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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 23, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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of being a white supremacist if you drink milk. peta. peta, the animal rights group said this. david: we'll see more of trish tonight. >> when i walked in office 10 years ago, we were in the middle of the worst economic crisis in a lifetime. weed pulled the economy out of the crisis, but you still had people who were struggling. president trump: the number of americans working has just reached the highest in the history of our country. >> when you hear all this talk about economic miracles remember who started it. president trump: nobody ever had the condition of having produced the greatest economy in the history of our country. liz: the white house firing back
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after president obama is trying to take credit for economic growth. peter navarro is here. and also on obama's big can extra diction. a growing number of democrats are campaigning on -- chuck schumer and nancy pelosi try to claim president trump is desperate to change the subject away from the border, even though they are divided on the plan to handle the assault on the border. as democrats quietly order their candidates not to talk about the border at all. the caravan of illegals is 1,000 miles away from the border. but we have reports on what the white house plans are to stop it. we'll bring you the latest. thank you for watching. money, politics. we have the debate behind tomorrow's headlines.
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i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. [♪] 2/3 the caravan of illegals 7,200 strong, 1,000 miles away from the nearest border crossing in mccowan, texas. we are getting reports that some are turning around. the same thing happened earlier this year when a caravan headed towards the san diego border. reporter: this caravan may arrive at the u.s.-mexico border, but they are not going to cross it. the president and vice president pence warned this caravan is driven by leftist groups in honduras. >> the president of honduras told me the caravan that's
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making its way through mexico to the southern border was organized by leftists organizations and financed by venezuela. and we -- as we said -- president trump: and the democrats? reporter: the president said he'll involve the military to back up border patrol if necessary. secretary of state mike pompeo says any person on their way hoping to get access to the u.s. will not be successful, no matter what. >> the caravan will not cross our border under any circumstances. if you seek to come here, go through the normal refugee status. a permanent solution is possible in mexico or a third country. but we are determined that illegal entry to the united states from this caravan will not be possible. reporter: this caravan is making
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its way north. the first wave of central americans arrived after walking for 8 hours. but still they have over a thousand miles to go. the caravan is growing in size. there is no way to verify who these people are in this caravan. the journal fly in southern mexico is closest to mcddo mcco, texas. a lot of people are traveling with children and there is no medical care in this rural part of mexico, than is no easy way for ambulances to respond in the case of an emergency. liz: border authorities point out that the caravan has hundreds of working-age males
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look for a better life and a job. many of them were previously kicked out and deported. they want to get in illegally for economic reasons. that's what the "washington post" is reporting. homeland security and president trump have warned criminals, including members of ms-13 are infiltrating. now the president says the president of honduras says venezuela is funding it. what's your reaction to the breaking news from the vice president that he spoke to the president of honduras and he says the caravan is being financed by venezuela. >> i'm not surprised it's being driven by special interests. but how is that going to impact local law enforcement agencies? that's my biggest concern. liz: the u.s. is humanitarian
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and is about helping the poor, and is pro immigration, but against illegal immigration. the democrats consistently refuse to properly frame the debate. >> what we have to keep in mind is what's good for the united states of america. if their intent is to enter the country illegally to make money, that's one thing. but we have to be sure we properly vet people that want to come into our country. we know from a past investigation locally in fresno county, we had people enter the country as part of the unaccompanied children act that were part of ms-13 and we had a high incidence of violence our country. liz: and some had connections to iran and hezbollah.
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a memo to president obama in 2014 says the u.s. president does have the authority to act on his own to trane then the border. this is senator obama talking tough on border crossers. >> we are a generous and welcoming people in the united states, but those who enter the country illegally disrespect the rule of law and showing disregard for those who are following the law. we simply cannot allow people to pour into the united states undetected, undocumented, unchecked, circumventing the line of people waiting patiently, diligently and lawfully to become immigrants in this country. liz: he's one of 26 democrats who voted for a border fence. what changed? >> how quickly things change.
