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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 24, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> lou: good evening, everybody. our top story. rad dal dimms ramping up the orchestrated political and the media smear campaign against judge kavanaugh and the craven, desperate last-minute campaign to try to block the nomination of his supreme court appointment. >> these people in congress right now, in that senate judiciary committee, these white men -- old, by the way -- are not protecting women. they are protecting a man who is probably guilty. >> i understand why a president who has 13 credible sexual assault allegations against him may not order someone to investigate a judge
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he nominated. >> what the republicans are doing is outrageous. they are creating a false choice. they are trying to bully her to testifying on monday. >> lou: kavanaugh's accuser still unwilling to come forward and testify before the senate. her attorney and the senate dimms trying to set conditions. and demands outside the judiciary committee announced timetable and requirements. we take up the latest on the supreme court fight tonight. republican strategist ed rollins with us. also tonight, president trump has finally had it with the cowardly and incompetent feckless g.o.p. congressional leadership. as paul ryan and mitch mcconnell failed to deliver a responsible budget. and still they refuse to fund the president's campaign promise: to build the border wall. president trump demanding republicans get tough and get with his program. >> president trump: we have to get the republicans, we will get things we want.
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we have started the wall. everybody wants the wall. we have spent $3.2 billion on the wall. we have to get the rest of the funding. we're going to get it. >> lou: and the department of justice and f.b.i. still have not complied with the president's direct order to declassify documents related to the origins of russia witch hunt. representative matt gaetz joins us here tonight to talk about the crisis of leadership at the department of justice, the f.b.i. and the intelligence community. our top story, the campaign of the radical left to try to block the senate confirmation of judge brett kavanaugh. the dimms sinking to unprecedented depth of despicable dirty tricks to keep brett kavanaugh off the supreme court. the efforts reaching a fever pitch today. kavanaugh telling senator grassley he will be present monday for the scheduled hearing before the senate judiciary committee. but his accuser is still holding out unless her demands
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are met by the committee. while senate dimms are demanding a new f.b.i. investigation. fox news congressional correspondent mike emanuel has our report from washington. >> why isn't judge kavanaugh asking for an f.b.i. investigation if he has nothing to hide? >> pressure is building with republicans urging professor chrstine blasey ford to speak to the judiciary committee, evaluating judge kavanaugh's nomination on monday. >> i think it's not fair to judge kavanaugh for her not to come forward and testify. both of them need to testify under oath next monday before the judiciary committee. >> ford's attorney debra katz e-mailed leaders writes, "she wishes to testify provided we can agree on terms that are fair in which ensure her safety. a hearing on monday is not possible. and the committee's insist stance that it occur then is
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arbitrary in my event." democrats say professor ford is not treated fairly. >> i consider that bullying. i consider that to be disregarding. i consider that to be something set up for failure. they would like a he said/she said scenario. >> capital police, reportedly, 56 people arrested protesting outside grassley's office and elsewhere. there are signs of friction between grassley and judiciary top democrat dianne feinstein, with grassley writing he still wants to see professor ford's letter that feinstein received approximately seven weeks ago knowing that the contents of the letter were leaked last week when it looked like the senate was about to confirm judge kavanaugh. the republican staff tweeting on monday they interviewed kavanaugh under penalty of felony. democratic staff was invited and could have asked any question of judge kavanaugh. they defined to participate. other republicans say if a hearing doesn't happen, that
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is professor ford's choice. >> number one, she shouldn't be criticized for not doing it. two number, we can't force her and shouldn't try to. but then the senate has to move forward based on the information before us. >> claire mccaskill announced on twitter she is a no on kavanaugh. the votes of other red state democrats like west virginia joe manchin, indiana joe donnelly and heidi heitkamp from north dakota are unclear at this stage. while professor ford's attorney raised concerns about her client's safety, fox revealed vulgar and threatening e-mail messages sent to judge kavanaugh and his wife in recent days. they are very graphic. lou? >> lou: but no investigation sought on their behalf from the f.b.i. thank you very much, mike. joining us tonight is congressman matt gaetz, member of the house judiciary committee, the freedom caucus. it's great to have you with us. we look at this economy i just reported on and have been reporting on for all of the
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months since the president was elected. i don't understand what the democrats have to say about the president's leadership and the republican governorship of both the house and the senate. >> the democrats keep trying to make the argument that donald trump is incompetent but we continue to see the fruits of his labor and work of the administration in coordination with the republican congress. if democrats were to win in the midterms, we would face total chaos, lou. nothing would get done. no budgets would be pass. all the special interests would continue to love the gridlock. immigration would be a problem as illegals came across the border with no consequence. do we want that? do we want endless impeachment hearings? i think the american people want to continue the progress. the problem for republicans we have to make new promises. we can't just expect people to get up and vote for us based on what we have done in the past. we have to promise to fulfill
