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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 5, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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thank you at home as usual. we appreciate it. lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories tonight, radical dimms desperately lashing out at the president, the fbi, judge kavanaugh and the senate judiciary committee as the fbi has found no corroborating witness nor evidence to support sexual abuse claims against the judge. and this, this is the seventh background investigation of the supreme court nominee. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says it's time to move to a vote and to end the democratic smear campaign and to confirm judge brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. >> is that what the senate is
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going to be known for? the nomination comes up here and we destroy a reputation. that's what the senate is going to participate in? above the partisan noise, beyond this shameful spectacle which is an embarrassment to the senate, what will endure are the actual facts. lou: and the radical left surprising no one by refusing to, well, accept either facts fr reality continuing the threats and personal destruction. we take up the supreme court court fight tonight. louie gohmert joins us and kevin brady. and. new revelations about the fbi and the trump campaign, the
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tie to the fusion gps enw, the clinton campaign and the phony dossier. >> this is a witch hunt. the democrats know it's a witch hunt too. they don't want to admit it because it's not good politics for them. it's a terrible witch hunt. >> attorneys victoria toensing and joe digenova joining us here tonight. and now the trump bhows calling out china for meddling in the midterm elections and the propaganda campaigns they're conduct in the united states. new reports detailing how far china is going to spy on u.s. companies. we have the alarming details here tonight. our top story, senators have been reviewing the fbi's supplemental investigation of judge brett kavanaugh all day. and despite nothing that
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corroborates allegations against the judge, the radical dimms are continuing their smear campaign. fox news chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel with more from capitol hill. >> dueling activists converge on capitol hill. supporters urging senators to stand with brett. while on the other side, critics are calling on senators to cancel kavanaugh. >> i am angry. i own it. >> but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says lawmakers will not be intim tated. >intimidated.>> it's the senatel here, mr. president. can we be scared by all of the people ram packaging through the halls? >> senators have been filing in and out of a secure facility to review the supplemental report on judge kavanaugh and the judiciary chairman says the lawmakers must now act. >> the downhill slope that schumer has put us on is dealing
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with a demolition derby. and they just about destroyed a good person. >> democrats argue the fbi review was incomplete and suggest it didn't completely exonerate kavanaugh. >> i disagree with senator grassley's statement that there was no hint of misexuct. >> heidi high camp says she's a no. but a judiciary democrat says he will likely be confirmed. >> it will be a close vote. it hangs by a few undecided democrats and republicans. if i were to guess today, he will be narrowly confirmed. >> arizona's jeff flake said there's no additional corroborating information about the kavanaugh allegations. but alaska's lisa murkowski is the most difficult to read saying she's made no decision. all have been personally lobbied
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by george w. bush and condoleezza rice who worked closely with kavanaugh and are trying to close the deal. at this critical stage all are reading body language and listening to every single word from the undecided senators. the emotions are clearly running high ahead of a make or break vote tomorrow on the senate floor. lou? lou: thank you very much. as the kavanaugh confirmation process has now moved into its final stages, a handful of key senators hold the key to his fate. and here as best we can determine is how they're likely to vote. as we just reported, north dakota democrat heidi high camp said she's vote no. she's i in so much trouble in hr campaign for reelection that she's simply given up hope and doesn't care much about what north dakota voters are thinking. so much so that she's called off a debate that had been scheduled
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for tomorrow. west virginia democrat john manchin appears positive saying he's looking at kavanaugh, not as a high school or college kid but as an adult. and his years in professional and public service. senator manchin saying, quote, i am trying to put the human side to it. and maine republican susan collins u appears positive. collins says the investigation, he thinks, seems to be very thur ro. and arizona republican jeff flake who's played a pivotal role suddenly seeming more positive saying today he sees quote no additional corroborating information in the fbi report. and alaska republican lisa murkowski's status unclear. she's commented that she wants to read the full report and she is apparently doing so this evening. president trump warning that china is meddling in these midterm elections and has mounted propaganda campaigns
