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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 3, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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kavanaugh could wrap up today, we understand the president slammed democrats in the effort to block his pick. >> they've been trying to destroy judge kavanaugh since the very first second he was announced because they know judge kavanaugh will follow the constitution as written. [cheers and applause] maria: the fallout straight ahead this morning, then this, jc penny getting a new look, struggling retailer naming fourth ceo in roughly 5 years, the stock is trading up 6 and a half percent. talk about expensive ride, bugatti, super car and it's sold out. the nba takes on kanye, reportedly banning the yeezy sneakers, fox business network susan li, james freeman and bench mark managing partner
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kevin kelly. great to see everybody this morning. kevin: the interesting part we were talking about italy is that one of the ways that they will help on budget side is their 5g spectrum, brought in twice the amount they thought, when they are offering the 5g peck strum, brought in double than what they anticipated. [laughter] kevin: silver lining, the italians will be able to stream mornings with maria faster. maria: i like that. >> great way. maria: a lot happening in sports. of course, then there's the news of the day on the kavanaugh hearing, we will see if we actually get the fbi investigation sooner rather than later, the result offense that. >> that's right, the latest fbi investigation, he's had many of them. this was reopened and a number of witnesses being interviewed after they gave statements to senate committee and one of them
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at least leland keyser has no memory of alleged events. maria: she was christine blasey ford's best friend and dr. ford kept bringing her up but leland says no recollection. we are waiting for results to have fbi probe. south dakota senator and member of service committee is here to give us update, rnc chairman rona mcdaniel is with us along with senior adviser to clintons mark penn, fox news judicial analyst judge napolitano, and dr. mike is here as well talking about the flu season with dr. mike as well. stay with us on that. we will get right to stop story as you see the numbers on the screen, looks better than expected, top story supreme court showdown, president trump trading on woman accusing brett
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kavanaugh, here is what the president had to say about christine blasey ford's testimony in a rally in mississippi. >> how did you get home, i don't remember. how did you get there, i don't remember. where is the place, i don't remember, how many years ago, i don't know. what neighborhood was it, i don't know, where is the house, i don't know. upstairs, downstairs, where was it, i don't know, but i had one beer, that's the only thing i remember. maria: comments coming as fbi prepares to wrap up investigation as soon as today according to wall street journal, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is pushing for vote on kavanaugh's nomination by this friday. we will talk about that this morning. what do we know so far, james n terms of this investigation and where we we are aside from so my people being unable to corroborate dr. ford's allegations? >> i think that's the biggest story of the last few dais that reports from rachel mitchell the experience sex crimes prosecutor who did the questioning last
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week, she sent a very detailed memo to senate republicans laying out the inconsistencies in professor ford's story and she points out it's not just the he said, she said, she says it's weaker than that because the witnesses claimed by dr. ford are not corroborating her story, her story changed a lot and it's kind of -- it's striking, everyone who watched it, you saw in the testimony professor ford, this is a person in a lot of pain, seems to have gone through something but the number of details that have shifted over the last couple of months in the story that didn't have that many details to begin with, i think has to be disturbing for someone incline to believe her. >> evidence being withheld as well, chuck grassley said that they've been unable to contact ford's lawyers to get access to important details for instance
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lie detector recordings, therapy exchange, how can they make i would say an informed decision or an informed vote. >> i don't think anybody should be surprised that they're not getting the information. we have seen this is highly politicized. the lawyers are doing it as pro bono, it's just kind of funny to think about what would give cause for them to work with the fbi. this is all about obstruction, they want to delay this out. this has to do with the elections. the democrats are still not over that they lost, right, so one of the main reasons they've complained is because they didn't want the supreme court to be pushed right and so for them they're not going to give any information up, right, they are going to say the fbi didn't conduct thorough investigation, they didn't ask for this, they didn't do that, the most important thing we need to realize is that we actually need to get a supreme court nominee
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confirmed so they can actually go because we can have a split court that could be 4-4 and that's not good for our system. maria: throughout all of this when we don't have any corroboration, the four people that ms. swetnick saw her allegations, one of them is dead, the other has no recollection and the other two were not at the party and look at brett kavanaugh and reputation and how the public, the jury of the public has already been said by all of this and been decided. >> well, the swetnick is maybe the hardest to take seriously. maria: exactly. >> you're asked to believe something that's almost impossible to believe that she witnessed ongoing violent crimes and no one ever said anything and she kept showing up at the parties until she was victimized too. it's just -- maria: why did you keep going back? >> so many questions about that one and but -- it's interesting, you know, you would think that if the point of this inquiry was
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to find out exactly what happened or did not happen between professor ford and brett kavanaugh, why is there so much attention now on peripheral issues, the fact that he embraced beer in words in college, why does -- is that now the focus of media inquiry? maria: at one point she threw ice at somebody in the bar. is this all they have, that he threw ice at somebody in bar. hillary clinton laughing off claim that allegations against him are servicing as part of political hit job by the clinton and others, listen to this. >> brett kavanaugh said that the, quote, political hit job, end quote directed at him was being done on behalf of the clintons among other people, your response.
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[laughter] >> i mean, really? yes, it deserves a lot of laughter. i thought it was just part of the hole of his very defensive and unconvincing presentation. maria: james u your reaction, unconvincing. >> he's been called a gang rapist. how would anyone react to these kinds of charges? of course, if he had sat there silently politely they would have said that he's guilty. >> one of the reasons why brett kavanaugh targeted the clintons and said it was a political hoit job by then is because actually hillary clinton kept tweeting out a false narrative and a lie where part of his testimony was distorted on abortion and she kept pushing it through when it
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had been completely debunked and a lot of democrats gave up the narrative but she kept on top of it and kept tweeting it herself. that's why brett kavanaugh mentioned hillary clinton, this isn't just a pie in the sky. >> he did work on the star investigation looking into bill clinton's lying under oath which he did, of course, we were called to derail a sexual assault lawsuit against him, obviously brett kavanaugh is not the favored attorney among the clintons. maria: exactly, you mentioned orrin hatch wrote op-ed, brett kavanaugh's righteous anger and in it he writes, quote, what's going on is obvious, having failed to bring down judge kavanaugh with unsubstantiated allegations of sexual abuse opponents are trying to call his questioning, character in question in defending himself from those allegations, it's the
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ultimate set-up job if the initial charges don't work, we will destroy when he defends himself, the good judge is dammed no matter what he does. in this movement of the metoo movement it's a sensitive time right now. >> shows how much confidence his opponents have in the allegations against him that they have essentially moved on from the trying to figure out these assault claims to the college drinking. seems to me if they thought there was something on assault claims they would focus on that, more details, et cetera. maria: we are onto he threw water at somebody. >> the ice and beer consumption. maria: exactly, we are at the beginning of the third-quarter reporting season, we should talk
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about that for a moment, we are looking at profits 22%, kevin, that's going to be another good quarter and we are also talking about 4% growth in the economy. kevin: yeah, the job's numbers continue to support the narrative as well as leading economic indicators and we will get the manufacturers, further reinforce that, adp. maria: we will have the numbers for you, could be market-mover, we will slip in a quick break and change at the top of jc penny, new decision hopes to bring new life to troubled retailer, why rapper's new basketball shoes won't be heading the courts next season, back in a minute.
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maria: welcome back, volcano erupting in indonesia days after massive qeart quake, cheryl casone with the details. cheryl: 20,000 feet into the sky, just 5 days after deadly earthquake and tsunami rocked the same indonesian island, the eruption triggered by magnitude 7.5 quake, more than 1400 people have been killed since friday, thousands are injured, over 70,000 have been displaced at this moment. well, intense search is on for the person who sent packages with deadly risin, intercepting suspicious envelope that tested positive. also discovered contaminated envelopes to secretary mattis and top navy chief hours after scare at senator ted cruz's building in houston, two people
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rushed into hospital after coming into contact with white powdery substance and luckily not determined to be hazardous and no members were affected. struggling retailer has jimmed -- named sew. she's credited merchandise for joanne stores. she will step in role in two weeks. we should say that joanne stores is interesting retail store because they are opening up new brick and mortar locations, how often do you hear that happening in retail these days. maria: it's interesting to see this.
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your thoughts. >> this is something i really know, shopping. i agree, i i want to walk into a store these days especially if i need to try on the dress. i do shop online but i do like online, to offline and online to offline and a lot of retailers, amazon gained two bricks and mortar these days. you have to the both these days. kevin: 18 consecutive quarters of real estate rent go up, consecutive quarters, retail rent is at its highest since 2012. we've had over 3,000 net new stores open. maria: you're not buying it. kevin: when one of their clients walks in, 50% they are walking out with casper product. you have david simon who runs the largest regional mall here
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in the united states, commerce retailers knocking down doors. >> 3,000 amazon go stores in the next 5 years. kevin: they opened the four-star store in soho. maria: in new york. >> she will use the new technology but appreciate the traditional customer, jc penny got into customer and tried to fire customers, they wanted cooler upscale people like if you go to apple store. this was the theory, bad strategy for everyone. appreciate the customers you have and i think she will do that. maria: take a break, when we come back president trump on the campaign trail last night, the president people should vote democrat only if they are tired of winning, more coming up. amazon decision to raise wages causes drag on retail stocks, take a look at expense of this, we have a full report next up right here.
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maria: welcome back, exclusive yesterday first on fox interview with amazon, now putting pressure on the rest of corporate america, lauren simonetti with all the details. lauren: it absolutely is, good morning, putting pressure on corporate america, 350,000 of u.s. workers $15 an hour, that is the minimum wage and that is about double, in fact, more than double the federal minimum wage, that's what am -- amazon, raking
6:23 am
in all of this money in profit and revenue every single year. amazon is framing this as a leadership position and here is dave clark, senior vice president of worldwide operations. >> we thought about it and listened to critics and decided we we wanted to lead, when we look at 7.25 federal minimum wage is too low, it's time to change that, we we wanted to take a leadership position, we decided to go now so starting november 1st, our national minimum wage would be $15. lauren: they can do that, they have money to do that, for other retailers that squeeze, revenue was $178 billion and in the tight labor market with holidays upon us they want to pay.