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the trump agenda. >> lou: you have a guy in the house. we have mentioned speaker ryan before, haven't we? we have had that discussion. >> i think you brought him up a time or two on your show. >> lou: her we go again. the president today brought up leadership, feckless leadership in the house. i'm just confused why you have all continued to permit him to sit in the office that he resigned. he is doing no one any good. he is blocking the president's wall as the president pointed out today. one of the cornerstone promises of his presidential campaign. what are the republicans to do? >> we are in need of vision. my colleague jim jordan laid out that vision several months ago and said with the deadline looming we should put the wall funding together with prioritizing the troops and the veterans. we should send it to the senate and demand they take action on it. here, what we have is i think the absence of decision-making. my hope is we continue to make
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our troops a priority. i mean i hate when gridlock in walk results in the people who are down range fighting for our freedoms, not getting what they need and trump has always put our troops and our veterans first. at least we are taking care of that. i don't think we have been ambitious enough. >> lou: without the president's leadership the republicans would have precious it will to show of their control of the house and the senate. i want to turn to what we are now witnessing. that is, congress of the united states sending a letter. i should point out the dimms who lead the congress of the united states -- pelosi, schumer, warner, and a fellow by the name of schiff. let's put this up. this is remarkable. put up the first full screen here of the d.n.i. and the d.o.j. agreeing to block white house access.
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on june 27, 2018, we wrote to memorialize verbal assurance; you, that is, coats and howard rosencrans and christopher wray, the director of the f.b.i., the assurance you provided us that the d.o.j. and f.b.i. would not provide the white house or any of the president's attorneys with access to sensitive information briefed to a small group of designated members. congressman, i have to ask you. that looks to me like a confession on paper, overwhelming evidence of a conspiracy to subvert the president of the united states. >> i don't know who the hell these people think they are telling executive agencies of the federal government not to be responsive to the commander-in-chief, to the person who leads the executive branch, to the president of the united states. donald trump has obligations under the constitution that can only be met if he has full command and control of the federal government.
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it's outrageous you would have that happen. it's even more troubling now that you could have people in the f.b.i., the department of justice not complying with the president's order to release the information that we have been demanding to have released so we can get to the bottom of the obama administration's abuses of the fisa process to spy on the trump campaign. >> lou: isn't it remarkable that the president ordered the declassification of the documents that you and other congressmen and two committees have sought. and now the democrats are saying my gosh, what an abuse of power. how could you possibly allow the president of the united states to declassify all of the documents. notwithstanding the fact president obama did precisely the same thing. that, declassify material that had been classified and did so to the cheers of the very same people including what is his name? schiff. who is now protesting so
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loudly. the dimms reached, i think, an absolutely unprecedented low-life level of political chicanery and dirty tricks that they ought to get down and prostate themselves and apologize to the american people. >> well, let's hope they don't have allies and coconspirators in the department of justice and the f.b.i. let's hope people understand the org chart and understand at the top of the org chart is president donald trump and he makes these decisions. he is right to make the decision, lou, because we have to know what information was withheld from the fisa court. we will find out a lot of stuff they were supposed to be told. they never got told. laws were probably broken. >> lou: yeah. i think we can all safely say based on what we already know before looking at the declassified material that there is a level of desperate, toxic political corruption at the leadership level of the
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f.b.i. and the department of justice and the intelligence community under president obama. and now, it's just a question of producing the evidence, which the president, thank god, started the process. congressman, great to have you with us as always. appreciate it. >> good to see you, lou. thank you. >> lou: thank you. congressman matt gaetz. up next, the loony left choosing to convict brett kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. we don't know exactly what the charge is and we don't think the democrats have a good idea of what they are actually doing anyway. but one thing we do know. they are trying desperately to block his confirmation. and to keep a great talent off the court. >> they are giving her an option. the option is show up monday or don't show up at all. i consider that to be bullying. >> what is happening with the judiciary committee is really, i call it a railroad job.
