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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  September 24, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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kavanaugh on martha maccallum's "the story." tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern. charles: we we got out of bed this morning we knew it would be an explosive week. first there were rumors deputy attorney general rod rosenstein was about to be fired. the president said this. >> i will be meeting with rod rosenstein thursday. we'll be meeting at the white house and determining what's going on. we want transparency and openness. i look forward to meeting with rod at that time. charles: there was an additional accuser against brett kavanaugh
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as christine blasey ford and brett kavanaugh testify on thursday. >> i want a fair process where i can defend my integrity. i know i'm telling the truth. i knee my lifelong record, and i'm not going to let false accusations drive me out of this process. i have faith in god and i have faith in the fairness of the american people. charles: you can catch the full interview tonight on fox at 7:00 p.m. ronna, more accusations over the weekend. but it hooks like the media made huge mistakes with another woman and could not corroborate it and refused to run it.
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now there is talk about moving the thursday hearing another date. >> we saw mitch mcconnell call out the smear tactics of the democrat party. they have taken every extreme measure to keep this come nation from going through. the new yorker story, the holes that are there, the accuser can't name one person who was with her. it took her six days to come up with her recollection. she needed a lawyer there. judge kavanaugh has a record, he is a good person and has a right to defend himself. charles: we'll have a chance to hear from the accuser and the accused. christine blasey ford wrote a letter to no grassley. she says while mr. kavanaugh's
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actions were serious and had an impact on my life. i thought his actions could be useful for you in choosing among the various candidates. it seems like almost everyone decided who they believe. >> i think every allegation needs to be taken seriously. chairman grassley has gone above and beyond. but judge kavanaugh has the opportunity to defend himself. the thing that's so concerning is how the democrats handled this. they put this judicial nomination process into a frenzy. we have 202 arrests. 451 interruptions. then diane fine tine held this letter from dr. ford for 45 days when an investigation could have been ongoing. the political tactics they used are unseemly. they hurt the process. and i think thursday is going to
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be instrumental in hearing both of these individuals. but the democrats have been shameful in how they handled this process. charles: it feels like today the gop is galvanized around judge kavanaugh. president trump saying the sexual assault allegations against the judge are totally political. mitch mcconnell making a passionate plea today. >> the claim is so dubious the "new york times" passed on the story entirely after looking into it. here is why the "new york times" declined publish. quote, interviewed several dozen people over the past week in an attempt to corroborate her story and could find no one, no one with first-hand knowledge. charles: just my observation
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from republican voters i pay attention to and watch social media. it feels like the party is going to be judged harshly if judge kavanaugh is not put through as the next supreme court justice. >> senator mcconnell said this will come to an up or down vote. judge kavanaugh deserves that he has shown that he's a rule of law justice and he deserves an opportunity to be heard and then voted on. as i am traveling this country and hearing from our voters, they want to see this vote take place. i'm concerned about the smear tactics to keep this nomination from going through. the democrats pulled out all the stops to make sure kavanaugh doesn't make it through. and dianne feinstein sitting on this letter, and the media allowing this unsubstancated
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claim from ramirez go through when they couldn't corroborate the claim. as a parent it's concerning that you can dismantle a person's reputation and future with an unsubstantiated claim where there is no ed. we need to we lie on the presumption of innocence. but the democrats shamed the process of nominating a supreme court justice. charles: one of the key pillars of america, and if we abandon that, we abandon what made us great to begin with. jason chaffetz, the former chairman of the house oversight committee. what do you make of what has happened with judge kavanaugh? the effort to derail this? the media certainly is
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overplaying their hand with this latest ramirez story which doesn't work out. there were other elements of dr. christine blasey ford's story that seemed to start falling apart friday as well. >> if she has something to say, congress said let's hear from her. than is a venue to do that. it was painful getting there with all the negotiation back and forth. charles: was that a stall tactic? >> it's partly a tall tactic. but they have gotten a date, thursday. the three-day rule in the senate, they can vote up or down by sunday. for those of you who aren't familiar with mitch mcconnell, that's him fired up. they are going to vote on sunday and i think he'll become justice
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kavanaugh. when the democrats are out there, they are fundraising. there is not a single democrat on the judiciary committee who is possibly going to vote yes. they have said we are a no vote. so they are doing this for four senators. charles: the senators up for grabs are all republican senators. no pun intended, but will justice be done thursday? >> this process getting there, i think america will have to look back on it. is this who we are? and what are the standards. i think about the younger generation living their life on social media. how is somebody 0-30 years from now going to get through this process when their whole life is on film or photo shop?
