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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  October 16, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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mexico-u.s. border. department the homeland security security says our borders are open and there is nothing we can do. good night. trish: president trump vowing to get to the bottom of the missing "washington post" columnist. saudi arabia denies any knowledge of what took place inside the turkish consulate. coming up, my exclusive interview with president trump. "trish regan primetime" starts right now. also breaking tonight. president trump stepping up his attacks on the federal reserve as he blasts the fed for raising interest rates too fast.
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the president believes the fed is the biggest threat to his economic success. is the chairman jerome powell perhaps out of a job? president trump telling me what actually happened behind closed doors during his meeting with russia's vladimir putin in helsinki. here's a hint. it's something the mainstream media definitely won't tell you. we'll get to 2020, stormy daniels and a whole lot more. president trump feeling confident the republicans will come up big during the mid terms. here's my exclusive interview with the president of the united states. three weeks exactly today from the mid terms. what's your prediction? president trump: it's exciting. i think we'll do really well. and i don't want to make predictions. i know my poll numbers are terrific, though if you watch
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certain cable stations they try to make them look less than they are. but we have thousands and thousands more people than we can hold at the rallies. there is enthusiasm like we had the last election, 2016 which was quite a spectacular day and evening. i think we have a lot of enthusiasm. i keep hearing about the enthusiasm, the blue wave. but i think we have tremendous enthusiasm. i think justice kavanaugh, the way he was treated, and the way those democrat senators treated him is horrible, was horrible by any standard. the line of disgusting things they were saying. the false accusations that were made. the third one, avenatti bringing up a person using gang bangs and
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everything else and the stuff that was said. and they didn't even know what they were talking about. it was a disgrace to our country. we are more energized since justice kavanaugh. he's going to be a great one. i think that had an impact. but even before that we had tremendous energy. who knows? trish: a lot of that energy is for you. when you go and there are tens of thousands of people showing up, they are coming to see you. how do you translate that into excitement for the candidate? president trump: i have people coming up to me and say i will never vote in the mid terms because you don't like congress. president trump: x don't really have a majority. i joke, if somebody has a cold,
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we don't have a majority. so i say go out and vote. we need more republicans and we'll win everything. we are getting the wall. we are getting everything. but we are wing on so many different front. but we need more are republicans. history says the president always seems to lose the mid-terms. but nobody had an economy like this. we have the greatest economy we ever had. the numbers came out about job openings. record numbers. trish: your critics on the left would say that's a result of president obama's policies finally taking effect. what do you say to that? president trump: if the opposition got into office instead of me. they were going to put more rules and regulations in, they
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were going to do things with taxes that would be a disaster. raise taxes. we had 4.2 last square. had the opposition gotten in, you would be at minus 4.2. you would be so low you would have job numbers that would be so bad. you would have companies flowing out of the country. now they are flowing back into the country. they want to be back in the united states of america. whenever i hear that i say isn't it sad they can get away with that. we had the slowest recovery in history since the great depression. and we were heading down. take a look at the early numbers. the early numbers or the late numbers for him. we were heading down, 1% gdp.
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we were going down and we were going down fast. when i hear that, even professionals from the other side, we opened it up and it's great. trish: the economic accomplishments are a lot to be proud of and i think people are feeling better about things. that said, there is a lot of division right now. and you have people on the left almost calling for more of it. hillary clinton saying that we can't be civil, the left cannot be civil right now until we take back effectively the government. now, fairly or unfairly, you as the president of the united states have a lot of responsibility in terms of trying to restore that civility. president trump: that's true. you got a big setback with justice kavanaugh. number one that yale.