6:24 am
retail stocks got hit on the news because they don't have the wherewithal that amazon has to pay $15 an hour but there are certainly political undertones to all of this. here is bernie sanders. >> what mr. bezos today has done is not only enormously important for amazon's hundreds of thousands of employees, it could well be and i think it will be a shot heard around the world. lauren: and that got me thinking, the significance of all of this, it's great, people are making more money but there are political undertones here, this might be amazon's insurance policy with politicians like bernie sanders and politicians in the white house that be careful when you regulate us, we are treating workers well. i think there's insurance policy with their approach to all of this. maria: that's a good way to put it, right now we are seeing
6:25 am
movement to really zeroing in on technology companies to see and identify whether or not there are some that are too big and perhaps could face higher regulations. >> i thought amazon was a great bipartisan target because they they've been getting it from the right and they have been getting from the left, criticized by president trump and bernie sanders, he named it after jeff bezos, the founder of amazon, that was to tax every dollar that every employee took in federal assistance. maria: because he makes too much money. >> and the corporations are making too much must be and not giving that back to the employees because they did analysis in terms of average wage of amazon, the average salary was $28,000, $4,000 above poverty line. amazon for full-time staff that's 34,000, but still when you're only making 28,000, that's median salary, half of the people are making below that, half of the people are making above that. lauren: they are opening second
6:26 am
headquarters and those are high-paying jobs. maria: who are these people making 28,000 jobs? >> warehouse centers. >> used by bernie sanders, 34 was the u.s. figure. >> full-time, though. >> sanders' killer argument was that people who work on amazon needs to be on government assistance but the company pointed out, he was talking to people only work there briefly or part-timers or something like this, you hate that see this fact challenge attack on them but also the politics here not good to amazon to urge new regulation on their competitors. kevin: key thing we are missing here, they need seasonal workers to fulfill and come in warehouses and help ship packages during holiday season so that's the important thing that why they did it. wal-mart did this over a year ago, they raised minimum wage. leadership position.
6:27 am
>> basically employees want to unionize. that's what they were doing at whole foods. maybe you don't have to pay out so much when it comes to employee incentive. lauren: political undertones. trying to make everybody happy. maria: dave clark when he came on the program did say, what kind of expense for amazon, well, you'll hear what we have to say when we give guidance for the rest of the year. he did suggest that, in fact, it is going to lessen the earnings which is the entire retail sector traded under pressure. lauren: not all retailers that have brick and mortar that have rents can do that. maria: lauren simonetti coming up general electric stocks surging amid ceo change, up to 12.38, the worry, dividend. if you're happy and you know it clap your hands, don't clap,
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maria: welcome back, good wednesday morning, thank you so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, it is wednesday october 3rd, top stories right now 6:31 a.m. on the east coast. another day another rally, president trump stumping for votes ahead of midterms. >> the democrat party has become too extreme, this is an example and too dangerous to be trusted with power. that is why you must vote republican on election day and you have to go out and vote. maria: plus, what he said about winning next, also coming up
6:32 am
meanwhile markets dow industrials quarter a percent higher as s&p 500 and nasdaq with the gain of 20 points on nasdaq. this after mixed day yesterday leading to new record high for dow, dow industrials yesterday at close up 123 points, 1 half percent to all-time high. in europe take a look at indices, cac quarante up 22 points, markets are closed in germany for holiday this morning. in asia overnight, chinese and korean markets closed for holiday. social media meltdown, instagram suffering a global outage this morning twitter reacting, we will bring you reaction coming up. instagram up two-thirds of a percent right now. plus 2021 bugatti revealed. we will tell you the enormous price tag attach today wheels.
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rapper sneakers being banned by the nba. the reasons coming up this morning. all the stories coming up but first top story this half an hour, countdown to midterms is on, president trump ramping up the rhetoric against democrats 5 weeks before election day, yesterday ahead of rally in mississippi the president tweeted this, the only reason to vote for a democrat is if you are tired of winning. then last night he doubled down on that message urging americans to head to the polls this november. >> five weeks from today all of this extraordinary progress is at stake, it is at stake. on november 6th, you will head to the polls hopefully in one of the most important congressional elections of our lifetime. the only reason to vote democrat is if you're tired of winning. the democrats are the party of crime, that's what it is, they
6:34 am
are the party of crime. all of the democrats know and all they really know how to do is obstruct, resist, demolish, destroy and delay. and a vote for republicans is a vote to reject the democrat politics of anger, destruction, chaos. maria: joining us right now emily, she's the commentary writer, thanks for being here this morning, we are in countdown mode, your reaction to the president? >> 5 weeks away, it's interesting that he's building the narrative, he has done that for a while, it's not unusual to try to raise the stake but he's building the narrative that democrats have become way too extreme, that the reason that you need to get mote -- motivated is because the threat of democrats taking over control of the house which is very possible is so great.
6:35 am
and so the reason that we are seeing this is polling has showed that there could be pretty serious enthusiasm gap, president's approval rate asking low, democrats really can't stand him and they will get out to the polls and vote in big numbers where republicans might be more content to sit at home and nothing particularly excited about so where the narrative plays into is trying to address that enthusiasm gap actually get people to the polls in states like north dakota and states like tennessee, so there's a clear strategy here and it's not a bad strategy at all. maria: when you say they can't stand him, you're right, that's not a reason to impeach or take somebody out of office because you don't like them. the president might be right about all of that, i mean, the shaming and the throwing people out of restaurants and, you know, the public shaming on social media and the throwing out the window of due process, it's all impacting the voter right now because a new quinnipiac university poll finds that the gop is, in fact, cutting into the democratic lead that you mentioned, 42% of
6:36 am
american voters support the republican candidate in their local house race, that's up from 38% just last month. the democratic lead is dwindling as well, back by 49% of voters and down from 52% in september, take a look at flip side, the majority of american voters say they would prefer democrats to win control of the senate, what does that tell you, emily? >> yeah, it's strange because actually the senate is probably where republicans are going to keep, are going to keep control or even make gains, the map is favorable to the senate, the cycle, what's interesting that we see generic ballot leads tightening, i'm curious how the kavanaugh stuff plays into this because you make such a good point that it is the throwing out of restaurant sufficient, it's all of the extremism that people see that trump is now tapping into and really using it to paint democrats as the party of the extreme, the party -- maria: how could you not paint them that way? >> they are giving them plenty of ammunition.
6:37 am
yeah, absolutely. >> emily, james freeman at the wall street journal, i wanted to ask you about that, you mentioned the kavanaugh issue and you mentioned earlier the enthusiasm gap by republicans who have been worried about democrats more eager to go to the polls, has the treatment of brett kavanaugh changed that, do you now have a highly-motivated republican base as a result? >> yeah, so listen, as someone who is on the conservative side and from conservatives i actually do think we have seen probably a lot of democrats didn't anticipate exactly is incredible energy on the right of oh complete anger and discuss of what has happened over course of kavanaugh hearing. i think the average american, the average voter is probably reacting to it in a way that favors republicans and when we talk about enthusiasm gap, when we are talking about something that's going to raise the stakes for a suburban mother of a son to go out and vote this could be something that plays into it. i'm curious where polling has in the next couple of weeks.
6:38 am
>> emily, you know history is also against the majority party in the house and only 3 times since civil war have they actually made gains in terms of gaining seats, so i think history is against them but i think if the republicans actually hold the majority that's a win in the midterms and they make gains in the senate as well. >> if they hold on to the house that'll be staggering. it would be a big surprise at this point if they hold on to the house, might mot be the blood bath that you thought might be but big surprise if they manage to do. maria: what i kind staggering is what's going on on the left, that's staggering to me the fact that it's okay to corner jeff flake in an elevator that's supposed to be elevator for senators only and rip into him and get into his face and then later the person saying on twitter this is why we do what we do, we have to get in people's faces, that's not right to get in people's faces frankly and not right to shame somebody online and it's not right to kick them out of a restaurant,
6:39 am
what are we doing? >> i think the political consequences to have far left really starting to dominate the democratic party, could be seen especially in the senate races and you know, this is being used in races like wisconsin and indiana, west virginia, they are trying to tie the senators to the far left, exactly like you're saying, people don't like it, they hate what's happening in the country when they see things like that and can get people in the polls. maria:let not forget president obama just this week endorsed some of the extreme candidates like alexandria cortez, kevin. kevin: it's important to know that most of the politicians that are obstructing or trying to incite violence are getting a lot of air time and being praised for what they do, as oppose to politicians saying, hey, we need to be very conscientious of how we are treating each other, we need to come to do middle, we need to come to an agreement, all the people on far left are inciting violence are being praised and it's unfortunate. i think that's why you are seeing what's happening because how do you get access to
6:40 am
elevator to yell at jeff flake? you have another political operative and they are giving access. maria: all a strategy. the university of manchester is banning clapping and cheering at events? no more clapping. they are arguing that the loud noise might trigger those with anxiety. okay. the university is suggesting to use hands instead. >> i'm blinking right now, can you tell i'm clapping? it's ridiculous. kevin: if clapping is an issue now, society has come so far and done so well that we all should -- maria: hilarious. >> secret plot to destroy the live entertainment business. can you imagine going to concert or sporting event and going like this? [laughter] maria: emily, what do you think?
6:41 am
>> this is the uk, not out of line that we see on college campuses here. i'm not that far removed from college myself. i actually had a hard time explaining to my parents when things happened on campus, they didn't believe me the crazy stuff that i was seeing actually happen. the most undercovered stories of the past decade, exactly how far left campuses have swung. it's not event left, they are past left into complete territory. maria: crazy territory. you're right. the day after donald trump won the presidency in all of these middle schools, you know, all of these rich counties across the country, they were like, no school today, just relax. [laughter] maria: it's okay. cry if you want to. i mean, it's outrageous. come on, did i get it right?
6:42 am
that too. i don't know if it starts in media or finishes in media but they are driving the bus. they were crying at google headquarters. >> if you're not a socialist when you are young you have no heart. if you're a socialist when you are older, you have no head. so maybe that's a mantra on campuses these days. maria: crazy stuff going on, emily u 13th inning heartbreak for chicago cubs to report, more on the national league wild card to report. bling, bling, bugatti, luxury car break it is bank, we will give you the numbers up next. stay with us. six in the morning. she thought it was a fire. it was worse. a sinkhole opened up under our museum.
