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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 17, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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how to enforce everything that happens. >> did you notice there was a west to northwest wind and something was blowing? david: that's manhattan. that does it for us. thanks for watching. evening edit starts right now. president trump: i want to start right now. secretary pompeo will be back late tonight or early tomorrow morning. he spent a lot of time with the crown prince. with that's been said saudi arabia has been an importantal life ours in the middle east. i want to find out what happened, where is the fault, and we'll probably know that by the end of the week. >> president trump seems to want to listen to and believe people like kim jong-un or vladimir putin and saudi arabia rather than our own allies.
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liz: according to the daily beast, the saudis are about to say a two-star general bashed an interrogation of jamal khashoggi and killed. accidentally. special counsel robert mueller ready to release key findings of his russia probe after the mid-term elections. we'll tell you what we are likely to see first. president trump ripping into fake news. he's saying he has to use social media to get straight to the people because reporters won't do their job. senator elizabeth warren ripped into the president for daring to question her american native heritage. she claims her dna test proves her right. but it turns out the president is right. elizabeth warren's claims are a lot weeker than we first
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thought. money, politics, we have the debate behind tomorrow's headlines. "the evening edit" starts right now. fox news just releasing aful poll breaking count issues that voters say are extremely important to them when it comes to voting. look at the top three. healthcare, the economy, president trump, immigration, the scotus nomination, climate change, look at the bottom, the mueller investigation. let's get back to that missing journalist, jamal khashoggi. the white house wants answers from turkey asking for turkey's
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help in the murder of jamal khashoggi in istanbul. reporter: president trump said he wants turkey to turn over those audio and videotapes that reportedly have shown the murder of the missing columnist. the newspaper showing traffic details that came from those audio recordings. the president made it clear he wants those responsible punished and both saudi king and crown prince denied involvement. i hope the king and the crown prince didn't know about it. i hope they have it. mike pompeo just left, he went to turkey. i am seeing him late tonight or tomorrow and we'll find out. >> the president said he'll not back out of the commitment for saudi arabia to buy it in equipment. the president centered his
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middle east policy around saudi arabia hoping they could keep iran in check. the president said they will hold those accountable. >> they promised accountability for each those persons they determine as a result of their investigation deserves accountability? >> including a member of the royal family? >> they made no exception to who they would hold accountable. reporter: the secretary of state is going back to the white house late tonight or tomorrow morning to brief the president in person. liz: according to news reports the saudis are willing to say a two-star general botched the interrogation of jamal khashoggi and accidentally killed him. khashoggi was a 59-year-old
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journalist with "the washington post." he had a green card that allowed him to stay in the united states but was not at citizen. the u.s. does not have jurisdiction to prosecute in the united states. the senate on foreign relations is asking president trump to impose sanctions on saudi arabia or expel saudi diplomats in the u.s. let's bring in the former secretary of defense under president reagan. you were in the reagan white house. they aligned closely too saudi arabia. what is the appropriate response? >> to hold those responsible and'' and the idea that you should continue arms sales. i think president reagan would have said no arms sale until you
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do that right. but the president already gave that bargaining clip away. they have been trained to use our equipment and they are in the middle of a war. they can't learn to fly chinese or russian aircraft. liz: you are saying there would be no backlash from saudi arabia if you took that tough course. then once you do that, okay. but what we have given up that's leverage, we should have kept that leverage because the world needs it, the plus limited world needs it, the fight against terrorism. this is very important to do it. the idea that people in the security guards of the prince were there, and you also had an autopsy doctor there that you didn't expect something moreible
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to happen? liz: mr. secretary, critics are questioning the president for saying this is a case of guilty until proven innocent instead of talking about the victims first. is that a valid criticism? >> it is. this is not somebody being accused of a crime that happened 30 or 50 years ago. he went into the embassy and he never came out. and his wife to be was waiting outside? it defies belief that this happened. the burden of proof is on them to show what happened. they are beginning to say it's an interrogation gone wrong. in the beginning they said he walked out. liz: is this a case of the president showing you real politics in real-time? he's so transparent he tells it like it is. where in the past those kinds of things the president is saying
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now would have been said behind closed doors. he's telling the international airport can people how it is. is that's what's going on? >> he's saying what he believes it is. but the fact of the matter is, he is wrong. secretary pompeo sitting with the crown prince and laughing after something like this? it sends the wrong signal to people all overred the world. liz: in an interview with stuart varney the president said things have changed dramatically since he has been in office. president trump: iran has been set back. when i first came in, a day before i came in, iran was taking over the middle east, they were going to take over everything. now they are pulling back, they are having riots in the street. they are a mess as a country. and that had to do with the day
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i pulled that horrible $50 million deal they gave them. we pulled it. they can come back and negotiate. i am not going to say we have no choice. they don't, that's fine, too. liz: what's your reaction to that? >> iran is having economic problems but they are still? syria. hezbollah is in lebanon. liz: has iran dialed it back since president trump took office? >> no, they haven't. lids * what if he didn't win, would it be even worse with iran? >> i don't think so. i think what would have happened if we had kept the iran deal, the moderate in iran would have begun to take control. but what's happened is see we made this deal with the united states, they broke it, let's turn things over to the hardliners again, the so-called iranian revolutionary guard.