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it's totally unfair. >> her request that the f.b.i. reopen the background investigation into judge kavanaugh is a completely reasonable request. >> judge kavanaugh has not asked to have the f.b.i. review these claims. is that the reaction of an innocent person? it is not. >> lou: whoo, i don't know about you but i'm kind of intimidated by the two senators. i think they may be trying to bully us. what do you think? we will take it up with ed we will take it up with ed rollins when we conti (john foley) i was there in chicago when bob barnett made the first commercial wireless phone call in 1983. yes, this is bob barnett in chicago. (john) we were both working on that first network that would eventually become verizon's. back then, the idea of a nationwide wireless network was completely unreasonable. but think about how important that first call was to our lives. it opened the door to the billions of mobile calls that we've all made in the last 34 years. sometimes being first means being unreasonable.
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>> lou: the radical left wing dimms stooping to new lows using unsubstantiating claims of sexual misconduct, charging kavanaugh with some of that. we can't figure out what they are doing. what they are doing is trying to block his confirmation to the highest court in the land. >> an admitted sexual abuser sits in the white house who supported an accused child predator for the senate. then he nominated this man to the u.s. supreme court. >> accusing kavanaugh of sexual assault. >> lou: is that enough to make you sick? that disgusting smear comes from a group led by a fellow by the name of fallon who served as hillary clinton's campaign press secretary and he served in the obama administration corrupt department of justice and he
4:18 am
has got sleaze all over him. reminder, there is 47 days until november 6 elections. and the dirty tricks that are already being pulled out by the dimms. if that isn't enough to get you to vote, well, this thing may be over before it begins. there are two many rhino leaders in congress who stand for nothing and it is up to the base to stand for this president. we are joined by the savant himself, ed rollins serving as the political director for president ronald reagan, fox news political analyst. good to see you. if that ad isn't enough to rile up the base, i don't know what it would take. that is ignorance, that is low life, disgusting crap. >> totally dishonest. it's -- >> lou: and dishonest, too! >> that should have something to do with all of the propaganda put out there. i have been around the game a long time. i have never seen a hearing
4:19 am
like this one. you have taken a reputable man who has had a significant career in judge kavanaugh. they have done everything in this hearing to basically poke, pick -- >> lou: this a federal appellate judge on the second highest court in the land. >> for 12 years he has been on that. >> lou: he has a record that is absolutely as president trump has said unblemished. period. distinguished career. >> other than the one woman in california, there has never been anybody else in six f.b.i. full scale checks over the last two dozen years who said anything detrimental about him. >> lou: well, she hasn't said it to his face or to the senate judiciary committee yet. >> she said in a letter that dianne feinstein -- >> lou: by the way, dianne feinstein, the senator who brought her in the process, has sat on that letter from her for two months. didn't do anything. by the way, the dimms are calling for investigations. but for two months they didn't -- the dimms have plenty of resources. they could have carried out an investigation of their own.