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maria: welcome back, quite a year and a half for ge, more concerns over general electric financial situation, cheryl casone with the details now in headlines, cheryl. cheryl: here we go with ge, they are word about clash flow, causing investors to fear the company and need to cut dividend yet again. last year ge cut dividend to 48 cents a year, s&p has downgraded credit by two notches to bbb plus. moody's preparing to lower credit on ge. take a look at shares, less 30%
6:47 am
this year. bugatti, super car at paris motor show and sold out, only 40 bugatti are being manufactured making most exclusive car, the sleek new ride can go 0 to 60 in 2.6 seconds, that speed will cost you a lot of cash, $5.8 million for this car, yeah, the bugatti devo to release in 2001. get out check kevin kelly. london, san francisco, san francisco, singapore, many users took to twitter to complain about it, others took it in stride, one person says, quote, instagram is down and immediately our account is hacked and life is over.
6:48 am
people can actually socialize in real life. the app has more than 1 billion active users. those are your headlines. maria: funny, years ago that would not have been a thought. kevin: how am i supposed to know what people had for lunch? oh, my gosh, what was your breakfast like? i have no idea. did you have the huevos rancheros, i would never know. maria: how about bugatti? kevin: did you buy it, kevin? maria: kanye west did big showing on saturday night live, had make america hat but it was after the show. chris rock got it and he got it on instagram. maria: it went viral. that's how we know what we did. he didn't do it during the show, maybe he wanted to and he said no.
6:49 am
>> maybe the show producers, michael lauren said no, maybe not. kevin: one of the cast members said that kanye held them hostage and they felt hostage having to listen kanye talk about this, it's so funny. maria: now there's this, kanye west can't catch a break why yeezy sneakers may be banned from hitting nba courts, we will tell you about it, stay with us how do you win at business? stay at laquinta. where we're changing with contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today.
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>> for years you watched as your leaders apologized for america. now you have a president who is standing up for america. we are standing up for your
6:53 am
values, we are standing up for mississippi, we are standing proudly, we are standing up for your national anthem. maria: that was president trump last night on the campaign trail, i think these -- these rallies empower him and he enjoys it. we want to turn to big baseball game in bonks tonight. the winner moves on and the loser goes home. jared max with the story, big game tonight. jared: maria, yankees against oakland ace, who will move onto boston to face red sox on friday? let's hope the game ends earlier than 1:06 a.m. eastern. the cubs tied rockies in xaji baez, extra innings, we go to 13th after two straight two-out singles, the colorado rocked wrigley field. >> up the middle and the rockies have taken the lead.
6:54 am
jared: rockies would hold onto win first playoff game in 9 years, 2-1, they play brewers tomorrow in milwaukee, 13 innings, longest elimination game in playoff history. for the first time ever sports team has generated $1 billion in revenue over one fiscal year, top 5 money machine teams, number 5, soccer giant manchester city, $674 million in 2017-18 fiscal year, number two manchester united and then america's team dallas cowboys, 864 million into jerry's world, spanish soccer real madrid and fc barcelona tops the world, how much in net profit? 15 million according to forbes. to my knowledge, kanye west has never recorded the song blinded by the light but new adidas sneakers sing the familiar tune and this is a problem for the nba because the current version to have kanye adidas shoe that's
6:55 am
yawled the yeezy set to debut in nba this season, features this heel that has reflective 3m material and it's been in development for nearly 3 years, another tweet needed to make nba friendly. maria: why do you think that is? your thoughts on that. jared: you can't have something blinding people on the court, that's why they need to do this. maria: makes sense. >> carmelo anthony had a similar snick and you don't want to be blinded by the light. kevin: they get sold all of the time. people would be lining out on the street. adidas took a hold and stock is eventually well since they signed kanye west to do their shoes. jared: they are building factory in chicago he says.
6:56 am
jared: yeah. >> which nba player actually will wear these yeezys? [laughter] maria: very good, jared, jared max, catch sports report fox news 24/7, siriusxm 115, next hour on mornings with maria we have the latest details. back in a moment.
6:57 am
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honey, they're overnighting us a new card. woooo!!! woooo!!! for ai that works with tools you already use, choose watson. hello! the best ai for the job. . . . maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. happy wednesday. i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, october 3rd man 3.your top stories right no. a record run for stocks, the dow industrials set to open at an
7:00 am
all-time high yesterday after a good day yesterday. dow industrials set to open up 50 points, the nasdaq is up 19 points. the blue chips posted a triple digit gain yesterday thanks to industrial stocks which reacted to the new deal with canada, in new usmca. the nasdaq and s&p 500 finished the day lower. in europe this morning markets are closed in ge germany for a holiday. the asia overnight, more holidays there, the markets in china and korea are closed. the nikkei and hang seng down fractionally. a major fire in new york city to report, smoke filling the sky. several people have been injured including seven firefighters. we're going to take you there and bring you the latest coming up. the battle over the high court continues, the fbi probe into supreme court nominee judge brett kavanaugh could wrap up as on as today. president trump chripresident te
7:01 am
process. >> guilty until proven innocent, that's very dangerous. i have it myself all the time. for me it's like a part of the job description. let it happen to he me. shouldn't happen to him. maria: we're taking a closer look this morning right here. protecting your data, tim cookies speaking out against other technology giants about using your information to make money. and a busy morning for ipo. ten cent music filing to go public in the united states. aston martin struggling in its market debut. we'll tell you what it's doing overseas right now. bill gates loses his crown as america's richest person after 24 years. find out who is unseating him at the top of the forbes list. joining me to break it down, susan lee is here, james freeman is here and kevin kelly is back
7:02 am
with us. great to a see you. >> good morning. >> great to be here. here's the ray craz crazy thingu mentioned ten cent going ipo. september was a gang busters month for ipo after ipo. that's a testament to the strength of the economy that the republicans should be focusing in on and harping on that. the other thing that's been lost in the narrative side with the republican side, is where's isis. there are a lot of wins that need to be put at the forefront. the side show of brett kavanaugh is just -- it's a traffic city r what has been accomplished. maria: the president's detractors have been insane over the outcomes. the outcomes have been very positive, whether it's economic growth or isis on the run. >> what about the wage growth, a record run in the stock markets, we topped another record for the
7:03 am
dow, fourth straight day of gains, that's getting loss not the ca kavanaugh drama. maria: that's glue the u.s tru. >> the u.s. is the star of the world economy. it's a great year for ip os. maria: in terms of the political issues, i find that moderate democrats don't recognize their party anymore. i was speaking with one banker the other day who has been a democrat for a long time. he said basically, you know, i can't even penetrate through the liberal left. and barack obama just endorsed alexandria ocasio-cortez. she was a little sketchy on how laws are written and how congress works the other day. >> how math works as well. where do you come up with the revenue? >> we talk about bernie sanders and the amazon story. this socialist is now arguably the most influential person in the democratic party, although
7:04 am
he's never joined it. and i think this is the problem for democrats, consider trump won in 2016, why i would think we'll win again is because the alternative is not acceptable to most americans, whatever his flaws. maria: people don't necessarily want resist. they want a plan to make their lives better and you just don't see that there. coming up this morning, joining the conversation, republican national committee chair ronna mcdaniels, along with mark penn weighing along with judge napolitano. stuart varney will weigh in as well later on. we kick it off with the supreme court showdown, sources say the fbi investigation into sexual harassment allegations against judge brett kavanaugh could be completed as soon as today. this happening as senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says only senators will be allowed to read the
7:05 am
report and a vote would take place this week. last night the president defended the high court nominee and called out democrats during a rally in mississippi. >> all of the democrats know and all they really know how to do is on instruct obstruct, resist, destroy and delay. they've been trying to destroy judge kavanaugh since the very first second he was announced. maria: joining me right now is south dakota senator mike round. it's doing to see you this morning. thank you for joining us. what's your take on all of this? >> we're moving forward. we'll vote on the kavanaugh nomination on friday to begin with, takes two votes, one for culture and one on final passage. i think we're moving on the plan that the leaders laid out. we're making progress. maria: do you think you have the votes to confirm brett kavanaugh? >> it will depend on whether or not we keep our team together.
