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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  September 13, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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david: airbnb isable activating open door programs for those displaced. melissa: that is it for us, the "evening edit" starts right now. >> right now it's adrenaline to do what we can. >> leave the coast, this storm is massive. >> the storm will stall is what is going to brin catastrophic life-threatening potential. >> go ahead give me your next of kin now, because we don't know what it is going on be, we're limited in what we can do once the storm hitting to save somebody. >> the huge economic impact is the clean up, rebuilding. >> we have been through it before, just hope we can get through it again, just pray. liz: now begins outer bands of tropical storm force winds from hurricane florence, now pounding
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the carolinas, cat 2 horizon grown in size. almost size of michigan, with a lot thref ending storm surge as high as 13 feet, heavy rain fall, damaging wind, thousands without power am we have live team coverage from team of reporter on the ground, tonight, we have the leaked video of google executives and workers devastated over president trump's victory. you weep believ won't believe wy said. we have lawyer from fired conservative google worker. >> we have congressman jim jordan on new batch of incriminating text-messages between strzok and page. saying others in the intelligence community were quote leaking like mad in run-up to russia collusion probe, democrats say that take is wrong. we have the proof, democrats are
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wrong, coming up, thank you for joining us and watch, money, politics we have debate behind tomorrow's headlines, i am elizabeth macdonald the "evening edit" starts right now. liz: your money, dow jumping 1 french, ends day at -- 147. and officials now trying to get people out of five states you were mandatory evacuation. not leaving, meteorologist and officials have a message for anyone hoping to ride out this hurricane. don't do it. the outer bands of hurricane florence hitting north carolina. governor of north carolina calling it a vicious monster category 2. the real story is the size of this thing. it is about 400 miles across. almost the size of michigan, 10
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million people could be affected, tornado fears as well, as of this hour, eye of the storm is about 78 miles off of moore head city in north carolina. and packing a dangerous punch, 100 mile pe per hour winds thats about twice other hurricanes. majority of official fatalities happen from water. not wind, the more florence stalls the more is rains. we're looking up to 40 inches in some spot, water could rise to 13 feet, forecaster predict 10 trillion golans coul gallons coe dropped, and flash floods, cars float at suft tw just two feet,e center of the storm is hit north carolina's southern coast tomorrow morning, near total power loss is expected, outages that may left from days to weeks.
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bring in accuweather meteorologist markman -- mancuso. >> it looks like the latest has slowed down, we look for changes, a big change this slowed down to a crawl, moving at 5 miles an hour, winds have not changed they are about 100 miles an hour could we're not expecting a lot of change in intensity before it makes landfall, it is a slow process. high pressure in atlantic, that weakened, nothing is moving it, it will wait until another high pressure builds to. until that happens, flo florence will move slowly, gradually be pushed to west. we have gusts of 85 miles an hour could cape look out in north carolina, always a threat for tornado, but wind and rain
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will increase. look at slow movement on future cast. this afternoon to tomorrow morning. churning so slow to the west, what will happen, is with this moving toward the land. it will try to weaken it might weaken a little bit, but slow movement, half of the storm is over water, it will continue to stay with intense rain bands coming in to north carolina. that is why we're concerned about this flooding. this will move slowly. all the water building up under hurricane, have you a dome of low pressure, water rises up. and then you get wind. they push that water toward the coast. look at wave acted here, 25 to 30 fight, outer banks is a little sandbar, that water comes to huge sounds in eastern north carolina, and along the river, it will be a water rise there
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too. fresh water flooding, and coastal flooding. and you get wind taking out power, it could take days, weeks or months to recover from this. >> thank you mark for your report. >> thank you. liz: biggest reason that we talked about for loss of life in storms is flooding, cars start floating in 2 feet of water, 6 feet rushing water push by wind become life-threatening for people and pets, many people still say they are stick it without. with me now on the ground in north carolina, jeff flock. reporter: i am a little bit surprised at number of people that have decided to stick it out here in carolina beach. they have been through storms before, they would point out they have been through more powerful storms, i have took
