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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 18, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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because america could really use this great positive unifying message. thank you gillette for that. charles: thank you, gillette. and i got a new person to root for. thankthank you for watching. we always appreciate it. lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories, president trump demands the declassification of documents detailing the origins of the russia witch hunt, otherwise known as the mueller special counsel. but will the intelligence community, the fbi and the department of justice comply or will they stonewall as they have so many times before. >> what i want is i want total transparency. this is a witch hunt. the things that have been found over the past couple of weeks about text messages back and forth are a disgrace to our nation. we should open it up for people to see. lou: and the president has done
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just that. congressman loyd go merit and congressman jim jordan as well as sydney powell join us here tonight to take up the much anticipated release of the fisa documents and texts among the key players at the department of justice and fbi. also tonight, radical senate dems lashing out at the president and the republicans for insisting on due process for supreme court brett kavanaugh in the form of a hearing in a decades old allegation of sexual misconduct. >> what is being proposed is simply a sham and a mockery. >> what the republicans are doing to her today is exactly why so many survivors do not come forward. >> the white house is victimizing this person. lou: wow. well, republican strategist ed rollins joins us here tonight. weighs in on the latest democratic efforts to smear
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judge kavanaugh and derail his nomination. and the dems, by the way and the left, making it clear that that is their exact intent. president trump defending the america worker against china's unfair trade practices and its theft of u.s. intellectual property saying that the united states is through being taken advantage of. >> we are the piggy bank to the world. we've been ripped off by china. we've been ripped off by everyone. i want to protect the america worker, the american farmer, the ranchers, the company. lou: and he is doing just that we take it up and more tonight with washington examiners byron york. and our top story tonight, president trump demanding the declassification of documents detailing the corrupt origins of the russia witch hunt. but swamp dwellers, swamp creatures in the department of justice and fbi are already
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dragging their feet in complying with the president's direct order. fox news chief intelligence correspondent katherine her cate with our report. >> it is a high priority and a multistep process that takes time as the president who called for immediate action explained his thinking. >> as i want total transparency. >> the president defending the sweeping declassification order for russia records. >> republicans are seeing it, the democrats know it's a witch hunt too but they don't want to admit it because it's not good politics for them. it's a terrible witch hunt and it's hurt our country. >> a former cia director of the president accused him of recklessly unquote releasing information to damage robert mueller's con going counsel probe. >> this is one way that president trump is going to look for steps to take to further subvert the mueller investigation. >> brennon who had a security clearance pulled by the
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president and then conceded there may not be evidence of coordination between russia and the campaign. >> it's critically important for all american citizens to learn the results of that investigation. and whether or not it implicates mr. trump open others or not, i think we have to be ready to accept the findings as a political. >> the records are already under review and the agencies will recommend redactions to shield sources and methods. once complete, the recommendations go to the white house because the president has final say. >> if the leader of the free world, the president of the united states who has had to deal with this russia nonsense for this long, if he orders it done, this shouldn't take more than a few days. >> the list of what the president wants declassified is extensive, surveillance records, interviews and texts. of particular interest, bruce orr who handled the trump dossier and russia related texts from former fbi officials, james comey, andrew mccabe, peter strzok.
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an effort to build an obstruction case against the president as director comey was fired in may 2017. and the so-called insurance policy discussed by peter strzok and lawyer lisa page three months before the presidential election. lou? lou: thank you very much. well hillary clinton lashing out at president trump this morning during an unhinged tweet storm. the former presidential hopeful saying, quote, donald trump refuses to be subject to the law. the legitimacy of the elections is in doubt. the president is waging war she says on the truth. the administration undermining the national unity that makes democracy possible. and then there's the breath-taking corruption. apparently she doesn't like openness and transparency in government. she never had to get used to it when she was in office. joining us tonight, congressman louis gomert.