4:20 am
they did nothing. and still have done nothing. >> they won't do anything. they didn't show up for when kavanaugh himself came in to be questioned by the republican staffers under oath. they didn't even show up. my sense is she won't show up on monday. they will make whatever requirements so severe that she will say no, it's too severe. i won't come. if she does that, i think you march forward. >> lou: to the two senators who moved out on point, from hawai'i and gillibrand of new york, they are talking like they are alley tops taking on the world. i mean this is despicable conduct on their part. >> gillibrand is running for president. she will do as well as the last senator who had the seat. hillary clinton did. she won't be the nominee, of course. but that is what her goal is. they will take the issue and
4:21 am
it's all the candidates. >> lou: why are the republicans putting up with the nonsense? they are sitting there listening to herono and gillibrand and others talking about bullying? the republicans haven't done anything. they are ones trying to intimidate -- i feel intimidated by the dimms. >> we have given her an opportunity to come forth. i don't know what her case is but she has an opportunity to come forth and make it. she has made charges to the "washington post." >> lou: wait a minute. why should she be allowed to make scurrilous charges without any evidence, without any proof whatsoever? i mean this doesn't make any sense. >> i don't argue with that. >> lou: shouldn't there be a standard here? you are talking about the senate of the united states. >> i'm not sure of that anymore. there once was a standard. i promise in the old days you wouldn't get away with this. but new days, they are all cowards. it has to be grassley fighting back. you are letting a good man reputation be terribly
4:22 am
diminished. the other important i will make, i cast no aspersions on the woman who made the charges but no one else has come forward or backed her up and say this was a pattern. he did it all the time. 17, 18 years old. not one single thing in six full-scale investigations has anybody come forward. >> lou: we are talking about in the last week. even the people who did initially have backed off and say they know nothing. they can't remember. they weren't there. >> right. >> lou: the nominee himself says he thinks it's a case of mistaken identity, which is probably is very nice way to say that -- well, to say a lot of things. much as been -- you know, to me, this thing has gone way too far. the dirty, nasty tricks have been leveled. grassley shouldn't give an inch. do you think he will back off? >> i don't think he will back off. he is a tough man. he has given her until monday to testify. if she doesn't testify, they
4:23 am
will march forward. >> lou: time to put stop to nonsense. if she has proof or evidence, put it forward and let the chips fall where they may. >> i agree. >> lou: the innuendo and just plain nastiness has got to stop in this political system. great to have you with us. >> thank you. >> lou: good to see you. up next, time running out for canadian prime minister trudeau to make a new trade deal with america. we take that up with commerce secretary wilbur ross. stay with us. we're coming right back. hey guys. today we're here to talk about trucks. i love trucks. what the heck is that?! whoa! what truck brand comes from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road? i think it's the chevy. ford. is it ford? nope, it's not ford. i think it's ram. is it ram? not ram. that's a chevy! it's chevy! that's right. from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. gorgeous. chevy hit it out of the ballpark with these.
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>> lou: breaking news tonight, senator claire mccaskill says she will oppose judge kavanaugh's supreme court confirmation. the senator says her decision was made as a result of the ongoing allegations against the judge. it's based on his positions "an avalanche of dark, anonymous money that is crushing our democracy."
4:28 am
i suppose she would include her own vast wealth in that. by the way, i don't think there is a soul in missouri that will be surprised by the senator's blind partisan decision. good going, senator. good going. canadian prime minister justin trudeau faces rising pressure tonight. pressure to strike a new trade deal with the united states before the october 1 deadline that the president has set. canada's foreign minister resuming trade talks today with robert lightheiser. the united states threatened to exclude canada from possible trilateral trade deal, one including mexico and the united states. joining us now, commerce secretary wilbur ross leading the effort to implement the president's trade policies and all others. commerce and financial as well. it's great to see you, mr. secretary. good to have you with us. congratulations on the deal with mexico.
