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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 24, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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jinping and trump meeting. >> i'm bullish on america, but the trend is down in stocks. until i see that reverse, i'm fearful of what comes next. david: thanks for joining us. "evening edit" starts right now. president trump: at these times we have to unify and come together and send one clear, strong within unmistakable message that acts or threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the united states of america. >> terrorism only works if you let it work. what they are trying to do is scare us and destabilize us, and we'll not allow that to happen. we are new yorkers, we are smart, we are tough, we are resilient, and we'll not allow
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these terrorist thugs to change the way we live our lives. liz: explosive devices mailed around the country to attack democrats. barack obama, maxine walters, john brennan, eric holder and george soros. the package addressed to john brennan also contained suspicious powder. we have team coverage with the latest details. money, politics, we have the debate behind tomorrow's
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headlines. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. bomb squads and police officials amassed around the country. suspicious packages mailed to prominent democrats. edward? reporter: you are talking about six packages of what appears to be devices sent to multiple states. investigators are focusing in on the unusual type of pipe that was sent. the fbi released this picture swheeght packages looked like. the last one stopped in a congressional mail facility. it was addressed to maxine waters. one device was sent to the chappaqua home of president bill
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clinton and his wife hillary clinton. and another was addressed to barack obama. it never reached their home and was stopped in the sorting sender. the one that's reached debbie wasserman-schultz never reached its destination baits was returned to sender. president trump: the full waste our government is being deployed to bring those responsible for these despicable acts of justice. we'll spare no efforts. reporter: a joint statement said in part that president trump's words ring hollow until he reverses his statements that condone acts of violence.
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>> i think the pattern has developed. i think it's a terrorist attack in my opinion. they could be hiding in plain sight. they could be right next to you. we have to be vigilant and careful. reporter: liz? liz: let's get to christina live at cnn's headquarters. reporter: i'm standing on a 8th street. it's reopened now. but earlier today the entire street was closed off. you had unmarked security cars. a package did enter cnn headquarters behind me. it only entered the mailroom. there was a pipe bomb and white
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pawedder in that package that is being investigated. the mayor of new york city is talking about the fact that three explosives have been found in new york city within the last 38 hours, if you consider george soros and hillary clinton and john brennan addressed to the cnn headquarters behind me. the governor said they have deployed 100 extra national guards. i spoke to a local reporter who said she is at grand central. she says it is noticeable there is a larger security presence in the city. they have found three explosive packages within the new york region alone. we have some comment coming from jeff flake, the president of cnn putting out a statement saying there is a total and complete lack of understanding at the
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white house. but the seriousness of the continued attack on the media. the president and the white house press secretary should understand their words matter. thus far they have shown no comprehension of that. they have opened up ynn headquarters. this afternoon you had senator jeff flake from arizona. i stopped in to ask him about the situation and how it seems to be worsening the rhetoric and polarization. he went against the polarization. >> i hope that he'll actually take measures to cool the rhetoric. on the other side as well. for those saying we could prob practice civility after the election, after we win. come on. that's not a good statement. we need to tone down the rhetoric. if we as politicians will model that behavior, maybe others will
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follow it. voters need to reward those who who model good behavior. now if you say you are going work across the aisle and you say good things about your opponent, that ends up in your opponent's campaign ad. reporter: mid terms are around the corner. it seems all those packages were direct at those who are part of the democratic party. they are trying to make it a political situation. cnn is back up and running. now there is heightened security in the area, law enforcement tells fox news they believe there is a connection. it could be one individual or a group behind the packages because of the similarities like the excelsive postage and the color of the packages. liz: mike baker is a former cia
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covert operations officer. he joins us now. great to see you, mike. what are you look at that law enforcement is likely scrutinizing right now? >> this is a massive forensic exercise, and the local, state and federal authorities are well versed in this. the frustrating part for the general public is any investigation takes time. we are all trained because of speed of information to want immediate answers. that's not how investigations work. because we have unexploded devices, as has been pointed out earlier in the day by authorities. that's not a good thing for us. anything from the type of explosive used to fingerprints to a piece of hair. you start tracking back and looking where were these items bout, where were the wires