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and when you heard the horrible things said, you had to become somewhat aggressive, let's say. but hillary is a very dishonest person. if you look at the things she says. they are so dishonest. she was dishonest during the entire campaign whether it was 33,000 emails that were deleted and so far nothing happened from the standpoint of this justice department, very disappointing. but you look at all of the tremendous dishonesty and it's got to be cleared up. i think the economy is going to clear a lot of things up. people are really getting the jobs they want. and we have a tremendous powerful base in the republican party. and they have to know going out for the mid terms is very important. it's almost as important as the 2020 elections in the not too
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distant future. there is tremendous enthusiasm for that. but this true enthusiasm for the mid terms, we'll see. if the enthusiasm is there which i'd should be. they will take away your tax cuts, you will put rules and regulations, you will start losing jobs. it will be a terrible thing for the country with that happens. i think we'll do very well. trish: the economy can restore civility? president trump: i think the economy is going to bring people together. african-american, hispanic-american, asian-american. women. every category, median income, employment, unemployment, it's either ever or 50 or 60 years the best numbers. trish: women are effectively the
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cfo of their family. they are paying the bills and keeping the trains running on time with the family. and they want financial prosperity. they want security. and that's what you are offering. but if you look at the poll numbers they are not liking you. so how do you overcome that? president trump: i had worse poll numbers when i went into the election. if you looked at my poll numbers you would have said there is not a woman in the country who is going to vote for me. i did phenomenal with women. that's probably the reason i won in a true sense. i also did better with hispanics than they predicted. i did better with frisms than they predicted. the men stay with me, i don't know why. but with the women, they want
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security and financial security, too. look at 401ks. let's say we have a bad time three weeks from now. your 401ks will go down tremendously. if they don't go out and vote, then they have themselves to blame because they will lose wealth. 11.7 trillion in wealth. if you look at china they are down 25 trillion since i started going into what i have to do which is straightening out the unfair balances. trish: -- president trump: i put tariffs on $250 billion worth of tar rivers. there is no inflation in this country. the inflation is very low. trish: jay powell might think so. president trump: the fed is raising rates too fast, and it's
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independent so i don't speak to them. but i'm not happy with what he's doing. you look at inflation and it's very low. trish: you put him there. president trump: i'm not blaming anybody. i put them there. maybe it's right and maybe it's wrong. trish: what if he gets it wrong? president trump: for the most of part i'm happy with people. trish: if he gets it wrong. president trump: he's being extremely conservative. let me use the nice term. i want -- we are just having record numbers. when they try and compare what i'm doing with obama, obama was work on zero interest rates. i'm working off real interest rates. almost realized interest rates. you can't compare zero interest rates and you take a look at our numbers. we would be the greatest economy
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in the history of the world. we are paying a lot of interest. and i think we are paying too much, to be honest with you. but we are so strong. and he's doing it because the economy is so good and so strong. trish: if he gets it wrong, will he be out of a job? if he starts hiking rates. president trump: i'm not happy with what he's doing. inflation -- i fully get the whole thing, the federal reserve -- i get as well as any president who has ever been here. i get it really well. but right now that inflation is not here. if we start to see it then we start to go and you do what he's doing. but in the meantime i would like to pay off debt. trish: we have got a lot of it. president trump: we'll start reducing costs now that we took
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care of our military. you will see that very soon. we have as much fat in the government. but i wanted to take care of our military. the democrats have program that are a total waste of money. but in order to get the military, $17 billion, i had to do it because president obama starved the military. i gave them a 10% pay increase. they haven't had it in a decade. i had to do it. not that anybody is wanting to. but i did because i loved the military, law enforcement, the military. but i'm also building brand-new planes all made in america, new ships, missiles, rockets, we are fixing our nuclear. we'll be in tip-top shape. i had to give the democrats some stuff that i would never give to anybody. so they have been very negative
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on the military and law enforcement and the border. i don't see how they win elections that way. trish: coming up, part two of my exclusive interview with the president of the united states. president trump telling me what really actually happened behind closed doors during that meeting -- remember that one in helsinki with none other than vladimir putin? plus an update to story we told you about last night. a federal judge tossing out stormy daniels' defamation lawsuit against the president. coaching means making tough choices.
