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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 22, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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i'm wearing yellow and i will not be wearing yellow to more night. follow me on instagram. e-mail chris stirewalt will be here along with shannon bream and brian brenberg the return of ryan economics. yet smarter. klugh good evening everybody. our top story the caravan of central american migrants continues to swell and numbers as it tracks northward towards mexico to the u.s. southern border. these are honduras el salvador wat a mullah governments demonstrated any inclination to hault the caravan and the mexican government appears to be aiding the growing caravan rather than slowing or stopping it as a pledge to do. president trump standing strong
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in the face of a whole national security crisis. the president saying the administration will be cutting off aid to the central american countries for their failure to stop the caravan. president trump obviously disappointed and deeply concerned that mexico now clearly supports and is assisting the thousands of migrants as they travel toward our border. >> they could do a lot better job. if you look at the three countries in particular and i don't know what's going on with mexico. i guess it looks like people are walking through the middle of mexico so i'm not exactly thrilled there either. lou: tonight president trump's in the great state of texas for a massive crowd has assembled. look at all of these people. thousands have waited hours and hours to get inside of houston's toyota center. an estimated 100,000 people have rsvp'd tonight. thousands on hand to see the
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president campaign for ms. former presidential rival senator ted cruz. >> he is not lion ted anymore. he is beautiful ted. i call him texas ted. lou: beautiful texas ted and the president of the united states on stage tonight. we will be bringing you all of the news for what promises to be an important event in attaining night of politics. ed rollins is with us tonight and is there any limit on presidential power as president trump threatens to deal with the onslaught of tens of thousands of central american migrants if they reach our border. president trump says that mexico doesn't act responsibly the president will sentry to the board to stop the caravan that would clearly overwhelm our borders and less the president does take action. here's a take on the issues of presidential authority and how we as a nation can react to this
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national emergency and how we can fix our broken borders and disastrous immigration laws former federal prosecutor andrew mccarthy one of the greatest legal minds in the country and showed the gym above. also tonight this promises to be an extraordinary hour. we turn first to the caravan that has created a political crisis and if it reaches our southern border and national emergency. it's still growing and still making its way north despite efforts for the lack of effort of the mexican government which pledged originally to the trump administration to stop the caravan. national correspondent liam la jeunesse is in southern mexico just north of the guatemalan border and has the latest for us. >> a showdown heading towards u.s. border as the migrant caravan began moving 25 miles north monday. mexicans offering food water and
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transportation. >> look at them. they have good hearts. >> organizers say the group doubled in size to more than 7000. some of applied for asylum here but mostly they want to enter the u.s. legally or not despite the presence warning. >> it's not going to be easy. i don't think he's going to be able to stop everybody. >> after first telling president trump they would stop the caravan méxico reversed course. overwhelmed by sheer numbers of wanting to avoid a violent confrontation. the immigrants also know the u.s. cannot catch up with them all pretenders of central americans each day because of court decisions in the lack of shelter space. >> i don't know quiken apply for asylum. my dream is get through the borders. >> there remain some 1400 miles away or roughly a three month walk.
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it going by bus or train will cut that time in half. their final destination we are told california, not arizona or texaco. mexico says roughly 1000 families have applied for asylum here ready to prove they can stay in mexico to live and work. united nations refugee agency is helping process those claims but also makes the distinction between migrants fighting crime and poverty versus political persecution. >> summer willingly leave -- leaving the country to pursue a better future. they would face retaliation. >> what we were seeing is a massive exodus many from guatemala and some from el salvador. people complained of crime and corruption saying there's no money and no hope and they are better off leaving them staying they say because they have nothing to lose.
