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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 18, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> who is going to do the best with it. he wells fargo or liz warren. "evening edit" starts right now. >> i don't think they are doing enough. supposedly they are sending 500 federal officers down to the border which i hope they can stop some of this caravan if not all of them. the mexican government has not been, i think, 100% cooperative. far from it. i think the president is using his leverage. he has considerable leverage with these countries. we send a lot of foreign aid to a lot of these nations. liz: we were on it early. is mexico doing enough? he have an update on president trump's threats to send the u.s.
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military to shut the border if that rare can of illegal border crossers is not stopped. democrats continue to do nothing to fiction this massive problem that grew on their watch. the caravan expected to arrive around election day. voters expected to react. we'll ask jim jordan about a shocking human trafficking case that happened on obama's watch in jim jordan's state of ohio that arose out of obama's open border policy. the government saying khashoggi is probably dead. the media slamming hillary clinton for trying to defend her
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husband. she is trying to argue it's not an abuse of power. the #metoo founder is mad. "the evening edit" starts right now. [♪] welcome to the show. to mexico. now under fire for not doing enough to stop the caravan of illegal border crossers. mexico's police commissioner reportedly saying the 500 police officers mexico is deploying are only meant to keep the peace and maintain order. they are not there to stop the illegals from crossing. the caravan defied president trump's warning and it continues to grow. >> the president is on his way to montana. the white house is buzzing about
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president trump keeping his eye on what's happening with the migrants, 4,000-plus headed towards the united states. their goal is to come into the united states and ask for asylum. president trump tweeted out he'll cut aid to those countries and close the border using the military if he has to. a senior state department official says between 2015 and today the u.s. gave $2.6 billion to those two countries in that region. secretary of state mike pompeo will be in mexico city tomorrow to talk with the mexican president. he has orders to ask for help this situation. the former acting director of i.c.e. said when the caravans come, 8 out of 10 of the claims for asylum are fraudulent. >> people from central america
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cannot travel through mexico without a transit visa issued by the mexican officials. i am hoping the mexican officials are waiting for this caravan and will turn them back and not issue them transit visas. reporter: our relationship with mexico disclosest as it's ever been under president trump. both sides happy with the usmca agreement. liz: let's bring in republican congressman jim jordan. what's your reaction to this rare can of illegal border crossers? >> every sovereign nation has the right to secure their borders. the president as commander-in-chief, that's his first responsibility. the president is right when he says foreign aid may have to be reduced. and he said earlier today he's
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looking at putting national guard troops on the border if necessary. i think that makes sense if that's what's required. liz: let's talk about what happened in your home state of ohio. health and human services placed 40 minors, teenagers. they were forced to work on chicken farms 12 hours a day,' days a week. hhs is unreliable and vulnerable to abuse. what's going on with minors. talk to us about that case. >> you are right. not to mention no -- to mention mollie tibbetts. we have to get control of the border for human trafficking concerns.
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drug and opioid concerns. and certainly for the idea that gang violence can come across the border as well. the central promise we made to the american people in 2016 was securing our southern border. and the democrats want to abolish ice. it's exactly opposite of what needs to happen. i think that's why they support the president to make sure we build the border security wall and get control of our southern border. liz: the democrats have been criticized for years for having a moral vacancy when it comes to the border. the president is saying our borders are under assault. and hhs cannot handle it. when they come in here, there is no media coverage of how our institutions can handle it. go ahead. >> gang violence, drug problems,
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human trafficking problems. the most of extreme positions i think in american history the left has taken when it comes to abolishing i.c.e. this is a fundamental question and difference that will be central in the election of 19 days. the two positions are very clear. the american people will say let's build the wall, stop the visa migration chain lottery. alicia: listen to what jack keane had to say. >> the united states has to act so our officials can do what's prudent. we don't need to use the u.s. military. liz: he says we shouldn't have to put our men and women on the bored, congress can act. >> there is legislation that's
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been introduced, but we can't get enough votes. some people want the politics of this issue and don't want to help people and make sure we build that wall. we have a bill that would get more judges. senator cruz introduced that legislation, more judges to make those decisions so you don't have catch and release. so you can get the problems figured out and figure out who is legitimate and who is the 80% who aren't legitimate asylum requests. liz: the media is not covering that. a lot of these individuals are coming for jobs. to your point, there is a lot of crime. has the media coverage be poor here? >> of course. we note mainstream press isn't going to cover the way it needs to be covered.