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but before that wiive an all-star panel to talk about what we just saw. steve forbes and mattie duppler. typically history suggests it's hard for the current party in favor to take the mid terms. but there are a lot of things that happened including the kavanaugh situation that might cause people to be motivated to get up and vote. >> the biggest thing it president has going for him is the opposition. they always overplay their hands. you have elizabeth warren. i think she thought she was going to ace the thing. but in terms of the midr mid --n terms of the mid terms, who motivates their base the most
8:20 pm
of. i wish the republicans would talk about tax cuts. not just talking about making them permanent. talk about new tax cuts, payroll tax cuts. we gave you a christmas president last december. we'll give you another one. trish: right now we have $21.6 trillion of debt. he wanted to build up the military. but this is part of his long-term plan, can we afford more tax cuts like steve wants? >> i was so excited to hear the president talk about fiscal responsibility, music to my ears. we should always be able to afford a tax cut for hard working americans. but the question is, washington
8:21 pm
is too busy spending taxpayer dollars. this is a problem that precede donald trump in the white house, but it doesn't have to be here when he leaves. he can implement spending reform that could make a dent in the federal deficit. what we saw was the spending increase at a rate 2 percentage point higher. we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem. trish: people feel good about themselves and the economy right now. that's on the positive side. but sometimes when people feel good, they are not necessarily going out to the bol that boxes. >> americans are feeling better now than they were two years ago. we need republicans talking to americans, particularly when it comes to tax reform, regulatory
8:22 pm
reform, getting government out of the way so americans can live the lives they are intended to live. they are able to plan for their families without the government telling them otherwise. democrats have been doing a good job of that. they are clear they are intent on taking away the tax cuts the minute they get power in washington. trish: you heard the president talk about the importance of economic security and how that is an issue for women. if republicans lose this round, then, well, taxes probably will go higher. some of the things you have seen from an economic standpoint would be challenges. what do you think of the statement that the fed is the biggest threat he faces. >> the real danger to the fed is
8:23 pm
when they use the word overheat. when they think the economy is too prosperous and they want to slow it down because they think prosperity causes inflation. if you get a pay raise you don't feel like you are overheating. it's preposterous. the fed should not be trying to control the economy. let the free markets control it. trish: we are getting a little bit of inflation, but i'm welcoming it because it's been a while. >> real unnation comes from a bad economy, not prosperous people. steve, good to see you. >> best thing about powell is he's not an economist. trish: thank you so much. we are going to get back to the president. coming up. part two of my exclusive interview with president trump.
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he's doubling down, saying there was absolutely, positively no russia collusion. he admits he's not one bit happy with attorney general jeff sessions. is jeff sessions' job on the line? i'm asking him. it's a big answer after this.
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trish: president trump speak with the crown prils of saudi arabia who denies all knowledge of how or why columnist jamal khashoggi was killed. earlier i asked the president what he plans to do about this atrocity. part two of my exclusive sit-down with the president of the united states. president trump: saudi arabia, we are look at it strongly. it depend on whether the king
8:29 pm
and crown prince knew about it. not whether it happened. but whether they knew about it. if they knew by the it would be bad. if they didn't know about it, bad things can happen. saudi arabia is a partner, they are an ally against iran and against missiles and against what they are doing trying to take over the middle east. since i am here, they are not succeeding. they are heading down the tubes. so saudi arabia, they have been a great ally to me. they are investing tremendous amounts of money be they are fighting terror. with all that being said, you can't do what? we have been reading about it. but we are going to learn a lot about it. they made the largest order in the history of our country, outside of our country, for weapons, for any kinds of military weapons.
8:30 pm
missile systems, ships, they are buying from us. $110 billion they are purchasing. it's 500,000 american jobs. everything is made here. people say we want to have you end that order. well, aren't we just hurting our own country? they will say america won't sell us the missiles, we'll buy them from china or russia. they will say america won't sell us the ships, america won't sell us the arms we need. so we'll buy them from russia, china and some others, france. trish: they benefit financially. and have a relationship with those countries. president trump: senators and congressmen said if they did that we should punish them by not selling them the equipment. if we don't sell them the equipment, they will buy lesser quality equipment. but they will buy it from russia
8:31 pm
and china. so we are not hurting them, we are hurting ourselves. so we want to be smart. i don't want to give up a $110 billion order. i don't want to give that up. you are talking about jobs. we created an incredible economy. i want bowing and lockheed and raytheon to take that money and hire people to make that incredible equipment. trish: i get it. but it's complicated stuff. you are looking at jobs here at home and a lot of money for american companies. and we are look at something pretty atrocious. we don't know. you mentioned jeff sessions earlier. we haven't heard a lot about the mueller investigation. president trump: there was no
8:32 pm
cleution. do you think i would call russia, i need help in idaho. i need help in iowa. let's call russia. it's a con job. it's a total con job. it's a disgrace. this is the democrats losing the electoral college they should have won easily. they lost and they come up with this excuse we lost because of let's see, russia. yeah, russia. i didn't make one call. the whole thing is so disgraceful. so it continues. it's a witch hunt. it's nothing for more than a witch hunt. most of people get it. including democrats. they look at me and wing at me. the democrats get it, too. it continues onward. jeff sessions should have never led it happen. he shouldn't have recused himself. he said i am going to recuse
8:33 pm
myself i wouldn't have put him in that position. trish: is he going to stay in that position? president trump: i'm not going to tell you that. my enemies, people on the other side said for him to have taken the job and immediately recused himself is a disgrace. they say trump is right about that. trish: do you think that in ways vladimir putin is getting what he may have wanted? i say that because it didn't matter to the russians who won, but it mattered in that they wanted to create this division. because it's hard on the country. president trump: yes. because our justice department and fbi played right into their hands with the stupid investigation or whatever you call it. people say i'm not under investigation. i'm not a target of this investigation which nobody likes to say. but it played into their hand.
