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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 23, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance," and remember, you can't take it with you. ♪ good sunday morning the and thank you for joining us. a tentative date is set for brett kavanaugh and the woman accusing him of sexual assault. will that date hold? president trump walking back his decision to declassify documents related to the russia probe as he gets ready to address world leaders at the general assembly. thank you for joining us, welcome to sunday morning futures. thursday could be the date judge kavanaugh and his accuser appear before the senate judiciary committee. who would go first? house chairman bob will be with
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me coming up. we'll ask hit about president trump's about face saying he will wait about justice department officials. jural watch president trump tom fenton. what will the president's massage be when he addresses the general assembly this week. we'll get the details in my exclusive interview coming up. i'll symptoms bolton about fighting cyberattacks as we look ahead on sunday morning futures. we'll kickoff with breaking news. sources tell fox news right now there is a tentative agreement for supreme court nominee judge brett kavanaugh and his eye accuser kristine ford a college
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professor to testify before the senate judiciary committee coming up this thursday. they sexually assaulted her during a house party when boths were teens. kavanaugh, denies the charge and recently an fourth person claimed that ford who attended the decade old gathering said she has no recollection of attending the party. the allegations is taking a tole in thin -- toll on the debate. many oppose kavanaugh's nomination. 50% said they would not vote to confirm him. that's up from 46% last month. many believe ford over kavanaugh. there are others including many republicans asking about his right to due process and the timing of this accusation in a politically charged environment.
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we have virginia republican congressman standing by. let's get to the latest on where we stand-in all of this. chad, good morning, what can you tell us? mada >> good morning. everything so far has been -- they will advance the nomination to the senate floor. the big unknown is if other gop senators told grassily they can't have a vote because they lack information. if they do move ahead running through the senate procedural traps it will take friday night for a confirmation vote on the
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floor. this nomination might be in trouble. they make lack the votes on the floor. this is paramount. >> we are watching this and whether or not they have the votes. we are waiting to see if thursday takes place. chad. >> you don't have to have a successful vote to move something to the senate floor. robert, when he was confirmed he got no recommendations from the committee. i shouldn't say clarence thomas. why has the committee vote necessary? you have a lot of senators not sitting. they need advise from the fellow nominations. >> i go back to the math. it's going to be critical.
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there was a nomination earlier. >> chad, thank you. let's bring in the house chairman republican congressman bob goodlap. >> maria, it's grade to be with you. what can you tell us about this process? >> i think that, chairman grassily has bent over backwards to make sure these serious allegations they come and testify. he offered her four different ways to go about doing that. if she's serious about the charges she needs to come and testify. there is a tentative agreement. you can't have a situation were very real nominees for very
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important government positions have charges placed against them at the last minute and they are used as a delaying tactic to try to derail the nomination. that's inappropriate. i think she handled it well. it's right to come and testify at the time appointed or we need to go ahead with our vote. >> isn't that exactly what you are faced with. that's what is going on. if ms. ford comes up with new demands then they are victorious. they are delaying the vote as much as possible. >> they are capable of thinks that's what is going on. these are serious allegations and judge kavanaugh has been denying the charges.
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they both need to opportunity to speak their peace they have to go ahead with the vote. >> do you feel there will be -- do you have the votes in the senate? >> well, i believe the votes are there but i also believe it's very important that everyone who votes on this feels like there has been a fair process offered so the last minute charges can be properly aired. let me also say the most recent demand by her attorney that judge kavanaugh goes first and this justifies all important precedent. she has not testified that i've seen to my knowledge.