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inside the united states, among other things, against his tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars in goods exported from china. today vice president pence spoke out against the chinese intervention. >> senior chinese officials have also tried to influence business leaders to encourage them to condemn the trade actions. leveraging their desire to maintain their operations in china. china threatened to deny a business license for a major u.s. corporation. if they refuse to speak out against our administration's policies. beijing now requires american joint ventures that operate in china to establish what they call party organizations within their company. giving the communist party a voice and perhaps a veto in hiring and investment decisions. the chinese communist party is awarding or coercing movie
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studios, scholar witness journalists and local and state, federal officials. and worst of all, china has initiated an unprecedented interest to influence american public opinion, the 2018 elections and the environment leading into the 2020 presidential elections. to put it bluntly, president trump's leadership is working. and china wants a different american president. lou: vice president also noted china has persuaded three latin american countries, els el salv, the dominican republic, panama to end their relationship with taiwan in favor of china. pence's address comes as bloomberg business week is reporting that the communist regime is behind a major espionage effort seeking to infiltrate major u.s. companies, including amazon and apple. the report is based on an yoon going three-year probe by
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federal investigators into super micro, one of the largest suppliers of server motherboards. investigators discovering that operatives from the people's liberations army have inserted tie noo microchips into server hardware during the manufacturing process and factories in china. that's just some of the findings of the investigators. chips contained memory networking capability and processing power for an attempt nearly 30 companies were targeted, nearly 7,000 super microservers are in apple's network. that before the company discovered the added chips. joining us tonight, a man who is very intune with the economic issues in every hemisphere, congressman louie g gohmert. it is great to see you.
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the pence-china speech, i happen to think is extraordinarily important and for most americans it seems to me revelatory. what do you think? >> i think you're exactly right. it's been amazing to me to hear some of the pseudomedia, the at lefalt-left. they have been demeaning vice president pence for a good speech, an important speech. and sending a message to the chinese. and don't forget, lou, that it's not only the trade, but it's also what vice president was pointing out, it was the chinese that we know is -- i thought it would be the blockbuster report after i questioned peter strzok about it. but they hacked hillary clinton's private server. they were getting every e-mail,
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and it wasn't russia, it was china. and they were getting every e-mail that she sent or received through her private server. these are people that have not treated us nairly. fairly. they've been the worst abuser of patents and cop copyrights. human rights. there's problems there. and especially on trade. marsha black burburn and i met h their copy people and he said, we've got a problem in enforcing u.s. copyrights. we did seize a whole bunch of goods. what did you do with them. well, the government sells them when they seized them from the black market. but anyway, it's outrageous what is going on and i am thrilled that president trump and mike pence are calling things the way they are, which obama never ever would do. lou: he would not. and by the way, he was not
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alone. neither would george w. bush, neither would bill clinton. this is a different president, a different kind of president and when he means business. and when he takes on an issue, he's usually the first person to talk about it straightforwardly and move to action. >> isn't that refreshing, though? lou: i'm sorry? >> isn't that refreshing? i find it quite refreshing. lou: i think the entire country finds it refreshing with a few marginal desperate dimms. we'll leave it at that. >> there you go. lou: let's turn to the developments today in washington. judge kavanaugh in the minds of most people we've heard today think that he will be confirmed, but by a very narrow margin. your thinking? >> well, i think you could substitute for the vote up or down or kavanaugh, just substitute the question have you any decency.