4:29 am
congratulations to this point on implementing the tariffs, the next round tariffs. 10% tariffs on some $200 billion of chinese experts in this country that go into effect. and it appears, it appears that people are beginning to get the message in the u.s. national left wing media. so congratulations on that. they seem to be awakening. >> well, i hope so. they have been sumnal on this issue for a while. they are too busy with fake news. >> lou: somenal, they will be scrambling to the dictionaries to find and it will be clear slumber, i think. they will figure that out. it is, it's really impressive. as the president pointed out, the chinese market has dropped. it is well beyond a correction. it's approaching just about 20% decline.
4:30 am
the chinese are acknowledging for the first time they have significant problems. they are maintaining, of course, as they would that they can manage the problems. but they can't manage them if they don't move forward a balanced trade relationship with this country. >> well, i think that is absolutely true. it's also absolutely true they are pretty well running out of bullets to fire in this trade conflict. the reason for that is we export so much less to them than they do to us. that there are many, many more items, hundreds of billions more that we could tariff than they could tariff. that is a tough position for them to be in. >> lou: it is a terrific position for the united states, conversely. >> right. >> because the u.s. economy from the moment the president was elected. this economy has turned. it is a business friendly,
4:31 am
washington, d.c. instead of an antibusiness atmosphere as it was under his predecessor. we are watching markets move higher. the dow jones/industrials -- you know what i get a kick out of, mr. secretary. i don't know if you. do but watching the national left wing media talk about the market if it had an off day with the dow at 26,000, records for the nasdaq and s&p in hand, talk about their trade tensions. the jitters in the market. meanwhile, a march from january straight ahead to the levels we are now. this is fun to watch them have to eat crow. >> well, it is. these are the same people who said the economy could never grow more than about 2% a year. i think if they had been elected they would have been right. it would not have been able to grow more than 2%. but their great fear is that the american public is also
4:32 am
catching on to the fact that the cuts in the taxes, the cuts in regulation are really what is driving this economy. they can't stand that because of the total opposite of what they forecast would happen. >> lou: i want to turn something quickly to something debbi de larry kudlow, the chief economic adviser to the president he could be styled, talking about cutting entitlement as a way to attack deficits and that left a lot of people shocked because the president has said the opposite and campaigned on the opposite. is this larry being larry or a change of view somehow in the economic team? >> there is no change of view. the president unlike many politician remembers his promises from the campaign. keeps track of them. lives up to them. this one especially, he is simply not going to violate.
4:33 am
my guess is that if indeed larry said something like that, he probably had in mind getting rid of the last fading remnants of obamacare. that is something we are going to deal with. it's just about gone anyway. but as to things like social security, and all of that, forget it. there is no chance that the president will cut them. >> lou: wilbur ross, secretary of commerce. thank you for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you, lou. good to be on. >> lou: up next, president trump confronting justice department stonewalling with an order to immediately declassify fisa documents and texts. we'll talk to congressman jim jordan about the exposure of toxic political eruption at the top levels of intelligence agencies, the department of justice and oh, yes, the f.b.i. f.b.i. we'll be right
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i want some more what's he doin? but, he can't look at him! it's just not done! please sir. i want some more more? more? more? more? please sir he has asked for... thank you what?
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well he did say please sir yes he did and, thank you yeah. and thank you he's a wonderful boy (laugh) a delightful boy (all boys): thank you, thank you, thank you. >> lou: congressman jim jordon who serves on the judiciary and the oversight committee and also a cofounder of the influential house freedom caucus. congressman, you among others have been calling for this for some time. at this point, do you have a sense of how long it should take for the justice department, the director of national intelligence, the f.b.i. to do what the
4:38 am
president has ordered them to do? >> first, i want to thank the president for doing this. this is exactly what needs to happen. second, i hope it's sooner rather than later. i talked to the staff person on the intel committee in the house. he thinks the earliest will be some time later this week that we'll start to get some of this information. but frankly, lou, we don't know. i hope it comes out as soon as possible because the president is exactly right. we think they went to the fisa court and didn't tell the court, the dossier, the unproven, undocumented. uncooperated dossier, we think they didn't tell court who paid for it or the guy who wrote it. christopher steele had a deep bias against the president and he said he was desperate to stop the president. we don't think they told the court that bruce and nelly ohr were involved putting the dossier together. we want that information and a host of other things that the president wants for to us have as well and the american people to have. we think this is exactly what needs to happen. >> lou: and the popularity of the president's decision, i think, is without limit.