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he's expected to come forward and deny allegations she hasn't made in a formal fashion at this point. that's entirely inappropriate. she needs to come forward and offer her testimony and he needs to testify about what he knows about the incident other than his clear ant out right denial. >> you are right, that's the way america works. you are innocent until proven guilty. she's making the accusations and it seems weird to have him go first if she's the one making the challenges. we'll see where that goes. if she doesn't testify do you believe the senate will hold the vote? >> i believe they should go forward with the vote. that's a clear indication that the only thing on the table is an outstanding record on the part of a very experienced
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judge. perhaps one of the most qualified nominees and the last minute charged by the person alleging it what i think called for a vote and confirmation of kavanaugh. >> let me move onto an incredibly explosive story. the deputy attorney general. my question here is i don't understand how rosenstein could convene a meeting with other justice department officials. convince the president to walk back declassifying documents and we learn he was willing to wear a wire and invoke the 25th amendment to takedown president trump. he also okayed the final fisa
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warrant. how was he able to do this? how is the president listening to him post all of this? i can't answer for the president, i can say this. i've told the president i think it's important that the american people get access to the information that underlines in all of this. we have to make sure sources and methods for classified information are not revealed. that could be done expedition usually. key points that we don't have are the clear and final input on are in documents that we need to have declassified. the president should continue to press for that. they should press for it to be done as quickly as possible.
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secondly, we have been concerned about the lack of production for some documents. we have access to a million documents. some key, key documents including the mccabe memos that bear upon the question of what was rod doing in that meeting immediately prior to the appointment of robert mueller and are the allegations there the new york times actually true. i think that can be -- a lot of light can be shed on that if documents are made public. as a result of that, if they are not produced by tomorrow or tuesday. we'll issue a subpoena that expands upon the subpoena we issued earlier this year. other documents have been requested but not produced
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including the personnel file. some of the text. the bruce 301. some of these might be declassified. whether they are or not congress is entitled to see them unredacted. it's important to see them know that the new crisis has risen in the conduct of mr. rosenstein. most importantly we want to get to the bottom of how this investigation was launched in the first place in the first half of 2016 during the presidential election. >> right, we know it wasn't based on any official intelligence. we have gone through this in the last year. devin nunes and others we know it was nothing. in terms of next week and the
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potential subpoena you have been asking for a lot of documents. do you have -- you believe you will get these documents if you subpoena them. how is there accountability? >> yes, we are going to persist in this and we have obtained a lot of information. it's greatly enhanced because of compliance by the justice system. there are still issues outstanding and this relatively new request must be resolved. i have every confidence it will occur because i know the president would like the american people to know what was going on and see the contrast between how the fbi bent over backwards to afford every
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opportunity to not prosecute hillary clinton. >> right. >> at the tame time i -- same tn the same manor stay -- that there was a bases for launching the investigation. we still see no evidence of such a thing. >> it's quiet extraordinary. i didn't believe from the moment it started the president tweeted it yesterday. they received negative impact on the russia probe. they were called not to release the information. the inspector general has been asked to review the documents. they will move quickly.
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welcome back. the president said speed is important to everyone. when do you expect the american people to get a sense of what's in the fisa documents. the president said they would declassify. >> the president needs to remain hands on the issue. he needs to be taunting the animals. i'm glad he has asked the department of justice to take a
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look into this. he needs to be in constant confidence. he accomplished it very quickly in the matter of days and not weeks to get the documents released in a forum that will protect sources and methods. this will let the american people see what has been going on. transparency should be at the heart of this and that's in my opinion what needs to happen here. everyone should judge for themselves. >> is it possible that rosenstein is overseeing the robert mueller investigation and yet, rosenstein was the one who okayed the fourth fi fourth fis. we know about the other report he wanted to wear aware and invoke the 25th. >> that's why it's important that dcments gement -- documentt
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out. we know there is a lot of tension between people between people like james comby and john mccabe. we need to have the facts out so we can decide for themselves. i'll repeat again what i said for many months. the attorney general needs to appoint a special council to look into all of this because there are potential conflicts are when not all of the documents out their and we have conflicting reporting in various sources of the news media. we should not be trying this in the media. we should let the united states senate follow their process and make a decision there. here it house of representatives, the peoples house needs access to the documents so the american people can learn what has transpired.
