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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 24, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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night for the nation. we're getting more and more information on those packages that were sent to leading politicians around the country, and we'll have much more on this story tomorrow. for more on that caravan, ballooning to 14,000, big show tomorrow. "kennedy" is next. kennedy: thank you, trish, breaking news now, federal investigators fanning out across the nation looking for whoever sent pipe bombs to former presidents obama, clinton and hillary clinton as well as cnn and others. the question tonight, are there more bombs out there? here's what we know at this hour. the feds say the bombs all look very similar to the one you see here. this one addressed to former cia director john brennan at cnn headquarters, though he works for msnbc, that's here in new york. the secret service intercepted packages sent to the home of bill and hillary clinton, and to the home of barack and
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michelle obama. cnn's offices were evacuated when the package was discovered in their mail room. the nypd bomb squad removed that device and moments ago at a rally in wisconsin president trump said he is confident the culprit will be caught. watch. >> my highest duty as president is to keep america sea. that's what we do. the federal government is conducting an aggressive investigation, and we will find those responsible and we will bring them to justice. hopefully very quickly. [cheers] >> any act of political violence or an attack on our democracy itself. kennedy: the one thing linking all of the target, critical of the president, fbn's deirdre bolton is live with the latest. reporter: all the packages were sent to democrats, including one from earlier this week.
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one step removed, if you like. billionaire and prominent liberal donor george soros received a package in his home mailbox monday that officials are calling similar to the ones delivered today. new york governor andrew cuomo said he feared more. >> there is a number of devices, and there's a pattern apparently to the number of devices. we wouldn't be at all surprised if more devices show up. reporter: as for the bombs themselves, federal officials describe the devices as legitimate, but not sophisticated. john miller, nypd deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism said the packages are being sent to an fbi lab. so far investigators believe the packages came from the same suspect or suspects. the devices were made with a one inch by six inch length of pvc pipe filled with suspected
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pyrotechnic powder and broken glass to serve as shrapnel. democratic lawmakers denounced the threats calling them political terrorism. senator marco rubio tweeting out an attack on an american who happens to be democrat, republican or independent is an attack on america. the terrorists behind this will soon find out while a free people have politics that are conflictive, if you try to kill any one of us, you will have to face all of us. with a country deeply polarized, this is a new level of tension ahead of the november 6th midterm elections. new york city mayor bill de blasio said mail bombs are an attack attempting to undermine the free press and leaders of the country. this afternoon he said there were no more credible threats but nypd increased presence around the city including other media outlets, this one as well. kennedy, back to you. kennedy: scary time, lot of answers or questions remain unanswered. thank you so much for the
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report. reporter: sure. kennedy: earlier today nypd commissioner james o'neill told us what investigators are doing with the devices. watch. >> responding officers identified a device that appeared to be a live explosive device. nypd bomb squad responded, secured the device and removed it for investigation. additionally, there was an envelope containing white powder discovered as part of that original packaging. kennedy: it's unclear what the white powder is. what clues are investigators looking for? joining me to discuss former washington, d.c. police detective and fox news contributor, the legend ted williams, welcome to the show, ted. >> my pleasure, kennedy. kennedy: do you worry this is a match in dry brush that is going to set off a wildfire? >> it very well could, kennedy. just try to understand that a sad history was made for the united states today. someone tried to kill two