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all i know is there is legislation that does it in the common sense prioritizing fashion the american people elected us to do it in. we are a few votes short. but that's the kind of bill that needs to pass to answer general keane's question. we have to work harder to get that legislation passed. liz: 26 democrats in 2006 were for the border fence including senator obama, joe biden, hillary clinton and more. >> the ones who don't understand that are the democrats in congress. let's pass common sense border security walls and the measures that make good sense to have in place and control our border. it looks like now there is people actually paying -- i have seen video where they are
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talking about paying people to come here. if that's happening, that's as wrong -- if that's taking place, that need to stop as well. liz: thank you so much for coming on. let's ask this question. is it smart politics what the president is asking for? we'll bring in national diversity coalition. madison, if it's smart politics to stay yes, get the military to the border? >> it is what it is. and we have to do that. we can't allow this to continue. there are people in this country at risk and there are children at risk. there is a lot of talk about people being encouraged to bring children over the border who are not their children. that's scary. it's terrible. and we are a nation of laws. we have to make sure the laws are being followed to protect american citizens. they have lost leadership.
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since 2006, some of them were supporting the policies president trump is putting forward. liz: family border crossing are at historic levels. nancy pelosi is the only democrat talking about the border. she is saying the bored is all about president trump's manhood. we know that's rhetoric. but really the border is only a manhood issue for president trump? >> it's an emotional issue. liz: it's a safety and security issue. >> everybody should be for security. but we shouldn't evoke fear to tap into people's emotions. liz: people are getting killed in the united states by criminal illegals. this isn't about fear. >> most of immigrants that are here illegally, many of them came legally. we need comprehensive
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immigration. liz: if one person is killed by a criminal illegal, that's one too many. i'm trying to put this in context for the viewer out there. this is a security and safety issue to your point. >> i would say if one child is separated and stuck in a cage that's wrong, two. liz: 20,000 were incarcerated by president obama in 2015 and 2016. >> why not prevent deaths that are preventable. if people die, oh, well, that's essentially what they are saying. i think the democratic party is going to lose a lot of votes because of this issue.
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liz: democrats were much tougher on the border a decade ago. then senator barack obama, hillary clinton, joe biden, chuck schumer. the time for equivocating and politicizing. the polls show the american people don't like what's going on with the border. enough already. fix it. >> i think you have a polarization in the bodies of congress. in the house you have polarized left-leaning districts that are for open borders. there are a lot of constituents in the progressive border districts that like the notion of that. liz: stocks dropping from now. host of worries from saudi arabia to china, and more.
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this is a reality check. it's back where it was in july. the s & p sending slightly lower down 40. a new report giving 22 of the 25 largest burger chains in the u.s. a big fat f failing grade over the use of antibiotics found in beef. only shake shack and burger king coming away with a passing grade. in the british parliament, there are robots about senior citizen care. watch. >> good morning. thank you for inviting me to give evidence today. i'm a resident robot at the university. liz: it's highlighting the
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amazing advances in artificial intelligence. president trump saying jamal khashoggi is possibly dead. a top general in afghanistan narrowly escaping an assassination attempt. the taliban claiming responsibility. (vo hand) can we talk?
