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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 4, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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they are down 114 points. thomas one half almost one half of 1%. in two thirds of 1%. just after another record day yesterday. is picking up 54 points on all time high. the s&p was higher as was the nasdaq. with the third of a% moving higher at the close. this morning in europe they were lower there as well. the dax index in germany done one half of 1%. now this. tragedy in south carolina. seven police officer shot. one of them dying from his injuries.
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testing to a new record. a bottle of whiskey from the 16h century. it sells for an eye-popping price at auction. wait to see how much. this is how much of this bottle of whiskey went for. and joining me to break it all down. the investment strategist lindsay bell is here. we finally got the fbi report. it's in the hands of the senators and we will be hearing from them shortly. >> we will see how much of this is made known publicly. they are holding this very closely. they don't want to be leaked. but the public is getting want to get a sense of what's there. there is not much new. that's a lot of he said she said. a lot of denials.
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we are right where we were about a week ago. we will see what that means for the confirmation process. i think it's very hard for them to not follow through all the way. there is a few key senators. where do they come down, were not quite sure. brett cavanaugh -- brett kavanaugh is the nominee. no we've have the country the country has really been divided by this. i will be really interesting to get the vote in and get behind us and get it. they are saying the polarization in this country is at the worst it's ever been. it's gonna continue to get worse. as the margin it's playing out in nasty ways whether it be shaming online or its own people out of restaurants. really ugly ways.
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there wasn't as much energy for republicans as we are now seen. joining the confirmation this morning. from the former white house press secretary. tucker carlson joins us about this and tuckers, new book. it is wrapping up this investigation. the senate committee receiving the fbi's supplemental investigation. this is a wall street journal is reporting this morning they cooperate that sexual misconduct against cavanaugh. they treated us last night. such enthusiasm and energy for
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brett cavanaugh. look at the energy in the polls. something very big is happening. he is a fine man and a great intellect. the countries with him all the way. they are now slated to hold a procedural vote tomorrow with the purpose specter vote. you think working to see this vote. we will get that bow. can you think he is confirmed? >> i think he is confirmed. they're going on the offense now. some republican senators had been critical of that approach. they never allowed any daily on this nominee. they never said we might be considering someone else or there is a plan b they stuck by their guy. and ultimately said in my opinion too many delays were allowed. they're gonna get to a point where it's pretty hard if it's a senator who is wavering to say we haven't looked at us sufficiently. we don't know everything we
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can know about brett cavanaugh. if you can -- if you support a conservative philosophy. nothing new that will make you change your vote one way or the other. they had six investigations before this one. i think from the white house is ten-point they actually went down this path. if you were on the fence there is nothing new they came out of this investigation is can a push you over the edge to not confirm them. i think he will get confirmed. >> i don't think it does. it's not like it's an impeachment proceeding or something like that. you haven't really seen much happened in the last couple of weeks. >> the behavior on the left has rallied republicans on the right in the mid midterms, that is very consequential. that's when the president's agenda gets stuck for the next two years.
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or it is executed. impact on markets. that will be a positive. it could be a negative. the fact of the matter as it is it removes uncertainty. if the senate and the republicans have it. in the democrats take the house. incredible uncertainty. they want to impeach rhett cavanaugh. they want to impeach everyone. it stops the legislative process. the country it would be embroiled in investigation and hearing around this president. >> and that would be an negative from a political standpoint. they already have a strong enough economic forces in place.
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nothing has really derailed the market because the underlying fundamentals are so strong. until that story continues in the yield is spiking too high. ask those things the market is can it continue. with a market that is at record highs. it's a good point. you can put that circus in a box over here. mitch mcconnell pushing back on liberal activist. he is vowing not to be intimidated. >> i want to make it clear to these people they are going into their homes. we ought to be intimidated by these people. there is no chance of the world that we are to scare us out of doing our duty. i don't care how mean many members they chase or how the people they harass here in the
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halls. we will not be intimidated by these people. and now we yearned -- learned that george sowers they are paying for the members to go out and get in your face. that is a strategy. and they had been doing it. i think people are smart enough to realize this. regardless of your political beliefs i should treat you with common decency. i should expect the same in return. i think the bullying tactic, he wanted to wear a great american -- make america great hat during the show. it gets a lot of headlights and it looks good and short clips on the internet. but the bottom line is no one likes to be pulling. i think the voters will speak in the midterms.
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they are gaining attraction. they created a little crack. they should work. these techniques now this morning we understand that the gop under attack. is having a consequence. for democratic congresswoman sheila jackson was fired over allegations that this intern publish the personal information. this is incredible. right after lindsey graham. they release as a personal cell phone and his home address on the internet it's
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the politics of personal destruction. as a base level of what the left will do to try to get their way. if you can't find them in their public hallway. find them in the private driveway. it's always interesting. i'm not sure the intern came up with the idea on his own. the whole last two years someone needs to write this in hollywood. you just can't write this. it's incredible. one police officer is killed six others are injured when a shootout erupts. while bonds -- barnes and noble is doing at the sale.
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welcome back we are seven officers shot by gunmen. one is dead. a man in south carolina. shot and killed that one officer. the man held children hostage during this enough. the officer was 30 year veteran terrence caraway.
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amazon is denying a report that it was hacked by china the story is untrue. after bloomberg reported that the attacks reached almost 30 u.s. companies. the stock is down about half a%. the department of justice is investigating the largest tank in money laundering scandal. they want to know how to enter $33 billion from russia entered europe. through a tiny bank list. they actively helped thousands of clients circumvent over a nine year time. barnes & noble's stock is storing -- more than 20%.
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that's more than a dollar and a quarter right now. one possible buyer barnes & noble founder in addition to some others. they appointed a special committee. part of the amazon effect that we always talk about. we had been down this road before. about an acquisition of barnes & noble. it's really interesting from an investing standpoint and trying to jump into something with hopes of a buyout. that will compete directly there. it's a great way to lose money i think. doesn't even need those
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brick-and-mortar items. after destroyed barnes & noble business model is now going back to brick-and-mortar the way to invest in that space is through amazon and not barnes & noble. the new claim that china is trying to interfere in the 200018 and midterm elections. one the ceo is pushing the fda. with ultra rare diseases. it will take a look at biotech when we come back.
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>> welcome back. one bio pharmaceutical executive at talking to capitol hill yesterday laid out the dyers take the first children in the united states battling rare diseases the real problem is. try to reach somebody at the fda -- fda. you can't. it's impossible to set down other into a formal setting. with i want tight to how many people passed away from that. that was mallory factor. for patients with rare and ultra- rare diseases. good to have you on the program.
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i think you so much for joining us. tell us what led you to that testimony yesterday. in front of the senate. there is a lot of children dying from the rare diseases. 30million people affected in the united states alone. and we developed some drugs for these rare diseases that are being used in various forms. after you have done all of the preclinical work. and they really haven't worked. eva wright to try that drug. and to even get into the trial is really difficult. the big no.
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with drugs for these rare diseases you can lead to major breakthroughs. we have a major breakthrough. but we will never be able to trial and alzheimer's disease because it cost hundreds of millions of dollars. they want to make sure that there is no risk and by making sure there is no risk you lose a lot of the benefits. to make sure that you are not going to die from cancer. it makes sense. to do reproductive studies. and kids are being tube fed. is the hope that as these people are suffering from these diseases that are going to be life-threatening that the end of the jewel could make a choice to come to you and use that. we would love to see that
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happen. the people are so desperate. some of the diseases there are no other treatments. >> they have already been trialed on people. if you have enough of the sea. intra- people.
6:25 am
the fda wants to make sure they want to make sure that there is no risk. for the sake of the perfect. you are killing that very good. i'm to get teary-eyed in a second. if you been to some of these meetings of these parents and they go out in the by those. it's just wrong. it needs to understand that they can't look at these little rare diseases the same way they look at headaches or things like that.
6:26 am
is it really hard to say because they are so scattered out in terms of differences. and also, to do a trial there is a disease called gm one. it's a high efficacy rate. there is only 16 people and the united states that have been identified. as we get start smarter. it's not just 1 degrees -- disease that they think. they were genetically diagnosing quite well today. it's great to have you on the
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welcome back good thursday morning everyone. it is thursday, october 4. harsh words vice vice president pentz will deliver a speech today accusing china of election meddling. the investors are watching treasury yields today. they are driving the tenure
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yield. they are indicating a decline of about a hundred points. this is after the major industries closed higher. the 15th record close of the year. with a gain of 54 points. markets are lower. taking a cue from wall street. they're down better than 1%. they're down one third of 1%. the holiday in china has that shanghai deposit closed. they make moves to cut costs. it has has about 44,000 employees. talk about a pricey drink.