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berga, and floyd and fran, a category 2 maybe you 9 not that scared. but the headline is right, the water and length of time of the storm. look at that angry atlantic, we're at low tide. this as good as it gets over next 24 hours is my suspicion, we get high tide at 11:00, tomorrow morning as storm comes in as ben walks closer to water. keep him from going underwater. you get sense up on the shore there may be -- ben show themes building we're in, that is where we're weathering this out. we are confident we're in a strong steel and concrete building. but others here, they are in houses. wow. and we're hours and miles away
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from the worst effects of the storm. we'll see. we will all see. liz: thank you, jeff, be safe. be safe my friend. >> always. liz: thank you. >> now next up. top official overseeing evacuation of his town. sits in the bullseye in north carolina, joining me mayor of atlantic beach, trace cooper, thank you mayor for coming on. it you give us latest, what is your message at this hour? >> for people in atlantic beach, i think most have evacuated. there are few folks left in town. but if you didn't, stay inside. this is a curfew in town, it is no fun outside, i have been there just stay inside. liz: mayor, how many people -- are people heeding the warnings and getting out? are you seeing people sticking it out there, that is dangerous. >> very few. you know most people here are
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pretty hurricane savvy, we ordered our evacuation a couple days ago when it was a category 4, people know not to mess with that, post people did evacuate. -- most people did evacuate. my father was born and raised in this area, he had been through hurricanes and never evacuated and he did evacuate for this. liz: he did. we hate to compare with others, but halfy in houston, a -- with harvey in houston there has been a lot of development since. you have seen storms come and go. are you concerned about how this one is different? >> i am, and it is my concern is what you talked about earlier. the water. whether it is from rain or storm surge. even in early hours of this, you know, right now i have ridden out several storms, this is the
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worst particularly on oceanside storm surge, we have a long way to go, i am concerned. liz: mayor, some forecasts see a storm surge a mile and a half inland, maybe two miles, we're talking storm surge as high as 15 feet we're hearing. >> yes, i think we're north of where -- we should not get those, i hope we don't, but fur neighbor to south that could be catastrophic. liz: we have a dozen nuclear plants in the area, six right there in bull's-eye path of the storm, what did you hear about nuclear powerplants there? >> i heard that duke energy shut down their one of their plants outside of wilmington. i don't know when they are tying with the others. power in our turn within out about an hour ago. went out about an hour ago, i think that outages will start to
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spread to the south as the storm churns away. liz: we have in north carolina, a lot of industrial waste pits and farm waste pits are you concerned about that. >> i am, that has been the just inland from where we are southeast. you know, that is huge environmental concern. and also a big economic concern. you know for hog farmers, and other agricultural interesting in east north carolina, they have -- governor issued a state of emergency early to relax some transportation rules for farmers to get harvest in. but you know there is the impact of the storm that people don't think about is what they do economically. liz: we have in north carolina for example, a lot of fortune 500 companies, headquartered there, getting their people out, bank of america, lowe's, duke energy.
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nucor, and bbnt . >> so companies are moving fast, we're worried about safety of the people in your area. are they -- i hop they are heeding the warnings. >> they are. people on coast are familiar with this and know how to take care of themselves and when to evacuate. i don't think we'll see devastating winds in charlotte or recall that'recall to build o buildings. liz: mayor trace cooper of atlantic beach, north carolina thank you so much, sir. >> thank you liz. liz: to your business headlines, apple going for baby boomers, new apple watch can monitor irregular heart beats in a new life alert type feature that have you fallen. fitbit feeling hit. and new tech news bmw created a
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riderless robot motorcycle, all in name of making bikes safer for human passengers. >> over to consumer side, chief executives of nike and columbia sportswear expressing opposition to a new push in state of oregon, that would try to get rid of oregon sanctuary state status, ceos don't like that push, they like sanctuary straight status. let's get to markets and your money, indie sees in the green, nicole petallides on floor of the nyse with latest. reporter: market gained across the board, higher for the week on dow, nasdaq and s&p. we saw apple and ibm among best performers on the dow. general motors made an announcement of a recall 1.2 million vehicles worldwide.