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bought, where were the envelopes purchased. all these things come together but it takes time. liz: since the packages have similar characteristics do you think they have an idea where the packages came from? >> they will get there. the methodology used in trying to identify all this, how were these purchased. can we identify a region and narrow it down to a particular location within the region. can we find somebody in that store, can we get ctv footage. what is going to take to us where we need to go. law enforcement, they don't work off of speculation. everything has to be build off an investigation. it has to be based on firm, solid foundation. you don't want to set off on something with a speculative idea. liz: remember the texas pipe
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bomb guy. they look at receipts at home depot type of shops. >> you take everything. that's why it's such a heavy lift. but the resources being thrown at this as with the austin bombing case. enormous amount of effort going into this. i understand that i heard all day long people coming up with ideas. because of social platforms we have tens of millions of experts out there. liz: this pipe boy's so dangerous it could basically accelerate at speeds 3,300 feet a second. it's the same type of bombs the boston bombers were using. >> if in fact it was put together correctly. the only people who know that
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are the individuals and the bomb techs involved. looking at the photograph of something, you could have one bomb tech look at that and say that's not going to work. but at the end of the day, fit goes off, it's a successful effort from the bomber's point of view. it's speculation is a dangerous thing. we live in a world where everybody is an expert. i think the comments earlier from senator flake, he is right. everybody from top down, politicians on both sides of the aisle, pundits across the political spectrum. nobody gets out of this with blameless in terms of the current environment we are in. liz: enough with the speculation. let's just get to the facts. chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, using the bombs to attack president trump.
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saying it's their rhetoric that's to blame. but nothing on the dems. amazon wanting to sell facial recognition software to catch illegals at the border. that has the aclu up in arms.
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liz: welcome back. we are two weeks until election day. early voting underway in 34 states. roughly 37 million people already voted. turnout could reach 1966 when about half of the voting population went to the polls. who exactly is voting? we take it up with american majority ce to and foundinger ned ryun and democratic strategist al mudder. >> you are seeing in key senate states republicans are coming out in droves. you look at indiana, montana, they are up by 12 points in early voting in indiana and 17 points in montana.
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typically republicans win the absentee ballots. democrats win the in-person early voting. but it should be a concern to democrats that early voting started two weeks ago. thing that amazes me is how the democrats ignited the republican base with their savaging of brett kavanaugh just as the early voting was about to get started. liz: is this tedious constant snare drum of anger that's turning off the voters. >> it's awflt. and as you say, both sides deserve blame. with respect to early voting numbers, the republicans are doing quite well. we don't actually know what it means.
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in 2016 hillary clinton was doing great in early voting in a bunch of states they lost. and her campaign was touting early voting and they thought they were touting it correctly. it remains to be seen come election day. >> the reuters survey, they looked at 21,000 voters. they are done clearly with the d.c. media echo chamber. the mainstream media are acting like their opinions and thoughts are facts. the mainstream voter is not constantly angry. they want things done. >> they are more concerned about the everyday issues. do my children have a secure future. that's what donald trump and the republicans are talking about. i think a lot of people have woken up in america and realized
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a lot of people in the mainstream media are massacre raiding as journalists and they are just operatives driving their own narrative. the american people said we just want the facts. we don't want you to present your narrative and your twist on this. liz: steve scalise spoke out about the pipe bomb. he said this is beyond criminal. we have a former top hillary advisor blaming trump. tweeting quote, trump with he fiber of your rotten being you incite and condoned hate. never have you discouraged people from unleashing the violence inside them. your very rye distance requires anger and fear.
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both sides are to blame, al. i think the american people are done. they don't want to hear it anymore. >> i agree. philippe played mr. trump in the 2016 debates. maybe he's channeling mr. trump. violence is terrible and i hope we bring these people to justice. liz: wall street severely rattled. reporter: the dow fell 600 points. gains for the year gone. the nasdaq logged it'sest decline in 7 years. facebook, amazon, alphabet,
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google down by at least 5% each. one trader telling me even though most of of corporate america is ask delivering solid numbers, investors are concerned about two key factors. the prospect of growing global economic growth. house analysts talking about the dropping data. most of agree that bigger picture is a market under pressure. after today's close, microsoft pushing solid results so perhaps two signs of life for tomorrow's session. liz: i.c.e. trying to sell
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facial recognition -- amazon trying to sell facial recognition to i.c.e. a former border patrol agent david ward on what can be done to fix the problem.