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it's great to have you with us. it is great to be able to ask you about the fisa court documents and all of the ex-thes and other documents that the president has ordered released to the public unclassified. your reaction. >> i think it's fantastic what the president is doing. it is for transparency. and by the way, lou, having reviewed some of the things with regard to hillary clinton's caso talk about obstructing justice and being above the law. i mean she violated every kind of law and is still out there taking potshots. but the trouble that i see right now is whoever prepared the declasdeclassification order dit put a date by which it had to be declassified and made public and therefore he still has enough
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deep-staters in the justice department. of course jeff sessions recused himself. so you've got rosenstein. well every time we've seen something be unredacted, it wasn't about sources and methods. we want to protect those. every time it's self serving to protect the people who have been violating federal regulations, violating protocol of the justice department or violating the law. and so it's kind of calling wolf one too many times to be saying gee this is terrible. no it's transparency and the american people need to see just how bad the doj was weaponnized and utilized. and you know, your people like brennon and others, my word, the damage that man has done. and then comey, for heaven's sake, mccabe, strzok, all of these people. they need to have their day in court where they're on the other
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side of the courtroom than where they're used to. it's outrageous what they've done. i look forward to these things being declassified. the president did the right thing and i'm looking forward to people finding out what it says and it's stuff that they wanted redacted actually was self serving to people like rosenstein, strzok, mccabe, page, all of those kind of people. lou: the people that want to hide all of their nefarious activities as part of the most corrupt. >> yeah. john mitchell never dreamed -- lou: this is an absolute cesspool of the most toxic political corruption imaginable. and by the way, let's be clear, this intelligence community that was led under president obama is equally as corrupt ea and equaly nefarious as anything that was
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being pulled or attempted by the justice department. it's disgusting. these fisa documents. >> we know brennon and some of the others had -- let's see, was it brennon voted for a communist? i did not know until last week, i saw an article in 2003 where comey was bragging yeah, i was a communist until i became whatever i was. i never heard that. comey the communist. who knew that. amazing. lou: well you always, always bring fresh insight to every one of these issues, congressman. >> comey the communist, who knew. lou: turning to these texts, we've heard from devin nunes, others, chris farrell from judicial watch, as to why there should be no delay for the 20-page documentation for surveillance, there should be no, in their judgment, reason in
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delay for producing the unredacted texts. but the truth is we've seen, over the past year and a half, nothing but stonewalling by the justice department, the fbi and the intelligence community is on a whole other level. what do you expect to happen? how soon do you expect the president to have these documents produced by the agencies and the department of justice? >> it's hard to say. there was a reason for delay a year and a half ago because it takes a little time. but since then the reason for delay has been to protect the guilty, you know, the names are being redacted to protect the guilty. so that's the reason they're being redacted. that's the reason they're being slow to uncover these things. and don't forget ever for a moment who's at charge at justice over all of this. it's rosenstein, the guy that was part of the original russia investigation that helpeds
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mueller and wiseman keep it tamped down so that clinton could approve the deal with cifus and they could get $145 million into the clinton foundation. rosenstein, that same guy, he has a strong motive for keeping this suppressed at least past the election as he hopes and prays the democrats get at least one of the house majorities to protect him from prosecution. lou: congressman, perhaps we can be more helpful about the outcome of the midterm elections that the president needs for the party to win. >> that's right. lou: relosing thesreleasing thes should awaken a lot of people who have been sleeping through the past two years. congressman great to have you with us. >> which is why they'll drag their feet. thank you. lou: up next, brett kavanaugh's accuser is yet to accept an invitation to testify about her claims of sexual misconduct.
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that isn't stopping the radical dems from trying to derail in its entirety judge kavanaugh's supreme court confirmation. >> this proceeding is more like something out of russia than the united states of america. it is unworthy of the united states senate. lou: we'll take up what that means o doesn't mean right after the break. ed rollins joins us. stay with us. we'll be right back. we have a lot of dems on the show tonight. sorry about that.