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they will continue to come. lou: thank you very much william la jeunesse reporting from southern mexico. president trump hitting back hard against the central american government that failed to stop this caravan and the radical democrats who encourage them to come to our country illegally. "fox news" chief white house correspondent john roberts with our report. >> lou good evening. expect the caravan to be front and center at the cal -- president's campaign rally. illegal immigration is up 30% this year compared to last for the president believes he has a very powerful issue with which to give voters at the polls. president trump today said central american nations stand to lose hundreds of millions of dollars in usaid if they don't stop repeated migrant caravans from heading to the united states. >> we have been giving so much
quote quote
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money did when we asked them to keep their people in their country they are unable to do it we will make america great again. >> president trump double down on his unverified assertion that there criminals and middle eastern or is among the caravan population channel and jing journalist to go and look for themselves. >> onto the metal inserts. you're going to find ms-13 and you are going to find middle easterners. we are not allowing them in our country. >> the president threatened today to engage the u.s. military to shut down the border tweeting i have alerted order patrol and military that this is a national emergency. must change laws. in a push to to motivate the republican base president trump's laying blame for the caravan at the feet of the democrats refusing his efforts to reform immigration laws. in a joint statement senator chuck schumer and house minority leader nancy pelosi firing back at present is desperate to change the subject from health
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care to immigration because he knows that health care is the number one issue americans care about. after years of requests from the united states mexico last week repealed to the u.n. high commission for refugees to set up shelters and processing centers along mexico's southern border with guatemala. i'm told that those centers are processing 300 the migrants everyday and many others are circumventing the system trying to head straight to the united states. lou: john thank you very much per john roberts from the white house. president trump is in houston, texas tonight where he would dress and estimated nearly 20,000 of his supporters inside the toyota center and perhaps as many who are holding a texas sized tailgate party outside. this event marks the 12th of 15 events that president trump will hold this month for republican candidates in the house and the senate. three more events to come later this week at "fox news"
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correspondent kristin fisher traveling with the president and joins us now with more. >> lou two years ago who would have thought president trump would be campaigning for lyin' ted as he calls him. that was his neck name for him but now it's texas ted. he is on his way down here. this caravan of migrants getting closer and closer to the u.s. border. the number one reason president trump's coming here at the tour of the center may be because he wants and needs ted cruz to win this race. senator cruz greeted the president when he landed two hours ago. he is hoping the president can encourage supporters to get out and vote for him. right now it's uncomfortably
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close for republicans. cruz is ahead in the polls family seven points in his opponent beto o'rourke has proved to be a formidable challenger outranking cruz a $40 million and he said he would vote to impeach president trump if elected. the last time a democrat won a state ride test in texas was 204 years ago. this crowd does not want this to happen on their watch. this is a massive get out the vote rally. people have been at the arena since 10:00 a.m. yesterday. about 10 people camped out overnight and they are all it gives you an idea of how much all these people wanted to be here tonight is president trump takes the stage in 20 minutes. lou: you have quite a night ahead of you. that crowd seems energized as one could ask the kristin fisher reporting from toyota center the site of tonight's trump rally
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for texas beautiful ted cruz. just as a comparison by the way the radical left president barack obama at a rally held in las vegas. he managed to somehow muster up to 2000 people there. that compares of course to 20,000 inside the toyota center tonight for the president. senator cruz and some 20,000 of side and another 60,000 who were disappointed that they could not gain entry to the festivities tonight in houston. we will be following all of the news that the president and senator ted cruz make tonight right here. still ahead new video emerging of a supposed body double. jamal khashoggi. there you see his clothing but that's a body double walking out
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of the saudi consulate in istanbul. we will have the latest for you in the case and also the national left-wing media reporting president trump is being too tough on the border. >> is a straight up fear-mongering? >> it's not even a dog whistle. this is fear-mongering. >> you will tell you osama bin ladin is -- . >> he's a fraud as a politician. >> it's always a broad brand and -- brown and black people. after fact check him. it's always wrong about the caravan. >> this wasn't just the administration whose values are cruel but also an administration that is -- and as the mayor we can't be potholes.