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liz: over 2,000 u.s. national guard troops at the southern border. guatemala using its troops to try to block a key crossing point into mexico. dozens of guard, barbed wire blockades. this after president trump threatened to withdraw aid to central america. david, is this enough? >> no, it's not enough. the president has the authority to shut the ports of entry down.
6:27 pm
we need to set up detention cams around the united states to have the united states until we can clear them medically and find out who they are. unfortunately our congress refuses to address the issue on all these problems we are having with immigration law loopholes. if we do shut the border down which the president can do, this will bring the congress back to the table along with the mexicans who have been deficient in preventing the aliens from coming north in the first place. delays second wave developing outside of guatemala. we are look at 7,000 to 14,000 people coming into the united states that we do not know who they are. liz: it's flat-outlawlessness and unacceptable. harvard-harris polls show the majority of americans don't like it.
6:28 pm
they don't like sanctuary cities. chris co-ver kovach blasted the caravan. >> we have public safety and public health. when they come to a port of entry it draws the border patrol assets away from their post to that con grow gaiftion people leaving the bordered wide open to the cartel. we have people we deported like ms-13. and they are coming right back
6:29 pm
in. these illegal aliens have not been screened by health officials infecting our kids once they get into the schools. there always lot going on that democrats don't seem to recognize. can have an emotional side to this, but you have to look at it objectively what is best for our country and our people. they are being endangered by this and the politicians refuse to acknowledge it. liz: to david's point. asylum is so easy. 80% pass the first asylum check, and 20% are accepted. let's bring in the political
6:30 pm
panel. amy, democrats used to be tough on the border. five years ago you had 52 senate democrats vote together build a border fence, stop visa lottery and chain migration and put in a merit-based system. those senators included chuck schumer, dianne feinstein, kristin gillibrand. >> now they have done a 180 on their own issue because president trump wants to secure the bored and fix our immigration problem. because he is for that, they are completely against it 100%. we can go back to the spring when he tried to bring everybody together. he could have given them -- he could have given everybody citizenship at that point. they would not have accepted it
6:31 pm
because they are against anything that he wants. at this point they are against what the american people wanted. you just referenced the harvard-harris poll. and they want the border secure. what the president has been --'s a genius, he has done. he's got the democrats to turn against the american people and that's not good at election time. liz: senator dianne feinstein sent a memo to president trump in 2014 to stay yes the president has broad legal authority to enforce the bored on his own. ways going on with the lack of political courage and will on the part of the democrats in the. >> the lack of political courage goes both ways. liz: forgive me. the president does want to fix the border. the democrats used to want to fix the border. we just showed the evidence of that.
6:32 pm
y what happened? why the moral vacancy? >> it's not moral vacancy. the president put up just this past year a fix to the border problem including daca, including allowing a million daca recipients to get in. seriously you know, don't dodge it. you know they are morally vacant here. >> the democrats are for border security and they were willing to give the president a lot on the wall including fund and appropriations. liz: that's your opinion. it doesn't make it so. amy, forgive me, i love al. he's terrific. we are just trying to get to the facts, you are not doing it and we don't understand why. >> chris kobach's piece is so good. he talks about rewarding illegal immigration.
6:33 pm
you referenced the second caravan in guatemala headed for the border. liz: al, i want to give you final word. go ahead. the fact that you don't fix the border, now we have caravans headed this way and it's dangerous for people in the car- in the caravans. >> both parties profit more by knoby -- by not fixing think th. the aclu demanding answers from the white house on reports that amazon tried to sell facial recognition software to the border patrol. and i.c.e. the fallout after barack obama
6:34 pm
tries to steal credit for the booming economy. >> the people of this country do not want to spend all day and all night every day enraged and angry. that's not what life is to most of people and they don't want it to be that. but that is what life is for your average democrat today. it was here.
