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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 1, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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foundation for future missions to mars. the last time a human being set foot on the moon was apollo 16. it wasn't david asman? it's a little too early for us to make fun of him. here's the evening that it appeared >> we successfully completed negotiations on a brand-new deal to terminate and replace nafta appeared >> the u.s. and ca will uncover $2 trillion, easily making it the biggest agreement and history. >> would've done it in 14 months and believe me and trade negotiating terms that is like warp speed. >> nasa had to be shakespeare's >> president trump has been able to make a deal where everybody is better off. >> no other person could've done it. >> new deal will be the most
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modern up-to-date and balanced trade agreement in the history of our country. >> the dow up nearly 200 points as president trump announced the biggest trade deal ever with mexico and canada. it is a one-point $2 trillion agreement that replaces old nafta. a campaign promise the president got the president .uk. it is china next year the count of economic advisers chairman kevin hastert is here to talk about it. democrats now criticizing the fbi probe they wanted in the first place into those allegations against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. now say they want the fbi to interview dozens more people. delay tactics. former fbi assistant to chris tucker. appearing on cnn and guess what, he calls out cnn for their endless anti-trump discussions. we will debate all of that and more. thank you for joining us. thank you for watching. we've got the debate behind the
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headlines. i am elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ elizabeth: wow, the dow is really moving this morning on the news about the canada and mexico u.s. trade deal. and of the day nearly 200 points higher is that the church of the new quarter and start of the month. more new money just a second, the first major victory for the white house. president trump announcing a new trade deal in the rose garden press her. he dubbed it the united states mexico candidate deal appeared at the push to make the u.s. a manufacturing powerhouse again and guess what, the steel tariffs will stay in place to protect the industry. -- on his key campaign promises to improve trade deals. the deal is going to give a boost to the auto sector, to labor unions, to dispute resolution rules. it opens up access to various
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protected industries in canada. canadian prime minister justin trudeau also praising the new deal. even democrat senator chuck schumer have been a positive reaction from the same the president deserves praise for taking large steps to improve it appeared ohio democrat sharad brought like that, too. let's get to edward lorenz live in washington d.c. what a day, edward, for the trade deal. reporter: absolutely appeared in the 11th hour, canada signed on to this agreement, which is now called the u.s.-mexico canada trade agreement. this is president donald trump's first major victory for his new trade policies which include the terrorists. >> without terrorists we wouldn't be talking about it. just for those babies out there they keep talking about terrorists. that includes congress. without terrorists, you wouldn't be -- we wouldn't be standing here. i can tell you bob and all these folks would be standing here
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right now. reporter: senior canadian officials say they signed on because this agreement is then placed a trade dispute mechanism that leads to arbitration. the agreement opens market access to their dairy industry which as you mentioned also includes their wine industry. canada also received an exemption for the auto tariffs are the future planned auto tariff for up to 2.7 million cars. >> when your trading partners 10 times your size coming to need rules. you need a level playing field. unless the new agreement achieved object is, we wouldn't find it. simply put, the new agreement had to be good for canada and for canadians. reporter: many democrats applauding president donald trump is able to get canada and mexico to sign onto this agreement. senate minority leader chuck schumer said in a statement related to this revised nafta quote, the president deserves
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praise and the arrangement must be judged on how it benefits and protect middle-class families and people of our country. the administration started being protected. they take advantage of president willingness and the ratification on pace at the moment will be ratified by congress to get assigned by the mexican president on december 1st. that's the goal. we'll see. elizabeth: great to see you, edward. president trump of the campaign promise. listen to the president when he was running in 2016. >> heiress never been a trade deal as bad as nafta anywhere in the world. nafta has killed us. our stupid politicians have killed us and we are going to turn it around. we are going to start with nafta, which is causing so much
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damage to our country. we will entirely renegotiate nafta into a deal that will either be a good one for us as a country and for our work or we will terminate it until a brand-new and to deal can be signed. [applause] elizabeth: okay, so we've been a nonpartisan shot called politicized is now same president trump is stacking up victories of renegotiating nafta. he signed a new trade deal with south korea recently. other big trade deals possibly in the work with the e.u., japan, and maybe china can the u.k. come and maybe even india. the president promised sister in the campaign and i was delivering. the council of economic advisers, kevin hastert. it's so great to see you. this is all up to congress. will congress move on the new nafta right after the midterm? i think congress has to move on this. they have to move on a fast because it's a great deal.
