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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 19, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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mr. lou dobbs. and he's joining me at the top of the hour. hillary clinton may be running again. is that good or bad. david: thank you, trish, for being with us. thanks for joining us. president trump: we are about law and order and borders, and they are about allowing crime to enter our country with open borders. that's not going to happen on my watch. if that doesn't work out we are calling up the military. and we'll have the military stationed. they are not coming into this country. they might as well turn back. >> we are reaching a crisis. record numbers of migrants. we talked about stopping the flow before it reaches the u.s. borderer. liz: a caravan of 4,000 honduran
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illegal border crossers. they smashed thank you way through fences into mexico. police did use tear gas. we have the latest how many turned back and how many are still headed our way. the white house has a plan to make immigration great again as well. but the democrats nowhere to be found. they are awol on this issue. we have allen west with his reaction. breaking news out of the u.k. the u.k. releasing early from prison a violent islamic preach more supported isis. and the same group that backed the killers who macheted to death the soldier on the streets of england. the u.s. government just busted a russian national for mid-term election interference.
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still allegedly using social media, just days after facebook's chief security officer warned the united states is not ready to fight election cyber hacks. facebook can't control its own website, but facebook wants to track your phone calls and use your phone call data in order to make money selling ads. thank you so much for joining us. money, politics, we have the debate behind tomorrow's headlines. "the evening edit" starts right now. to the border chaos. the new nafta trade deal up in the air. president trump sticking to his guns saying border security is far more important to me than
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trade as conflicting signals come out of mexico as the caravan chaos shows. mexico has a porous southern border with guatemala. it makes it too easy for illegals to cross. the u.n. will supposedly screen illegals that it plans to have in new shelters in the southern border. but if they make their way into the united states, we can send them back. andre obrador wanted a softer approach toil legals. but his officials seem to now push for a tougher stance. let's get to edward lawrence in d.c. to straighten it out. reporter: that caravan of migrants is at the mexican-central american border.
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they worked out a plan that mexico would ask the u.n. for help. the president says he's serious about closing the u.s. borderer. something secretary of state mike pompeo reiterated today. >> the challenge about securing our american border is u.s. sovereignty. that's a uniquely american burden. and as president trump said it's something we need to address inside our country to make sure we do this well. reporter: the countries in central america did what they could but it wasn't enough to stop the latest caravan. >> guatemala also postured to slow them down and only processed those with valid documents. but they pushed through the quad mallian bored with honduras. in mexico they are well repaired
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with hundreds of police officers at the southern border. reporter: mexico made it clear they will turn away anyone without legal permission. president trump: we give a lot of money to these countries if you look at el salvador, honduras and guatemala. tens of millions of dollars. in one case, $400 million. they do nothing for us. i called them and said very nicely, you are not going to get any money if you let this happen. reporter: the caravan has been stopped again at the mexico-central american border. liz: now to the crackdown by law enforcement at mexico's southern
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border with with guatemala. an activist was arrested and bundled into a van by police. the fact that the caravan launched to begin with shows how bad it could get. colonel allen west, what's your take on this? >> i don't see this as being a coincidence, especially as close as we are to our mid-term elections. the fact that we have activists down there sowing seeds saying you can use these talking points and these lines to gain entry into the united states of america. we have people advertising if you can get to america, all the different benefits you can receive. if we don't control our border, we are not a sovereign nation. and we have a front door, and we need to streamline legal