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i think this is a major mischaracterization of justice. >> i just want to ask you really quick. i want to restate the breaking news you just told us. if you don't get the documents you will subpoena them. nelly ore is she not going to testify? >> she will testify. we have a date for her appearance on october 19t 19th. however, your first point is it's not next week but this week we'll issue the subpoena if they are not immediately fourth coming. coming. geico has over 75 years
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welcome back. this upcoming tuesday president trump will deliver his address to the united nations. for a preview of what we could expect in the interview national security adviser john bol bolto. >> he has a few possibilities to ealuminum -- illuminate what he will talk about. there is a security counsel 81 meeting on wednesday. we'll talk about his policies dealing with the nuclear threat. this is how different his
10:26 pm
handling of those is. we have a major issue with two of the worlds other powers on trade and broader issues of conflict. also russia were we are confronting a number of different areas. the president will have a chance to show how full the agenda is and how active he has been. >> has china pushed back since the president started pushing and protecting china the way he has. they have been stealing interelect -- intellectual property for decades. >> they are trying to figure out what the president is up to. they have targeted his supporters in congress. i think a lot of people don't understand what's at stake here. the president will address this. this is not just an economic issue or talking about tariffs and terms of trade.
10:27 pm
this is a question of power. the intellectual property theft has a major impact on the economic capacity. i believe the president understands when china gets economic power by stealing from the united states it's time to call a stop to it. >> they apply the economic power by creating thesi these islandsd setting up military bases there. >> they talk about creating facts on the ground and israel s palestinian industry. it's dangerous and aggressive. it's something the administration has confronted. this goes to the major theme of the 21s 21st century. >> take us behind the scenes. you have players like syria,
10:28 pm
russia, there have been developments there in the news. what's most important as we watch all of these players interact. >> it will show how conplex this is. their alleys of syria and russia. they have two military bases in syria. the israeli air strikes against iranians with missile capability. this shows the continuing threat of iran not just on the nuclear side but the behavior in the region that puts us at risk. >> they will withdraw. stronger sanctions coming back
10:29 pm
in november. the efforts to oppose their will. we will have a significant economic and political effect. that's what we want. we would like massive changes in the behavior. if they don't undertake that they will face more consequences because we'll face more consequences. >> no don't about it. >> what about syria, will there be a response? >> the president is clear he expects syria won't engage in a brutal invasion. question commented if they use chemical weapons again they will face a third response militarily. we want to make it clear this will never happen again. the middle east remains
10:30 pm
extremely volatile. this is the kind of instability. in the region and around the worlds. >> they are friendly or a partner of the muslim brotherhood. >> we think all of the support for terrorism should stop. the first trip is where he created the coalition. all of the countries that included they gave up their support for terrorism. we need to make that come through. >> the national security adviser. this whole cabal in the intelligence community. and the investigation into trump collusion that's nonexistence. >> the president gets criticized for being soft on russia. i'm waiting to see evidence of
10:31 pm
that. he authorized us to take strong action. strong action against intrusions into our information technology systems but countries like russia and iran. just last week he signed an new true and corrective. they encouraged they change the way we do business. >> this is what i want to talk about. i want to hear more about the new policy on fisa. more of my exclusive interview coming up with john bolton. just days ago they outlined the policy to go on the offensive. stay with us. we'll it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them.
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so now you can eat tough food without worry. fixodent and forget it. welcome back. i'm here with john bolton. they said that all four deny allegations about dr. ford. what thoughts on the potential testimony next week. >> judge kavanaugh is an outstanding jurist. i don't know him well, personally, look at the testimonies he had. let's think about fundamental
10:36 pm
fairness. his accuser is entitled to fairness. they should get on it if they will have the hearing. >> you introduced an new cyber policy, why did you do this now? why haven't we had a change in our cyber policy? >> this is the first fully articulated strategy as you say and it's long overdue. things are moving in a documented pace. we'll monitor and update it. it's very important to create deter answer. >> it's china, russia. we have seen it in multiple sections. >> great to have you on the program. >> glad to be back.