6:32 am
a bottle of single malt whiskey on the chopping block. to china in the key note remarks. he plans to reprimand beijing for election meddling. and demonstrate how the rhetoric is working. kelly good to see you thanks for joining us. we just had an incident in the south china sea with our navy vessels. how effective has the policies been on china so far. >> were starting to see actions like that. when they come within 40 yards of a u.s. destroyer in the u.s. destroyer had to actually
6:33 am
break and stop itself from hitting the chinese vessel. you know they are upset and worried about something. and looking at what peds is can be seen today. he has thrown almost everything in. other than that he really has a great list of chinese aggression. in the maligned behavior and just terrible tactics that they're using that does help americans or their own people. and using the economic power in applying it to the military complex. do you feel like there is a chance that the advances they have made in the south china sea. or they can continue to push out the sphere of influence a pad. will the united states push back.
6:34 am
because only the united states has that power. what is pushing back against china militarily. which we can focus we don't want to inflame tensions so much. i think it's great that mike pence is going to be calling out to the fact that china is influenced and managed to convince three latin american countries to stop recognizing taiwan into come on china side with that. and one thing and that i think is great. administrations for years. they had put to trade with china at the top of their
6:35 am
list. they are worried about losing money with trade with china. that is one thing that the trumpet ministration is doing very differently. and i think using the economic pressure to also yield military pressure is working i think it's really great that the trump administration is there. they are trying to torture some people. other countries are very worried about. you need to say what's more important making money or dealing with his bad behavior. >> i don't think any of us want to know who's military is bigger i think of the tariffs in this case and really the pushback on regulations were china was taking ip from u.s. companies doing business in
6:36 am
china. i think that's putting a lot more pressure on china right now from an economic standpoint than they really wanted to. i think as long as we could keep the economic pressure on them i think it really helps us in a broad sense. >> if you could talk about the timing of this announcement we are middle and negotiating tariffs. with china right now. and trump is out there and threatening to put tariffs on the final $267 billion. it's not just the tariffs that we are talking about with china right now. as mike pompeo is going to be going to that north korea this weekend. after that he's going to beijing on monday. he will plan to brief chinese officials on what happens with his meeting with those leaders.
6:37 am
they are trying to get them to come on board. in becoming a little bit better at that. that is the best way we can pressure. especially for chinese leaders. china is can continue doing what it's doing. we will see how effective it is. this is the first time we've seen a president pushback. the trump administration and that campaign. the u.s. is ending the treaty to --dash treaty of amnesty.
6:38 am
i am announcing that the united states that they are terminating that with iran. this is a decision that is 39 years overdue. the choices be made. around the world. the iranian leadership is squandering. they had chosen and set a different path. it will take effect early november. and the impact of the sanctions taking effect in early november. only people even knew that we still have the treaty of amity with a country that has government officials that had that chance of death to america.
6:39 am
it really is 39 years overdue. and the fact that the international court of justice they are on the side of the country. they torture them and execute them. because of their opinion. if you want to be a little bit more humanitarian to iran. get rid of this regime. is just laughable. they are there putting fighters over to syria. who the heck knew we were even having. i couldn't have said it better.
6:40 am
if there is anything this administration exist to reject it is some sort of international sort of justice. he is expected to revive that new killer rosacea talks. what are your thoughts there. this is can be a tough one. he does have some of the toughest jobs right now. and given the first meeting went apparently very well between those two. there was some symbolic moves. the hostages being freed and some of the remains being flown back to the united states. but people want to see more.
6:41 am
and we haven't seen very much of that. i think mike pompeo is can have to be getting down to the details of this weekend and saying listen if you want i can just be we are going to the nuclear as it eventually. it has to be concrete. everybody wants to see some results. especially since we haven't seen very many since that first time. good to see. i think you so much. pier one a stock reporting lower results today. dismal quarterly earnings and equally sluggish import sales. one of the world's most desirable whiskeys is sold at auction. you won't believe the price. where's gary? 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico.
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welcome back verizon looking for a big cut to its workforce. they sent verizon voluntary severance packages to 47,000 employees last month. they were offered at three weeks pay for each year of service. with a 60 year cap. verizon is trying to cat cut $10 billion in costs. and up date to a faster 5g network. there up 3% this year.
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that stock dropped nearly 4%. in a shot decline in their same-store sales. the fiscal second-quarter loss widened. same-store sales climbed more than 7%. they are down 64% this year. if you want that stock. what would you pay for whole bottle. someone paid $1.1 million for a bottle at an auction. that smashed the world record. the most ever paid. the 1926. this is considered the holy grail. part of that value from the label. only 24 bottles of this is produced no one knows exactly
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6:52 am
i think is potentially a good thing for equity markets. there's been a lot of discussion about the yield curve. and then that is generally a precursor for a recession earlier this year as they poked above 3%. they would drive the yields backed out they used to be able to hedge their currency away. now those hedge costs have blown out. the buyers aren't there. it is actually making the yield curve a little steeper. over the short term. people are looking at equities versus treasuries insane i get more safety and a better yield here isn't that the reason that markets get unnerved. >> but you look at what the market has done and what the economic fundamentals can do. i don't think they're going to say let me sell my growth
6:53 am
portfolio. because it's gone from three to 3.2. historically speaking and in absolute terms. you get more bang for your buck in the equity markets right now. is there a line and the sand when you think about the ten year treasury. i've heard through the quarter and three and half% is what it's really can impact negatively. those would still be historically very low rates. >> the real precursor to what is can happen is whether or not the economy continues to sizzle like it is. what will be interesting to see is next year as we get our comparables. the first quarter, second-quarter and so far has been huge growth in earnings. they are going to be relative next year because we can have to see if we can see that kind of growth. the most fascinating thing to me about looking at this market is that there is real opportunities into areas. i has been very hard to invest
6:54 am
there. with a the couple of international once. the value and a particular large-cap value is underperformed growth for almost a decade. in historically value does better than growth over time. sooner or later that trend will change. if you're concerned about equity valuations and you wanted to reposition your portfolio today one place to do that is to position the portfolio differently is to go to large-cap u.s. value. we are sizzling. we are now in the fourth quarter beginning of the third quarter reporting season. were looking at growth and profit. 22 percent. that's 8.2 percent for the quarter. at that as as a last quarter. with 10% syllabus growth. we have the jobs number out
6:55 am
tomorrow. were talking about another triple digit movie yesterday. 230,000 jobs created. i think the reasons that they're so resilient as the become to see the trajectory and i don't see any surprise in a jobs number. people need to go out and pay more money. and even amazon raised the wages. and that is can it continue. for that's foreseeable future. the equities market is a good place to be. all of those things are true. but the trade. i would not bet against the guy. if you look at what happened. he put a great plan together to get mexico and canada there. and i think a long-term plan has always been to build a coalition against china. and when that happens. ultimately that is a our
6:56 am
markets are strong. our economy is strong. and i think sooner or later the pressure will be so much they can have to give a little they are at an advantage i guess that they have a lifetime president. and usually what they would do is try to write out the cycle. he is putting a lot of pressure on right now. and i think he has given them a little bit of room. he doesn't want perfection. he just wants it to be better and more fair than it was if we can get china to help us with north korea. i think markets understand this. be sure to tune into our coverage of the jobs report. we have our special hour. a jobs in america where we identify where jobs are right now and we get the latest jobs data from the labor department. first, kanye west on a roll. now he's defending elon musk. we will type out the unlikely
6:57 am
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principal. we can help you plan for that. . . . maria: welcome back. good thursday morning many thanks so much for joining us. the report is in, the white house and senate judiciary committee are now receiving the results of the fbi investigation into the allegations against supreme court nominee judge brett kavanaugh. white house press secretary slamming democrats for their tactics. >> i think both dr. ford and judge kavanaugh are victims of the hands of the democrats. i think it is absolutely disgraceful what they've done and exploited this process. they exploited dr. ford. they're exploiting all of the women that have come out. this isn't the process that should have been done. maria: we have the latest on the path to a consisten a confif brett kavanaugh. we had a strong adp number
7:01 am
yesterday, which drove yields up and the 10 year treasury yield is at 3.21% that is a new seven year high. markets are lower as a result of that. stocks down 77 points and this is off of the lows of the morning, down a quarter of a percent on the dow, down a third of a percent on the s&p, down a half a percent on the nasdaq this morning. it was a record day yesterday for the industrial average, once again the dow industrials closed at an all-time high yesterday with another gain at the close of 54 points, 26,828 was the close. s&p was up a fraction and the nasdaq at the close yesterday up 25 points, a third of a percent. in europe this morning, stocks are lower across the board. fq100 down almost 1%, as is the cac, the dax index in germany down a fraction. in asia, declines across the board. paying for higher wages, there are new details on just how amazon will pay that $15 an hour wage for workers, plus an exclusive new report on a chinese hack. talk about an odd couple, kanye
7:02 am
west coming to the defense of elon musk. what he's saying, coming up. and upgrade from the brown pay paper bag. parents are getting extra creative when it comes to packing lun ofs for their -- lunches for their kids. wait until you see this. all those stories coming up this thursday morning. joining us to break it down, lindsey bell, mike murphy and pete hegseth. >> my kids are lucky to get a pb and j. >> a little too much time on their hands. >> do kids even care? maria: do kids notice it? >> kids care, i think. my kids get lunch in school. so it's easier, i guess. but little special snack i think -- maria: you're up to how many kids? >> i'm up to six and stopping there. maria: six kids, that is great.