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liz: 90 minutes ago president trump gave an impromptu and sobering announcement on the fate of jamal khashoggi. reporter: the trump administration says they are giving saudi arabia to few more days to finish their investigation into the disappearance of jamal khashoggi. the president is warning of consequences. president trump: it looks that way to me. it certainly looks that way. it will have to be very severe. it's bad, bad stuff. reporter: the president is
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saying it looks to him that khashoggi is dead. the president stressed thing strong national security relationship between the u.s. and saudi arabia. there are strong calls in congress for the administration to respond, especially as turkish media reports the investigation pointing to associates of crown prince mohammad bin salman. the editor said he held off on publishing khashoggi's last column hoping he would return and work on it. he said arab governments have been given free rein to continue silencing the media. the arab world is facing its own
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version of an iron were taken imposed not by ex teernl actors but through domestic forces vying for power. liz: fox business in no longer going to attend the economic conference. a top four-star general nearly assassinated in afghanistan. the taliban behind the attack in kandahar province. the general escaped unharmed but two american workers were wound. also this, general joseph dunford, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said yesterday isis is far from defeated. it's evolved into an ideological attack attracting terrorists from europe and africa to do
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attacks. >> you are getting mixed signals out of the military. on the one hand it looks like isis is defeated as a military force. it cannot take and hold land for any significant period of time. of course, it will exist as a loose network. there is also a little bit of posterior covering going on with generals in the herks ring not want to go say isis is defeated. and it's attempting to prolong a major mission in syria. liz: what's your take on what happened in afghanistan has a four star general ever been killed in combat? >> no. there is one ring below who has
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been killed in afghanistan. but our commanders are coming within minutes of being killed. he just left a meeting where the senior member of the government was killed. it shows the conflict goes on without resolution, 17 years after our involvement began. liz: where would isis be if president trump had not won the election? >> they would continue to hold territory in iraq and syria. they did make an appearance in the philippines in 2017. you probably would see that in more significant manifestations around the globe. liz: u.s. precision airstrike in somalia killed five dozen al qaeda fighters. >> the u.s. military continues to perform well with the
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tactical assignments it's given, killing and targeting these individuals. but what goal is it achieving. somalia is not much improved from two decades ago when you had blackhawk down. what do we want to accomplish that we haven't accomplished so far. the overall strategy seems illusive. liz: president trump ripping into fake news saying the liberal media continues to ignore and not report and his victories. facebook says it's fighting to keep misinformation and bias off its platform. but the use of robots and algorithms may not be up to the task.
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liz: welcome back. with less than three weeks until the mid terms, facebook touting its efforts to fight bias against conservatives and delete phoney posts by using human fact checkers and algorithms. but the wall street with journal says even with all that, facebook cannot keep up. reporter: they created a war room where it's actually filled with facebook employees, not outside fact checkers. it was created ahead of the brazil election. they also use fact checkers.
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they have fact checker helpers. they are getting help from outsiders like the associated press. snoops. "the weekly standard" came in as one of the later ones, a conservative outlet showing facebook is trying not to be bias. abc news was in that list but dropped out because they felt they weren't make enough of a difference. then when you have fact you have two employees according to their financial statements, they paid $189,000 for these two employees. every day there are millions and billions of posts that people put out there. imagine how difficult it is for a company to have to go through it. they are relying on these fact
6:31 pm
checker helpers and some of the people in the war rooms and artificial intelligence. can they even get through any of it given how many posts they have to sift through? the last fact out of this report is none of those organizations received any special instructions ahead of the mid-term elections. so be careful when you are on facebook and you are reading the news on there. but always check out fox business. right? liz: joining me, attorney har harmeet dhillon and chris bedford. what did you think about this story from the "wall street journal," facebook is not able to control the billions of posts for bias and more problems. >> the's censorship and facebook shouldn't be in the business of doing censorship in the first place. what's more laughable is the
6:32 pm
resources they are devoting are very small. calling the week think standard which is head by a never trumper, bill kristol. liz: why is that? >> the sheer volume. and what are the standards. what is make news? there is gossip and different viewpoints about facts from the beginning of humankind. without any standards it's impossible to manage that. an organization claiming communications decency act 230 immunity has to be a neutral platform. it cannot be a publisher and it cannot take sides. liz: it sounds like facebook social media kiss a rue tilt. >> zuckerberg set himself up to
6:33 pm
fail here. everybody thought he was a genius because facebook helped get barack obama elected. but when hillary clinton failed facebook was blamed. he took on an herculean task saying i am going to suicide what information people can see. he's not up to it. it's either going to be run by computers and algorithms or humans. they set themselves up for regulation on facebook. the amount of onerous regulations required to police your platform will enshrine facebook for the made yeah platform to make sure whoever posts on your website isn't
6:34 pm
trying to trick somebody. liz: has president trump been right all along about conservative bias? >> of course he is. i have numerous clients including james demoore who can tell you about boy as in every major technology company. google is the worst. but we heard complaints from others. the amount of money they donate in the weeping by google executives after the election. how they treat employees and how they discriminate. the number of people nut facebook jail and time out. ditto twitter. these platforms are blocking conservatives in coordinated efforts. and that itself is going to raise anti-trust issues.