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bring it to gm store, they will update power steering software module, there could be some loss of power steering, that is a big news are in general motors. and other than that a key eye on hurricane florence, and watching the retailers, building and supplies, all of these things, we know we want everyone to stay safe for hurry wayn hurricane ft there will be economic impact. liz: thank you. >> we're still month ors hurricane florence, this is a big water event, about to strike the east coast, we have more live updates from our team to the ground. >> and tonight, newly released text-messages from bias fbi agent peter strzok show other intelligence officials involved in leaking, we're bringing in republican oversight committee member, jim jordan. >> but first a leaked video of a google staff meeting held day
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after 2016 presidential election, top executives and workers upset, they were sad and stricken about how trump won, saying it was like a quote, massive kick in the gut. we have lawyer for fired conservative worker. har mead dylan will join us next stay there. >> a massive kick in the gut that we were going to lose, we need right now is a hug. [ phone rings ] hi, tom. hey, how's the college visit? you remembered. it's good. does it make the short list? you remembered that too. yeah, i'm afraid so. knowing what's important to you... it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. thanks, bye.
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show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. >> most people here are upset and sad for because of the election. >> that is first moment i felt
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like we were going to lose, it was a massive like, kick in the gut, that we were going to lose it really painful. >> very strong, and vocal, and you know not just you know from a press stand point but working hard behind the scene, stand up for what is right. >> is there anything positive you see from this election result? >> that is a really tough one. >> a liked video of a google staff meeting held after the 2016 presidential election, you saw it there top economists and workers in the company wide town hall meeting, in tears talking about their sadness about how trump victory like a kick in the gut. google already under fire from conservatives and president saying, it is manipulating search results to bury and sandbox conservative coverage.
5:20 pm
bringing in attorney, she knows about subject. she is representative for fired conservative google engineer, james demoore, hamid dylan what is your reaction to in. >> it is tells me something i already knew and most conservatives know there is an extreme anticonservative bias add most senior levels of google. touching to see them crying. but some parts of video you done show, had de goingry call -- dim demagoguery. this is you know basket of deplorables approach, that is shocking to see people openly doing that, they assume that everyone in audience listening was a fellow traveler of that world view, like james demoore
5:21 pm
who have been fired or hounded out of the company. multiply to intent fee these are people wh information flow in te work and in this video said they wanted to shape american view points going forward. liz: they assume all republicans think in lockstep with the president. many people disagree with the president, they like very much his policies but they treat the republican and conservatives as one monolithic wing. it is unfair to do this in silicon valley, your client is a conservative in silicon valley, here is going to nel respons go, saying that nothing was said at that meeting that proves any political bias or the way we operator build our products that well and good, you heard a worker saying we're working hard behind the scenes to do what? >> i mean, that is no secret, to challenge the results of the elected, and change them, you
5:22 pm
mentioned in your lead in, the a couple days ago a story broke about google using its resources to coordinate with a nonprofit to get out latino vote, to help hillary clinton get elected. that is illegal, illegal on two levels, that is undeclared campaign contribution, and illegal for a than profit to do. one of ladies on stage crying, i have had to good authority she was in line for cabinet for hillary clinton. >> she kept sayings when we knew, we were going to th lose. >> she was part of the campaign. liz: who is that we at google? >> these we are you know, maybe we the campaign. because she was close to the campaign. and you know some kind of finance role in the
5:23 pm
administration was planned for her. you know all those people on stage people who make 8 or 9 figure compensation, and you know, it is profoundly disturbing they are so you know out of touch and broken up by this now they claim, as you said in the statement, that there is no political bias evident even a child, even a liberal friend of mine says that is ridiculous. liz: we have that executive saying we're working hard. remember there was google criticized for search result that show california republican party as being nazis, and you know google building a sensor as search engine for china. we know that majority of people who search, they say 95%, stay on first page, they don't go to second page. but you -- to your point sergei bren called trump voters votes
5:24 pm
for fascism. >> screen on xen xenaphobic. worst dem groggery in america, i have never said people who are democrats are you know despicable or marxist or. >> and you know, they use censorships in america to block people's viewing of videos, and accessing other data, they are using those types of bias to prevent advertising by conservative outlets like breitbart and others. >> no body agrees with white supremacist, they are horrible. had the says they are hideous, no one should listen to white
5:25 pm
supremsupremacists or nazis, thy should not be in public debate. set that asset, talking conservative view points and policies go ahead hamid. >> i could not agree more, they are sudde censoring at every le. >> thank you. liz: thank you. >> other intelligence officials may have been involved in leaking, jim jordan is here, he is fired up. but first staying on dangerous hurricane florence it now on east coast, latest with live team coverage next. to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed.