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immigration processes. but we cannot allow ourselves to continue to be undermined by a wholehearted intentional episode of people coming across our border illegally. we give foreign aid to these countries to try to prop them up so they can take care of their citizens. liz: the president has a plan, a merit-based system, that could stop caravans like this. >> it should stop the caravans, but you still have people that are part of the no borders, abolish i.c.e., progressive socialist left going down and giving people talking points and coaching them how to come across our border and use the term asylum. we have to be strict on what we consider asylum. you can't just come to the united states of america because
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you don't like your own country. liz: it's so bad that our guys and gals at the border, an adult illegal apparently caught at the border in el paso, texas. he was trying to get in claiming to be an unaccompanied minor. and border patrol stopped crystal northeast street value of half a million dollars. that was found in gas tanks illegally crossing the border. >> the drug cartels are taking advantage of this situation. if we are serious about the opioid crisis, we need to stop the flow of drugs. and we still have a problem with islamic terrorism. they can be infiltrating into these groups as well to come across our border. liz: we'll see you later in the
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show. the terror preacher was released from sentence serving half of his sentence. he supports the group that macheted to death soldier lee rigby you five years ago. what's your reaction to this. former obama officials said it's clear this administration, the problems it tries to address at the border, that their approach is failing. what's your answer to that? >> the left is doing everything it can to subvert the president's attempt to restore our borders. if you don't have a border, you don't have a country. but that's okay because we have a liberal elite with a transnational mindset. it doesn't believe the american people have the right to determine who comes into this
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country. i married a legal immigrant. immigrants are right. but this our country and we should determine who comes into it. liz: latinos who came here legally don't want illegals coming in. 26 democrats voted for the border fence 10 years ago including obama, feinstein, clinton and schumer. >> i think they are being advised on some level because they have been largely weak on the border. the numbers are change. it's sad, because we are still stuck with the situation. there is this fight with bolton and the administration the other day. bolton is right. we are not doing enough.
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but the problem is not necessarily within the administration. it's with democrats and the laws. and the laws are crazy. it allows for porous borders. no third world country would treat its borders this way yet we continue to. it's largely because of politics. the democrats don't want to alienate their base. america in the end is unsafe and not secure, and that's unacceptable. liz: democrats are weak on the border. no democrat is campaigning saying they are for open borders with freedom of movement. obama deported 2.5 million people, he was nicknames deporter-in-chief. but that was after arizona
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enacted tough illegal immigration laws. that's when the democrats seemed to act. >> if i were more cynical and didn't care about my country i would be thrilledw by what the democrats are doing because they are alienating the normal hard working people month who don't live in the blue city and work in academia. these are the people looking at the footage of hordes of people saying that can't happen. let's take control our border. liz: there are reports of john kelly and john bolton getting into a shouting match over illegal border crossing. americans have had it with the border politics. voters don't like it.
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is president trump the guy to get unity on fixing the border? dianne feinstein is talking about whreght laying after the -- about legislation after the mid-term. >> i think so. the president recognizes his base is strongly behind him. and he realizes the democrats have challenges. they can't be perceived going into the presidential election as being weak on borders. i think it will be a mistake to the extent they do that. and it could be political catastrophe for them. after the mid terms democrats will be more open to cut something kind of deal which could be great for those who wanted to see the border protection that i think we need. frankly it's been long in the coming. liz: the dow closing up.
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it snapped a two-day losing treek to finish the week slightly higher. the weather channel's sleek new animation is terrifying and informative. educating viewers about the dangers of wildfires. a city in china is going to launch an artificial man made moon into the sky by 2020. it's an effort to replace streetlights. the satellites will work to enhance the shine of the actual moon to replace streetlights. a russian national charged with meddling in the u.s. national system including next months elections. are our elections safe from tampering?