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i'm just a nerdy economist and i've watched the president trade through these negotiations, got to say we just went for a graduate seminar in negotiations. we got the mexicans to move, canadians to move and produce a deal that's good for all of us. all the things people said were impossible have been fixed now. and nafta commotion of president that is one of the worst trade deals ever and turned it into something great for american workers but also good for trading partners. it is win win win. the usmc a coma like the ymca that the u.s. and france. elizabeth: sounds like a college top 10 football team. kevin, here's the thing. the media pushing back saying go on. you are touting this as an historical victory. but this is nafta in a new dress. when he said about that? >> best just and correct that a lot of a lot of things here from the hear from the media. the fact they were new protections for american workers. there are new markets opened up so you can sell dairy products and so on.
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most importantly carbonized things like worker protections and environmental protections we don't have to worry about the solution in mexico and wafting onto north america because they have later standards in us. the president made the deal that any reasonable sensible person would kill for. that means it'll never make it through congress. even chuck schumer say it looks like i've accomplished something impressive because we really have. the president really has. elizabeth: to take a "new york times" op-ed william krugman same president trump is incompetent and creating trade wars the president cannot win. >> well i guess the answer is really in the end are we going to have tariffs on everything in a trade work or are we going to have improved deals because a person who understands how to negotiate with leverage. it is clear that got corey steel that's improved. nafta deal that's improved. the president mentioned today the japanese are now talking to us in the president had this
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great meeting with european spreading is located in the blue fun things, most notably things that previous presidents tried to get the move on and they failed. president trump has done something everyone else has tried to do in the past and they failed and he succeeded. elizabeth: he is really showing how dysfunctional it is. he's getting it done warp speed as one person said. >> nine actually. elizabeth: sounds like a different kind of outer limits episode. here's the thing come at the new deal helps union workers, also helps farmers access to the dairy sector into canada. how can the democrats not take on the new nafta? if it helps labor, i mean, afl-cio still trying to be on the fence about it. go ahead as we make the is fighting for american workers, but he also fought for mexican and canadian workers, too. mexican workers have the same labor rights that american workers have.
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the idea that they will be sweatshops with child labor in mexico double steal your job is gone. that's not going to happen anymore. mexican workers will have the kinds of right labor unions fought for for a long, long time to defend. this is something american labor has been fighting for for a long time. just because you have the right to organize doesn't mean you do organize. it's up to the union to make a case the worker should do that. the fact that they can if they have the same secret ballot right and so on to something american labor should celebrate. great to be here. elizabeth: great to see you. a number of reporters at the white house don't want to talk about a new trade deal. the only one of talk about brett kavanaugh. watch. >> you said it's incorrect to say you are limiting the scope of the fbi investigation. >> what does that have to do it the second question on the kavanaugh and? you'll take that now? we will do the kavanaugh questions. you talk about being treated
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harshly. do you have a question on trade? >> my question is -- >> please come yes. elizabeth: conservative commentator lawrence jones and former state department press secretary under secretary of state. great to see you both good lawrence, first year. what is your take on the media saying the president shows he's against the free press. >> this is the president doing exactly what he's doing ever since he's been elected. the president at these conferences likes talking to the press. he used to take these absurd questions. it would distract the method. right now you see the president announcing that going to answer these questions. let's talk about what we've been doing to improve this economy. although i disagree on its trade policy, he's been successful with it. you've got to give them props.
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elizabeth: here's the thing, remember when the media went after the president for saying you want to basically negotiate with the e.u. and other trading partners. give your reaction on the other side of the soundbites. watch. >> 15 months in, why hasn't he been able to renegotiate any of these trade deals? >> he was extremely dismissive. you just heard a clip of the founder of the impact this would have on american consumers, american business and potentially a bigger deal our friendships with some of our closest and longest standing allies and trading partners. >> at a moment when the president is trying to negotiate north korea, in the middle east, is this a time when you want to escalate trade tensions. >> how do you think our allies feel about her message across the board? >> why would any ally, long-standing ally? >> it's an unmitigated disaster. this sort of thing has the
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potential for the global trading system. >> this could have a negative economic impact. >> you're taking all of this. >> a lot of those commentators are giving their opinion and i happen to agree with a lot of it. elizabeth: still? you still agree with that? >> yes, today may have been a great day i'm happy particularly on things like very he might've gotten some movement. we still have steel tariffs, the e.u., still have china. there's a lot of in the air when it comes to trade. in terms of the press conference today, a lot of reporters asked about trade. i worked for many officials who wish they could only answer questions about the topic they wanted to. brett kavanaugh is a huge topic in the news and they were going to ask about it. elizabeth: jeff greenfield of cnn say you should report the facts and stop thinking like your opinions are facts. the fact is the trade deal, the american workers seeing record
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economic growth and decent jobs coming back. final word, lawrence. >> that's exactly right. we've got a lot of people doing what we're doing right now to the political commentators instead of reporting on the facts. the president is quite frustrated. elizabeth: maria, i'm going to come to you. great to have you both. thank you so much. let's get your business headlines. stocks rallying. the president's u.s. canada mexico trade deal. ford and fiat chrysler all closer. tesla's stock also moving higher as elon musk agrees with the sec requiring them to step down as tesla's chairman and pay a $20 million fine. it's just a slap on the wrist to the company ceo despite the sec saying it was a fraudulent treaty sent out that he secured funding when he did it to go private. opec seemingly powerless.