10:37 pm
>> john bolton there. president trump is looking into secret documents. the rare retreat is coming after key alleys asked him to refrain from releasing the sensitive information. you just heard from bob about breaking news on how they plan to subpoena the department of justice this week. also gps fusion researcher nelly is cooperating with the committee. there is a date for her to testify, october 15t 15th. i want to bring the tom from judicial watch. we have a date of october 19, your thoughts? >> we are talking about what was going on in the justice department. we can't separate that, nelly
10:38 pm
jokes about recording the president and invoking the 25th amendment. we talk about removing the president of the united states. one of the options is supporting the special council. they are harassing the president and doing as much damage to the president as any of the outrageous efforts to remove him. it's hampering his ability to hire and fire people and conduct foreign policy. it's also hampering list ability to look at the corruption. >> he wrote a great op ed this weekend. he wrote about his rye sense of humor. people say he's sarcastic. in another joke he has quiet the sense of humor. reraised -- he raced turning to
10:39 pm
tables on congress. you remember him saying that a few months ago. he said, well, maybe we should turn the table and just start looking at your communications. >> yeah, was he joking when he signed off on the spy warrant targeting the trump team. he's instrumental in withholding full information from the american people. there is a real crisis here. we are moving rosenstein and sessions. this will continue. they weren't allowed to remove comby. now the democrats say if they
10:40 pm
remove rosenstein they will have more reason to impeach him. he's inhibited in his role as president. if the justice department won't do it he should seek relief. >> do you believe they will see the documents. the american people can clearly understand how they got a warrant to wiretap an american sit sensor based on unverified information. >> we have seen part of the warrant but the question is when. it's either a page out of the nixon handbook. let it come out slowly over a period of time and hopefully people won't remember and give the mueller operation as much time as he needs to damage the president. >> it's quiet extra ordinary when you consider it on the other side. you can see how they wanted to
10:41 pm
stop donald trump badly from becoming president. a lot of individuals put their finger on the scale because they just didn't like him. we need to see the evidence on how they came up with the idea that donald trump had anything to do with russia meddling. i wonder if there will be accountability here, tom. >> well, you know, congress can do more. i appreciate pushing for the documents following the lead on the issues. they should bring mr. mueller into congress and ask him questions about not necessarily who will interview tomorrow but how he was appointed, his conflicts of interest, why he can't find any republicans or conservatives to work on the prosecution team. this special council is immune and i'm tired of talking about bruce ohr.
10:42 pm
he's using the information to target the president. >> they are pressuring around on anything the president does for the supreme court. they would like to stop kavanaugh. will they be successful? >> i don't think they will, although, i think they will have to take tough steps to cut the inquiry off or shorten it. the idea we need weeks of discussion to figure out what's up and down about the allegations as a result of poor leadership. >> tom good to have you. >> it can be figured out quickly. okay, we'll watch this upcoming week. much more on all of this. the showdown with china with our panel. this is as we
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we'll bring in our panel. james freeman is the editor at
10:46 pm
the wall street journal. mark is former clinton strategist abdomen chairman of the poll. the new small forces. thank you so much for joining us. i want to kick it off with your new op ed, mark. people prosesle when -- brissel when i use that term. i've come to accept an unelected group of experience that are taken over with their own power and came to believe they were on a mission to stop, defeat, or remove president trump for crimes they would fine or manufacture. wow, powerful words,
10:47 pm
manufacture. >> we see week after week what one thing after another. i'm steel getting over learning that bruce was a go between for chris seal that was fired while his wife had an undisclosed relationship for people paying for the dossier and working on it. the potential rosenstein allegations as mccabe probably fired back at rosenstein because once you divide the people and put them under pressure you will find incredible revelations here about what they were doing and what i would have to say was a
10:48 pm
