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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 16, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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and sell high. david: thank you very much, everybody. that does it for us. "the evening edit" starts right now. [♪] liz: secretary of state mike pompeo saying in a statement saying saudi leadership strongly denied any knowledge of journalist jamal khashoggi's disappearance. we have that story and the debate for you tonight. glenn simpson, co-founder of the research group behind that anti-trump unverified fisa file taking the fifth today. democrats hillary clinton and elizabeth warren getting big backlash from their own party over their recent controversies.
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thank you so much for joining us. thank you for watching. money, politics. we have the debate behind tomorrow's headlines. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. [♪] welcome to the show. we are the fox business network. secretary of state mike pompeo heading to turkey after speaking directly to the saudi crown prince about the disappearance of columnist jamal khashoggi. reporter: the secretary of state is wrapping up his day in saudi arabia. he just released this statement saying we had direct and can did conversations. i emphasize the importance of conducting thorough, transparent investigation. and the saudi leadership pledged
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to deliver precisely on that. president trump saying he would like to see those responsible for the disappearance punished. he talked to trish regan on her show primetime. the president talked to the saudi prince by phone today. president trump: turkey is looking at it very strongly. we are all look at it together. it depends on whether the king or the crown prince knew by the in my opinion. whether they knew by the. if they knew by the, that would be bad. reporter: secretary of state mike pompeo in turkey tomorrow to see their part of the investigation. reports out of turkey is they found evidence inside the consulate that shows jamal khashoggi was murdered inside that consulate. but turkey not revealing what
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that evidence is. >> we deal with bad people all the time. but this is in our face. i feel personally offended. they have nothing like contempt for us. why would you put the president in this spot after all the president has done. reporter: companies are starting to pull out of the investment conference. the president said he'll decide by friday whether treasury secretary steve mnuchin will go to that conference. the saudis say if american companies stop doing business in saudi arabia they will push back. liz: edward, thank you for your reporting. you can see trish regan's entire interview with president trump
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tonight on prim "trish regan primetime." senator lindsey graham threatening sanctions on the saudi arabian regime. let's bring in the islamist form for democracy president descr zuhdi jasser. >> we have been talking about the human rights abuses and the tyranny that is saudi arabia. this is a front on the war of the saudi tyranny versus the muslim brotherhood. this is not about democracy or freedom. we have to have a proportional response and have it in perspective. we saw the russians use chemical weapons to assassinate somebody.
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we have seen other countries with human rights abuses. now people want to tip over a balance of power, something that president trump was trying to reestablish that obama destroyed by leaning too much into iran. liz: the columnist is a u.s. citizen. the crown prince bin salman believes the columnist was a member of the muslim brotherhood. but this is about a journalist getting killed and it's about the u.s. mutual security interests, it's about iran, yemen and terror. >> absolutely. they need to be punished. there needs to be some sanctions put in so we aren't put in that box senator graham talks about. we need to talk to our allies to
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let them know we'll hold them accountable. i do kawnltd for some punishment. but if we act too strongly, who is going to benefit? the turks? the qataris in the yemenis? we have to be careful if we dive into taking one man's side in this war of the brotherhood versus wahhabi tyranny. we have to understand what will happen where the turks will benefit. liz: to your point, doctor, the crown prince does need foreign investors to realize his vision called 2030 economic reform. but watch senator graham ripping into saudi arabia. he's one of saudi arabia's
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biggest supporters. now senator graham is saying the crown prince has got to go. >> nothing happens in saudi arabia without the crown prince knowing about it. this guy is a wrecking ball. he had this guy ordered murder in a consequence flat turkey. he has got to go. saudi arabia if you are listening, he has got to go. he has tainted your country and tainted himself. >> the what happ. >> for them to say we want his brother or cousin to come and it would be bert is hypocritical. it's hypocritical because a democratic country built on our
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constitution does not pick which tyrants we like more or less within a family of tyranny. we should hold them accountable to standard based on our standards. but not pick and choose tyrants when they have been whipg and beheading people over the last years regardless of who runts it. it's not just about nbs. if he's look at american interests i'm not sure mbs is the worst we can have. we shouldn't pick which chairs of the titanic we are going to support. liz liz: your point is well taken. we have mew tiewrl security interests, if not values. the dois up, surging. it ended the day at 25,798.
