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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 13, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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nobody deserves to be privatized. paul: thank you, dan, thank you all, thanks for all of you for watching, i'm pbr pbr paul gigoe hope to see you next week the board. president trump reasserting the wide springs investors are facing as more to do with policy coming from the federal reserve than any other
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influence. and the president putting what is now an official market correction in proper context. >> president trump: well, we are still up 40% for the period of time. so i mean the markets are way up over what they were. it's a correction that i think is caused by the federal reserve with interest rates. the dollar has become very strong, which frankly people can debate whether or not they like a strong dollar or not. >> lou: no debate about the strength of the market, though. despite this correction in the markets, the dow jones/industrials average since president trump's election remains nearly 6,800 points higher. the president boasting that his strong economy and his continued success in washington will allow his republican party to keep control of congress and gain a stronger advantage in the senate. we'll take that up with ed rollins and michael goodwin
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tonight. they join us to examine what appears to be a presidential inspired round of momentum for the grand old party. also, the radical dimms' assault on the american way. we take a look at the movement that began under president obama that has fundamentally transformed the identity not of the country but of the democratic party. its leaders working hard to assembly angry left wing mobs and higher others who protest anyone and anything. if the price is right. and there is no political correctness. only venom and hate. >> yeah, brother. you white little [bleep] >> really? >> yeah. you're a whitey, aren't you? >> lou: we will take up the modern democratic party that has been radicalized, it seems almost completely. the republican national committee chairwoman dhillan joins us tonight.
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missing columnist feared dead in turkey and accusations that saudi arabia murdered him. general jack keane joins us on that. as well as a tentative white house deal to release an american pastor held in turkey. we begin tonight with tropical storm michael as it takes heavy rains to the carolinas and high winds as well to virginia. what was once a category four hurricane which registered as the third most powerful storm ever to hit the united states left a vast trail of destruction, obliterating homes, killing at least six people and displacing thousands of others. leaving almost a million homes and businesses without power. fox news, senior correspondent rick leventhal with our report from panama city, florida. >> rick: for many residents of panama city, the only way to get out is with a chainsaw. hundreds of roads are blocked by downed lines and trees including 150-year-old oaks.
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major thoroughfares reduced to one lane. buildings are throwedded. -- buildings are shredded. there is no power. >> i prayed a lot. i was in a bunker. just prayers. and how half of this missed us, i have no godly idea. >> rick: governor rick scott surveyed this from the sky. >> this monstrous storm devastated the panhandle. so many lives are changed forever. so many families lost everything. homes are gone. businesses are gone. >> rick: michael made landfall east of panama city in mexico beach as a category four with winds topping 155-mile-per-hour. ripping roofs off homes. swamping vehicles and flooding streets. the strongest hurricane ever to hit the florida panhandle. >> it busted the glass sliding doors so our place started getting flooded. we had to go to the top floor. the rain and the wind was so strong you didn't know what was going on around you.