7:06 am
so far, i think the leader has done a good job of answering and responding to the concerns that a couple of our members have expressed. but look, this is a case of when you've got to have 51 votes. the if we have 51, we may get 52 or 53. some of the democratic colleagues would like to protect their own seats by joining us but they're not going to be the deciding factor. if we can keep our team together, i think the nomination moves forward by the end of the week, tuesday at the latest. maria: have you heard from some of your colleagues, jeff flake for example, who wanted the fbi investigation, have you heard from him in materials of what he heard from the fbi and where he might be leaning? >> i have not. once again, we laid out the guidelines. i think jeff was very clear last week when he said he wanted to a limited time frame. he wanted to do the extra due diligence. his vote is very valuable. it's not just his vote. it's other as well who wanted to
7:07 am
make sure that they had done everything they should for a lifetime appointment. i think that's being done. when we're all done i think we'll have a new member of the united states supreme court. maria: you do think he'll get confirmed then? >> i do. there's always an intensity whenever you have people that really agree or disagree on a liberal versus conservative issue. people have very strong feelings. thwe've got other things we're working on as well. you just pointed out the fact that over the last couple of years now with president trump working on the economy, we've got a booming economy. we've got wages going up. we've got a lot of good things going on. we've got new trade bills or trade deals that are in the offing right now. we're moving in the right direction. so this is just one more thing that we've got to take in stride. we've got to get it completed. and i think the business community will look at the supreme court and say you know what, there's going to be stability there for a long time to come. maria: how are you feeling then with all of that said about the
7:08 am
midterm elections now just about 35 days away, you've got a good backdrop in terms of the outcomes that you and your colleagues have helped along with president trump's agenda, like the economy, like foreign policy, isis on the run. and then there is this op ed by senator hatch today, he writes a notable shift occurred in the left anti-kavanaugh campaign over the weekend, attention shifting away from christine blasey ford's allegations of sexual assault which was the entire reason for the hearing and now toward kavanaugh's behavior at the hearing that he was angry, of courses angry because he's being charged with horrible things. do you think this is impacting voters and has it changed your expectations for the midterm elections? >> i think senator hatch is pointing out the fact that we need the intensity on the right, just like there is intensity on the left. what judge kavanaugh offered was
7:09 am
honest anger at being accused of terrible things. when i watched it, my thought was here's a guy who is standing in front of a committee and is laying out to them very honestly exactly how he feels with an intensity they're not used to seeing. normally you see someone coming into the united states supreme court who is going to be -- they're going to be as low keep as possible, they're going to seem to not take sides or anything else. this guy called balls and strikes is what he did. he told the democrats in the committee you just threw four balls at he me and one of them was at my head. he is calling it the way you want an umpire calling it. it tells you the guy is not afraid of calling it like he sees it. maria: the fbi investigation may wrap up as soon as today. is that what you're hearing? >> we expect the same thing. if they need more time, i think they'll follow through. they want to exercise their due
7:10 am
diligence. they don't want to be accused of rushing it. that wouldn't help our point of view at all. once it's been delivered and we have the opportunity to look at it, i think it's time to vote. maria: let me ask your thoughts from the armed services committee standpoint on the united nations highest court ordering the u.s. to lift sanctions, some sanctions on iran, linked to the imports of humanitarian goods and civil aviation. this ruling comes after president trump pulled out of the iran nuclear deal. your thoughts on this? what should we expect? >> they're talking about a 1955 treaty, saying that still has jurisdiction. the court in the preliminary discussion basically said look, we're not sure if we have jurisdiction yet. there were some limiting factors in what the court had actually said. i don't expect it to have a major repercussion with the way we're dealing with iran right now. nonetheless, it's something that as part of the international community we'll look at it and then we'll expect the
7:11 am
administration to do a follow-up and explain what they want to do next. maria: and then there's the saudis, the president addressed america's relationship with saudi arabia last night. i want to get your reaction to this. listen to this. >> we protect saudi arabia. would you say they're rich? and i love the king, king solomon but i said king, we're protecting you. you might not be there for two weeks without us. you have to pay for your military. maria: what about that, senator? i mean, when you look at the crown prince and what he's done, some poe people might say he is among the most targeted people in the world right now. what the president said, your reaction. >> i had an opportunity to meet the crown prince. p he wants to be ally of the united states. he is concerned about whether or not we want to be a solid ally after the previous administration. we've got some fence-mending to do with saud saudi arabia.
7:12 am
i think this administration has done a good job of sending a message that we want to be their ally and we expect them to be our alley. as the president said in the past, they're capable of paying for their military. they need to participate in that. i don't think there's any surprise there on the part of saudi arabia and their government as to what the expectations are. so i think having an honest, forthright discussion on that government to government, sharing the fact that we want to be there, we want them as a strong ally and we think that they are right now, i think that's a good thing and to have that discussion -- i think the discussions right now between the united states and saudi arabia are on a good level and sometimes those frank and open displays of concern about who is spending what, i don't think there's anything wrong with that. maria: the president says it like it is. people want that, that honesty. mike pompeo gearing up for another round of nuclear talks with north korea and kim jong un
7:13 am
this upcoming weekend. senator, your expectations in terms of the t meeting and where we go next with north korea? >> we haven't taken off any of the sanctions yet. second of all, we want to he see results. seeresults. i think that's what secretary pompeo is going to say. we want to continue to talk but we want solid, concrete efforts moving forward. if this is all just talk, and you're not honoring your side of the deal, this is not going to last long. if we're making progress, we would rather talk than shoot at each other. maria: we will leave it there. thank you very much. coming up, james bonds' favorite car maker going public. the details next. forbes ranks the richest people in america, we'll tell you who beat out microsoft founder bill gates this year for the number one spot. back in a minute. ♪ this place isn't for me.
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maria: welcome back. now this, breaking news, a six alarm fire is raging in a manhattan apartment building right now. cheryl casone has the details. cheryl: blaze burning for several hours, maria. it's in the east village neighborhood of manhattan near first avenue. you are looking at line pictures we're getting into the newsroom right now. officials say nine people including seven firefighters have been injured. now, this fire broke out on the first floor of a five story apartment building just after 1:45 a.m. but the building is mixed use. it's also home to a japanese restaurant which is on the first floor. the fire has now closed a school on that same block. residents of five nearby buildings have already had to evacuate. no word yet on what caused this fire to begin but manhattan residents in the area are being told to close their windows because of the thick smoke. we're monitoring this breaking
7:18 am
news on the east -- in the east village of manhattan right now. let's move on to another story we're following this morning. fema is going to be sending out a presidential alert for the first time today. with the push of a button, president trump is going to be able to send a message directly to the cell phones of nearly every american. at 2:18 p.m. eastern time this afternoon, expect to get a buzz that reads, quote, this is a test. the presidential alert could be used in the case of an armed attack, a cyber attack or a widespread natural disaster. this new alert will be part of fema's system which already sends amber alerts and weather warnings to phones. you've probably seen those in the past. pennsylvania is getting a weather warning. it got one yesterday, actually. a powerful tornado ripped through a nursing home. the roof and the walls blown off, forcing more than 160 people to evacuate. thankfully, no serious injuries were reported there. well, hundreds of guns stolen
7:19 am
from a u be p -- ups facility in tennessee have been recovered. the found the bulk of roughly 400 guns after they responded to a call of suspicious activity. they are searching for roland jackson after arresting an 18-year-old man that was at the scene. the guns were stolen in memphis over the weekend. it's no sky fall, shares of aston martin are under pressure on the first day of trading overseas. the car maker famous for the starring role in the james bond movies was valued at $5.6 billion in the ipo. investors are giving it a cool reception. the stock is falling about 6% below its $19 open. there's concerns from investors about upcoming new models. we like the old ones, we like them in the movies. maria: thank you so much. thank you. coming up, a new tune for ten
7:20 am
cent music. they filed to go public in the united states. proceed with caution, elon musk shows what his company flame throwers can do, we'll show you that video, stay with us. ♪ every investor should ask questions. is our money in the right place? what am i really being charged? and is it eating into my returns? is my advisor a fiduciary? is he always a fiduciary? a good place to start is with an independent registered investment advisor. as fiduciaries, they live by a simple rule: always act in the best interests of their clients. that's why charles schwab is proud to support more independent financial advisors and their clients than anyone else.
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maria: welcome back. markets are higher this morning, this is the high of morning right here, dow industrials up 77 points, s&p 500 is up 9 points and the nasdaq up a third of a percent. we're looking at the dow, setting off a new record high when it opens this morning after a very strong day yesterday. the dow was up 122 points yesterday, a half a percent.
7:24 am
joining us right now ted oakly. good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> hi, maria. maria: we have a market near record highs. what do you make of the market's runup. would you put new money to work here? >> not right here, maria. the dow is camoflaguing what's going on in the rest of the market. if you look at the russell 2000 in the last few weeks, the financials, we had more new lows than new highs. there's a lot of things underneath that you can't see and the dow is only 30 stocks that you get dead her that heree rest of the market can here. >> one of the interesting things that's happened is the fe fed rd rates last week. what do you think about financials, begin the fact that financials have come down, it seems to be the perfect economy for them. how should we think about finance ailings in this market.
7:25 am
>> -- financials in this market? >> i think what the financials are telling you, if you look at the long bond and you look at financials, you'll see the markets trying to tell you, i think, that the fed is probably off the mark here over the next 18 months. and that's not the case with -- i know everybody thinks the fed's giving them the rest of the runway of what's going to happen through 2020. but in the real world it doesn't happen that way. we feel like what's really going to happen will be a little different than what the fed thinks is happening, and that's why financials and the long bond are not actually going along with it. maria: just to be clear, you think the fed is going to slow down the interest rate increases? jay powell spoke in boston yesterday. he said the tax cuts and the spending increases recently may have hobbled the fed's response to any com come coming downturn. >> you don't make any money following the fed. they typically are late and they
7:26 am
look backwards. maria: i see. >> we really feel like what will happen is -- i know they've got this layout through 2020 but all you have to do is have some weakness for a quarter and we think they cut and run and we really feel that will happen somewhere in the fourth, first quarter next year. it will be slower than what they think it will be. maria: i got you. >> along those lines, you seem to have maybe a more humble fed kind of saying they want to get less into the business of issuing forward guidance in the future. i mean, is this potentially a positive for investors long-term? >> well, i don't think so. i think you've always had a fed that they take the data right now and they look backwards. it's very hard for them to tell you what should happen. if you look right now, for example, autos, housing, a lot of store sales, a lot of things are slower than they probably pretend. the only thing that's been great
7:27 am
in here has been the stock market. >> it has been a great stock market. we're looking at the 102nd record close for the dow since election day, november 2016. so what do you think can derail this run that we've been on? >> well, we think they're at the end of the cycle. what happens at the end of the cycle is that profit margins start to come down and profits start to come down and all of the extremely rosey estimates for the fourth quarter and the first quarter of 2019, they have to adjust them. we feel like that's what's going to -- that will be happening in the next six months. maria: how significant -- you say you won't put new money to work here. are you expecting a significant downturn then in the stock market? >> well, i think you get something, adjustment. everything is expensive right now. interestingly enough, we see so many companies selling at high multiples, very, very high multiples and it's not just in one sector but it's a across the
7:28 am
board. so for us, it's not like we're out of the market but we have more cash now than we've had in probably three or four years. >> i got to come back to this fed issue. we went through this period where during qe and all these other experiments after the financial crisis, the fed kept overestimating how good the economy was going to be. finally we've gotten to a point where they actually underestimated but you think the problem is they're still overestimating too much or -- it seems like they're sort of on the way to solving the problem. maria: four rate cuts seems excessive to me. i don't know. >> if you think about it and what they say the normalized rates will be through 2020, we just don't think they'll ever get there. we have $71 trillion of public and private debt in the company. you put two or three points on it and see where you end up. we don't think they've got the wherewithal to get it through to tend.