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i think judge kavanaugh is dealing with it just right. >> you are not suggesting the allegations might have happened, and if they did, he was too young to be held accountable? >> i think we have to look at that. we want to hear from her, give her a fair forum to do that. the senate set that up. all these calls for the investigation. it's the senate that did the investigation. advice and consent it's their ability to go back and listen to her and weigh that in the totality of this record and his entire life. what i find shallow, is no corroboration or other witnesses. there is a pattern where you say a bill cosby or weinstein. there are so many others out there where there are multiple validity real instances.
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charles: i have to ask you about rod rosenstein. maybe he dodged a bullet today. it gets back to the central issue of your book, the deep state. >> i wrote this book after 8 1/years in congress. there is a concerted effort by some that are out there who want to do everything they to be get rid of donald trump and his agenda. they are very brazen about it. and i see it happening at the upper echelon of the department of justice. why were they having this discussion about are you going to wear a wire? charles: the fact that they even gathered. >> the underlying conversation had to lead to something like that. congress needs to know those names and give a transcribed deposition with each those people. why did they think they were justified in doing that. a lot of evidence the inspector
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general already uncovered would lead you to believe there is nefarious intent. charles: what are they protecting. their own turf or their own power. charles: they don't like a disruptive and unconventional person like donald trump. but they want to be left alone. they like the unfettered power. they wanted to have more money and more of them. that's why generally there with the democratic party. but they don't want to have the onon peeled back and be unmasked if you will, along the way. even if they are, they don't get fired. what i do in the book is talk about this is how we solve it. charles: tonight, 7:00 p.m. eastern time on fox news. mitch mcconnell speaks with judge kavanaugh and his wife
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charles: the stakes are high for president trump ahead of his thursday meeting with the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein after a report that rosenstein wanted to wear a wire to capture the chaos in the white house and possibly invoke the 25th amendment, a charge rosenstein has denied. with me to discuss, bill gavin, the former assistant deputy director of the fbi. bill, thanks for joining me. >> charles, it's my pleasure.
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charles: where do we go from here. word is rosenstein thought he might be fired today. now the clock is ticking down to the fateful meeting thursday. >> the department of justice still loaded with some obamaites and clintonites. and they are used to doing things in a certain way that way. now they have a president who says we are not going to do it that way anymore and they are obstructionists just as congress has been to many, many of the things the president has decide. the president has to get along with his department of justice. there is no relationship with his attorney general. i think that's said and done. he has some to have some sort of relationship with somebody in the department and it's rod rosenstein. that's who has.
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this dust-up today, i don't know what precipitated that, i kind of think maybe rod tried to figure out who the rats were in his administration at the department and put out the fact that he might be getting fired and going up to there to resign. so he might already know who is leaking information to the press before he got white house. but it's going to be something -- what was said was the "new york times" saying he had that conversation that he was maybe going invoke the 25th and what should he do, put a wire on and record the president? i think that might have been stimulated by mccabe making those kinds of statements. then magnifying that in order to sell his book.
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charles: let me jump in for a minute. it feels like from the outside observing this, that the president and rosenstein didn't have a great relationship because of all the she man gants that went on at the fbi. it seems like they have grown on each other. in the last few weeks we heard the president say nicer things about rod rosenstein. how practical would it be to fire him particularly with the world watching and the fbi in particular, but the entire intelligence community trying to heal itself in a court of public opinion'. >> the president likes to puff himself up and say some things maybe he hasn't -- he isn't behind. i don't think he'll fire rod rosenstein at this particular point in time.