7:03 am
you thinker th think the kids cn they open their lunch box. >> they do. i think there's a big push to realize what you're feeding kids, that things we grew up on aren't good for kids. i think kids have an advantage today. they still want sweet snacks. >> small little creative surprise goes a long way. ta>> your kids are out of luck. >> they are. maria: we're going to talk about this coming up. the top story right now, the supreme court showdown. senate judiciary committee received the fbi report on judge brett kavanaugh this morning. that is teeing up a procedural vote on the nominee tomorrow. a final vote is expected as early as saturday. lindsey graham speaking out on fox news last night. >> i've never felt morph more confident. i've been told the background
7:04 am
check will hold up, reinforce everything the committee did. if the fbi interview validates what the committee found, i hope the three republicans who asked for the delay will say i'm satisfied and we'll get this good man on the court. joe mansion is a friend. judge carolin kavanaugh i've knr many years. what they've done, you should be offended. go with west virginia, joe. maria: joining us right now is michael burgues. thank you for joining us. what's your take on all of this? >> well, i certainly trust my senators to evaluate the information that will be placed in front of them this morning and make the right choice. but i will also tell you what i'm hearing on the ground in texas is people are ready for this process to move along, the senate needs to do its work, they need to have a vote. maria: what about the idea that some of these tactics, throwing out due process, really destroying this man's reputation
7:05 am
before we even knew what was true and what wasn't, is this going to play out in the midterm elections from your standpoint? >> well, for both dr. ford and judge kavanaugh, this whole process has been astonish hadding cruel and -- astonishingly cruel. you worry will you be able to get good people to stand for confirmation process in the future if this i this is the std of what basically senate democrats are going to hold. it's been uncomfortable over the past couple weeks and really unnecessary. this could have been done in a much -- at a much more compassionate way, much more compassionate way for dr. ford. maria: do you think people notice this and are they going to vote and valley for the republicans for the midterm elections? this is probably one of the most consequential midterm elections in a long time.
7:06 am
leading up to the circus around kavanaugh, it was widely suspected the house would lose the majority. was that your expectation? has your expectation changed? >> my expectation has not changed. i never expected the republicans to lose the majority. maria: okay. >> listening to all of the news that's come across the wire this morning, it sounds as if that degree of confidence perhaps may be a little higher this morning than it was a week ago. so yes, i think now certainly in texas, man, people are red-hot. they want this process concluded. they want the vote taken. and they want justice kavanaugh confirmed. maria: and by all aspects, we are expecting that to take place. let me get your take on immigration from your stand., coming from texas. a federal judge is now temporarily blocking plans from the trump administration that would end a special federal program which allows hundreds of thousands of immigrants to legally live and work in the united states. this coming as the head of the
7:07 am
customs and border protection agency is working to double the amount offensin of offensing e border. what would you like to see? >> first off, in august i traveled to central america, guatemala and honduras to he see for myself what are the drivers, because we have so many children coming across the border, the unaccompanied minors, people are upset about separations but the sheer volume of unaccompanied children coming across the border is becoming very difficult to deal with and it is claiming resources that need to go in other places. my question has been would we be better served to deduct from our foreign aid amounts to those countries to care for those children that are now in our -- under our care, under law, in
7:08 am
the office of refugee resettlement. the other thing, of course on the issue of the temporary protective status, yes, it is temporary. it's been going on for a long time. that needs to be done carefully. have you a lot of people who are going to be affected by that. but by nature, that was a temporary protective status and at some point it was going to conclude. i don't disagree with the administration in their approach there. the lawsuit has been filed, yes, will have to work its way through the courts as these things always do. i expect them to come to a fair decision. maria: it's an interesting recommendation that you just made and you're saying maybe we should be looking at lowering the amount of aid we give to some of these countries using that money to care for the children who have come here from those countries. do i have that right? >> yes, actually introduced a bill into congress just before we left. i was going to do it on the
7:09 am
appropriations process. we did a continuing resolution for the state department appropriations. look, just a quick back of the envelope calculation for every child that's in our custody in one o of these o.r.r. facilitie, it's $500 a day. they've been staying about a little over 30 days. so i proposed a $15,000 per child reduction of foreign aid going to those countries. you identify where the child is from. if they're from honduras, from el salvador, that $15,000 comes off the foreign aid appropriation for that country. the reason i brought that up, is because you have to make it important for the leaders of those countries. maria: that's right. i think this is a good idea. >> nose leaders have to feel invested in their children. maria: this is a good idea. it will wake up the leadership of the country to start doing something about their people trying to get to america illegally and maybe try to help in the legal immigration
7:10 am
movement. >> yes. and, look, nothing but compassion for the people that are feeling that they've got to leave their country. but at the same time, can we possibly work on fixing the problems that are causing them to leave and stop this recycling of people time and time again across the mexican desert to the lower rio grande valley. it makes no sense we keep doing the same thing. maria: given the fact you are on the border in texas, how would you characterize the situation right now in terms of illegal immigration? >> well, bear in mind, i'm 400 miles away from the rio grande river. texas is a big state. but it affects all aspects of the state and, you know, the good news is the economy in the country is doing well. the economy of our state is doing extremely well. when you think of where we were 10 years ago, 10 years ago, just right now, it is startling that we have recovered to the extent we have. maria: it really is.
7:11 am
>> if we're ever going to be able to get a handle on this, now is the time to do it with our economy doing so well. maria: on health care, the average cost of employer health coverage offered to workers is topping nearly $20,000, just for a family plan this year, according to the kaiser family foundation. you practiced medicine for almost three decades before coming to congress. your thoughts on health care in america and how to fix it. >> that's obviously -- obviously that bill is far to high. i spent yesterday morning speaking to a constituent who is in that situation. she's not so much worried about pre-existing conditions. she's worried about how am i going to pay for the stuff that i'm required to buy. some of the stuff with the limited duration plans, association health plans are making perhaps some less expensive options available to people. we need to do a lot more in this country with tort reform and medical liability reform. it is one of the things that's a main driver of this.
7:12 am
and then finally, people need to have -- be able to feel they're invested in their health and so i've been a big believer in health savings accounts for years and years. that's what i had when i was in medical practice. i think we could do a lot more to make those more available, more affordable and more meaningful for patients. maria: we will leave it there. congressman, it's good to see you this morning. thanks very much. >> thank you. maria: covered a lot of ground. amazon's strategy shifts, the details as the technology giant is dropping monthly bonuses following the minimum wage hike. plus, a new report on a chinese hack of amazon and other companies coming up. then school lunches, they are getting pretty competitive. check this out, how adults are changing the game later this hour. stay with us. ♪
7:13 am
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maria: welcome back. sears and k mart closing more stores recall cheryl casone has the details. cheryl: struggling retailers, sears holdings, is shutting down three additional stores, one sears and one kmart in new york, another kmart closing in virginia. this comes just about a month after announcing it plans to close 13 kmart stores and 33 sears locations in november. the company has closed several hundred stores over the last several years. sears holdings faces a deadline this month to make a $134 million debt payment. well, toyota and of soft bank are teaming up to develop services that rely on self-driving cars. it's going to be called mo mone. services could include meal deliveries, shuttle busses for hospitals as well as vehicles that offer on-board medical exams. they hold a stake in ride hailing firms like uber.