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>> rick: 25 miles to the northwest, tyndall air force base suffered catastrophic damage but no injuries were reported. president trump said the storm seemed to have one saving grace. >> president trump: unbelievably destructive, powerful. the one good thing we can say, we were just discussing is that it was the fastest hurricane anybody has seen. it just was speedy. >> rick: authorities tell fox news at least five deaths have been confirmed in baez county a -- bay county awe lone where only half the people told to evacuate did. >> i have been in panama city for 60 years. this is the worst i had ever seen. my parents had motels on the beach and it was the worst they have ever seen. we have never left for a hurricane. >> rick: the only people getting in panama city tonight are utility crews and first responders. police and the national guard have set up roadblocks on a major highway in town telling people evacuated you can't go
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home yet. this is what home looks like on street after street, neighborhood after neighborhood. blocked roads simply impassable or too dangerous for residents. some three dozen healthcare facilities are evacuating their patients to other cities. because of issues related to the storm because of power and water and other problems. so the situation here remains very, very fragile. lou? >> lou: rick, thank you very much. rick leventhal reporting from florida and some of the worst damage, panama city. the nasdaq falling officially into correction today. the nasdaq down, closing down another 1.3% in this session. the dow and the s&p have more to go to be in a correction. both are down about 6% from recent all-time highs. president trump again today weighing in on what was a session of volatile trading. the president blamed an out-of-control, as he put it, federal reserve and its rapid pace of interest rate hikes this year for what has been
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this long anticipated correction. >> president trump: i think the fed is out of control. i think what they are doing is wrong. i think the fed is far too stringent and they are making a mistake. and it's not right. and despite that, we are doing very well but it's not necessary in my opinion. and i think i know about it better than they do. believe me. >> lou: there is an axiom in monetary policy. the fed raising interest rates without the presence of inflation could be considered arbitrary. some would even say capricious. either way, the president putting his opinion straightforwardly to the american public. the general business media were so overwrought today. they would have had you believe that the market was to blame for this correction, that trade was to blame. here is what one of the country's leading market
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thinkers, though, had to say about president trump's trade balance initiative. >> the more likely outcome is that china will understand what korea, mexico, canada have understood, what europe is in the process of understanding, which is in a trade war with the u.s., the best outcome for you is make concessions. diffuse tensions. >> lou: well, a reminder since president trump elected the dow remains up 6,793 points. not a bad return. by the way, all bull markets experience corrections. corrupt attorney general eric holder, the former attorney general responding tonight to the thuggish threat against the republicans and the call for the radical dimms to assault conservatives. >> it's time for us as democrats to be as tough as they are, to be as dedicated as they are, to be as
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committed as they are. michelle says when they go low, we go high. no. no. when they go low, we kick them. that is what this new democratic party is about. >> lou: this new democratic party that he had much to do with, well, transforming. holder tweeting in part tonight. "i'm obviously not advocating violence. i'm saying republicans are undermining our democracy and the democrats need to be tough, proud and stand up for the values we believe in." what values does he believe in? he is the only sitting cabinet member ever to have been held in contempt of congress. someone who represents what is becoming quickly a party of hate and fake outrage. so what are the democratic values that he is talking about? we have already been told by twice failed presidential candidate hillary clinton that it's not civility. >> you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to
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destroy what you stand for, what you care about. if we are fortunate enough to win back the house and/or the senate, that is when civility can start again. >> lou: a price for civility. the price tag is high. all hillary clinton wants is well, control of the government. her recommended look of civility has already been seen in the past two weeks. radical leftists literally clawing at the doors of the supreme court to try to assault justice brett kavanaugh and keep the thugs bullying an elderly motorists, verbally attacking a sean your citizen in a wheelchair, disrupting traffic over the weekend in portland. and an angry mob, yes, a mob violently shouting at senator ted cruz and his wife until they were forced to leave a restaurant in d.c. >> [chanting] >> excuse me. let my wife through. >> lou: that is your
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democratic party. and it all started under president obama. and some wonder how much of this he is orchestrating as he attempts to be a shadow leader of his party. remember this quote from 2008. "if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun." does that sound familiar? does that sound like the beginning of this vast fundamental transformation he sought for the country but certainly has carried out for the democratic party? it's all scom far that the dimms will do anything they can apparently to stop republicans. with president trump in power, they've gone blind with rage. nancy pelosi telling the "san francisco chronicle" editorial board that the dimms would make exposing president trump's tax returns, that would be their top priority if they were to win the majority in the house. somehow that from deep thinking visionary talk from majority leader of the house?
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dimms are so far beyond integrity they will do anything they can for power and viciously go after republicans instead of working on issues that matter to working men and women, the middle class and focusing on american values and the american way. the democrats have lost their way. up next, we have breaking news on the deep state and fusion g.p.s. cofounder glenn simpson. and president trump not happy that deputy attorney general rod rosenstein has refused to testify. r.n.c. committee woman harmeet dhillan joins me. minimums and fees. they seem to be the very foundation of your typical bank. capital one is anything but typical. that's why we designed capital one cafes. you can get savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. and one of america's best savings rates. to top it off, you can open one from anywhere in 5 minutes.