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to getting answers. "activecore, how's my network?" "all sites are green." all of which helps you do more than your customers thought possible. comcast business. beyond fast. liz: president trump continuing on his streak of rallies across the country. this as republican martha mcsally and democrat krysten
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sinema are in a fierce battle for jeff flake's seat. hillary vaughn is in mesa, arizona with the details. >> the president is here rallying support for republican congresswoman martha mcsally. she faces off with krysten sinema for the seat currently held by jeff flake. here in the border state of arizona, immigration is one of the top issues on voters minds as they head to the polls. i spoke to congresswoman martha mcsally and she said it's time for them to step up and put the u.s.-mexico trade agreement on
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hold. >> we have little caravans coming every single day. this is insane. we need to unify the country and stop this from happening. it's ridiculous. reporter: congresswoman kirstin cinema said there should be noted the difference between people crossing the border for a job and crossing the border seek asylum. but neither candidate addressed what we should do with the caravan if it does make its way to the u.s.-arizona border. the president said as of now mexico is doing a good job stopping them from making their way here. liz? liz: we are 2 1/2 weeks away from the mid terms. in the me too era both sides are battling for the suburban
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women's vote. we welcome the former communications director or senator harry reid. kayleigh, your read on the suburban women's vote. survey showing they favor democrats by a double-digit margin. >> i think they will just perform public polling just as they did in 2016. after the convention public polling said white suburban women a college education favored hillary clinton by 57-28%. president trump at the end of the daindsed up winning by 52%. they were the hidden trump supporter who showed up at the polls. polling is not to be trusts. liz: that was even after the access hollywood tape came out. john, the "new york times" upshot blog is conducting house
6:22 pm
race polls. showing democrats no longer doing well in red states and red districts since the kavanaugh nomination fight. that suggests democrats only squeak out a slight majority. >> i agree with kayleigh. i am not a big fan of public polls. i don't think you can trust prime minister. but here is the deal. when it comes to republican candidates, you can't trust them. you can't trust them with your pocket book or healthcare. liz: they put more money in people's pockets. liz: the income tax revenues are coming in higher. many women say they don't plan to vote at all. what's that about? >> i think they say that now but we'll see increased female and
6:23 pm
male turnout and increased turnout overall. democratic turnout was and republican turnout was up as well. i think this will be one of the largest turnout elections we have ever seen. republican turnout in 7 contested house seats, turnout was up. liz: it's hard to make an argument about the debt when obama doubled the debt on his watch and bright more than all other presidents combined. hillary clinton defending her husband that monica lewinsky was an adult. how does that affect democrat women's votes? >> i don't think it does affect them. hillary clinton is not on the ballot. liz: it's a shocking thing to say in the middle of the #metoo movement. >> it shows she is tone deaf in
6:24 pm
terms of what's going none our country today. but she is not the one on the ballot. who is on the ballot are the republican candidates who we are all aware have issues with what he says about women. this week the president called one horse face. liz: hillary's approval rating is 36%. it's unclear with bill clinton will be there with andrew gillam. >> welcoming hillary clinton to florida is not a good move. john keeps saying hillary is not on the ballot. guess who is. heidi heitkamp is who just outed the names of sexual assault
6:25 pm
accusers. one just found out her story and name was leaked to the press. liz: john? >> what we are seeing in florida shows the amount of trouble republicans are having. we are seeing great turnout with republicans in the west, the south the african-american community and where republicans should be doing well, they are struggling in states like florida and virginia. so things have become a lot more competitive for them than they anticipated. both sides will be energized, and this will be a hugely popular election. liz: cbs leslie stahl has been criticized for say the obama administration did not separate families and children at the bored. that's not true. in 2015 more than 20,000
6:26 pm
