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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 2, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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americans and our partners. here's lou. good evening everyone. our top stories promise is kept. president trump eking a trade deal with canada and mexico that does away with the job killing nafta replacing it with an agreement that is fair and reciprocal, putting america first. >> once approved by congress, this new deal will be the most modern, up to date and balanced trade agreement in the history of our country. with the most advanced protections for workers ever developed. >> we will take up the economic significance of president trump's historic agreement with the director of the white house
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trade counsel, peter navarro. also the fbi's 7th, that's seven, investigations of judge brett kavanaugh could conclude as early as tomorrow. radical dem obstructionists are already criticizing the investigation, proving they have no regard for either the truth, their pledges, and are only interested in political results. >> a vote for judge kavanaugh is also a vote to reject the ruthless and outrageous tactics of the democrat party. >> republican strategist ed rollins, new york post columnist, michael goodwin here tonight to discuss the supreme court confirmation battle. and it is a battle to the death, it seems. nfl ratings taking another hit as roger goodell and the owners continue to do little in some cases absolutely nothing to address the remaining anthem
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controversy that has fans abandoning the sport in droves. retired player burgess owens joins us tonight to talk about what, if anything, can be done to turn the nfl around and to restore proper respect and regard for the very people who make it all possible, american fans. we begin with breaking news tonight. the senate majority leader, senator mitch mcconnell setting a time for the senate to vote on judge brett kavanaugh's supreme court confirmation. >> the time for endless delay and obstruction has come to a close. judge kavanaugh's nomination's out of committee, we're considering it here on the floor, and mr. president, we'll be voting this week. >> senator mcconnell's commitment to the president comes as we learn that the fbi could, could wrap up its investigation into allegations
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against judge kavanaugh by tomorrow. our other top stories, we will lead off with a big one. president trump tearing up nafta as promised, announcing a historic trade deal with canada and mexico, finally putting america first. >> we have negotiated this new agreement based on the principle of fairness and reciprocity. to me it is the most important word in trade because we have been treated so unfairly by so many nations all over the world and we're changing that. >> the president, i want to point this out very quickly, he's right about reciprocity as is often the case. the president is the first president in three decades to talk about reciprocity in a trade deal with the united states. it's extraordinary. the president winning a major concession with canada, now easing restrictions on its dairy market, allowing american
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farmers to export about half a billion dollars worth of dairy products for the first time. the agreement boosting the auto industry as well. requirements for 75% of auto content to be made in north america, up from 62% and trump's tariffs on steel and aluminium remaining in place, a strategy he says led to today's new continental trade agreement. >> just for those babies out there that keep talking about tariffs, that includes congress, oh please don't charge tariffs, without tariffs you wouldn't -- we wouldn't be standing here. we're totally prepared to do that, if they don't negotiate. >> the president's tough tactics on trade leading to a deal last week with south korea. the european union has come to the negotiating table. as well the united states and japan have begun trade talks. and india is now also seeking a deal. president trump today saying china wants to talk, quote, very badly, but the president also
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says it's too soon. the trump administration just last week imposed tariffs on 200 billion dollars of exports from china to the united states. our first guest tonight with the president during the rose garden trade announcement and joining us is peter navarro, assistant to the president, director of trade, the director of the white house trade council. good to have you with us, peter. first of all, let's say congratulations to you, to the white house, and to the president. >> one fine day in america, one fine day in north america with this deal. it was precious being on the stage with the president. he keeps saying are you going to get tired of winning. it's been a great ten days, deals with japan, deals with south korea. >> -- almost two years -- >> it is amazing. this president is putting down a record that is the best performance on the economy and trade of any president in modern
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history. it's just amazing. we don't hear about it on the press. but this record is amazing. the economy is amazing. the funny thing lou he always gets criticized for being too tough. sure enough it works. it's a good deal for both canada and mexico. >> i have to say to you, i don't think the president is being criticized that much anymore. i think he's certainly being criticized, that part of the left, the national left wing media, they are going to keep the nonsense up, they don't understand economics. they don't understand politics, history or the national interests. the president schools them each day. at some point you would think they would learn. as you watch the press today, there's a group that it's not worth the time. i look at this and i say this is terrific and for mexico and canada, does want to remain in something he calls the usmca, the united states mexico canada agreement instead of nafta.