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>> lou: we are receiving shocking new details emerging or the toxic and contentious atmosphere within the f.b.i. and the justice department. as special counsel robert mueller was appointed. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us tonight with the latest for us. >> thank you, lou. we are learning more about the tense relationship between rod rosenstein and the former f.b.i. chief andrew mccabe in the critical month of may 2017 when the special counsel robert mueller was appointed. fox news learned days afters
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his appointment, mueller met with acting f.b.i. director mccabe and rosenstein with rosenstein and mccabe arguing over who should recuse themselves from the russia case. our source says mccabe believed rosenstein had a conflict because he wrote the memo used by the administration to justify president trump's firing of f.b.i. director james comey in may of 2017. mccabe believed rosenstein could be called as a witness to any obstruction case against mr. trump. rosenstein countered that mccabe acted unethically taking money from the hillary clinton allies to finance his wife virginia's state senate race in 2015 and mccabe played central role in the f.b.i. 2016 investigation of hillary clinton e-mails and the mishandling of classified information. all of this matters, lou, because of the connection to a former top f.b.i. lawyer james a. baker who testified behind closed doors last week. baker said mccabe told him rosenstein's comments about secretly recording the president and removing him from office were serious.
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president's personal attorney confirmed to fox today that earlier this week rosenstein assured the president the comments were sarcastic and rudy giuliani said the president did not believe rosenstein was serious about removing him from office. but in a phone interview on friends of "fox & friends" this morning, the president questioned if that was true why rosenstein didn't go to the hill to set the record straight. >> president trump: i was surprised at that. i would think he would. he mentioned certain things to me that, you know, are very positive about that event and i would imagine that you'd want to put that down. and frankly, whether you were under oath or not shouldn't matter. >> right. >> president trump: he mentioned things to me i would think would be fine for him to testify. so when congress calls. so i'm a little surprised that rod wouldn't do it. >> fox news asks the justice department mr. rosenstein was refusing a transcribed interview under oath, a standard for witnesses in the russia case and they referred
7:19 pm
our questions back to the committee. >> lou: fascinating. we are learning far more about the role of andrew mccabe, are we not, in making it possible for there to be a special counsel and rod rosenstein to have been the one to choose who that counsel would be. >> that is right. there is also some late-breaking details, lou, about the cofounder of fusion g.p.s. glenn simpson. late today, fox news obtained a letter senate to the house judiciary committee and confirms that simpson will take the fifth if called to capitol hill. it says he will invoke his constitutional rights not to testify under the first and the fifth amendments of the constitution. this committee's inquiry is not designed to discover the truth, the letter said. the obvious and at times goal is to go after clinton. in one episode he told the senate panel last year he did
7:20 pm
not meet with justice department official bruce ohr until after the election but ohr's e-mail obtained by fox news show it was as early as august 2016. as you know, lou, simpson used ohr as a back channel to get russia information to the bureau after the f.b.i. fired the british spy who compiled the dossier for simpson. >> lou: thank you as always there. you're welcome. >> lou: great reporting. catherine herridge. appreciate it. joining us the republican national committee woman for the great state of california harmeet dhillon. thank you for being with us. >> thanks, lou. >> lou: you heard catherine herridge's astonishing report on what is going on. we are learning more every day it seems almost about andrew mccabe. the tension between he and rosenstein, the one who ultimately did appoint the special counsel. it looks like it was predicated on the interest of andrew mccabe to damage this
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president. his political motivations are starting to be revealed. >> yes. absolutely. i mean clearly we have learned he is part of kabul of hard left people at the f.b.i. and he was executing a plan. rosenstein came on the scene. you know, this is an interesting scene. this is interesting that rosenstein didn't recuse himself and mccabe didn't. both of them ultimately stayed on and now we have a mess we have and the russia investigation paralyzing our government. >> lou: as catherine herridge just reported the smear her chant fusion g.p.s., it -- merchant fusion g.p.s., glenn simpson refusing to testify and will take, reported by catherine, he will take the fifth amendment. where does it leave in your judgment glenn simpson? >> well, clearly he fears legal jeopardy from lies he has told. that is the correct implication. that is troubling.