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and if you vote yes, then yes, you do. and if you vote no on kavanaugh, then the answer is no. i just can't imagine anybody treating a respected -- they didn't treat anybody like this. not ginsberg, sotomayor. there were all kinds of place to go. but they treated them with respect despite the political differences. and now it is destroy anybody with whom you disagree. this is where we've gone. and frankly, lou, it's been pretty successful for them. and so naturally -- lou: when you say we've gone, i truly don't believe it's we. not yet. >> you're right. it's not. lou: it's the left, it's the democrats. >> it is the left. lou: a recent survey showing half of millennial democrats believe in either democratic socialism or socialism itself. >> that's right. unbelievable. lou: this is a generation going
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in a different direction. the young man addresse arrestedn jackson-lee's office and now we learned today threatening to release health data of some children of u.s. senators. i mean this. >> unbelievable. they know know bounds when it nt comes to decency. lou: are we going to prosecute when they do this? >> i hope so. lou: it's got to end and it's got to end here. >> we've got to have major changes in the fbi or they're not going to. they lied to jeff sessions about the pakistani -- lou: well, they played the whole justice department for fools. and by the way, it appears that way but let's not forget, the democratic party has been politically corrupt now for what, 20 years. and at the same time, their connection to the democratic party and the democratic
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national committee and democratic administrations are documented and will be more so before we're through. >> they might as well raise their forearm and raise their hands and yell. the way they're headed. there are enough americans who say we need decency, we need to follow the constitution and we need to stop this destructive policy that they've been on. lou: right. >> look at kavanaugh, people criticizing for how he reacted? lou: you and i both know that is thee yatheatrics. >> yeah. if he came in and said i'm not guilty, i didn't do any of this and no emotion, then they would have been after him that he didn't have any emotion. he wasn't going to win either way. it's tes powe the power of persl destruction. lou: they weren't there to interview the man for a job. they were there to destroy him and his family. great to have you with us. >> appreciate you.
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you're cutting to the chase here. it's great. lou: we do try. don't we. >> yes, you do. lou: the national left-wing media once again, absolutely just tortured by the prospect that judge brett kavanaugh might be confirmed because the fbi could find no evidence of anything they claim. >> how can senators make the decision if they don't have the full information? >> actually i think we're in a different place. i think the ball game is over here. >> would it not help him to have brett kavanaugh questioned, even give him the opportunity to clean up the lies that he told last thursday. >> if you become a powerful man, you are allowed to grope a woman. >> the fact is this is washington. this is politics. but they're accused of horrible things for years and it becomes. >> gang rape? >> how do you respond to that. lou: i guess they were talking about bill clinton.
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lou: well, higher education sometimes goes low. for example, the university of southern maine revealing just how far left-wing college campuses have moved in order to indoctrinate students. they want to be apparently the next generation of delusional dimms, the school offering credit hours to anti-brett kavanaugh students if they travel to washington, d.c. and harass republican senator susan collins as she considered how she will vote on the supreme court nominee. the school has since canceled the program. apparently realizing that the american people and, and the good -- the taxpayers of their state don't want tax dollars going toward liberal indoctrination programs or incentive programs if you prefer. incredible.
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the desperate dimms have a ploy to delay judge kavanaugh's supreme court confirmation. it's proves to be a very costly mistake. over the past seven days president trump's approval rating has risen from 47% to 50%. republican intensity among voters in these midterm elections moving up to 80%. dem intensity, 2% higher. joining us tonight, south carolina congressional candidate, katie arrington. great to have you with us. the trump effect seems to be holding again. kavanaugh is having, it seems, nationwide a real impact on republican voters as well as the elections that some were saying were either in the democratic column or a tossup moving in a new direction.