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liz: amazon in a new controversy over its facial recognition software today. aclu filing a freedom of information request with homeland security and i.c.e. they want to see any documents about -- about i.c.e.'s use of
6:39 pm
facial recognition software. let's bring in judge andrew napolitano. what's your reaction to this? >> the supreme court ruled where there is an expectation of privacy the government has to respect it. there is an expectation of privacy of your face on a public street? the answer is no. even though we don't like somebody taking a picture of us against our will, the government can do this. i can give you a lot of reasons why they should not be using facial recognition software, but the constitution is not one. liz: can we use the constitution and say you are not allowed to use my image? >> no, as long as you are image
6:40 pm
was taken in a public place. if they take an image of you in your bedroom, they violated your rights. but if they take an image on the streets they can use it. this is beyond anything orwell imagined in 1984. liz: the aclu is way up in arms about this. >> there was no public debate. liz: the aclu test drove am zonls software and found 28 congressmen were matched wrongfully to criminal mug shots. this is faulty software. >> it's faulty software and dangerous. human freedom, whether you can cross this bored and make an application for asylum is being determined by software that doesn't and is draconian.
6:41 pm
liz: we have breaking news out of the "new york times" that chinese and russian spies have been spying on president trump via his iphone, pick up on what the "new york times" says is his goes up, talking to his friend. what is the implication of this? >> the implication of this i am sorry to say is the same implication the president used as a battering ram against mrs. clinton when he ran against her. the failure to safeguard state secrets. is president trump guilty of the same crimes for which he alleged mrs. clinton was guilty? liz: we don't know that. >> we don't know if he's going to admit this or if it's accurate. liz: why is the "times" getting this story and the president not being protected.
6:42 pm
the "times" is out there with the story. why isn't it about protecting president trump first. >> according to one of the pieces we just got, general kelly and his close aides, i can guess hot others are. have been warning him for months not to do this. he enjoys calling people on the iphone. if that is true, then he was on notice that he is revealing things about his personality and his plans and maybe things that are secret in a way that his adversaries can hear. i mean our enemies, sworn enemies, president exirks and president putin. we have to read the full story and see if the white house agrees. the headline this evening coming out tomorrow morning is not good for the president. liz: thanks for breaking it down.
6:43 pm
anti-trump candidates ordering candidates to stay silent on the caravan. how is that going to effect the candidates in the mid terms. president trump going to take credit for the economy. the white house firing back on the evening edit. the white house is saying, you know what, obama? you didn't build that. >> it's a fantasyland. the on thing that grew under president obama's tenure was the debt. it grew from $10 trillion to $20 trillion. portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients
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7. >> by the type i left office, wages were rising, the uninsurance rate was falling, poverty was falling. that's way handed off to the next guy. so when you hear this talk about economic miracles, remember who started it. if you have got a business, you didn't build that, somebody else made that happen. >> how is he going to negotiate that? what magic wand do you have? liz: criticism building over
6:48 pm
obama taking credit for the economic boom. joe biden says focus on the terrible things happening for the interests of the middle class people. we are talking dissidence here. so, noel lerks, what are those terrible things joe is talking about? >> he's trying to take credit for the good economy which is through the roof when he is against some of the things that president trump did. example. lower regulations, less taxes. these are things obama would have never done. part of the reason we are experiencing such a great economy and good growth is the fact even over the tax cuts, it's the lower regulations, less
6:49 pm
regulations. liz: the federal reserve dropped interest rates really low, they were buying bonds. the economy was far from solid when obama left office, even though he doubled the debt. household income was flat. >> and wages were relatively stagnant during obama's time in office. 3 million more people were in poverty. for him to take credit for this economy is disingenuous. when you consider the trump tax cuts as well as deregulation having a huge boom on the economy, even just consumer confidence and business confidence in the economy leading to record in the dow stock market. these are all things that can be directly attributed to trump. despite that a bunch of liberal
6:50 pm
pundits warned. liz: president obama said, i handed off a great economy. even the "new york times" said we were in a quote invisible recession. the country has never seen that. >> if he had done such a great job. then why did we turn pennsylvania, wisconsin, why did we turn blue states, working men states. why did we tush those kind of states to trump. to republican when we had hillary clinton who would have been a continuation of obama's economy and obama's policies. why did they revolt and choose president trump? liz: to noelle's point, amber. is the mainstream voter hip? have they caught on to theness information obama is putting out?