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weren't bashful about revealing their true intentions as they continue to frustrate judge kavanaugh's supreme court confirmation. senator macy her ro no telling politico that the democrats could leave a seat on the high court vacant for two full years. >> do you end up in a space then where if there's a democratic majority, which there may or may not be, we could potentially have an opening on the supreme court that is there for two years. >> i think we've had those kinds of vacancies before and we've had a one-year vacancy with
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merric garland. so the world does not come to an end because we do not fill all of the nominees. lou: the world does not come to an end? that's not what the senate said in 2016. the senator gets a little confused with facts, reality. the senator had a different view. she then argued that republicans were violating the law by keeping a supreme court open. >> in my view, the law that there should be nine justices of the supreme court is violated, violated unilaterally by the republicans saying that it's okay to have eight justices only for over a year. lou: is your head hurting yet? well, hang on. because here we go. senator dianne feinstein, is that enough for your head to start hurting. after holding on to a letter detailing the sexual assault
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accusation against judge kavanaugh for months, she now says she can't confirm the truth of everything. >> this is a woman, and i really believe, who has been profoundly impacted by this. now i can't say everything is truthful. i don't know. lou: what else don't we know. all of this after the accuser's attorney saying it's -- to corroborate her story. all of which points to the fact that the democrats don't actually want to get to the truth. they simply want to delay, stop judge kavanaugh's confirmation so long as they can stop the seat from being filled. joining us tonight, ed rollins, great america pac chairman, fox business contributor. and he's seen more than just a few idiots in washington, d.c. during the course of his career. and i mean, we've got a parade going now. i mean, this is astonishing to watch. >> i have a strategy.
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it's a clear strategy. to stop kavanaugh. he's a qualified man who would obviously tip the balance of the court for the foreseeable future. won't be any more 5-4 swing votes. it will be 5-4 conservative voortmajorities writing good legislation -- lou: writing decisions. no more legislating from the court. >> and to a certain extent they've had a plan. they had a legitimate long drawn out -- lou: this isn't just business as usual. >> no, it's not. lou: this is ignorance of an immense proportion. it's telling the american people to go to hell. it is pulling out every stop. this is as low as the dems, who has spent a long time level with the snake's belly, in wawshesdz to pull this stunt agains --wasn
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of kavanaugh's experience. >> well the problem is hopefully she appears -- lou: problem for who? >> the problem for the system. this is a man with impeccable credentials who has been tarnished a lit bit her little d he doesn't have the chance to undo it. lou: the republicans are playing into the hands. >> i way agree. republicans are gutless. they should have never picked this thing up. they had the process set to go. they could have voted him in committee, put him on the floor and he would be sitting on the court right new if they would have moved it forward. lou: the president is giving him his full support, continues to give him his full support. mitch mcconnell, where the hell are you? paul ryan is hiding in some dark corner of the office that he retains against all odds. tell me something. why do the republicans let the speaker resign and then keep the
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job? ryan tellingss else every chairo resigns, you've got to step away so we can fill it, yet he won't do the staim thing with the speakership. he's a hypocrite. >> he's going to lead his own party other the cliff. lou: may already be done. >> not a single thing that he's talking about that's selling with voters out there. that's obviously his job. he's raised some money. not as much ooze he claime as he would. lou: somebody was going to raise the money. kudlow, out, trying to blow up the midterms, talking paul ryan nonsense about cutting entitlements i mean of the dumbest things you should be doing. >> they should put a gag on
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kudlow. every time he walks prases the press he's got something to say that's not relevant. today he's going to quos us five or six seats here. they have their issue. lou: should the president grab him by the nape of the neck say get out there, tell them you're sorry and you didn't mean what you said? >> he better clean up the story tomorrow, otherwise it's out there, alive and well. it's what paul ryan wanted and at the end of the day the votes aren't there for it, the voters don't want it, the republicans don't want it. the president is going to pay the price for it. lou: restoring the international trading system to a healthy balance, stopping the rape and pillages of america by the chinese and whomever else want to perpetuate our deficits forever. and then everything that's going right in the economy and then this happens, it's annoying as the dickens.
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>> it's the mark meadows -- the director is basically the guy, mulvaney, the guy that makes the determination on what's going to be in the budget. lou: the fellow that does that is the guy named president trump. those folks better be working. >> he made a promise in the election he was not going to change the entitlements. lou: anyway. anyway, i'm a little annoyed, ed. did i mention that? >> no, i didn't realize that. justifiably. lou: good to see you. ed rollins. vote in the poll tonight. the question is do you believe the director of national intelligence, the department of justice and the fbi will try to slow walk, stonewall instead of comply with the president's direct order to declassify documents and texts? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs, follow me on twitter, like me on facebook and follow me on instagram.
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a leaked internal poll from the republican national committee shows a growing concern within the gop about voter complacency and the base giving party pause ahead of the midterms. the internal leak -- that's where leaks come from, internally, right? two republican candidates running for seats are martha mcsally who trails kirsten cinema in the latest cnn poll. another who could use some help frp the base, tennessee republican hopeful more sha blackburn frail trailing phil bn november 6 coming at us face. up next, president trump says he's done with the chinese stealing intellectual property and taking advantage of american workers and formers with their unfair trade policies.