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what about where you live, how is it going? >> absolutely. since senator graham took the floor of the judiciary committee last week, the base has been incensed. they've come alive again. our phone banks, our offices have been flooded with volunteers come in to make calls. the republicans are awake and they want their voices heard. it's just that republicans do it in an orderly manner, unlike what's happening, you know, as we see, as you mentioned earlier, you know, about leaving your college campus. it's unbelievable. down here, my opponent -- lou: could that happen in south carolina, for example? could that happen? >> no. look at our senators. we have senator graham and senator tim scott. i look at who's endorsing my opponent, you know, cory booker and the mayor of sanctuary cities in los angeles, there's in way in south carolina we'd ever let that happen. the sentiment has been, you know, that you're innocent until proven guilty. and this mob rule that has taken
4:24 am
over, this is not what our founding fathers wanted. it's unbelievable that we're going through this. and that, you know, it's -- you know, any victim of any kind of assault or abuse, we absolutely want to hear you out. there's no doubt, we want victims to come forward. but to come forward 30-some-odd years later. we should be looking at senator feinstein and asking her, you let dr. ford be a victim. you are the problem. mr. kavanaugh, you know, i trust in my senators a great deal and senator tim scott tweeted out this afternoon, you know, that he reviewed the documents carefully and there was nothing to corroborate the evidence. so let's just move forward. it is sad to see what the democrats are willing to do to hold on to power. lou: do you think the republican party has given judge kavanaugh sufficient support? i have to say, mcconnell has been exemplary in standing up and expressing himself. but i personally believe, and
4:25 am
i'd like to know what you think, the republican establishment has been very demure rather than vocal and aggressive in responding to the smear am pai campaigns of the left. >> what we need are strong ledge legislators. lou: i'm asking you the question. what's the answer? >> i think we could have done more. lou: i'm sorry? >> i think we could have done more. we elect people into office to stand their ground and to have the -- to hold the process. innocent until proven guilty. but you know -- lou: a novel concept, right? >> what a novel concept. and judge kavanaugh's family, what his wife and children have been put through. as a woman i take great offense that these daughters and his wife have become just as abused as dr. ford and no one seems to care. we need to get back to basics in this country. put party partisan aside.
4:26 am
put the truth where it belongs and remember that we have three branches of government and i do not recall media or mobs being one of them. lou: well the media has a very important role. the problem is much of the media has gone partisan without any concept of responsibility to independent objective truth. but that's another story for another day. by the way, the y idea of gettig rid of partisanship. the county is built on two-party system. we needs parties with intelligence and a passionate concern for the people they represent. and i know you're going to be one of those. >> amen. lou: thank you for being here. up next, the radical dimms moving the goal post once again complaining about the fbi's seventh background investigation of judge kavanaugh. we take that up and much more. congressman kevin brady chairman
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it may have major implications for the confirmation of judge brett kavanaugh. republican senator steve danes of montana says he will not be available saturday at any point to vote on the kavanaugh confirmation, who he strongly supports. because he's walking his daughter down the aisle. danes office says he will not his the wedding. his status on sunday is unclear. so is the prospect for judge kavanaugh with his absence. we're also awaiting the arrival of president trump in rod chester, minnesota. thousands of people are streaming right now into the arena that you see there. 5200-seat capacity. the mayor sifn civic center whee
4:32 am
president is giving his address. he will also be marking his third political rally this week, standing alongside a republican woman seeking to u.s. senate. this time aimed at lifting karen housely over dem senator tina smith. president trump also expected to support republican jim hag dorns congressional bid. tonight more evidence -- we'll be covering that rally throughout and bring whatever is happening to you. more evidence of political bias in silicon valley. a new report by gov predict finds the overwhelming majority of ample employees political contributions go to democrats. i don't think you're probably surprised. from 2014 through 2018 91% of all donations went to democrats. over $1.8 million went to
4:33 am
hillary clinton's 2016 campaign. the republican who received the most donations, top rino, paul ryan living large in silicon valley pop. tonight, congressman kevin brady. he is the chairman of the house ways and means committee and i always say the powerful ways and means committee because that it is. mr. chairman, good to have you with us. i'd like to start with what is happening right now in trade. this president is moving -- it's just extraordinary what he's done, moving canada and mexico in the line, h and the european union. the man is accomplishing more on trade than most of us thought possible. >> lou, no doubt. this is really big news on all ef thosallof those fronts that u
4:34 am
mentioned. a mods dern 20th century agreement between the u.s., mexico and canada, it's a level playing field for local businesses and our farmers as well. i've been looking closely at -- we just got it late sunday night. everyone is digging into it, as you would imagine. but boy, it looks like some solid economic wins. the president made it clear from day one he wanted a modern agreement that drove jobs to the united states, raised paychecks here in america, and beyond just buying america, we wanted to sell america as well to canada and mexico. and so the focus, as you know, has been on more jobs here in the united states. and every one of these provisions seems to point that direction. lou: looks like you're winning and winning some more. let's turn to winning and the politics of winning. right now is it your sense that judge kavanaugh will be confirmed or not?