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lou: president trump today announcing the united states will begin to cut or reduce aid to honduras, guatemala and el salvador after those three governments failed to stop the caravan of central american migrants marching toward our border with mexico and in 2017 the united states government gave guatemala almost $230 million in aid. honduras received 144 million. it uhlfelder was given $91 million. join us tonight to discuss the national security crisis that is posed by the caravan if it reaches the u.s. border, the involvement of cartels narcoterrorism the ms-13 judicial watch's president tom fenton. thomas good to have you with us. this could very well be a national emergency and as he puts it he is disappointed and displeased with the governments of the three governments that i just mentioned plus mexico. your judgment about that caravan
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and the threat it poses? >> it is a national security threat. we should be concerned about the behavior of the country. they are not stopping them. guatemala is ill-equipped to deal with the pressure they are facing from the hondurans. our people are in guatemala and chris farrell isn't guatemala right now with one of our colleagues. they are trying that they need help. they have turned away 1500 essentially men at the southern border with honduras. of the caravan that came north that guatemalans were able to pull out 107th special-interest aliens people who work with hondurans are guatemala or el salvador from places like bangladesh down in the southern part of the border. they were from cuba so these are not central americans per se. if forced the president of guatemala -- lou: to be clear the fear is
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that some of them are radical islamist terrorists that have intermingled with this group of central americans and the further fear is so many of these migrants are from central america frankly are radical left-wingers. the leaders are left-wing party members are crying out loud out of honduras. and no one other than the president at this point, i keep expecting to hear chuck schumer and nancy pelosi expressed their concern for america but for the caravan is seems to be doubling every few days in size they have said nothing. >> i agree so this is why the president needs to protect the country but he should deploy troops to guatemala and support the after -- effort there and
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turn away the caravans that are forming in the south. lou: it's very disappointing and sure to the president that guatemala did nothing to stop this caravan. honduras did nothing. this is el salvador. this is horrible behavior and you've got people like pelosi walking around chirping about there's just not a problem here. this group of people shows up at her border they are automatically if they are further coached in the rules will have to be given asylum for crying out loud because the president says our immigration laws and our refugee laws are just plain stupid. >> that's why he has to deploy the military to the southern border and prevent these people from entering. once they enter they are free and clear practically speaking. they are sent the capacity to keep them obtained and they will
10:21 pm
never be heard of a again at least from law enforcement. president morales of guatemala said a few weeks ago we arrested 100 foreign nationals tied to isis. turns out many of them were tight to syria. they were detained and removed. who knows what else is going on in guatemala as a result of as they say the conservative government of guatemala is under assault from the source operations of the united nations and this is what has been wrong. we have a government unable to control its borders and frankly to go into guatemala right now. lou: it makes me nervous pecking about sending our troops into guatemala. i understand that the fact of the matter is the crisis at hand is the one that is shaping up directed toward her border and it's not an accident. it's not an accident.
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it's straightforward history and it's not speculation. it is history. in -- they are intermingled with this group that is obviously operating with significant support and direction from what groups we do not know for sure at this point. we do know intermingling will be a lot of bad characters including ms-13 and other narc out terrorists running through that crowd of people. by the way, i suppose everybody has noticed these are mostly adult males in this caravan to this point and i mean overwhelmingly so. >> your video shows that. chris tells me that's what's happening on the southern border and the concern is they are going to be overwhelmed again at the honduran border. the caravans are building up again and this is the first wave. frankly their hundreds if not
10:23 pm
thousands already hitting the border. lou: we know from the homeland security at caravan at the time the estimate was 5000 people in that caravan. the equivalent of the caravan is arriving every day on our borders. illegal immigration has risen by at least a third and by the way those are numbers that are somewhat formulaic and often underestimate what is actually occurring at her border in terms of illegal crossings. tom then it e-rates with the i want to say thank you and chris farrell and your folks giving us firsthand knowledge of what is going on and working with those governments. tom fitton thanks for being with us. president trump telling reporters he isn't satisfied with the reports he has received so far about the death of soviet
10:24 pm
of this jamal khashoggi. this is turkish government officials say new surveillance images show a body double of coach of the walking out of the saudi consulate in istanbul. it's believed the man is one that killed the writer. the soviet foreign minister denies the crowd -- crown prince mohammed bin salman had anything to do with khashoggi's fms development in the past hour the director of the central intelligence agency gina haspel is on her way to turkey tonight as part of the u.s. investigation into the murder of jamal khashoggi. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. the question is do you think after the president tireless unprecedented campaigning in support of republican candidates far beyond what any previous president has ever undertaken the red way for this election should really be called the trump wave.