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i think that it i a change from the democratic party as a whole who are looking for people who show support to specific parties. that's -- i think they are trying to build up that base. the president -- senator obama at that time was right then and it's the right kind of opinion to have now. we don't know who is going to be coming across the border. we don't knowf who is infiltrating a group of people who may be want to go come here for asylum or refuge. we don't know who is joining that group. that what's scares me at a local level. liz: the "new york times" is putting out a report that parents will have to choose between relinquishing their children to foster care or
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staying in prison with their children. that's a tough call forcing parents to choose. it could create a firestorm of controversy. under president barack obama parent-child separations at the border. there were 21,000 children in foster care between 2016 and 2015. your reaction to that report in the "new york times." >> no one likes the idea of separating families, especially separating children from parents. but when people make a decision to come to our country, especially if they are doing it illegally. that's a tough call somebody will have to make. in local law enforcement if somebody is arrested for illegal activity than is someone present, we have to call our child protective service. it's a responsibility i think we can avoid if we make sure people don't come into the countryn
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illegally in the first place. liz: he fast tracked deportation and he has unaccompanied children in tent cities. we are staying on the facts here, sheriff. here is the president on people who come into the country legally. president trump: we cannot allow our country to be violated like this. it's very unfair. people are waiting in line that went through a legal system of immigration, and they have been going through it for many years. and they worked hard, they have done everything they are supposed to do, then people come running across the border? it's really unfair. liz: the problem has to be stopped now with care vans, because it just gets bigger and worse, and it, dangerous. >> absolutely. if we don't follow through with tough sanctions and a stuff stand, it will just invite more
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caravans. we have to put a stop to it. encourage legal immigration because that's what we want. people that want to come for figure reasons because they have specific talents we need, i think that's important. but we have to stop it right now. we have some to say and might and show it when we get here. liz: we are a fair country. just do it legally. thanks for coming in. let's take a look at the wild market. the dow did retrieve a big chunk of the early losses. the dow took a nosedive closing in the red down 125 points. context here, we are back at where we were in july-june. the s & p took a tumble. the indiana back rebounding -- the indiana back -- the nasdaq
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reed bound. 2,000 people were forced to evacuate from their homes. and no known cause why that explosions occurred. archeologists find what is believed the oldest shipwreck from 2,500 years. it's believed to be from ancient greece. hitting a combined $2.2 billion. but winners face an irs bill of federal withholding tax before you receive a dime. you have higher odds of being bit by a shark or falling out of bed to winning the lottery. barack obama said it cannot be done.
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donald trump getting it done. why now obama is trying to take credit. president trump: call me a nationalist if you like. but i don't want companies leaving, firing all their people, going to another country, making a product, sending it into our country fax fry and tariff -- country tax-free and tariff free. (performed by jerry reed) ♪ ♪ east bound and down, loaded up and truckin' ♪ ♪ we're gonna do what they say can't be done ♪ ♪ we've got a long way to go and a short time to get there ♪ ♪ i'm east bound, just watch ol' bandit run ♪ ♪ whatever party you've got going in the back, we've got the business up front.
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liz: president obama trying to take credit for trump's booming economy, even show two years ago obama questioned candidate trump for saying he'll bring jobs back. >> by the time i left office wages were rising, uninsurance rate was falling, poverty was falling. that's what i handoff to the next guy. so when you hear all this talk about economic miracles right now, remember who started it. i am going to negotiate a better deal. how exactly are you going to negotiate that? what magic wand do you have? liz: that's quite the
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contradiction. let's bring in peter navarro. >> i have a magic wand the president gave me to give to you. liz rr what do you think about obama taking credit. >> the only thing that grew under his tenure was his debt. it went from $10 trillion to $20 trillion. as i said another obama didn't understand the difference between a structural problem we had with trade and too much regulation and too high corporate taxes and a i chicago cal problem. so all he did was print a bunch of money and double the debt. boom! president trump comes in and it's a step function, business confidence, consumer confidence, even before he took office because people believed in
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president donald j. trump. if you look at this economy he put together argue bit best performance of a president not just in modern history. but in history. we have historically low unemployment. liz: the market saw it before the president sat down in the white house. the market started zooming higher. ther president obama said he was going to fix nafta and he never did. obama said wages were rising when he left office but democrats are complaining wages are not rising. who is right here? >> we are seeing for the first time robust wage growth. but it's disproportionately in the lower parts of the income stream where our manufacturing workers, the working men and women. the stat i love the -- the statistic i love the most of is we promised to bring discouraged