4:35 am
>> i believe he will. i'm not in the senate. i know it comes down to a couple of votes there. but boy, what a qualified jurist. and he belongs on that supreme court. frankly will be a fair, constitutionalist. i'm just sick by what he and his family have had to endure in this process. but i think at the end of the day he'll be on the bench where, frankly, he deserves to be. lou: where he deserves to be and where with does the republican conference deserve to be come november 7th, the day after the election. will there be as many republicans as there are now? >> it would be difficult to be at almost the record level we've been at. so we expect to lose some seats. but i'll tell you this. i predict the republicans will hold the house. we have amazing candidates who reflect the values of their district. they're fighting it hard.
4:36 am
and frankly, look, these are the people who have delivered dramatically new economy for families and businesses that have rebuilt the military for the first time in 15 years, really getting red tape off of the backs of our local job traders. and with the senate, putting in place really that fair, objective judges, i think all americans wanted. so boy, we've got a record to run on the democrats. -- lou: are you running? is your conference running in full support of the president of the united states? >> yes. yes. lou: i think your projection is probably going to be very accurate. what concerns me is when i hear a number of people try to separate and walk the fence, if you know what i mean, instead of support the president. >> well, i think members represent their districts. sometimes you'll have disagreements with this president. you do all of them. but in the house what we've seen
4:37 am
are members who are gone all in on tax reform, all in on rebuilding the military, border security, all of these key economic issues. and so at the end of the day i think we're going to surprise some pundits. lou: these pundits have quite a record under president trump. surprise away, congressman. always great to see you. thanks for being with us. >> thank you, lou. lou: be sure to say high to dede. >> dia i'll do that. lou: chairman of the ways and means committee. up next, another crack in the deep state. what a top fbi attorney revealed about their connection to the democratic national committee, the clinton campaign and the dirty fraudulent steele dossier that was supposed to be about donald trump. we take it all up after the break. some of the country's greatest legal minds join us, victoria toensing and jo d
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lou: explosive testimony on capitol hill from former fbi general counsel james baker, revealing that a clinton campaign attorney, also working for the democratic national committee, fed information to the fbi specifically to use against the trump campaign. chief intelligence correspondent katherine her ridge hacatherinee
4:42 am
story. >> a top lawyer for the dnc and clinton came pain initiated contact with the fbi's general counsel and provided document to the russia probe at the height of the presidential campaign. former senior fbi lawyer general counsel james baker told congressional investigators during his closed-door deposition on wednesday the lawyer michael sussman initiated contact with baker and provided documents as well as electronic files on russia hacking. the sources said baker described the contact as unusual. sussman's biosays he's a former senior justice department official and cybersecurity expert, quote, engaged in some of the most sophisticated high-stakes matters today it says, such as representation of the democratic national committee and hillary clinton's presidential campaign and the response to the russian hack in the 2016 presidential election. after baker's deposition, two republican lawmakers said he gave quote explosive closed-door
4:43 am
testimony detailing for congressional investigators how the fbi russia probe got special handling. >> this witness confirmed that thing were done in an abnormal nags. fashion. >fashion. >> and you believe that is a reflection o. >> it's a reflection of the subject and a reflection of inherent bias. >> there was another source giving information directly to the fbi which we found the source to be pretty explosive. >> late today fox news received this statement from a spokesperson for the launch. when sussman met with mr. baker on behalf of a client wibt was not connected with to firm's representation of the hillary clinton campaign, the dnc or any political law group client. today marks the deadline for the justice department to turn over former fbi director andy mccabe's memos. rod rosenstein discussed
4:44 am
secretly recording the president. rosenstein is due on the hill next week. lou: thank you very much. as you said, explosive. joining us tonight, victoria toensing, great to see you. open former federal prosecutor, joe digenova, the founding partners of digenova and toensing launch. your reaction to herridge's report that the fbi was at the nexus of what was going on. now we're starting to see some color shape around this thing, this looks frankly worse than i thought and very peculiar in the way in which a lawyer with connection to the democratic party, the dnc, the clinton campaign is suddenly a conduit for what turned out to be sheer trash and fraud, being called a