6:35 pm
liz: there is so much disinformation. there are so many people being mislead about u.s. policy. >> there are people being misled. there is access to disinformation, and true information can spread more rapidly. so you won't have these mass hysterias where people think there are wiches and vampires, because you can reach out and get the truth which is snopes which has taken a liberal turn recently. people have used theist net and the connection to push away what they don't like. you can decide who to follow and not follow and create your even echo chamber across the country which is another cause for political division.
6:36 pm
>> the type of disinformation i see on mainstream media, the elizabeth warren story, she is not a native american, but the mainstream media was pushing that heavily. liz: thank you so much for coming on. appreciate it. senator mitch mcconnell says he wants the senate to fully repeal obama care, but it depend on the outcome of the mid terms. president trump blasting the media for pushing fake news and for not reporting how much america is winning. we have the sound and the debate coming up. stay there. >> i get such phoney news. everything is a fake.
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president trump: to be honest with you, i get such phoney
6:41 pm
news. everything is a fake. yesterday i gave an interview to ap. the headline was different from everything i said. the rest was perfect. and they have been criticized for it. where did they come up with that headline. liz: president trump is saying fake news is out there. he says the liberal media is still failing to report the economic successes under his administration. joining me, the author of the hit book "the cap thattists come back." andy puzder is here. >> the president is absolutely right. we are in an amazing time economically and politically. he's not getting the credit. if he says something
6:42 pm
complimentary about you his ease s. grant and they will say he complimented robert e. lee. liz: he says he has to use the twitter ac account to get his message out. >> when he wants to get his message across he send it out. prior presidents had to call a press conference or press release which the press would interpret. well, the press lost its interpretation job. now the president can go directly to the people, tell them what he thinks and tell them why. this president has done a great job of communicating what he believes. liz: he has instant access to 55 million media followers.
6:43 pm
>> economically we would be where we are upgd barack obama. are -- under barack obama. instead of 6.1 unemployed people, we would have more unemployed people than job openings. we had too many qualified people and not enough job openings to where we have too many job openings and not enough qualified people. we would not have weakly earnings increasing. instead of making more, people would have been making less and taking home a smaller percentage of what they made. >> you and i were just talking about, silicon valley has tech unicorns. once in a generation you see a guy like president trump come in and say enough we are going to get the job done.
6:44 pm
>> thank god it happened now. because we need him desperately. senator warren is acting like she is already running. now she is saying wells fargo's ceo should be removed. >> she is running for the nomination for the democratic party for president. and i will contribute to that. because she would be disaster for democrats. she would be a true gift for republicans and i'm wholly supportive of her running. she has a better chance of being an american indian that she does running for president. liz: coming up, the founder of the #metoo movement blasting hillary and bill clinton.
6:45 pm
you won't believe what she is saying. senator mitch mcconnell saying obamacare repeal might be back to the table. can the senate get it done? we take it up with health expert and "new york post" columnist betsy mccaughey. >> the democrat party deserves to lose in the single biggest electoral defeat just in the actions they have taken the last month. (engine roaring) (horn honking) okay, okay, okay... (clatter) ( ♪ ) feeling unsure? oh... (nervous yelp) what if you had some help? introducing the new 2019 ford edge with the confidence of ford co-pilot360 (tm) technology. the most available driver assist technology in its class. ( ♪ ) the new 2019 ford edge.