children were separated at the border. but the media is not reporting those numbers. >> actually, proactively using images from obama detention facilities and putting the trump administration as the party responsible for those images. it is terrible, it's media bias at its absolute worse. that's why donald trump is sitting in the white house despite an onslaught of media criticism. liz: john, you know obama housed families and children in tent cities as well, right? >> that's how it came up for this program today in. liz: we found the hhs numbers from a report nobody was reading from hhs. nobody is covering the fact that obama on his watch separated 21,000 children, put them in foster care when their parents
6:27 pm
were incarcerated by being separated at the bored. they could have been drug smugglers or sex trafficker. but you know >> this story has been told -- elizabeth: it's been distorted, jon. jon, stay with me, jon, forgive me. jon, have you been yourself saying on air that obama separated children at bordersome have you been reporting that? >> i'm not a reporter. elizabeth: okay, so you're not bringing up that stat. your final word, caylee. >> the numbers speak for themselves, thank you more your program, more unearthing those. that is truth, that is hhs data, and it's really important we stay factually grounded. st too bad that cnn has 90% bias, and so many networks do too. elizabeth: an islamist terror preacher linked to the violent jihadis now freed in u.k. that's coming up. but first, a russian national
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elizabeth: breaking news, saudi state media reporting preliminary results of an investigation confirming that death of journalist jamal khashoggi, saudi arabia now saying happened when a fight broke out between khashoggi and people who met him in the consulate led to his death. investigation still underway. top military official dismissed 18 saudi nationals arrested so far. saudi's king salman ordering the administration of a my steer y'all committee as saudi crown prince as head to restructure its intelligence agency. we'll have more as the breaking news comes into the studio. switching gears, facebook's former chief of security now warning that united states is still not equipped to the handle potential cyber hacks in the
6:33 pm
midterm elections and more because it has not launched the kind of massive upgrade to the campaign infrastructure. joining me now the host of fox news channel's the next revolution, steve hilton. he is here with us. steve, is he right? >> yeah, i think he makes a very important general point about our overreliance on centralized systems of technology in voting and many other areas. the fact that everything's become so centralized and so dependent on technology actually makes this more vulnerable, because you just need to get into that one system, and you can affect everything. and so in many ways, for example, if you talk about voting, i've argued that that we need to go backwards in time towards more old-fashioned methods if we really want to the sop hacking, pencil and paper, literally that's the way to the stop hackers. and in terms of facebook specifically, look, first of all, we should, as always when we discuss the facebook, do my disclosure. my wife works there. she's not there for much longer, but she's still there right now and involved in that issue.
6:34 pm
i'm saying they're doing their best, but there's a really important point that one of the leading tech journalists, kara swisher, makes about facebook that actually in the terms of facebook and the elections, it wasn't a question of hacking. hose, that platform and others like twitter, they were used exactly as intended. they're supposed to be there to spread information for anyone to anyone else. very, very quickly. and so in a way, this points to, again, this question that you've got one social network that the everyone uses. the lack of competition in the tech sector is a big concern. elizabeth: and the lack of controls that facebook could be so easily exploited. in your opinion, is facebook ready to stop fake news on its site and stop an increasingly anti-conservative bias within its own worker ranksesome. >> well, that's -- ranks? >> well, that's another really important question. again, it's this issue of dominance. we wouldn't mind so much that these giant tech companies -- facebook and google in particular -- be
6:35 pm
very clear that their workers, their engineers, the people who write algorithms and so on, they're overwhelmingly liberal. we can tell that just by looking at their campaign donations which are disclosed, and you have to list your employer. people have done analysis. 90% extreme left people. it wouldn't matter so much if they weren't so dominant. if google, for example, wasn't basically the way that everyone gets their information, if facebook wasn't the way that everyone connects. and so i think competition is the way to deal with it rather than having the government go in and try to the micromanage these individual companies. elizabeth: steve hilton the, appreciate it. have a good weekend, and be sure to catch steve's show, "the next revolution." that's on sunday nights at 9 p.m. eastern time on the fox news channel. retired lieutenant colonel allen west is back with us. colonel, breaking news, saudi arabia apparently detaining 18. we're going to be going to a tease right now. colonel al remember west will be back with us after the break. back inia two.