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workers back into the workplace who lived in factory towns and saw their factories go off to china. they couldn't get a job and just drift away. we have had 4 million people come back into the workforce since this president took office. the unemployment rates for blacks and hispanics, historic lows for women. and president trump when he wants to take any credit at all for this, all you have got to remember is 2% worth of growth for the entire 8 years. the first couple years he had a tough time, but he had a long time getting over that. liz: 2% growth won't pay back the debt he doubled. the medicare for all. the white house issued a report about the dangers of socialism before the mid terms and it
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includes medicare for all. x have 123 -- we have 123 house democrats supporting that. even communist china does not have a healthcare system like the democrats want. the chinese pay a third of their health costs out of pocket. >> the dog doesn't hunt because of this. if you think about what changed from the obama years or what would have been the clinton years. we have got a dramatic cut in corporate taxes and regulation. and dramatic unleashing of our energy sector which they wanted to shut down. south korea, the new nafta deal. those are the growth drivers. this was something that president trump was incapable of bringing about. and hillary clinton would not have hit any four points of that compass. she would have done exactly the
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opposite and we would have been back at 2% growth. liz: we have companies like caterpillar saying the tariffs are taking a nasty bite out of their profits. >> if you have tariffs in place for steel and aluminum, we had -- the tariffs for the first $50 billion to china, they are in place and working beautifully. liz: what about caterpillar saying it's taking a bite. >> caterpillar is a multi-national corporation with a lot of exposure in china. they chois to manufacture over there instead of here. so they have morris can exposure than others. but on net we are seeing all sorts of companies, not just
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u.s. companies, but foreign companies locating on u.s. soil. liz: you got examples? >> ford makes announcement it won't open a plant abroad and will keep it here. we have the steel industry. we have u.s. steel opening a bunch of new boilers. we have century aluminum with $150 million in he can pentures. we see this country being a great destination because of the lower regulatory burden and cheaper energy. liz: when you see president trump taking credit for the economy now, what's your unis reaction? >> i text lol. i guess the point is that if you
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go back and look at some of the clips of me during the campaign or prior to that. i said repeatedly president trump did not understand the economy. he didn't think about it or care about it. if you think about president trump all he thinks about is how to put this economy back together and put men and women to work to work with their hand. when you look at mick mulvaney at omb with regulation, he's having to undo the regulatory matrix obama put into place. don't these people in democratland realize when you put regulations in that are burdensome it makes it impossible for manufacturers to compete? liz: peter navarro would you come back and talk to us when congress sits down on nafta.
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>> nafta is history. the trash can of history. liz: that sounds like a new college basketball bracket. but you will come back on the show. we love having you on. thank you, peter. great to see you. both president trump and secretary of state mike pompeo drop the hammer on saudi officials pulling and yanking key authorities over there. toxic politics taking a nasty toll on both side of the political aisle. social media is making it more dangerous. hi, kids! i'm carl and i'm a broker. do you offer $4.95 online equity trades? great question. see, for a full service brokerage like ours, that's tough to do. schwab does it. next question. do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?
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liz: secretary of state mike pompeo declaring a few hours ago that the white house is moving
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to revoke the visas of saudis involved in the murder and cover-up of the murder of jamal khashoggi. reporter: secretary of state mike pompeo said the united states was revoking those visas for a number of members in the saudi intelligence services, royal court and other ministries the united states identified as involved in the death of jamal khashoggi. the secretary of state says he's coordinating trying to get more information and that the administration is not finished yet. >> these subtleties will not be the last word on the matter from the united states. we'll explore additional measures to hold those responsible accountable. the president and i are happy with the situation. >> he says the united states is fact finding on its own. reporter: the vice president
6:31 pm
mike pence says gina haskell is in turkey, reviewing turkish intelligence. president trump says he expects to get a tbrefg haspel when she returns tonight or tomorrow morning. the president of turkey, erdogan, gave an address to his party in parliament where he detailed that turkish intelligence noted this was a premeditated issue. the saudi explanation that this was an interrogation that was botched and went wrong. the saudis say the highest reaches of the government were not aware there was a plot to kill khashoggi. meanwhile in saudi arabia the state media released information that khashoggi's brother and son
6:32 pm
met with the young prince bin salman and the king. they expressed their condolences and khashoggi's brother and son expressed their thanks. the khashoggi son has been barred from leaving saudi arabia. that happened last year because of what was happening in "the washington post" and other places. liz: with me now with his take is dr. zuhdi jasser. is revoking visas the best thing they can do right now? >> it's a great step. and we need to do a lot more. this is not just a botched operation. this is a bad scene out of ask sopranos." it's much worse than that. we should demand they release
6:33 pm