mirage. >> we have stayed on this story every single week. now we have a date for to testify. >> the documents they will subpoena and shed light on that this must be very confusing for kids too read about article two section one saying the executive power should be invested in the president of the united states suggesting that the justice department is independent of the president or inappropriate for him to exercise this executive authority. what we need to find out is what was done by people we have seen
10:49 pm
demonstrate or have a bias against the president to interfere with his election. >> the mainstream media is driving the bus on this. this will go down as the most shameful time for the mainstream media to ignore an import import story. >> we are still waiting. it's more then two years since this began. we haven't go gotten a clear expression. we are waiting for the evidence that will somehow justify extraordinary use of the surveillance power. >> this brings me back to the rosenstein story, mark. we know rod rosenstein okayed wiretapping of carter page and he's overseeing the mueller investigation. >> that's right. if you look at how testy he got
10:50 pm
when asked if he read the fisa warrant he said we are an island. i don't report to the president or congress. i report to my view of the law. that's wrong. congress will have to get these documents out that rosenstein is the number one person that's holding them up to expose the sunshine here that the american public needs. >> do you think rosenstein should be fired? >> you want to go get the documents but the question here are the latest news account that he was does h denied by rosenst. in may of 2017 his memo laid out why there was bipartisan
10:51 pm
support. he violated the procedures. >> he got upset. obviously the president gave an odd interview to lester holt. after the president did what he just recommended. >> more coming up after this. when nighttime nasal congestion closes in, breathe right strips are designed to simply open your nose right back up. ♪ breathe better. sleep better. breathe right. that's why capital one iss feel the building something completely different. capital one cafés. welcoming places with people here to help you, not sell you. with savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. that are easy to open from right here or anywhere in 5 minutes. no smoke. no mirrors.
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you say he's dammed if he does and damned if he doesn't. >> normally you would fire someone like rosenstein. he would be depicted as a bad man. the best here can do is get the documents out and play to the inspector didn't h general. if they lose congress these
10:55 pm
in -- investigations would stop. without a new special council there will be no special council. the republican needs them. >> you are absolutely right. they will flip to democrats. in the face of all of this his outcomes have all of these detract tors even within the administration and intelligence committee. yet, he's pushing back on china. first president to do so in a long time in terms of their behavior. they just counseled these upcoming discussions. that wasn't a surprise. this is a reminder there is a big need for the president to resolve his fights with canada, mexico, and europe. the china trade problem, the theft of intellectual property is not something that will be solved quickly or before the midterms. he wants a win and needs a win
10:56 pm
on trade. he will have to get it. >> will he get it? he's done a handshake deal with mexico. will canada come in and follow suit. >> i think they need to. i think they understand how important it is for them. the president also needs to realize that if he wants a deal, if they give him what he wants on trade he shouldn't need to trash the dispute resolution process with nafta. >> let's end on kavanaugh. your thoughts about what we could see next week with ford and kavanaugh thursday perhaps. >> i'm skeptical we'll see testimony. there will be 100 million people tuning into this thing. very clearly, everyday the
10:57 pm
question before the american public is did kavanaugh do it or not. this is a day were democrats are winning and republicans are losing. no one is talking about the economy. >> thank you, see you tomorrow
10:58 pm
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before starting, tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures and any kidney or liver problems. learn all you can... to help protect yourself from another dvt or pe. talk to your doctor about xarelto®. >> lou: good evening, everybody. our top story. rad dal dimms ramping up the orchestrated political and the media smear campaign against judge kavanaugh and the craven, desperate last-minute campaign to try to block the nomination of his supreme court appointment. >> these people in congress right now, in that senate judiciary committee, these white men -- old, by the way -- are not protecting women. they are protecting a man who is probably guilty. >> i understand why a president who has 13 credible sexual assault allegations against him may not order someone to investigat


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