4:45 am
dossier. your thoughts, victoria. >> this is no surprise at all. we've been saying for seven or eight months now that there was a brazen plot to clear hillary clinton of any criminal wrongdoing and to frame donald trump. and wee know we've known for a e they were involved in it. surprise, a top person in the fbi, the general counsel met with a lawyer who represents officially the dnc and they're saying -- lou: can i -- i hate to do this. if i may, victoria, joe. the president right now talking about the kavanaugh confirmation and he's in minnesota, rochester, minnesota at a make america great rally here h he is. >> you don't have to have regulation m that makes it impossible for our country to compete with other countries and that's what we're doing. the democrats want to cripple
4:46 am
law enforcement, they want to get rid of i.c.e. how about i.c.e. i.c.e. they're tough and they love our country. but you need tough ones. they're tough. they love our country. they get rid of ms-13, they get rid of these gangs. you wouldn't believe it. they throw them the hell out or they bring them to jail. the democrats embrace socialism. we're not going to be venezuela. you see what's happening. and open our borders to deadly drugs and violent gangs. lou: you know, there's a campaign going on in minnesota and he's making it clear which of the republican candidates he's supporting there. and the distinction between republicans and democrats, a bright line, if you would, that he's drawing at that rally in
4:47 am
rochester, minnesota. victim toir ya, i apologize -- we'll be going back to the president whenever he moves to the current issues and topics, including the kavanaugh confirmation, which tonight, by the way, there seems to be an additional question mark. and that senator daines of montana who is now saying he will be attending his daughter's weddingwedding instead of votina justice of the u.s. supreme court. >> i figure that's been worked out. i figure they have pence in there to vote which is going to happen. it's not a vote for kavanaugh tomorrow. i would assume they've got this worked out. just to finish my thought. lou: you bet. >> about perkins coolly. my last sentence would be they don't want to be a defendant in a civil lawsuit by anybody for having done this and that's why they're trying to wash their hands saying he wasn't under our oauspices when he was meeting
4:48 am
with them. >> the entire house of cards is falling down. james baker was fired. he's now cooperating in ooh federal information of james comey and other people for the various crimes that they committed when they were at the top of the phish an fbi and the department of justice. the re revelation he made was tt perkins coolly was at the center of the activities involving fusion gps and mr. sussman handing information on his own without relationship to any client to the fbi concerning the dossier. this is utter nonsense. they are trying to separate themselves from the rather large gathering of evidence that perkins coolly was at the center of the plot along with fusion gps to create false information fed to u.s. intelligence overseas to put a fisa warrant
4:49 am
on carter page. it's fairly obvious. and ultimately perkins coolly is going to be sued. lou: i think they've played not only a pivotal role here as we learned again very early in the process -- i think i'm correct in saying this, joe. joe digenova was the first person, if you will forgive me to point this out, he was the first person to call this is a frame of the president of the united states. and it looks like this law firm, perkins cooley and the smear merchant fusion gps were at the center of all of that with that exact intent. >> well, lou, what was fairly obvious, right after james comey held his famous july 5th between news conference exonerating hillary clinton, it . ..s e
4:50 am
precisely trying do as a result of the text messages from strzok and page. that happened several months later. once you have the strzok and page text messages, this isn't a conspiracy theory by a group of crazy people, it's fundamental law enforcement facts on the record that this pla plot was in existence and now we know from james baker that perkins coolly was a part of it. lou: perkins coolly and the geutiofusion gps -- the justice department seems to have been running from them, so as the fbi. the corruption that we're talking about at the highest levels of the fbi is still active and a major barrier to enforcing law and bringing to ground and holding accountable a
4:51 am
group of people who are lawbreakers and frankly traitors to this country. victoria? >> there's a gross horrible ugly similarity here between the fusion gps and all of the framing of donald trump and the brett kavanaugh situation. lou: right. >> under this world we live in now, the democrats have no problem making up allegations about somebody and putting them into a legal system to use them as a legal weapon on the person. they did this with fisa against the trump, in the trump campaign and now they did it with brett kavanaugh. all three of those women were telling false stories and at least two of them, because they'll never go after ms. ford, but two of them should be investigated and prosecuted for making false statements and interfering with a senate hearing.