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netflix brought in 7 million new subscribers. but ibm shares dropping after ibm reported an earning miss. it was flat to the downside, 2% lower year over year. drug companies will be required to show their drug prices in their television ads. that's a first. now this. less than three weeks until the mid terms and elizabeth warren and hillary clinton getting a big backlash from their own party. chartly hurt is here with his take next. if you're 65 or older, even if you're healthy,
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comcast business. beyond fast. liz: it's t minus 20 days until the mid terms. there are currently 27 house races that are considered toss-ups. democrats need to keep their 193 seats and flip 23 house seats to win back the house. here is the problem for the
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republicans. the president's party loses on average 30 seats in the mid-terms when the president's approval rating is below 50%. it's about the same level as presidents reagan and obama at this point in their mid-term. all three saw their party lose seats in the house. let's bring in charles hurt. nancy pelosi and the dn -- dnc say they are not prepared to know whether they will win the house until election tonight. >> a week ago nancy pelosi was pronouncing she would be the next speaker and was look forward to getting the gavel back for the third time for her. i think it's mighty close.
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in president obama's administration, they lost 60 seats. as you have pointed out, these are -- we are pretty politically divided these days. we were just as divided back then as we are today. i think the expectations will be that it should be a blowout for republicans. but we are not seeing that. the house is right on the edge, the bubble of the democrats take back control, but maybe not. but if they do take back control it might be a handful of seats. the shocking thing over in the senate where you see an opportunity for republicans to pick up a seat or two or three if things go their way. if that happens, i think very little legislation is going to be -- it will be grid locked. but when it comes to judicial nominations, if republicans wind their majority in the senate,
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it's going to be a pretty good two years for donald trump and republicans. liz: we are look at potentially the democrats getting a slim majority in the house, but republicans picking up more seats in the senate. we know that elections are won in the center. ordinary americans, there is a study, there is a study calling them the exhausted majority. they don't like the lack of civility. they don't feel safe. it isn't about kicking them as eric holder said it's about rising up. >> this is a game of jujitsu president trump says. he gets a lot of attention for some of the things he says, attacks somebody in an uni havized way. the media goes crazy. but a lot of that stuff is baked
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into his personality for regular voters. when trump can turn around and point to the economy, point to the lowest point of unemployment for hispanic americans and black americans. point to concrete things like that. and at home people feel like things are going well. even if donald trump instigates a lot of these more outrageous fights, they are not paying attention to that. they are paying attention to the successes. in that strange way donald trump has been managing to ride above all of the discord and the ridiculous fights that have been going on in washington. >> here is the thing the president tweeted out, calling stormy daniels horse face. the question is, this came on the heels of a federal "judge's
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decision. democrats can likely use this tweet as a mid-term talking point. but some say the president tweeted it out to distract from headlines about his personal financial business interests in saudi arabia. what's your take? >> what it does do, it's like donald trump keeps the circus separate from the policy. he's doing well in the policy stuff and he wonders into the circus thing. as long as democrats are frothing at the mouth, losing their minds about all the circus stuff going on in washington. and he keeps getting brett kavanaugh confirmed and the economy doing well, he's winning. so i think that's one of the reasons he does it in addition to the fact he likes to hit
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back. liz: top democrat officials including former obama advisors david axlerod criticized both hillary clinton and elizabeth warren for getting into controversies weeks before the mid-terms. joy whejoy behar is blasting hiy clinton. >> what she did is what republicans do. they change the subject. you know you have a bad argument when your mid response is they were worse. this highlights to me why people -- some people struggle to vote for her because you can't have it both ways which is what you want. you can't put yourself on a pedestrianal and be a leader for the feminist movement and refuse to acknowledge the reality in standing by your husband. but call it what it is.
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liz: the view was responding to hillary clinton's response to a question about her husband. hillary clinton quickly pivoted to donald trump's controversies. but here is late-night comedian trevor noah schooling hillary clinton. >> no, hillary. i'm sorry, ma'am. that's not cool. maybe it was different in the 90s. but today i think we are all understanding there is a massive power imbalance between an intern and president of the united states. forget intern. the president with anyone is a power imbalance. liz: your reaction? >> it's incredible. i guess it shouldn't be that much of a surprise. hillary clinton has always been about the clintons. they have always been about themselves and advancing themselves at the cost of the party or anybody else, they don't care.
