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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 16, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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the fox business network. stay right there. sure into good evening, everybody appeared our top stories, president trump surveys the damage by hurricane marker with residents whose lives have been turned upside down by the storm could the government is doing everything in its power to provide assistance and relief. >> we are doing more than anybody would've ever done and probably there have been hits like this. 50 years ago there was one that had this kind of power 50 years ago. helping the people.
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lou: also tonight a geopolitical wildfire sweeping across the airwaves from continent to continent at least according to the national left-wing media in this country. saudi arabia preparing to admit journalist jamal khashoggi was accidentally killed in a botched operation a saudi agents. we will talk about what if anything that should mean for american foreign policy. middle east expert dr. will lead fairest among our guests here tonight. a massive caravan of more than 1000 illegal immigrants winding its way from honduras to the united states. expect it to arrive at her border just in time for the midterm elections. that i'm sure is purely a coincidence. we will update you on this latest immigration crisis as congress refuses to act on funding for the president's border wall. we begin tonight with president
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trump in the first lady, seen firsthand the incredible devastation of hurricane michael on the florida panhandle in georgia. fox news senior correspondent mike tobin with our report tonight from mexico beach. >> you work your whole life. >> did not have insurance on this restaurant when hurricane michael hay. the business is the story, but the damage is done to her heart. >> were broken. but we're all alive. we have a lot of good people around us. >> very tough. very, very tough. >> emphasizing the maximum effort is underway to help victims of hurricane michael, the president and first lady came to lynn haven, florida, 25 miles northwest of where they made landfall. mr. trump plays rescue and relief crews. >> they have made it work beautifully.
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>> with the first lady and rick scott, the president and a water stay. but his administration is doing more than any other to help people get back on their feet. >> this is beyond any when they seem. but who knows. nobody seen anything. so they've done a great job. >> the sunshine state is receiving for the federal government most recently a fema program that will put hurricane but dems updated motels in matching funds to rebound. >> search and rescue teams have done a great job. >> and devastated mexico beach, a trump supporter says he did not want a personal visit from the president because it would have absorbed resources. >> i'm scared that all the hoopla will have vital resources being taxed right now. >> in mexico beach the resources mean manpower, still searching for those lessons the hurricane. >> florida's urban search and
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rescue task force number two members have been searching all through the existing structures and debris with a preliminary search and a more detailed secondary search. they are now transitioning to remote areas searching for those still unaccounted for since the hurricane. 10 cadaver dog teams with what one member of the task force described as the most difficult debris pile. in the meantime the police chief anthony kelly says the number of those missing since the hurricane is down dramatically to only three. back to you. >> reporting from florida. as president trump and the first lady make their way back tonight, they are about an hour from landing right now at andrews, returning to washington. we may be nearing an answer about what may have happened to a saudi journalist and activist who disappeared 13 days ago in the saudi consulate in istanbul,
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turkey. sources are now telling fox that the saudi's will eventually, eventually, but the narrative that may also be serviceable. here is that new narrative. jamal khashoggi may have been killed accidentally during an interrogation. this seems to be the earliest installment of that narrative and it is being quoted by a number of news agencies not from official government sources. president trump send secretary of state mike pompeo to saudi arabia. he is now in brussels, therefore his aircraft to be refueled on its way to re-odd. he told reporters in georgia this afternoon, the president did what he expects from his secretary of state. >> i'm really sending him just to find out first-hand what
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happened, what they know, what's going on. he may go to turkey. he may not. but we will find out what happened. he's got instructions to find out what happened. it's a terrible situation. there's no question about it. i don't like it one bit. lou: joining us tonight, fox national security and foreign policy analysts dr. whalid phares. great to have you with us. this is one of the most peculiar, perplexing and seemingly disproportionate news event that i can recall in some time. a person who has worked for the "washington post" a very short time relatively whether he was a paid contributor or whether he was had some other kind of relationship disappears going into the saudi consulate in istanbul.