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analysts now floating the possibility of oil hitting $100 a barrel. look out for gas prices. write to the market for a check for your money. the dow up triple digits. let's get right to deirdre bolton with the latest. what a day. >> the dow and the s&p 500 closed higher off the highs of the day, but still squarely in the green. the nasdaq finishing the session lower. president trump talking about trade from the rose garden and investors feel pretty optimistic about the global economy through the u.s. and canada agreed to a trade deal. basically one that includes or follows the u.s. and mexican one made earlier this year. traders on the floor for the new york stock exchange say in the u.s. and canada came to an agreement as much as the u.s. and mexico did. the u.s. in the e.u. earlier this year and that lands a little support to the idea that u.s. and china can pose some
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trade tips aside. you had eight out of 10 industry groups in the s&p 500. some of the standout stocks not a huge surprise. automakers of course is a huge point of compromise from both the canadian and the american side. gm and ford finishing the day higher in addition to stocks such as boeing. those were the big standouts. ge closing higher after the ceo was abruptly let go. anyone brought in. the idea to look at challenges with a fresh set of eyes. elizabeth: great to see you. musician kanye catching heat, and getting booed after deliberate approach him speech at the end of the segment. we've got the video of whatever were so upset about. award-winning tv journalist i've mentioned before, jeff greenfield calling out the anti-trunk panels and lack of reporting on cnn.
5:17 pm
i will play the sound. president trump now saying they should interview anyone they want. watch. >> i want them to do a very comprehensive investigation. whatever that means according to the senators and the republicans in the republican majority. i want them to do that. i wanted to be comprehensive. i actually think it's a good name for judge kavanaugh. not a bad thing. i think it's a good thing. with that being said, i'd like it to go quickly. the fbi should interview anybody they want within reason. trade you my next guest criticizing the fbi investigation that they called for. bringing in former fbi assistant director and attorney chris walker. he shaken his head. he fired up about this. that is next. stay right there. >> who's not asking the fbi to investigate these claims? the white house. >> 's failure to ask for an fbi
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investigation is tantamount
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5:22 pm
cover-up. tree into the president is asking for an fbi investigation. those democrats basically complaining about all that last week during the kavanaugh hearing. now they criticized the investigation. democrats also want to add two dozen more people to be interviewed. senator mitch mcconnell saying the senate may vote this week on the confirmation of kavanaugh. he is also saying the goalposts are being moved forward by democrats. prosecutor rachel mitchell will ask for questions for republicans. rachel mitchell said she would never advise you to case against brett kavanaugh because the evidence is just not there. >> i'm very concerned about this. the white house should not be allowed to micromanage an fbi investigation. >> kellyanne said they're not. >> i know. seven days is bad enough, but then to limit the fbi as to the scope and who they're going to
5:23 pm
question. that really -- i want to use the word fires, but that's not the kind of investigation that all of us were expecting the fbi to conduct. elizabeth: democrats weighed in on not. senator orrin hatch off this way made. republicans said okay let's have a hearing. democrats cried bully in the hearing to shame. we need an fbi investigation. republicans that will have an fbi investigation. democrats at the first. let's bring in former fbi assistant director attorney chris wicker. great to see you, chris. your take on this ugly, ugly battle. >> unfortunately the fbi caught in another political firestorm. the only way to get through things like this is do things the way you've always done them and the fbi has done thousands of special inquiries. not an fbi investigation. an fbi special inquiries. those are two different things and everybody keeps referencing
5:24 pm
the fbi investigation. that out what it is. these are special inquiries for presidential appointments. they're handled all the time. elizabeth: it's interesting you put the perspective correctly they are, chris, to set the expert patient level and even incorrect. what's so upsetting is now it feels like the truth of accusations hinge on someone's identity, very motion ideology. the ideology of the accuser in the field speculation constitutes a evidence of an assertion, an accusation of a crime is on teachable proof. the accusation tantamount to a conviction when really the where, when, why and how took place. battlefields are relevant. >> yeah, unfortunately. i'm a former prosecutor. i was a prosecutor before i went in the fbi. and as an agent. what does matter are the facts. things that can be corroborated, he was contradicted.
