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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 21, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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every year of my life. that's how thorough their investigations are. lou: those investigations are rigorous, are they perfect? certainly not. we learned that. because fbi investigations have gone on. i want to, if we may, doug, go to the president right now in springfield, illinois, talking about judge kavanaugh and the confirmation process. he weighed in this morning. county are was born for the u.s. supreme court. and it's going to happen. but she just after he nounced -- she'll vote against everything we wanted to do, including tax cuts. figure that one out. so claire mccaskill will never ever vote our way because she loves the swamp. she is part of the swamp. and we have a true swamp in
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washington. just look at what is now being exposed in our department of justice and the fbi. look at what's going on. look at what's going on. i want to tell you. we have great people in the department of justice. we have great people. these are people, i really believe, you take a poll, i have got to be at 95%. but you have some real bad ones, you have seen what happened sat the fbi. they are all gone. they are all gone. [cheers and applause] but there is a lingering stench and we'll get rid of that, too. clare mccass ski, when i read about this sitting in a beautiful house called the white
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house. anybody hear of the white house? she revealed her true colors when she preternlded to tour -- pretended to tour the state in an rv while she was actually flying around the state in her luxurious private airplane. and honestly, this is before i ever thought about running, by the way, we decided to run. how did we do? how did we do? [cheers and applause] senator, a good guy, said to me the other day. we were talking about judge kavanaugh. and i said, we have to fight for him. not worry about the other side. and by the way, women are for that more than anybody would understand. [cheers and applause]
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and a really good guy. he said, sir, i have been in politics for 25 years. i have been a senator for many years. i really know what i'm doing. i said, sir, i have been in politics for 2 1/2 years, and i am the president of the united states. [cheers and applause] and he's still my friend. it's fine. mccaskill doesn't represent the people of missouri. that i can tell you. she represents the radical democrats in washington that are trying to take over. and what they are going to do with you. you know, if you look from the day of election.
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i just saw the announcement today. the stock market is up 55%. you -- your 401ks are up 50, 60, 70% in some cases. they get in and that wealth will disappear very quickly. it will evaporate. it will. claire mccaskill voted no on tax cuts for the middle class families and voted for the disaster that we are holding together -- we had it defeated, unfortunately we lost a certain vote. but we lost all of the democrat votes. we would have saved a trillion dollars. and we would have given you great look. but we still will. we need some more republicans. we need josh, but we need more republicans. [cheers and applause]
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mccaskill voted no on kate's law. how about kate's law. you see what's coming in. she voted no on kate's law. how do you vote no on kate's law? you know why she voted no? because schumer and pelosi told her to vote no. and she voted no on enhanced vetting for refugees. a refugee comes in, you don't know where they are coming from. i want to do -- a term i came up with -- enhanced vetting. she voted no. but we are coming out with things the next four weeks, you will like it better than enhanced vetting. lou: president trump take up the enhanced vetting he called for throughout the campaign that began in 2015. we are talking about doug wead, presidential historian. this president, is he as appealing to the people of
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missouri recounting his record on what has happened with the markets, the economy. doug, i don't have to ask you if you have ever seen anything like this because we have never seen anything like this in this country. this kind of immediate impact on the economy, the markets that he brought to bear. suddenly we are engaged in a dialogue with kim jong-un to denuclearize the entire korean peninsula. this week is a follow-on to his singapore summit with kim jong-un. kim jong-un seeking another summit, a second summit with the president while now this president is also successfully rebalances international trade. which has been obviously viciously rapacious liddel
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rapaciously deliterious to this yes. >> it's remarkable to me, lou. i interviewed five presidents of the united states and known some of them very, very well and been in their homes and had them my homes. knew them before they were elected. while they were president and after they were president. and i believe donald trump is a giant among these men. he keeps his president. you look at the supreme court. george washington's first nominee to the supreme court was rejected. george washington. you had reagan and george h.w. bush. gerald ford, each nominate conservatives to the supreme court who turned out to be liberals. we had barack obama saying -- lou: it's uncertain. >> it looks easy. it's not. we had barack obama saying jobs. where is he going to get these jobs? some of these jobs aren't coming
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back. you can listen to the quotes. now he's saying i did that. thanks, obama. lou: he ignores the regulation he burdened american business with. all the jobs outsourced during the course of his 8 years. all the deals he made that benefited the enemies and the rivals, geopolitical rivals of this country, and not a single friendly nation or ally. it was an extraordinary 8 years. this president has had an extraordinary, we are looking at 20 months. but it's unprecedented. it's amazing. >> i remember we tried under barack obama and george w. bush, we tried to appeal to islamic extremists. barack obama said the call to prayer is the most of -- prettiest word i ever heard. we did everything we could to