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sometimes, they just drop in. obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group - how the world advances. ♪ liz: florence barrels toward the east coast right now, outer bands are striking, it bring
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life-threatening storm surge, heavy rain fall, and damaging wind, authorities racing to baton down a dozen nuclear power plants, and prisons, we have hundreds of flights canceled. people still defying evac orders. >> we are bringing in rick lefton tha--levin that on the g. reporter: we would be on the beach if not for them telling us we didn'we can't go there, we cw you from our third floor. how ferocious the seas have become, we're getting squalls now, wind is picking up. we have strong gusts but not
5:30 pm
near hurricane strength, the florence is bringing that wind, and bringing a storm surge with her when she comes ashore late. we're expecting a surge 7 to 7 1 feet here, most people here, heeded the mandatory evacuation order, they closed bridge to wrightsville beach, yesterday evening. we have seen zero vehicles on the road. they are making sure people stay off the roads, they will get off-roads too as conditions get worse, we hear about power outages across state. reporting of trees down, and words from governor reminding people, while the intensity of the storm may have listened, the
5:31 pm
-- less ended size is still massive. liz: thank you, rick for your report. >> will do. liz: that storm about the size of michigan, hurricane florence continues to barrel toward the carolinas, law enforcement concerned about possible looting, officials warning residents to not publicize evacuation plans, that could be an opportunity for crime, we bridge in north carolina congressman. are you concerned now about looting? >> certainly that is a major concern. you would like tong that you would not need to be concerned about that. our number one concern, my top concerns is safety for all those individuals that are in the pathway of this storm. wrightsville beach island apartment two miles right there that is going to be a hard hit
5:32 pm
area, the southern congressional district, that sul of southeastern north carolina will be hard hit with torrential rain and a lot of flooding, and anyone is going out there and trying to loot and take advantage of this situation, that is just despicable. let's hope that it does not occur. liz: a debate about how certain prison officials are not evacuating inmates from prison in south carolina. as the storm aproachs, your reacted to that about that a decision for local officials, i read an article today with regard to prison in south carolina. and from what i read, during previous hurricanes and other storms, they are not doing anything different than before. some facilities are better equipped to handle major storms others are not, i would trust the local officials if they in
5:33 pm
the had casualty before with major hurricanes that we've h i would suspect their judgment is probably sound, that is a decision for them to make. i know in north carolina a lot of inmates have been moved. every structure is different. liz: congressman thank you so much, sir, we appreciate it. >> thank you great to be with us. liz: we're going to continue monitoring cat 2 hurricane floor florence, arriving right now, we have this story for you, washington post, editorial board joining in politicizing hurricane, trying to make the case that president trump is responsible for it. this story, newly released text-message from peter strzok show other intelligence officials may have been involved in leaking information. we bring in republican oversight committee member congressman jim jordan, right there.