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liz: the polls show the mid-term voter is concerned about healthcare. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says if republicans do well in the mid terms it could open the door to a fresh vote to repeal obamacare. this as 16 democrat senators and 120 house democrats are for medicare for all. medicare for all was rejected in colorado and in bernie sanders's vermont and kamala harris' california because it would bankrupt their states. let's take it up with betsy mccaughey. what's your take on repealing
6:50 pm
obamacare? he has to try and repeal obamacare because it's creating a whole new class of uninsured americans. the middle class. 2 million people less are even rolled because they are ineligible for subsidies, they have to pay full freight and premiums would triple. it's unaffordable. but this mid-term election could turn on a big lie, one big lie all across the country. democratic candidates are running ads claiming republicans will not protect people with preexisting conditions. that is totally false. the repeal and replace bill republicans intro dued in congress did protect people with preexisting conditions. but in a fairer way. instead of putting the whole burden on the few healthy people
6:51 pm
in the individual market, it mays with general revenues. let's get on to immediate i kay for all. is that a phoney claim. don't fall for that bait and switch. it's medicare for none and skimpy care for all. it eliminates, abolishes medicare advantage, employer provided health insurance, the kind unions provide and the plans you bias an individual, all outloud. everyone has to go into this one new government program. it's mandatory, you have no choice, and hospitals under this new system will be paid so much less than they currently are paid to care for patients, they will have to jam more beds in every room. they will have to have fewer nurses, skimpier care.
6:52 pm
it will be brutal for seniors and more healthcare workers will get laid off. liz: betsy mccaughey, you were great. >> there is a lot to talk about on this subject. liz: the founder of the #metoo movement firing back at hillary clinton saying you are wrong. stop defending bill clinton's affair with monica lewinsky. it was an abuse of power, plain and simple. >> the one person that really meddled with the russians and rigged an election.
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medical costs, so call now and see why a medicare supplement plan from a company like humana, just might be the answer. liz: welcome back, bill and hillary clinton about to launch a 6 month speaking tour, it opens them to questions about bill's affair with monica lewinsky, hillary clinton tried to argue that bill spadea did cp clin -- bill clinton did not abuse his power. >> no, no. >> people who look at the incidents of 90s, they say a president of united states can note have a consential relationship with an intern. >> she was an adult. liz: democrats are upset by
6:57 pm
this. bill was 49 at the time, monica 22, just 7 years older than cell see, here is the founder of original "me too" movement. >> i think about the thing hillary clinton says about will monica lewinsky and bill clinton affair not an abuse of power, that is tragic and wrong. liz: bringing back madison and al. is it a a con-- consensual relationship. >> it could still be an abuse of power, that is what hooped happened. he was abusing his power. it was unacceptable. and hillary and her comments are more unacceptable. she claims to be a supporter of
6:58 pm
women. she only supports women that benefit her, they are sick of it. >> that is not fair. secretary clinton has a blind spot when it comes to talk about women who accuse her husband of misdeeds, other than -- >> so it is just okay then. liz:al, finish. >> her entire life other than that blind spot has been about lifting women and children from the world. liz: victimizing -- you know, the aim of power. in president's position alone versus intern is an abuse of power, that is quote from "me too" founder, madison. >> this is not a partisan issue, this is about supporting women. supporting what's right, this is
6:59 pm
not about a blind spot, she does not turn a blind eye she attacked women for years who accused her husband. there have been other things, in arkansas against other women. it is unacceptable. don't say, that okay, al. >> i agree it not okay. i can not okay to say it is not an abuse of power, i am comparing her career -- liz: why can't she just say it was wrong? >> i think i've explained why. >> it's getting old, people say it's wrong. >> spouses come to rescue of his or her partners, i do got agree witbut it does not reflect the balance of her career. liz: nobody believe its any more. >> i don't agree with it. liz: madison. >> you can support your husband
7:00 pm
and still not attack women. liz: all right. >> i agree. liz: you agree. great. thank you for watching, lou dobbs is here next on fox business network. lou: good evening our top story, caravan of central american migrants trying to u.s. border second blowing -- is exploding in numbers and size. becoming a full-blown international crise for governments of hon honduras, guatemala and mexico. president trump says that the country do nothing to stop the caravan from streaming into united states, he will call on the military to close the southern border. we take it up congressman andy bigs of air aired.

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