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try to send out the signal, wouldn't even use the word islamic terrorist. lou: neither did george w. bush. his administration refused to name the enemy, radical islamists and much to i think the discredit of his administration. >> we have all those weapons hillary clinton and barack obama sent to syria within 59 days later here were the isis black flag flying from the hatches of american tanks and armored vehicles and isis rose out of the dust. lou: the president is talking -- the president just said in 2018 in these mid-terms remember you are voting for me in 2018. he's making a straightforward
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appeal, and there are some grateful republican candidate for the u.s. senate as is the case with josh hawley in missouri, and also the house of representatives. doug, i want to do this, if i may. can i bring in dan bongino to join the conversation. and i ask you to stay with us throughout the hour as is chris farrell and gregg jarrett. joining us former secret service agent, author of the book "spygate," available preorder right now. we recommend you do so straightaway. dan, we are talking about the mid-terms. the president is talking about democrats and what they are trying to do to the country again. he made it clear they want to raise taxes. want to reregulate the country. want basically to roll things
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back to the obama years. you remember how bright and wonderful those were, right? >> listen, you know, trump is not incorrect here. technically speaking are you voting for him on a ballot? no. but you absolutely voting for him, lou. this rosenstein information they pursued, the 25th amendment, and de facto impeachment. if you don't vote in this elect and they take back the house, make no mistake, there will be impeachment. will they win in trial in the senate? i don't believe there is a chance in hades it will happen. but the senate will he -- the left will accept nothing but an impeachment. the degree of rage direct at
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trump is directly proportional to the degree of power and influence and money they stand to lose if they don't get him out. lou: the radical dimms have distorted the democratic party to something that's unrecognizable to many of us who had to cover politics over the course of our careers. this is a party in disarray. it's in contention with itself. divide every bit as much within the democratic party as it divide itself from the rest of our body politic. it is to me astounding. the very people who talk about the muslim travel ban on the left and attack the president take no note that the policies of barack obama led to the displacement of 5 million syrians as refugees. created the problem that led to many of the refugees who applied
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for admission to the united states it's incredible there is this complete ignorance of the massive failure of his foreign policy and all the harm and damage and pain he created. >> yeah, reason and logic has gone out the window. i'm glad you went through that portfolio of insanity. things like the flores consent decree that happened under the obama administration when it came to the immigrant children. when you try to talk reasonably to these folks they lose their mind and come back with extra rage. think about some of the stuff the democrats have come out and defended in the trump era as a result of their vitriol directed at this president. we had nancy pelosi defend ms-13. we had democrats call americans citizens deplorable but insist
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ms-13 have to be called human beings. they said the tax cuts weren't big enough, they were crumbs. while advocating they shouldn't be made permanent and weren't big enough for the middle class. a few months ago with regards to the fisa, we only have a little bit of it. real dirt tonight redaction. the redactions are coming out. they are saying we don't want to see a redaction. lou: it' more of a trump derangement seasoder --derangem. their behavior is extraordinarily deplorable. we'll be back with dan bongino, chris farrell, gregg jarrett, historian doug wead, and we'll be bringing you more of the trump rally from springfield,
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it's proven quality sleep. lou: president trump rallying his base in missouri letting them know exactly who and what they are voting for in the mid terms. president trump: a poll came out that said everybody is coming out in 2020 because they want to vote for the president, but they are maybe not coming out in 2018. come out in 2018 because you are voting for me in 2018. lou: that's the president putting it straightforwardly. a vote for him. every one of those republicans in the house and senate running for election understand they have to stand close to this president and fullly supportive,
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100% supportive of the trump agenda. it's how most of them got in and will be able to keep those seats in the senate and the house. it's in springfield, missouri, i think i said i will hill earlier. i misspoke. i apologize to you. it is springfield, missouri. we are joined now by alan dershowitz. i'm told we are not joined by him yet. he'll be coming to us later. but with us i know for a fact, chris farrell in washington, d.c. great to have you stay with us throughout, and gregg jarrett here in new york. let's turn to this rosenstein article in the "new york times." a lot is being made of it. suspicion is, chris, that this may be a ploy by the left wing
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"new york times" to get the president as you point out to fire him. he made reference to it in springfield, missouri. saying he's going to have to clean up the stench. they have already gotten rid of a lot of folks in the fbi. and more to come to eliminate the stench in the leadership of the department of justice. this -- do you give credence to this article that uses anonymous sources that says rosenstein offered to wear a wire in the white house and wanted to invoke the 25th amendment? chris: one of the ways we are investigating at judicial watch, we fired off public records request today as soon as that article came out. the article cites the fact there were memos and documents created by andy mccabe and others as a result of these meetings and conversations.