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former presidents and two former first ladies. so kennedy, as a result of, that i can unequivocally tell you that law enforcement out there now are massively in a race for time, trying to find who this person is before they strike a further match. kennedy: and one former fbi explosives expert said that usually a case like this would take two weeks to identify the person or persons who sent these devices. do you agree with that? is that a reasonable timeline? >> it would be a reasonable timeline, if you did not probably find some of these devices intact. but we do have them intact. they have, in fact been sent to the fbi lab. they are able to get dna fingerprints. you talked about the white powder envelope. they may be able to get saliva, dna off of that envelope. i would have to believe that it
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may be a lot less of a time period that they're going to come up with suspect or suspects. kennedy: and it's not just the joint terror task force. you have several law enforcement agencies, federal and local, including the secret service, who are involved in this. so ted, walk us through an investigation like this. how does it start, and what are the different elements? >> the first thing they do getting what they defined as the evidence, these bombs. they send them as best they can to quantico or the fbi lab, and what they'll do is they'll x-ray these things. they will slowly and surely take these things apart. they will then look for dna, fingerprints, any evidence that can show a nexus between the bomber and the bombs themselves. that's where they're headed with this, kennedy. kennedy: all right, so the devices are as deirdre pointed
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out, rudimentary, but still effective. they could still cause a lot of harm and potentially death. what does this say to you about someone who would send devices like this? what does it is a about the person? >> in this instance, it may very well be an amateur. the reason i say that, if you look at package that was sent to cnn, you will see that there are six mail stamps but a courier is the one who supposedly brought it there, and the stamps on there were not actually used or postmarked by the post office. so that's a clue right there. also the trigger mechanisms, none of these devices, heaven forbid went off. that shows there may be an amateur that's doing this, but on the other hand, let's say it was midwestern terrorist, perhaps what they would want to do is act as though they were
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amateurs doing this. the big question, kennedy, is the days to come. everybody should be vigilant and on edge because there may still be some of those bombs still out there. kennedy: yeah, and unfortunately, some of them might work, but you're absolutely right. we don't know what this is, and there are some who are speculating because unfortunately right now that's all a lot of people can do is take social media and speculate. people are saying this is a false flag operation, and somewhere concluding it's a dirty trick before the midterms and others are saying something larger in the works when people let their guard down in a few days. we don't know, i have a feeling they're going to get to the bottom of this very, very quickly. ted williams, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. kennedy: well, it didn't take long for the usual suspects to politicize today's events. senate minority leader chuck schumer and house minority leader nancy pelosi rejecting president trump's call for unity. the statement reads in part --
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chuck and nancy called out the president for callouts on charlottesville and rallies, but those on the right didn't hold back either. rush limbaugh wasted no time promoting that false flag theory suggesting democratic operatives were more likely to have sent the packages than republicans. playing the blame game before we get any of the facts do more harm than good. talk about it with washington times opinion editor and fox news contributor charlie hurt and co-host of "the five" and author of what the hell do you have to lose? juan williams. welcome, gentlemen. >> thank you, kennedy. kennedy: start with you, charlie. obviously both sides, they don't want to wait for the facts, they don't want to wait for an investigation, they want to politicize it as quickly as
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possible including hillary clinton's friend who wrote -- >> how is that helpful? >> it's not. it's atrocious, it's appalling, it's exactly the sort of reaction that has gotten us to where we are in this country today. in the first place, and it really is -- i'm responding to husband -- his tweet in particular. where you make everything about politics, nothing out of bounds, nothing they can't weaponize into a political agenda, including something like this, which is -- it is so appalling, it is so detrimental to the country, and it does