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you know i love that because it doesn't imply something that it's not. it's a trade agreement, straightforward, simple, for everybody to understand. it doesn't imply a north american free trade agreement because it is not. it is a reciprocal balanced trade agreement. and secondly it doesn't imply a north american union, harmonizing of borders and coming together of three nations into one massive, you know, central command of course led by the leaelites. i'm thrilled with what the president has accomplished here. >> really, it hits three points in the triangle. for me, having a deal that's going to make this hemisphere the regional manufacturing base for the world, it's going to bring back our supply chain through tough regional content rules and labor rules, that's number one. we've got modernization of the agreement so bring things in
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like digital trade and biologics which didn't exist in 1994. and farmers made out very very well today. not just dairy, chicken, eggs, other things. >> well, the chinese who have been trying to run their propaganda through the newspapers in the midwest and, you know, various outlets will be pleased to hear that. >> well, there was some pretty strong signals in the agreement as well. there's a strong provision there on currency and currency manipulation. and last week, lou, this went unnoticed like so much of what president trump does. there was an amazing statement -- >> it doesn't go unnoticed here, peter. i don't know who you are talking to, but this audience knows what he's doing. >> absolutely, lou. you have been on this for 20 years, and these days -- >> what is it -- >> so last week japan, europe and the united states led by the ambassador issued a joint statement basically condemning the practices of china with regard to forced technology
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transfer and these huge nonmarket subsidies. >> i think that's great peter, but i have to be honest with you. i'm ready for the statement that they are not going to permit the theft of intellectual property from this country ever again. and that as they continue intellectual property theft, there will be consequences. we're talking hundreds of billions of dollars as you know. i don't frankly give a darn about a collegial multi-state agreement. i want this country to stand up and insist that it not happen further. i don't care if it's part of an agreement. to hell with the agreement. it is our property. it ought to stop. it ought to stop now. >> i will give you an amen to that, lou. and the president's already imposed 250 billion dollars worth of tariffs on china for stealing our stuff. >> i think that's wonderful. >> but this statement last week is important because it wasn't -- >> i appreciate it, peter. we're out of time. i do. i'm thrilled that the president
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has succeeded in this agreement. this is a wonderful achievement for the administration, for this presidency. and for the director of the trade council. congratulations, peter. thank you very much. >> thank you very much, lou. >> and nobody watching you on this broadcast is tired of winning, at all. thanks. up next, the shameless national left wing media using today's historic trade deal announcement to berate president trump, about judge brett kavanaugh. >> in a tweet this weekend mr. president you said that it is incorrect to say you are limiting the scope of the fbi investigation. >> what does that have to do with trade? i don't mind answering the question, but, you know, i would like to do the trade question. >> it has to do with the other headline in the news which is the kavanaugh nomination. >> how about talking about trade and then we'll go to that. >> i do have a question about kavanaugh. do you will take that now? >> no. >> you said the fbi should interview whoever they believe is appropriate.