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cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs. up next president trump and his agenda taking center stage as we have 15 days until they all important, increasingly important midterm elections. ed rollins joins me right after this break. he is the latest on the balance in power. stay with you're headed down the highway when the guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges... how mature of them. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪
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lou: breaking news as we await the president taking the stage in houston, texas. he is addressing about 20,000 people there at an arena that has 20,000 people outside of it as well. he is there in support of course of senator ted cruz and his effort to fend off a radical leftist beto o'rourke. some 100,000 people did rsvp to the event and these are some of the thousands who have stood in line and made their way to the
10:30 pm
toyota arena taking part in what will be a massive tailgate party outside of the arena watching the president's message on big screen. some of these people have been waiting outside since last night it's amazing. new polling suggests president trump's pick nonstop campaigning is helping republicans chances in these midterm races. in indiana new internal polling from republican senatorial candidate mike braun shows him up or point, 44-40 over democratic incumbent and highly unpopular incumbent joe donnelly trailing by as much as six-point before the president campaigned for him in indiana at the end of august. the race for al franken senatorial seat. did you ever think we'd say that al franken senatorial seat and karen ausley trails democratic senator smith, 10 points closer
10:31 pm
than she was earlier this month before the president campaigned for her in minnesota. and at what might be the brightest indicator that the presidents midterm support strategy is working the latest nbc "wall street journal" poll shows in the coat political report 69 toss-up seats of likely voters favor republicans to control the house. moving to 45-44. back in september the same poll found likely voters preferred the democrats to the republicans by seven points, a huge reversal joining me now to discuss the president unprecedented efforts to keep his party in power and favorable poll numbers that are moving in the republicans direction top searches for great american pack political director "fox news" political analyst ed rollins. good to have you here. let's start with the toss-ups.
10:32 pm
to see that number that much in a short amount of time. >> the president is out there basically an energizing the republican base. obviously the other side has been energized for period of time but the reality is we have moments about momentum is what tatters. democrats have raised a ton of money and now it's a question of pretty much this week the 37 states that have early voting starts tomorrow in florida will be an indication. the rnc has done a tremendous effort of these absentee voters. >> talking with rama mcdaniel a few days ago she told me she is thrilled with the ground game that the republicans have built. she is feeling very good about that as well as the money they have put together.
10:33 pm
the idea that this poll would be a one-point margin, 69 seats, what happens over the next two weeks? do we expect to see closing in the number of seats to maybe 30 or 40? >> absolutely. the key thing is and we talked about this before the reality here is our guys and gals have to go out and fight hard. the president has give them every tool they want to a certain extent in its up to them to win. we don't have that whole anymore and republicans traditionally vote in higher levels in the midterm elections. lou: you have been a little negative. that's why i'm asking if the facts are changing. >> the effects are changing about this way that's very important. what's changing is the president driving this agenda. lou: here's the fellow who says pointblank and it sums it up perfectly the republican party is about jobs and the democratic
10:34 pm
party is about mobs. so far they have failed to disappoint. >> it's also about leadership and he's providing that. lou: we appreciated as always. ed rollins. up next at delusional democrat senator elizabeth warren said her disastrous dna tests will restore your faith in government. what? she hasn't made sense for days now. we will have that a much more. stay with us. stay with us. we will be right
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oh, this is too hot, mate. lou: senator elizabeth warren is off on the head of an extraordinary sort of a j.a.g. with another outlandish statement of the weekend. during the debate senator warren said she took that dna tests that showed she wasn't much native american at all because americans trusting government quote is an all-time low. now you figure that out because i sure can't. we are not sure the results failed to demonstrate native american heritage from the senator changes any of that. and again it's just a bizarre, bizarre outlandish statement by the senator. we should be used to it but still we are not joining me to discuss rod rosenstein the deputy attorney general's upcoming closed-door hearing.