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elizabeth: right to edward lawrence in d.c. with more on the breaking news out of saudi arabia about the death of jamal khashoggi. edward? >> reporter: we've seen those denials since october 2nd from the saudi government, well, now they're starting to release parts of their report, finally admitting that he died in the consulate there in turkey. the i saudis saying there was a quarrel, and saudi prosecutor has now arrested 18 people related to this death. 15 of those were the folks who were inside the saudi consulate at the time that this all took place. the saudi government is also restructuring their intelligence agency going forward here. now also they've fired who very high-level folks within the government there. first, the royal court adviser; next, the deputy intelligence chief have both been fired from their job. now, in this report though they are denying fact that crown prince knew anything about this plot in order to the talk to jamal khashoggi or knew anything
6:41 pm
about what happened inside that consulate there. and again, saudi arabia taking a very hard stance, in fact, minutes ago the saudi king called turkish president to update him on exactly what their findings were. the turkish king -- or king in saudi arabia thanked the turk thish president for his work -- turkish president for his work on this and bringing this to light. the saudis clearly taking this very seriously today the, liz. elizabeth: thank you, edward. let's bring back lieutenant colonel allen west, your take on the breaking news out of saudi arabia. >> well, in the military, we call that the blinding flash of the obvious. someone dose into the saudi consulate, he does not come out, and there's no body to be produced. obviously, he was killed there. but the important thing we have to understand, these 18 individuals, they were not just rogue actors. someone gave them an order to do this, and jamal khashoggi was a green cardholder, he was a legal resident of the united states of america. he was a journalist that worked for "the washington post". we have got to send a message to
6:42 pm
the i saudis and to everyone that we will not stand by while any nation assassinates a journalist that is a legal resident of the united states of america. this is just the beginning of a very, very dark episode. elizabeth: what is message then that the u.s. sends? >> i think message that we send is, you know, with this arms deal we need to look at taking it off the table. we already see many people that are pulling out of this davos in the desert economic forum, i think that sends another message. and we need to be serious about producing, consuming and exporting our own energy resources so we don't have to be dependent upon the saudis. and we need to look at restructuring better alliances with other actors in the middle east so the saudis don't think they can act with disrespect and disregard toward us. elizabeth: saudi arabia is in a bind, it's trying to bring saudi aramco to the markets in an initial public offering, trying to diversify away from being an
6:43 pm
oil economy. this is a shocking development that comes at the wrong time for what saudi arabia's trying to accomplish with its economy. let's get to this development, terror preacher, he is radical and a violent islamist. he was sentenced in 2016 to five and a half years in prison for basically inviting support for isis. he just got out, colonel, after serving less than half his sentence. what's your reaction this guy? he basically supported group that basically macheted to death that u.k. soldier, lee rigby. go ahead. >> this is absolutely appalling. and when you look at what the government there in england has decided, you know, they're shooting themselves in the foot. you know, one of the cradles of western civilization is free speech and freedom of religion. but when people start to turn that into sedition and try to undermine the nations in which they live in -- and think about this, he's on welfare assistance from the the government there in england. now their going to release him?
6:44 pm
they should be releasing him to deport him, if anything. because if there's a message that will be sent, it's that you can do this in the united kingdom and get away with it, and he will continue to promulgate and proliferate the very horrific message of islamic jihaddism and terrorism. elizabeth: colonel west, thank you so much for joining us, appreciate it. >> my pleasure. breathe breathe coming up, bruce ohr's wife not testifying today about that anti-trump file that fusion gps where both nellie ohr and glenn simpson worked. but first, senators heckled in public by angry citizens. we've got a congressman body slamming a reporter. will voters reject the violence at the midterms? we're going to bring in american conservative union chair matt schlapp here next. back many two. i don't know why i didn't get screened a long time ago.
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6:49 pm
republican congressman assaulted a reporter by body slamming him. let's take it up with american conservative union chairman matt schlapp. >> hey, liz. elizabeth: what will be the reaction at polls to all this mayhem? >> look, i think americans are okay with big, vigorous political disagreements, but i think there are lines that can get crossed x. i think the idea that you have hillary clinton and eric holder, the former chief law enforcement officer of the united states, basically saying it's okay kick people, hillary clinton saying that republicans don't deserve respect, i think that's a big mistake. and i think -- i'd hate to see violence in the streets, but, you know, we should all be careful with our words. elizabeth: great point you make, matt, and we have not seen this phenomenon more than, just more than ten years ago we didn't see it. it started in 2008 with barack obama, matt. remember, he was first to own