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does that include julie swetnick the third accuser and can you promise to release the full findings -- >> give me your question, please. give me a question, please. >> are you saying the white house has put no limitations -- >> no the white house is doing whatever the senators want. >> who they should interview. >> you don't understand what i'm saying. you do understand, you just don't want to report it that way. >> the president, you know, you wouldn't think there would be that many people who call themselves journalists, professionals, who don't understand about manners and respect for the president and the white house. we will take that up with ed rollins and michael goodwin. should the president be putting up with this nonsense? that's also part of the message as we continue in just one moment. stay with us. hi.i just wanted to tell you that chevy won a j.d.power dependability award for its midsize car-the chevy malibu. i forgot. chevy also won a j.d. power dependability award for its light-duty truck
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lou: senior republican senate source tells fox news that the fbi's investigation into judge kavanaugh could wrap up as early as tomorrow. this after the president was asked at least -- are you ready? -- 11 questions about the kavanaugh investigation and this at a time when the president has -- was seeking some kind of order dealing first with trade
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and then -- and i have to say, there is no recognizable standard of conduct in the white house for the president of the united states. this is outrageous. and i'm saying this as a journalist. i'm just outraged. the president stated once again he backs the investigation, but he wants it done according to the terms requested by the senate. >> i want them to do a very comprehensive investigation, whatever that means according to the senators and the republicans and the republican majority. i want them to do that. i want it to be comprehensive. i actually think it is a good thing for judge kavanaugh. i think it is actually a good thing, not a bad thing. i think it is a good thing. now, with that being said, i would like it to go quickly. lou: the president's position is the same as when he called for it last week. but already the radical dems are trying to -- well, they want to
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change the direction. they've made an agreement. they have torn that one up. now they want a new one, and they want to tell everybody what the fbi should be looking into. you know, all of the subjects and issues and events that they didn't question judge kavanaugh about when they had the opportunity, and they didn't when they had the opportunity to do the same with dr. ford. we wouldn't be in this position, had it not been for the tortured confused soul of the two-face senator from arizona snow flake, arizona, by the way, jeff flake who said he wouldn't vote to confirm kavanaugh without a supplemental fbi investigation. flake admitting that he only called for the investigation because of his failed senatorial career. >> could you have done this if you were running for reelection? >> no, not a chance. not a chance. no. >> because politics has become
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too sharp? too partisan? >> yeah, there's no value to reaching across the aisle. there's no currency for that anymore. there's no incentive. lou: wait a minute. all the democratic senators on that committee were telling everybody this isn't a partisan moment. yet senator flake has discovered something. it is a partisan moment, a bitterly hostile vicious partisan moment. in fact, despite flake's call for an investigation, despite the radical dems pushing for more and more and more, nothing will ever be good enough for the left. new york congressman nadler, talk about the left. he made it very clear no matter what the fbi finds, congressional dems will not be satisfied. they will not stop their smear campaign against judge kavanaugh. >> this has got to be thoroughly investigated. i hope the senate will do so. if he is on the supreme court, and the senate hasn't
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investigated, then the house will have to. lou: isn't he eloquent? the house will have to. with only 36 days to go, until the midterms, statements like nadler's make it clear what the radical left is and that the radical left will stop at nothing to undermine president trump's agenda and destroy a great american jurist and a great american. well, joining us tonight, top strategist for great america pack, former reagan white house political director, fox news political analyst, ed rollins, new york post columnist, fox business contributor michael goodwin. thank you for being here. i have to ask you, watching those people in the white house press corps, ignorantly behave as they have, what in the world is going to turn that around because that is a way in which the national left wing media is confusing the president's message and they are forcing the president to correct their