7:29 am
the end. i'm not saying they can't do it in december. you've got this much debt and what happens is you put a few interest rate points on it and see where it ends up. look at the housing market and the mortgage market right now. it's having a big impact. maria: i meant forward rate hikes, obviously. >> yes, it's going to be tough for the government to fund itself when it finally has to pay normal interest rates. the fed can't resist that indefinitely, can it? i mean, they can't just choose not to acknowledge if it's time for a rate hike and prices are rising. >> well, they can, but we think what happens is if you look at the number one driver of what's been pushing the cons americas it's been the stock market -- consumer, it's been the stock market. if you have the market settle down in the next six months, they'll settle down too. maria: what about the tax cuts? >> that's been okay for corporations if you look at it, maria. they used the money to buy back stock. they haven't given great raises in this thing. maria: most income levels got a
7:30 am
tax cut and they did double the standard deduction. >> they did. you're not seeing -- you look at consumer confidence and you look at that, you go back 30 years, when it's this high you don't get big moves in the market. i mean, statistically it's right there. maria: what do you think is going to be the most vulnerable? is there anywhere to hide in this selloff that you're expecting, this disruption that you called it. >> i'll give you a sneak peek. you look at the fang stocks, for example, they're losing momentum. they're not hitting new highs with the dow. i understand they have been -- they had a good year. you look at the last month or so, they're not hitting new highs. it gives you a little bit of an idea what's happening. maria: maybe that's why ten cent is not doing well overseas with the ipo. i assume you're not buying into ten cent right now. >> i wouldn't. if you look at ten cent, j.d., those companies relative to counter-companies in the us, they'll start to get in the buy
7:31 am
range fairly soon. maria: great to see you. thanks so much. stay tuned for our jobs in america coverage this friday, we've got a big show coming you, 8:00 a.m. eastern for the jobs in america program when we get the jobs numbers out for the last month and we identify where the jobs are right now, that coming up. first, slamming silicon valley, why apple's ceo tim cook reportedly bashing some tech companies, competitors over data practices. and details on the first hyper loop passenger capsule, coming up. ♪ kevin, meet your father. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin
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maria: welcome back. good witness mornin wednesday m. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. its is wednesday, october 3rd. a bunch of bunk, that's what tim
7:35 am
cook says about companies that insist they need your data. why he's saying not to believe everything you hear from his competitors. markets will open higher, we're in record territory for the dow industrials. s&p 500 is up a third of a be percent as is the nasdaq right now. it was a good day for the dow yesterday, mixed performance overall. but a new record high closed for the dow at 26,773 yesterday, with a gain of 123 points at the close. nasdaq was down 37 and the s&p was flat, down just 1 point. this morning in europe, indices are higher across the board. there is a holiday in germany so no trading there. the fq100 is up two-thirds of a percent. markets in china and korea closed for a holiday, the others were lower fractionally. jeffrey returns, we've got details on the sudden turnaround that could bring toys r us back from the drink.
7:36 am
hyper loop unveil's a new capsule in spain. we'll show you the new capsule coming up in a bi bit. elon musk hanging with joe row again, this time with a flame thrower in hand. we'll show you what they're talking about coming up. and we have the forbes list of the richest people in america. we'll tell you who kicked bill gates out of the top number one spot. you probably know it. we will tell you about that. first, our top story this of half hour, technology titans and privacy, tim cook dismissing the notion that technology companies need more of your data to build better products in a new interview with vice, watch. >> the narrative some companies want you to believe is i've got to take all of your data to make my service better. well, don't believe that. whoever is telling you that, it's a bunch of bunk. we try to as muc keep as much or
7:37 am
information on that device as possible. maria: joining us now is judge andrew napolitano. good to see you. your reaction? >> when he says things like that, he is a hero to libertarians who are concerned about the right to privacy. i often argue with stewart varney all the time about look at this information that apple collects and google collects and facebook collects, why aren't you after them the way you're after the government. the libertarian answer is i can avoid them. it's difficult, but i can avoid them. i can't avoid the government. if what tim cookie cook is ss true, it's profoundly disruptive to the model that his competitors have given us, which is every time i touch a key stroke, they need to know it because it helps them service me. the problem is that a lot of these tech giants are in bed with the intelligence community and what you reveal to the tech giant goes into the government's computers and stays there for
7:38 am
two years. maria: no privacy. >> the intelligence community in the u.s. or china? >> very good question. i was talking about the u.s., but that's an eye-opener because of the regulations that china imposes upon the american tech companies when they operate there. >> the issue too though is it's not only what you give them and opt-in, it's also what they get from other firms, like financial firms, so facebook tussled with financial firms, trying to get more information. not only are you giving more information, they're trying to gather it from other areas. >> facebook does not have the amount of money in my checking account at chase but they know that the account exists and how much money is in there, they just don't know it's mine. they know the money comes from there to pay their customers. maria: it's pretty extraordinary. the companies are not what we expected five years ago.
7:39 am
they're so much more powerful and bigger. >> tim cookies the maverick on the privacy issue. maria: fox news is reporting that the fbi could be wrapping up th supplemental investigation into supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh as early as today. we had senator mike rounds on and he said yes, it could happen as early as today. the president sounded off on judge kavanaugh's accuser last night, dr. christine blasey ford, when he was in mississippi at a rally. watch. >> how did you get home? i don't remember. how did you get there? i don't remember wher. where is the place? i don't remember. how many years ago was it? i don't know. i don't know. maria: he's right. no corroboration whatsoever. >> i'm sorry to see him mock a victim of what she believes is and what she testified to under oath was a -- maria: what bret what about bt kavanaugh? >> brett kavanaugh is a victim as he stated articulately of a left wing hit.
7:40 am
they both in my view are credible. i believe the fbi will give us more answers. i wish the fbi investigation had occurred before either of them testified. this is unprecedented to lock in the victim, whichever of them is the victim, the victim's testimony under oath before the investigation occurs. but i was actually texting with our colleague, john roberts last night and he's pretty confident from the sources in the white house that the fbi report will be at the white house by the end of the day today. then the issue is what becomes of it. there's one theory that it will go to chuck grassley and everybody on the senate judiciary committee. maria: just the senators, right? >> there's another theory about all the senators. if that happens, the parts that favor brett kavanaugh will be leaked. the parts that favor his accusers will be leaked. you're going to be assured of that. >> one of blasey ford's ex-frienboyfriends, she may have coached her friend on how to beat a polygraph test.
7:41 am
does that disqualify her? >> i don't think so. i don't think the polygraph test is relevant here. i know that law enforcement likes to use polygraph tests i. they're not admissible into evidence, but they help law enforcement to make an initial determination about the believability of a witness. they help law enforcement to find a rabbit hole, so-to-speak, down which to go. i don't believe this nomination will rid rise or fall on a polyh test. maria: we're looking at a potential subpoena for james comey. bob goodlatte said on sunday morning futures twice now, two weeks in a he row row, they've d jim comey and loretta lynch to be interviewed and if they don't come they will subpoena. fox news is reporting they are close to a subpoena on this. your reaction. >> if congress invites you in to speak, you probably accept the invitation. your lawyers would negotiate with them and find out what they wanted.
7:42 am
if you're jim comey, you tell them to take a hike. bring the television cameras and i'll answer what you want. we haven't heard a peep from loretta lynch. her testimony is key. it will conflict profounded with comeys. maria: bob goodlatte said if she doesn't answer by invitation, she will be subpoenaed. >> she will get the subpoena. the subpoena only exists until the first week in january. we're already at the first week in october. maria: why only january? >> because it's a new congress. if republicans control the house, they can reissue the subpoena. if they don't control the house, kiss the subpoena good-bye. maria: thank you so much. coming up, a toys r us revival is possible. why they may be staging a come back, coming up. playing with fire, watch this. >> [ laughter ] maria: more video of elon
7:43 am
musk's late evidence device from the boring -- latest device from the boring company. not so boring. back in a minute. ♪
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7:46 am
hey guys. today we're here to talk about trucks. i love trucks. what the heck is that?! whoa! what truck brand comes from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road? i think it's the chevy. ford. is it ford? nope, it's not ford. i think it's ram. is it ram? not ram. that's a chevy! it's chevy! that's right. from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. gorgeous. chevy hit it out of the ballpark with these. maria: welcome back. the fund to compensate sick victims of 9/11 may be running out of money. cheryl casone has the details. cheryl: the federal government
7:47 am
put $7 billion into the 9/11 victims compensation fund. it was intended to pay claims from those sickened at ground zero after the terror attacks. the official who runs the fund say the $7 billion may not be enough. new claims are expected to be filed before the deadline in december of 2020. officials are asking for help in figuring out how they're going to pay for all of those claims. well, a group of investors planning a comeback for toys r us. they canceled a bankruptcy augusts seauction set to sell of intellectual property. they say they will work with potential partners to work on new stores in the united states and other countries. some good news ahead of the holiday there. well, we are getting a glimpse into the future of travel. hyper loop transportation technologies unveiled the first full scale passenger capsule. the cap sewe p capsule weighs 5n
7:48 am
carry passengers at speeds of more than 750 miles an hour. the technology gained popularity since elon musk began touting the individual as a high speed transportation solution for the future with his boring company. hyper loop competition is heating up, this is not a musk company. let's go back to elon musk. he's lighting up again with groe rogen. he is showing what his company's flame throwers can do. he raised $10 million for his company as they continued to dig up thtunnels for the hyper loop. he's and joe rogen are bffs these days. maria: forbes is ranking the richest people in america.
7:49 am
we'll tell you who beat out bill gates this year for the number one spot. back in a minute. ♪ i wanna keep doing what i love, that's the retirement plan. with my annuity, i know there is a guarantee. it's for my family, its for my self, its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at retire your risk dot org.
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7:53 am
roll, please, amazon ceo jeff bezos is number one. joining us now is forbes mea mea assistant managing editor of wealth lisa kroll. characterize the list for us. >> it's the relent alsoly rich, thely rich, theycontinue to mak. maria: jeff bezos blows everybody away. >> he's the story of the year. he's the first person with a fortune of over $100 billion to be the ranks. he is at $160 billion. that's $215 million a day. he's left everybody in the dust. >> the fascinating aspect, bill gates would be at $100 billion and even over it if he hadn't given so much away. >> he has given away $35 billion which is i a huge number. if you added that in, he would be higher than everybody else.