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he had been murdered by a special team of saudi's dispatched for that purpose. what do you make of this story that some are trying out at least again was unknown, unnamed sources that he was killed during an operation. if any of this is true. and the government knew nothing about it. >> so many things in all have to be confirmed what i can project as you would if at the end of the day, and the president has asked both from the saudi's, turks, on government and it will not be that difficult. media now is projecting that the saudi's are going to admit to a
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wrongdoing or an accident that took place while they were interrogating him. what we want to know is why him if that's the truth. not as killing him. they would not choose to cancel it in turkey would be a in the making. so much we don't know about. the big picture, lou, i relationship with the saudi's and their allies, everything now is at play and i'm very concerned the iranians and the brotherhood, muslim brotherhood and other radical actors in the region will take advantage of this. lou: the relationship between the muslim brotherhood and jamal khashoggi, that part is somewhat unclear.
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they also have a very tight relationship with the saudi royal family, whether they beat the disease these, whether they be then solomon. >> absolutely. he was part of the entourage of the heart of the circles. for many years he is somebody coming is the vip. the saudi changed and went into a direction under the leadership and as you know, he has opposed it. how do i know, how does anybody know. the twitter account of been reading the last two or four days, he is not a member of the brotherhood, but he criticized the united states for not opening the brotherhood. that may have prompted the action on behalf of the saudi's have anything. lou: yeah, the muslim brotherhood, which is little understood in this country i think it's fair to say.
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i'm talking about on capitol hill, people who were doing president obama's bidding, trying to intervene with the government in egypt. even as he was forming the government, urging 10% to their dispatched envoys he wanted 10% of that government to be muslim brotherhood. this from a man who had done nothing but create terrific turmoil for the egyptians. what do you make of the relationship than between re-odd and a trump administration? this president is being very outspoken, talking about severe punishment. it is rising to a level that i think most what is not expected. >> severe punishment means if it appears that the saudi government or part of the saudi government on purpose wanted to
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assassinate mr. khashoggi the way it appears that the brotherhood are displayed in it. that is a big difference. of course the brotherhood here in town you have the camp of many members of congress. not many, a few and many in the opposition and of course the obama administration consider the brotherhood still as potential allies and partners. that's why there was a divided washington as he recalled very well with 30 million egyptians marching on the streets to reject the brotherhood regime and yet the obama administration consider that as a coup. so we are divided on this issue. lou: this administration is not unless somehow they are getting guidance from the state department or some other agency within this administration. it is a very serious undertaking and is a peculiar place to land for u.s. government.
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a difficult and more complex well, network of events than we can imagine. by the way, we didn't mention what if this were collusion between the brotherhood and urdu on in turkey. then it gets more complicated yet and that's just the way it is in the middle east. you taught me that, whalid phares. inc. so much. appreciate it. up next, senator elizabeth warren preuss president trump right. with one disastrous dna tests. >> elizabeth warren, i hope she runs. we can finally get down to the fact as to whether or not she has indian blood. i've got more indian blood in me than pocahontas. they said to her, why do you say your opinion heritage? i have high cheap votes, too. maybe i'm an indian and i'm
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going to do very well. lou: well, we'll have more of the senators high cheap guns. the correlation in the senators very specific cherokee heritage or lack thereof. we are going to tell you the land bridge between here and south america works into this as well as an ancient land bridge and it's very complicated. we'll have a lot sorted out. ed collins, michael goodwin. stay with us. we will be right hey guys. today we're here to talk about trucks. i love trucks. what the heck is that?! whoa! what truck brand comes from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road? i think it's the chevy. ford. is it ford? nope, it's not ford. i think it's ram. is it ram? not ram. that's a chevy! it's chevy! that's right. from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road.
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gorgeous. chevy hit it out of the ballpark with these.
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lou: breaking news tonight. a federal judge has just thrown out the lawsuit of star stormy daniels. stormy daniels defamation lawsuit against the president thrown out. it's a stunning defeat for daniels and her attorney. >> michael abernathy. creepy porn lawyer i believe is our friend tucker carlson calls them. also ordering daniels to pay trumps legal fees. wow, trump attorney charles carter issued a statement. there it is.
