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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 10, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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morning, markets look like this, ftse down 100 but cac quarante each down two-thirds of 1%. in asia overnight, markets mostly higher, frassal moves but korean kospi index worst performer, better than 1%. close the other bankruptcy, sears making key hires signaling bankruptcy. ambassador nikki haley announcing exit from trump administration, former nba denise rodman ready to fill her shoes and what he's saying about nikki haley this morning. taylor swift takes political push to stage, find out what she said during last night's american music awards, all the stories coming up wednesday morning and joining know break it all down, fox business dagen mcdowell, former chrysler ceo bob nordeli and former presidential candidate steve forbes, great to see you this
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morning. >> great to see you. maria: welcome back. lots of happening this morning. what do you think it's all about? dagen: i think her sitting next to president trump, though, and the way he gave her a sendoff and the very warm reception she had sitting noaks him in the oval office, i think that speaks volumes, i think she's a real role model for so many women. maria: she is, i think we will see her in 2024 running for president. 2024. >> perhaps go to state department in 2021 and then 2024 a woman secretary of state will reach the white house.
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dagen: how about 2020 as running mate. i have no idea what i'm talking about. i'm just throwing it out there. >> you've made pence's day. [laughter] dagen: the way she conducted herself and when she disagreed with the president, she would say to his face, she wrote op-ed about that in the washington post after the op-ed was on post. maria: pretty strongly about that. secretary of agricultural sunny perdue, francis rooney along with fox news judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano, dr. mike is here as well, don't miss a moment of it. we kick it off with the top story that's hurricane michael, now category 4 storm barreling toward the florida panhandle, forecasters say it could be the worst to hit the region in over 100 years, jeff flock is live
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this morning in panamá city beach, he joins me right now. jeff: you heard that might, maria, category 4, that's a very intense hurricane on the beach here in panamá city beach, this could be ground zero, by the way, i want to walk you down to the water, believe it or not we are at essentially low tide, low tide was several -- couple hours ago, so we are not even seeing any kind of storm surge yet but water kind of washing in and washing out here along the beach, i guess i can't emphasize enough, sometimes i think we've overblow the storms, i say we, i will take as much credit for that as anyone, you know, we had florence at one point at category 4 out there, people were freaking out and they should have but it, of course, weakened, this is moving fast, this is not to weaken at all and if you're at ground zero as we think we are in panamá city beach, this is not a huge storm but around the center of
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circulation and around the point that this comes ashore this could be a devastating storm even to a place like this where there are many large steel and concrete structures that typically keep you safe. i leave you with a picture of the atlantic perhaps, i don't know if you're able to see it, kyle, out that way. there you go. it's coming and it could come, maria, in the daylight today as you watch the surge in with incredible pictures. maria: wow. jeff: watch out, kyle. maria: jeff, thank you, we will check back as news develops and once it does hit landfall, jeff flock. joining us right now art hogan, thank you so much for joining us. any impact from this hurricane on commodities, on markets, what's your take? >> yeah, we have certain seen impact, they'll be shutting capacity from the gulf, $75 in wti, natural gases as well, the commodity has been up, but in
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general anything that takes some of the supply offline for a period of time and this could be a week, not a couple of days will increase commodity prices, the larger impact will be the things that we normally see, bob talked at home depot, the traffic that you see in preparation and coming afterwards in getting things prepared. you see plywood, all of those things that happened at home depot and the follow-up is, all of the things you have to replace, i think this is going to have economic impact and increasing in magnitude and not decreasing. maria: big story for markets has been the 10-year treasury, that's been unnerving stocks, 7-year high, are you worried about that. >> no, we get worried when it happens quickly. 20 basis point that you see in a week is a lot faster than you typically see generally in fixed income markets. the same thing we saw if february, 20 basis points in tenure and markets went down, i don't think we will see the same kind of reaction, i think it'll
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stabilize, the new normal, 10 to 1030, the problem is when it's happening that quickly, 20 basis points in the week, i don't think we are. we are probably in rising rate environment but i don't think it's something that's going to necessary slow down the economy or slow down earnings. >> art, to that point to stay with it, the fed is looking and is it the fed rate having that negative impact while the economy is still moving along pretty darn well right now. a lot of people are projecting 3.7% growth through 2019. >> yeah, no, i don't think the fed is doing anything that the president is not doing. they are both leaning stronger economy to accomplish something that they need to do. the fed needs to normalize rates, they have something to give back. i think the president is leaning
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to strong economy to get things accomplished on trade. when they seem at odds with each other with aggressive policy, i think both sides will be fine. this is the fed that's been gradual. we talk about how much they are raising rates, they really started in 2015, so it's not as though we are up, next year will be completely different for the fed, i mean, that by the fact that next year every fed meeting will have a press conference added. every fed meet asking live. this year is once a quarter when we get press conference, september, one in december, everything changes next year and i think that changes the way the fed thinks about the pace of monetary policy and if they see anything like flattening yield curve they'll slow down themselves. maria: i don't know why the president keeps taking aim. he argue that is the central bank could be raising interest rates more slowly. this is what he said to reporters yesterday before boarding marine one at the white house. >> the fed is doing what they
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think is necessary but i don't like what they are doing. the numbers that we are producing are record setting, i don't want to slow it down even a little bit especially when you don't have the problem of inflation and you don't see that inflation coming back. now, at some point it will and you go up, i just don't think it's necessary to go as fast. maria: wow, dagen, what do you think about that? dagen: why is he talking about the federal reserve because president trump is going to talk about whatever he wants to talk about, number one, number two, the most important thing is president trump says he has not spoken with jay powell about his concerns because, quote, i like to stay uninvolved with that. [laughter] dagen: that's the most important thing that you need to know is he's jaw-boning about it and he should know, though, that the federal reserve is more likely to be a little bit more aggressive if you keep talking about the fed being accommodating, steve has response written all over his face.
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[laughter] maria: what do you want to say? >> getting interest rates back to normal is good thing. i would like to get art's opinion, everybody assumes we will resolve china the way we did canada and maybe europe, that goes the wrong way, what is going to happen the market and the economy? >> i think that's the best question of the day when you think about what are markets really concerned about and it's not the fed and what they are doing to rates, markets are concerned about how big trade concerns get, so right now we are at manageable level with what we've put forward with china. when you think about dragging economy, $35 billion in 17 trillion-dollar economy, that's really manageable. if we go the whole way, if at the turn of the calendar we go from 10% on $200 billion to 25% and escalate that to $467 billion worth of goods, 25% tariff on that, that gets into real numbers. you're about $150 billion on drag on the economy.
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>> the big thing is profit margins. >> exactly. input costs. we will find out in earnings reporting season from conference calls just how much it's already start today affect companies whether it's steel aluminum, any kind of input prices and i think that -- i think the administration will take notice of that when they start hearing companies saying, we have to give you difficult guidance, subdue because we are not sure what our profit margins would look like. dagen: they have been hearing for the companies, art, probably indirectly. individual ceo's have been fuzzing at the white house quite frankly the one hurt by specifically steel and aluminum tariffs. they are not budging. >> a lot of companies are saying they can handle 10%, steve and i were discussing, they think they have pricing authority 2.7, they think suppliers out of china will take prices down versus lose volume.
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they can handle 10, 20 as you pointed out is another issue. >> yeah, i think that's what it is, we are hoping we don't get there. to steve's point, is this very much like north america, threatening to get things that we want, is that this year's business or we have to wait next year. once we get north america right we immediately get to negotiating table with china. it doesn't feel like that's what's happening now. it feels like rhetoric is increasing. maria: china will go on for a long time, the fight with china. dagen: do not think that the trade fight with china is going away. maria: they won't change behavior and won't admit that they are stealing ip. dagen: how about the speech that the vp gave last week and then you had mike pompeo gotten to some tiff, if you will, with the foreign minister in china on his visit to beijing, so there's a lot going on there. those tariffs are not going away. maria: no they are not.
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that continues. i wouldn't expect that to turn around any time soon. having said that, the rest of the world is lining up with the u.s. going against china. real quick, we are on the doorstep of third-quarter earnings, would you put new money to work in this market here right before we get bank earnings on friday and third quarter in full next couple of weeks? >> that's such a great question. this earning season is happening at a place where stocks are sitting on support, not resistance. that's a very good place to be. you think about financials, i think they are at very good place, they haven't done anything for the whole year. in front of the banks the end of the week you can get in there and i also think energy and health care are three sectors -- >> what about semiconductors? >> drag on technology for about 3 weeks. i think we are overdoing it on the downside, you and i -- [laughter] >> so i think that -- they'll be
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fine, we always shoot, and probably on social media stocks too. maria: art, great to have you on the show. art hogan joining us, preparing for bankruptcy new report that sears could file bankrupty as early as this week. celebrities including taylor swift made ama's all about the november midterm elections, stay with us. when you rent from national... it's kind of like playing your own version of best ball. because here, you can choose any car in the aisle, even if it's a better car class than the one you reserved. so no matter what, you're guaranteed to have a perfect drive. [laughter]
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come as soon as this week. sears has 134 million in debt, that's due monday, general reports that sears continues that discuss other options could still avoid in-court restructuring but we shall see. treasury secretary steven mnuchin warning china against devaluing currency in an interview with beijing newspaper mnuchin stop short of accusing china of depressing and the u.s. monitoring currency carefully and noticed falling significantly over the year. mnuchin wanted to discuss as part of ongoing trade talks which are stalled right now. president trump slamming democrats' healthcare plan in op-ed in today's usa today, the president says, dishonestly called medicare for all, proposal would establish single-payer system.
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that's what he wrote, the president also said that under the plan seniors would not longer be able to depend on benefit that is they were promised by the democrats in particular. well, you still have two chances to really get really rich this week and it's not the stock market, mega million jackpot 548 million after nobody won last night. friday's jackpot third largest in mega million history, tonight a huge powerball drawing, that's 282 million bucks, maria, up for grabs, can't win if you don't play. maria: there you go. you have to be in it to win it. coming up, ge stock bouncing after ceo shake-up, up 17% in a week. we will discuss what's behind the bounce down of course from 59 and three quarters, denise rodman's interesting offer to the trump administration. stay with us, back in a moment.