7:54 am
now bezos is still $30 billion more, even if gates hadn't given -- maria: he has a bigger dollar figure gain. >> his dollar figure gain is more than 397 people on the list. only buffet and gates are worth more than his gains. >> jeff bezos said at the d.c. economic club, he said i'm rich but i only own a percentage of the company. i helped create so much wealth and value. >> for shareholders. >> that's made him a target. the bezos act, bernie sanders launched that. i know there were more women that made the list this year. maria: it depresses me, it's more than it was last year, it's not a record high. it continues to be a tiny, tiny amount. >> only 11 of those 57 women actually made the fortunes themselves, whereas about two-thirds of the list is self-made. it's just we track women
7:55 am
billionaires who are still up and coming, they're about 30 -- they're about 30 or so total. we watch them all the time. we're hoping for better news. we still have a long ways to go. >> another kind of interesting finding, we've seen a lot of stories the last couple years suggesting that the president is using political office to enrich himself. that's not what you're seeing in the numbers. >> no, not at all. there are a couple of assets that have benefited from that, such as mar-a-lago and the d.c. hotel. most of the businesses, people are distancing themselves. people don't want to buy condos in a trump building. it's become too polarizing for people to back his businesses. maria: it actually hurt his business. >> overall. maria: what overall drove the net worth to new highs this year? >> the stock market. you see it continuing to rise and a lot of these people have their money in particular stocks, so you see some mixes. mark zuckerberg is down. he's off $10 billion. but as a group, these people
7:56 am
keep marching up. if the market continues to do this well, we'll continue to see huge numbers. maria: it's a good point you make on donald trump. you don't really hear that very much anywhere. >> it brings a lot of negative attention when you're in politics. obviously he brings as much as any politician, so it's not necessarily good for business. >> on top of the new york times article, he's worth $3 billion. maria: $3.1 billion. >> worth more than he was left according to the article. >> the most interesting thing to me in the article was how much he had gotten when he was such a little kid. we knew he had always gotten a lot of the starter funds from his father and -- >> he still built on that, that's my point. >> yes, he built on that, most definitely. maria: thank you. thank you, kevin kelly for joining us this morning. still ahead, incredible transformation, we'll show you how christian bale looks playing
7:57 am
former vice president dick cheney in a new movie, wait until you check this out, next hour, "mornings with maria," stay with us. ♪ ♪
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♪ maria: good wednesday morning. welcome back. thanks so mump for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. wednesday, october 3 your top stories right now just after 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, a record run for stocks, continues dow industrials set to open all-time high today, with gain of 80 points right now, a third of a percent higher, in a premarket the s&p 500 also up a third of a percent as nasdaq 29 points this morning, blue chips posted triple-digit again yesterday finishing all-time high due to industrial stocks rallying on new nafta 2.0 usm ica nasdaq s&p 500 lower yesterday in europe germany closed for holiday majors up across the board, cac quarante in paris up two-thirds of a percent as ft 100 in london in
8:01 am
asia overnight markets closed no hong kong, i'm sorry in china and in korea but hong kong and japan lower. >> the high stakes battle for the high court fbi do you to wrap up investigation into nominee judge brett kavanaugh as soon as today, defendants senate on track to vote president trump slammed democrats in controversy last night in mississippi. >> my whole life i have heard, innocent until proven guilty but now you are guilty until proven innocent what is happening here has much more to do than even the appointment of the supreme court justice. maria: the fallout straight ahead this morning, jc penney a look retailer naming fourth ceo roughly five years a surprise raid by the food and drug administration targeting the company behind jewel e-cigarettes we explain why, a double take on this first trailer showing christian bale
8:02 am
as former vice president dick cheney is out check that out! we got the trailer all those coming up wednesday morning joining me to break it down fox business network susan lee is here "the wall street journal" insinuate editorial page editor james freeman, former senior advisor to the clintons mark penn joining. >> thank you so much for joining us great show so far. >> i hope to play cheney -- >> a transformation. >> a lot like him. >> i want to see trailer we've got coming up mark penn your thoughts on kavanaugh controversy. >> america waiting are for fbi he hopefully this time a better credible performance i think we did a poll at poll showed if fbi shows 60% will
8:03 am
support they believe both kavanaugh, and ford coming out of the testimony, yand should not they two very eloquent statements, of -- but devoid of corroboration, that is what this is about. maria: you are right, and so far, no corroboration, on christine ford story even though she did come across very believable. >> what i think is pointed out when you can't tell someone when and where they may have done something they cannot establish alibi normally if a crime scene in a population i can say he i wasn't there i was in panama wherever kavanaugh can't say he wasn't there because she won't say when and where. >> talk more about that this morning i know that you've got of you cone polling on midterms want to ask about that as well mark penn for the hour, joining the conversation this morning, chairman of the rnc this morning, family medicine director dr. michael varshavski dr. "mik" is here host of "varney & company" don't miss a moment a big hour
8:04 am
we tick off with battle over brett kavanaugh fox news is reporting the fbi could be wrapping up its investigation, into the supreme court nominee as soon as today. blake burman has more right now, at the when white house, good morning. >> good morning to you as well timing here a bit in clear but a source with knowledge of this supplemental p fbi background investigation does indeed tell fox the report could be delivered here to the white house, at some point, as soon as later today, meantime this morning this is a white house that is dealing with a different question, about last night president trump, decided to criticize the testimony of christine blasey ford christine blasey fording in the forward said temperature credible last night different. >> what neighborhood was it in? i don't know where is the house. >> i don't know. >> upstairs down is a stairs where was it i know i had one beer the only thing i remember. a man's life is in taters a
8:05 am
man's life is shattered. >> one of dr. ford's attorneys responded on twitter wrying a vicious vile he attack on dr. christine blasey ford any wonder she was terrified to come forward and that other sexual assault survivors are as well. she is a remarkable profile in courage he is a profile in cowardice, on capitol hill senate majority leader mitch mcconnell continues to insist a vote on kavanaugh will take place at some point this week. >> we will get an fbi report soon it will be made available to each senator and only senators will be allowed to look at it. reporter: fbi supplemental background investigation so is crucial because three outstanding senators jeff flake susan collins lisa murkowski appear waiting on that report again which could be delivered to the white
8:06 am
house, as soon as later today. maria: blake, thank you so much blake burman white house mark you just told us that in your polling, a majority of people you believe will say yes con firm him, if the fbi comes out with no corroboration. >> the i think that is what they are waiting for i think this was actually a good thing, that flake called for this this is a country was unsettled, even though, many of those who are named as witnesses said they weren't there public didn't hear that. >> democrats are not going to be by that you know. >> a wild fight from the democrats this report inadequate not enough investigation too short you can expect that coming. maria: they just don't want court to have another conservative on the bench. >> 69% did agree this has been a national disgrace so even though they are trying to make as fair a judgment as they can 75% in the heard of poll said senator dianne feinstein should have brought this to the cotwo months ago when this
8:07 am
could have done in regular order. >> that is right. >> rachel mitchell saying the report to senate republicans not only would not support a criminal case wouldn't even support a lawsuit, on they grounds there was not enough corroboration, too many holes in the story and i don't think -- i think it is critical to say professor ford can't complain about questioning her story lawyers have been demanding fbi question her about the story nonstop since at least the last week. >> yeah, i think the country heard from both for hours and hours. i think it is good fbi didn't go back to them many this is focused at about corroboration, because otherwise this will go on, remember the nation has been torn part here, and that process needs some finalitied we need some national unity here i think the president the senate leaders and democrats brett realize that. >> fbi has shot to show independence you and i have been critical what took place in 2016 election, but by a cabal of individuals tried to
8:08 am
put finger on the scale do you trust it. that is why i am going fob -- will creates fe wray come out sounds like doing what fbi is supposed to do send report to grassley will give it to senators, of course, will leak about about three minutes. >> i think gallon van oois republicans at polls because looking at this there is no corroboration it is obstruction, obstruction, obstruction, grassley senator grassley says senators are on jurnl committee couldn't get access to dr. ford's therapy sessions lie detectivor test dealings with we had, so you know what are they voting son do they have -- right information to, do that? >> well, look, they do the best they can the public is saying 60% says hey we will support this if fbi shows no corroboration, and end this country will move on, i don't think they are going to see impeachment, this thing drag on, but remember, tensions have been driven here pretty high, it is a partisan fight and those senators in red
8:09 am
states, really are feeling the heat. this is no question, that, you know, 86% republicans are in that 60%, and they are going to press these republicans these democratic senate accounts the boomerang here. >> i think look, still on course, foshs what i call a blue edge, democrats show in house race probably taking that but i do think you could have kind of a rebound in the senate, senate races are tightening up, i think conservative base did not the a a leadership did not have a message a real energy they have been energizing i think this could backfire unfortunately on the democrats. >> let me ask you about jim comey fox news reporting republicans on hours judiciary committee are close to suspecting him, they he invited him, to transcribe interview prepared to issue a subpoena for the appearance, you heard first on "sunday morning futures" the chairman
8:10 am
of the judiciary committee bob good lat. >> are you going to be able to interview people like loretta lynch jim comey, sally yates before midterm elections? >> uh we are working right now, to schedule them, if they don't appear voluntarily we will subpoena them, we are going to do that work, right through the fall, and whether it falls before or after the election we are going to% sist want them quickly as possible. >> saying the subpoena is coming thoughts on what we might learn from intellects. >> look i think it is about -- time i think there is so much has come out here that these officials need to be held to account for the information that has come out what was going on in fbi and cia i one of he amaze last few days now comey brennan politically commentators on kavanaugh nomination. >> tell me -- op-ed on. >> it amazes -- became regular
8:11 am
commentators a specificed he professionals related to national security that i think found incredible. >> it is incredible he said like i can fbi can handle this why would we listen to you after what we just saw happen at fbi? >> why even weighing in? >> this is a dangerous time for comey has been able to control his image and message great deal over the last year or so. >> his book. >> and exactly, but we now you go back to that may 2017 rosenstein memo, laying out how people of all parties all viewpoints agreed comey trashed procedures of the fbi may have to finally be held to account here see can christopher wray so more professional fbi sal villaining image definite clear following procedure. >> we will see if subpoena comes through amazing to see him comment about kavanaugh hearing. >> well, to comment as though he is just a partisan. >> right. >> that is what surprised me,
8:12 am
he is not stepping back, looking at the pros and cons, of an investigation, and how you do its he was purely partisan as was brennan, that is i what has been revealing disheartening to those of us whether democrat or republican want professionals in these jobs. >> stay with us because we got a lot to come coming up next fda setting sites on you. >>el why agency is seizing thousands of documents from the e-cigarette making sure headquarters. >> transformation you look at christian bale former vice president dick cleheney coming up. ♪ ♪ ah ♪ ♪ rary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at
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each day our planet awakens but with opportunity comes risk. and to manage this risk, the world turns to cme group. we help farmers lock in future prices, banks manage interest rate changes and airlines hedge fuel costs. all so they can manage their risks and move forward.