4:52 am
lou: i want to ask both of you. alan dershowitz taking the recommendation that the justice department should be going after and pursuing aggressively any witness who lies before the united states senate. >> absolutely. lou: and we've had the opposite effect. we've watched this become a place pl where it's an arena whe you can hurl untruths at will and count on 90% of everything you hear from the left as being a lie. >> we've been talking about this for quite some time. once it was clear that ms. ramirez had falsely made ann ak dispaition ananaccusation anr that ms. ford's testimony was corroborated and once ms. swetnick's statement was schmitted, the committee has to make a referral of all three
4:53 am
people to the justice department and ask for a criminal investigation because that is the way you deter people from making false allegations during confirmation processes. these people were all seeking -- ford was seeking a psychological repose. the problem with her story, it doesn't fit together at all. lou: and there are so many questions. and questions that weren't asked by the republicans or the democrats. the democrats of kavanaugh, the republicans of ford. it's just the most bizarre set of hearings that i could imagine for the supreme court. >> and lou we don't stop with those, just those three. we also have to refer the lawyers. because according to ms. ford, her two lawyers didn't tell murtha grassley offered to talk to her anytime anywhere. that was a violation of the professional rules of
4:54 am
responsibility. and i think he ought to be referred, don't you, if he brought in this ridiculous wrns? lou: mwitness. lou: he seems unworthy of much but worthy of information. thanks so much. thank you both for being here. >> thank you, lowd. lou: lou. lou: up next, president trump rallying supporters in minnesota as senators in washington weigh their votes on supreme court justice nominee brett kavanaugh. we'll hear from the president when we continue. stay with us. hey guys. today we're here to talk about trucks. i love trucks. what the heck is that?! whoa! what truck brand comes from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road? i think it's the chevy. ford. is it ford? nope, it's not ford. i think it's ram. is it ram? not ram. that's a chevy! it's chevy! that's right. from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting
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lou: let's take a look at the arena in rochester, minnesota. that's the president at the make america great rally. he blasted obstruction by the dems. he praised his supreme court nominee, judge kavanaugh. president trump: he was announced for one simple reason. he is an incredible intellect. an incredible person, an incredible talent. he has been an incredible judged
4:59 am
his temperament. it's titled "i am an independent, impartial judge." he says in part, i will keep an open mind in he case and always strive to preserve the constitution of the jeuts united states and the american rule of law. who could ask more of any jurist, any judge, any associate justice on the supreme court. on wall street, call your senator, tell him to confirm brett kavanaugh to sit on the court. the wall street down 201 points. the s & p lost 24, the nasdaq, 146. that's a lot. volume 3.5 billion shares. amazon deciding to eliminate monthly bonuses and stock options for its employees after it announced it's raising the
5:00 am
minimum wage to $15 an hour nationwide. jeff bezos takes with one hand and bringing back with >> one simple reason, he's an incredible intellect, incredible person and incredible talent. [cheers and applause] cheryl: protestors want him going but he may be confirmed very soon. we are hours away from procedural vote for judge confirmation process. we are covering two big stories. lauren: and stocks suffering biggest losses in months, the dow sinking 350 points before closing down 200. cheryl: selloff all about interest rates,


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