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maria: welcome back hurricane michael now category 4 storm, expect today hit the florida panhandle in just hours, fox news senior meteorologist with the latest in the weather center. janice: maria, we woke up this morning to strengthening storm, category 4, 5:00 a.m. advisory gave us 140-miles-per-hour sustained winds, this area of florida will experience something that they've never experienced in their lifetime. a category 4-barreling towards the pan panhandle of florida, the worst of the storm is going
6:23 am
to be on the east side, so 12 to 15-foot storm surge is going to inundate and put water on top of houses. here is what we are dealing with in terms of numbers, category 4, 130 to 156, strong category 4 and might strengthen as it's making landfall in the next couple of hours. as i mentioned big killer is the storm surge, it's the water and some of the areas will be inundated with water on top of homes along the big bend of florida. we have hurricane advisory warnings in effect that stretch into portions of alabama and georgia, hurricane-forced winds for the areas in the next several hours as the storm makes landfall. widespread power outages, in some cases no days if not weeks to get power back on. time is running out for people to evacuate and they need to be prepared for the worst, flooding, 8 to 12-inches of rainfall in some of the isolated areas and that's going to stretch into areas that were hard hit by florence, also the threat of tornadoes throughout
6:24 am
the afternoon and the evening, we are expecting landfall anywhere between 1 and 3:00 p.m., maria, this would be devastating blow for florida, back to you. maria: all right, janice, thank you very much, janice dean, we are watching shares of general electric this morning, the stock under fire in the last 2 weeks after the company ousted john flannery as ceo and replacing with larry culp, bob, you were executive at ge for a long time, what do you make of bounce in the last two weeks in. >> i know larry, he worked with us when i was working and he has done a fabulous job, he followed sherman, larry is working at blink speed, he's making decisions, he's decisive and clear in his communications, he's articulate and that's what you see happening, they sold a billion dollars of portfolio that should have been sold day
6:25 am
one when john was in there, i'm tickled to death to see larry there, it's heartbreaking to see a company going from 600 billion-dollar in market cap to 108 before larry stepped in. i'm wishing him all the best, cheering him on, a lot of really good people at ge that deserve better. >> bob, what are parts of ge that are strong? we know about the power side, what are the parts that you think are cutting edge, the engines, is it health care? >> no question ge health care is really strong, steve, aviation is really strong and as long as boeing keeps knocking it out of the park aviation is going to be strong. i think power systems unfortunately is really in the ditch right now. >> why is that? >> i think the worldwide -- >> consumption of electricity is going up. >> but there's huge installed base and i think the turban orders, one of the keys on ge systems is to look at the backlog and order board and it's very, very thin, but thin for
6:26 am
siemens also, steve, what do they do with power systems so it doesn't drain cash, they have $30 billion of unfunded pension, 4.4 billion of dividend, $120 billion in debt, they just were downgraded, so larry is stepping in to -- he's got heavy-lifting to do. >> on the power side, is there any issue of quality, that kind of thing, is that just the normal? >> well, when you talk about the blades inside the turbine, you're talking about a phenomena that should not exist, those temperatures unless you have the right codings, it's one of the biggest challenges that you've got going. the really strong part of ge power systems is their long-term service agreements, you know, 15-year deals when we were selling turbines we sold long-term service agreement, great margin and you got recurring revenue coming out of that, steve, i think larry is smart enough to understand that part of it. he will have to address the
6:27 am
hardwares, maybe he spins off some of the renewable stuff, turbine business, generate cash and try to shrink that thing down to mandible size and we still see recovery out of industry. maria: would you buy the stock? >> i wish i would have bought it prelarry. looks like he's doing a great job, fine young man. maria: maybe you missed a move. >> i did. maria: we will take a short break, promises kept, president trump making good on promise to farmers to allow year-round sales of ethanol gas, sunny perdue will join us next. a billion dollar discussion why softbank is exploring investment into office space sharing service wework, back in a moment. i am an independent finl advisor. for our firm, it's about trust and transparency. trust that we do what's right for our clients,
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maria: welcome back good
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wednesday morning, thank you so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, it is wednesday october 10th, bracing for dangerous storm this morning, hurricane michael bearing down on hurricane panhandle. category 4 storm, could bring catastrophic flooding to the area, live for a live update coming up. getting energized president trump announcing he will lift restrictions on ethanol in gasoline. >> today we are unleashing the power of e-15 to fuel our country all year long. the dems will end ethanol, you know that, they are not going approve ethanol, they will take it away. maria: we will break down the effect it will have on the industry coming up with agricultural secretary sonny perdue, markets under selling pressure, take a look, fractional losses, dow industrials expected to be down 20 points at the opening of trading this morning, s&p down a fraction and the nasdaq also down 11 points right now.
6:32 am
this after mixed day yesterday on wall street, take a look at the markets at the close, dow industrials gave up 56 points, quarter percent lower, s&p was down fraction, the nasdaq squeaked out a gain 2 points higher nasdaq at the close. in europe this morning similar story, fractional losses across the board. marks mostly higher in asia, take a look, fractional moves nonetheless in positive column except for korea which was down better than 1%. shake-up in dc, ambassador nikki haley is stepping down as un ambassador, we will tell you is on the short list to replace her and then there's this, dennis rodman would like the job, he's throwing his name out there. we will tell you what he said. going political taylor shift -- swift, here comes more techs. all the stories coming up, first top story this half an hour, category 4 hurricane michael
6:33 am
expected to make landfall this afternoon, it could be one of the strongest hurricanes ever to hit the florida panhandle. griff jenkins live in alligator point, florida right now. griff: maria: audio, audio. all right, we are going to fix that audio issue with griff and get back to griff momentarily, i couldn't hear him, i'm not sure if you could hear him, we will get back to griff to get the details on the hurricane this morning. first, let's get with u.s. agriculture secretary and former secretary sonny perdue. >> good morning. maria: prepare for fallout of michael, some are still not fully recovered from florida's damage, should they be worried, how do they see this?
6:34 am
>> the carolinas must feel like they are in a pinch, florence coming from the east and then now this hurricane michael coming from the southwest, so it does put farmers, harvest time usually great time of the year to be out in the fields an they are too wet and the rain situation in the carolinas was horrific. we will see what happens and pray for the best. maria: pray for the best but what can we do in terms of those lost crops, are you expecting an impact in terms of pricing, what should we expect? >> yeah, we obviously have damage, that's what crop insurance is for, farmers take so much risk every year, this hurricane is part of that and that's why it's important to have the safety net programs that we have at usda for farm toaster apply. we encourage them to reach out to farm service agency. maria: let me move onto ethanol, the president moving to allow year-round sales of ethanol critical demand from midwest
6:35 am
farmers, the president said that the changes, he said campaign rally in iowa last night, the nation's largest corn and ethanol producing state here is what he said, i have to get your reaction. >> okay. >> my administration is protecting ethanol, all right, that's what you want to here. [cheers and applause] >> today we are unleashing the power of e-15 to fuel our country all year long. not 8 months. all year long. [cheers and applause] maria: why this move, secretary? >> well, again, i think it's promises made, promises kept, when president trump campaigned in iowa during the campaign he committed to protect the rfs, renewable fuel standards which provides for ethanol to be used, clean burning fuel giving customer more choices, he's been wanting to do that for several months but we wanted to balance out the needs of smaller refineries as well. maria: tell me about the impact
6:36 am
of it longer term in terms of the impact on these ethanol-producing states? >> well, again, the ability to sell e-15 year round means that more stations will invest in the pumps and tanks in order to give their customers the choice. we also think the long-term consequences with corn prices being very low, fuel, petroleum prices rising that the price difference will be seen at the pump fairly quickly here but this gives consumer a choice, good for agriculture, good for corn farmers and we think good for the american economy. it kind of takes a deregulation away in regulatory fashion. maria: is there double-edge ford, cuts into oil prices, does that impact oil refineries negatively? >> well, i don't think so. if you look at oil profits over the last year they have been fairly healthy. maria: yes, for sure.
6:37 am
>> i think this is a balance, consumers will make the choice, some people will want to use e-15 all year long, we think the market will grow, potential for 2 billion more to be processed into clean american energy. maria: let me ask you about the trade impact. yesterday i spoke with the former prime minister of canada stephen harp near the studio, we talked about the new usmca deal and he said it was a big win for the united states. i want to get your perspective on the impact, here is what prime minister harper said yesterday. >> okay. >> nafta pretty good overall, i'm not going to dispute, i think the president got a pretty good deal for the united states but i think what's interesting in this from the canadian perspective is that it provides a number of incentives for canada and méxico to work with the united states on the chinese trade imbalance and that to me should be objective all along, this is a serious problem for our workers, it's not due merely
6:38 am
to normal economic factors, it's due to the fact that chinese markets are largely closed and i would like to see our government take advantage of the incentives in this deal to work with the united states to open up that market. maria: yeah, secretary perdue your thoughts on the impact from the new deal with canada and méxico and when the american people will actually feel that impact? >> i don't think i could have said it better than prime minister harper, former minister of canada, again realigning with our allies to the north and south and creating this huge market has been beneficial in agricultural during the time of nafta. it is a better deal, president trump used his power of the office and the leverage of tariffs in order to get a better deal for america, the american economy, the american workers, agriculture, autos in so many ways, i can understand why he said that but he got to the real purpose, coalesce japan and
6:39 am
others in order to have solid front against china who is not playing fair to any country in the world markets. maria: china won't admit that they are stealing our intellectual property. >> absolutely. maria: this fight looks like it would go on, you're dealing with dictator for life, what's the downside risk of being in a fight with china for, you know, ponts if not years? >> well, we hope not years, again, dictator for life can't control that economy overall, we see what's happening, the united states is growing gang busters and the chinese economy is going down, i hope they see their ways, all we are asking china to do is to stop stealing our stuff and play fair and farmers are with the president. they understand the long-term gain here. maria: yeah, great analysis, good to see you. >> thank you, maria. maria: sonny perdue joining us there. i want to go back to griff jenkins in alligator point, florida. let's check audio, griff. griff: good morning, sorry about that that's the realities of
6:40 am
hurricane but it's going to be a long day in panhandle and unfortunately not a good one and one for history books because of the unprecedented cat 4 bringing precedented storm surge, let me tell you where we are, ie of th- eye of the storm. ground zero of storm surge, if you look behind me you can see houses on stills. we are getting battered before landfall comes in. the real threat for viewers to understand, this is a very low-lying marsh area, 50 to 60 miles of that low water out to see. cat 4 winds bringing unprecedented 14-foot storm surge and i want to take you quickly also here and you can
6:41 am
see the roads, we have been on the area in the last few hours, two different people have been watching fox news and fox business and they decide today try and get out of this late, late hour because roads just like this, this road particularly was washed out 2 years ago in hurricane hermine, this one will devastate and be catastrophic for mobility in a very, very short period of time as you see the waves already coming in and taking a lot of it out, the officials here in in franklin county saying it's probably too late, maybe a few minutes to finally get out but this is one where you to understand that property can be replaced, lives cannot, and i'm going to turn you back again, we are just on the front end of bends coming in. you can see the house is dark but it's starting to take a lot of beating on the staircase and on these and hurricane dennis
6:42 am
hit area and caused 170 lives, maria. maria: we will get back to you as news develops, surprise from nikki haley, the un ambassador stepping down as the ambassador knot united nations, we will tell you who is on the short list to replace her when we come back, taylor swift doubling down on voting. >> this award and every single award given out tonight were voted on by the vote and you know what else is voted on by the people? [cheers and applause] maria: round-up of politically charged music awards right here, stay with us. i can't believe it. that everything sticks to stefon diggs's hands? no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. cool, huh? yeah.