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lou: lisa page. chris: we want those records and we'll get them. that will help either verify or blow up the story. because whoever the source was, and again more "new york times" anonymous reporting. whoever the source was had knowledge of the creation of this documentation. we want it and we are going to see if we can get. lou: gregg jarrett, you are pretty good at this stuff. do you think andy mccabe is the source? gregg: i do. rosenstein spent months trying to keep those memos secret. he has been trying to cover up incriminating evidence of his own wrongdoing. so this does have the ring of truth. and it's also very consistent with the malfeasance and pernicious conduct of people
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like not just rosenstein, but comey, lisa page, peter strzok, all of them who were engaged in his elicit scheme to frame donald trump. they conjured out of thin air collusion with the russians to win the election, and they knew it was based on a fabricated document that they explain. lou: i get a kick out of reading the "new york times" piece. apparently rosenstein asked other fbi department of justice officials whether or not he should -- this is less than a week after comey had been fired -- asking whether he should call comey for some advice on how to handle the special counsel origination. your reaction? chris: again, another disqualifying conflicted act. this so fa a threat particular
11:23 pm
and fmp this is so pathetic. and it's a damning insight. if that's what he was resorting to. it shows why there is such an incredible misconduct and effort to suppress those facts. it is criminal conduct. lou: this is a story the "new york times" report, about an acting attorney general, a deputy attorney general in rosenstein who is acting erratically, who is having something of an emotional breakdown following the firing of james comey, who is the man who recommended firing -- that the president fire james comey. and then in the intervening --
11:24 pm
at the same time doesn't understand the conflict he has as the man who recommended his firing, appointing a special counsel because he was fired. it's insane. gregg: i talked to so many department of justice officials who worked with rosenstein. not a single one of them have respect for him. rosenstein volunteered torite the memo that terminated james comey. he didn't realized the fallout. and he was immediately condemned by democrats and shocked by the. so rosenstein blamed trump, then he sought vengeance and retribution. lou: we are talng
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11:30 pm
running against claire mccaskill said 20000 people had to be turned away from this overflow crowd heard. it goes on the president saying the midterm election is all about him and policies and i don't think right now that any republican running for office would want to say otherwise. they understand their support for the top agenda is critical to their political success at the polls. we have more from the rally as it goes on. joining me now renowned harvard law school professor, attorney calendars wits best selling author in his latest book, the case against impeachment. a lot of people are shocked to find the title against impeachment. alan, great to have you. congratulations on the book. we have a process going on now in washington that is something to behold.
11:31 pm
an accuser not going to the police, not going to state officials or authorities but rather going to diane feinstein, who is not a lawyer, but ranking member on the judiciary committee. interesting way to pursue her complaint against judge kavanaugh whether founded or otherwise. >> it's understand and pull that woman who experienced what she thought was a sexual assault 37 years ago would have hesitations coming forward to for smith. the question now is if she has a board and has to testify. she has to testify first. back in the days of the inquisition they would call people and and they would have to testify before they were accused and only after they testified where they accused. we can't replicate the inquisition in congress. lou: i don't think we should draw a parallel because there committee did not request her but secondly the ranking member, diane feinstein, said in a letter that allegedly lays out
11:32 pm
at least in broad terms her complaint against judge cavanaugh. to this point, we don't know much about her. know very little about her recollection of events and if there were an incident but that incident was. >> sure but . lou: hysterics are from the left. >> the mention of the inquisition is because the lawyers say here to testify first and that's a violation of due process rule. lou: this is an inquisition led by the alleged victim. >> she has to go first and be cross-examined by a lawyer, a lawyer who is experienced in cross-examining. lou: she doesn't want to. >> when you? i understand that. i'd rather be cross-examined by a senator than a lawyer. >> it would depend upon whether or not the situation but where she has put herself into the
11:33 pm
public eye she's protected herself right into the eye of the political storm with a clear agenda which is to destroy a man of a distinguished public record and next ordinary life by any measure that has the president put it, rather eloquently, not so much as a blemish in his entire life. and suddenly, this from nowhere which he denies categorically. >> of course. he needs to be cross-examined too. we know there are people with unblemished reputation to something in the past but the question is let's assume there is something in the past so much weight to give a 37 -year-old act done by a 17 -year-old young man was led an exemplary life ever since. we have to do process. we have to hear from them both. i want to look her in the eye and see whether i believe and i don't assume that either a woman is telling the truth or line or a man telling the truth and line. lou: you don't ascribe political motivation to her despite the fact that last-minute appearance
11:34 pm