6:21 pm
this is a terrible distraction for democrats. the thing that's kinds of surprising is that elizabeth warren what obviously take a page from the same playbook. it doesn't matter will democratic fortunes. it only matters about her own personal agenda or career. republicans are just rolling in it. it's so -- it's so easy to talk about all this nonsense instead of, you know, having a serious discussion about all the other things that the democrats obviously would rather be talking about. liz: be sure to catch "varney" tomorrow live from the white house. that's starting as ther at 9:00 a.m. -- starting at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. president trump throwing down the gauntlet on honduras unless they stop the caravan heading
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liz: fusion gps co-founder, glenn simpson, he's known for his controversial opposition work on the steele dossier. he pled the fifth today before the senate judiciary committee. he already testified, then he plead the fifth. is he trying to hide something. >> not necessarily. when he testified earlier to a different committee in the house, he gave a chronological timetable saying the first time he interacted with bruce ohr was
6:27 pm
october of 2016. turns out their emails would show he interacted with him earlier than that. his lawyers advised him you better take the fifth so you don't get into legal jeopardy. if you say a then you say b, one of them is not true. liz: his lawyer tried to undercut the whole investigation. >> when i looked at the story, i couldn't believe it. the lawyers on the scorched earth thing about the only reason congress is doing this oversight is to undermine the mueller probe. and by the way we are taking the fifth amendment. working backwards from what we just said, it doesn't appear they have a viable basis for taking the fifth. prosecutors say that's not a valid invocation of the privilege.
6:28 pm
and they gone it a dust-up. but then the guy goes scorched earth and says, this is like the mccarthy hearings in the 50s and i was really surprised. i said to myself there it's unbelievable you a over the top everybody has been going. liz: here is nellie ohr. she is set to testify friday. what do republicans hope to gain from her testimony. >> they say she worked on the does yerp at fusion gps. her husband works at the department of justice. there is a conflict there. how can she be work on this dossier when he is involved at the doj. that's what they want to drill down on. liz: the implication has been russia was heavily involved in the trump campaign. but the way they tried to get to
6:29 pm
the bottom of it is in question. he blasted glenl simpson and twitter. the other issue has been put out there by a conservative writer. he said what does president trump, the fbi, the doj. cory booker, kamala harris or elizabeth warren for collusion in their campaign. >> the point is the way this thing developed as everybody has seen is the minute the issues are raised about mccabe, comey, strzok, page, everybody immediately went to scorched earth. that's merely an attempt to detract and detract from the mueller probe. but the reality is, i think they are worried. there are story lines worth examining. like gregg jar entrepreneur
6:30 pm
examining his book. liz: what the new york printed, would they have print an anti-opinion piece on the resistance to obama? >> shoe on the other foot, absolutely not. liz: why is the shoe on the other foot test so important. >> it's another way of looking at hypocrisy. either side, a republican is bent out of shape about this and in comes the tape from the interview from two years ago saying the opposite. joe biden saying an fbi background check does not determine whether the person did it our not. so in the calf enough context terve played that -- so in the kavanaugh hearings everybody played that tape. it's about fairness and it's worth repeating, the left is
6:31 pm
entitled to say the mueller probe must continue to examine. we have been hearing that for two years. the right is able to say there are conflicts in the way the special counsel was appointed in the first place, and the issue of the fisa court. liz: they are saying bernie sanders and hillary clinton had a fight, they believe hillary clinton's side was rigging it, then when she lost they want to question the electoral college and now the validity of the supreme court. >> the burn down the house strategy, the white house, the house of representatives, now the supreme court after that bruising battle that i won't editorialize about is all in republican hands and there is a lot of frustration on the
6:32 pm
democratic side. we are going to be on a roll. it will be fascinating. liz: the american people want to see policies that work. there is a reason why democrats lost at multiple levels. 1,200 seats. why trump for the first time since lbj and fdr. now the republican party controls three branches of government. >> it goes up and down like a rollercoaster. we'll see what happens in the mid terms. liz: you are a fellow new york, i can tell from that accident. liz: a new car van of migrants, illegal immigrants marching towards the u. smplet. president trump not liking it.
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liz: president trump threatening to cut off aid to the honduran government unless it stopped a care vein of 3,000 illegal border crossers head for the u.s. borderer. brad blakeman, ways your reaction to this story? >> it's provocation of countries that allow this kind of mass immigration through many countries to get to the united states, including mexico. they don't get here without transversing many countries. so this is a thumb in the eye of the administration. they are not doing any favors to those families. if we have to increase aid for that to happen. coming to this country illegally is not going to solve the kind of crisis that's being developed in our border.