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we don't have it. it's going to be good -- rather than wait for it or ask you to wait with me for it, we are going to ask her producers to produce that statement. of course this is just breaking, so we are going to go now to -- the president calls are goofy liberal elizabeth warren. she finally broke down and took a dna test we are pleased to tell you. we are right on top of politics and science. this is the next for science and politics meet here every night on lou dobbs tonight. in this case she undertook that test to prove her unfounded claims that she has native american blood. a member of the cherokee nation. the results were published in the left lane "boston globe" and senator warren comes out of it, i think the expression is rather
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anemic. the odds of her being a cherokee indian are really remote because the odds of her being just generally a native american her somewhere between .009, the margin is so slim. either way, i don't even know what the point tier 15% means. we will be running -- we are going to be running a correction on that because it is not 1015%. it is .001%. "the boston globe" had to do three correction today on their map. we are only doing one on ours and we win. the margin in this case is supposed and that the cherokee nation has just released a statement saying to read in part, quote, using a dna test delayed claim to any connection to the cherokee nation for any
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tribal nation even vaguely as inappropriate and wrong. i could not endorse the cherokee nation and a stronger in their statement. this is just incredible. senator warren undermining the tribal interest to the cherokee nation with her continued claims of tribal heritage. stanford university researcher who studied another warren's dna sample didn't actually use samples that made american dna. no, he didn't do that. he chose to test it against colombian, peruvian and mexican strains. the reason he did that, even though they are not native americans, and he did that because scientists believe native americans came to this country over the bering strait land bridge. about 12,000 years ago we are told and they settled in what is
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now america, but also migrated all the way to south america. this all because elizabeth warren has high cheekbones, ladies and gentlemen. in other words, native americans appear to be originally mongolian, which means native american depends on when you got here and he was waiting for some cases, who simply has high cheap loans. to sorted out, top strategists, former chair, and ed rollins. i can't wait to get to the map that you and my friends. fox business contributor michael goodwin. which of you is best at math? >> this is not as. i was pretty much all i wish for about 40 or 50 years. this is certainly going to help move her to the forefront of the presidential campaign she wants to run.
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actually it's making her look more absurd by the moment. it's not just her heritage claims, but are socialist tendencies, which are front and center in a think the more she gets this exposure, the more foolishness -- the less obvious it's going to be. lou: i truly believe there may be a good suggestion here. once you get to the gym all khashoggi disappearance, but as soon as sort of a conspiratorial state of mind. could she be a republican operative? because she is distracting from the midterm elections now 21 days away. she is drawing all of that interest to her high cheekbones, her blood. almost any thing other than -- she's also creating something of a tense relationship of native americans in this country as she should be regarded by them.
4:23 am
this is -- what you think? is that a possibility? >> ever do a long maxine waters is inoperative and corey booker isn't hillary clinton, to the way they're all behaving. the thing about elizabeth warren and this test issue took a secretly. she obviously didn't want anybody to know she was doing it. there's been this pressure to do it for a long time. she did it secretly and as i gather she misrepresented the results as to what they actually mean. lou: gap, i don't know. he meant the cherokee -- she claims -- lou: published three corrections to your >> she's trying to prove she has part of the ancestry in the cherokee nation says no you don't. that doesn't prove anything. lou: you've got away and ominous. you're the mathematics expert. they publish first 1302nd and realized i was wrong or they
4:24 am
published -- which is closer to the truth. the second correction ranging from 164th. that is .00976. that is what we know. you can have to hurry now. >> i don't think the indians but a significant air and i don't think she's going to get any of it. i think it's a test of her foolishness. lou: and trump and the first lady, president and the first lady in florida, georgia. this is -- these pictures are worth millions of votes. >> it is amazing the devastation they are. there's been a lot of that lately and it's a tough part of the job to be president when things like that happen. >> the gubernatorial candidate
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desantis put some distance between the president and made him the nominee. he got left of air force one. lou: it's remarkable. there are no words. i have to tell you the man has surprised me mightily. but i'm old enough to know that i'm going to get surprised from time to time. good to have you here. thank you, appreciate you both. sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you think senator elizabeth warren is the secret operative for the republicans and her relationship with native americans will likely never quite recover. cast your vote on twitter@lou dobbs. up next, hillary clinton, not only elizabeth warren. hillary clinton is here. she gives there has been a free pass and by the way defending his affair with a 22-year-old white house intern who was, she points out, an adult. we take up all sorts of things. liberty mutual accident forgiveness means