she chose this moment? this is her choosing. >> she initially did not want to go public . lou: she initially wanted a polygraph test taken. that doesn't sound like woman who was contemplating going public. it sounds like the inverse. she also laid out in a letter to diane feinstein - >> we've not seen the letter yet. lou: but she requested it. at this point why would we think anything but the lesser of possibilities about this woman. >> i don't want to presume anything until i hear her testify in his testimony. lou: i forget about your attorneys - superhuman - i admire so much well, i don't see you jumping to conclusions but i do think it's interesting that you not want to use, basic judgment, about what is - >> i will use basic judgment
11:35 pm
after i hear her testify and him testify. , one. lou: were talking about a woman who is sensitive because she is an alleged victim and that is understandable but not a single thing she's done to this point has been done in the privacy of a process that would protected. >> it's much better to have a public. she has information might be highly embarrassing and not relevant, that is one thing. but in general, we must always put things in public. when you have man serving on this report . lou: are you saying if it's in public, it's true? >> want to know whether it's true. lou: right now it's not true. because you remember your attorneys will prove right now we have watched this man, his family, his wife, his two daughters savaged in the media and in the political process and in the hearing room of the
11:36 pm
senate judiciary committee with not 1 ounce of proof whatsoever. i would again, i think it's admirable that you suggest attorneys will prove that i would like to see attorneys live up to that standard for mac i want to see that. her supporters was a she suffered previously . lou: they don't know what they're talking about any more than we do. >> we have to give a test to all the allegations. important point . lou: isn't there a burden of proof? and with that burden of proof should not not have any knowledge at the outset? were lifting listening to left-wing radicals senators, saying you have to believe are. we believe her. >> i have one question for the senator of hawaii. she distinctly asked him whether he had done anything improper in relation to them in when he was
11:37 pm
of age as an adult. i want to know whether at the time she was aware of these rumors because they were circulating around the capital and whether she framed the question precisely in that way? i don't know the answer to the question. lou: it is an intriguing question but i don't quite understand the relationship to a 36 year old alleged event for what would've been a 17 -year-old and a 15 -year-old and what an adult would of had to do with it. >> one roll. if this were a liberal democrat being appointed by a liberal president i want the same rules to apply to him or her as i went to republican appointed by a republican president. lou: 1987 - 1991, thomas. and now, 2018 cavanaugh. i am missing the other side of the equation that you want to see i don't see the democratic victims of this toxic corrupt,
11:38 pm
process that you call confirmation. >> i want to see pete ellison subjected to the same kind of rule that these liberal democrat and i do not want to see . lou: my goodness. >> i like to see psychological records, new tape, if you view someone . lou: he's on his way to an easy when in minnesota because of not done - >> i want it to be done for everyone whether president clinton or pete ellison or kavanaugh. lou: it's important to make the point because the fact is right now the democratic party is brimming with absolute political corruption, a toxic and indifference to the facts and integrity of the process. >> i look at this from a nonpartisan point of view. apply the same rules - [inaudible conversations]
11:39 pm
i put loyalty to the rule of law over any loyalty to party. lou: i find it easier to believe you when you knowledge your liberal democrat. if i may, let me turn to the near-term support and on rod rosenstein and his offer to top justice department officials to wear a wire and trap the president and about the 20 for the moment. this within five days of the firing of james call me. lou: which he not only engineered but who recommended it - >> and should be recused from the investigation. lou: by some magic of legal contrivance was triggered by the firing - >> he was a harvard law school student. i wish she'd taken my course on legal ethics or constitutional litigation. the 25th amendment was not designed . lou: my guess is he would have fun. [laughter]
11:40 pm
let's turn to the article and what the president should do with it. >> it's clear he has to be called in front of a congressional committee and put under oath and the people who claimed that he said it have to be put under oath and we have to find out whether he said it, whether he set it in jest, whether any memos, whether he did anything in pursuance of that. we have to know that because he was actually trying to engineer an unconstitutional coup by getting the vice president and the members of the cabinet to invoke the 20th amendment that something american people need to know. lou: if the article is accurately reported and we should point out that rosenstein says - >> look at him under oath. lou: the idea this man erratic, emotionally distraught and having something of a breakdown is fairly obvious is sitting there trying to depose a president and is the one who
11:41 pm
should never have been in a position of leadership. >> he should have been recused right from the beginning. according to the times his goal is to medicate himself because he was in trouble for having recommended the firing of commie and got into trouble with the investigation. lou: and then he resided. >> he presided over investigation of something he participated in and i have to tell you any first-year law student who does not feel comfortable just there should flunk an effort ethics course. lou: what should we do with the people who found a way to ignore their conscience and proceed with a witchhunt in the guise of a special counsel that is now lasted for just about a year and a half after an 11 month fbi invitation of the president that is a pure spectacle, contrivance and an assault on the president? >> the american public will judge that. but come up with a report.