5:25 pm
just what people say, but things that are verifiable in some fashion or another. that is the kind of cases you take to court. allegations are one thing. facts are another. so the fbi will go back doing the best they can to either refute or contradict the witness statements and the alleged that in statements in the alleged perpetrator statements. that's what they do and they've done it before. elizabeth: can they really wrap it up this week's inquiry as he play now. it seems that i'll be chasing down alibis are getting things like to see if it matches dr. ford's account. are you going to get it done this week? >> they will. these things come with a short deadline to do a lot more than what they have to do with the supplemental. they're usually a 21 day deadline. the fbi has the resources, people come experience if they're given a seven day deadline and that they located in in seven days.
5:26 pm
everybody's going to want more. i suspect at the end of this no one will be satisfied. i think will have a very good product from the fbi in terms of the follow-up on the background. elizabeth: chris swecker, thank you for coming in. spark in the final trade deal with mexico. canada's dairy farmers up in canada, they are not happy. they are hollering. my next guest has always said president trump would protect american farmers in the long run. we are bringing in marcelo pineda reacts after this. >> i will negotiate a better deal. how exactly are you going to negotiate that? what magic wand do you have? beyond the numbers to examine investment opportunities firsthand. like e-commerce spurring cardboard demand. the pursuit of allergy-free peanuts.
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and in canada. the deal includes a substantial increase in our farmers opportunities to export american week, poultry, eggs and dairy including milk, butter, cheese, yogurt and i.c.e. cream to name a few. i want to be very specific. [applause] elizabeth: we are just getting news right now could the president has landed in tennessee for the rally tonight. we are hearing thousands of make america great again. people lining up there will be protesters. people hollering and cheering for the president right there. they are literally hollering. and trump have a big way for u.s. dairy farmers. canada's justin trudeau got a big loss for them. the u.s. will lead americans shape more milk north and other
5:31 pm
products north. congress is not going to vote on the nafta deal until after the midterm. good news for trump and democrats and even liberals like senator sherrod brown and chuck schumer might be allies with the president and they basically like it. what's in it for trump space that you see right now. martha pineda, what is your take on this deal good for u.s. farmers? >> absolutely. this is the greatest free trade deal for farmers and dairy producers in the entire world. it's another example of president trump's promises made and promises delivered. elizabeth: the new deal does give you is greater access to the dairy markets and eliminate the new milk pricing system. how do you think this will shake out going forward? you think congress will go for it? congress is saying you know what, trump tariffs you shouldn't have done it saying you are a bunch of babies. i want your reaction to this
5:32 pm
soundbite. watch. >> without tariffs we wouldn't be talking about a deal. just for those babies out there that keep talking about tariffs. that includes congress. please don't charge terrace. we don't have a deal with china. they do whatever they want. >> what is your take on what the president just said there? >> i agree with the president. congress is acting like a bunch of babies. this is the greatest free trade deal, virtually eliminating tariffs and commodities like beef, dairy, corn. and for far too long they were hindered from entering because of terrace to the tune of 270%. this deal is a win for american farmers bringing jobs and also protecting our producers. by the way of protecting our intellectual property that has been in jeopardy for far too long. elizabeth: you know what else is interesting, charles payne has brought this up, too.
5:33 pm
something called to ministry. if you are at home selling your goods, selling something on ebay or at the initial $20 for the step to canada, your 20 bucks for not fail would have been hit with tariffs. that is the lowest threshold for terrorists in the world. canada. martha, canada was doing that. your take on that. >> absolutely. this is a win-win for producers across our country. another example of how our president is delivering on its promises. the stock market is raven reacting with good news today with a dial-up because it is a good time for america and making america first and that's what our president promised to do them a level the playing field and make america first. elizabeth: comeback in cs and see us. good luck with your foreign. jeff greenfield calling out cnn and less anti-trump panels, lack of reporting. he really shocked cnn.