6:51 pm
peter sna navarro was on our show firing back at obama. watch. >> just a fantasyland. obama didn't understand the dunce between a structural problem which we had with trade and too much regulation. he printed a bunch of money and doubled the debt. and we flat lined at 2%. president trump comes in and it's a step function up. liz: what do you think, amber? >> i think the american voter is smart enough to realize who is responsible for more moneth their paycheck. they are smart enough to realize their wages are growing under this administration. they know when obama was in office, they didn't experience growth in their paychecks. they were paying a lot in taxes, only to watch it go to stimulus
6:52 pm
plans to failed businesses. now they are realizing the positive effects of a trump economy. they know going into these mid term elections and throughout 2020 that if they want more money in their pockets they will vote republican. liz: the battle over the border. is this real october surprise? ... , with a cloud that's secure to the core. the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business.
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>> liz: welcome back. conservative writer david freund taking it to the democrat s in the border showdown , in his latest part saying short of an elesion eve exoneration by robert mueller it will be hard to imagine a nicer october surprise for donald trump. that an attempt by thousands of unauthorized immigrants that force their way through the borders of the u.s.. let's get back to the panel amy kramer, we just had our first thanksgiving table fight before. al? is david right? >> it's a trap for the democrat s. this is a bad issue for us we don't manage it as well as the republicans do because the arguments are harder for us to make. we're for security, we're for border control, but we always say, but, and that's where we get into trouble. >> liz: but meaning what, al? >> but meaning we need comprehensive reform, but meaning we need a path for citizenship to people who are here illegally but meaning that
6:57 pm
we need to treat these people humanely and grant them asylum and when we say those things we look weaker. >> liz: amy what's your take, come in on this? >> i think that it's absolutely ridiculous that you're for border security but you need comprehensive immigration reform border security it's about the sovereignty of our nation and this should not be a democrat or republican issue. this should be about securing our borders and making sure that americans are safe. when these people are coming here demanding entry into our country, this is lawlessness and if there's one job that president trump is responsible for and that congress is responsible for, it's national security, so yes, it is site here in october, but liz, this needs to be handled as a national security issue and not an immigration issue. >> liz: al if democrats as you say are for border security then why are chuck schumer and nancy pelosi telling candidates in their own party to not talk about the border? >> well as i was saying it's a difficult issue for us because we don't want to offend voters
6:58 pm
who look sympathetically to the folks in the caravan but the bottom line is every democratic platform has always stressed security but it's notary dick you husband to say november your security and formation reform en fact then you'd be calling president trump ridiculous. >> liz: amy here is the thing the u.s. is about humanitarian causes. the u.s. is basically taking in more immigrants than any other country in the world statistics show, i mean, so humanitarian issues didn't just come up over the last year or so, this country has been dealing with immigrants coming here with the humanitarian issues. that's not the point. this is about legal, legal immigration, that's the point and the guys who came here illegally and women who came here illegally and stood in line they don't like it amy. no they don't it's not fair. people wait in line for years and years and spend a lot of money and there was a study in 2015 from cis that more than half of the people immigrants
6:59 pm
are on welfare system. i mean, this is the thing. as president trump says we want the brightest and the best. yes, a seem you'll is one thing but the majority of these people don't meet the qualifications for asylum. i'm sorry, but living in poverty and coming from a crime-ridden area does not qualify you for asylum and so we need to take care of our own. i like president trump's america first, because if you don't take care of your own you're not going to be able to take care of anyone else. it's like the airplane liz. if those oxygen masks come down you're told to put that oxygen mask on yourself before you help others and that's exactly what president trump is trying to do. >> liz: we're a generous country about helping people that's who we are as a nation. al this is complete lawlessness and it's wrong for that caravan to think it can hurdle through the borders final word, al. >> i certainly don't think they are going to hurdle through the borders. >> liz: they say they will, sorry. they are trying to sneak past border patrol that's what the wall street post is saying guys
7:00 pm
have been deported amy and al i'm so sorry we just ran out of time. thank you so much. >> liz: thank you for having us in your homes and thank you for watching lou dobbs is here next on the fox business network. lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories federal and local authorities investigating suspicious packages sent to prominent democrats including the clintons and barack obama. president trump called the attacks abhorent, and vowed to track down those responsible. president trump: we have to coming together and sent one very clear strong unmistakable message that acts with threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the united states of america. [applause] president trump: i'd say a very bipartisan statement i can tell you from both

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