7:22 pm
but ultimately unless the d.o.j. pursues him for perjury, nothing is going to happen as a result of refusing to testify in congress in my opinion. rod rosenstein is effectively in charge of that whole thing right now. so i think we are at an impact and everybody seems to be waiting to run out the clock in judiciary and hoping that the democrats take control. and jerry nadler in charge of judiciary. >> lou: trying to run out the clock. they have done pretty well. >> they have. >> lou: they kept a special counsel going on its face illegitimate. it's conflict and it is without question an thet call to the -- anithetical to the president and the government of ours and it still appears to be in the hands of barack obama. the justice department is paralyzed. it's toxic, the corrupt
7:23 pm
leadership, the scum on the top of the cesspool that is the justice department has been moved aside. officials taken away including james comey. the list goes on but we haven't heard much about loretta lynch, have we? we haven't heard much of the holdovers from the obama administration. this is an intact justice department put in place principally by eric holder and president obama. >> right. i can't agree with you more. for all that the president has accomplished he could have accomplished more without the "a," distraction; "b," destruction from the job and people not doing their jobs. it's been a huge disappointment. i think it will be a while before that gets turned around. if it ever is. it's a critical failure in the government right now that we don't have a functioning department of justice to investigate antitrust issues with big tech, to investigate the russia stuff, punish the
7:24 pm
perjury and find out what really happened with a lot of issues in the hillary clinton behavior and her foundation and so forth. a big step back but hopefully the president can continue on course and eventually appoint the right people once the top people clear out. >> lou: the president has made it very clear to the american people. either support him, vote for republicans on november 6 to assure that the corruption will be exposed. and the justice department, the f.b.i. and those people replaceed will effectively be a vote for the democrats is weaponizing again, congress and the justice department against the president. thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. >> that's right. >> lou: good luck in november. >> thank you, lou. thank you, sir. >> lou: up next here, president trump says the g.o.p. is in good shape going into the mid-terms. >> president trump: we are talking about really a very short period of time before the midterms.
7:25 pm
i think we are going to do very well. i can tell you there are senate races that we weren't even going to contest that we are leading in. >> lou: good shape going into the midterms. we are coming right back. stay with us. all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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>> lou: joining us tonight, top strategist for the great america pac and the former reagan white house political director and the fox news political strategist, analyst and savant, ed rollins and "new york post" columnist. the "new york post" columnist. except for cindy adams. >> i defer. >> lou: that is a classy thing that you did and it will save both of us. fox business contributor and the pulitzer prize winning journalist michael goodwin. >> thank you. >> lou: ed, let ple start
7:30 pm
with you. obama said he wanted to fundamentally transform the country. he lost that battle. now he is tearing up, tearing up the democratic party, radicalizing it. it may be beyond redemption. >> it started with the presidency. he lost seats every cycle going forward. his philosophy has been rejected by the country and the reality is the country doesn't want to go back. the country wants to go forward. the policy of leading from behind is not that gave us recognition anywhere the world. >> lou: it's not an excellent that hillary clinton is talking about civil war, that eric holder is talking about kicking republicans. the violence of the rhetoric is abysmal, particularly from a man who was once a top -- this is a frightening thought. once the country leading law enforcement officer. and then obama and the guns to knife fight rhetoric. this is appalling.
7:31 pm
your thoughts? >> it's desperation time for democrats. that is how i read the series of events. it started with maxine waters and cory booker getting their face in congress. then clinton and now holder. this to me says they are desperate. frankly a lot of them want to run for president. they are trying to distinguish themselves from the crowd being the most radical, the most outrageous but it makes the whole party look stupid and makes the party look as though -- >> lou: they look stupid. >> it doesn't have far to go, do they? >> lou: the republicans haven't looked like geniuses either. >> by comparison. >> lou: that is the comparison. >> but i think what it is revealing the democrats don't have any ideas. so this kind of language is about frustration and a craving for attention. >> lou: i'm so tired, to be honest with you. i have heard they feel so bad about the election two years ago, that they act like fools. and violent fools.