5:34 pm
coming up, we've got that. but first, supporting arizona senator jeff flake made a bombshell confession. he said he would not have pushed for an fbi probe if he was running for reelection. bringing in republican jason chaffetza en masse. see you then. when you're a mom and an entrepreneur. with more businesses starting every day, how do they plan for their financial wellness? i am very mindful of the sacrifices that i make. so i have to manage my time wisely. ♪ plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges.
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>> i have to say that when i heard him, i heard someone i
5:38 pm
hope i would sound like if i had been unjustly accused. and to see his family behind him at chris said, it was anger. if i were unjustly accused, that is how i would feel as well. >> could you have done this? >> not a chance. not a chance. politics has become too sharp, too partisan. there's no value value to reach across the aisle. there's no incentive. elizabeth: republican senator arizona jeff flake on 60 minutes. he made a big confession. he basically said he would not seek enough vi probe into judge kavanaugh if he actually was running for reelection. senator flake explain and there's no incentive, no scoring political points with his voters by reaching across the aisle to get an fbi probe done. should we be concerned? former oversight committee member and author of the book
5:39 pm
deep state. republican congressman jason chaffetz. good to see you, sir. >> hey, thanks for having me on. traitor senator flake now say the divide is so deep it is a job to work with the other party or receive during voters under the bus because he's not running again? >> will look, i find just like to be very candid and honest in his opinions. i don't always agree with him. extending this for another week, his stated goal was the country is being torn apart at the seams. i think this further divides the country by extending it, by not being definitive when the congress in this case the senate won't actually vote. i think that makes the situation worse, not better. you can see how democrats are responding to it. no investigation will ever be good enough here they just want to continue to extend on and on. when you're not responsible or don't have to answer to the voters, and you come up with a
5:40 pm
different conclusion. there are consequences. elizabeth: sir, if people are looking up the story and the facts, even "the new york times" talked to women in maine. women in maine want the facts. your take on this, sir, the facts are that dr. ford was willing to talk to the judiciary committee investigator, but somehow herbal yours, basically dianne feinstein's office got her hooked up with these lawyers. those lawyers somehow didn't get her to talk to the investigators, that now they want an fbi probe. i don't know, therefore didn't know the judiciary committee offered to fly the investigators to interview her in california. i mean, how does all of this stack up with what is going on now? >> long-term we are going to go back and look at ms. ford's attorneys and there might be some real shenanigans and misdeeds done there. i don't know that she's represented very well.
5:41 pm
it was very obvious that they were wearing on their shirt sleeves their agenda. you look at attorneys before this all started and they were part of the resist movement. they want a scorched earth. they were willing to do anything to make sure the trump agenda was never put into place. but you know, ms. ford was given every opportunity to say everything she wanted. know them is on her time and what she could die. same with judge kavanaugh. at this point you have two people in the middle of this and you heard everything. senators didn't ask for more time to ask questions. some senators ask a question of ms. ford. they have to decide. people are saying dr. ford, wife contacting the "washington post" -- there's a lot of questions.
5:42 pm
congressman, good to see you. >> i can't find an airplane but it will fly on an airplane. elizabeth: good to see you, sir. great to have you on. coming up, kanye west getting good on "saturday night live" after giving a pro donald trump speech, and a pro job speech. we will take that on. award-winning television journalist dropped a bombshell on cnn. saying cnn coming up and less anti-trump panels. your lack of reporting is a problem and guess what, cnn ted turner says the same thing next week. we take that on next. i think we can do better. change is hard. try to keep an open mind. come on, dad. this is for me, son?
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5:46 pm
see panels rather than reporting. exchanging opinions the overwhelming majority network. they have taken a stand against this president and this nomination. trent award-winning tv journalist calling out cnn and less anti-trust panels and lack of reporting stand too much opinions not facts for the day. the parent company time warner now owned by at&t closing it down in the red. also down for the year. the political power plan all the rain hard and lawrence jones. your reaction to what jeff greenfield just said. >> appeals ironic to ask me a more to respond to this because we're both political commentators to go on tv and debate opinions. i do think there is a fair question for all of the networks about how much to have reporters
5:47 pm
reporting the fact and how much do have people debating their opinions on what is happening. it's probably pretty good tv. that's why a lot of people watch it. i think the next works need to be careful and invest in their reporters, journalists and not just come i hate to say this because i'm one of them, not just the political commentators. i think there is room for both. elizabeth: maria can you make a great point because when i was working at "the wall street journal" if you've got emotional about a story or had an opinion about the story you are immediately taken off because he became blinded to the facts. you could not do journalism. when you have opinions, like we see now, people tend to not debate others different opinions and they all stand in the same amen corner. you don't get the facts are what the problem. lawrence, let's turn to kanye west about delivering not just a pro trump speech, but also jobs for blacks. watch this. ♪
5:48 pm
don't go out there with a hat on. okay, i almost put my superman cape on. this means you can't tell me what to do. 90% of news are liberals. so it's easy to make it seem like it is so, so, so one-sided. ♪ [inaudible] does anybody know about that? how could donald trump be racist? [inaudible] elizabeth: kanye west went on to make comments about that. we know that he screwed up their comments about the 13th amendment, but he was talking about economic policies.