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liz: you have street protests glowing iran. thank you for your service to our country. we appreciate. let's talk about the political fallout. president trump says we need to fight the war on terror and keep iran in check. >> i understand why the president is doing his wait and see and not prosecuting without all the evidence there. i like what rand paul says, they are not our friends, and we need to use our leverage with them to get them to change their behaviors. i think it's important. it's very complicated, and we don't know much more than we knew at the beginning of the week. i don't know what else we can do right now, liz. liz: the president says he wants to see evidence from turkey.
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what's your take? >> the problem i have with this, and i'm speak as a spec-ops veteran. he's relying on saudi arain crane tell jones and not so much u.s. intelligence. it troubles me that he prefers to trust their word more than anything. i understand that we need to weigh and get more evidence. but relying on their word so heavily i have a problem with. liz: this is a human rights issue, amy. this is a death of a journalist. and it's inhumane. are you worried this sets a bad example for the rest of the world if we don't get tough on saudi arabia? >> i think everyone all nations should be outraged about this. the fact that this guy went into
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a does that and he doesn't come out of there arrive, it's very concerning. but saudi arabia has many human rights violations and they are all the september under the rug. so i am sanction to see how the president does deal with them. because i do think it's something we need to handle. liz: president trump went to saudi arabia and gave a speech about reform. amy and robin, thanks for coming in. an 18-year-old shooter killed 19 and wounded dozens more before take his own life at a college crimea which has been annexed by russia. all three major indifficult seals close nghtd red.
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the dow dropping 100 points. the s & p and the nasdaq closing slightly lower. market values up $8 trillion since the president was elected. boston dynamics has a four-legged robot. it's a dancing machine. [♪] they don't want you to have anxiety dreams about those robots that can walk, run, open doors. it's dancing to bruno mars. the caravan. to the caravan of illegal border crossers coming out of honduras. it's grown to 4,000 in number. they are making their way to the border. what is mexico doing to help president trump to stop this. the mid terms less than three
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weeks away. the rnc has an historic stockpile of money and how much president trump has raised for his reelection 2020. president trump: we want to win. we want to get the republicans nominated and get them elected. we need republicans.