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>> we're doing very good with china. china has been taking advantage of the united states for a long time and that's not happening anymore. lou: not anymore. byron york joins me here when we come back. stay with us.
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lou: joining us tonight, byron york, comee chief plit correspol correspondent for the washington examiner. good to have you with us. what do you make of the kavanaugh confirmation and the dems with a scorched earth policy trying to just kill his confirmation? >> well, i think we've seen a real shift today ach the senate yojudiciary chairman charles grassley essentially called the democrats bluff and scheduled a hearing for next monday. which is, by the way, respecting
7:30 pm
the rules of the committee. if they tried to call a hearing for tomorrow, that would have broken the rules. the world's greatest deliberative body. lou: absolutely. >> the democrats are saying dr. ford must be heard, she must have a chance to tell her story. charles grassley says the meeting is next monday. the democrats saying that's too fast. i think you see them making complaints about there not being enough witnesses, maybe they want an expert on -- lou: who cares what they want? >> wit well, look, the minoritys have rights. lou: but elections have consequences as president obama we minded used a yawsh yum. us ad nauseam.this is absurd tot
7:31 pm
the 11th hour, as they have said, a cliche but nonetheless apt, in the confirmation process. the hearings are done. this is abobvious countr an obve by the dems. >> but the chairman runs things. he said we're going to do this on monday and if they can't stop right now, they're backing out of this thing right now. and by the way, dr. ford and her lawyer, the lawyer having been available to the media for the last couple of days, have not said actually whether she will show up. so i think that they're in a lot of flux right now. and meanwhile, there are people in the committee, senate and elsewhere, trying to understand more about the actual facts of the case, which are going to determine where we go on this. lou: the facts of the case seem at best elusive since the
7:32 pm
accuser, to this point, apparently can't produce many of the facts. and today -- i mean there are two developments here. one is you've got her attorney saying it's not up to her to corroborate her client's veracity. and dianne feinstein who played the role here of, if you will, senator mccain handing off the dossier to the fbi, in this case the letter in which she, you know, purportedly her witness and accuser didn't want to go public. now feinstein says she can't stand for the veracity of dr. ford. >> and you have people in the democratic party and in the press saying it would be a very dangerous thing if white men, republicans on the committee, asked the witness, for example, when this incident happened or where it happened. and some of the actual facts of the ca case.
7:33 pm
listen, i think if i were -- lou: a group of identity politics, gender politics. all of that makes sense. but if you happen to be an intelligent public servant, as i believe most of the senators on that committee are, that is really an attack unworthy of even the left. >> lou, what i'm trying to tell you is, if you look at everything that they're saying and doing today, they are not exuding confidence in this. we don't know what tomorrow will bring, but they are not exuding confidence. lou: byron york, as always, exuding knowledge, insight and a high knowledge base. >> you're too kind. thank you, lou. lou: up next, president trump confronting justice department stonewalling with an order to immediately declassify fisa documents and texts. we'll talk with congressman jim jordan about the exposure of toxic political corruption at
7:34 pm
the top levels of intelligence agencies, the department of justice and oh, yes, the fbi. we'll be right back. your insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small you could fix it with a pen.
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lou: president trump today tweeted this on his order to declassify fisa court documents and texts saying, quote, what will be disclosed is that there was no basis for the fisa warrants, that the important information was kept from the court.