10:39 pm
the latest on the mueller probe. andrew mccarthy a former assistant u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york a distinguished former federal prosecutor national review contributing editor and "fox business" contributor great to have you with us and the pay let's start -- it's great to have you here. let's start with rosenstein and whether or not he is going to be fired. he has basically endorsed the mueller investigation. this is almost as outrageous as trey gowdy the lame-duck congressman having endorsed the fbi's the committee last may saying we would just be thrilled with the way they have handled themselves and don't worry about donald trump, he had nothing to do with the bias against them and had nothing to do with the investigation. >> i wouldn't expect lou that
10:40 pm
rosenstein would say anything other than he was endorsing the investigation because he ordered the mueller investigation. he's the one who appointed mueller. he's been supervising him and he he were suddenly at this point to say the investigation was politicized or inappropriate that it wasn't supported by the regulations as we pointed out a number of times and it was unnecessary because there was no reason the justice department couldn't have investigated in its normal course anything that needed be to be investigated. a presence he were to say those things it would be an indictment of himself at this point so i wouldn't have expected him to do that. lou: should he have been indicted? >> i guess maybe and i did was the wrong word. he is certainly the person who was responsible or all of this an essay said from the get go i do not believe in good faith interpretation of the special counsel regulations supported an
10:41 pm
appointment of a special counsel lou: he's going before, a form of the joint committees and the judiciary oversight of the house and facing him will be to lame-duck chairman, trey gowdy, bob goodlatte and jerry nadler and elijah cummings the ranking democrats. they have just turned oversight into a four-person proposition and frank lee i don't trust any one of those four to do anything correctly in probing the deputy attorney general's conduct, his excuses and his failures. your thoughts? >> i thought from the beginning lou the best thing we could have here in terms of the investigation and not only
10:42 pm
mueller's investigation but the investigation of the fbi tactics that were used in the run-up to the election is transparency. i think that we should be arguing in favor of the open door hearings at this point. the more disclosure, the better. the more information put out, the better and the more people participating in it the better. i really don't see anything productive that comes out of the closed-door session with a very limited number of people from congress and in particular not the people who have been pushing this investigation aggressively. i'm very worried about the way this is unfolding. lou: do we have the quote of trey gowdy because it's -- here we go. here is gowdy in the end of may this year. i am looking at evidence quote
10:43 pm
unquote and i'm even more convinced that the fbi did exactly what my fellow citizens would want them to do when they got the information that they got and it has nothing to do with donald trump. that is one of the most corrupt comments that could have been made politically corrupt comments that could have been made about the fbi investigation. your reaction? >> lou every single one of the affidavits are the applications for carter page that was presented to the fisa court stated the fbi believed the trump campaign is complicit in what they have described as cyberespionage which is the hacking business. i can't understand how anybody having looked at those applications can't take the position that this had nothing
10:44 pm
to do with president trump in i can understand how anybody listening to former director comey's testimony where he said that you know one of the people advising him advised him that he shouldn't tell president trump he is not a suspect because of course they were conducting an investigation of the trump campaign which was ultimately an investigation of the now president, i don't see how anybody who looks at this testimony and is aware of the dot mansour presented could take that position. lou: andrew mccarthy as always it's great to have you with us. thank you so much. up next at the secrets of rod rosenstein in his closed-door testimony and why we may never get his full story. attorneys victoria tenzing and john di genova join us after these quick statements. we will take that up and oh yes the president's power to declare
10:45 pm
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lou: we are still waiting on the president to take the stage tonight in houston texas where he is appearing in support of
10:49 pm
senator ted cruz who is on the stage. the president telling reporters before they left washington that he and senator cruz well they are basically now great pals and that's how he refers to ted cruz now, beautiful texas ted. joining us now to talk about well, the very big controversy over the way the rod rosenstein interview is supposed to go before the house judiciary committee, we are joined by victoria tensing a former deputy assistant attorney general of the doj former federal prosecutor judge di genova. it's great to have you both with us. let's start if we may because the president is winding up i am sure to come out in support of ted cruz.
