you say if congress doesn't care, the rest of the countriy doesn't care. i think the reality is the rest of the country does care, if the republicans in congress don't get going on these issues, we're going to have -- we're going to be in a real tough situation come november. president trump has made it clear, that's why he won. when he said build the wall, we
7:30 pm
know this, the american public knows it. he moved from the middle of the pack of 17 candidates to number one. it carried him across the line. this is the most important issue we're facing to most of americans. look, our economy is robust. it's growing. we've done the tax reform and the regulatory reform but because we haven't built the wall, we can't say we kept our promises. we've got to keep our promises, the border wall is job one which is why i introduced my bill and i talked to people in my conference. lou: without a wall, you guys stand for nothing. >> that's right. lou: and you know that, and you've been saying it yourself. >> yeah, yeah. lou: and this president has done everything he can to get that done, and frankly, just so everybody understands, mitch mcconnell and the establishment gop, the rhinos, and paul ryan have decided to destroy the republican party in these midterms, and it's nothing
7:31 pm
short of that, and there you have it. >> lou, let's talk about one other aspect of that. when president trump talks about a shutdown of the establishment wing here goes berzerk, but the reality is, he's trying to send a real strong message that he promised the wall, he needs the wall, the american people want the wall, we accepted that promise by electing him and now we want performance. i think president trump is sending every signal he possibly can. he's doing every way of communicating. he talks about it everywhere we goes, and you know what? across the fruited plain, people listen. lou: people listen. people want to listen, they agreed, they voted for him. that's why he's president and the republicans retain control of the house and the senate, but the reality is, you guys didn't care enough to get paul ryan out of the way over in the
7:32 pm
senate, that's a rhino fest. it's going to be very likely a real disaster for the country as well as the republican party. >> i'm praying it's not because, lou, the alternative is quite frankly unthinkable. we haven't got the wall built but i tell you there are many people -- lou: what's it going to take to get ryan out? is there anyone moving to get him the heck out of there? is he going to stamp his feet until kevin mccarthy, he gets to choose who's the next speaker. this is not medieval times, it may seem like it on capitol hill, but this isn't the way a speaker is chosen. >> right, i will tell you, i think jim jordan can get there. that's critical. i see the people mobilizing around the country. i see members in congress i would not have thought it would be interested in jim's candidacy. i've talked to them. i know jim is working it hard. he's got a shot to get there. if he gets there, lou, you and
7:33 pm
i both know that we're going to see things done probably in a more transparent way, but beyond that, see promises kept. we'll see a straight repeal come before the house. you'll see a border wall built on funding or on budget, the question is will it be done in time? that's the point you're makeing. >> exactly. and the time is running out, less than two months to the midterm elections, and you guys have decided to let a guy who resigned his job, resign in place, the likes of which i've never seen in my life. it's awfully ugly to behold. congressman, great to have you with us. appreciate all you do. >> thank you so much, lou. thank you. lou: a three-year-old child died at the hands of five radical muslim extremists in new mexico, and it seems no one cares there. after being indicted by a grand jury, the group was arraigned
7:34 pm
in a federal court today, but not anything to do with the charges for child abuse for the death of this three-year-old, but for gun and conspiracy charges. two of the members facing state charges of child abuse resulting in death, but those charges were dropped two weeks ago by a state district attorney. new mexico. what are you doing? up next, senate intel committee chair richard burr, what is he doing? he now admits there is no evidence of russian collusion, but even after 19 months, the senator plans to keep the investigation going and going and going. >> now, we're not over, and that leaves the opportunity we might find something we don't have today, but the fact is if this is all about collusion, that issue has not been
7:35 pm
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7:39 pm
path of the hurricane to get out. forecasters saying that hurricane florence is churning up waves as high as 83 feet, packing winds of 120 miles an hour. the hurricane is expected to come ashore saturday morning now along the border of north and south carolina before pushing inland. senate intelligence committee chairman senator richard burr today announcing there is nothing of any significance following a 19-month investigation into alleged russian collusion. >> i can't say as it relates to the senate intelligence committee investigation that we have no hard evidence of collusion. now we're not over, and that leaves the opportunity that we might find something that we don't have today. lou: unbelievable. burr remains undeterred. investigation will go on until the end of the year, then he'll
7:40 pm
need at least six months to complete a report. this is government work, folks, even though it's a witch-hunt. it's government work. new text messages between ex-fbi employees peter strzok and lisa page reveal more on the intel media leaks, strzok texting one month after donald trump was elected -- news reports that link putin to russian election meddling. joining me now chris farrell, director of investigations for judicial watch. good to see you. let's start with richard burr who turned over his committee to the ranking democrat senator mark warner, who, i just don't know how much more preposterous this witch-hunt can get. burr says there is no
7:41 pm
collusion, there's been no collusion, they can't find anything but they're not through yet, and they can just go on their merry damn way until, you tell me. when does it end? >> sadly, senator burr is a sock puppet for senator warner, and you know, zero times zero is still zero, so i can't imagine why they take an additional six months to write a report saying they found absolutely nothing. lou: because they can. >> and i was heartened by mr. burr about three weeks ago when he did come to the president's assistance with one statement, but then in very short order now he's flipped back to the same old line of repeating what mr. warner wants him to say. it's sad, it's a pathetic situation. lou: it is sad, and burr has just thrown -- he's put his entire career in a ditch.