7:32 pm
i'm so tired of hearing how it hurt, it's painful, the crying on the steps of the supreme court. who cares? it's an adult world. we are a two-party system. one party always wins and the other one loses. what is going on? >> when the premise is we should tax the people more and spend more on social programs versus give the taxpayers more of their own money and create jobs and the better environment, it's an easy sale if we make it. they want to spend more on programs, tax more and if they got in, the first thing they would two is undue the president's tax programs. >> lou: taxes, deregulation. by the way, how are they going to set a tone that would inspire small business in america? he said he is going to restore prosperity for all americans. he won't slice and dice it up like the democrats. he is lifting every american
7:33 pm
right now. irrespective of identity group, race, creed. we have a middle class that expanding instead of contracting. we have an economy growing 4%. the new normal we talk about where you diminish expectations and maybe we will hit 1.5% one of these days. this is madness. republicans are walking around like they are insurance clerks with apologies frankly to insurance clerks. there is no passion. where are they? i'm watching ron desantis running for governor of florida the other night. last night. he looked -- i mean, what is he doing? >> that is why he is behind and the reality is he better turn it around pretty quick. that is an important state for us. if you take cruz. cruz began as an underdog, incumbent, he has come back and has a great campaign going. he is ten points up. >> lou: the president made it very clear he will support him period.
7:34 pm
>> he should. and cruz will support him as he has. i think we will win the senate and add seats. that is the most important thing. >> look, as we talked about here before the candidates who embrace the trump agenda and do not hold their nose about it are the ones who are doing better in this environment. because they are the ones that are aligned with the republican party as it is right now. those are still fighting it, the paul ryans of the world are the ones left behind. >> lou: why are we talking about. >> i mention it just to rile you up. [laughter] >> lou: i mean, here we are. it's october. resigned nine months ago. >> he is not gone yet. larry kudlow, the president made a clear statement this morning on the fed policy. he basically said they should not be raising the rates. larry kudlow, his economic adviser, went to the press and said the opposite. he is a staff guy. he is not an independent person.
7:35 pm
the fed is independent. he is not. he needs to get on the reservation. >> lou: he works for the president of the united states. i think he needs to -- first of all, no. let me be kind. bill shine if you are listening to tackle the son of a gun before he utters disrespectful nonsense before the press. fair statement? >> fair. >> lou: great work, guys. thank you for being here. up next mysterious disappearance of a "washington post" columnist. post" columnist. general jack k see a little blood when you brush or floss? you may have gum disease and could be on a journey to much worse. try parodontax toothpaste. it's three times more effective at removing plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums. leave bleeding gums behind with parodontax toothpaste.
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>> lou: fox news confirming that the trump white house has reached a tentative agreement to release american pastor andrew intron from a turkish prison -- andrew brunson from a turkish prison. he has been detained for two years, charges expected to be dropped in a court reporter proceeding held tomorrow. and president trump today addressing missing saudi journalist jamal khashoggi who vanished just a week ago at the saudi consulate in istanbul. >> president trump: well, we are looking at it very, very seriously. i don't like it at all. you don't have american citizens but that in this case doesn't matter. i don't like. i don't like it with respect to reporters. it's a terrible, terrible precedent. we can't let it happen. we are being very tough. we have investigators over
7:40 pm
there. we're working with turkey and frankly we're working with saudi arabia. we want to find out what happened. >> lou: joining us retired four-star general, strategic analyst general jack keane. good to have you with us. let's start with khashoggi. the president stepping into this in a forceful way. and now we are going to find out what the saudi government does in response. what do you expect? >> first of all, investigation, hopefully the complete one. turks are involved in this and saudi arabia. obviously we have you are to own investigators there. i think we have to look at what we know already. one is news reports in the united states for the last two years, if we just react to gnaws reports we can come -- news reports we can come to premature misperceptions as to what the facts really are. number one, the fact that seems indisputable is the
7:41 pm