5:49 pm
go ahead. >> i'm not sure he screwed up the 13th amendment as well. here's the deal. kanye has been talking about this stuff way before donald trump. if people would actually listen to kanye's lyrics they would be ahead of the curve. unfortunately, the republican party does seem the message of capitalism within the hip-hop community. kanye was talking about the school of thought when it came to freedom. although we may have gotten a constitutional amendment, they're still criminal justice reform. there is still a system that's broke and in many people look like me are still inexperienced. are we really free when we are economically still impoverished. so that is what kanye is talking about. they listen to the lyrics that been talking about for years. elizabeth: you just did a great job delivering a context. what is your reaction to this? >> i think lawrence is right in
5:50 pm
a lot of ways. kanye is not always in effect the messenger. he aligned so close that donald trump and is embracing not allowed. it's hard for people -- elizabeth: but is talking about economic policies that create jobs for black people. just talk about that part of it. >> well, sure. those are important economic policies to debate. unfortunately, kanye seems to do things in a way that doesn't bring people that disagree with him on board. >> but he's always done it, marie. he's always done it. he has no items on the donald trump. donald trump has aligned himself with kanye. elizabeth: guys can without a go. thank you so much. angry liberals protesting judge kavanaugh's nomination around the country. there is a big story here. the back story is big government. it is about congress outsourcing their jobs to the supreme court and giving so much power. he's going to explain and break it down after the break. staya there. -six in the last d.
5:51 pm
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elizabeth: people are really mad about this judge kavanaugh nomination here and everybody is not. his family dr. ford have gotten vicious threats. important back story that everybody is ignoring. it's a big government problem. bringing in crime prevention researcher, great to see you, john. >> thanks for having me on. elizabeth: why is big government the problem and everybody so mad at the supreme court? >> the more it's at stake, the more upset people get. in terms of judicial confirmation, but you see it in campaign finance. in the first 50 years it took an average of just over two days to confirm a supreme court justice.
5:55 pm
right now we are talking about kavanaugh if he gets confirmed on friday, that is going to be 89 days. you see a gradual increase over time and you can track a very clearly to the growing importance of the court. you have them in the 1960s, 1970s, and epa. osha, and windows federal regulations can't put out, people would have to take them to court to find out exactly what they meant. judges now interfere or are involved in all sorts of aspects of our lives that nobody would have thought about 50 or 100 years ago. elizabeth: congress has outsourced a lot of it don't work to the supreme court and the courts. i think the circuit court cases have increased from 21 cases per million americans.
5:56 pm
it's going 10 times the times and you're talking about. is that what is going on that commerce is basically outsourcing it job to scotus? >> well, that is part of it that's going to affect how vicious the battles are going to be over who gets on the court. but if congress were making those decisions themselves, then you would find even worse campaign battles than we ever deceive. it is basically the fact that the government is getting bigger and maybe who gets the power to make the decision may determine whether particular battles are getting worse by the greatest amount. well, 100 years ago the federal government was about 2% to 3% of gdp. now it is 25%. elizabeth: great point. >> if it was 100 years ago, would people really care that much if they got elected? elizabeth: john lott, thank you very much. we will be right back.
5:57 pm
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liz: you are looking at a shot of first lady, melania trump. the first lady headed to africa. thank you for watching. charles payne is here now with making money. charles: well, promise made, promise kept. it's a big one. it's being touted as the biggest trade agreement in american history. the markets surged on the news. in fact here is the thing. the deal was reached in what they call a new modernized trade agreement. stwop nations said the nafta deal could be called the usmca. the president in the rose garden touting the benefits of the new deal. >> mexico and canada agreed


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