7:42 pm
it's amazing to me that he could just turn over the committee to the democrats and throw decency to the wind and go after a sitting president the way they have, and it just -- it's stunning to me how the people of north carolina could put up with such atrocious conduct. let's get to the fisa documents. >> sure. lou: the president apparently facing something of a contest within his own legal team, and emmet flood, who is in the white house counsel's office, apparently trying to stop the president from releasing those documents. at least those are the reports. your thoughts. >> look, the answer is extreme transparency, the president needs to get every single document he possibly can out. lawyers are built to minimize exposure, i get that, but in this case, the president is being harassed at a level no one has ever seen before in a
7:43 pm
presidency, and the more he gets out, the faster he gets it out, the more the american public will be educated about this level of obscene corruption and that's frankly what the department of justice and the fbi are terrified of and precisely why particularly given the new revelations, the reporting by catherine herridge, mr. meadows's revelations, look, rosenstein needs to be fired tomorrow morning. that's the answer. that fixes about nine-tenths of the mueller hysteria, the corruption at justice and the fbi, the president should get up tomorrow morning and first order of business is to fire rosenstein. just get it over with. lou: the politics make it difficult, i'm sure, in his calculation. i think that at some point, decency has to prevail here, and it's not going to be assisted by either mitch mcconnell or paul ryan because
7:44 pm
they just soon this president not succeed. >> your analysis is correct, but rosenstein is sitting on top of a criminal conspiracy. he has got to go. lou: and at this point, how does that happen? >> rosenstein would be fired, the president has grounds for it. look, rosenstein is a fact witness. he's disqualified in the very case for which he nominated mueller to conduct an investigation. the supposed firing of comey and the russian collusion nonsense, which is now turned out to be a goose egg. rosenstein is so conflicted, so disqualified yet sits in a position supposedly, you know, supervising and conducting oversight of mueller's operation. he's the same guy who's presiding over the current disaster written the fbi and d.o.j. do virtually nothing and the american public has to rely on the work of catherine
7:45 pm
herridge and mark meadows and david nunes in judicial watch. the only way anything gets out. they know how bad it is and they're sitting on it. that's why rosenstein needs to go as soon as humanly possible. lou: you have the chair of the senate intel committee who doesn't have the guts to say it's over. that's how much of a feckless tool he is, and instead of standing with the president of the united states -- >> agreed but the president has the authority to do it as the chief executive. they may not like it but tough, that's the way it works in this country under the constitution. lou: chris farrell, thanks for being with us. >> thanks, lou. lou: coming up next, a newly leaked video shows google executives, they were so bereaved, they just couldn't overcome their depression, after the 2016 presidential election which hillary clinton, much to their shock and dismay
7:46 pm
did not win. >> people here are pretty upset and pretty sad because of the election. >> this election was particularly hard. >> it was a shock to all of us, the results of the election. >> can i move to canada? with this massive kick in the gut that we were going to lose. >> what we all need right now is a hug. >> it works. >> poor google. everybody needed a hug, and, oh, yes, they work tirelessly for hillary clinton. we'll take this up with charlie hurt. what happened to all of that bias-free energy that was supposed to be silicon valley? never existed. charlie hurt joins me next, stay with us, we'll be right back.