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he plays football, huh? yeah. believe it. geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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maria: welcome back, former new york city mayor michael bloomberg speaks out on political leanings, today i have reregistered as democrat. i had been member for a long time because we need democrats to provide checks and balances, michael bloomberg is about to unleash a presidential run, we will get to that coming up. statement of fact bank betting wig on wework cheryl casone on headlines, cheryl. cheryl: reported in discussions to stake majority space in work sphais company. softbank owns nearly 20% of wework but according to zrrowrnl the instres -- investment 20 to
6:47 am
30 billion. that fund we should say is backed largely by saudi arabia and abudabi. well, president trump says he's narrowing down a list of people to replace zrrowt going un ambassador nikki haley after stir price resignation yesterday on the short list dina powell, former deputy senior adviser and white house council, other names floating around richard granell and even the president's daughter i stran quay came up but the the t
6:48 am
♪ ♪ [laughter] cheryl: yeah, that's former nba star dennis rodman, he's interested in the job, long-time friendship with north korean leader kim jong un obviously is well documented, and then there's this, more celebrities getting political. taylor swift kicking off night with performance i did something bad after breaking political silence.
6:49 am
>> it says i am a voter, politics aside, the biggest winners of the night turned out to be camila cabello both accepted for awards. there you have that, imagine that, hollywood getting political. maria: did you watch it. [laughter] dagen: you know what we were talking about. maria: bloomberg saying he was a democrat and looks like this is going to be a candidate, what do you think, steve? >> yes, he's had every label under the sun even republican label in new york city which is amazing. he's been itching to run since 2008. maria: he gets the left nomination. >> you have to have a major party to do it, republican,
6:50 am
democrat. he's not going to get republican, how do you get democratic nomination, extremely difficult. the party has moved left. he promises to come in and get things done, given the state of the party, i think he's got a huge uphill fight but he knows it's the last chance to go. maria: dagen, he gave democrats $80 million already, it's hard to compete on the republican side, you have big donors giving 80 and 100 million-dollar checks. dagen: he can raise money too, of course, i think the fundraiser was here in new york city, he does have charisma of my shoe, makes it hard to run, that's something that president trump was, he really connected with voters throughout the country. maria: yeah. dagen: mike bloomberg would have a hard time ahead. >> i think i agree with you,
6:51 am
steve, on your point, just on individual merit, he could be competitive, i think. maria: for the dems in terms of the sleight so far. google unveiling new products can new concerns over data breach, we will have full report on that back in a moment. ♪ can i get some help. watch his head. ♪ i'm so happy. ♪ whatever they went through, they went through together. welcome guys. life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. (guard) whacontrolled fury.... freakish intelligence.
6:52 am
wicked seduction. these endeavors will rattle your soul... and challenge the contents of your stomach. if that sounds dramatic... it is.
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6:54 am
maria: welcome back, google unveiling new products including the pixel3 amid renewed security concerns. lauren simonetti with all the details now, another product to us. lauren: i know, another fine, two fines that they are facing from europe, they are appealing the latest one, it's a 5 billion-dollar eu antitrust fine, regulators in europe accusing google of strong-arming
6:55 am
phone makers by making them preinstalled google search engine on devices. the eu says google would not only have to change that behavior but also pay the fine and if they don't, they'll have to pay up to 5% of their daily global revenue until they agree to regulators' terms, tremendous repercussions are possible here and the upshot could be that android software would not be free because if google isn't allowed to have it preinstalled that potentially means less revenue coming for them but then look again, android is so consumers, consumers might seek out google products anyway. as you know coming to me, maria, latest battle for alphabet after news yesterday from wall street journal that google try today cover up a privacy breach at google plus, google is now telling customers not only trust us with your data but buy our products too. they tripled down, announced 3 new devices yesterday, pixel3, phone starts at 800 bucks, great
6:56 am
for instagram selfies and something that's called top burst, they'll take a series of photos and pick the best one for you, the pixel tablet to compete with apple pro and this is my favorite home hub, it's part of home hub, google didn't include a camera because if they knew you you might not buy it. 150 bucks without a camera, what do you think of that? maria: that's interesting because we had a different story from facebook. >> with the camera and you ran out and got one. [laughter] lauren: bought tape to cover camera. maria: i don't want any of those things in my house. this is where everything is going. you wonder if you're not going to have a choice at some point to not have voice activation for some of the products because --
6:57 am
i don't know. lauren, thank you. >> sometimes old is good. maria: exactly, old is good. check this out, the dog halts soccer game in cutest way possible, he wants a belly rub. next mornings with maria, stay with us. too cold for camping?
6:58 am
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only with expedia. because when you want to create an entirely new feeling, the difference between excellence and mastery, is all the difference in the world. introducing the all-new lexus es. a product of mastery. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. is wednesday, october 10th. your top stories right now. bracing for impact, hurricane michael gaining speed this morning and strength as it barrels toward the florid floria panhandle. the storm is now a category 4 storm. it is considered extremely dangerous. florida governor rick scott issuing a dire warning. >> this storm is deadly. do not take a chance. if you don't follow the warnings from these officials, the storm could kill you. the state is not taking the storm lightly and neither should any family in the state. maria: we are tracking the
7:01 am
storm's path this morning, landfall is expected within hours today. president trump taking on the federal reserve. he says the central bank is raising rates too quickly. markets are fractionally moving, lower across the board, down just a fraction. s&p is down 1 and the nasdaq down 12. this after stocks closed mostly lower yesterday. the dow and s&p 500 posted declines. the nasdaq snapped a three day losing streak, edging up by 2 points at the close. in europe, down as well, we got the fq100 flat, down just 1 point. the cac in paris down 1/2 of 1%, as is the dax index in germany, down almost half a percent. in asia overnight markets finished mostly higher. a warning for parents, a rare illness affecting children in 16 states bringing polio-like symptoms. what you need to know coming up. and a feel good moment on the soccer field. a dog disrupting a game but he was only looking for belly rubs. awww.
7:02 am
we've got that coming up. plus, say so long to a 30 pack of beer. one company offering a 77 pack to celebrate a social anniversary. -- a special anniversary. wyou can only find it in one city. we'll tell you where. joining us to break it down, is dagen mcdowell and bob nardelli as well as steve forbes. great to see everybody this morning. >> good to see you. maria: you ran for president. what do you think about mike bloom running. >bloomberg running. >> he's been wanting to do it for 12 years p. he'll be a moderate in a party of extreme leftists. it's something he always wanted the white house. dagen: those extremeists, whether elizabeth warren, alexandria ocasio-cortez -- maria: who barack obama just endorsed. dagen: he kind of had to because she's a young woman and his brethren would have accused him of being a sexist.
7:03 am
that's where we are the weaponization of language in the country. they'll parts everything you say and do. the people who are moderate give in to it in the democratic party. that's part of the problem. mike bloomberg is one of those politicians who would go to texas and eat ribs with a fork and knife. that's a problem. maria: or come to do it and do it with pizza. >> it means you eat it slower, which is not a bad thing. maria: you're not supposed to eat pizza that way. hurricane michael is a category 4 storm stores. storm. it could be the strongest storm to make landfall on the gulf coast in 13 years. jeff flock is live in panama city beach, florida. how are the conditions now? >> reporter: weakest of the outer bands coming in as we speak on the streets of panama city beach. still people are out driving of
7:04 am
i've seen a few. we talked to one couple earlier that said -- the man walked up to me, he had a suitcase and all he said was comes a time. i think you know what that means. they were going to stick it out if it was a cat 3. now cat 4, they changed their minds. we're in a building 25 stories up. these buildings are built to withstand extremely difficult conditions. hurricane glass that is rated up to 1 150 miles an hour many you wouldn't think it would be tested that way. but apparently today its going to be tested that way. we think if this current track holds, we will be where the center of circulation will come ashore, at least here or somewhere between here and appa lappalachacola. it's packing a lot of punch. it may be only one bullet as
7:05 am
opposed to six bullets but that one bull let coul bullet could o you in. we'll be here all day and all night. maria: joining us right now is congressman fran sig francis ru. you met with president trump in florida when he met with those impacted by hurricane irma last year. your expectations for hurricane michael. >> it's a dangerous storm for sure. some storms are rain events like the woone we had last year, irm. this will be a wind event. it will hit panama city with probably 140-mile-an-hour winds. the barometric pressure is in the 940 millibar range. pretty powerful. maria: what should people be aware of or be doing at this point. there were evacuation orders from rick scott. >> i think the governor gave a clear message to people that they need to pay attention to.