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real irreparable harm to not only the country but just our ability to have conversations about things. only thing that should be said today is that whoever did this is a terrorist, is an attempted terrorist and should be punished as a terrorist. kennedy: yeah, absolutely. i don't disagree with that at all. i want to bring juan in here. it's interesting because after steve scalise's attempted assassination on that baseball field, there was a pause from leaders of both sides of house leadership, and they came together in a show of support. we don't even have that right now? >> i think this is such a different moment. i think in the case of scalise, there was widespread condemnation of the shooter. but in this case, we don't know who is responsible. so what we do know is the immediate kind of reactionary response that comes as you say from both sides, but i want to point out to you and to
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charlie, gosh, i think the kind of thing that we heard today from rush limbaugh, from ann coulter, from mike flynn, jr., they were all saying this is a false light, blaming it on the democrats. and i think they were take advantage of it. but the larger point, and i think the one that's very important here is while you say nobody should be ascribing any blame because we don't know who did this, it is true that president trump has divided the country and he uses his rallies, not tonight, apparently, but usually, to talk about the press as the enemy of the people. to say he admires a candidate who body slammed a reporter to say there is lots of fake news being put out by those people. kennedy: here's what i will say about that, and charlie you can go ahead and respond. the president has said some stupid stuff in regards to members of the press and stuff when he gets fired up at his rallies. that's one thing, and he
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deserves criticism for that. but for people in the democrat party to come forward and say that you should gather a crowd and get in people's faces and essentially incite people. nancy pelosi talking about collateral damage, not really caring about that. hillary clinton saying there will be no civility until democrats take back at least house of representatives. that's not helpful. if you see something that is wrong and abhorrent, repeating that exact same behavior is illogical, isn't it? >> it absolutely is. and, of course, the problem here is that it's not like the country was all unified and lovey dovey before donald trump arrived on the scene. part of the reason for his rise is he was a different type of politician. he wasn't a regular kind of republican who stood by mute when people like the clintons and the obamas weaponize every aspect of the federal government. the second thing is that, of course, i get knocking ann coulter and rush limbaugh for saying what they said, but the bottom line is they're not
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leaders in the united states government. they're not chuck schumer or nancy pelosi. they're provocateurs, they're trying to stir things up. they can say what they want to say, it's interesting and all that. it's not like they're politicians representing a party saying stuff. the final thing is this, i get it. donald trump says things that are impolitic and says things that are funny, like talking about the guy who roughed up the reporter, he's a tough guy. i know that a lot of people in the media don't understand donald trump. you know who does understand donald trump? all the people in that arena and all the people watching it on tv. they understand he's not inciting violence. he's not encouraging that. he's just making a joke. kennedy: it doesn't matter if it's this person sending pipe bombs today, juan, or the person who tried to kill republicans on a baseball field, there are sick people out there. >> without a doubt. kennedy: to respond to these calls to action, and that's what cory booker named it.
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that's how he turned his words as a call to action and there are people who are unstable who respond in that way, we have to be mindful of it, although, i have a lot of heated words especially for someone like hillary clinton who won't go away but never want to see harm come to a former president of the united states, and certainly not a first lady or former secretary of state, we are better than that. and we can have words without violent deeds and we need to get back to something that is more rational and thoughtful. last word, juan. >> the problem i have with that kennedy is i think in so many cases if you wanted to look at charlottesville or come forward in terms of the shootings we've seniors, you know, you just have to say, all this talk about false flag actions and incitements, what is going on? why is it we as americans can't come together right and left. charlie is a big trump
9:16 pm
supporter, i am not, and say, charlie's life is important to me, my life is important to me, i don't think you should be attacking people who disagree. kennedy: there's a lack of decency and basic lack of respect for human life. that's a scary place to be. we have to do better and absolutely will. gentlemen, thank you so much. >> thanks, kennedy. kennedy: with midterms less than two weeks away, president trump is making promises on tax cuts and health care, can he deliver on them? i will ask former white house communications director, he was there for ten big days. anthony scaramucci is next.