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it would be a bad optic and it would be looked at as him trying to interfere in bob mueller's investigation. the relationship he had recently with rod going up to the white house frequently and this afternoon to meet with rod thursday will discuss what happened. charles: you have friends in the fbi. the esprit de corps, where are we in the intelligence communities overall. >> in the bureau, nsa, cia, the entire intelligence community is going to keep doing what they do best. there has to be some reliance on the department of justice. but the esprit de corps within the organizations, i can speak only for the bureau. people proud of what they do and 99.9% of them will go to work every day and do the work they
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suspected we do and did do. lit take a while to get over this rough patch we are in. charles: as the leaders of the kavanaugh population pile up, kava at the variablespile up, there when we come back. y peoplg around here in their hundreds. so how do you stay financially well for all those extra years? well, you have to start planning as early as possible. we all need to plan, for 18 years or more, of retirement. i don't have a whole lot saved up, but i'm working on it now. i will do whatever i need to do. ♪ plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges.
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we are athene, and we are driven to do more. you. charles: thursday is the day judge kavanaugh and his accuser, christine blasey ford will testify on capitol hill. joining us, heather hanson, a lot has changed since our conversation friday. more news stories and accusations. where do we stand? >> we assistant with a lot of yuris of one. each of these senators will have to decide whether they beach there judge kavanaugh and his
6:24 pm
accuser to be credible and decide whether any evidence that's out there. we haven't heard about a whole lot. her lie detector test, maybe that will come up. charles: if someone says -- i'm impressed that he has a calendar from 1982. there was nothing around that area that that event supposedly happened. >> around that area is the problem. if she had a specific date and nothing was in his calendar, that would be different. the calendars will help, the lie detector tests will help, the fact there are inconsistencies. i am sure there are many things he'll say that will help her side. >> it does come down to the juries of one which are the senators.
6:25 pm
brett kavanaugh has a long history of impeccable credibility with the over 100 women who have come out to say on the record that he treated them professionally and they would attest to his credibility. but his accuser here, and what happened over the weekend, this has become a trial by media. i would disagree with heather to the extent that if we were looking at what's on the record, there is nothing on the record. the allegations are not anything that hasn't been corroborated. we'll see what will happen if people come to testify. we have a full and complete record with brett kavanaugh having six fbi background investigations. all of those things attest to his credibility and the constitutional protections should still attach. >> the fact of the matter is we don't know yet. we don't know what she'll
6:26 pm
testify to and what evidence will come up at the hearing. we can talk about a lack of expert witnesses. look back at judge gorsuch. none of this came up with him. now we have at least two women and word of others being floated around. charles: what do you think of ramirez coming into the studio, the most of recent thing is ronan farrow ran with the story. the "new york times" said they spoke with former classmates and she was calling the former classmates to ask about this incident and none of them could help her out. she herself admits she is very vague. should this become another event? >> i think thursday days event should be dr. ford and judge kavanaugh talking about these issues and answering the questions. the ramirez thing seems sketchy.
6:27 pm
she couldn't remember herself and was testing her recollection by talking to her friends. but thursday will be focused upon these two people speaking to the issues. charles: the jury is the american public. this issue i think is about abortion. i think ultimately this issue is about the democrats being able to campaign on it and perhaps even take advantage of it in the mid-term elections. but having said that, there is a special interview tonight, mitch mcconnell with judge kavanaugh and his wife. do you think that's a smart move ahead of thursday? >> i do. because brett kavanaugh has been prepared to tell the truth from day one. he has said from the moment he even heard about the anonymous allegations, he's firmly come forward and said he denies them.