7:17 am
it's the first time they've come together, on the heels of this ge news yesterday that we brought to you on the program. all right, americans love tacos. today is, say it with me, national taco day. according to natio the website, americans ate over 4.5 billion tacos last year. taco bell is offering four tacos for $5. del taco, on the border, cold stone creamery are offering ice cream tacos. we have fresh tacos. we're going do do sampling here. maria: they look awesome. everybody loves tacos, everybody loves chips. cheryl: it's a medium salsa. maria: there's no guacamole. cheryl: there's buffalo, crispy chicken, pork and sweet chili sh
7:18 am
shrimp. >> i will definitely have a taco. >> i made tak tacos at home. it was a warmup for the good stuff. maria: what do you like the best? >> i haven't tried them all yet. >> you all keep eating. >> i'm an expert taster. cheryl: on the border today, nationally, $8.99 for endless tacos, taco bell is four for $5. del taco is buy one get one free and cold stone creamery, there's ice cream tacos at locations across the nation. maria: ice cream and tacos, they don't go together. >> tacos are he very important. >> these are reall real. mariagood.maria: ice cream tac? >> choco taco. maria: i never had that. >> wash these down with million
7:19 am
dollar whiskey. cheryl: which you invested in, by the way. >> i'm going to go sriracha pork. >> i like the shrimp. >> no one tried to chicken? >> i did. it's number two. maria: happy national taco da,, everybody. leave elon musk alone, that was the focus on kanye west's new rant to college students yesterday. more m on his remarks coming up. football coaches highest salaries revealed. we'll reveal who has the top spot later this hour. ♪
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maria: welcome back. amazon among nearly 30 u.s. companies reportedly hit by a china chip attack. lauren simonetti with with us now with the details. lauren: that's a pretty explosive report. it's bloomburg report, maria, and it says that chinese spies infiltrated almost 30 u.s. companies including amazon, apple, and others by pulling off a hack that is so difficult to do, it's getting into the hardware which are the guts of the computer by installing a little tiny microchip in the mother boards of a company that's called elemental technologies. amazon purchased that company three years ago. amazon, apple and others are denying bloomburg's report but we are seeing in real life the ramifications of such an attack in the current trade dispute with china that's centered around the protection of intellectual property. american companies trade secrets and the vice president will get
7:24 am
to this when he makes a pretty prprovocative speech about china later today. more is less for some workers, they're complaining that amazon's minimum wage hikes to $15 an hour, which also includes losing stock options and incentive pay, will actually give them smaller paychecks. presently, when you're hired if you're an hourly worker at amazon you get two amazon shares. that's pretty nice. they trade at almost $2,000 each. you also get one additional stock option every year. now, when these higher wages go into effect next month, those perks go away. this is what amazon says. we heard from our hourly fulfillment and customer service employees that they prefer the predictability and immediacy of cash. okay. that's their statement. but amazon will be paying for this wage hike as well. >> it's obviously a substantial expense. you'll see it in our earnings guidance later in the month of october. we feel good about it. we think it's going to be great
7:25 am
for customers, it's going to be great for employees. over the long tear, it's the the right decision for the business. lauren: the final story today for you is the ebay trouble. the wall street journal looked at a report that ebay sent a cease and desist letter to amazon, alleging that dozens of amazon sales representatives sent over 1,000 messages to online sellers illegally trying to get them not to sell on ebay but to sell on amazon instead. that is a violation of not only ebay's user agreement but also the california law. amazon says it is investigating. so amazon's in some hot water this morning. maria: a lot to talk about here. i think yesterday we were all talking about the $15 an hour increase, the wages going up. but if you're raising wages and taking out the stock portion, mike, i think you are losing money. it's better to have the stock. >> i think it's definitely better, especially this year it's better to have the stock.
7:26 am
but it's a push and pull. hourly workers would prefer to have the cash in their pockets so maybe they should have that option. maria: it's not equivalent. >> it may not be equivalent. the stock could go down at some point too. maria: that's true. >> people working, i think the workers should have the right to choose which way they want to go. >> maybe that's the best, have you the right to choose, if you want the immediacy of the cash, fine, if not, here's the stock. >> amazon's involved in so many parts of our lives, there's so many different things to talk about on a daily basis. >> i heard -- i have friends that work at amazon, full-time employees, so they're salaried employees, they had been with drawing some of their stock options in the past couple years for them. maria: really? >> chin chai -- china getting ir hardware -- >> this investigation has been going on for at least three years. the companies are denying it. you've got to think there's something there, that's why the
7:27 am
president when he was speaking to the u.n. made that claim. hey, china has bad actors. they're trying to infiltrate our government and the way we vote. maria: china won't admit it. they won't admit they've been stealing our intellectual property. >> we have to push back. maria: coming up, former white house press secretary sean spicer joins us. he'll weigh in on the escalating tensions with china and more. he peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are so last year, the new way parents are changing their kids' lunches coming up. back in a moment. ♪
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7:30 am
maria: welcome back. good thursday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, october 34th. your top stories right now. vice president mike pence is expected to deliver a speech
7:31 am
today accusing china of election meddling. he is also saying that china uses debt diplomacy to expand its influence. we have more on his remarks coming up. investors are watching higher interest rates today. a strong adp report drove the 10--year-old to a seven-year high. stocks are going lower. futures indicating a lower opening for the broader averages this morning. the dow jones industrial average expected to be down about 80 points. the s&p 500 is also down a third of a percent and the nasdaq with a 37 point decline, down one-half a percent. this after the major indices closed higher yesterday. the dow set another record high. it is the 15th record close of the year with the dow industrials up yesterday 54 points. the nasdaq was up a third of a percent, 25 points higher at the close above 8,000 now. in europe this morning markets are under selling pressure. things have just turned mix. the dax index in germany is higher by 4 points. the fq100 is down 64 and the cac
7:32 am
is down 44. asian markets finishing lower overnight across the board. markets were closed in china for a holiday. leave elon musk alone, details behind the message rapper consistent yeah west gave to a -- kanye west gave to a class of art students. coaches who score, the highest paid coaches in college football, your been meyer is number two on the -- urban meyer is number two. we will take you inside the incredible world of competitive school lunches, wait until you see this and the creative ways parents get for lunches for their kids. our top story this half hour, digging deeper, president trump's closest congressional allies, congressman mark meadows of north carolina and jim jordan of ohio say a four hour long interview with a former fbi official confirms that the fbi was biased against the trump administration throughout the russia probe. the lawmakers calling the testimony, the quote, the most
7:33 am
informative interview they've seen in the investigation. joining us now is sean spicer, america first action pack senior advisor and spokesperson and the author of "the briefing q. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. how are you? maria: the fbi investigation is in the hands of the senators and the judicial committee. we're waiting to find out what it says. what are your thoughts on what has taken place around brett kavanaugh and christine ford? >> well, i think the fbi's gun what they were asked to do. they were given a week to follow these leads and corroborate or substantiate the testimony that either one of those individuals made. i think now senators will have an opportunity to read it and either give them the reassurances they need to vote for kavanaugh or cast doubt. i believe that in the end kavanaugh is going to be confirmed. and so hopefully, knowing this town and how everything leaks, i haven't seen anything, you know if there was something bad coming it would make its way out
7:34 am
into the news and we haven't heard it. i think that's a good sign. >> go ahead. >> it's mike murphy. your assessment on this i agree with. i think that the people in this country were kind of torn apart by this whole process and the fact that we've now gone down the route that it seemed everybody wanted to go, we had the fbi look into this, we're going to get the report and we're going to vote. it should be a simple process. do you see it playing out that way or is there another shoe to drop or more to come 1234. >> i think in terms of the process, you're right. there's two propositions that we've lost sight of. number one is the consent role that the senate is supposed to play with nominees. when it comes to kavanaugh and qualifications, there's no question he's a qualified judge. elections have consequences. this president won the election. therefore, he gets to choose his cabinet, his nominees, the various parts of the executive branch and judicial. when you look at republican
7:35 am
history, generally speaking we've approved obama nominees for the most part and that should be the same. it shouldn't be a he question of whether you like them or not or whether they're partisan. that's why we have he'l electio, the second thing is if there's wrong doing or illegal or inappropriate behavior many that's what the fbi set out to address. if it's substantiated, that's a problem. if it's not, you go on the qualifications of somebody like kavanaugh that's qualified and confirm them. >> in the month we go to the ballot box for the midterms. we've seen polls in the last day that show in key states republican enthusiasm has rebounded in substantial ways. did democrats overplay their hand with the silliness and circus that unfolded around kavanaugh? >> that's actually a good question. i think they did. you talk about that enthusiasm. one of the polls i saw a month ago suggested that democrats had up to a 10 point lead in enthusiasm. they were fired up to get out to
7:36 am
the polls and to vote, motivated, sharing that with their colleagues and friends, telling them we've got to vote for change. i think kavanaugh confirmation hearing has really galvanized the right now as well. there is an understanding that may not have existing a month before as to the importance of this election, why it's so crucial to keep a republican senate and republican, part of the reason america first is out there, supporting the president's policy and agenda to people understand the choice that exists this november. if you want to keep the president's policies in place and keep the economy moving forward, keep these kind of no, ma'anominees moving forward, wet have a republican senate and republican house, plain and simple. maria: absolutely. definitely has revitalized. kevin mccarthy joined me and said things have changed drastic cliffdrastically. i was skeptical about the house losing the majority. i want to ask you about china.
7:37 am
here's an expert from mike pence. he he's going to double down on the tough stance on china. he says beijing is employing a whole of government approach to advance its influence and benefit its interest. it's employing this power in more proactive ways to interfere in the domestic policies and politics of the united states. he says to put it bluntly, president trump's leadership is working. china wants a different american president. china is meddling in america's democracy. he says in terms of the military, beijing is trying to project its power farther than ever before. chinese ships routinely patrol around the islands which are administered by japan. while china's leaders stood in the rose garden of the white house in 2015 and said his country had no intention to militaryize the south china sea, today beijing has advanced anti-ship and anti-air missiles on military bases constructed on artificial islands.