8:34 pm
if they want to sow chaos. they got it for nothing. we did it to ourselves. the chaos, the stupid chaos. it hasn't been talked about for a long time because people don't believe it. who is going to believe i call russia to give me help. and everyone does say, richard bird, they asked him, he's the head of the senate intelligence. they asked, did you see collusion in he says no, i didn't see collusion. but he said there was no collusion. as you know, the house, devin nunes, they came out with a ruling there was no collusion. but richard bird, they asked during the bloods in north and south carolina. they said what about this committee? he said we have found no collusion. trish: collusion aside. the concern is putin and the folks over in russia.
8:35 pm
president trump: i think they are laughing at us. trish: they are trying to tweak us. president trump: these people played right into their hands. i keep hearing they like to sow chaos. a word from old english. they sow chaos. trish: we have some of that right now. president trump: i believe they half -- they laugh at it. nobody is being tougher. no president at least certainly in the semi modern era has been tougher than i am. i gave weapons to ukraine, obama gave them pillows. he wouldn't give them any weapons. i brought up the scam of the pipeline where germany is paying billions of dollars for natural gas. nobody even talked about it. i made it a big issue. look at my policies on energy.
8:36 pm
she wanted to put wind mills all over the place which don't work. i'm opening up our country to natural gas and oil and the kind of things -- trish: i have got to ask you -- president trump: that's competition with russia. trish: helsinki, you got a lot of criticism including from me. full disclosure. i wondered why you weren't tougher on putin. you said you had a great meeting and met with him one-on-one. president trump: it's easier for me to be tough. we had a two-hour meeting, then we had another meeting with a lot of people. they were great meetings. i was very tough. then we had the press conference. so when i was very tough with north korea, with kim jong-un, people said he'll cause a nuclear war. we are doing great with north korea. no missiles fired. we got back our hostages.
8:37 pm
everybody said he's too tough on north korea. he'll cause nuclear warfare. look how it turned out. with putin they want me to go up and have a boxing match with him on stage? i was nice to him. but when i walked off the stage everyone said that was great. we are on the plane and all of a sudden the fake news says trump wasn't tough enough. if i was too tough they would say trump was too tough. having a good relationship with russia would be a good thing, not a bad thing. this stupid investigation hurts us from having a great relationship. having a good relationship with a nuclear power is not a bad thing. trish: did you tell them in the meeting you have got to mark it off? county report we talked about israel. we talked about meddling, i said no more meddling if you did meddle. he said i didn't meddle.
8:38 pm
i said no more meddling. obama said knock it off. but obama is talking to his second in charge, tell sl -- tel vladimir i will talk to him after the election. obama was told russia was trying to meddle in the election. he didn't say anything about it or do anything about it. he only brings it up after the election. that should be the investigation. why didn't he do something by the. and it didn't affect one vote. but obama was told before the election in september by the fbi about russia and possible russian meddling. you know what he did? nothing. you know why? he thought hillary clinton was going to win and he didn't want to do anything to upset that. just to finish. the last thing putin wants now, i can tell you is trump.
8:39 pm
he would much rather have clinton. trish: china doesn't want you either? president trump: i don't think china is too happy with me. we are winning with china. a man named pillsbury, an expert. trish: i know him, michael pillsbury. president trump: he said china for the first time he's never seen anything like it, we are doing so well. he said much more than that, but if i say it you will say i'm bragging and i don't want to do that. we are doing great against china and russia. trish: we are going to make sure they are not interfering. president trump: i have done more having to do with the new election coming up than obama did on 2016 ever. i don't think he did anything. ask obama, why didn't he do something when the fbi told him about it? because he thought hillary clinton was going to win. trish: quick question, 2020.