10:50 pm
there are only about 300 miles from a border that's going to be tested in the coming weeks. fick tory at first your assessment about the president's statement that this is a national emergency and he is ready to move troops, u.s. military forces to the border to seal it off if necessary. >> i do want you to know that i'm three-point 6% native american from my new mexico ancestors and to get that on the table. i think it's a very valid action by the president. he can use the military from stopping innovation. lou: it is innovation by any standard and by the way i want to point out i am 100% american. joe, your thoughts on the issue? >> i don't think there's any doubt under federal law and the constitution as the commander-in-chief the president can deploy troops not for
10:51 pm
purposes of domestic law enforcement which it is not forward is protected by law but rather to repel an invasion which this is. it's now clear the people in this march are coming to united states without lawful authority to come here for their own purposes. they are not fleeing anything that requires them to be refugees. therefore the president has the power to repel them. not only at the border but he can enter into mexico in repel them on mexican soil. >> i'm sure he has some council lou. something -- it's not something he's doing off the top of his head. lou: i can't think of a threat he has faced that he wasn't prepared to carry out. let's turn to rod rosenstein so to so many people think is an absolutely central figure in all of this whether it a bit conduct
10:52 pm
of the special counsel whether the putting the prospect of putting on a wired -- a wire recording the president in the white house or whether it simply be putting together spies and putting them into the trump campaign in paying them to do so. victoria your reaction to the idea that only the ranking members of and the chairman of the house judiciary and oversight committees will be there this wednesday the. >> this is a disgrace and i wasn't supposed to be this way protect talk to members and i know the inside scoop. first of all there was an agreement with speaker ryan, mccarthy and goodlatte and trey gowdy all told members that rod was going to be treated just like everyone else in the ascent
10:53 pm
goodlatte and let me tell you a couple of things that you just mentioned only four people get to interview him. two republicans into democrats. the last i checked we were in the majority in the house of representatives. there should have should have been at least three. lou: and then you have a lame-duck chairman. >> they are more worried about the resumes are going to do for them then taking account of the constitutional violations here. should the public no? goodlatte lied on sunday because he said two things. he said first of all it was his idea to have these rules. he and the other three came rod's demand city said the american people would know what was said. oh no, the intelligence community has to come and look at everything that was said and they have to take their time to
10:54 pm
decide what should be released to the public so it's a disgrace. lou: joe you get the last word on the rosenstein committee interview, committees interview with four people. >> this is an embarrassment to the house of representatives and it's another sample of pathetic republican oversight. this is a moment of disgrace that the disgrace deputy attorney general who in fact we now know from members on the house side did in fact discuss the people wearing a wire and going in to see the president of the united states. this is really an embarrassment for the republican party. >> in when he wrote the memo for firing comey they all got mad at him. do you know what rod rosenstein said? oh i will give you a special counsel and then he appointed mueller.
10:55 pm
lou: i promised joe he would get the last word. joe thank you very much infect tory a thank you very much. i know who gets the last word no matter what anybody says. appreciate it. up next were still waiting for the president to take the stage in houston, texas supporting this fellow. he is beautiful texas ted cruz. we will have more from the event and the president when we return. return.
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if you can't afford your medication, betty called me at she thought it was a fire. it was worse. a sinkhole opened up under our museum. eight priceless corvettes had plunged into it. chubb was there within hours. they helped make sure it was safe. we had everyone we needed to get our museum back up and running, and we opened the next day.
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lou: in our online poll last friday we asked, do you think president trump's historic agreement with mexico to stop the mexican caravan raises republicans' chances of keeping control of congress. but it seems like pena nieto decided to break his pledge with president trump. the president at the toyota center in houston, texas campaigning for ted cruz. beautiful ted now. the president threatening to cut foreign aid to central american countries that failed to stop
11:00 pm
the caravans make their way to u.s. rod rosenstein is scheduled to be interviewed thursday by four lawmakers behind closed doors. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. trish report caravan of -- trish: the caravan of migrants now 7,000 people heading straight towards our border. mexico is doing nothing. will we be forced to send u.s. troops to the border? president trump could make appreciate comments at his rally in houston. in just moments i'll ask white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders, what


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