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it's simply a matter of following the signs. they all lead here. cme group - how the world advances. coming decade. the mineralset to inresources that are needed toe supply this coming demand are plentiful but not necessarily easy to unlock. the smackover formation in southern arkansas may hold one of the most significant lithium resources globally. standard lithium intends to play a key part in the development of this critical mineral resource through our structured approach to discovery, strategic alliances and our industry-leading extraction process expertise. learn more at standard lithium dot com. report for september is out, 230,000 private sector jobs add to economy month of september estimate called for jobs of 185,000 in private sector, this is better than expected it is lifting markets james your thoughts on the
8:16 am
jobs market day. >> more good news, we will get the nfib number tomorrow economy wide reading on friday, a lot of people were saying for a long time that we were at full employment obviously we weren't there white house is thgdz about how do we pull more people off the sidelines, encourage them to join the workforce, this is an encouraging sign that is happening. >> good backdrop. >> more jobs tight labor market lifting wages hitting 17-month high that high of the morning on futures on heels of adp report up 230,000 we have breaking news from ggeneral mot this morning. cheryl: analysts bullish on this gen rally motors announced honda joining autonomous driving units to build self-driving cars honda contributing two billion dollars 12 years 750-million-dollar equity investment, gm cruise unit
8:17 am
valled valued 14 plan gm higher in premarket up 4 1/2 percent stock to watch, of course, that news coming out. >> well, struggling retailer j.c. penny named new ceo, after marvin ellison left in june, headed for lowest, the ceo president of jo ann stores since march 2015 credited with revitalizing branding expanding digital about capabilities of stores, going to step into new role two weeks from now shares of jc penney up almost 11% right now. >> first lady melania trump visiting a former slave holding facility in ghana spent an hour on tour cape coast castle laid a wreath. >> to see and -- what happened
8:18 am
so many years ago. cheryl: she is on her first major solo international tour as first lady going to be visiting malawi kenya then egypt. finally -- the internet is freaking out about new dick cheney look alike that is actor christian bale on the right of your screen, that is his new roll, as former vice president gained 40 pounds for the role shaved his head every day bleached plucked eyebrows for this a trailer for the dick cheney biopic called "vice" expected later this morning, sam rockwell playing george w. bush. >> show you later. >> we look forward to that thank you. cheryl: you bet that memoriam mentality president hits trail look at odds of republicans
8:19 am
holding on to house election preview, fda seeing dominates from the e-cigarette making sure what they were looking for what dangers are next. ♪ ♪ ♪ boy you turn me inside-out and round and round, up and down, boy you turn me, inside-out and round and round ♪ ♪ geico has over 75 years of great savings and service. with such a long history, it's easy to trust geico! thank you todd. it's not just easy. it's-being-a-master-of-hypnotism easy. hey, i got your text- sleep! doug, when i snap my fingers you're going to clean my gutters. ooh i should clean your gutters! great idea. it's not just easy. it's geico easy.
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what do you look for i want free access to research. yep, td ameritrade's got that. free access to every platform. yeah, that too. i don't want any trade minimums. yeah, i totally agree, they don't have any of those. i want to know what i'm paying upfront. yes, absolutely. do you just say yes to everything? hm. well i say no to kale. mm. yeah, they say if you blanch it it's better, but that seems like a lot of work. no hidden fees. no platform fees. no trade minimums. and yes, it's all at one low price. td ameritrade. ♪ administration targeting teen vaping epidemic agency seizing more than 1,000 documents in surprise visit to the e-cigarette maker juul headquarters last week building on ffda request how juul appeals to children dr.
8:23 am
michael varshavski good to see you dr. "mik" e-cigarettes. >> e-cigarettes let's -- started out the really quantify why dangerous, dangerous for children because of nicotine component most kids don't the know inhaling nicotine think it is water vapor don't think there is any harmful chemicals but there are, these harmful chemicals are bad for developing adolescent teenage brain need to get this information out there target companies looking to sell their products to young people, i know juul and other companies swear they don't but when you put up social media ti.s advertisements, gumy bear watermelon. >> that is what they are called gumy bear? >> all sorts of of silly-flavored names appeal to children the we are looking at nicotine right now studies that are being done to see
8:24 am
what other compounds noxious compounds are created when you heat up liquid children who start vaping are much more likely to become smokers, and in the last decade two decades we have made strides on lowering kid smoking to see that go up because of e-cigarettes the opposite what founders of companies are promising. >> really important. >> i would say as parent you do when you look at this you think like lots of other worse things could be out there you are saying it leads to smoking would it lead to marijuana use or possible best-case scenario maybe kids have this is instead of a marijuana. >> that is very optimistic outlook what we've seen there is uptick in vaping that have marijuana in them that is a problem. >> people think going legal. >> people this can it is going legal what scares me children don't know what they are inhaling what they are taking, and nicotine is so incredibly addicting really on the same level as cocaine.
8:25 am
>> more than marijuana. >> more than marijuana that is really the compound in it scares me, because so easy, because you can hide it because it doesn't have offensive or do all deterrents are missing kids more likely to do it to do it in schools more likely to do it without parents knowing, and that presents a serious challenge so that how do you stop it? some people -- gains of growth 700%, when it comes to e-cigarette use vaping especially juul amongst teenage crowd last year. >> you go to source you have to figure out what is it that they are doing that is engaging children to smoke? how they are preventing under age people from securing products not long ago last year, you can ply products online without any sort of id check, 16-year-old has access to mom's or dad's credit card can have ordered this needs security checks in place why i think fda looking at it cracking down on its i applaud them for it. >> really important topic to
8:26 am
get this out there i didn't realize they had flavors that is drove us. >> some flavors contain serious compounds can make problem even worse. >> formaldehyde, some carcinogens, scary. >> flu season we know, switching gears flu deaths tops last winter tops 80,000 in united states the highest over a decade, according to centers for disease control 180 babies children teenagers among fatalities, that is highest number on record, about dr. "mik," what makes younger people particularly vulnerable to the flu. >> what is problem in those who get flu is complications not flu that kills you it is the results of the complications for example you start with the flu you get a weak ended immune system inflammation in a phenomenonia on top die from severe infection like ma phenomenonia 1 will 0 bead at rick deaths you mentioned pediatric deaths 80% did not get flu shots reason we push hard in
8:27 am
community to get flu shot not only to prevent the flu but complication rates significantly drop when you get the flu shot even to get flu a milder case less likely to get complications, and a lesser known fact that if you get the flu shot consecutive years results better. >> can you vince m-- convince maria. >> a theory i asked on twitter should i get flu shot all tell me no, thank you for answering. >> come to my house get the flu shot. >> i said my friends. >> if i told you i lost money in the stock market it is because government wants me to lose you probably say what is a conspiracy that is we know over time best way to create wealthy through stock market. >> write that down. >> get the flu shot.
8:28 am
>> -- great to see you. thank you so much i am considering it mike varshavski there tired of winning vote -- president trump's midterm message coming up i sit down with ceo omg accessories to talk about the impact, back in a moment. ♪ feeling unsure? what if you had some help? introducing the new 2019 ford edge with the confidence of ford co-pilot360™ technology. the most available driver assist technology in its class. the new 2019 ford edge.