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ill-mannered disrespect. >> yeah. it is remarkable to watch it time and again. i mean, it is not just the questions they ask, but the argumentative tone. they interrupt the president. never saw that before. but only this president. the good news is they don't seem to matter. i mean, his success is not dependent on their recognition of it. i think the people -- lou: isn't it time for somebody in that communications department, i mean somebody, whoever it may be, to start laying down some basic protocols and etiquette and just a baseline for just decent behavior? >> i think they have tried. lou: they have tried? >> yeah, yeah, i mean, they have cut cnn out of certain meetings and things like that. the problem is, the media itself has now become so radicalized, it used to be that the press corps would sort of police its own behavior. now it is just we're all together against him, that's the
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mood. lou: would you like one of these networks to try to perform, ed, without the president? i mean if the president of the united states tells the communications people, anyone who interrupts me again, this has got to be, you know, it's got to end somewhere. cnn would -- could their ratings go lower? i can guarantee you they can go lower. you stop jim accosta from behaving as he does, acting out. >> the bottom line he doesn't have to deal with it that way. president obama to his credit basically always had four or five people he hand-picked he was going to call on. he didn't call on anybody else. lou: to so what's going on -- so what's going on? >> i think the white house communications is failing. they need to put a choke collar on some of these people. the president can stand up there and perform. lou: i have never known bill
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shine to be a reticent force on an organization. >> he needs to be. he's got the job now. he needs to create some discipline and not leave the president out there vulnerable to this pack. the bottom line is he needs to stand out there and make the announcements and not have the press there answering questions. >> i think that's one way around it. you don't need to have a press conference. lou: well, the president enjoys it because he basically dribbles -- >> he loves the banter and punts back. lou: -- the white house lawn. first of all, but this is becoming extraordinary in the disrespect towards the president. >> absolutely. lou: they can't compete with him intellectually. they have no knowledge base to deal with. they have no idea what in many instances there is no comparison with the president. simply put, if they all talked at once, it still wouldn't be a fair fight. but at the same time, they are -- you know, it is a disturbance in the atmosphere. >> who is going to control the agenda? are they going to talk about what they want to talk about or
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what the president wants to talk about, the accomplishments he's made including today with the treaty that nobody thought he could pull it off and he did. lou: extraordinary. let's go to a number of things. bernie sanders quote i would request you inform the fbi that you would not consider their work complete till blah blah blah, the same nonsense from mazie hirono the senator from hawaii, it comes from every direction from these people. why is anyone -- you know, to his credit, senator mcconnell says the vote comes this week. good luck. >> yeah, yeah, and grassley had a wonderful letter back at sanders who look, i think the problem the democrats revealed their hand too early and they made it clear. now they have no credibility. lou: too early. let's remind everybody that chuck schumer, the senior senator from new york, you know told everybody, declared he was going to stop -- he would
4:24 am
destroy this guy the day his name was announced. >> 23 minutes after, i believe. lou: the day his name was announced by the president for the post. >> if we learn the lesson on the value of these elections, if the house goes democrat, nadler will be chairman of the oversight committee. lou: that's frightening. it's frightening that he's there. >> and maxine waters will be chairman of the financial banking institutions. lou: that will be a move for jamie dimon. he will have some fun then, huh? we're going to show everyone an ad right now, very quickly, we would like to run the commercial that ed's pac, the great america pac has just put out defending judge kavanaugh. let's roll that, if we could, please. >> judge kavanaugh, i will oppose him with everything i've got. >> democrats admitted they would do anything to stop judge kavanaugh from the start. instead of protecting dr. ford,
4:25 am
they use her, leaking her story, when she asked to be anonymous. democrats don't care about protecting women and they never have. democrats have just one goal, expanding their power. we must confirm judge kavanaugh and reject the democrat power grab. lou: ed, i think you have put out a very powerful product there. >> it is a truthful ad, all about power. lou: absolutely. michael, you get the last word. >> i was going to say how do you really feel? feel as strongly as schumer does on the other side. this is a great man. he should be on this court. lou: couldn't agree more. >> yeah. lou: have we got unanimity here? >> absolutely. lou: all right. let me bring the gavel down. thank you, gentlemen, appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. now that the president has secured the fair reciprocal trade deal with canada and mexico, economic growth is soaring. stocks are near record highs. so what happens now?