4:39 am
particularly going in to the midterm elections. this is something that the president really needs to have in front of the american people. that is, the truth. now we are hearing from adam schiff, congressman schiff saying this is a brief of national security. the dimms fighting every step of the way the public's right to know. how can they possibly prevail in the midterms being on the wrong side of history and on wrong side of law? >> yeah, look. the crushing power of the state was used to take one party's opposition research document that was not true -- it was a big lie. they used that to go get a warrant to spy on a person associated with the other party's campaign. you are never allowed to do that in america. yet they did. for the democrats to say they don't want this out in the open so the american people can see is scary frankly. this is a fundamental violation of how the country is supposed to operate. this is why it's so important -- i tell you what.
4:40 am
the president is not only going to declassify and release this portion of the fisa application -- >> lou: 20 pages. >> he said every conversation that the key people had, comey, mccabe, strozk, page and ohr, all the text messages, all the communications they had, he wants that public as well. that is critical. think of those five people. they have all either been fired or demoted and then left the f.b.i. with the exception of bruce ohr. he has been demoted twice at the department of justice. this is important stuff. i look forward to seeing those communications when they come out as well. >> lou: i think we all look forward to it, congressman. but again we come back to that issue of how long? we now have less than 50 days until the mid-term elections. this is a justice department and f.b.i. you know better than almost anyone that has been stonewalling every step of the way, slow walking and basically defying both the president and congressional overseers of the department and of the f.b.i.
4:41 am
why would we expect them to perform any differently here? >> well, yeah, good point, lou. i think they will drag their feet again. when you the president of the united states saying declassify this, this gives us leverage to continue to push them and get the information for the american people. i was across the district today. one thing that comes up every single day is the american people are so tired of the double standard. this idea that there is one set of rules for you and me and us regular folks but a different set if your name is clinton, comey, mccabe, strozk, page. that drives americans crazy. this is all part of getting rid of that double standard, making sure that only the right things happen at the top levels of the f.b.i. by getting this information public. again, i just, i want to thank the president for having the courage to bring this forward for american people. >> lou: absolutely. it is, we should be clear. a statement of openness and transparency in his administration.
4:42 am
other presidents promised. very few have even approached this level of the effort to make certain it is an absolute fact. the next themselves, i see no reason -- devin nunes said it should take days to get the documents from the fisa court application. the text, another week, two weeks? i know i keep coming back to this but we need a sense, if you can provide it, some insight in to how long should the president put up with the nonsense if his justice department now, his d.n.i., slowwalk him. >> i talked to a key staff person on the house intelligence committee and he thinks we could get some information as early as this week. that would be great. i don't know why we didn't have the text messages and the communications before this. i'm glad the president asked for them. but what i want to see are the
4:43 am
communications, bruce ohr, the top justice department official had with the f.b.i. personnel after each and every conversation he had with christopher steele and glenn simpson he had a conversation with the f.b.i. i want to see those notes. that is also what the president asked to be given to congress and therefore, the american people. that is critical information. remember, bruce ohr continued to meet with christopher steele after the f.b.i. had fired christopher steele for leaking information. bruce ohr continues to meet with christopher steele after the mueller investigation began. i think those are important communications to see what the f.b.i. actually record when bruce ohr sat down with the f.b.i. after the mueller investigation began and he was still meeting with christopher steele. i think that is valuable information and scheduled to be released as well. i want that as soon as possible. >> lou: that the president ordered to be provided in unredacted form that will be a fascinating few days to an uncertain point in the future. congressman jim jordan as
4:44 am
always. it's great to have you with us. thank you so much. >> good to be with you. >> lou: up next the rad dal dimms continue the push -- radical dimms continue the push to reobserve investigation into supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. >> i would like to see an investigation done. the f.b.i. is equipped to do it. >> they need to have the facts. she has a right to have the facts be developed by a nonpartisan source like the f.b.i. >> i think you can't avoid the appearance of insult if you don't have an investigation. >> guess who is perpeching all the action? it's -- perpeching all the action? it's the men in the country. i want to say to the men in this country, shut up and step up. >> lou: i want to say to all of those speakers every one of you knew what the f.b.i. could not investigate judge kavanaugh. shame on you. we'll take up more on that right after the break. right after the break. we are coming right
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>> lou: president trump said he would like to hear from brett kavanaugh's accuser, christine ford. >> president trump: i really want to see her. i really would want to see what she has to say. but i want to give it all the time they need. it's up to the senate.