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liz: less than three weeks until the mid terms. president trump raising 100 million toward a 2020 reelection bid. the republican national committee raised $270 million for the mid-terms. the democrats have way more seats to defend. of these real clear politics has identified 7 tossups. four lean democrats and two lean republican. let's get to hillary vaughn. president obama and bind have upcoming visits. >> that's right high-profile
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visits from obama and president trump. but this seat is being targeted by democrats because this state went to hillary clinton in 2016. so they think they have a shot at flipping this seat. they are place all their bets on freshman congresswoman jackie rosen. but senator dean heller who is defending his seat, the republican senator here tells me democrats are wrong to think nevada voters aren't happy with the president. >> are nevadaians happy? absolutely. they like what he's doing on immigration. this president delivered for them. and they are pleased to see it. reporter: heller's opponent jackie rosen says he's caught
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with what's happening in washington and too busy to listen to voters in nevada. >> senator heller has a reputation of not talking to the press too often, and a lot of the people i have spoken with tried to speak with him and have been unable to contact him. reporter: this race is neck-and-neck. former president trump obama and vice president joe biden will drum up support for biden. i talked to heller and he said that will give his campaign a boost. it will remind voters of what they don't want to go back to. heller says he's expecting 30,000 people to turn out for that rally saturday. liz: the "new york times" reporting democrats have a quote immigration problem and the playbook for democrats is to not
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talk about the border. this as president trump's threat to pull aid seems to be work. officials in quad maula and honduras are trying to stop the 3,000-strong caravan headed for the border. the honduran president telling them to go home. here is the question. what is mexico doing? mexico sent an additional 500 federal cop to the bored were squat maula. -- to the border with guatemala. is mexico doing enough? mexico claims it won't let in those without a visa. but can't mexico let those who come with visas head to the border? >> we have got an issue south of our border with the breakdown of
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civil society and central american nations. mexico is not acting in our best interests. mayor case not an escape valve for the problems south of our border whether it's mismanagement in government or central america or the ruling elite thinking the american taxpayer should bail them out for their problems. this is what trump wants. one of the top issues yes was elected was immigration reform, build the wall. we are seeing it in the polls. people are saying immigration is one of their top issues. the reason democrats don't want to talk about immigration. they realize they have a problem with suburban voters. suburban voters reacted negatively to democrats want to go abolish i.c.e. and positively toward republicans saying they want to abolish sanctuary
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cities. liz: it's wrong to krals the border illegally. it's breaking the law. the "new york times" says democrats have a border problem. democrats received memos warning them spending a little time talking about the bored and more time with healthcare. we don't see talking points here. those are facts from the memos the "new york times" got from niece two super pacs. >> i'm not saying that didn't happen. when it comes to trump's zero tolerance family separation policy, democrats should be talking about that. liz: forgive me. we have facts. hhs says under president obama 21,000 children were put into foster care after their parents
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were incarcerated for crossing the border illegally. that happened in 2016 under obama. 21,000 in 2015. this is not a trump problem. this problem centered under bill clinton. it's wrong to try to nail president trump for enforcing something that was a problem that started way before bill qulin on. >> you are right this problem has been going on for a long time. president george w. bush while i don't agree with him often, he used to talk about compassion that conservatism. we have given you the facts. we are about get together bottom of things and the facts. i'm giving you the facts. i understand the refugee problem. we are about the facts, ned, and it's wrong to consistently go after president trump on this issue with it's been a problem for presidents on both sides of
6:25 pm
the aisle. >> this has been a problem, this been an unholy alliance between democrats and some in the republican circles for short-term business gain. trump is say nothing more. 70% of the american people regardless of the party affiliation say people coming to the border illegally should be turned around and sent home. there is no snation national sovereignty without borders. liz: we just want to get to the facts. we don't want any angles. we just warnltd the truth. those are the facts coming towfts our government -- coming out of our government about children being separated from their parents. >> it's still happening. if you are concerned by the, i
6:26 pm
would encourage you to talk to president trump and cut out the zero tolerance issue. liz: he has done that, right? to your point, nathan, obama did put in cams, kept in jail the parents with the children. so that is a problem. it's been a problem with the law, that's the issue, right? >> it is. the one problem i had. i was open and honest about this on tv. they should never have had parent-children separations. they should have kept them at the same place. we are not under any obligation top accept any citizen from a mismanaged nation anywhere in the world. liz: and we are giving a lot of aid to these countries. thank you so much.
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a special programming note. we'll be joined by republican congressman jim jordan of ohio. president trump mocking fake news and the media saying they can dish out criticism, but think don't know how to take it. senator warren not backing down over her dna results. but we have new analysis showing her dna claim that she is a may touch american is weaker than first reported. senator ted cruz was at a loss for words in last night's debate with beto o'rourke. >> tell us something you have done in the last year that has nothing to do with the politics that would show texans who you are as a person.