6:50 pm
courage in-your-face harassment when he was first running ten years ago. he said his supporters, quote: i want you to talk to them whether they are inget or whether -- independent or whether they are republican, i want you to argue with them and get in their face. i mean, matt, is this who democrats really want to be? >> yeah. and sad thing is steve scalise was, obviously, shot, there was terror on that ballfield. there are people that will take steps towards violence. what i would like to see from these democrats is somebody condemning what hillary clinton and eric holder said. obviously, what you just said, what barack obama said. every democrat should be able to the say i hope they didn't mean those words. if they did, they should take them back. even michelle obama said what eric holder said was too far the. i'd like to see other democrats -- where's elizabeth warren? where's corey booker? where's kamala harris or? i've seen silence. elizabeth: you know, problem is people -- to your point, matt --
6:51 pm
people don't need encourage to the act violently. you know, matt, elections are won in the center. to your point, ordinary americans don't like this. it makes them feel unsafe. >> no. i don't like it. i don't think it's american. our first amendment is about our political speech, our ability to speak, and i don't think that should be infringed in any way. but when you're, when you start violating somebody's personal space and when you start shoving and pushing around and making threats, it's too far. and i think the republicans are going to be the beneficiary of what started all this with these kavanaugh hearings and that unfair process. and i think it's going to accrue to the republicans' benefit. elizabeth: the criticism of president trump's rhetoric. your take on that. >> look, i think ben jacobs is a perfectly fine reporter. i think what was done to was criminal, unlawful, and reporters shouldn't be threatened, and they shouldn't be harmed either. i think, you know, i think that's well over the line, and i think -- i know the president likes to have some fun with these things, but i think that
6:52 pm
was an example where it's too far. i think we should respect members of the media even though sometimes i'd like to throttle them, i don't think people should throttle them, and i'm not going to throttle them. let's keep our disagreements just on the rhetoric. elizabeth: matt schlapp, come back soon. we love having you on. >> thanks, liz. coming up, nellie ohr joining glenn simpson in not talking to congress. nellie ohr worked at fusion gps, it was behind that anti-trump dossier. it was a bid to not testify against her husband bruce ohr, who is a top justice department official. this story sure is not over. we've got more on it next. stay there. it was here.
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liz: nellie ohr, the woman at the center of the gps fusion controversy told congress today she won't be testifying. she invoked spousal privilege because she is married to bruce ohr. he's the justice department top official demoted last year. next week deputy attorney general rod rosenstein faces off with some angry republican lawmakers accusing him of refusing to give up key documents in the russia probe
6:57 pm
and even more. bre, what can republicans get out of rosenstein? >> that will be interesting to see what they can get from him. everything that we have heard from the left about all the mueller investigation and everything thus far has been oh, we deserve transparency about everything that happened. and i agree with that. we 100% deserve transparency. and that includes rosenstein being forthcoming about whether the department of justice unjustly surveilled carter page, and how much nepotism was going on to spur what they were doing. i think we deserve to get to the bottom of the truth. rosenstein should consider that when he's going forward with this. it will be interesting to hear what the left has to say about all of this.
6:58 pm
liz: what was your take on it? >> bruce and nellie were meeting with christopher steele, the author of that dossier that was partially used to surveil carter page. they were feeding information to the fbi after the fbi cut off ties with christopher steele. there seems to be more questions about how exactly this russia probe got started. reports are surfacing that mueller is dropping something after the elections about the russia probe. we deserve transparency. liz: the american people are confused about this whole story. they understand it's wrong for russians to be meddling in our election system. but it seems to be conflicting feeling that you do not want the u.s. intelligence community to be deployed against your political opponent, right?
6:59 pm
>> 100%. i think we can all agree when foreign actors tried to get involved in our elections it's something we should take action against and look out for. i think our system is woefully inadequate when it comes to addressing bad actors. i think a lot of the hysteria you hear from the left and the overemphasis on what did is aiding and abetting the kremlin. i think acting like putin is a giant mastermind and russian control bought farms will undermine our entire system and way of life, it gives them more credit than they deserve. liz: rod rosenstein will talk about whether he suggested
7:00 pm
recording the president. president. 18 officials say jamal khashoggi was in a fight. the question is, where's the body in lou dobbs is next. have a great weekend. lou: good evening. our top stories. president trump and president pena nieto of mexico have reached an historic agreement. the mexican government not per hitting that caravan of mostly honduran national as to make their way across mexico moving towards our border. the mob of mostly honduran nationals led by socialist politicians has been


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