7:06 am
if people hadn't obeyed the warnings with irma, we would have had a catastrophe in south florida. so i hope the people in the pan handle are going to realize that that kind of wind could do serious damage to your home, your condominium, you could have a car blown over on you. all kinds of bad things could happen if you don't get out of there. maria: let me ask you about nikki haley, announcing her resignation, she said she would serve through the end of the year. the president and am bass don ar weighing in on the decision yesterday. >> we're happy for you in one way but we hate to lose you. hopefully you'll be coming back at some point. >> i do think sometimes it's good to rotate in other people who can put that same energy and power into it. so there really a lot of people that will want to say there's a lot of reasons why i'm leaving. the truth is, i want to make sure that this administration, the president has the strongest person to fight. maria: goldman sachs executive, dena powell reportedly a top
7:07 am
pick to replace ambassador haley. how do you see it? you're a former u.s. ambassador. your thoughts. >> i know them well. they're dedicated, competent individuals. i think ambassador haley's done a fantastic job of confronting a somewhat feckless u.n. bureaucracy. dena ran the personnel when i was going through the appointment process. i worked with her. i think she would do a good job if the president picks her. maria: you would like to see dena powell in there? >> i think it's kind of good to have some more women and diversity in the administration. i think the president is sensitive of that. maria: i see. the president said he'll make this decision within the next two to three weeks. we'll see about that. republican senator rand paul spoke out about his concerns that bitter political division has the potential to turn deadly during a radio interview yesterday. this coming as hillary clinton dismissed the idea that democrats should be civil with
7:08 am
the gop. watch this. got to get your reaction. >> i feel that there's going to be an assassination. i really worry that someone is going to be killed and that those who are ratcheting up the conversation, they have to realize they bear some responsibility if this elevates to violence. >> you can't be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. that's why i believe if we are fortunate to win back the house and/or the senate, that's when civility can start again. maria: congressman, what about that? look at what we've watched in this last just month, senator ted cruz being harassed and thrown out of a restaurant, activists going in senators' elevators, getting in your face over the kavanaugh situation. i mean, things have gotten worse in terms of lack of civility and hillary clinton is saying keep it up until the democrats are in
7:09 am
power. >> yeah, fine kettle of fish here. we have a former senator calling for i insurrection. what happened to this is a nation of laws, not men, as samuel adams said and the ends do not justify the means? maria: i don't know. how do you govern in such an environment. obviously people on the left or detractors of this president are insane over his decision-making and want to shame people who agree with him, want to attack them. how do you govern in such an environment? >> i don't think you do. i think you wind up with a ying and yang of no action and inability to solve the difficult problems that the american people hire us to do and it's basically overwhelmed with partisan rhetoric. maria: your thoughts on the midterm elections at this point? do you still feel there is a likelihood that the house flips
7:10 am
or have things changed post kavanaugh? >> i think from what i was looking at yesterday, there's been a resurgence in republican intensity as a result of the way the consistent fillation pros -- confirmation process went. i hope that holds and turns things around, that we can hold the house and not suffer what hillary clinton seems to call for. maria: what would you expect should the house flip in terms of getting the agenda through? >> i would be afraid if the house flips that instead of focusing on solving the problems the american people want solved, the democrats are going to mire us down in endless numbers of hearings, dog and pony shows and photo ops with radical leaders of -- cause leaders, to distract us from really making any progress. maria: so you think that the agenda stands still, two years of nothing happening then? >> i would imagine that would be the case. it's pretty still right now. maria: except for
7:11 am
investigations. i mean, we've heard from the left, they want to impeach president trump, they want to impeach brett kavanaugh. >> it's amazing. i mean, where do you start? okay. sanctuary cities. who would have ever thought we would be talking about willfully not obeying laws of the congress. move on down to right now, talking about impeaching a supreme court justice that's been on there two days. it's outrageous what's happening in this country. it almost seems like an undeclared civil war. maria: what do you do about it? how can we come together and not have a civil war? >> well, hopefully we can appeal to people that are more in the middle, republican and democrat, that really would like to work together to solve problems like visa overstays, i'll gracious, workforce challenge -- immigration, workforce challenges, things we owe the american people to do and not be on the fringes just seeking something that's totally impractical and won't happen anyway but creates headlines. maria: there's a story this morning that majority leader kevin mccarthy is introducing a
7:12 am
bill to fully fund the border wall. would you be on board with that? >> i'd be on board with funding the border wall, providing we only build a wall where it only needs to go. there are some places that are less aamenable to a vertical hard surface than others. there are areas around the major cities that could use an expansion of the law. we've got to secure the border. you don't have a country if people can just wander and out. maria: good to see you this morning. thanks so much. coming up, new cases of rare polio-like illness i' illness eg across the country. details coming up. stay with us. ♪
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7:15 am
maria: welcome back. turkish media says new video shows a plot to abduct a saudi journalist. cheryl casone on headlines now. cheryl: the saudi journalist hasn't been heard from since he
7:16 am
walked into the saudi consistene last week. his disappearance stoked population that riad was involved in his disappearance. saudi officials are denying knowing what happened to him. turkish media published surveillance footage which they say shows evidence of a plot linked to the disus disappearan. this happens as there's a report that u.s. intelligence agencies intercepted saudi officials discussing a plan to capture him. his ph fiance is asking presidet trump to intervene. she made her case in a op ed in the washington post. he is a valuable person, she says, a courageous man who has been fighting for his principles. well, there is a new sign that former new york city mayor,
7:17 am
michael bloomburg, may be serious about considering a 2020 presidential bid. on instagram he said i have reregistered as a democrat. i have been a member for most of my life because we need democrats to provide the checks and balance our nation so badly needs. bloomburg spoke in support of hillary clinton in the 2016 democratic national convention. razor maker jillette getting a break from tariffs. they won't have to face the tariff on steel imports. they claimed they couldn't find the specialized steel for their razors in the us. they've been buying the steel from a swedish flier fo swee s0 years. shares are trading down a quarter percent in the premarket. finally, there is this, forget a six pack, how about a 7 p 77 p.
7:18 am
natural life has come up with the latest beer stunt. they're releasing a 77 pack of beer, to commemorate the year it started, 1977. not surprisingly, this was widely celebrated on social media, many sharing -- it is only available in college park in mayor hand. why, we don't know. we think it should be opened up to the entire country. there you have it. those are your beer headlines, the big stories for you this morning. maria: what do you say, bob nardelli? >> i think they reported they sold one 77-pack so far. >> you might call it a beer market. maria: not a bear market. that's good. dagen: natural light is so a awful, they should pay us to drink it. maria: what about mike bloomburg. >> it's going to be interesting. i think of the currently announced candidates, he's
7:19 am
probably pretty competitive. he's got his issues, as both dagen and steve have said. maria: yes, they have. >> but he's got to come up with a theme. it's not enough to say checks an balances, i'm competent. some have tried to run on that before, like romney. doesn't get you very far. maria: he wants gun control, cry matcry mateclimate change. dagen: and obesity. he tried to impose the tax on large sodas in new york which was a huge -- he was mocked for it. i understand in new york city, because new york city has a socialized health care system with a city-owned and city-operated hospital. >> and obesity, i think he's taking a courageous stand, he's against it. [ laughter ] maria: right. coming up, new backlash against senator dianne feinstein this morning, why crowds are chaptering to to lock her up. a sweet interruption to a soccer game, heart-warming video of a
7:20 am
dog making new friends with the players after he gets the belly rub he wants. back in a moment. ♪ life changing, you wake up, ain't nothing the same. ♪ live changes, you can't stop it, just come on. hey guys. today we're here to talk about trucks. i love trucks. what the heck is that?! whoa! what truck brand comes from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road? i think it's the chevy. ford. is it ford? nope, it's not ford. i think it's ram. is it ram? not ram. that's a chevy! it's chevy! that's right. from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. gorgeous. chevy hit it out of the ballpark with these.
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7:23 am
maria: welcome back. baseball's biggest rivals went head to head in the bronx last night. jared max has all the details in sports. jared: the boston red sox loving mayor of new york city might be in a good mood today, but most others, no. watch this. last night catcher christian vasquez hits one, a home run against the yankees zach britenhalf. it was 4-1 into the ninth inning. craig kimball, possibly rattled by a fan throwing a beer can his
7:24 am
way, giancarlo stanton was not paying attention on how wild he was pitching. two me men on, he strikes out in the dirt. gary sanchez had a sac fly. it was a one run game and this happened. >> here it comes, the one, two, bouncing bawl, going tbounce ge- bouncing ball, going to be a tough play. >> one ♪ to be a part of it, new york, new york. jared: the yankee anthem, boston wins the series. they'll be home saturday for game one against the astros. kasey kahne is retiring, effective immediately. in august, he announced that this season would be his last and then during the bojangles 500 race he suffered severe dehydration, needs medical attention. he says my body can't handle extended periods of time in the
7:25 am
race car and we weren't able to control the sweat ratio to keep me hydrated enough to he prevent serious damage to my body. the best to kasey kahne. like a teenager's bedroom that goes through an overhaul, lebron james' old cleveland cavaliers locker no longer is. they redesigned the locker room and it's now a towel closet. check can out this video of a dog interrupting a soccer game to get a belly rub. i mean, come on. who wouldn't interrupt a soccer game for a belly rub? happened in the country of georgia sunday. the game was temporarily put on hold. we used to go to new york cosmos games ant giants stadium back in the day and they had a dog that would go from one end of the field to the other and someone would throw a frisbee but never saw this, stop for a belly rub. maria: i like that.
7:26 am
jared, great. dagen: i'm still trying to convince steve to get a dog. >> you've got to talk to my wife. jared: i imagine steve wants to talk about the yankees this morning. dagen: steve doesn't want to talk about the yankees this morning. jared: that was awful last night. >> yes, everything about it. i think joel sherman said the best thing on it today, the red sox just had the better team. jared: the red sox were the better team. what is giancarlo stanton swinging at? >> last night wasn't as bad as the night before. i was at that. jared: worst loss in yankees playoff history. >> that was amazing. >> there's going to be a lot of what do we do next, why didn't it happen, because the yankees were supposed to win the 107 games in the regular season, not the red sox. jared: great series with the astros and the red sox and the national league series between the dodgers and the brewers, it will be fun next week. >> i was looking forward to a dodger, yankees world series. i guess i'll have to wait until next year. maria: catch jared's sports reports 24/7 on fox news
7:27 am
headlines or sirius radio, xm15. coming up, hurricane michael to be one of the worst storms to ever hit the florida panhandle, the forecast, next. deleting online bullies, how instagram is using a.i. technology to crack down on hairsment. back in a moment -- harassment. back in a moment. ♪ when ever you call me, i'll be there. ♪ whenever you want me, i'll be there. ♪ whenever you need me, i'll be there. the closer you get to home, the more you know the commute is worth it. you and that john deere tractor, you can keep dreaming up projects all the way home. it's a longer drive, but just like a john deere, it's worth it.