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liz: more newly released text-messages from fbi agent peter strzok, they appear to show other officials may have been involved in leaking information. text reading think think our sisters have begun leaking like
5:38 pm
mad. they are kicking it to over drive, sisters that refers to inside beltway term for sister intelligence agencies like the cia. we bring in republican ohio representative, house oversight committee member, congressman jim jordan, your reaction to the text-messages? >> well, it confirms what we thought there was an extensive leaking strategy they had because. look it goes to basic human nature, if you have a lie,s toier was a lie -- dossier was a lie, the more folks you have talking about it the more likely they will believe the lie, that was strategy. they had all kinds of folks talk about dossier, why did they he need bruce ohr at justice department to funnel to fbi. because reason if you have a top official at justice department, it gives weight to the lie, and weight to what you are trying to get people to buy into, that is
5:39 pm
why they needed bruce ohr. start of overall strategy, this shows how wrong this bema -- ber was. liz: you know, congressman, strzok's attorney said that the take is wrong we forking to a justice department push to stop media leaks. what do you believe? >> that is laugh -- does not come close to classing smell test, inspector general horowitz, he had a graph in there 18 different officials at fbi and doj talking with one reporter, 18 people, there was this extensive effort to get this information out to the press. there is no way it was that they were talking about oh, stopping the leak? no, this part of the game they play, this under scores how bad it was, they use crushing power of state to take an opposition
5:40 pm
research dukes document, dossie, dress it up, take to secret court, and get a warrant to spy on felony american yesterday to in essence spy on trump campaign, that is as wrong as it gets. liz: to your point, there are a lot of texts between mr. strzok and lisa page, they were talking about coverage of probe, washington post, "new york times," they spent a lot of tie before the election trying to track down address of a "new york times" reporter who was reporting on russia probe, and spouse's job and where she was at well. >> why not just do your job, quit worrying about public relations, what is said in press, just do your job. but if you are trying to manufacture something, we do what we now know took place. top people of fbi ran clinton
5:41 pm
investigation, and ran trump investigation, they used that dossier they knew was not cooperated, to get a warrant to spy on there ar other campaign,t that just focus on your job, this so strub troubling. >> you support mueller probe to get to bottom of the russia. >> time to be done. liz: i know that, but, in is a concerted push to get mueller to get probe done. to see what happened with russia and anything with the trump campaign, get it done, and i think that american people want that, what do you say to that. >>, they want it done, two days not one bit of evidence, to show and type o coordination between trump campaign and russia to impact the election. but we know they hired christopher steel, foreign agent to write dossier to then use it to go impact the election, we
5:42 pm
know that. but that is not the story, we're still focused on trump-russia. this needs to be over with a long time ago. >> liz: we just want truth and facts, thank you congressman. >> you bet. liz: to this story, after colin kaepernick nike ad controversy, nike ceo doubling down, now vocally opposing the push to get rid of oregon sanctuary state status, we want that sanctuary state status to stay in place, he is talking about it is for legal immigrants, this is about illegal border crossers, including criminals. we're staying on hurricane florence about to strikes east coast, what does the washington post editorial board do? they blame president trump for the hurricane. we bring in mark lauder, she is shaking his head, next.