journalist entered the consulate and there is no evidence that he left it. they are saying if he left by the back door, is what the statement is, there certainly would be evidence of that. clearly they would have a surveillance camera on the back door. >> lou: which could be turned over by the saudi consulate at any time to turkish authorities. >> so there is no doubt that there is legitimate suspicions about this. an investigation has got to get to the facts. the reality is here, the geopolitical implications of something like this would be quite damaging to the transformation strategy. as ambitious as it is. he is touching every aspect of saudi life. political, economic, social, religious and in terms of trying to transform it. and bring it into a modern age in a way that none of his predecessors ever entertained. not the least of which is getting the young people off the dole and getting them employed inside of saudi arabia. >> lou: no question he has
7:42 pm
an immense challenge as he tries to transform saudi society and institutions. at the same time, is khashoggi's disappearance and if it is ultimately demonstrated that the uncro prince had anything to do with his disappearance or perhaps murder what are the implications for u.s.-saudi relations? >> they would be significantly damaged. he would likely lose most of our congressional support for what he is doing. he needs obviously internal support. particularly among the young people as he is trying to change their way of life. but he clearly needs regional support from his fellow sunni arabs and international support. so far he has had all of that even though there has been criticism of something as ambitious as this is. it would clearly damage this relationship. it couldn't come at a worst
7:43 pm
time, lou. we are trying to negotiate a political and military alliance with the sunni arabs to stand up against the iranian threat in the region. and to have them bear more of a burden and come together to share intelligence and military capability. and to have the united states be less burdened by that experience. >> lou: and central to the disappearance of khashoggi is obviously saudi arabia. and in turkey, at their consulate and the turks right now have apparently negotiated with the white house and the president appears to have won at least tentatively a deal to free pastor brunson. that could be in jeopardy as we go forward into this, too. the complexities are mounting in the region. and as everyone knows, that is one thing that the region doesn't need. yeah. erdogan clearly wants to get
7:44 pm
this millstone of pastor brunson being in his jailhouse, i mean their economy is tanking, as you well know and our audience knows here. and certainly the sanctions that we impose are frustrating any kind of recovery that erdogan wants to pursue. also, by the way, we need to take with a grain of salt what the turks are telling us about the saudis. they have significant divisions and the turks have over a hundred plus journalist their jailhouse as we speak based on the awe -- authoritarian rule. it's not in concert with the value of america. >> lou: i would like to hear what would be the result as we try to divine who is telling the truth and who is lying between the saudis and the turks. i'll leave that to next time. general, thank you so much. general jack keane. >> good talking to you, lou. >> lou: good to see you. up next, hillary clinton and
7:45 pm
the radical left have no plans to end their mob mentality and they are working against the republican party and, of course, president trump. >> you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. if we are fortunate enough to win back the house and/or the senate, that is when civility can start again. >> lou: well, politico basically in an article today said, you know, the democrats got this thing. a lot of interesting sources for that conclusion. but that shouldn't bother anyone at politico. a reminder that since the 2016 election, republicans have been shot, they've been doxxed, run out of restaurants, harassed by the dimms and eviscerated before television cameras in the senate judiciary committee hearing room. we have more on all of that.
7:46 pm
stay with us. we'll be right back.
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>> lou: hillary clinton seems a little bitter, a little bitter she didn't get the spotlight last night telling cnn that the ceremonial swearing in of
7:50 pm
supreme courteous tis brett kavanaugh was oh -- court justice brett kavanaugh was oh so political. >> what was done at the white house was a political rally and it further undermined the image and the integrity of the court. that troubles me greatly. it saddens me. >> lou: sad? sad hillary. apparently mrs. clinton forgot her own husband presided over a televised white house ceremony in the east room as his nominee -- that's right -- justice ruth bader ginsberg took the oath of office. golly, i don't remember her saying anything about her husband's swearing in ceremony, do you? and president trump was quick to denounce hillary clinton's comments today answering questions at the white house. >> president trump: i guess that is why she lost. she doesn't get it. she never did. i knew that a long time ago. hillary never got it.