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maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it wednesday, october 10th. your top stories right now. hurricane michael bears down on the florida panhandle. the category 4 storm hours away from making landfall, on track to be the worst ever to hit the area. we'll take you there live. starting on the bench, justice brett kavanaugh hearing his first argument as a supreme court justice yesterday. how did it go? we'll take a look. meanwhile, trump supporters not ready to forget di dianne
7:31 am
feinstein's role in the kavanaugh hearings. their outrage coming up. markets are looking lower this morning, things have just changed, dow industrials in positive territory, up 9 points and the nasdaq down 7. it was a mixed day yesterday on wall street. at the close, the dow industrials gave up 56 points, the s&p was down 4 and the nasdaq up 2 points. in europe this morning stocks armixed. fq is in positive territory, the dax index down 50 points. all the markets now off of the lows of the morning. markets can mostly higher overnight in asia meanwhile, korea the worst performer. category 4 storm, hurricane michael expected to hit the florida panhandle hours from now. senior meteorologist janice deah the latest from the fox weather center. >> a lot of folks are waking up to an incredible disastrous storm that is about to make landfall in the next couple hours.
7:32 am
this is hurricane michael, 140-mile-an-hour sustained winds, a strong category had storm. it actually could continue to strengthen as it makes landfall this afternoon. one of the worst parts of this storm will be the storm surge, anywhere from tampa bay up towards crystal river and cedar key. some of these areas we could see storm surge, that wall of water pushed by winds from the hurricane, onshore and in some cases 12 to 15-foot storm surge on top of these vulnerable areas, that's going to put people underwater, unfortunately. so this is one of the main threats, the most dangerous catastrophic results of hurricane michael. we could see the potential for 4 to 8 inches of rainfall. the good news is it's going to be a quick mover. it is going to in some cases but isolated amounts of over a foot of rain. across the carolinas that were impacted by florence, you're going to see at least tropical storm force winds and heavy rainfall. we expect landfall this
7:33 am
afternoon around between the hours of 1:00 to 3:00 from panama city to apalachicola feeling the worst of the hurricane force winds for a duration of hours. it will quickly move north and eastward across the mid-atlantic by friday, but this is going to be devastating, devastating for this area that has never experienced a category 4, 140-mile-an-hour sustained windstorm. widespread power outages for days if not weeks and the flooding threat, but we are expecting landfall this afternoon, maria, and potentially catastrophic storm for the panhandle of florida. back to you. maria: janice, thank you. we want to turn to washington. supreme court justice brett kavanaugh's first day on the high court. he heard his first day of oral arguments yesterday. now that the consisten the conts behind kavanaugh, president trump talked about dianne feinstein on the campaign trail last night, watch. >> how about senator feinstein. that's another beauty. did you leak the documents?
7:34 am
well, what, what, no. did we leak? did we leak? no, no. no, we didn't. did you ever see -- no. he just said no, we didn't leak [crowd chanting, lock her up] maria: the president in iowa last night. joining us right now, judge andrew napolitano. judge, good to see you. >> good morning. maria: thanks for joining us. >> good morning. maria: midterm elections are so consequential. if the house keeps the majority, an investigation into die ion de feinstein? >> i hope not. brett kavanaugh is on the court. we need to turn another page. that would be as absurd as the suggestion by jerry nasar, who if the democrats take the house is likely to become the chair of the senate judiciary committee, that they will immediately
7:35 am
commence impeachment proceedings against justice kavanaugh. that is absurd and never contemplated. maria: for what? >> he didn't say. my guess is, trying to think the way the democrats do, they will argue he lied under oath in order to get his job. impeachment pertains to misconduct in office. there is authority that says it can address misconduct used to acquire office. i don't really think the country wants to go there. brett kavanaugh will slip into the anonymity that a lot of the other justices have and in my view you'll begin to see a lot of unanimous opinions, this has john roberts m.o. you're not going to show unity by showing up at a rally in the east room of the white house. you will show unity, across the aisle unity by unanimous decisions. it will raise eyebrows. he has to make a decision this afternoon on a case very important to the president. that is, can somebody who is often a guest on your show,
7:36 am
secretary of commerce wilbur ross, be forced to give a deposition about how the department of commerce those put questions in the census about immigration and nationality. a federal court of manhattan ordered the deposition. justice ginsburg stayed the order. when a single justice stays an order, that stay lasts for 24 hours until the other justices vote. so this morning they will take a vote. question, will justice kavanaugh recuse himself from that or will he vote? i don't think he needs to recuse himself even though president trump has an interest in it. he's now on the other side of the government. but we'll see which way he goes. >> it's amazing. maria: this whole idea of shaming and this takedown, another example of conservatives being targeted, a report from the washington examiner says that susan rice's son was allegedly physically assaulted on campus at stanford for a stand titled change my mind.
7:37 am
the freedom of speech and expression, i don't know what's going on here. >> stanford has -- first of all, stanford is a private institution, but it receives so many federal funds, its campus is open to the public, like princeton's, it is required to protect the freedom of speech. i don't know exactly what happened. it appears her son doesn't share his mother's political views and he was openly and notoriously supporting the president and was physically roughed up for that by other students. i think sadly we're going to see more of this. hillary clinton herself has said it's time for us to be aggressive. we'll lay back and be civil once we take the house and if she's suggesting violence, i don't think she's actually suggesting violence, but people will interpret her words as suggesting violence -- dagen: they know what they're saying. they doggone know what they're saying. to borrow a word that has been thrown at the right, that
7:38 am
anything that president trump says and any republican, it's a dog whistle to white supremacists and racist. this is a dog whistle as a call to arms. maria: he yes, it is. dagen: given the fact that people have been targeted over and over again in restaurants, sarah huckabee sanders, kirstjen nielsen, ted cruz, we've heard this from the likes of maxine waters and many operatives in the democratic party, many left wing nuts, we're coming for you, at your home, at your job, where you eat, where you sleep, where you worship. >> this happens on public property or on private property that receives federal funds, the supreme court has condemned what's called the heckler's veto, meaning the crowd cannot silence the speaker and the police have a duty to make sure the speaker can speak. if it happens on private property like a restaurant, up
7:39 am
to the owner of the restaurant. any restaurant owner that would permit this to happen should be out of business. how this happened to ted you cruz is beyond me. maria: how about sarah sanders being thrown out of a restaurant? >> a place like stanford university, technically private, open to the public, the heckler, the crowd cannot silence or punish the speaker and the police have an obligation to make sure that doesn't happen. dagen: it's not fear mongering. this is not fear mongering. this is a discussion about facts and comments that have been made by people on the left. so to call it fear mongering is just hogwash. it deserves to be called out. >> do you think betsy devos is going to get real due process back on campuses? that process starting with this virus began in the first place. >> we have not seen the federal government pursue fairness and due process on college campuses, ever, until secretary devos came
7:40 am
along and she's being met with fierce resistance. you and i both know what academia is like. they're going to prevail with the dollars. they're going to have to bribe colleges by giving them money to comply with basic due process. maria: that's ridiculous. >> it is absurd. maria: also absurd is -- >> it's part of the fabric of the country. maria: rod rosenstein, getting a reprieve from the president on monday. watch. >> [ indiscernible ] maria: the president is not going to fire rod rosenstein right now. he's slated to meet with congressional republicans tomorrow, this is an important meeting, judge. what's your take? >> i don't know what's going to happen. the meet i meeting is going to n secret. maria: rosenstein said is in conflict with what andrew
7:41 am
mccabe said who is facing criminal -- >> andrew mccabe who is being investigated for lying is now being held up as the person to contradict what rosenstein said. there are apparently a half dozen people in the world. the president apparently is satisfied that rosenstein can stay in his job. what we're talking about is this alleged threat which rosenstein says was sarcastic. what do you want me to do, wear a wire, want me to tape him. maria: jim baker said it was no joke. the lawyer for the fbi told congress it was no joke, it was the plan to wear a wire, tape the president and invoke the 25th amendment, that's from jim baker, the fbi lawyer. >> the former fbi lawyer. there's little that the congress can do about this, other than shame him. he can't be impeached for this. they can press the president to fire him. the president for his own reasons ha decided not to do it.
7:42 am
maria: he'll probably do it after the midterms. dagen: andy mccabe and baker may be out to get rosenstein because he also helped write the memo that was behind the firing of jim comey or that was the just ajustification. >> they lost their jobs because rosenstein did what the president wanted. dagen: the president's not going to fire anybody based on a new york times report. just the optics of that. maria: not before the midterms. dagen: maybe after the midterms. >> a lot of people think that in two months the attorney general of the united states is going to be lindsey graham and he will choose his own deputy. senator graham last night said no, but those rumors persist. maria: or somebody else. we'll see. judge, great to see you. >> pleasure, guys. maria: coming up, a scary trend, a mysterious polio-like disorder, mainly affecting children, it is on the rise across the country. fighting online harassment, how instagram uses artificial
7:43 am
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call right now. - [eckstein] call the number on your screen. maria: welcome back. president trump fulfilling a campaign promise to corn farmers farmers. cheryl casone has the details sl at sl. cheryl: al a rally in iowa, the
7:47 am
president announced he wants to lift caps on ethanol in gasoline. the decision could hurt oil refineries who stand to sell less traditional gas. u.s. agricultural secretary sonny purdue spoke about this a short time ago maria. >> president trump campaigned in iowa. during the campaign he committed to protect the fuel standards that provides for ethanol to be used. it gives customers more choices. he's wanted to do i this for several months. he wanted to balance out the needs of the smaller refinery as well. cheryl: e-1 ' i15 is currently banned during the summer driving season. instagram plans to use artificial intelligence to fight cyber bullying. it will automatically flag content for review by staff of
7:48 am
the company. a new survey shows 60% of american teens reported online abuse. shares of instagram's paint, facebook, are unchanged in the premarket. finally, this, forget pumpkin spice, there's a brewery in wisconsin that debuted a candy corn flavored beer just for the fall season. the you brewing company started serving up the candy corn cream ale. they made their own candy corn using beer ingredients. they say this will take you back to childhood memories of trick or treating. those are your head headlines. maria: we want to go back to what you said about the ethanol. we talked with sonny purdue and he was saying how great this ethanol story is and yet this is going to mean big changes to vehicles. >> i could understand why they're saying that, to help subsidize the farmers as a result of some of the tariffs
7:49 am
and so forth. but there are issues with this. i think a couple of things, one is it will affect the ability to get miles per bega gallon in the standard because of combustion rates. sonny talked about 2001 vehicles forward can accommodate this lower octane fuel but if you think about the car part, the installed base out there, this will do damage to motors out there today. we spent a lot of time when i was in detroit with chrysler looking at this in 7, 8 and # when this was one of the hot topics. there are issues involved with the durability, reliability of the motor when you start burning a lower octane fuel. dagen: by the way, we're showing e-85 which is not what we're talking about. we are talking about e-15. e-85 are almost all ethanol. a lot of the american car fleet and the pickup trucks and suv, it is equipped as a flex fuel vehicle to run on e-85.