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liz: president trump on the road again heating to houston will be texas to campaign for nor ted cruz, this after a heated debate between nor cruz and betoioo o'rourke. >> you had them going after each other with personal attacks. but this is an unexpectedly close race. you are seeing ted cruz in the race but not by much. o'rourke is gathering huge rallies, and he set a record when it came to fundraising. at one point the debate got personal. >> why don't you tell us
6:33 pm
something you have done in the last year that has nothing to do with politics to give texans insight into you as a person. senator cruz, you first. >> i will say the hardest thing about being in this job is being a dad. >> also the situation went back and forth, personal attacks going on between both candidates. they ranked between border control, immigration, abortion, the #metoo movement. then it touched on climate change and what the proper action should be around climate change. >> senator cruz is not going to be honest with you. he'll make up positions on votes i have never taken. he's being dishonest. it's why president trump called
6:34 pm
him lyin' ted. >> john adams stubbornly said facts are stubborn things. reporter: the president is endorsing ted cruz. the dems believe they can get this state back based on demographics and urbanization. it will be heated. presidential candidate senator does beth warren firing back at president trump after his dismissal of her dna test where she claims she is part native american. she said he's scared. he's trying to do what he always does to women who scare him. attack us personally. it may soothe his ego, but it won't hurt. let's by in her contender.
6:35 pm
let's get to the dna test. it's made even more meaningless because the genetics researcher compared them with people from latin america, not native america. meaning south america a. this is about credibility, right? >> it is. it's all about making sure you have got someone with integrity. i don't care about the ancestry. i think elizabeth warren needs to confess she used this claim of american heritage to advance her career. she says she didn't. but she had herself listed in law schools as native american when she got her university of pennsylvania job and then her job at harvard, then thee delisted herself. i don't care if she is 1/1000
6:36 pm
native american. this whole claim of native american heritage has blown up in her face with the attempt to put it to bed monday with a video she released. liz: tax returns according to the "boston herald" that looked at senator warren and her husband's tax returns show they wrote off $200,000 in charitable deductions for actually the value of the donation. they took deductions for donated clothes and household items over a 5-year period. that's nearly $40,000 a year in donations. >> she falsified the tax returns.
6:37 pm
she said she made an error when she listed $50,000 in clothing donations. but she wants people to pay higher taxes. she talked about people paying up to 90% in individual taxes, and sheer she is trying to lower taxes for herself as much as possible. it's saying one thing and doing another with elizabeth warren. she took $350,000 to teach one course at harvard and she says college tuition is too expensive. she was not a millionaire until she got into the u.s. senate. she is one of the 1 percenters she complained about and she wants us to live by a different set of rules than we do. liz: her office admits it was
6:38 pm
$8,000 of clothes and house hold items. we reached out to senator wharton invite her on the show and we are waiting to hear back. robert mueller maying closer to revealing key findings. president trump: they hit me so viciously. i give them a little jab and the story is trump hits reporter. with 2x more geographic detail...
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when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. president trump: sometimes i get a nasty question from someone from cnn and i will hit the reporter back modestly hard, and the next thing, president hits reporters, terrible, freedom of the press. liz: that's president trump
6:43 pm
saying the meet yeah will not report his successes. he said he has some use social media accounts to get his message to the public because he says the media will not do its job. the issue is that anything the president says is an official statement and sometimes his tweets rankle people. >> he rewrote nafta and he held a press conference and all they wanted to talk about was stormy daniels. he goes around the mainstream media and delivers his message to 52 million people. he does it using language that is colorful, provocative, unforgettable. if you don't like trump, you see
6:44 pm
the tweets and hate him. if you do like him you love it. liz: he can be insulting and offensive. but there have been a lot of trump economic victories. that's an all-time high. more job openings than eligible workers. even "the washington post" says it's a good time to ask for a raise because of trump. >> the fact is, whatever main street media say, i think middle america knows, whether you like him or not has delivered remarkable economic results. he's deregulated. and if he crows a bit on twitter about his successes, i think we should allow him to do so. liz: elizabeth warren says stop
6:45 pm
distracting voters with your policies. >> i think the more democrats focus on issues and tie themselves up in knots or transgender toilets or whatever. let them upset themselves about social issues and let donald trump get on delivering better life for ordinary americans. he's doing it. i know the figures republic. i compare to where i am now, manual macron, and mrs. may, and merge. he's 20 points ahead of where they are here. the only warning i would have is social media, twitter, facebook didn't just give us trump.