11:42 pm
lou: what happened to those ethical attorneys who should have the sense to call this the nonsense and and the corrupt special counsel? >> you need someone other than rosenstein who has a stake in the . lou: what about alan dershowitz, legal professor, scholar of law and how about your standing? should not the special counsel. right now? >> i think it would politically backfire. ethically, it would make sense to take rosenstein off the case right now as a conflict of interest becomes lawyers have the opportunity, if they choose to, to go into a court and seek recusal. lou: this is more than a conflict of interest. if a confounding fact and integrity it's in the guise of a special counsel. >> in america will judge them harshly, as they did with clinton.
11:43 pm
lou: do think it's hypothetical? >> but it backfired for the republicans. lou: let's focus on this. should be disputed now? >> rosenstein should be taken off the case. he should be recused. lou: that as close as we get. thanks so much for alan, always great fun to talk with you. we appreciate it alan dershowitz, a reminder to buy the book, the case against impeaching trump. the trump rally is going on and we will continue with that and the president telling voters in missouri radical dems, want to reclaim their corrupted power in the midterms and he says these midterms are all about him. we take it more. a reminder you can see me tomorrow evening at 8:00 p.m. when i join jesse waters at the top of waters world. stay with us were coming right stay with us were coming right back all money managers might seem the same, stay with us were coming right back but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs.
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lou: breaking news tonight, deputy attorney rod rosenstein now responding to the new york times report that he was working to subvert the president to wear a wire, the new york times
11:50 pm
asserted, in a statement rosenstein says this quote, i never pursued or authorized recording the president and any suggestion that i have ever advocated for the removal of the president is absolutely false. president dropped tonight reminding voters of his promise to drain the swamp and clean up the cap department of justice and fbi. president trump: we have great people in the department of justice. we have great people, these are people i really believe you take a poll i've got to be at 95% but you have bad ones in your scene what happened at the fbi. they are all gone. they are all gone. they are all gone. [cheering and applause] but there is a lingering stench and we will get rid of that, too. lou: still with us, presidential historian, judicial watch and
11:51 pm
thank you gentlemen. i first want to take up the rod rosenstein denial here. chris, i like to do that first with you was called for his firing. >> there's probably a way to punch if you hold in the statement itself. it's not an unequivocal and absolute denial. it's parsed. in so, what needs to happen is i heard professor dershowitz earlier there needs to be a discussion where mr. rosenstein appears in the oval office and gets asked straight up questions and if the president feels he no longer has trust and confidence in him, he simply fires in. that is it. we can beat around the bush and event what if and what if this person resigns and what are the consequent as but this is a constitutional crisis where guys involved in something in his conflicted and is qualified and a fact witness and abused his
11:52 pm
power and now there is the story and reported documentation about it the judicial watch will get. enough. it is over. lou: it's interesting to me that all of us in the national media, not the national left-wing media but national media continue to cover the story for various angles and yes, from various prejudices and ideological constructs but the reality is we all keep losing sight at one time or another of the aspects of what is a continuing expanding narrative of corruption in our government. people completely forget about the unmasking that was ordered by various officials of the obama administration. talking hundreds of people and that is not even in the forefront of the medias mind space, let alone the public's. we don't have much of a recollection of how this all
11:53 pm
began in this report by the new york times is a reminder. it began with the firing of james coming which was ordered by rod rosenstein who is the man who recommended to the president that james coming be fired and who wanted to reach out according to the reporting of the organized times, doug, wanted to talk to him and get counsel about the creation of the special counsel. this is madness. it is - it's unimaginable what this president has gone through because of the utter political corruption and toxic incompetence that has been revealed to the american public over the past year and a half. >> it is tough. you know, this latest leak or a lead story with rosenstein brings up how the new york times continues to push this 20 fifth amendment three. you got the deep state opposing
11:54 pm