7:50 am
some cars the engines would operate better with the new e-15 potentially. >> if it's badged flex fuel, to your point, dagen, then it has been designed and manufactured to handle that. dagen: there is a cottage industry, particularly in the south, of ga gasoline stations, service stations that sell all pure gasoline that you can find them throughout the south because people are really concerned, particularly about oldeold automobiles, classic ca, muscle cars, they want 100% gasoline in their tank and running in their engine, rather than this -- well, it's corn fuel. it really does -- it's hard on the engine. >> the cars you drive, the imports cannot handle. dagenit.dagen: i was at a serve station. they had to label how much ethanol was in the fuel. i left that service station and went somewhere else with my car because i won't put that -- maria: you need a whole new change in engines. this would be a big deal. all right. we'll talk more about that.
7:51 am
i want to get your take on why nikki haley resigned. you've got an interesting take on that. that's coming up. plus, an yo aliving roomingliv f anness mainly affecting children. we've got the details in a moment many
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
maria: welcome back. we've been telling you about this this morning, an you alarming trend taking place, six children in minnesota have been diagnosed with a rare polio-like disorder leaving state health officials baffled. the children were diagnosed with a nervous system condition that can lead to muscle weakness, paralysis, respiratory failure and even death. this comes as 14 more cases were reported in ra colorado. joining us now is dr. mik. this is acute flacid myleitis.
7:55 am
>> it's a neurological condition. we feel it's related to a virus. there are multiple viruses at play here. we don't know the exact cause. there's a lot we don't know about this virus. the scariest thing for parents is that we don't have a treatment for it. right now, the only treatment that we have is really treating the symptoms. and hoping that the bodies recover in these young children. the cases usually happen one in a million. right now, having a cluster of six all at one time in one area is concerning. because we don't have an answer as to why it's happening in that area. that's why the cdc is doing such a good job at monitoring the situation and getting doctors on-board to alert them if they see suspicious findings like this. there's other illnesses that present with neurological symptoms that are similar to a.f.m. and that's why when a child comes in with symptoms of paralysis, weakness in the arms or legs, facial droop, even respiratory distress we have to rule out the other illnesses
7:56 am
first and then settle on this diagnosis, sort of a diagnosis of exclusion. maria: why is this happening now? if this is such a rare condition, why is it spreading? >> it's 38 cases this year, so still sticking with the trend of one in a million. what's scary is that it's happening in one area. if it's caused as a virus complication, then you could see that if there's a specific outbreak within that area from that virus, that's why those children are getting it. however, we don't have an answer for this. we don't have a vaccine for this like we do for polio. so it's scary to parents because it almost leaves us helpless. when we're helpless, it's scary in the medical community. >> polio symptoms, maybe the current vaccine, would that do anything? >> the current vaccine doesn't do anything. the viruses are not the same. the reason we say polio-like, is because the symptoms are similar. >> is this airborne, transmitterred through contact? >> we think about it as a fecal,
7:57 am
oral route, meaning you get something on your hands and pass it into your mouth. but the recommendation stays similar that they do in flu season, wash your hands. maria: you have a part with mastercard, we know. >> stand up to cancer, get out there, eat a meal, fel they'll donate up to $4 million. maria: we'll be right back. stay with us. it's time for sleep number's fall sale on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it's the final days of our fall sale. the queen sleep number 360 c2 smart bed is now
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for these challenging times, one that is willing to disrupt the industry, and break free from conventional thinking. (thudding) we are a different kind of financial company. we are athene, and we are driven to do more. maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning. thanks so much for joining us i am maria bartiromo, wednesday, october 10 top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast braving for hurricane michael the category four storm barreling toward florida panhandle could make landfall within hours authorities warn residents seek higher frowned. >> hurricane imaginabling forecast to be the most deadly storm a to hit the florida panhandle in decades will be life-threatening surely dangerous. >> tracking the path we will tick cities plepg for impact president trump taking on
8:01 am
federal reserve says central bank is raising rates too quickly, markets this morning are mixed fraction a.m. movers as you can see, dow industrials down 31 points back near loss of the morning right now s&p 500 down 6 nasdaq down 35. we were lower headed higher now lower again, this after market closed lower yesterday for the most part dow s&p 500 declines nasdaq stopped 3-day losing streak edging up two points, in europe this morning, mostly lower situation to report ft 100 negatively, it too volatile back-and-forth positive and negative territory, cac quarante in pairs down three quarters of a percent dax in germany down two-thirds of a percent in asia overnight markets higher as you can see with the exception of korea kospi down better snan 1%, it is closer to bankruptcy sears key fires what it means this morning, ambassador nikki haley made a surprise announcement yesterday leaving
8:02 am
the administration, we are taking a closer look what is behind her decision to leave, the u.s. ambassadorship and short list to the replace here this morning, taylor swift takes a political push to the stage last night, find out the what she said during the last night's american music awards about midterm elections coming up wednesday morning joining me to break it down fox business network dagen mcdowell, former ceo home depot chrysler bob nardelli, steve forbes great to see you. >> good to see you. thank you. >> good morning to you. >> thank you. maria: a lot happening you are concerned about federal reserve. >> concerned about federal reserve not so much about interest rates but the idea that it can control the economy. when they you took about overheating, is ridiculous should leave economy alone will take care of itself this idea they have to intervene to slow it down make people less prepare rows i am glad -- there was talk about overheating economy, the idea if we earn more money going to
8:03 am
o overheat temperatures going up it is ridiculous. >> a good point because things are going well, why slow it down when no evidence of inflation? >> i think he corporate america is doing extremely well the businesses will continue to see third-quarter earnings, about it you know, the prospects very high projecting 3.7% growth spend sag let more in capex, you know, seeing demand go up, i think we have you know regulations are down, repatriation of funds lower corporate tax, this is all driving you know a major recovery in corporate america. >> and prosperity does not cause inflation, bad fed policy causes inflation when a price rises in free market telling you you need private in the marketplace leave it alone federal reserve. >> good point good point. >> longer term interest rates could go up i throw this out there we have seen just in the last week, heightened tensions with china, new cold war, if you will. china sitting on about one trillion dollars of our debt, maybe, maybe, maybe some
8:04 am
selling in longer term treasurys related to concerns about china using, those debt holdings as weapon. maria: important point we want to get analysis on nikki haley you've got an important analysis we will come back to that a category four storm on our hands, hurricane michael, is barreling toward florida panhandle protesters say could be worst to hit region over 100 years he jeff flock live in pan apple city beach right now jeff good morning. reporter: we do go back maria to 1871 in terms of recorded history i tell you if it comes in cat four would be the most powerful storm to hit panhandle in recorded history. you are seeing some effects right now storm surge, and this storm is nowhere near us we are still -- 8 hours nine hours away from landfall in panama city beach look at surge that is already kind of coming in, we're nowhere near high tide not for five, six hours this is what the beach
8:05 am
looks like i should point out to you in sunshine -- i want to do sunshine, in the light the least, you can see, the structures on beach this community, experienced a huge building boom before the recession, these kinds of big builds hurricane worthy buildings are in built another one i don't know about cranes if we get cat four conditions here but all buildings built for theoretically kinds of buildings survive this kind of storm i was in hugo cat four charleston, south carolina 1989 buildings like this different stands at that point builds like this actually had the wind below through them windows out the huge holes in the building if we really get a cat four i am he hopeful we get weakening on landfall i don't know we will see the day will tell, maria. maria: thank you so much, jeff flock, live this morning, in panama tee beach joining me
8:06 am
mayor of pensacola florida ashton hayward thanks for joining us tell us what you are seeing there in your part of florida right now, what steps are being taken as hurricane michael closes in on the panhandle. >> well good morning, maria. thanks for having me, as always we are preparing public safety is number one right here in pensacola, my friends to the east they are preparing -- for category 4 storm, the strongest that has ever come onshore in panhandle in the last 150 years obviously bracing in low-lying areas people off the beach most important ramping up public safety police officers firefighters, and making sure people are safe keep them in at home most importantly, as jeff said in panama as it apalachicola area this is a very low-lying area, this storm going to come onshore about 2:00 obviously, inland going to have 100-mile-an-hour plus winds into our state capitol in tallahassee, so this is some most beautiful part great state of florida we want folks to be very, very
8:07 am
safe governor rick scott has done a terrific job getting the word out the. >> what should people be doing if they haven't left? . reporter: hungrier down maker they boarded up hunker down, we requested people to leave in certain zones but you may need to hunker down make sure they have supplies obviously right now too late in low-lying areas to east me of saint jo apalachicola area a lot of areas have bridges that get to they see parts of the barrier islands stay safe make sure you have got what you need, but right now you need to stay safe stay hunkered down. maria: i know that first priority here people's lives, obviously, life as well as property. but do you have an expectation of the cost of this season we came off florence here we are looking at another serious situation. . reporter: i mean when you talk about a hurricane four category four coming onshore, in florida, as jeff said with a lot of the condos, we have a big tourist business down
8:08 am
there oysters business in apalachicola most beautiful part of the great state of florida in billions if this comes onshore cat four with sustained winds 140 miles per hour. >> since 2011 pn in endured four kshgz hurricane michael expected to be worst to hit the area i guess what i am looking for us economic hit is going to be severe isn't it? >> it is going to be big, i think you know as i said, you know people love this part of our great country, obviously graeth state of florida florida floridians are resilient people will come back rally floridians gather together to make sure they take care of friends, family obviously our adviser come to great state of florida we will bounce back we are a strong state, and you know we need to get through this today help our neighbors and our friends, seniors, take care of your pets do things we to me how to do in florida we will bounce back. maria: this is a way of life for florida, during hurricane season, we see this every
8:09 am
year. reporter: absolutely we are prepared we understands this part of the year comes on the teed up quickly last 2 1/2 days, in constant contact with governor scott team in tallahassee emergency command center in escambia county where i am 894 miles east of me in pensacola, we are on -- 94 miles east of me, we have the right lairp goileadership. >> do you feel outside what is the calm before the storm right now we are waiting for landfall, probably this afternoon. >> well, about 4:00, i could feel winds outside, i went outside, there is about 40 mile-per-hour gust in pensacola if you have thes going to be stronger east of me right now we are very fortunate right now come, about 2:00 traditional time feel it in panama city apalachicola saint joes we need to be prepared make sure in a safe place, again, you