7:38 am
how effective have the administration's policies been on china so far? what are you expecting today from vice president mike pence? >> i think you're going to see exactly kind of what you just previewed with vice president pence. he's going to tell it like it is and talk about how this administration is not going to stand by and let it be. this administration under the leadership of president trump has gone out and called a spade a spade, has talked about putting america first, whether it's economic, domestic policy, foreign policy. you can talk about the president's style all you want which i think a lot of the pundits and the democrats like to do. i like to talk about the results and whether it's china, south korea, the economy, nafta renegotiateing that to the united states, mexico, canada agreement, all of these things are getting done. he's delivering for the american people and getting results. i think you're going to see the same thing with china. he's not afraid to call it like it is, go to the world leaders, talk about the fact that he can have a personal relationship. he's going to make sure he puts america's interests first.
7:39 am
the vice president's speech today i think will lay that out crystal clear. >> it's lindsey bell here. we're making great strides on the trade front with the canada and mexico deal that was announced. what about the timing of this speech by pence and the aggression that he's taking in it? while we're trying to negotiate better trade deals with china, and they have in the past said, look, the u.s. is two-faced, they're coming at us fearfully and things like military and what pence is going to talk about today but then at the same time they say they want to negotiate and come up with a solid trade deal. >> i think if there's one thing we can probably all agree on no matter where you come from on the political spectrum across the country is that this president isn't following traditional norms and policies and protocols. he's delivering. look at -- we talked about trade for a second. he didn't go through the normal necessary processes. he said i don't like nafta. it's been in force for almost 25 years. it's not serving this country as
7:40 am
well as it could be. it needs to be modernized. people quibbled over the tactics. he delivered. you look at south korea. he taunted kim jong un for a while. he came together. we delivered. there hasn't been a missile fired out of north korea in months now. and when it comes to china, people are focused on the process and the style as opposed to the results. i believe this will continue a pattern of the president being successful in engaging world leaders to the benefit of the united states. maria: you're right. that's why his detractedders are out of their minds in saying because the outcomes are just -- you can't argue with them. this recently installed u.s. mca deal or nafta 2.0 facing resistance from some lawmakers. some praised the provisions for dairy farmers and autos. others are arguing the new deal shows the limb to president trump's america first agenda, criticizing the similarity to the old nafta agreement. the bottom line, it looks like
7:41 am
justin trudeau blinked. >> the auto sector, you'll have to have more parts made in the united states and/or north america, the wage rate increases, most of the car has to be made by people making a minimum of $16 an hour. the dairy farmers in wisconsin have greater market access. stronger environmental and labor standards, something that democrats have talked about for years. democrats have been talking about using the international labor organization standards. they got it. so for all of these people who are cried cris consider criticio wonder how serious they are about what they demanded be put in frayed agreementputin trade . >> i sat in this seat a couple years ago and said i think the president is fighting on too many different fronts. he should focus on one area in my opinion. yet it seems like he's not only fought on vast fronts, he's pretty much delivering or winning or getting the america
7:42 am
first agenda across on all these fronts. what do you think it is that makes it where past administrations haven't been able to do but this president, this administration seems to be able to be on the offensive on many different fronts and still get the job done? >> well, i think it goes back to something i said a second ago, mike, which is that he didn't -- he's not looking to adhere to every historical norm and protocol. so normally you're right, the traditional agenda, republican or democrat, would say these are our three or four priorities. we're going to develop a series of working groups and powerpoint presentations and memoranda. this president isn't willing -- he understands that he has a finite amount of time in office and he wants to deliver for the american people both domestically and abroad. he's not going to sit back and wait for a bunch of bureaucrats to develop policies and memos to get sent back and forth. maria: good to see you always. thanks so much.
7:43 am
coming up, the future of sky, comcast secures over 75% of the british broadcaster's shares. details coming up next. kanye west defending elon musk, his new rant to college students coming up. as we take a break. take a look at this live pictures of astronauts returning to earth. we'll be right back. ♪
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7:47 am
maria: welcome back. comcast close to finalizing the takeover of sky television. cheryl casone has the details. cheryl: comcast said it secured over 75% of sky's shares. that brings it closer to finalizing, the $40 billion takeover of the british tv group. comcast previously said it hoped the acquisition would be complete by the end of october. last month comcast emerged the winner in a long running battle for sky. comcast beat 21st century fox, the parent of fox business, in a weekend auction. well, rapper kanye west coming to tesla ceo elon musk's defense. while visitin visiting an art sn detroit, kanye jumped on a table and started ranting. listen. >> elon musk. leave that man alone. leave that man alone.
7:48 am
cheryl: so, kanye is likely referring to singer azalea bank bank's claim she was at musk's house the night he sent the tweet about taking the company private. he saishe said the ceo washigh . he was forced to step down as tesla's chairman at least for the next three years. a group of astronauts just returned to earth. a spacecraft touched down in kazhakstan moments ago with three international space station crew members, two americans and one russian on-board. they finished a 197 day mission including four different space walks. the two american astronauts are rickey arnold and drew fisfole. then there is this. it's a growing trend, you may not have heard of it, it's the competitive world of school lunches. parents are posting their kids'
7:49 am
lunch boxes online, especially on inextra gram, trying to -- instagram, trying to compete with other parents, trying to create the coolest lunch box around. lunch box posts on instagram have risen 90% on the first eight months of 2018. it's a cottage industry for lunch box accessories, like accessories and personalized notes. there are even lunch box support groups popping up on facebook. >> makes me so bad. maria: we have a couple fathers here. >> then the parents tell the kids to stay off social media and don't worry about how many likes you gets on pictures, yet they're posting school lunch pictures to get more likes. maria: how about those lunches, though? >> pinterest. >> it's so self-serving. i give my kids pizza. they don't get to wear helmets when they ride their bike. [ laughter ]
7:50 am
>> sometimes you fall. life doesn't always give you helmets. of right? maria: where are they riding their bike. >> just in the driveway. maria: exactly. [ laughter ] that's okay. >> the key thing, is you let your kids know where you stand and stand firm on it. it's important they know what's right and what's wrong. maria: good stuff. two fathers with advice. coming up, college football's highest paid coaches are revealed. we reveal who took the top spots, right after this. ♪ how do you win at business?
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maria: welcome back. baseball playoffs kicking into full swing this afternoon on fox sports 1. jared max has the details. jared: happy thursday. the milwaukee brewers have never won a world series. 11 more wins and they'll do it. today, game one against the colorado rockies. later, the dodgers host the braves, last night at the bronx, new york, aaron judge banged his ggavel. >> two bawls an balls and a str. deep left, 2-0 yankees. jared: the yankees scored four more runs in the sixth. in the eighth, a home run, the yankees beat the athletics 7-2. tomorrow it's the yanks and red sox, game one. first time in 14 years the yankees and red sox meet in the playoffs. nfl week five kicks off tonight on fox.
7:55 am
the patriots favored by 10 points to beat the indianapolis colts. despite ron gronkowski's ankle, he will be active for tonight's game. the 25th highest paid coach in college football has a salary of $3.98 million. take a look at the top five. auburn's gus malzahn, $6.7 million. number four, it's jimbo fisher, texas a & m, $7.5 million. jim harbaugh at michigan, just about the same number at number three but slightly more. urban meyer, $7.6 million at ohio state. but he lost over $570,000 in salary during his suspension. so technically, meyer's probably fourth. nick saban, alabama, number one ranked, $8.3 million. >> yankees, red sox has been 14 years? are you sure.
7:56 am
jared: isn't that amazing? that was one year when we said no baseball team has ever come back from losing the first three games to win a series and the red sox did that that year, ended the curse of the ba bambi. 14 years ago. >> i think i feel old now. jared: they asked louis severino, do you remember watching that? he said i don't even know if i had television. maria: thanks so much. jared max, catch the sports reports on fox news headline 24/7 or on radio, sirius m. m11 -- sirius xm115. we'll take a short break, then a shakeup at barnes & noble, details as the book seller reportedly explores a possible sale, next hour, "mornings with maria," stay with us. ♪ what if numbers tell only half the story?