6:28 pm
the fact he's willing to state that on the record before confrontation of the witness shows he presented himself well. why we didn't see this with gorsuch because roe versus wade and a conservative majority was not on the line. charles: do you think it's a good idea for this interview? >> no, it's something else to cross-examine on. senator mitch mcconnell says the attacks on judge kavanaugh are a smear campaign. we'll delve into the political ramifications next. t time ever. it allowed more users to connect at the same time while on the move. other wireless carriers considered the tech too expensive, but we saw it as the birth of reliability and the backbone of a company we all know as verizon.
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>> democrats wouldn't let a few inconvenient things like a complete lack of evidence or an accusers request for confidentiality to get between them and a good smear. it's despicable. charles: harsh words. that was senate majority leader mitch mcconnell calling out democrats saying their case against brett kavanaugh isn't for the greater good. they say it's a waste to drag kavanaugh's name through the mud to prevent president trump from having another justice on the court.
6:33 pm
-- deneen, what do you think of mitch mcconnell's remark? >> kavanaugh's two young girls have been faced with threats of assault because kavanaugh is a nominee from president trump. you have the left mob -- charles: you think democrats don't believe what they are saying. they are just using this because they want to delay delay delay. >> where is the proof? charles: this is a harsh thing to chart somebody with. even if kavanaugh was a gas station attendants, you are convinced the democrats don't care because the democrats will save the supreme court at any cost. >> it's proven guilty before proven innocent. this is what we have seen for
6:34 pm
months. charles: we heard harsh words from nor mcconnell. president trump had strong words, positive word for brett kavanaugh. are you surprised how the gop is now circling the wagons around this appointment? >> the real problem is how this is handled from the beginning. dianne feinstein had this letter. she chose to bring it up at that certain moment. she had it since late july. that did a lot to discredit dr. ford's allegations. so i think the democrats did do an injustice. but i think this is a problem for the gop moving forward. you do have the mid-terms approaching. the numbers with women are not so great. when you consider the suburban women, 35% say they regret their
6:35 pm
vote. the gop will have to hone in on that demographic. charles: you are saying if kavanaugh is confirmed they will lose that vote. >> i think they have lost credibility with female voters because of the way they handled this. there should be a process in place for those who will use allegations or come out and say something as well as protect those who are accused. if it comes out she is not telling the truth, that's kavanaugh's reputation, personal life, everything that's ruined. if this is the truth, this is terribly hard for her as well. and everyone should feel ashamed much this process. charles: robin, it's not sure there will be concrete proof. it's hard to prove a negative or something that didn't happen.
6:36 pm
i think it will be difficult for dr. ford to prove anything happened. so this will be about opinions. gut check. there will be a part of this that's never truly come to a conclusion. >> you are exactly correct. it's quite possible there will be a dark cloud over this supreme court justice. and that's a shame. but as the other panelists said, the accusers deserve to be heard. this is very difficult for anybody in a situation to come forward. and they don't stand to gain anything from this. they are required under oath to tell the truth, and if they don't they get held responsible. so, you know, it's tricky and it will be a he said, she said thing. it's important that they get out there and say their truth, and let's see how this rolls out,
6:37 pm
charles. charles: the political calculus, if republicans don't confirm justice kavanaugh, assuming thursday there is no absolute conclusion that he is credible or she is credible, would the calculus be approving him and getting the core republicans to stay with him or not approve him. >> i think what they need to do is looking at what's going on. this is a smear campaign. we have yet to see any proof. i think overall look at this whole circus how this has been handled from day one. they have been against kavanaugh from day one. even with preprinted signs before a name was announced. if democrats look at how they are handling this. how would they want them handling the congress and the
6:38 pm
white house. charles: the overwhelming majority of republicans voters i have heard from say they will never vote gop again if brett kavanaugh is not confirmed. >> not supporting republican principles and politicians will lead to this circus we are seeing on many, many issues. >> ramirez, went to college with judge kavanaugh, saying she kind of recalls something, met with the lawyers six times. they are her memory came back despite the alcoholic fog that kept it at bay. does this make you feel there is an element of a smear campaign? >> i said from the very beginning, the way this has been handled, the allegations and the timing seems to discredit some of these accusations. but republicans would have been
6:39 pm
smart from the beginning not to vilify but allow the testifying to happen. i think there have been republicans who have come out there by trying to get a w on the board who have not been open. if you do not allow the opportunity, this administration has done enough to really hurt themselves with women just by the rhetoric used on the campaign trail and the administration itself. if you want to keep that key demographic in the mid terms and 2020, it would behoove them to try to make it appear they are on the side of women or be willing to hear something forward. charles: should senator ayotte do the questioning? >> i like her being someone from new hampshire. i think that would provide a good platform. she was a former attorney general there.