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lou: a caravan of hondurans making its way to our southern border. plans brown to claim asylum to force her into this country. fox news william launch a mass with more from los angeles. >> a caravan of more than 1000 under intense to the u.s. border is the administration considers a new policy called binary choice. jim muscat entering illegally can stay locked up indefinitely as the court considers her claim for surrender their child to a relative or government shelter. lou: if they feel their separation in many cases they don't come. >> install doesn't move through honduras. across the guatemala border in mexico before heading to texas or arizona to claim asylum. >> there are no jobs here there's nothing here in our kids
4:31 am
and even the little ones are scared of gang members and sometimes they come and destroy everything. >> president trump promised a crackdown on illegal immigration. prosecution from incarceration, separation, nothing has worked as the courts are public opinion forced the administration to back off. >> we obviously need congressional action. >> last month in the border apprehensions jumped 38% to more than 130,000 for the year. most are from guatemala and honduras. >> you allow the parents to stay together, okay. when you allow that, what happens is people poor and her country. >> the present >> the president said he would revisit separations as a deterrent. >> their consequences from coming into the country, namely our country illegally. >> the proposed policy is heartless and futile. supporters call it necessary. saturday in the group cannot
4:32 am
cross without a visa. history tells us a caravan could break up and then reconstitute given the administration immigration crisis before voters head to the polls. lou: thank you very much. william la jeunesse reporting from los angeles. hillary clinton, yes, she is still with us reminding us why americans rejected her in 2016 as she brazenly defends her husband's affair with monica lewinsky. >> in retrospect, do you think bill should have resigned in the wake of the monica lewinsky. >> there're people, but in a president of the united states cannot have a consensual relationship with an intern. the power imbalance -- lou: she was an adult. joining me now, fox business on
4:33 am
trish regan is hosted the brand-new show. trish regan primetime premieres tonight at 8:00 p.m. >> right after you. lou: that's wonderful. congratulations. >> thank you. i'm excited. we will be a good one-two punch. lou: and i agree with you 100%. i also think it is just a delight to hillary clinton and elizabeth warren can up so much media attention with 21 days to go to the midterms. here she is talking about monica lewinsky. you can't make this stuff up. >> you know look, she's a wife that's married to him and perhaps in her head she's making excuses but there's no excuses. that was a young woman who really has had a very challenged life as a result of that issue.
4:34 am
it's been very hard for hearing she was bullied and talked about this quite freely. you know what, she's just a young kid. you send your daughter for an internship at the white house. how exciting, how wonderful. and then this guy pulls back. the president of the united states. i remember when he said i did not have relationship about women. lou, i wanted to believe him. he looked straight into the camera and i felt so offended that he lied to america. lou: hewitt to america coming grand jury, everyone. by the time we got through that process i personally did not cover it until it became a legal matter. i was so sick of this thing. and at the end of the day i was just thrilled that when it was over. when the clintons left office i knew that they would never, ever be back in the public eye again.
4:35 am
>> wishful thinking. lou: was wishful thinking and i couldn't have been more wrong. tonight you're going to be focusing on a lot of issues, politics and economics, business. >> you know this better than anyone. you've made a career out of this. this intersection between the economy and politics. everything economically has some kind of relationship to politically what is going on. and so i think there's a huge territory for us to cover. i look at the identity politics issues that they are polling right now on the left. everybody coming out and attacking condi a west because he dared to support -- kane west. you've got get put in a box. why do we just get rid of identity politics and say let's have prosperity for all and if people do well, you can start to think less in terms of black and
4:36 am
white and male and female. lou: i can't wait to hear how that goes over. keith ellison at the dnc. looking forward to seeing it tonight. >> you are my first gas. lou: i cannot wait. reminder, trish reagan prime time premieres tonight at just about half an hour right after this ('god's whisper' by raury plays)
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lou: the role of race in college admissions is now at issue in a boston federal court. his trial began today accusing harvard university of bias against asian-american applicants were using a big personal rating system. harbor today with race seen as one of many factors that can work in favor of an applicant and the trial goes on. expected to last some three weeks. jimmy now, leonard leo, turney commensurable visor to the president of the united states, president trump and well of ideas. leonard leo, one of the attorneys in this country great to have you with us. let's travel back -- first, let me ask you this or do you have any observations about affirmative action, the role of race in college admissions. >> these are really big important cases in the supreme court has been hearing more and more over the past several years.