6:38 pm
liz: leslie stahl is facing backlash for questioning donald trump that the obama administration was not involved in separating children at the border. >> the forced separation of children from their parents. >> it was on the books but he didn't enforce it. you enforced it. liz: it turns out that's not true. in 2016, according to the department of health and human services 20,000 children were placed by the obama administration in foster care because their parents were incarcerated. in 2015 it was 21,000. this policy has been around since the clinton era. the obama white house faced a surge of illegal border crossers. the separation when that happened, it's not a new trump
6:39 pm
policy. it has been put in place because the parent may not be their parents. they could be drug traffickers and sex traffickers. >> that's right. and we have to act in the best interest of the child. are they the chilled? are they being used as mules? are they being abused? it does no good for the child to be taken on this sojourn, if you will, at great harm to the child. liz: the president is getting hammers on this policy. is it a trump-generated policy? is president trump enforcing it? >> president trump put orders out to try as best we can to keep children together unless there is cause to believe they should be separated. the president is trying to deal with a situation that is not our own. these children and these parents
6:40 pm
are being used by a number of individual and governments in order to mass immigrate populations to the united states unlawfully. liz: it's a problem the clinton administration faced, george w. bush faced it, and now president trump. let's get back to the honduras government. should do you think we should pull back on the aid if the caravan comes? >> absolutely. if they are breaking the law and they are seeking to harm our country, there has to be a price for that. they can't export their problems to the united states. we have had porous borders since 0 you are founding and no part has been able to solve that. liz: what is going on in central america in allowing this phenomena to occur. we understand there are terrible gang problems. there is the human interest angle. but there is an issue of people getting hurt along the way.
6:41 pm
that's a serious concern. we gave $68 million last year to honduras. this is a broader issue than just how the media is portraying it. >> that's right. but there is complicity here. there is complicity on the parts of governments to hurt our nation. liz: why? >> i think it exports their problem. if they can get rid of thousands of people on their rolls as social welfare, why not send them to the united states. this is not the respect that should be given to sovereign nations. if there is not a punishment for it, shame on us. liz: the hispanic community doesn't like it because they waited in line for years to get in here the right way. it's kind of offputting. >> we are not doing any favors
6:42 pm
for these people. if you don't speak the language and don't have a job, you backwards of the state. they will be on public assistance for years. it's not fair to the united states, it's not fair to them, and the governments are allowing it, they need to pay a price for that. liz: the justice department labeled ms-13 a transnational crime threat. >> it raises the threat level and makes it easier to coordinate with international agencies and law enforcement to stop this problem. these people are coming into our country illegally and they are finding homes in the united states, and they are really taking over places as the president point out on long island and places like that? this is not the kind of people that we need in the united states. the president is right. we shouldn't tolerate it.
6:43 pm
liz: they do severe machete attacks. they go after senior citizens on a nighttime walk after dinner. this is a victory for the president going after ms-13. >> it is a victory for the president but we shouldn't have to fight these battles. we should go after the countries exporting them. we need sanctions. we'll triple those who seek to harm us. we should do that. liz: we have this story for you. top democrats and tv pundits and media experts are saying hey, hillary clinton and elizabeth warren, stop getting in controversies so close to the mid-terms. but first, take that, google. amazon's jeff bezos says they will work with the pentagon. google refuses to do so.
6:44 pm
google's ceo defends their plan to build a censored search engine tore china. we take that debate up next. if you're waiting patiently for a liver transplant, it could cost you your life. it's time to get out of line with upmc.