6:40 pm
charles: i am getting the rap. >> it does the matter if it is male or female. just ask the questions we want to know. i landed. i saw my leg did not look right.
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6:42 pm
waiting for with president macron. president trump: we'll be discussing trade today. we'll be discussing military and defense and terrorism is a great subject we are always talking about. that's why we are here tonight maybe more so than almost everything. so i just want to thank you for being here and it's a great honor. we had a tremendous celebration in the white house a few months ago honoring the president and mrs. macron and honoring france and it was something very special. thank you very much. >> thank you very much, mr. president. i'm very happy to be here with my delegation. let me first express my deepest
6:43 pm
[inaudible] french people feel close to your people and american people, especially the carolinas. and let me express my condolences. we are here to discuss a lot of subjects we have in common. and express a few of them. but i think we are here to deliver. on this occasion of all the meetings we'll have on wednesday will be a great occasion to deliver for our common security. we have a lot in common. terrorism, defense, the situation in the middle east is something we have and we want to fiction and we want to work together. thank you very much for welcoming us, and we were very happy indeed july 17 to welcome you and your wife after you came for the wonderful trip to the white house.
6:44 pm
we'll be happy to welcome you again in november. thank you for being here again today. president trump: we had dinner at the top of the eiffel tower and it was one of the greatest evenings you will ever see. thank you very much, everybody. thank you very much. charles: president trump and france's president emmanuel macron. that i suit up, there is a chance that's the last time.
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charles: trump just finishing a meeting with france's president ahead of the anticipated address before the general assembly. here to discuss, gillian melchoir, and kelly jane. what are we expected for tomorrow. >> everybody is waiting to see what trump is going to talk about exactly. he has said he wants to focus this meeting on iran. there has been a bit of pushback from the white house. and we heard he wants to get in more of an america first agenda. he has continued as we have gone on. it will be a combination of hey, america will not be giving money to countries that hate us. and i think some strong words for countries like juan who are
6:49 pm
definitely the regime is against its people's own interest and the united states interest. charles: before the show i saw mike pompeo making strong comments against iran as well. >> i think we have north korea to talk about, the chaos in syria. but really what this is underlining is how ineffectual the u.n. has been dealing with these broader geopolitical problems. i think what we are seeing here is a real failure of collective security on these important issues. charles: america first. if you look at what china said over the weekend. america is bullying everything. sort of a preemptive strike. how deeply do you think
6:50 pm
president trump will pound the table. >> that is one of the few issues where the united states benefits from strong allies. and from having trade partners. i think if there is one thing that collaboration can work for, this is it. charles: nikki haley has become a superstar. so you are happy with the job she is doing there. >> she has been doing a great job. she to me is someone who shows you don't have to be a sycophant to the president. she has been a leader and encouraged the president on some of the issues she cares about. she has been excellent on iran. helping the president some see how the bad behavior of the regime affected people all over
6:51 pm
the place. those drugs come here. she has done an excellent job staying the course and keeping things serious. you don't see her saying crazy things or insulting people. charles: apparently the u.k. and other countries want to keep doing business with iran. and they will make their case this week. what do you make of that? that's nuts to me. >> they will have a tough time doing that. as much as they dislike the u.s. pulling out of the paris climate accord and the iran deal. they are look at this saying i can either do business with america or iran. i would say this will swing the global momentum against iran.