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. . maria: welcome back. good thursday morning thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, october 4 top stories right now before 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, the report is in, the white house senate judiciary committee receiving the results of the fbi investigation into the he allegations against supreme court nominee judge brett kavanaugh, now fox news is reporting there is no corroboration to christine blasey ford's he story lindsey graham doubling down on support for brett kavanaugh. >> i am the first person to say i want to hear from dr. ford. i thought she was handled respectfully i thought kavanaugh was treated like crap. >> we are taking a look what happens next in confirmation process expecting a vote, this weekend. investors watching interest rates higher this morning a strong adp report yesterday 10
8:01 am
year neeldz new seven-year high 3.23%, that has stocks lower this morning equity markets under pressure record high reached yesterday dow industrials set to open down 88 points a third of a percent lower s&p down a third of a percent nasdaq 41 point deadline down one half of 1% after record highs yesterday dow industrials another all-time high yesterday 15th all-time high this year, 26828 the close gain 54 points s&p was up a fraction, noose deduct was up a third of a percent the close yesterday, 25 points higher above 8,000 on nasdaq, in europe this morning, selling under way with ft 100 down 60 points cac quarante in pairs down 50 points but the dax index in germany turned positive, it is at high of the morning up 25 points, that is one fatter of a percent higher in germany, asia overnight declines across the board, markets closed in china for a holiday, as you can see, there worst hong kong down 1 3/4% hacking threat
8:02 am
explosive report says apple, amazon among 30 companies targeted by chinese now they are saying not so fast. we have the very latest on this potential hack attack. >> new page forbearance -- for barnes & noble up 23% on barnes & noble right now you buddy system why more people let friends look at books it that is time of the year, comic-con in new york city live for a preview including "star trek" branded spirits. wait till you check these out all coming up this morning stories coming up joining the conversation healthiered law he professor alan dershowitz tucker carlson will be along wrote a book ship of fools stuart varney is here as well don't miss a moment we've got a big hour coming up, we kick off right here with this top story. confirmation controversy, senate judiciary committee
8:03 am
members received fbi report on judge brett kavanaugh this morningitys up a procedural vote on nominee tomorrow, blake burman is covering the story right now at the white house good morning to you. >> good morning to you as well senators on capitol hill will start to get a look at that supplemental fbi background report starting today a source familiar with the process tell fox, that the fbi interviewed finally people in total and received a sworn statement from a tenth person as well, that source says the report shows no evidence corroborating allegations of sexual assault or misconduct by kavanaugh the fbi he are told did not do a deep i do have into kavanaugh drink habits in high school because senate did not request that information, a vote before the full senate for kavanaugh to join supreme court will take place, at some point this weekend. overnight mitch mcconnell set into motion that process a procedural vote tomorrow will likely show which way senate will go to big question remains this morning, will
8:04 am
republicans jeff flake lisa murkowski collins feel comfortable with process the results of the fbi report and nominee himself. they are considered swing votes, along with democratic joe manchin. >> i just want to see the report. once i see this report you are asking too much not enough needs to be more -- let me see it first i will have an opinion. >> everyone has asked what is it going to say. how am i going to react. i have no idea in truth and fairness, i have no idea. >> understand the process -- >> white house this morning is sayings the process has played out, and time is near to vote. the deputy principal press secretary sending out this statement 2:00 a.m. this morning saying with leader mcconnell cloture filing senators have been given ample time to review 7th background information with addition
8:05 am
information white house is i fully confident the senate the vocalize to con firm judge kavanaugh to the supreme court that vote expected this weekend the question by the time going through procedural hurdles on hill will that take place saturday? will that take place sunday either way some point this weekend. maria: thank you so much blake burman joining us there, now, joining me in studio is harvard law professor emeritus author of the book the case against impeaching trump alan dershowitz here your thoughts on kavanaugh confirmation what we know so far? >> we're not going to learn a great deal from fbi report these background reports are relatively limited, and they don't make about credibility assessments so the senators are going to have to vote based on what we already know. and i think the president hurt his case a little bit personally attacking ford, whether or not that will impact any votes it should not impact any votes this is not on president trump it is a vote on brett kavanaugh. the thing that concerns me most is not the outcome it is
8:06 am
the process. and the precedent established. when you look at my colleagues academia over 700 of them, filed a petition, opposing the nomination on grounds that he doesn't have a jeweler temperament 700 people say the same thing if this were a woman liberal accused similar larly reacted the same way? i think they fail fail the shoe on other foot test american civil liberties union saying a presumption of guilty senator booker says doesn't matter whether innocent or guilty it matters enormously when you koouf somebody of the most horrible kaiser permanente, you better prove it that is why fbi should be looking into swetnick as wells. >> let's talk about swetnick, michael avenatti her lawyer this is one of brett kavanaugh's a course ccusers sa gavrng raped if she lied what are possible repercussions depends if it turns out she
8:07 am
never met him was three years er older traveled different about circles did have hamlet moment to be or not to be a deliberate felon who has decided to frame an innocent person if that is what happened she has to be tried presumption of innocence, proprietored if con vooiktdz go to jaim number one do not assault women no matter 17, 15, 12 do not assault women, number two, do not falsely koouf men do not make up stories about men, and we coat go ignore the second no sex linked genetics predisposition toward lying. >> why this case is so important over the last week i feel like, judge brett kavanaugh's accusers, the detractors have thrown due process out the window, isn't it so sad, that most of
8:08 am
america today, knows more about brett kavanaugh and his what he did in high school that he likes beer, than anything he has done on the bench? isn't that so sad. >> judicial temperament you judge judicial temperament by the way people behaved over 12 years my friend, ruth bader ginsburg i love but she outside of court said she might have to move to news nooiz whnew zealand terrible if president trump got elected that is not judicial temperaturement i don't remember a signing professor wrying about that such a double standard applies here professors are good at this they find an argument, and they use it, without asking themselves would they make that same argument if the shoe were on o other foot for the most part they won't. >> putting your finger on scale we saw fbi cabal of people 2016 election as supreme court justice to show
8:09 am
that kind of bias. >> you know, we need objective neutrality somebody on supreme court we can trust 30 years from now not 30 years ago, 30 years from now we don't know what issues are going to be brett kavanaugh would not have been my first choice merrick garland first choice i am a liberal democrat want liberals on supreme court but all about fairness process due process what precedent this establishes for the future next time a democratic president she or he nominates a liberal to the court we are going to see the same kind of thing, we saw with merrick garland not what frameers had in mind. >> outrageous to see behavior on left gop under attack again. intern for democratic congressman sheila jackson-lee has been arrested, and fired, over the allegations he published personal information of three senate judiciary committee reps during the panel hearings on kavanaugh this comes as smart majority
8:10 am
leader mitch mcconnell bureaucrats back on liberal activities they are harassing lawmakers he vowed not to being intimidated. >> i want to make it clear to people chasing my members around the hall here, harassing them at airports going to homes without we're not intimidated by these people there is no chance in the world they are going to scare us out of doing our duty. i don't care how many members they chase. how many people they harass here in the halls, i want to make one thing perfectly clear we will not be intimidated by these people. >> this is the strategy, alan get in your face. >> it is important that we apply whatever sanctions we apply we apply them night raleigh applies to democratic staffer has to apply to republican staffer i have been victimized by in your face people yell at me all friends won't take. >> you wrote a book the case against impeaching trump. >> because i am not joining
8:11 am
this campaign against kavanaugh based on denial of due process, you know it is the red fox and yankees, you got to pick sides, hey i picked the red sox but ied a mire -- >> you take rule of law out. >> i pick fairness i want to see it played fairly whether baseball or much, much more important. whether it is nominating process fairness is key if you are not fair to your enemies your enemies won't be fair to you. >> it has been this whole strategy, on the left, ever since donald trump became president, shame you online, you know, criticize you name call you on social media go ambush you at elevator, chase you out of straptsdz. >> aclu turned -- when i was on national board was a neutral organization today it is a get trump, get kavanaugh run candidates raise money, money money, money and raising their money not from civil libertarians but from people only care about getting trump,
8:12 am
only care about political results, the death nell of aclu sad in america was a great organization today aclu stands for anticivil liberties union. >> that is a tragedy, now we know that money is moving things george soros paying for a lot of am bushes we learned what do you think this is doing for midterm elections this has to be one of the most consequential in my lifetime. >> i am not a politicians i am going to vote democrat try to get allows in the hands of democrats i think checks and balances very important i try to stay out of politics when i talk about legal issues i try not to -- >> people are noticing what is happening in terms of tactics. >> i think people cake consequences politically for their actions, it will go both ways both bases will be strengthened my fear is that the extremes on both bases restrained left further left right further right center squeezed out i love debating
8:13 am
with centrist conservatives bill buckley my favorite conservative he called me his favorite liberal in good old days could talk to each other in debate we can still talk radicals on both sides. >> most in america hanging out the in the middle i always say. >> we better hang out in middle we have been blessed as a country, never have a strong fascist party never a strong communist party everybody in america benefits when debate is centrist between conservatives like you and liberals like knee. >> chapter for barnes & noble report says amazon among 30 kaenz targeted by chinese those companies are fighting back pushing back on that those we've got the very latest.
8:14 am
♪ ♪ ♪ a sinkhole opened up under our museum. eight priceless corvettes had plunged into it. chubb was there within hours. they helped make sure it was safe. we had everyone we needed to get our museum back up and running, and we opened the next day.