7:51 pm
that is why she lost. >> lou: very succinct and on point. immigrants may have been incorrectly registered to vote. incorrectly, mind you, in the great state of california. department of motor vehicles revealed it registered non-eligible to vote despite assuring the public it had safeguards in place to prevent it from ever happening. up next, president trump rallying voters in erie, pennsylvania, and weighing in on hurricane michael. >> president trump: i want to send our thoughts and prayers of our entire nation to everyone in the path of hurricane michael, especially in the florida panhandle where it's hitting and hitting hard.
7:52 pm
it's a big one. one of the biggest we have ever seen. all of pennsylvania, all of america sends it unwavering love and support. >> lou: the president. after the break, we have more to cover. stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪ the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet?
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>> lou: joining me now wor radio personality mark simone. gina louden, political analyst and member of the president
7:56 pm
media advisory board and author of "mad politics." i didn't know there was any other kind. rerecommend the book highly -- we recommend the book highly. great to have you both here. >> thank you, lou. >> lou: start with having to subpoena rosenstein. the stonewalling of the congress. the president says he is not going fire rosenstein. congress has had a bellyful. >> the president -- >> lou: did you say "hmm" at the end of that? >> i just, i'm just saying i think whenever the president is doing something and it is not making complete sense to me, i have learned to sort of just wait because the things that tend to come from that are really good. like if we look back at what happened, for example, with the tariffs. >> lou: i trust the president implicitly, explicitly, that is not really my question. my question is why has
7:57 pm
congress taken so long to act and what will be the result of subpoenaing rosenstein himself? perhaps i should have phrased it more elegantly. >> in the same way i trust the president, i sort of don't trust congress. like the exact same way -- >> lou: countervailing influence. >> yeah. the flip side of that. i'm used to congress not acting when they should be abouting and i'm used -- when ty should be acting. the people that elected them, and they do not use the power that they have been given and they refuse to use it when it makes the most sense. i'm the last person to explain what congress is doing. but if they should be acting they usually don't. that is why their popularity is always a problem with the american people. >> lou: turn to eric holder then, mark. >> i don't know. all the people. i used to look at the congressmen and say i don't trust these people. then you see holder and mccabe and strozk and rosenstein and these sort of people. holder was the chief law enforcement officer of the united states. now he is calling for
7:58 pm
violence. >> lou: i'm not surprised by eric holder at all. i'll have to tell you. the man is responsible for the most, for the politicalization of the justice department. he is the guy who implemented the president obama policies to install throughout justice. i mean we will be years straightening this mess out. but holder talking this way and in georgia. talking about kicking people. this would be an outrage anywhere if it were not eric holder, which makes no sense to me even for the national left wing media which are nothing but suckups and supporters of the obama tradition, if you will. there we have had a congressman shot already. there is a little story get nothing attention just outside of new york. some guy made a homemade bomb and was heading to washington with it. this is not the time to be calling for violence.
7:59 pm
>> lou: no. you have ted cruz, crowds erupting all over the country. >> lou: gina, are the republicans going to build their majority or lose it? >> i think there has been a reawakening over the proceeding of the kavanaugh confirmation. i think that the same people that started the tea party, the same people that caused the surprise election of 2016, are the same people that sort of woke up during the kavanaugh hearings and said wait just a minute. we have to reengage. these midterms do matter. we know that the interim polling tells us perhaps the hearings flips as many as five seats in the red zone. so it looks good to me, i believe for the republicans coming up in the midterm elections. >> lou: all right. mark? >> last time the democrats went this radical protesting in the streets, yelling, screaming that far to the left 1968, 1972, it cost them a lot
8:00 pm
at the polls. i drove normal people away from them. >> lou: all right. thank you for being here. great to have you with us. thank you so much. >> always good. thanks. >> lou: thanks for being with us. good night. >> from the fox studios in new york city, this is maria bartiromo's "wall street." maria: happy weekend. welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. i'm maria bartiromo, and what a week it was for the markets. in just a moment, i am speaking with blackrock's rick reiter here to talk about the outhook of what -- outlook of what we see in stocks after the dow industrials lost 5.25% over a two-day period. we will talk with rick coming up. then later, stacey cunningham is the president of the new york stock exchange, she will be here


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