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liz: google's ceo speak for the first time on google's controversial plan to potentially launch a censored search engine for communist china. >> we are in the market. it's been 8 years. every time we are in a country our mission is to provide information to everyone. so it does weigh heavily on us. liz: let's take it up to the daily carol. amber, jeff bezos says his company amazon will work with the pentagon. he says if tech companies turn their back on the pentagon,
6:49 pm
we'll be in trouble. googles decision to pull out of this contract with the pentagon is eggs sp -- is especially strg since they are look at giving a kren sword search engine for china where they are creating internment camps for muslims. you have to wonder what their values are if they are willing to work with a place like china and not the united states government. liz: let's listen to jeff bezos' rationale. >> we are going to continue to support the d.o.d. and i think we should. sometimes one of the jobs of a senior leadership team is to make the right decision even when it's unpopular. liz: what's your reaction to that? >> the unpopular quote is
6:50 pm
thousands of google employees were protesting their decision to be in the running for this $10 billion contract with the pentagon. the google ceo says his decision had nothing do with popularity. jeff bezos is pushing back on that. he says i think the united states is worth defending and it's a patriotic decision to take. liz: here is nikki haley blasting china over what you just mentioned, internment of religious and ethnic minorities. >> prisoners are tortured. they are forced to renounce their religion and pledge allegiance to the communist party. it's the largest internment of civilians in the world today. it may be the largest since world war ii. >> it's an important point. i think people have missed because of the rumors about
6:51 pm
haley's departure, she has been tough on countries with violation of human rights. google said only 1% of their search engine would be kren sword. well that 1% is preventing the information about the internment cams and other abused by the government from getting to the people. liz: the mid-terms fast approaching. it turns out democrats are fighting. not just republicans. they are fighting amongst themselves. you won't believe this story. coming up. do you offer $4.95 online equity trades? great question. see, for a full service brokerage like ours, that's tough to do. schwab does it. next question. do you offer a satisfaction guarantee? a what now? a satisfaction guarantee. like schwab does. man: (scoffing)
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welcome back. a growing number of top democrats are now late-night talk stars are criticizing elizabeth warren and hillary clinton for their october surprises right before the midterms, specifically senator warren pushing dna tests and hillary clinton saying bill clinton did not abuse his power by having an affair with monica lewinsky because monica was quote an adult. let's bring in our political panel. great to see you guys. >> great to be here. >> for david axle rod and others, demeanors are saying to thdemocrats are saying,stop. why are you creating this
6:56 pm
controversy? >> this is political manna in the heavens for the republicans. it shows how self serving the democrats are. and with three week to go before the midterm elections, this is very important for the republican to point out. essentially the democrats are asking for crimina control of c. this is a win-win. for republicans. >> let's talk about the timing of the controversies right before the midterms. what's your take? >> the timing is absolutely terrible. as a democrat i will be honest with you and say that. what i think is that the amount of, let's say, just excitement people have for midterms is going to supersede that. and i they's what the democrats are focused on. these comments from warren and clinton are beyond the pale. it shouldn't have been said from clinton's side and why wouldn't warren wait a few months to release the information. the dp democrats right now are
6:57 pm
single-issue voters. they do not like the trump administration. no mat whary's going their way, they're going to the poll and voting down the ballot. >> hillary clinton bringing up this issue of monica lewinsky not apologizing saying, you know what, my husband was wrong, monica lewinsky is only 7 years older than chelsea clinton at that time. again, hillary clinton's denial of it is -- the people are out there, the voters saying we're supposed to go along with your story line, hillary clinton. and then the second thing with elizabeth warren ford, we had a nay tiff american write a column for cnn saying elizabeth warren where were you all of these years. you've been awol on all sorts of challenges and problems in the native american community that you ignored us all of these years. how could you say you're of american indian ancestry. do you see that point there? >> i see both of those points. with respect to ril chint by not
6:58 pm
making the elementary concession she's basically telling you she's learned nothing from 2016. doesn't care one hoot about women's rights or people nism. only about her own political survival. and with elizabeth warren it's all about 20 to. she's been misappropriating the identity of one of the most victimized groups in america for her political gain. if you think that's a good message to send out, i'm all for it. >> the point there is that she used her native american status on a job application to the point where harvard law school said she was a person, a minority, the only woman minority at that time in the mid '90s. here's a cnn writer saying, quote, i'm native american. i have questions for you, senator warren. where have you been on all of these years on issues that plague or communities. why are you ignored us. i'm a democrat socialist, not a democrat or republican, nothing do with party politics. you haven't been around when it
6:59 pm
came to our problems for the community that you say you're a member of. >> well i think we also have to understand that we live in a country that goes by the one track rule. whether you have 100% heritage or one drop of african-american blood, you were considered african-american. i'm not trying to defend senator warren by any measure but we have to decide who and what decides what ethnicity someone belongs to. whether or not she benefited from putting that on ap application, and then we want to say if you have a drop of xyz blood, you cannot say you belong to this group, that has to be a final discussion. >> ford, the final point. >> the final point is it doesn't matter if she benefited from it. she tried to benefit from the deception. that's the key thing. >> i have to do a clarification on the columnist story. he was not a u.s. citizen, the washington post reporting. he was able to get a visa. we're staying on that story tomorrow night.
7:00 pm
thank you for watching and thank you to that guest panel before. they were terrific. leulou dobbs is next on fox business. lou: good evening, everybody our top stories, glen simpson needs the fifth on capitol hill. simpson the towner of fusion gps, the smear merchant firm behind the fraudulent anti-trump dossier. the fbi and the department of justice used to spy on the trump campaign and to ultimately create the russia witch hunt. simpson today refusing to answer questions from congress. his decision angered house republicans. >> i'm not surprised that glen simpson is taking the fifth. he probably should. he's in real legal jeopardy. very clearly someone is not


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