6:46 pm
it gave us brexit and the italian political revolution. the worry now is that a handful of social media companies are beginning to censor conservative opinion. and that gives me cause for concern. liz: nigel farage, thank you. signs the results of the mueller probe may be out after the election. we break it down next. touch shows how we really feel. but does psoriasis ever get in the way? embrace the chance of 100% clear skin with taltz, the fit and only treatmt of its kd offering people with moderate to sere psoriasis a chance at 100% clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of people quickly saw
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liz: deputy attorney general rod rosenstein defended robert mueller's probe as approachant independent. look whose here. judge andrew napolitano. what do we expect from the mueller probe? liz: is it coming out after the mid-terms? >> yes. whatever you think of the probe, he's been scrupulous about not doing anything material, announce an indictment or charge oral laces in the 60 days proceedings the election. except in the case of an
6:51 pm
emergency. the only break in that will be something he's being forced to do against his will which is to participate in the sentencing of paul manafort. the government asked that sentencing be put off until after election day because mueller's office wanted to be scrupulous. the judge said no. i don't know when that is, but i think it's within the next three or four days. he's investigating three areas we know about, obstruction much justice. was jim comby fired for an improper reason. liz: what has he got on the president? >> i don't know. but i do know that he received a lot of information he didn't expect to receive with the guilty plea from paul manafort and the unexpected guilty plea from michael cohen during the course of which michael cohen said under oath the president
6:52 pm
ordered me to break the law by falsifying these documents. they have to investigate. they may have decide there is nothing there there and michael cone may have said that in a pique of anger. the areas are prepresidential bank fraud by misstating his wealth to deutsch bank. obstruction of justice, was jim comey fired for an improper purpose, and conspiracy to receive something of value from a foreign national. the crime is conspiracy. even if the thing of value didn't arrive, if there was an agreement to do it, that's the crime. those are the tree areas. is he going to indict anybody beyond the 32 indictments he has already obtained? whrits * come back after the mid terms and we'll talk about it.
6:53 pm
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>> is mexico doing enough to stop caravan of illegal border crossers leaving honduras, joining me now representative
6:57 pm
brian babben of texas. >> i think this is leverage we need for far too long, we've seen american leaders use leverage to know avail and not put americans first, this time we have a leader in president trump. who is telling central emergencn governments, tell honduras, if this connues using the united states as your relief valve for your corruption problems. and send your migrants our way. we're going to cut off your foreign aid, that is the right thing to do, they are sending that message to other central governments, and negotiating
6:58 pm
with the mexican government, far too long, liz we've taken other people over glows they need -- over flows they need to spend money or foreign aid we give them to give their own people this type of relief, quit sending them our way. >> is mexico doing enough? >> no, i don't think so, supposedly say are sending 500 federales to guatemala border, i hop the hope they can stop the caravan. they are not 100% cooperative. the president is using his leverage. he has considerable leverage with these countries. we send a lot of foreign aid to the nations.
6:59 pm
we've seen 80% spike influx of migrants across the border, children. we give them a day to come back for a hearing then they are released to united states. >> reality is we know about humanitarian issues and gang violence in interviews with these individuals it is to seek jobs, that say government story, right? >> they are seeking jobs. i appreciate the people who want to better themselves, however. we're a sovereign nation, as you know. sev sovereign nation control their borders we have the right for an immigration policy that benefits american tax payers, benefits the united states, and we should help these people in their own nations not here.
7:00 pm
>> congressman babben thank you, sir. >> thank you, so much for watching. next up is lou dobbs, right here on the fox business network. lou: good evening our top story. caravan of illegal ill grants from honduras headed for united states. growing to as many as 4,000 people, authorities in guatemala and mexico trying to stop the caravan. but nonetheless it is still headed our way, northbound to u.s. border, a wide open border. the question is, how can border patrol protect the nation whether radical dimms prefer open borders, and more crimes and more drugs and more illegal immigrants. >> people w


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