prisoners of conscience. we should ask them to stop doing genocidal operations in yemen. and we should put sanctions. but for the world that said secretary pompeo isn't doing much. our cia director this turkey. that shows we are not only taking this seriously. we are doing it even more than the russian asset assassinated in the u.k. liz: secretary mnuchin announcing joint sanctions with saudi arabia against terror sponsors in iran. the toughest sanctions are coming november 4 to shut down their oil he can ports. russia says it's a huge mistake to penalize european countries
6:34 pm
who do business with iran. >> we have a bigger war at play. liz: stay right there, we are going to get to you right of after we go to president trump with military leaders. president trump: we discuss it all the time. we feel very badly about that. it's war. it's a tough business. right, general? tough business. >> [inaudible] that it was an accident? president trump: nothing they have talked about has gone well. it has not been spoken of properly. they did the wrong thing in even thinking about the idea. they did a bad job of execution and bad job of talking about it
6:35 pm
or covering it up if you would like to say that. i would like to say it was a total fiasco. from day one the thought, whoever put it in their mind, it was not a good thought. the process was no good. the execution was no good. and the cover-up, if you want to call it that was certainly no good. >> [inaudible] military response to saudi arabia? president trump: we discuss everything in this room, you will be the last to know. >> what about the caravan? president trump: it's coming up. we'll discuss that, too. we won't allow them to come into our country. we have millions of people who worked for years to come into our country legally. they have gone through all sorts of hell to proudly be a citizen of the united states, and it's taken a long time.
6:36 pm
they worked very hard. isn't it really unfair when people can just burst right over our borders and now they end up staying in this great country? one of the things that has happened, we are doing so well economically. everybody wants a piece of it. everybody wants a piece of it. but you have to come in legally and you have to come in through merit. we have big companies coming into our country that we never thought three years ago. we have car companies coming in from japan. brand-new plants. going to michigan and ohio and pennsylvania and kentucky. and north carolina, and south carolina. coming all over our country. florida. they need workers. and we want people. i think everybody around this table wants to see people come in. we need people. we have 3.7 unemployment. the lowest numbers as a whole we
6:37 pm
have ever had. african-american lowest numbers in history. asian-american, you look at hispanic-americans. best unemployment numbers and best employment numbers in history. we have more people working today than we have ever had working in the history of the united states. think of that. so with all of this what happens is a lot of people want to break into the system. we want people coming in but they have to be of merit. they have to be merit based. we need those people because all these companies coming in, they need people, they need workers. and we look forward to doing something about that and we'll be doing something about that. i would like to ask general mattis, joe, how do you feel about it, general? >> right now what we are going to do is set up a combatant
6:38 pm
command. that's orinitial goal. we are working with congress for the legislation that we'll need to open the door to further organization. but we are not letting any moss grow. we are organizing now for combat. that's combatant command right now. president trump: i think i can say everybody in this room feels strongly about space force. everything is necessary, but that's going to be an important part. it seems to be where it's at and where it's going. satellites. i'm not just talking about sending rockets to the moon or rockets to mars. i'm talking about defense and offense. so much is going to be a part of space. we feel strongly about it. we are pushing as hard as we can. and i think we have a good chance next year of officially doing our space force it's a very, very big thing. it's a legacy for everybody in this room, a very important part
6:39 pm
of our military both offense and defense. >> you are saying the saudis -- i think you said their cover-up was a fiasco. are you saying the way they executed it or covered up. president trump: i said they never should have thought about it. once they thought about it everything else went wrong also. they should have never thought about it. it should have never been done. but once they thought about it, everything else they did was bad, too. the cover-up was horrible, the excuse was horrible. but they should have never been at an execution or cover-up because it never should have happened. >> [inaudible] president trump: we'll have to do something. i spoke with the king, i spoke with the crown prince yesterday, and he strongly said that he had
6:40 pm
nothing to do with this. this was at a lower level. we have people right now in saudi arabia that are literally just now getting on planes coming back. we have people, very talented people in turkey, dealing with the top people in turkey, and we are all meeting tomorrow afternoon, everybody is going to have a lot of information. we gained a lot of information. and we'll know pretty much everything there is to know, i believe it's a very sad event for saudi arabia. very, very sad, very terrible. >> you said [inaudible] borders. president trump: mexico is working with us. there is a movement toward our country. it's going to be a while before they get here. this group that is around this table will be involved, and others will be involved. we cannot let people come into
6:41 pm
our country illegally. you can't do it. if you don't have borders, you don't have a country. >> are you thinking about the national guard? president trump: thinking about a lot of things, including the military, not just the national guard, the military ways i'm thinking about. we can't have people coming into our country illegally. it's not fair for a lot of reasons. it's not fair for people that are here. for the people who wanted to come here. the people waiting in line for 10 years to become a citizen. not fair to them, not fair to anybody. >> what can the military do? >> they can do a lot. they are the military. they can do a lot. thank you very much, everybody. appreciate it. thank you.