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do you think a single bit of naysaying on the part of left wing people who work for the fake news will admit they were completely wrong now and president trump absolutely right? wow, i can't wait to hear from you on this one. i was just thinking of a couple of new york times economics writers, nobel laureate one of them, cast your vote on twitter @ lou dobbs. coming up next a gift to the republican party, hilary clinton and barack obama are championing the dems push to the radical left. more on these hungry campaigners. we will let you decide what they are hungry for. washington times columnist tammy bruce joins me here next. we're coming rigigigigig
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lou: president trump talking tonight at a rally in johnson city, tennessee, where he is
4:31 am
supporting senator -- the congresswoman marsha blackburn who wants to be the senator from tennessee, touting his new trade deal with mexico and canada. >> just today we made history again when i announced to the world that we are replacing the job-killing disaster known as nafta. [applause] >> with a brand new u.s. mexico canada, we added canada, worked out great, trade agreement. and we're calling it usmca, no more nafta. [applause] lou: straightforward. former president obama putting his name behind, are you ready, 260 radical dems in the midterms. his extensive list includes self-described socialist alexandria ocasio cortez in new
4:32 am
york. in his eight years as president obama presided over the democratic party lost of seats in the house, loss of 12 governor john sh-- governorship losing a thousand in the eight years he was in the office. the democrats are rolling out failed presidential candidate hilary clinton now to push their radical agenda. those are cheers you hear from republicans. >> imagine being able to hold this administration accountable and actually make progress when it comes to affordable healthcare, the rights of immigrants and refugees, the urgent challenge of climate change and yes, i could go on and on. lou: as she so often does. as promised, it would be a blessing for the republican party as it seems the dems still
4:33 am
don't get why president trump is in office and not hilary clinton. well, joining us now, tammy bruce, washington times columnist, fox business contributor, great to have you with us, tammy. first, to listen to obama, to listen to clinton, there have to be democratic candidates all over the country just quivering with fear at the impact. >> yeah, hillary it sounds like she's running to be president of the european union, certainly not this country; right? look, we made a statement in 2016. and both barack obama and hilary clinton could not convince the american people when we had no idea how extraordinary donald trump really would be. lou: or how nefarious the democrats were. >> exactly. now that we have learned. we have these investigations. we found out exactly -- i mean it is really the tip of the iceberg what we have learned about them. the fact is barack obama destroyed the democratic party. that's why he has these very strange individuals that he is supporting. it is still, though, all about him. he's desperate to not be seen as a failure and so is hilary
4:34 am
clinton. lou: far too late. >> this is both of their problems. lou: yeah. >> they never viewed the country as a priority. lou: all we have to do is give up a country, constitutional republic and leave it in ashes so that we can pretend that we care about their legacies. my gosh. >> they never cared about us. they still don't think about the average american. lou: they care -- they have demonstrated again on the judiciary committee how much they care about women. i mean they sat on a woman's legitimate concerns and pain, they said for six weeks, they acknowledged they leaked to it the press, despite her request for confidentiality. and you can't even hear a whisper in the left wing media about holding them accountable. dianne feinstein, cory booker, the list goes on. >> her own lawyers who were referred to her by senator feinstein. we now believe of course misled dr. ford about what her options would be, when it came to talking with the committee, that
4:35 am
they would go to california. she clearly testified that she was unaware of that offer, effectively. that is the kind of thing that needs to be investigated, and i believe that that's what we're going to be doing now when it comes to how this woman was misled. lou: we are becoming an investigative country, aren't we? the american people are going to have to take a look at what's in full view and make a determination. the radical element of this party -- they have taken over the democratic party, their conduct. i mean chuck schumer wasn't a bit shaded, nuanced. he said point-blank he was going to destroy the president's nominee, if he could. and that's what they have tried to do. >> and they want to eliminate due process. they want you to be guilty and trying to prove yourself innocent. i said in a column months ago, that the democratic party is really now the radical element that has moved forward, looking to destroy things, for revenge, with no plan for the future and no desire to govern.
4:36 am
lou: do you think kavanaugh gets the confirmation? >> you know, it depends on what happens this week. it's a shame we have given them another week, but i think so, yes. i think we will have it. lou: tammy bruce, thank you. >> take care. lou: up next, president trump's
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lou: despite a marquee matchup last night between the ravens and steelers, ratings for sunday night football fell 10% from the previous week. the nfl's national game on cbs
4:40 am
between the saints and giants also the lowest rated national game of this young nfl season. joining us tonight former informal player for the new york jets and the oakland raiders burgess owens, author of the new book "why i stand, from freedom to the killing fields of socialism". great to have you with us. thank you very much. >> how are you doing, lou? looking forward to chatting with you, my friend. lou: to you, it is great to have you here. i just want to turn first to that game last night. these ratings for the nfl, no one should start organizing a benefit for the nfl, but my goodness, this is just getting worse and worse. >> yeah, well, first of all, i didn't see the game. i haven't really seen a game for two years, so when it comes down to it, lou, we have to understand that this is on purpose. we have an organization who in the past was very patriotic.