4:49 am
i really rely on them. i think they are going to do a good job. >> lou: republican senators echoing the president's words today asking ford to reconsider her refusal to testify next monday. this comes as the dimms continue to push for an f.b.i. investigation in to decades old allegations which would by the way be unprecedented in every way. by the way, this is the same f.b.i. that conducted six kavanaugh background checks. who has twice refused this investigation, the f.b.i. has. senator chuck grassley stating this. the f.b.i. does not make a credibility assessment of any information it receives with respect to a nominee. nor is it tasked with investigating a matter simply because the committee deems it is important. we have no power to commandeer an executive brand agency to conduct our due diligence. it is the role of the united states senate. karen moynahan, the former
4:50 am
girlfriend accusing d.n.c. deputy chair keith ellison of domestic abuse, she is speaking out. by the way, democrats saying nothing. moynahan was asked on twitter how she has been tweeted by the democratic party in light of the kavanaugh accusations. when asked on twitter if the dimms believed her, this is what she said -- "no, they don't. i have been feared, threatened,ite lad from my own party. i have provided medical records. i told them about the abuse and who did it. my therapist release effort saying i have been dealing and healing from the abuse. where are the dems calling for an investigation into a major leader of their party?" quite a different standard. and this man would be the attorney general of the state of minnesota. coming up next, president trump calling out deep state corruption and a new interview. we will tell you what he says could be his crowning achievement. reminder that september is
4:51 am
childhood cancer awareness month. we urge you to donate whatever you can to the number of organizations who work diligently to provide funding diligently to provide funding to fight this is john van dine with pactel cellular in los angeles. well, welcome to the demo... (danny dichter) in 1989, a new wireless technology was being tested for the first time ever. it allowed more users to connect at the same time, while on the move. other wireless carriers considered the tech too expensive. but we saw it as the birth of reliability and the backbone of a company we all know as verizon. so we were the first to commit to the cdma system and the first to build our entire network around it. today, once again, we're transforming reliability as we know it, building america's first and only 5g ultra wideband network-- with unprecedented capacity, enabling faster speeds and the lowest latency anyone has ever experienced on a wireless network. which is crucial, because we'll all be relying on it more than ever.
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cuz, um, i thought that was what i needed to do. we got our orders to go overseas and i went to baghdad, iraq. we were transporting a bomb sniffing dog to the polling stations. we rolled over two anti-tank mines, it blew my humvee up, killed my sergeant. after the explosion, i suffered a closed head injury, um, traumatic brain injury, loss of a limb, burns to 60% of my body. when the doctors told me i reached my plateau, i did not want to hear that because i do not believe i have a plateau. so, i had to prove 'em wrong, which i am doing to this day
4:54 am
and i will still do until the end of my days. i've gotten to where i am at because of my family. and, the wounded warrior project has helped me more than i can ever imagine. they have really been there to support me in my endeavors. my number one goal, basically, is to get close to where i was. i am more than ready to work hard to get to that goal. i am living proof to never give up and i will never give up. >> lou: president trump calling out the corrupt leadership of the f.b.i., the department of justice for the conduct during the russia witch hunt. in a new interview, he said this to "the hill." "i hope to put this up as one of my crowning achievements,
4:55 am
that i was able to do through the help of a lot of good people. we have tremendous support. to expose something that is truly a cancer in our country." joining us tonight, investigative reporter, fox business contributor sara carter working diligently on this story from the very outset. first of all, good to have you here. >> thank you, lou. >> lou: i want to start with the remarkable letter from the gang of four. mark warner, you know, adam schiff, nancy pelosi, and crying clown chuck schumer. calling on the intelligence community, the f.b.i. and the department of justice to further subvert the president of the united states. i say "further" because in this letter they also acknowledge they had a deal with these people to keep intelligence from the president of the united states. your thoughts? >> it's stunning.