6:42 pm
liz: that was the president. tough word with saudi arabia and on the border. your take on what you just heard. >> we saw measured response. the commander-in-chief was making it clear we are going to respond but we are not going to implode a strategic approach to the middle east. as you said before we went to that break, there are bigger perspectives, sanctions going in against iran and the taliban. europe is having a hissy fifth about companies that won't be able to invest. why is it okay for them to invest in iran and invest in syria and elsewhere where we are supposed to implode an entire american saudi relationship. why it was horrible and we are seeing a strong response coming from president trump and secretary pompeo. and i think we heard leadership
6:43 pm
from our commander-in-chief. liz: we'll be right back after the break. the day after chemo shouldn't mean going back to
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liz: political extremism on both sides getting worse. let's take it up with ron meyer and chris bedford. your reaction to the pipe bomb that was left at george soros' house and the rocks thrown at kevin mccar this office in bakersfield, california. this political extremism has got to stop. both political leaders of both parties have to stand up and say stop. >> yeah. america has a long tradition of political violence. it's up to our leaders to say this is not acceptable and will
6:48 pm
not be allowed. the good news from the soros attack, no one was hurt. and it was delivered by a person and not through the mail. that dramatically increases the chances of catching the person. liz: your reaction to this? >> it's the uncivillity that leads to violence. when you have maxine waters saying get in people's faces and hillary clinton saying don't be civil. and eric holder saying when they go low, we kick them. the president has had provocative tweets over the years. what we need is leaders including the president to say we are better than this. democrats missed a huge opportunity. the economy is going great. one thing people have against
6:49 pm
the president is there is a little bit of chaos because of how provocative he is. and now they are inspiring worst behavior by calling for incivility. equity trades are . so no matter what you trade, or where you trade, you'll only pay $4.95. fidelity. open an account today.
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>> this something the president has been saying since the campaign trail in 2015. he's serious about putting america and the american economy and the people first. they should not come into this country. border security was a large policy position for this president. they should not be aloud to come into this country. there are 730,000 people in the backlog already. liz: he's saying central mayor car and south america, lbj was
6:54 pm
forward that. why not do it now? >> there is nothing wrong with the concept after merit-based system. the important thing is to identify how it is defined. what does that mean? remember that's even if you are just college educated, for example, if you are looking at the issue of national security, think about the and bernadine oe san bernardino shooters. and my grade grandparents had little or no education and lived the american dream. liz: i'm sorry we are short on time. the president did speak. stay right there. more after the break.
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>> breaking news, moments ago the murder of jamal khashoggi -- we bring in -- >> he was to have a forceful response but was to make sure he is all the facts and will put america's interest forward on the issue. >> he's also saying the white house he will yankees of certain saudi officials, your reaction? >> you want to do is in the best interest of america. this isn't just about the death of jamal khashoggi.
6:59 pm
the rest of the world is watching. if president trump is easy on the saudis it will be a telltale sign for others to take advantage of america. >> and they say they should never thought about it and it should never have been done. >> i think it's absolutely right. you just don't go out and murder members of the media because you find them to be government agitators. the president is walking a fine line here. >> working on the taliban and iran, your take on that? >> not just the taliban, it is also sharing intel with the israelis and look let's be honest, there is no freedom of press in the arab world and existentially, we have tried to set a new precedent. while making sure we keep america's strategic interest at heart. >> quickly do think the media will cover this fairly? >> actually not because they don't like donald trump. they think is a dictator which is not. he the open president and the freedom of the press that is
7:00 pm
what they forget, hitting donald trump is not a winning strategy. >> thank you so much. thank you for having us in your home and thank you for watching. lou dobbs is next on the fox business network. stay right there. lou: good evening everybody, our top stories that, the caravan of mostly central american migrants determined to make their way to the u.s. border, continues to grow tonight. the latest estimates put the number of migrants in the caravan between seven and 14,000 people. although, as you can see in these pictures, sometimes it looks like many more than that. president trump blaming radical democrats for encouraging the caravan and perhaps, many more like it. through their refusal to reform the u.s. mi


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