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wednesday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, october 3 your top stories right now 8:31 a.m. east coast another day another rally to tell you about president trump stomping for votes ahead of the midterms. >> i was on the ticket everybody would go it would be a last -- even fakers say that, i am not on the ticket. but i am on the ticket. because this is also al
8:32 am
referendum about me, get out and vote i want you to vote pretend i am on the ballot don't worry we will be on ballot in two years do a landslide. >> what the president said about winning coming up, markets are higher pointing to another record high at opening of trading this is a high of the morning, because we got great economic news a moment ago theios yoos set to open up almost 09 points, a third of a percent higher is a s&p 500, nasdaq, each up a third of a percent, nasdaq up 6 points in europe similar -- 26 points. >> money will in stocks ft 100 up 37 points cac quarante in paris up two-thirds of a percent 31 points higher in asia overnight, chinese korean markets closed for holidays the other majors down fractionally, we did get the adp number out a moment ago 230,000 jobs created in september we get big number this friday, trade, of course, in focus, canada, mexico squared away president trump focusing now, on trade negotiations with china, this
8:33 am
as alibaba fourn jack ma warned trade tensions between u.s. china could last 20 years, and fashion industry bracing for impact talk to fashion insider coming up, a top story this half an hour however, is countdown to the midterm elections president trump urging the crowd in mississippi last night vote republican, five weeks from today listen. >> we finally put ourselves in a position. where we can do things. we can really do them but we could do them all oflo lot better if we had more real majority, not a majority of one, the democrats party has become too extreme this is an example of it. too dangerous to be trusted with power. that is why you must vote republican on election day you have to go out and vote [cheers and applause] >> they want to get the power. that they so desperately crave that was taken away from them,
8:34 am
all of the democrats know and all they really know how to do is obstruct, resist, o demolish destroy delay. >> president doubled on on twitter the only reason to voted for a democrat if you are tired of winning joining me right now rnc chair ronna mcdaniel thanks very much for joining us. >> alleges good to be here thanks for having me. >> are you you feeling into midterm elections 35 days away. >> i was with president last night that crowd energy i feel good we are seeing a narrowing of the generic ballot gap i look race after race after a rest seeing our accounts doing well i am optimistic. >> do you think people are responding to good backdrop on economy we just got the adp number out, and actually it shows in month of september, 230,000 jobs were created in private sector, added to the the economy versus estimate of 185,000 newsbreaking a few
8:35 am
minutes ago we have labor department number out on friday, but you've got that you've got behavior on left around the kavanaugh hearing, did that change the -- the backdrop for the republicans or is it just a better back drob in terms of of the economy what is driving this? >> i think the kavanaugh hearings have energized our base, highlighted the obstructive nature of democrats only want to come to washington to stop this president resist obstruct delay divide i dysfunction republicans delivering, kick-started economy jobs coming back wages up people are feeling better their lives are [either are so it is a really clear choice, do you want results from republicans, or resistance from democrats? and i think voters, are going to pick results every time. >> we got new quinnipiac university poll out finds gop cutting drove democratic lead there was lot of talk before this of a blue wave democrats winning 42% american voters say they support republican
8:36 am
account in local house race up from 38% last month democrats backing by 49% down from 52% in september look at senate side, a majority of american sproerts say they would prefer democrats, to win, the majority in the senate, what do you make a of this? >> well, generic ballots are tough not pitting one candidate against another there are opportunities to pick up seats let's not forget history against republicans right now because of first midterm sitting president usually lose majorities in the senate, and house we are talking about picking up seats in the senate potentially fantastic, now with that, generic ballot narrowing we are seeing more and more races that we think we are going to win, that democrats thought for insure in their palms keeping house win our reach if voters turn out where the president going out the, energizing our rays saying vote republican, i need you i have not on ballot but i need more republicans, to keep this comeback going, is so
8:37 am
impactful turning out our vote. >> if you don't hold on to majority, in the house, you are going to see a lot oft the agenda stop; right? you have heard nancy pelosi say she wants to undo the tax cut plan, she wants to abolish ice we know overall they would like to impeach president trump. >> yeah, you will see washington shut down for two years, if the democrats take control of the house they will ray of taxes they will abolish ice want open borders more importantly want to stop donald trump it will be investigation after investigation after investigation up until 2020. our country has turned around, people's lives so much better, do we really want to go back to the dark ages of pelosi schumer? voters need to keep that in the back of their mind voters have deliver nothing to american people except more dysfunction in washington past two years. >> how are you dealing with big deep poktscketed democrats
8:38 am
given party a lot ofmen kevin mccarthy on house majority leader saying we have been raising a lot of money he has been on road continually raising money he and colleagues you got mike bloomberg gave democrats 80 million dollars willing to go up to 100 million dollars against to many steyer willing to give tens of millions of dollars as well do you have those kind of donors. >> we do it is frustrating to see mike bloomberg, soros trying to buy elections for democrats tell democrats it is don't run as moderate we know you will come to washington be a pelosi liberal but the rnc raised 50 million dollars that is -- 250 million dollars more than any political history in history in midterm 28 states our ground game five times larger than 2016 we are ready up against a well funded democrat party by three progressive billionaires. >> i was talking to moderate democrats the other night one is a bankesh he says to be you know iio i don't recognize the part i think one thing
8:39 am
republicans have going for them the democrats have been hijacked by the extreme left, democratic solvent oesaid i would o love to get inaugurated january 3 then january 4 signing health care we have a duty to fight maintain strength of values, i don't -- you don't get naurthdz you are inaugurated. >> no, you are get sworn in she instrumentals with comprehensive issues coming deals with israel health care funding huge medicare she is putting forward doesn't know how to pay for it a boondoggle democrats are promising everything saying i don't know who will pay for it, it is the american taxpayer the bankrupt
8:40 am
our community be wary of democrats promising moon noted able to deliver. >> nancy pelosi wants to raise taxes, the plan is for the -- top earners to pay i assume or maybe not enough you have to raise tax on everybody. >> you have to raise taxes on everybody. >> 2020 rnc convention dates location announced august 24 through 7 charlotte north carolina, tell us what the plans are in place for the convention. >> it is so exciting i was in charlotte monday, the partnership that we have with the city of charlotte police chief with mayor, with the business community, is so thrilling, because they want to highlight their city we want to get in there now preparing for huge convention two years a lot of time -- putting together a huge global inventory on the ground want to use local vendors a great city a great opportunity to renominate president trump, and vice president pence. >> who do you think he goes up
8:41 am
against democratic side. >> any of them we will beat that is what i think. >> we leave it there good to see you thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> joining us there, coming back, coming up, fightings back how white house is responding to a story in the "new york times," about the trump family taxes, stuart varney weighs in on that the fashion industry feeling impact of trade tensions factual to go ceo of omg accessories about what it means for her bottom line. back in a moment. ♪ ♪ white house press
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8:45 am
secretary sarah sanders pushes back against "new york times" over report allegedly president trump family previously engaged in quite quote 90s era tax schemes to weigh in host of "varney & company" stuart varney. >> good morning to you. >> first of all, maria the headlined in the times trump took part in suspect schemes to evade tax bills, behind myth of self-made billionaire vast inheritance from father long epic this is sarah sanders white house response, i am going to read it to you bear with me. >> fred trump has been gone for nearly 20 years it is sad to witness this misleading attack against the trump family by the failing "new york times." many decades ago i.s rs reviewed signedoff on transactions "new york times"
8:46 am
media outfits he credibility with american people at all-time low consumed with attacking the president and family 24-7 the truth is, the market is at an all-time high, unemployment 50-year low taxes families and businesses cuts wages up farmers workers composured from better trade ordeals america's stronger than erj, no times at an rarely find anything positive about president tremendous record of success to report perhaps another apology from "new york times" like one they had to issue after 2016 election so embarrassingly wrong, that is in order, i'm sorry so long epic. >> good responses. >> a good one precisely right. >> do you think people read into these stories now that we know that the media the microtimes among others so is negative all the time against this president do you think people have the same credibility i mean and believe
8:47 am
publications and left-leaning networks knowing they are 24-7 opinion 24-7 negative against president trump. >> i think people understand where established media is coming from they know there will never, ever be anything positive about president trump in establishment media i think the media like democrats have jumped the shark they have gone beyond the realm of reasonableness, and blooefkt blooefkt krekt credibility is shot. >> stuart see you in few minutes, first tariff tensions hitting home sitting down with ceo omg accessories to talk about impact on her business back in a moment. ♪ how do you win at business?
8:48 am
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china hitting faction industry handbags accessories joining me oi.s mg accessorize founder anne harper great to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you for joining us bringing your products your products are produced right now in china? >> yes, they are. >> her going to get impacted. >> yes, i am. >> how significant is that impact? >> well, right now, i mean anything that we are producing out of china we have already given our costs to consumers we sell product to unfortunately it will be a lot for the 10%, forwards thinking for the future, we are looking to be more creative with working with other countries outside of china so that we
8:52 am
can hopefully not introof the cost. >> how easy is it for you to find an alternative to producing things hands bags in china, at affordable price. >> well, i mean, there have been lots of talks over the last few years of costs in china have gone up over the last year i have been doing a lot of research, working with my counter parts overseas in china, because neighboring counsel close to china sourcing that slid 70ed factors that we are producing. >> you said burma one place. >> are burma cambodia vietnam a lot of other countries out there that can produce this type of product. >> given tariffs that we are seeing on chinese imports, so give us an example so how much does this retail for for example right here. >> we sell with this at nordstrom department stores for about 40 dollar retail.
8:53 am
>> 40 dollars with tariffs will that go up. >> so with -- as of january 1st with 25% increase, it raises this about 6 dollars. >> okay, all right. >> a significant increase. >> sure, you have to pass on to consumer otherwise you lose on production. >> exactly, we work at specific margins as retailers do we have to find ways to maintain that, without compromising the quality integrity of products. >> accessories in major retailers target nordstrom you've got things like sneakers, and bags is is there anything that doesn't get hit by tariffs. >> so we actually just launched hellos, shoes something knew pillows, shoes, those are not affected kind of expanding on that i think our customer comes to us because they love the graphics artwork, that we put into the products, so we are trying to shift some of it into products that are not affected. >> fantastic let me ask you
8:54 am
about tax cuts about other economic policy coming out of this administration, have tax cuts improved your business? >> i mean overall, i am not sure if it is directly impacted the business but -- >> tax rate is it lower? >> yes, well, no, so on the importing products not lower. >> overall american company your tax rate has gone down. >> yes, yes. >> okay, but i mean i think that again, we are our focus is on creating a unique, special property i think that the consumer is responding well to that my business has been growing based off the need for this type of product, and really this new demographic kids right now, are girls are wearing accessorize hand bags younger than they used to, and i think that, you know, focusing on our target demographic is really what is helping incongruous. >> really beautiful things, great to have you anne harper
8:55 am
check out omg accessories final thoughts from all-star panel back in a minute. >> thank you. of t ♪ are you happy now? ♪ ♪
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. >> welcome back president trump tweeting this morning he says this the failing "new york times" is something i have never seen done before used concept of time value of money, in doing a very own boring often told hit piece on me add up means 97% stories on me are bad never i recovered from bad election call. we got final thoughts with all-star panel, your reaction. >> my reaction, continues, 230,000 jobs created, about the voters should think about 1990s tax case none of us could figure out in a billion years even if we want to look if you look at kavanaugh with a does any american know about kavanaugh other than what he did in high school is that the
8:59 am
standard by when we judge supreme court justices elected officials now. >> we thought america was about you are innocent until proven guilty due process out the window a grateful you are -- a disgraif. >> united states shared three noble prices physics chemistry men and women innovation that derivatives market alive and well. >> one of the reasons the administration trying to stop china from getting ahead of us on some important industries like a.i., likes robotics, and blockchain technology. >> -- the heart of our economy, what we do better than anyone else in the world, makes sense, but we want people to treat us fairly overseas. >> one of the things that was part of the canada, mexico agreement, that it patent treatment. >> longer patent lives for by logic drugs unexpected benefit a lot of story in the new
9:00 am
trade deal is the downside in terms of more expensive cars it stuff step forward. >> do people react to this versus noisy. >> so far people love the noise 40% love noise 20% thinking electorate don't like anybody don't trust anybody know economy is going up. >> thanks fosh being here, good morning, everyone! days away from earnings season where companies tell us much money they made and how much they expect to make in the future. this is a big deal for stocks. people make their living predicting profits. most of them say, profits are going to be huge again! that's why the market will open very strong this wednesday morning. that is what we will be hitting records again right from the get-go. the dow going up about 100 points, s&p 500 11an


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