8:40 pm
you are running. president trump: yes. trish: michael bloomberg might be running. president trump: that's good. i think it would be easy. trish: he wouldn't be able to do anything the frye pry -- anything in the primaries? president trump: i think the democrats will eat him up. they are nasty. trish: avenatti? president trump: i don't think he's a serious person. i just beat him in a big case. he has to pay my legal fees. he and she have to pay me a lot of legal fees. i love texas. based on texas laws where the legal fees are plentiful. trish: you will hold him to that. president trump: are you serious? of course. he's not a serious person.
8:41 pm
bloomberg may do it or he may not. but i don't think he'll do well. i have a pretty good idea who i think will emerge as a candidate. we'll have other conversations. trish: indeed we'll. we'll have other conversations. i do want to thank the president for sitting down with me today for that exclusive interview. really interesting stuff. we just learned a whole lot. here with reaction to what you just heard, we have trump 2016 deputy campaign manager david bossie and liberal commentator jay stop nichols. we just heard from the president. i'm going to give the floor to you. what is your reaction to some of what he said about mid terms and
8:42 pm
2020. >> he said a whole lot of things having to do with mueller, the mueller investigation it was democrats when we know mueller and comey and rosenstein are all republicans. so i think in terms of the election, i think. trish: i think his point was that president obama didn't pursue the leads he had been given, jason, into the atrocities russia was doing in terms of trying to manipulate things on the margin. >> i agree president obama should have done moral in that regard. i disagree he's been so tough on russia. he continually throws his -- when he says maybe there was meddling. he continually is throwing the intelligence under the bus. he hasn't learned any lessons
8:43 pm
since helsinki. he should trust his intelligence community that has prove therein was russian meddling. trish: i would beg to differ, but i will let david tackle that. the administration has a lot of concerns. what china might be trying to do to manipulate public opinion. >> to jason's point, his intelligence community is the same intelligence community that brought forth the fake russian dossier and put it forward so that the american people would get it. james comey, a bad actor in this entire episode used his opportunity to meet with the president to undermine the president's credibility. but with this fake dossier that was paid for by hillary clinton and the dnc. that's one of the reasons why this president tawcts way he does about things. he thinks he understands what's
8:44 pm
going on with putin. it is a good thing to have a good relationship with vladimir putin. vladimir putin understands strength. that's what this president is exerting. vladimir putin is paying attention to donald trump's strength and the america first agenda. >> the only thing i will say to that is when the president says that he thought that vladimir putin would rather have hillary clinton. vladimir putin himself said he was happy donald trump won and he wanted donald trump to win. so there is no question who vladimir putin would rather face or deal with. and he was clearly outwitted in helsinki. and i think the president needs to take that on the chin. trish: jason, on that interview we just watched, he had a one-on-one meeting with vladimir putin. and in that meeting he was very explicit as you heard him say on
8:45 pm
camera, you guys cannot do this. and that was the message he delivered. >> he wouldn't even acknowledge it. if you meddled. as if the fbi and our intelligence community -- trish: i don't want to argue his points here. i'm just trying to play devil's advocate. you heard him say in that interview, you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. you are tough on one person and they worry you are heading straight towards world war iii, i'm thinking kim jong-un. and if you are too easy on the other. >> obama's secretary of homeland security is someone who called out both the north koreans, the russians, chinese and other bad actors around the world who were trying to meddle in our elections leading up to 2016 elections. this is not news that outside
8:46 pm
these foreign powers are trying to do this. what we need to do is a better job to stop them. i blame one person, barack obama for failing to protect the american electorate from an intrusion by any outside force. i believe this president is doing more than barack obama ever did, and kirstjen nielsen and the doj and fbi are taking this very seriously. i hope we'll see less of it in 2020. trish: any predictions on who the president thinks will be nominated by the democratic party? >> i think he's expecting joe biden. i think he has been spending a lot of time in pennsylvania because he expects joe biden to be his opponent. joe biden is from pennsylvania. i think that's why he's been
8:47 pm
talking about barletto. i think he thinks joe biden is the guy he's going to face. >> i hope it's michael avenatti because it's a two-bit ambulance chairs. the gofundme account for stormy daniels. all those donors will be paying donald trump. trish: president trump vowing to get to the bottom of the missing "washington post" columnist. coming up. retired four-star general jack keane on what's next for u.s.-saudi relations. you might take something for your heart... or joints.