4:41 am
i fully expect this will make it to the high court the next couple of years and it will be a very major decision. lou: sandra day o'connor one side and her writing in the decision that 25 years -- he used that until it would be serviceable, usable, important to the country. do you concur with her judgment and we are just there, are we? >> we are just about there other was always an important part of our constitution that's what the case is all about. lou: the issues, all of the things and they should declare something. i'm a harvard graduate so i have a cross to bear as well as an ax to grind. good to have you with us. let's go through what was the most extraordinary spectacle in my lifetime and certainly my career as a journalist to see what happened to judge brett kavanaugh and the senate judiciary committee. i have to tell you i was cussing
4:42 am
not only the left, also chuck grassley, the process seemed upside down and strained and at the end all is forgiven because of two votes. but not really. your thoughts. >> i think extraordinary spectacle is exactly the right words, lou. we knew was going to be a tough battle, tougher than the gorsuch confirmation. no one expected for decent week in fairness as much as it was, certainly with the last three weeks to the confirmation process and it will forever change the confirmation process. it will be very impossible to put the genie back in the bottle. it shows how far the left will go to security outcomes at once on the quarter. lou: it is certainly too far. and if it does not influence the outcome of these midterm
4:43 am
elections, which i fully expect it to. these awful, awful several weeks in washington d.c. i know for you is much longer than that. not making every american's to their stomach and outraged is to me incomprehensible. >> i think you are spot on, lou. this is not what the american people want washington focusing on. frankly they won a court for the justices are going to recognize and respect and enforce limits on government power in our constitution and this is what the left doesn't want and that's why they treated brett kavanaugh the way they did. lou: you tell us that the president has cited as clearly as it can be said that this behavior by the left is common to bases all of us. it really does.
4:44 am
certainly the left has just insisted it seems to me on it own destruction. and yet, the aba still has the merits to weigh in and play politics after having given their highest rating. the aclu is a part or with the city of chicago in policing and law enforcement. we've gone mad in this country with whom we are allowing to influence public policy and in some cases dictated whether it's the aclu or the aba. >> if you really care about the rule of law and you really care about freedom, and this is not the way to treat the judicial process. we've got to get away thinking about outcomes in cases in and mccarter member judges wear black robes because their own personal grace and 10 predispositions don't matter.
4:45 am
that's what we need to get back to when we have to stop playing politics of personal destruction and had to stop looking to the court for political resolution of the hot button issues of our day. lou:.of course means the left will have to move an entirely different direction to the right. leonard leo, good to have you with us. up next, former trump campaign adviser spied on for months by president obama's corrupt fbi and intelligence agencies facing legal action against the democratic national committee. potentially big week of development regarding the deep state and conspiracy against president trump in his administration attorneys victoria and joe divan join me here next. stay with hey guys. today we're here to talk about trucks. i love trucks. what the heck is that?! whoa! what truck brand comes from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road? i think it's the chevy. ford. is it ford?
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lou: joining me now on i'm delighted to say here in ours ideas in new york city instead of the nation's capitol, there i said it. victoria jann sing, deputy attorney general for the criminal division of the justice department, former federal prosecutor. the founding partners of the law firm. i have worked years. and i did a pretty close.
4:50 am
anyways, great to see you. you guys are special. you are a treat to have on the broadcast any time especially delighted you're with us here in the studios. let me start if we may. carter page filing a lawsuit against the democratic national committee. here we go. >> you filed a lawsuit in new york and not ripe for now. what happened to carter page. >> it's a continuation, not a restart. the justice department, the obama justice department took wise to the fisa court to be able to overhear the opposition's political campaign. you can even believe this has happened in our country. the president of the united state used the tools of the intelligence agencies to go after a political opponent.