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8:17 am
maria: welcome back, apple and amazon are strongly denying reports this morning on a major hacking attack by china cheryl casone. cheryl: apple and amazon denying bloomberg report systems taped malicious computer chips inserted by chinese intelligence bloomberg says spies based chips inside equipment used by 30 xoenz multiple u.s. zbost agencies will giving beijing access to internal networks that is being denied apple, amazon lower in premarket, fractionally. okay. capturing that eye-catching selfie could mean taking your own life. a new study finds, 259 people around the world have died, from taking selfies, this is since 2011 india more than half the total deaths russia and u.s., followed, nearly
8:18 am
three quarters of victims were men under 30 drowning leading cause of death many fell off a boat washed away by waves the batch trying to get that oneselfe picture. >> okay. positive story hug it out, may take on a new meaning suggestions hugs could improve physical mental health could strengthen relationships research showed hugs create positive mood reduce negative feelings interpersonal hugging can relieve stress. >> you love food segments get this about serving buttonless chicken wings in champagne coating them in 24 carat gold batter may sound expensive
8:19 am
only five buck, they come [laughter] -- gold in there -- you also get a side of biscuits downside only today, and only in four locations. but one of the locations on lexington in new york city newark new jersey anaheim california new orleans as well as on the list the food segment i didn't do. >> chicken. >> all about chicken. >> all right. thank you. >> i agree with the thing on hugs, but in this day and age ask the person before you hug them. >> good point in this day and age. >> thank you, cheryl, up pier imports shares are down stay with us. ♪ ♪ you know that i love you,
8:20 am
can't help myself i love you and nobody else ♪ ♪ this is not a bed.
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and now, during our fall sale weekend special, the queen sleep number 360 c2 smart bed is only $899. plus, 24-month financing and free home delivery. ends monday. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. maria: welcome back, president trump just tweeting on supreme court nominee judge kavanaugh, wrying this the harsher unfair treatment of judge brett kavanaugh is having an incredible upward impact on voters, the people get it far better than politicians, more importantly this great life cannot be ruined by maintain despicable democrats now in hands of the senate judiciary committee white house we know no shame in asking for help when you need it next gs assess should apply to finances in form of money buddy, financial expert author of everyday plirn chris hogan thanks for joining us.
8:24 am
>> good to be. >> tell us what a money buddy is why people need to get themselves one. >> well, a monday bunny helps you be accountable we know accountability is so important helps to stay focused avoid distraction as you start to look for this money there is few qualities to encourage you number one choose wisely someone that you trust and respect, someone that understands you, and can tell you no. but, at the same time, you want to find someone that is also very clear and can be honest with you. that can tell you to stay on track, so now you don't get distracted because the mall is having a sale something else going on it helps to remain focused. >> joining at the conversation susan lee. >> good morning i love talking about saving for retirement for the future but given that we are at record levels right now for the stock market people think going to be hard to make gains forward do you have advice for people looking to save long term?
8:25 am
>> i think the most important thing is that if you are trying to save for the long term you've got to be connected to your now means budgeting aware how much is coming in what does it take to run household stay focused i think economically, we got to focus on our own homes, we need a debt reduction plan a spending plan we immediate emergency fund for our homes if we did that we will be okay. >> chris mike murphy. i agree with what you are saying kind of go to the gym work out buddy you want to work out with someone in better shape more into working out than you i give same advice as far as financial buddy you want someone who is better that the saving and better at planning longer term if you can then reach their standards i think you really improve yourself. >> you are absolutely right i think when you find someone that has more proficiency than you, you've got an opportunity to improve, but, again, you've got to be honorings you got to be willing to be open, about your money weaknesses we all have those being honest about it allows us to control it.
8:26 am
you can't manage anything you are not aware of so be open honest, studies have shown increase your chances of success when you involve someone with you as you chase that goal. maria: always. >> i am asking you chris should i be nobody's monday -- money buddy. >> thank you so much. >> coming up jobs claims out numbers ahead of tomorrow's big, important jobs' report we have heard airline cutting back on frills a major perk coming to delta passengers we've got to tell you about it when we come right back. ♪ ♪ maybe suv ♪ ♪
8:27 am
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coming decade. the mineralset to inresources that are needed toe supply this coming demand are plentiful but not necessarily easy to unlock. the smackover formation in southern arkansas may hold one of the most significant lithium resources globally. standard lithium intends to play a key part in the development of this critical mineral resource through our structured approach to discovery, strategic alliances and our industry-leading extraction process expertise. learn more at standard lithium dot com. >> welcome back. good thursday morning thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, thursday, october 4 your top stories
8:30 am
right now 8:30 a.m. east coast waiting for read on initially jobless claims to come out any moment calling for 213,000 ahead of report markets lower dow industrials down 100 points almost one half of a percent s&p 500 down 12 a half percent nasdaq down two-thirds of a percent, 47 points lower on nasdaq in europe market down across the board, as well. although dax in germany turned positive, up 13 points right now ft 100 down near lows of the morning again down almost 1% cac quarante in paris down better than 1% overnight in asia markets mostly lower exception of china shanghai composite closed for holiday hong kong and korea worst performers down almost 2% putting up for sale signs barnes & noble considering selling details on possible buyer for bookseller has stock up better than 0%, rough warts for pier one taking a hit company reported disappointing
8:31 am
same-store sales, that has that stock down sharply heavy volume, delta airlines a plan to make flights a little better, the good news it is free of charge, we've got that coming up, the button bonuses to keep pilots flying new york comic-con in full swing going to take you to the comic book conference coming up a huge event, and happening, first this, are joining us right now tucker carlson host of "tucker carlson tonight" program fox news channel author of the new book ship of fools, ruling class bringing america to brink of revolution. >> you are viewers don't know you are ad-libbing all those numbers that is so impressive! i research every night anybody who with does this for a living would be impressed by what you did. >> we are in real time things are happening markets open, so
8:32 am
it is a lot of real-time stuff i want to ask we got initial jobless claims 207,000 once again better than expected backdrop to the economy in political landscape you talk about every night, that is really strong the economy. >> all that matters, i think someone so many debates are framed along tribal lines this group versus that group the debates are economic, if you want to lower the volatility level cultural level key you can't have functional society if everything roiling all the time you have to convince people they will do better next year kids will do better than they did normal people not just at very top the essentially numbers this is what everybody should be focused on i think. >> you know what tucker you know the world we are living in mainstream media not focused on economy. >> yes. >> you've got the left, and the detractors of president trump bringing up everything but the economy who is a your take on the kavanaugh hearings. >> it should always be economy
8:33 am
-- by the way, good and bad middle class became jiernt in 2015 nobody noticed tells you how totally cut off the press is i think the kavanaugh hearings is not really about kavanaugh just like this moment not all about president trump, it is about something much deeper will people who control our media and our judicial systems band in basic traditions make country worth living in due process not a small thing the issue 100 years defending due process all of a sudden they are telling you he is guilty because he seems guilty? it is lying that is world for upside down. >> different cycles of that town your book talks about brink of revolution is there a point you can walk back from this precipice? how do you walk back. >> that is the essentially -- look, it is really simple to restate, you can't have a society this volatile not expect important things to break. the only way to calm people down is to acknowledge respond
8:34 am
to legitimate concerns a democrat you can't ignore big things forever not expect people to revolt electing a populist trump this time who knows next time listen to what people want they want control of the boards give it to them come on now. >> i don't know exact answer tucker but i know for certain that as people are in better shape finally definitely help whatever side you are on you associate with, you feel better when you go home at night you can provide. >> exactly, exactly that is a deep and true point, the problem is that the overall majority people covering this have never felt any financial inabsurdity never worried how to pay for kids summer camp or school don't understand, gas prices a central question to people who don't live in manhattan washington logs, right stuff that is meaningful. >> let's talk about the book in shich fools you talk about new american elite, a group of people you say have amassed welt and power they could
8:35 am
potentially destroy america, who are they how do we stop them let's zero in on this group. >> look, liberals for my whole lifetime i am 49 worthied about concentrations of power they felt by definition a threat to democracy which they are, power concentrate you are also a having elites i am not against elites i want more impressive ones, [laughter] >> nobody is pushing back against these massive threatening concentrations of power young liberals thinking working for apple one with of the biggest in the world act of defiance revolution i am fighting the man you are the man. comma, dude, period so brainwashed they don't see, that they are serving corporate power and bottom line, the alliance between progressive social activism
8:36 am
global expect alism prndz in lifetime a threat to us i think. >> bernie sanders vermont senator did introduce a bilt to break up big banks berkshire hathaway warren buffett owns jp morgan says too big to fail these too much power over u.s. economy, and dangerous like 2007 heading into -- >> i am going to defer to you all because i you know what i mean. >> elite clustering of power? >> the real threat of the tech monopolies google has a chokehold on all human information in english, and so -- >> they do 90% of search. >> that is exactly right. >> members of congress -- >> republicans including senator, who would be chairman of the antitrust subcommittee like about wait -- no, no problem at all. >> you realize the degree to which lawmakers are intentionally ignoring, not if google earliested search results and they have they have been caught, caught on my show, by the way, doing so what effect on our elections?
8:37 am
russia buys couple hundred grand student facebook ads google could change entire population perception of reality no one is worried about this? >> is republican manhattan tra break up regulate companies like google. >> republican mantra 1996, and libertarian economics works. trust me i was a huge exponent of that i don't know what that means at a time google has this kind of existential power over the rest of us, i am not saying break up google i am saying acknowledge potential threat be concerned push back a little bit. >> how much washington power -- >> enormous -- >> these guys a lot of the money. >> visually every nonprofit in washington public policy nonprofit funded by google including irony, since i learned it including the think tank antitrust. >> petty roosevelt thing funded by google.