6:52 pm
i think that's a good use of our diplomacy. charles: anything that might be resolved or highlighted so america knows? i don't think the u. nissments an effective organization. i think whatever their mission was they failed a long time ago. but obviously we want something important to come out of this week. >> gillian is right, the iranian president wrote an op-ed published friday saying the european companies are pulling out. you will see at this meeting some people basically saying if we have to choose between the united states and iran we'll choose the united states. i was talking to rudy giuliani after an event about iran. he said he's kind of taking it personally that the u.s. is
6:53 pm
allowing hassan rouhani to come here. he said you don't invite dictators like that to come to the u.n. charles: but it is the u.n. tradition to keep it going. the day after chemo might mean a trip back to
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♪ ♪ charles: a lot of news today, rod rosenstein will meet with president trump on thursday, also the day judge kavanaugh and his accuser testify on capitol hill. and on wednesday looking for clues from the federal reserve. so a lot of forces at work. how will they impact the market? with us now, nomi prins, how central banks rid the world, david nelson, chief strategist at bellpoint asset management. a lot of things going into the public consciousness, a lot of
6:57 pm
headlines that certainly impact market and the psyche of everyone involved. how does this play out particularly as we head into the fed meeting? >> i think powell's going to be measured, he said there's going to be a continuation of gradual rate increases, inflation's not so bad, employment's okay, but he's not sure it's going to continue. a lot of last quarter's growth was, in fact, due to pre-care tiff type of -- pre-tariff type of activity. i believe we'll get 25 basis points of a hike, but i think he may step off the brakes into the end of the year. charles: i think most americans would be surprised that soybeans are up 43%, but people will be shocked even as the price has gone down. david, here's the thing, these headlines are hard to ignore, obviously. we know the world's going to be watching capitol hill on thursday, two major events going on. to how -- to what degree does that impact the market in your mind? >> well, certainly we have to deal with the minutiae every single day.
6:58 pm
there's never a day we don't have a headline, when it's brexit, china, the political circus in washington. really probably the biggest risk for the market is maybe in our own backyard, and that's the federal reserve because they have the tools. the problem for the fed is that the tools they use are so blunt, they're trying to move around a battleship, and a very long time to get policy implemented and even longer to get it off. the fear that i have is that they might move too soon and squash this economy before it's really had a chance to get going. charles: in that regard, i give powell some credit, you know? after jackson hole, the market surged, the number two guy at the fed who i guess was considered a hawk has been making dovish comments. it feels like this fed may be more accommodative or may be smarter about the impact of their actions on main street. people who never have benefited from the fed's actions when they're printing money but certainly get devastated when they're trying to take away a combination. >> i think that's right.
6:59 pm
we might not have that hike because there's a lot of debt in this economy, a lot of emerging market debt, corporate debt, household debt is at an all-time high, consumer debt and so forth. i think the fed has to look at all of those parameters, and it can't just tighten the screws on everyone, because that's going to potentially create a credit crisis, and i don't think it wants to do that. charles: david, on the tariff side, jpmorgan over the weekend, a bunch of strategists there, cautious. they're still long market, they still like a lot of things, and what i thought was interesting about their comments on one hand they say it's going to impact the consumer, on the other hand it's going to impact corporate earnings. i don't know if it's going to impact both. is that going to be enough to derail this rally? >> i don't think so. if you're looking for a barometer on how this is working out, look at our market. we're very strong. and to nomi's point, the most important debt is the dollar-denominated debt. that's what the fed needs to
7:00 pm
look at. it impacts emerging markets, and in the end, that's our consumers. charles: real quick -- well, we're out of time. thank you both very much. a lot of good stuff going on. just a preview of the week, which is going to be wild, but we're here for you. now, here's the man himself, lou. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories, the radical dems and their allies in the national left-wing media doing their worst, trying the block the confirmation of brett kavanaugh to supreme court. >> no way that the united states senate can vote on this nomination of brett kavanaugh without a full, fair investigation. >> they cannot get their arms around the fact that women do not make these things up, and they just want to obfuscate that by calling it politically motivated. lou: we take the up the hysterical, hyperbolic


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