8:10 am
know hunker down we know what to do in florida prepared for storms as you said maria just be very make sure neighbors senior citizens are safe. >> thanks for joining you a short break closer to bankruptcy fears reportedly readying fire lane as soon as this week two declared bankrupt protections, the details next taylor swift speaks out again what the sink said last night how senate hopeful marsha blackburn is responding that and third-quarter earnings right here back in a moment. ♪ ♪
8:11 am
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bankruptcy filing cheryl casone with details aye clock ticking right now according to
8:14 am
the "the wall street journal," sears has hired advisors to prepare that filing possibly this week, has 134 million dollars in debt, due on monday. the journal reports sears continues to discuss options that could avoid restructuring company struggling reportedly spending weeks on this filing, as it may come this week, shares of sears down more than 30%, as you can see, for the year stock down today in premarket, 6%, all right treasury secretary mnuchin warning china against devaluing currency in interview with beijing paper shopped short of accusing china of as you pressing renminbi. >> it is falling significantly this year m this. >> trade cause of actitrade caun
8:15 am
stalled recently. >> op-ed in usa day slamming democrat health care plan the president says quote, this honestly called medicare for all democratic proposal would establish comost run signing ill pair health care system eliminate private and employer based health care plans, and cost 32.6 trillion during first 10 years says under democrats' plan seniors would no loaningr by able to depend on benefits they were promised. >> then this markets may be down but a chance to get rich this week mega millions jackpot 548 million dollars, after nobody won last night, the third largest in mega millions history and tonight, huge powerball drawing worth at this point 282 million bucks up for grabs back to you. maria: big numbers check with danis dean has an date on forecast on hurricane michael
8:16 am
from fox weather center. >> hi unfortunately -- this is not looking good, for the panhandle of florida strengthening storm, one to 45, 145 mile-per-hour sustained winds gusts in excess of 165 miles per hour as far as hurricanes go, that is a textbook potentially catastrophic storm that is going to hit this area they have never felt a category four across the panhandle of florida, the right hand of this storm the right-hand side northeast quadrant going to bring potentially upwards of 14 to 15-foot storm surge, that will be on top of homes, that is why people are urged evacuate, if you haven't done so you are basically taking your own life in your hands. at this point. cat four that is 130 to 156 miles per hour, we are 11 is style shy of a category five potentially strongest storm you are ever going to experience, in terms of hurricanes, and we have the
8:17 am
threat for tornados until 5:00 pm tornado watch in effect could see dozens of reports of weak tornados ones could cause structural damage if power is out you have no way of knowing if a tornado on doorstep i cannot stress this enough this is a very terrible storm, that is potentially going to cause billions of dollars in damage, and is going to risk lives, here is a latest track as of 8:00 a.m. going to make landfall anywhere between 1:00 and 3 pm this afternoon as strong category four, it will move to the northeast fairly quickly but going to drop significant rainfall in and around the storm as it makes landfall enforces north eastward could get several inches of rain hard hit by floerns the future radar 3:00 pm we think making landfall between panama city beach and a apalachicola, as an historic hurricane the strongest hurricane will make landfall in october month of october in history, big keel. moving north and east going to
8:18 am
affect carolinas and virginias, storm surge maria this is he potentially the biggest killer when it comes to hurricanes, when you are talking about a nine foot to 13 foot to 15-foot storm surge along vulnerable areas of the big bend, that is going to be so destructive i can't put it into words. so people, need to heed warnings. >> thank you so much. >> prayers. >> we will watch incredible development janice dean with the very latest there we are watching this hurricane we will where i very latest, our other top story of the morning, of course, is u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley yesterday announcing resignation will work in post until year-end but then, leaving she did not give a reason why steve forbes you have thoughts on this. >> given the environment we have today when you leave federal government want another job you have to be careful you don't trip on numerous laws about doing something you should not do. i think what happened was she wanted to leave after midterms, but when you begin
8:19 am
conversations about taking a job you get an offer you've got to make clear to the public, that you are leaving that post, otherwise, in can could you s accuse you of all sorts of things. >> in in terms of of getting a job. >> i think this environment felt hand forced had to do two or three weeks before she would have. >> maybe makes money here back to political scene a lot of people talk about her as candidate in 2024 very smart to say i am not running against the president in 2020 i am going to support him, but maybe 2024. >> served this president well, certainly -- as "the wall street journal" character risees its a brightester star spoke out wasn't also in sink with presidents didn't act like there to babysit whether she disagreed would go to him directly wrote about that in "washington post" editorial
8:20 am
after that anonymous piece of garbage in "new york times" she was fiercely standing up for american interests taking on en trenched interests at united nations. >> when president trump decided to more of our embassy as a promised to jerusalem in israel she told u.n. was taking names of allies that joined denunciation of united states took on withdrawing from the united nations council on human rights -- on human rights. she went after -- she actually said when we withdraw from that in this blistering critique said that they had become a protector of human rights abusers a access pool of political bias. >> rare ability she looked good made boss look good. >> she did. >> that is key.
8:21 am
>> made him look good. >> very accomplished governor in this position gave her national stage, she vl shone. >> third-quarter earnings coming up then president takes on federal reserve again, what he is saying about potential interest rates we will talk about it stay with us. ♪ baby, everything is all right, upside, out of site ♪
8:22 am
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8:24 am
yeah, i'd like to see it. no judgment. just guidance. td ameritrade. reserve president trump targeting the fed arguing the bank should raise interest rates more slowly, the president said to reporters before boarding marine one at the white house yesterday. >> the fed is doing what they think is necessary but i don't like what they are doing the numbers we are producing, are record-setting.
8:25 am
i don't want to slow it down even a little bit, especially when you don't have the problem of inflation. and you don't see that inflation coming back, now some point it will you go up, i just don't think it is necessary to go as fast. maria: we will get the latest inflation gage in 6 minutes' time produce price index comes out joining us economist jeffrey clive landed good to see you. >> we are having discussion quarterly has what is your take on the president, talking about the fed and the fed in moves to raise rates quickly. >> maria nobody knows we moved into a new house, i don't know where light switches are when i get up in the middle night feel around go slowly try to find the switch that is what fed is doing. >> not going slow doing four rate hikes. >> one per quarter is slower than last cycle doing 8 times per year. so they are on a pretty slow pace i think, and don't know where they are going to end up market doesn't know where they are going to end up created uncertainty in treasury market
8:26 am
last few weeks i think they go higher than market expects. >> what gives fed right to try to slow -- speed up an economy why do they think they control 330 million -- >> hubris at the end of the day, i have to say i like light switch analogy they are moving towards something they don't know exactly where it is they don't know what might break. >> -- statement you are making, hubris they don't know where the light switch is, we've got an economy dagen what was last number 4% in terms of gdp, earnings going to come out third quarter going to be up 22%, and what was inflation number nonexistent. >> it is still running core pc about 2% wage growth under 3%, year-over-year, faster for lower income americans actually faster for people don't have high school diploma nevertheless relatively multitude. >> i think a case where they would rather be in front, and
8:27 am
get criticized more trying to catch up than being in front i agree with you my guess trying to say i am going to get in front of this so i am not trying to catch up have to do 50 to 75 points. >> i think exactly right this can this way only 3% of the time since the 1960s has unemployment rate been below 4%, and inflation stayed below 2%, much more likely here, is that either unemployment rate rises, back above 4% get into recession or inflation starts to rise a little bit not wild inflation but 2 1/2% may be 3%. >> aren't they confusing prices going up because people are buying more stuff and stability of the dollar the dollar has been remarkably stable strong recent years you are talking about hurting the value of the dollar that is not happening why not let marketplace work if something more expensive produce more leave it alone. >> they hike 25 basis points a quarter wait data looks great q3 gdp going to be about 4%,
8:28 am
the unemployment rate has continued to fall down a half percent last 12 months there -- conclusion we can move again, because the policy setting currently at is not tight. >> stay with us we want a quick break then produce price index your reaction to the ppi back in a minute. let's take a look at some numbers:
8:29 am
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8:31 am
producer price index hitting the wires rigs with expectations 2/10 of a percent year-over-year up 2.6% below estimate 2.8%, chief economist your reaction. >> i think more or less as expected i think interesting thing about inflation is that it is a lagging indicator, so we are seeing such great readings in growth, and the unemployment rate, i think more inflation is coming. tomorrow i am looking for cpi particularly i am looking for median cpi cleveland fed puts
8:32 am
out 2.8% for four or five mince consecutively good indicator what actually inflation this is economy. >> what i am hearing from most ceos talking earlier even with that inflation rate they think they got pricing authority number one number two they think as a result of you know maybe some of the supply from china, china won't want to lose volume will give a reduction in cost it is tariff issue maybe creating more concern by feds. >> for me, the tariff is small in terms of scheme, 13 trillion-dollar consumer 19 trillion-dollar u.s. economy. approaching 20 trillion, this is a massive economy the tariffs are pretty small, as share of that. >> doesn't that cut into growth where market has been selling off because profit growth is expected to take a hit because of the tariffs. >> we will see if we get guidance this quart. >> yeah i think the market
8:33 am
over estimates impact of tariffs on economy i think the economy is great shape, growing at a very nice clip, tariffs make great headlines but not key driver. >> more industry by industry stock by stock issue, the tariffs, steve would argue, that this is the reason that the market is not performing as well, because you have had added levels of complexity because of tariffs, you made the swamp swampier now if you waiver on steel and aluminum tariffs you saw with gillette, procter & gamble, they sourced steel from where sweden has for many, many years, they had to get a waiver to avoid the tariffs on that imported steel but you know what in those small businesses do not have advantage of larger korps it hits businesses in myriad ways average person can't see but destructive nonetheless, maybe, i don't know how much the market fathd that -- factored that? >> we are watching ceo
8:34 am
confidence watching small business indicators seeing if holding up, they are small businesses -- >> narrative slowing down into 2020? >> remember fiscal cliff 2012 economy was going to fall off a clarify because of fiscal packages. >> you are not buying it i don't buy that ara, i think the economy can continue growing into 2020s will be longest economic cycle on record need 8 more months to get at a there i think we sket that record keep going. >> you are setting records with swimming right. >> you feel energy, right. >> on your -- >> 34th person pof swum three channels catalina manhattan english hanell. and free time you are swimming a few other he channels. >> i swan maui channel as well 10 mile ocean swimming economist goes ocean swimming a lot of time to think monetary policy. >> how about liquidity. >> i like that.