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. lou: breitbart obtained a leaked video of a google conference that took place just days after president trump's 2016 presidential election victory. a result google co-founder sergei breen didn't like at all. >> as an immigrant and a
7:51 pm
refugee, i certainly find the selection deeply offensive. lou: deeply offensive, is he offended the electoral process worked? the constitution worked? the american people were heard? when we asked google about the video, a spokesperson did respond, for over 20 years everyone at google has been able to freely express opinions at these meetings. nothing was said at that meeting or any other meeting to suggest political bias influences the way we build or operate our products. no, google, that isn't true. you were in absolute dismay. are you kidding me? and you worked tirelessly for hillary clinton, did you forget? we didn't. and joining me tonight is charlie hurt, the "washington times" opinion editor, fox business contributor. it is great to have you with us. a lot to cover here, brin is a fragile child.
7:52 pm
my gosh. it was kind of sad to see him feeling so moros about hillary clinton's dispatch. >> he needs a hug, lou. i think you need to fly out to silicon valley and give him a hug because he's very sad. lou: he needs a hug from somebody else, actually. >> you're not in that business. it's truly extraordinary, and you know, when you look at the tucker carlson had a report out last night, detailing some of the work that google itself did, people that worked at google did to get hillary clinton elected by -- and their effort as usual, the democratic party they do it through dividing everybody by race and they had the campaign trying to get hispanic voters to the polls, driving them to the polls and things like that. what came as a huge shock to them is nearly 30% of hispanic voters voted for donald trump, and they couldn't believe this. they're so out of touch. they couldn't believe that that percentage of people would turn
7:53 pm
away from somebody, an awful candidate like hillary clinton and turn towards somebody like donald trump who love him or hate him, the guy was running a campaign that was on issues and talking about issues every day to regular people. lou: that's a great point, as you know, president trump was the man, the person, the candidate, setting the agenda every single day on the campaign trail with 16 competitors, well, alleged competitors, working against him. he was the only one with original thoughts and new ideas and energy and boldness and captured the attention of the american and imagine nation of the american people. >> isn't it amazing to sit here and look at what the press does. look what bob woodward did trying to compete with omarosa for the palace intrigue and the nonsense and whip up the stories about what goes on behind closed doors at the white house, and they try to turn it into a soap opera,
7:54 pm
which is okay, fine, and maybe the trump administration gives them some fodder for doing that, but that does not take away from the fact that his campaign was still the most issue-oriented campaign of any presidential candidate i've ever covered. lou: by the way, woodward missed the story. >> totally missed the story. lou: this is a president who did something that had never been done before in american history, and he kept doing that, and coming up with new ideas, complete invention, and doing exactly what he said he would do, which is keep his promises and he has, as a result, done more than any president in modern history in this country, success, achieve am, accomplishment and made a difference in the lives of nearly all americans. and by the way, if that isn't a hell of a story, i don't know what is. i do know this. fear ain't story.
7:55 pm
>> no, it's not. and, of course, the real sin that donald trump has committed against this whole place and all of these people is that when he went in there and delivered his inaugural speech, that -- he made very clear he intended to keep every promise he ran on and got elected on. lou: charlie hurt, great to see. >> you great to see you. >> thanks, my friend. up next, the ignorance of the national left-wing media knows no bounced. we'll take up the "washington post" choice to blame hurricane florence on the president of the united states. and after the show, be sure to check me out on tucker carlson tonight on the fox news channel, and we'll be right back. : .
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he plays football, huh? yeah. believe it. geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. this is what were looking at for tomorrow, new fox polls showing three trump endorsed candidates have moved ahead in the past week in key senate races. marsha blackburn in tennessee, mike braun in indiana. in the washington post has outdone itself, blaming now president trump environmental policy for hurricane florence. incredible. by the way, they say it's a category three storm and it may be hovering off the carolina coast for more than a day. president trump said protection of life is his highest priority as president. please join us tomorrow for conversations with south
8:00 pm
carolina congressional candidate katie arrington as well as herman cain and a reminder, tonight on the fox news channel, just a matter of moments, thanks for being with us. see you tomorrow. good night from new york. this is going to be a mike tyson punch. that came from a top official at fema as the hurricane barrels toward the coast. i'm filling in for kennedy. it's good to be with you as we talk about this category three storm expected to hit land late tomorrow night. forecasters say it has weakened, but just slightly. it's still what they described as an extremely dangerous storm. massive storm surge expected up to 13 feet in some spots. expected to clobber that coastline. heavy rains and floods, national weather service telling us


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