4:41 am
we all remember the al davis days. we're now dealing with globalists. there's two types, there's the republican and democratic globalists, and then there's the worst of the two, the leftist globalists who care about the socialist agenda over patriotism. we have an organization that cares more about their international reach than they care about the american brand and the american -- the nfl fan. these guys have already put in place 80 different countries. it's all about tv revenue. they could care less about how full the stadiums are. they share profit based on the tv revenue f. they can do it in a global fashion -- if they can do it in global fashion, they will be like the soccer league, with 200 countries tying in, no brand, no country brand but a global brand. that's what they are in the process of doing as they demean our flag and our culture so they will be accepted in other places like china and france and the other countries that are not so
4:42 am
pro american. lou: as you put it, and i have heard -- thank you for that insight because frankly i hadn't considered that. and i suspect that lots of folks are just for the first time kind of wrapping their heads around globalism, its impact on the nfl, and of course that's cumbersome. i mean we have seen it with the most recent movie about neil armstrong and his, you know, walking for the first time on the face of the moon. a great patriotic american. a great -- he was just an amazing pilot. decorated. he was just amazing fellow. and the american flag isn't front and center. and the reality is, you are right. the american flag becomes an avatar for something that could maybe depress their global expansion at the nfl. >> well, lou, follow the money. we have a commissioner that just signed a contract with 40
4:43 am
million dollars per year. only 10% of that is guaranteed. other 90% is based on -- [inaudible]. understand they have been dropping the last couple of years. they projected 27 billion in the next nine years globally. they don't care about america. they don't care about the american fan who put them the place they are right now. they are globalists. and they care more about their pocketbooks and their profits. the best thing we can do is obviously not showing up is a good thing, but we need to stop supporting their sponsors. tv revenue is what gets them where they are. and they share that equally. we can hit them hard enough so we get them before they get their global things in place and maybe they will fire the commissioner and get somebody in there who cares about our country and about the brand and not trying to destroy it. lou: that is a lot to consider. let me ask you this, do you believe that there is within the
4:44 am
nfl itself -- and i'm talking not the management, we know what the management is and the owners now, there's no more joke about what they are -- but for the players, there should be it seems to me i hope that -- give me your judgment, is there enough patriotism among those players to stand up for the things that their fans care most about? first the country and respect for it? >> well, this is why i'm glad we have a president who drew a line in the sand. what we're seeing on the field, lou, is 20 years of marxist socialists and atheists to teach kids not to respect the flag, not say a prayer, not to respect anyone else. people hearing growing up 18, 20 years hearing the same anti-american, antipolice, they are going to stand on the sidelines and believe that. they have been trained that. we have around that field billions of dollars represented and not once have they talked
4:45 am
about collectively putting their funds together to start businesses. educate our kids, our black kids that the left is not educating. we can do this within our own community if we understand what we're up against. this by the way americans do best when we know we're in a fight. we know we're in a fight right now, it's the christian values against socialism, marksism and atheism that hates god. if we understand that, and understand what true evil is, and we will stand up and win this fight. we need to win this particular midterm. we need to push our american way further and not let the left do their deal. lou: they are sure trying and you are absolutely right. burgess, thanks for being with us. great to see you. >> thank you, lou, appreciate it, buddy. lou: thank you. a great american. up next, facebook facing a massive fine for its latest major data breach. but it's not the united states conce
4:46 am
concerned about -- [inaudible] -- we take it up with cybersecurity expert who is here next. this is a big deal. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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lou: as i said, the president is speaking tonight at a rally in
4:50 am
johnson city, tennessee. he's there to support his supreme court choice, judge brett kavanaugh as well as congresswoman marsha blackburn running for the senate. >> they've been trying to destroy him since the very first second he was announced because they know that judge kavanaugh will follow the constitution as written. they are trying to destroy a very fine person, and we can't let it happen. lou: the european union looking into fining facebook for more than a billion dollars after that recent cyberattack, 50 million users data taken in that attack. ireland's data protection commission is demanding for information from facebook about the scale of the data theft and
4:51 am
the cyberattack, in which you residents were victimized in the attack. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg saying the company takes the breach very seriously. you would think they would take it seriously. 50 million people's personal data stolen in a cyberattack and facebook still doesn't know who is behind the hack and we haven't been really given too much information about the time line, when the attack occurred, when facebook found out, and how they notified 50 million people. joining us tonight cybersecurity expert morgan wright, and it's great to see you, morgan, thanks for being with us >> you bet, lou. lou: there is such arrogance on the part of these big tech firms, social media, it is really repulsive to hear zuckerberg billionaire saying facebook's taking this seriously? really? really? they have to say that. my gosh.