4:51 am
what is happening back in washington is also unforgivable because there's people in the house of representatives like mark meadows and jim jordan trying to fight this. he's great. we'll talk to him about it. paul ryan helpful to you. >> i never bring a paul ryan and jim jordan of her. >> don't. he's put the kibosh on doing this. these brave souls have fallen on them more power to them. lou: devin nunes, if he wasn't there, if he was to me for all of us in congress, and now with carter page lawsuit moving forward, rico damages, this could be coming in now, i want to think that this is what moves us ahead here. it seems we've installed one hearing after another testimony, depositions put behind closed
4:52 am
doors. is this potentially breakthrough? >> it could be. most of her privately and you never see them unless they are released as part of later litigation. here's the thing about carter page. one of the things the administration obama is trying to hide is that the fbi under obama and the doj asked british intelligence and my six and juicy hq, like the nsa over there and their overseers to spy on americans overseas. the fbi asked them to do that. it was illegal to spy on them simply as the u.k. to do it and they did it without legal authority. this is part of a carter will eventually discover in his deposition. it's disgraceful what our government did. this is the greatest political scandal in the history of our country and because obama did it, all the people in the media want to give it a pass. they don't want to talk about
4:53 am
it. >> i'll tell you what has to happen next. >> you've given me the perfect, perfect teeth to our next segment because right after the short messages, victoria and joe are coming back and they will
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bethany: did you know breast cancer kills 113 people every day? catherine: that's unacceptable. jacinte: african american women die from breast cancer nearly 41% more than caucasian women. gordon: that's unacceptable. laura: breast cancer is the leading cause of all cancer deaths for hispanic women. jacinte: breast cancer is unacceptable. lesa: together, with susan g. komen we're committed to reducing u.s. breast cancer deaths by half. melissa: and we're going to do it by 2026. lesa (vo): failure is unacceptable. lou: we are back with victoria toensing and joe digenova.
4:57 am
>> i hope president trump declassifies the fisa application so we can all see what kind of lies the obama justice department extended to them. lou: we know the fbi has read the warrant applications. what do you expect to be in those things? >> i think it will show that stephen halper was used to try to entrap papadopoulos and carter page to get them to say things they could funnel back into the united states so the fbi could use it as fake intelligence to get the fisa warrants. then they got mi6 and the gchq for the british government to do illegal surveillance of all those people overseas. totally illegal here and totally
4:58 am
illegal over there and they all went along with it. one of the things james baker the former fbi general counsel said was that this illegal activity occurred. >> the other thing to look for is carter page. he has been an asset and helped them prosecute a russian spy. now we are told that the application presents him as being in cahoots with the russians. >> total fabrications by the fbi. and the doj people under obama, john karline and everybody in that place knew this was false. >> david hoff-man was one of those people. guess whose lawyer he has become. remember the best friend of
4:59 am
dr. ford. >> the forker fbi agent who testified against brett kavanaugh? he became the lawyer moret for linda mclean. >> you can't make this up. lou: the orbit around dr. ford, the great thing if this is to happen, the dimms tales travel in packs. that means they leave a lot of footprints everywhere. if there were an individual sole operator this would be impossible to unwind. >> debbie katz was the lawyer for the third accuser a couple years before. i wonder why it's only coming out on fox? lew it's coming out on "lou dobbs tonight" because of victoria toensing and joe
5:00 am
digenova. you are the best at setting me up with these segues. but i look a lot less clever tonight. that's it for us. congressman jim overand and tom fitton our guests. we'll be following up >> the king firmly denied any knowledge of it. he didn't really know, maybe, i don't to get into his mind but it sounded to me like maybe these could have been rogue killers who is knows. >> but did rogue killers murder jamal and saudi arabia will admit he was killed but it was an accident. >> worries about a diplomatic crisis weighs on markets urned world here in the u.s. yesterday, dow fell about 90 point that weighed down tech stocks. >> today getting del


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