the president when we see the leaks but you have that in your time suggesting that the own family members and loyal cabinet officers and the vice president have all considered this 20 fifth amendment under the amendt they should be reminded the four section, the vice president of the united states, two thirds of the cabinet and two thirds of the senate, two thirds of the house must all agree. i mean, impeachment is a walk in the park compared to invoking section four of the 25th amendment and they would've had to keep this activity secret for two years. don't tell the president and don't tell anybody what we are doing and the vice president - all he has to do is do nothing and he succeeds. to be involved in something like this is absurd. this is what the new york times once again, with the anonymous and now with this week is trying to promote and it is really
11:55 pm
laughable to me. lou: chris that sounds like perhaps your view or at least consideration that the times wanted to provoke the president to fire rosenstein might have something foundation. >> i don't have them that much credit, frankly. it's important to note that the real criminality in this begins with president barack obama. you will recall lisa pages text message upon returning from the white house saying potus wants to know everything we are doing. that potus was barack obama. all this criminal conspiracy emanating out of the fbi and department of justice it all starts with obama's watch with his knowledge, knowledge of lisa monico in the white house as well and that's where all this saga begins. we should never detach them from
11:56 pm
the narrative. lou: good point. and were back again but to the president's decision today. to turn over to the oig effectively the decision about the classification because a couple of our allies called up the president to object to the declassification of the fisa warrants which are revelatory as the president acknowledged. remember, of course, he has read those unredacted and knows what is in them. but to say maybe we should acknowledge the needs and interests of our allies rather than the need of the american public at least in the interim, your thought, doug, about what should happen now and whether or not the president is taking a politically risky path here?
11:57 pm
after saying declassify and it may be, indeed, those allies have culpability in the plot against them whether it be the uk or mi-6 or whether it be the uk communication headquarters and those folks. i mean, there are lots of potentialities here and a lot of interested work to preserve the deep state secrets. >> yeah, i just want to reemphasize the point that was made. i worked for two presidents of the united states and you cover yourself. you make sure you don't run off and do some of the things that these fbi agents are doing without cover above, if not your immediate supervisor but the one about him or him. you don't take this kind of authority into your own hands without superiors knowing about it which makes this quite a potential scandal to fully unravel. i don't know how the president
11:58 pm
has arrived this. he's loose and thinks outside the box and anyone outside i think would break under the pressure. he's done or marked with job. >> that's an important point that we ought to underline. lou: no question. this president brings a strength of character and he is absolutely a warrior and brilliant and all of us who know the president and all of us who been in this white house to watch the staff level of that white house compared to his predecessors - he operates with a team that a small by any definition and he runs the national policy toward success every time. look at what he has accomplished economically in foreign policy. it is nothing short of extraordinary by any definition.
11:59 pm
don't you agree, chris? >> i do. with respect to the running the messengers of the e-mails through the oig is a brilliant move because the id does not necessarily have access to the entire universe of records and the president is allowing them to fill in blanks in areas where they don't have jurisdiction with respect to foreign allies they are terrified because the fbi use them as an operating base to launch the whole carter page papadopoulos routine because the fbi - they wanted to have a foreign activity but they brought back into the united states . lou: to forget the name we cannot mention which is stephen halpert. >> exactly. they did that deliberately oversee so the alleys are. lou: doug, we thank you for being with us and chris, we thank you. doug and chris, that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. join us tomorrow for our usual broadcast at 7:00 p.m. eastern,
12:00 am
acting i.c.e. director tom and chrisman matt gates among our guests monday, not tomorrow. tomorrow in the next day we want you to have a great tonight. see you monday night. good night from new york. maria: happy we can bid welcome to the program but we analyzed the week that was and helps positioning for the weekend. i'm very about aroma. coming up, equity international founder is my special guest this again. let's head over to the foxbusiness a room and get headlines. everything from wall street to main street this week. >> thank you. a week for the ages on wall street. the dow and s&p at historic highs this week as confidence in the strong us economy has been a key overlooking the trade tensions between china and


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