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liz: staying on truss category 2 hurricane approaching east coast. and now saying that president trump is to blame for it one headline said he is against climate change attacking a. -- tax ache, and another hurricane about to batter coast, trump is complicit. blaming the president easing up on rules about green house gas, study suggest that u.s. has cut c02 emissions more than other country. and another line, if president trump cares about florence his actions do not show it. >> mark laud ser joining us. >> i think that they have fallen off their recycled plastic
5:47 pm
rockers, these are same people who don't think that president should get credit for the economy, yet he is to blame for the hurricanes? this not even real science. c02 emissions, the u.s. lead the world in reducing them last year. liz: critics are saying do we real need to go there now, can't media just focus on safety and the storm path. >> and i give washington post credit for, that they did at least recognize that president has been strong in encouraging people to listen to local officials and follow rad vice on evacuations, but that is where it stops. judge do w. >> why do we have to politicize everything. liz: cnn can as well. >> his policies have been tearing down our defense on climate change, according to w.h.o. harvard scientist,
5:48 pm
trump's environmental policy could lead to national 80 thousand unnecessary deaths every decade, as long as we ignore it cost in lives and dollars of escalate. liz: u.s. is way out in front. what is your take on that report. >> they are not say anything about china and india, they lead the world to add-on the pollution, it not their fall, it is obviously president trump's fault, they will say anything to politicize this stuff, it is too bad, i think to certain extent the american people are ignoring it all, it has become noise nonsense. they are worried about their family and friends on the coast. liz: thank you, mark lauder. >> another political controversy at nike, we have colin
5:49 pm
kaepernick ad, now ceo of nike now says he does support oregon sanctuary state status, he is in a fight over that status of the state. in oregon, his comments on debate coming up next. ♪ you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel. with expedia's add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip. add-on advantage. only when you book with expedia. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase sensimist relieves all your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist. you can barely feel. but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed.
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liz: another political of converse at nike, ceo vocally supporting oregon sanctuary state status, he is in a fight over the push to repeal that status, nike ceo mark parker joining ceo of columbia sports goods they sent a letter to officials, nike, ending oregon sanctuary law will damage the track record as a place that attracts diverse talent from the
5:53 pm
globe. globe. >> great to see you, madison, is this ceo mixing up the support for legal immigration, that everyone supports, get in line come in. is he mixing it up with illegal border crosses, how does stopping illegal border crossers affect oregon's or nike's ability to to attract diverse talent. >> reading his message, i don't think he makes much sense, he talks about there is a value in a diverse group of people working for you. different backgrounds, i agree with that, but it has nothing to do with illegal immigration, sanctuary states, and sanctuary cities, we can have a diverse group of people, working across this country without sanctuary states, i think he is mixes up two messages.
5:54 pm
>> al, there was an issue of authorities going after legal immigrants mistakenly, it looks like the ceo here, is taking it a stip further, saying because of this keep sanctuary status, here is the thing,al, you know this, sanctuary status attracts criminal illegal border cross ires this whole issue seems to be getting muddy. >> it may be muddy, but nike ceo is a smart be man who is is appealing to clientele that has proven successful overtime for them. not dissimilar from embrace of kaepernick. another controversial figure, who embraced protesting american flag at nfl games. and nike's clientele is mixed democratic with a lot of millennial who like suspect sanctuary cities. >> cbs known for reporting on corporation and executives doing
5:55 pm
stupid things, one of its own did a stupid thing, 60 minute chief jeff baker caught threatening a reporter, that reporter called him out on the air. >> i that reporter, since jeff fager he said this a text if you repeat false accusations without your own reporting to back them up, ul be held responsible for harming me. liz: cbs stock closed day in the green, madison, you know, here is a thing, how can that executive make that threat to a company with journalist in it, journalists are going to talk, talk is apple or verizon, i don't know someone may buy cbs for the content, who would' to buy with that behavior? >> i can't believe he did this one of stupiddist things that i have seen for a while, i give her credit for going on air, and
5:56 pm
repeating the exchange. it waledge lengthier than we sae was threatening her, i give her credit for coming forward. liz: your take on heels of cbs chief moonves how the. >> it is thugish behavior, we now have these out in open, and credit to the reporter for standing up and say it more this is cast in open sun light, more we'll find out they are abhorrent, and hopefully people won't do it as i much. liz: thank you so much. >> heavy rain and wind after the break, stay there.
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liz: back to that monster hurricane florence, it's the size of michigan. it's expected to make landfall tomorrow morning in the carolinas. thank you so much for watching. charles payne is here now with "making money." i'm calling the economy growth and steroids. all eyes are


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