7:38 pm
there's going to be a disproportionate influence of the fake dossier. basically, you have a counterterrorism tool used to spy on a presidential campaign which is unprecedented in our history. congressman jim jordan, he serves on both the judiciary and oversight committees, also a cofounder of the influential house freedom caucus. congressman, you among others have been calling for this for some time. at this point do you have a sense of how long it should take for the justice department -- the director of national intelligence, the fbi to do what the president has ordered them to do? >> well, first of all i want to thank the president for doing this. this is what needs to happen. i hope it's sooner rather than later. i talked with a staff person on the intel committee in the house. he thinks the earliest will be sometime maybe later on this week that we'll get some of the information but we don't know. i hope it comes out as soon as
7:39 pm
possible because the president is exactly right. we think they went to the fisa court and didn't tell the court the dossier, these unproven, undocumented, uncorroborated dossier. we think they didn't tell the court who paid for it, didn't tell the court who wrote it, christopher steele hads a deep bias against the president. christopher steele said he was desperate to stop the president. and they didn't tell the court that bruce and nelly or rrk were useful in putting the dossier together. we think this is exactly what needs to happen. lou: and the popularity of the president's decision, i think, is without limit, particularly going into the midterm elections. this is something that the president really needs to have in front of the american people, that is the truth. now we're hearing from adam schiff, congressman schiff saying that is a breach of national security. the dems fighting every step of the way the public's right to
7:40 pm
know. how can they possibly prevail in the midterms being on the wrong side of history and on the wrong side of law? >> yeah. i mean, look, the crushing power of the state was used to take one party's opposition research document that was not true, it was a big lie, they used that to go get a warrant to spy on a person associated with the other party's campaign. you're never allowed to do that in america yet they did. and for the democrats to say they don't want this in the open so the american people can see is scary because this is a fundamental violation of how this country is supposed to operate. this is why it's so important -- and i tell you what, the president not only is going to declassify and release this fisa application -- lou: 20 pages. >> he says every conversation that these key people had, comey, mccabe, strzok, page and orr, all of the text messages and communications they had, he wants that public as well. think about those five people.
7:41 pm
they've all either been fired or demoted and then left the fbi with the exception of bruce orr and he's been demoted twice at the department of justice. i look forward to seeing those communications when they come out as well. lou: i think we all look forward to it, congressman. but again we come back to the issue of how long. we now have less than 50 day to the midterm elections. this is a justice department and fbi you know better than almost anyone that has been stonewalling ever step of the way, slow walking and basically defying both the president and congressional overseers of the department and of the fbi. why would we expect them to perform any differently here? >> well, yeah, good point, lou. i think they'll drag their feet again. but when you've got the president of the united states saying declassify this, this gives us leverage, i think, to continue to push them and get the information for the american people. i was all across the district
7:42 pm
today and one thing that comes up every single day is the american people are so tired of this double standard. thissed yz that there's one set of rules for you and me and us regular folk but a different set if your name is clinton, comey, mccabe, strzok, page, that drives americans crazy and this is all part of getting rid of the double standard making sure that only the right things happen at the top levels of the fbi by getting this information public. i want to thank the president for having the courage to bring this forward for the american people. lou: absolutely. and it is, we should be clear, it is a statement of openness and transparency in his administration. other presidents have promised, very few have even approached this level of effort to make certain that it is an absolute fact. the texts themselves, to me i see no reason -- chris farrell of judicial watch, devin nunes
7:43 pm
say it should take day to the get the apply quaition. application. the texts, another two weeks? i know i keep coming back to this. but we need a sense, some insight into how long the president should put up with nonsense if his justice department, his dni slow walk him. >> yeah. look. like i said, i talked with a key staff person on the house intelligence committee, he thinks we could get some of the information this week. i don't know why we didn't have the text messages and communications before this. i'm glad the president asked for them. what i want to see are the communications bruce orr, top justice department official had with fbi personnel after each and every conversation he had with christopher steele and glen simpson. he had a conversation with the fbi. i want to see those notes. that's what the president asked to be given to congress and the american people. i think that's critical.