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president trump: if necessity knew by the, it would be bad. if they didn't know by the. bad things can happen. saudi arabia is our partner, they are an ally against iran and against missiles and against what they are doing trying take over the middle east. trish: that was president trump talking about the situation with the saudis. that big conference is coming up, the so-called davos in the
8:52 pm
desert. it looks like we are still planning to go. treasury secretary mnuchin is going. it's because the president says we don't know enough and we have a lot of economic interests there. general jack keane, general, a pleasure. good to have you here. you are exactly -- >> congratulations on your show. trish: you are exactly the person i wanted to talk to about the saudi situation after i heard what the president said. it sounds like he has some sort of bigger picture concerns and it's challenging. you are talking about possibly human life that may have been lost possibly at the hands of the saudis. we are trying to learn more information. but, you know, at the same time you have got all these relationships there and there are financial relationships and
8:53 pm
military relationships, et cetera. so it puts him in the spot of trying to make some decisions. where would you come out. >> it's clear the president understands the strategic nature of this relationship. and we have had it for 7-plus decade. clearly he revitalized the relationship. his first foreign trip was to the capital of saudi arabia. 55 leaders from the region present. he said i stand shoulder to shoulder to you to counter the iranian malign and terrorists in this region. he put real muscle back into this relationship. and you know he's got to be very disappointed. trish: he did make the point to me, this would be really bad if the crown prince knew by the. but we learned from secretary
8:54 pm
pompeii oat crown prince told him he didn't know anything about it. but it's a question how do you get to the bottom of this and what role did the saudis play and that's where we are at right now. >> gentleman yeah. now. -- >> why pompeo is the adult in the room. he has a good sense of what's taking place here. here is way suspect he's talking to the crown prince about. number one be you already have a credibility problem. for two weeks you are denying what happened to khashoggi. and you have got to recover from that. the only way you are going to do that is a complete investigation and full transparency and full accountability and let the facts go where they may. the second thing i hope he's
8:55 pm
talking to him about. rinse, mr. crown prince, you have got to understand this is an international crisis you are managing and you haven't done well with it. you have got to appreciate the seriousness much this and how this can affect the united states relationship with you and other countries as well. you have got to step up and manage this thing. we are willing to help you with some of that. trish: senator lindsey graham certainly has no love lost for the crown prince. he's saying he need to step down. does he? >> yeah, well, what lindsey graham is frustrated is because he has stood up and supported the crown prince time and time again on the floor of the senate because he's a reformer trying to bring saudi arabia politically, socially, religiously out of the dark ages, and you could feel his
8:56 pm
moral outrage and disappointment over this. all that said, we are not appointing leaders in saudi arabia. this is the crown prince, he runs the country. kings will decide who succeed him. we'll have to work with these people. trish: thank you, sir. we'll have more next. works fas, the choice is simple. coricidin hbp is the #1 brand that gives powerful cold symptom relief without raising your blood pressure. coricidin hbp. hey guys. today we're here to talk about trucks. i love trucks. what the heck is that?! whoa! ... nope, it's not ford. i think it's ram. is it ram? not ram. that's a chevy! it's chevy! that's right. from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. gorgeous. chevy hit it out of the ballpark with these.
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9:00 pm
really fun show coming up. kennedy is here. hey, kennedy. kennedy: trish that was amazing, was that the best interview you've ever had? trish: it's certainly way up there. kennedy: he's a very interesting guy with some very interesting things to say, and he had a lot to say. trish: yes and i appreciate you. thanks kennedy. i'll see you later. kennedy: and it's a swing and a miss, that's today's reaction from both republicans and democrats to elizabeth warren's big dna guam well gamble, the one proved she would be as little as 1% made in america and that's not very much and the one that could have the presidential run before it even begins so sad as you know the massachusetts senator yesterday revealed the big results of her test after years of taunts from president trump. he's famously called her


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