4:52 am
>> you know what strikes more fear into the heart of mark zuckerberg than batman, the gdpr and irish data protection commission because now they are going to hit these companies where it hurts the most and that's financially. all these companies wanted to be global. in your last segment you were talking to burgess about the globalism. lou: that was a great point. burgess, i mean he nailed that. >> he nailed it. that translates into the business environment. all these companies want to be global. guess what? now you have to play -- the baseline becomes the strictest set of rules that are out there and the people who have them are the eu. they have teeth behind these rules to where now the data protection commission, this little agency in ireland now is going to bring facebook to the eu and say show us the information and we'll decide if we're going to fine you 1.6 billion dollars or not. lou: meanwhile, we have the ceo of google telling basically all of congress go to hell, show up and i will talk with you privately and maybe we'll talk
4:53 am
sometime later. you've got the chair of facebook saying we're taking it seriously, when obviously it's the opposite. or 50 million people wouldn't have their user data -- their personal data stolen in a cyberattack by facebook knows not who. >> well, you know, and lou, the other thing too about this, it just wasn't facebook data. the way they work is they have what they call single sign on which means you can use facebook to sign into other services. not only was it affected but if you signed into three or four other sites using your facebook credentials you may have had your information stolen from those other sites as well. it wasn't facebook alone. lou: that's why i said user facebook data because of that potentially. >> yeah. lou: all we're going to hear now from silicon valley is no regulation, no accountability of any kind.
4:54 am
they are spending a fortune to make certain that they remain monopolistic, for example, google spending reportedly tens of billions of dollars to do so. the other companies i'm sure are doing social media companies are doing the same. >> right. lou: what can be done to bring them under control and to protect the rights of citizens? by the way they are citizens, not just consumers that we have to say that for the benefit of the titans of silicon valley? >> you know, recently i wrote an article for the hill talking exactly about this, and nobody knows what their consumer rights are, their data protection rights are except the eu. i will tell you the other thing that i think will strike fear in the hearts of these guys is a gentleman who originally created the worldwide web that runs on the internet. he is now saying it is time to take back control of our data. he's building a system, and i've seen part of this now to where it's like you actually control and own your data. nobody else owns it but you
4:55 am
still get the same functionality. lou: should this start with the fcc, contemporaneously with congress? >> it needs to start somewhere, because lou usually there are three phases. litigation, regulation, legislation. lou: got you. morgan always great to get your thoughts and insights. appreciate it. >> yes. lou: up next, president trump lays out what the up coming midterms mean for him, for us, our country. >> this election is a choice between a republican party that is building our future and a democrat party that is trying to democrat party that is trying to burn our future down. hey guys. today we're here to talk about trucks. democrat party that is trying to burn our future down. i love trucks. what the heck is that?! whoa! what truck brand comes from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road? i think it's the chevy. ford. is it ford? nope, it's not ford. i think it's ram. is it ram?
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not ram. that's a chevy! it's chevy! that's right. from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. gorgeous. chevy hit it out of the ballpark with these.
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lou: we have a new nafta agreement, it's the usmca for canada and mexico. the president touting tariffs at a rally for marcia blackburn in johnson city, tennessee. president trump: mexico and canada are partners now. that's a good thing. because we are finally putting america first. lou: america first.
5:00 am
and a reminder could preorder burgess owens' new ♪ >> we made history again when i announced to the world that we are replacing the job-killing disaster known as nafta. >> trump taking a victory last night for historic deal with canada and mexico as we learn more of the details. >> that new trade pact gives stocks shot in the arm yesterday. dow soaring nearly 200 points. s&p almost hitting a new record. >> as for today, we do have stock market futures sharply lower, the dow is down about half of one percent. 117 point downside and nasdaq is down 42. part that have could be oil watching oil


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