7:44 pm
remember, bruce orr continued to meet with clition fer steele che after the fbi fired christopher steele for leaking information. and he continued to meet with him after the mueller investigation began. what did the fbi record when bruce orr sat down with the fbi after the mueller investigation began a and he was still meeting with christopher steele. i want that as soon as possible. lou: and that the president has ordered to be provided in unredacted form that's going to be a fascinating few days to an uncertain point in the future. congressman jim jordan as always, great to have you with us. >> take care. lou: up next, deep state fbi director andrew mccabe taking on president trump in a new book. that's right. another book written by another disgraced fbi official. the latest attacks we take up
7:45 pm
with former federal prosecutor sydney powell. what's with all of these books and bad guys. we'll find out. stay with us. blp
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disgraced andrew mccabe with a new book deal. the title we're told is "the threat." how the fbi protects america in the age of terror, wait for it, and trump. according to the publisher, mccabe will write about the, quote, actions of this president and his administration to undermine the fbi and the entire intelligence community. oh, and we all thought the corrupt fbi, intelligence community and justice department were subverting this president. mccabe, it took a disgraced former deputy director of the fbi to straighten us out. good on him. well, joining us tonight, former federal prosecutor sydney powell. sydney is the author of the book "license to lie." this is about, that's right, corruption in the justice department. it's available in paper book, preorder now wherever books are
7:50 pm
sold, including a the book is "license to lie." let me ask you something. we're exploring how many people from the fbi, the intelligence committee has ever had book deals before. we think this is a record, what do you think? >> it's record behavior on their part and unprecedented. it makes sense that this is a record too. mccabe is going to have to be registered as a work of fiction. lou: that's what they traded in for a very long time as we're going to learn if we find that they actually feel heartfelt commitment to comply with the president of the united states direct order to produce the texts and documents. what is your expectation? >> they better produce them. his order was made in no uncertain terms. we know the documents are available. the redactions have been ridiculous and so far every time they've had to eliminate a
7:51 pm
redaction, it's exposed something more detrimental to their side of the e quawtion. lou: we hear about sources and methods. every time. it doesn't matter. as if suddenly this is a new concept that only a treasured few in that corrupt cesspool at the department of justice can comprehend. congress is frustrated beyond measure with the way in which the department of justice and the fbi have complied. this time, as you say, the president giving a direct order. do you think we'll have to give another one, which is produce forthwith? >> i would hope not. i hope his language is sufficient to accomplish it within the next week and if it doesn't happen, he can fire people for violating his order, which couldn't happen too soon for me. rosenstein needs to go. and there'rosenstein signed thea
7:52 pm
applications. lou: that's why so many people are afraid that they won't produce the documents because it will lay out for all to see the corruption and all of the information that was both provided from the fraudulent dossier, but also all that was not produced. and that is, of course, the fulling fofunding for it and tht it was all nothing but a ruse. >> exactly. and they had to have the fisa warrant because i'm sure they were conducting erroneous fisa surveillance before they had the warrant. i think fusion gps was a big part of that. i hope one of the redactions that we get removed is for the fisa court decision that names three private contractors that the fbi was using who had illegal access to the raw surveillance database. lou: and managing that, if you will, that relationship with christopher steele, the former
7:53 pm
mi6 agent and author of the dossier was bruce orr, the president also bringing in for declassification, everything that bruce orr touched which is a considerable amount. let's turn to the kavanaugh hearing very quickly and get your sense of this. this last minute, 11th hour, if you will, accuser who stepped forward carefully handled obviously by the democratic party, dianne feinstein, orchestration, calling on the fbi. the fbi saying we want no part of this. and declining to investigate. what do you think -- was that the correct judgment and where do you think we're head snd. >> it was definitely the correct judgment. there's no federal crime for the fbi to investigate. they've done six complete background checks on the man and nothing every showed up. i think feinstein's timing of the complaint belying its
7:54 pm
significance completely. it's obviously a last-minute political maneuver to try to delay the whole nomination process. lou: the confirmation, yeah. >> yes. and it can't be continue count n nanced. we need to called bs on the investigation front because they don't have a criminal offense to investigate for that. lou: and obviously the dems, the left, wanting to dwreu use the r their usual role which is to find a place to bury truth and to stall the process of revealing truth. it is great to see you. thanks. the book is "license to lie." preorder it now. the book out in a matter of days. we have much more on the department of justice's stonewalling of russia-related documents right after this quick break. but before we go, we want to bring to your attention that september is childhood cancer
7:55 pm
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7:59 pm
january 29 of this year. yesterday you heard everyone and a bunch of today talk about trade tensions driving the market lower. it was down 93 yesterday, up 185 today. this is with the president's new $200 billion of chinese goods. when you hear news outlets talking about tornado war jitters, they are full of it. volume on the big board 3 million shares. tesla shares down 3%. elon musk talking about taking the company public and the sec is looking into whether that
8:00 pm
violates the law. thanks for joining us tonight. and this is where i say good night from new york. kennedy: will judge kavanaugh's accuser testify? that's the million dollar question on capitol hill. both side dig in for a monster battle over the supreme court nominee. judge kavanaugh is fighting allegations he sexually assaulted a woman. he says it never happened. she says she thought she was going to be raped. each is invited to testify before the senate committee. but according the senate,


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