8:38 am
>> i do think kevin mccarthy has begun to move the needle on this, john ma -- had a meltdown on twitter, his google search results why is this heinous, popping up is a search for -- on google the next choice as offensive this is not my google i think as a result, of kevin mccarthy congressman having google ceo in talking to him, we will see if it changes. >> the problem is one sentence opaque we don't know what the algorithm is. >> just checked that, okay. >> just -- >> [laughter] >> some point you have common sense where people realize that they can't just trust the top two things on a google search. >> exactly. >> some point that comes to pass people realize that they have to do their own work make their decisions don't just say well this is true accuse i goading googled it this came up. >> do you think google is
8:39 am
bigger threat than facebook dominates news flow what people read. >> hard to know but i think look ask a simple question who knows more about me facebook or social security administration. >> conservatives trained to think threat to freedom of speech is federal government it is not. >> more than that we are talking about, path of population so against the -- the president and conservatives in congress, and kavanaugh controversy, really just put that into the spotlight i mean some of the behavior in terms of throwing people out of restaurants, in terms of throwing due process out window, what we know overnight white house and senate judiciary committee received results of fbi investigation fox news sources say there is no evidence corroborating the allegations of sexual assault no corroboration. president trump heads to another rally tonight to talk about this, and i think probably his commentary christine blasey ford was note
8:40 am
helpful but, at the same time, people most people know more about kavanaugh's beer drinking than about his years on the bench right now. >> maria literally true. >> ce also -- 300 opinions federal judge -- they need to declassify 30 's fbi interviews there are privacy concerns this country too volatility to many conspiracy theories touch lying i think would be a public service the rest of us to assess information i take white house at face val i want to know what is in these no one's interest is serving keeping a secret. >> 302s involving investigators, not to turn troush collusion will we get to a moment only clarity is sunlight sources methods mistakes made but better to know, than to -- >> this is what i realized -- >> i am a 1970s liberal i believe in openness in free
8:41 am
speech, in due process, they see are things that lishls when i was a kid said they would give lives for now they are all against these things reporters arguing public doesn't have a right to know. what? we need on side of openness sunlight as brandeis famously said diseffected they don't believe it anymore shut up obey what they want you to do. >> i totally agree with you tucker you know all of this fighting pointing fingers alan dershowitz said to me we should be talking me as liberal you as conservative i let it go didn't say anything i actually am liberal when it comes to absorb social issues on economic issues eileen right it is transparency not getting transparency i was outraged by investigation into trump conclusion because no evidence i was outraged people tried to put finger on scale cabal of people light shined
8:42 am
on it i believe in the rule of law. >> that is all we have why do you want to live here why do people move from africa latin america asia? because we have rule of law not going to get rousted from bed at midnight detained indefinitely on charges they never heard, that is the essential thing we have you tamper with that boy there is no reason to live in the country for real, you watched those hearings no rules in the hearing. >> lawmakers, about accused have to prove nms innocent. >> expectation on rosenstein meeting next week. >> i don't know i mean i always thought this was a trap, fire rod roz stein not endorsing rod rosenstein i wouldn't trust to babysit my kids but i think firing him? >> i think that might be a trap the president is walking into just my view. >> all right, seems chock-full of great information i look forward to reading it. >> your comments -- >> stronger 3 inches taller
8:43 am
more attractive to opposite sex. >> ship of fools check it out thanks for getting up early for us, coming up a chapter for barnes & noble the sale in got the stock surngdz up 23% details coming up pier-1 taking a hit disappointing earnings results the problem there down 9%, back in a moment. ♪ ♪ nah, nah ♪ ♪ ♪ can i get some help. watch his head. ♪ i'm so happy. ♪ whatever they went through, they went through together. welcome guys. life well planned.
8:44 am
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maria: welcome back, barnes & noble exploring sale of the company deirdre on the floor of the new york stock exchange good morning to you. >> hey. good morning maria yeah, we are seeing the stock move much higher premarket idea, of course, is that the company may sell itself off get a lot of interest, they say from numerous interested parties also adopted a poisons pill basically gives company current shareholders right to fend off acquirer they don't want at the end of the day amazon 60% of the books that we buy online were going to amazon, of course, boards we know another competitor filed for bankruptcy years ago, so at this moment barnes & noble trying to deal with the environment as it is, we are watching two other stocks transport related delta soon offering free wi-fi to
8:48 am
everyone not just premium passengers that is 16 dollar value and fedex maria wants to keep its pilots under our roof next two years especially before this holiday season they are offering bons bonus between 40,000, 110 thousands next two years payments spread over that tile pilots stay with fedex don't retire ahead of the season, so a more than version of the reindeer back to you. >> cool thanks so much, where we are expecting a lower opening for the broader averages the gop under attack from democrats ahead of november midterms to weigh in stuart varney good morning. >> good morning, maria. you know i think we are in danger zone red zone, where personal one-on-one violence could erupt at any moment. producers tell us that there are rovg bands of leftists going around the halls of congress, con fronting
8:49 am
harassing republicans. any and all republicans. we have seen this, so senator flake caught in elevator mitch mcconnell caught at a regular national, i think we are setting up violence and really unfortunately confrontations really have no room in politics. certainly no room in the halls of capitol hill where we are. then you have this so-called doxing an aide to democrats in congress deliberately allegedly deliberately released information personal information on republican senators. that is basically targeting, it shows protesters where to show up what to do. very, very dangerous tough. i don't think americans like this, i don't think voters approve, if you are i am sure you have maria i am sure you have at an a look at recent polls there is a movement towards republicans, because of the democrats behavior. maria: that is right. >> rear in the middle. maria: we have seen a change,
8:50 am
in the midterm election expectations as a result of this, by the way, that person who docsed senator lindsey graham, doxed, mike lee orrin hatch arrested he used to work for barbara boxer he works for miss jackson so it was terrible behavior getting worse and worse i think the behavior is worse and worse probably because they are insane over outcomes president's outcomes very positive. >> efrpgs, too i think this whole thing is actually directed not so much at judge kavanaugh but at donald trump. >> right. >> they hate him, with a passion, he can't do anything right get rid of him no matter what it takes they are prepared to slime a decent human being and family, for the sake of getting a conservative off the supreme court. >> pretty extraordinary stuff. >> disgusting. >> i know you have a lot more on it 10 minutes we will see you top of the hour 9:00 a.m. eastern "mornings with maria" join stu artist first to comic con what fans can expect from
8:51 am
annual gathering right here in new york city. that is next. ♪ ♪ no matter -- i know what to do -- ♪ i got a new attitude ♪ ♪
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carraway. time for new york comic con 2018 largest pop culture event on the east coast kristina partsinevelos live in new york good morning. >> good morning, maria. came inside because starting to let people in expecting 250,000 people to show up not only to comic con but surrounding panels around you can see fans coming in right now some are just set some not potentially setting up booth tents bogs tickets 50 bucks if
8:55 am
you have 250,000 people applying more than one ticket you can expect some income flowing through not just about the tickets but the experience about it is about the merchandise for example. i just casually come to comic con pick up a bottle of vodka, in reference, to star obstetric next generation example of some memorabilia sold this will be sold online for 29.99 u.s. we are talking about some people that are here, let's see what we can find security, then you got he lovely women right here just -- who are you supposed to be. >> the girls from japan i am assuming. >> yes, and can i have you been to other comic cons in the past. >> ye san diego. >> there is a lot of contention when one is bigger san diego or new york, who brings in more celebrities because not just about the comics publishing about movie premiers show premiers what do you think the difference
8:56 am
between san diego and new york. >> something about the new york comic con feels like some kind of cool edge to it. >> new york. >> what do you think about it? >> new york is beautiful. so always it is interesting people are more -- >> thanks i go you are seeing people filling in, the reason we are here busy day you talked about brett kavanaugh right here you've got a lot of happy people entering to hopefully meet celebrity stars, talk about comics dress up people enjoying as well, and, of course, big some merchandise that is where money comes in, all the tickets we will be here all day, we will see -- further on fox business given busy news a big event in new york city that rivals san diego. >> cool stuff thank you so much we will check back kristina partsinevelos at comic con final thoughts from this all-star panel when we come right back.
8:57 am
stay with us ♪ i am over you ♪ ♪
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maria: amazing panel. thank you. have a great day, everybody, seize the day. "varney and company" begins now. stuart: i will seize it and it will be a big one. good morning, everyone. the president got the fbi report last night. at 2:00 this morning the white house said there is no corroboration of the charges against brett cavanagh. senators are reading the report. mitch mcconnell is moving towards debate tomorrow and a final vote saturday morning. the left is enraged. nancy pelosi is comparing brett kavanaugh to vladimir putin and kim jung un. are washington producers report roving groups of leftists inside the capital building are harassing republican senators.


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