4:56 am
it's incredible how vast and deep this has gone. the comments made by john brennan, the former c.i.a. director, i mean the borderline decision. they are asking -- borderline sedition. they are asking people to go against the president of the united states president. he has every authority to declassify the documents and the american people deserve to see it. i do have news for you tonight. i have been told by sources that the documents will be turned over to the president next week. i hear that the f.b.i. and the documents over to the president sand -- and say it's up to you to declass. they are trying to stall or put pressure on the president. i have talked to sources that have brewed the documents that have top secret clearance to view them. i'm told there is nothing in the request, nothing whatsoever that would violate
4:57 am
national security or give away sources and methods. that is what claiming, the d.o.j. as well as the f.b.i. and others are claiming the president will do. >> lou: as they have by the way throughout. >> absolutely. >> lou: they have stonewalled congress. they have stonewalled the senate. to this point, it turns out that and we don't know to what degree, they have been stonewalling the president of the united states. if indeed this letter from those four democratic leaders is accurate and proves true, they have committed as jim calstrom said, treason. >> i don't know how legally they term that, but this is a group inside the united states, inside the government, a bureaucracy literally working against the administration and working against the president of the united states. what we saw before the election and then after the election wasn't just a witch
4:58 am
hunt. this was not a witch hunt. if you look at the documents what it shows is it was a silent coup. they were trying to remove a duly elected president of our country. i think the american people now see it for what it is. we have the documents to prove it. there are more documents that i think will shock the conscience of our country once they come out. once the documents are revealed, the fisa, the bruce ohr interviews as well as numerous text messages and the gang of eight dossier, the answers will be there and it will be up to the american people, not the democrats, not john brennan, not director comey, not mccabe who are all trying to hide behind what they did was bordering crimes and possible crimes. they will be charged i think, some of them. but we will see the truth. and the american people will make that decision. >> lou: and the president is now faced with what is clearly a direct order from the
4:59 am
democrats. the minority party that is supposed to be the loyal opposition who are not loyal but are obstructing and cub universitying -- subverting president, not just opposing his policies. he will be faced with immensely weighty decisions bah was if it is accurate that the f.b.i. and the department of justice are redacting those texts in defiance of his direct order for them to be unredacted, if they are hiding anything in the fisa court applications, there will be hell to pay. because this is something that simply cannot stand defying a president of the united states. >> liz: -- >> absolutely. it's the authority of the president, by his authority he can have the unredacted documents and he can disclose those to congress and congress can disclose them to the
5:00 am
american people. the american people will know the truth. they will get the documents. they can stall all they want but in the end they get them. >> lou: it's good to have you with us. >> what am i supposed to do? go ahead and ruin this guy's life based on accusation but she should come forward. she is should have her say. >> new claims emerge against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh first accuser agrees to testify on thursday we'll have the latest on the kinches. >> 234 markets dow last week posting best week since july. up to a record high. but new u.s. tariffs on chinese goods taking effect overnight and china has canceled trade talks. u.s. stock market futures are now negative. dow down 40 points. >> we're also watching oil price as timing supply concerns push prices up over 1% taking a look


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