8:35 am
>> great -- >> this you so much, switching gears what could be the worst hurricane to ever hit florida, michael is hitting the panhandle to jeff flock live in panama city beach florida right now jeff. reporter: -- ocean swimming no ocean swimming recommended we are in a lull, believe it or not, with kind of wind you see we are -- pointed out the earlier a long way off from the storm this is what the streets of panama city look like, not a whole lot of activity out here but i will say there are a lot of people that have decided to weather this even in this building that you see here, our refuge may be the parking garage across the street that is always a great place to be in a storm like this. parking garages are built to hold lots of weight lots of cars lots of steel concrete, and that is tends to be the best place to be in the midst of a hurricane. i see out here the police have
8:36 am
been continuing to monitor ifrs this can that was a police officer i believe it is unmarked police car, but -- >> folks decided to weather this out, they are here made their bargain going to do what they are going to do have what is going to be done to them done to them we will be here all day to watch it. >> thank you very much, jeff flock, elements there, wow, panama city beach florida to midterm elections, november race the race heating up in tennessee, to fill seat of bob rockerer todaylo swift weighing in connell mcshane live from university campus in knoxville right now morning. >> a debate between two candidates on campus university of tennessee thought we would talk to you this morning live on "mornings with maria" with some college students about this race let me set things up introduce you
8:37 am
my new friends in a moment the race between blackburn and bredesen one of the more interesting president trump won tennessee by 26 points bredesen former governor moderate democratic had been leading blackburn in polls up until a couple weeks ago, blackburn pulled ahead fox poll by 5 cbs has her up 8 same as brett kavanaugh hearings going on capitol hill then taylor swift got involved let me introduce savannah luke, on my left happen to be seniors at university of tennessee supporting blackburn taylor swift got involved encouraged instagram followers vote for bredesen critical of congressman brak burn's record on women's issues does that help turn out young people your thoughts on that. >> i think tennessee has a taylor has a huge following a lasts followers are under age of voting, i have read that
8:38 am
articles have said people are have registered to vote we have to keep in mind that the registration day ended yesterday to register to vote i don't think it was really taylor swift saying vote for bredesen that made people register marsha backlash burn fought unconstitutionally for women's issues doing everything for women would be first woman senator for tennessee. >> talk to her a little bit about that yesterday i want to get to you to economic issues finance major. >> jamie third year law student university of tennessee interesting bredesen supporter you were telling me before we came on you don't normally go for democrats how did this come about. >> no i have considered miles a moderate republican, i am over the squabbling hyper partisanship looking for somebody in a dull sit down be rational, be able to work cross the aisle doesn't seem happening much. >> what is it about bredesen
8:39 am
versus blackburn in particular that puts to you bredesen. >> i think record mayor of national and governor of tennessee showed he could work with super republican majority in the statehouse state senate bringing things nissan headquarters to smyrna, volkswagen to chattanooga things like that. >> talking about midterms your money all week a number of key states you told me you are a finance major okay? tell me about this race, the economy nationwide quite strong everybody pretty much agrees on it we report on it a lot if a concern in tennessee, maybe about some trade issues? even congressman blacker burn told me she has -- there is daylight is between her and president on some of those issues your views on economy in this race. >> trade issues i think using that as leverage i think short term, you know, solutions. i bet would be the put them in for a very long -- i think the republicans have created an environment in which we will
8:40 am
have better jobs, and lower taxes, i think that is important, for college students, because you know, gdp is up, unemployment is down. and that is important for us about to graduate. >> should help always been logic jamie i end with you on that should be logic that it would help republican candidate if this is a strong economy republican incumbent president. and you think that would help blackburn; right? i assume you see it differently your job prospects probably pretty good out of law school no. >> good economy. >> looks good i think a big part she is not from east tennessee foundation bastion of republican voters don't know her that well since she has only been in the house this is that is a roll as well. >> you going to the debate tonight going to be here on campus i thank everybody thank you appreciate you coming on with us i i don't know if you recognize i didn't know until we went back on maria dagen
8:41 am
this young layered knocks to me tells me she had awful experience last summer interning -- a he about terrific experience interning on "mornings with maria" last summer. >> we miss you, yes, we miss you, and the thank you so much for hard work great to see you. >> i miss you, too. >> thanks. >> coming up michael bloomberg double down former new york city mayor reremembered as democrat what does that say about presidential plans we will talk about it new google gadgets giant unveils new hardware we tell you all about it when we come right back. stay with us. ♪ ♪ you will be ♪ like this. for the past 15 years, chubb has identified ways that we can strengthen
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maria: welcome back, michael bloomberg reregistering as a democratic cheryl casone aye big story, this is a new sign, that former new york city mayor bloomberg may be series about running in 2020 for the presidential race there instagram bloomberg said i have reregistered as democrat a member most of my life we democrats provide checks and balances nation so badly needs bloom bloom spoke in support of hillary clinton agency 2016 national convention. president trump says he is narrowing down a list of
8:46 am
people to replace u.n. ambassador nikki haley after her surprise resignation yesterday short list dina paul form deputy national secure advisers former white house senior counselor for economic initiatives another name the u.s. ambassador to germany, he also, by the way, had experience at united nations trump's daughter ivanka mentioned. >> i think would be incredible -- it would be accused of nepotism even though i am not sure anybody more confident in the world but that is okay, but we are looking at numerous people. aye she tweeted would not pursue theroll president trump expects a replacement for haley in coming weeks. >> treasury department spelling out rules on foreign deal involving u.s. technology foreign investors have to tell
8:47 am
treasury committee about all deals to be given access to technology, concluding semiconductors communications defense, expandsing the committee on foreign investment designed to protect national security, and maintain u.s.'s technological support fee. >> google found legal challenge after record five billion-dollar antitrust fund eu says google broke competition laws encouraging smartphone makers -- filed appeal as unveiling new mobile home products two, picks smartphones, a smart display for kitchens bedrooms what you want voice control going assistant shows a -- the parent alphabet lower about half a percent. maria: thank you, coming up a
8:48 am
dire warning from rand paul kentucky senator warning of assassination after brett kavanaugh confirmation details right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ the way she acts the color of her hair ♪ ♪ she's not there ♪ there's a lot to love about medicare.
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8:52 am
in multiple interviews past couple days that he fears the current political environment could potentially lead to an assassination. the white house, this morning meantime is responding to these comments that have been recent mailed by hillary clinton. >> you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for what you care about. >> it is one thing to disagree you ought to zrooe civilly her saying you can't be civil to a party -- is very dangerous. >> critics in the past have also pointed out the president they feel is escalating fueling some tensions you remember in past campaign events the president had said that he would pay for legal bills of his supporters if they he engaged with protesters one point president said that he would quote like to punch him in the face.
8:53 am
>> it has gotten to a point, where it is note sustainable people throwing people out of restaurants getting no your face hillary clinton saying keep it up. >> a sad day we have come to this in our country, and a sad day no one in the democratic party is willing to stand up to this say we believe this but violence in your face politics no way they are all fear the far left the fact that she is doing it shows she thinks she is still going to be a player in 2020. >> yeah, but also shows that the parties in absolutely fear telling off camera how moderate democrats kind of hope the party doesn't take house so they can go to extremes say you tried your stuff didn't work let's have -- >> they are extremists talking about we won't be civil it is democrats -- nominee to reason i for president just two years
8:54 am
ago, it is hillary clinton. it is people -- again very subtleel but i understand what they are saying people like the senator, tom perez, very subtle sounds like, you know, a call to action even a call for violence, in some instances with these people because we've seen republicans, attacked approached in restaurants harassed can't even eat a meal -- >> with -- >> just even in recent months -- but i want. >> make it an issue -- we see this -- >> we make it an issue on this program because it bothers us deeply. and we are accused of fearmongering by water carriers for the left and i find that appall we are talking about real instances comments by people known liberals known democrats, no
8:55 am
fearmongering about that is trying to call them out when they criticize president trump in rallies they are doing it all day every day particularly on twitter we get a lot of hate a lot of threats. >> tried to take is down umpteen times floodr twitter universe with negative comments, and criticisms about two of us. >> let me point out. >> talking about economic -- >> when someone said to me a liberal online, said to me, they need to reopen auschwitz to gas incinerate you what does that mean? is that not a threat? it has gone beyond that. >> what did twitter do about it. >> nothing not a doggone thing. >> collins because she voted for kavanaugh flooded with hate mile on twitter die, drop dead. >> her statement, actually going in think of the books, when we start to recovery from
8:56 am
this hysteria going to start with her statement about due process. very -- she is the shining star in that whole confirmation hearing basically. >> exactly why the gap narrowed into midterm elections more republicans coming out to vote republican, we will see, final thoughts from all-star panel when we woman he right back. back in a moment. >> ♪ all i want to do oh♪ is love you ♪ ♪ for the financial world to stop acting the same old way. in today's complex world, you need a partner that is driven to provide you with better solutions for these challenging times, one that is willing to disrupt the industry, and break free from conventional thinking. (thudding) we are a different kind of financial company.
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9:00 am
woman believes in self above and beyond everything else power enrichment. >> pay 800 dollars to see her and bill speak charging. >> flipping tables screaming at husband would i pay to see that call long. >> dagen mcdowell -- have a great day "varney & company" begins take it away. >> ill charles payne for stuart tremendous stories including hurricane michael expected to make landfall in florida's panhandle this afternoon as a category four storm, 140 miles per hour winds could bring a 13-foot storm surge along with it we have a live report from the storm zone coming right up, and we can initially put sears on deathwatch has begun to process to file for bankrupts "the wall street journal," reporting that a filing could come this week, shares of the stock plummeting, this morning. and senator rand paul warning of violence in the


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