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. kennedy: president trump is ramping up his pitch to middle class voters with less than two weeks to go to the midterms, he proposed additional 10% tax cut for middle class workers and today focused on health care tweeting republicans will totally protect people with preexisting conditions, democrats will not. vote republican. decisions to bring up health care raised eyebrows because the issue polls better for democrats and unclear how tax cuts could happen any time soon given that congress won't be back in session until late november. our next guest says we shouldn't underestimate the president's connection to the middle class because he's one of the few people who actually
9:21 pm
goes out and meets them. former white house communications director, author of the brand new book, trump, the blue collar president. anthony scaramucci is here. welcome back to the show! >> kennedy, great to be here. kennedy: what a whirlwind. >> you got the best set on fox. kennedy: great colors, we're on the street. >> i will wear more pink next time i come. kennedy: great tie, that's a start. >> you're right, there's approximately 1.3 mooches to go before the midterm elections. kennedy: wow, i didn't realize that. >> let me tell you something about the president. kennedy: is that the time line, ten days, officially a mooch. >> i started on the 21st, fired on the 31st, worked the full day, i think it's 11. don't gyp me. kennedy: this is so fascinating, rich people who tried to run for president in the past have failed, like mitt romney and nelson rockefeller because they haven't been able to connect with voters they claim to care about. what is it about this
9:22 pm
president, he is supposedly filthy rich, and you're not doing so bad yourself. >> i started with my dad as a construction worker. mom putting a lunch pail in the refrigerator for him, but this guy was like taking coins out of soda machines and taking coins out of laundry machines for his dad when he was about 20, 22 years old. maybe pocketing a little, i hope for his sake i would try to do that with my father, too. he was with his dad, put in sheetrock, understands how to put in electrical system. he's worked with a shovel. people may not like all that stuff about him because his apartment is a guilded apartment, looks like louis the xiv. kennedy: people say if i had a fifth avenue apartment, solid gold. aspirational. >> the president is a guy that won powerball and went crazy
9:23 pm
with the powerball situation. kennedy: he didn't win the powerball, you said it was an honor to work for him. in your speech you also called him a liar. are we rolling a tape? >> no. kennedy: you would be a great cable news director. let's go to the tape. >> i was going to rebutt it. cnn, early morning, the president liar, said i was a liar, he's lying, but doing it intentionally. kennedy: he said all politicians lie, he is now a politician. >> but he's lying purposely and premeditatedly to stick a finger in your eye, not you kennedy but liberal cnn anchor, he knows it's going to turn the volume up. if you read one of his books, i read every one of his books, he goes after these people, getting them to turn the volume up. i said the guy was a liar, i meant he's a premeditated liar, there's a style to his lying
9:24 pm
and doing it to drive them crazy. hello, scaramucci says the president is a liar and trying to slow down my book sales, which is why i have to be here at 9:30 with kennedy to try to sell book, also because you are fantastic as a person. kennedy: thank you, let's talk about this. i think the president has great intentions does, want to save health care. does want more tax cuts. do you think that's possible? is that sticking a thumb in the eye or delusion? >> okay, so on policy, the health care stuff, he's going to have a hard time with because he had a hard time with it in the beginning, and not big of a change, still going to have a hard time with it. kennedy: that's got to drive him crazy. >> drives him crazy, crazy, he can't fill the pothole. there's a pothole and the cars are running over the pothole. kennedy: democrats are taking jackhammers making the pothole bigger, medicare for all. that turns a pothole into a crevasse. that bigger than a pothole.
9:25 pm
>> and playbook, if i give you something for free, and you have nothing, vote for me, that turned your city blue after the civil war, a lot of the inner cities blue and it does work for the guys, successful playbook. the president's market-based playbook he's going to have a harder time with unless we can grow the economy and return middle-class families to the aspirational middle-class family i grew up in as opposed to the current state which is desperational. i write about that in the book. kennedy: very fun, very colorful. >> self-deprecation. kennedy: you were honest about personal travails, you have to put yourself into a book for the reader to get vested in your story. >> something ever happens to the actor that plays mayhem on allstate. i am available and battle tested like a crash dummy thrown from the white house into pennsylvania avenue. kennedy: okay, last question, how do we get past some of the
9:26 pm
bomb oogs oo not bombings, bomb scares and the bombs sent. >> if this were me, i would say this is a huge pivot moment for you. get to the microphone, talk about compassion, talk about levels of empathy and make a commitment to dial it down over the next mooch and a half going into the midterms. if you do that, everyone is going to be shocked. slow down voter participation and increase yours. take the big step, be the big guy and swallow some pride and say the right thing. kennedy: 30,000 mooches under the sea, next book is going to be very exciting. >> it could be how i was able to convince my wife to stay with me as she was on the two inch line of a divorce. that could be a sexy book. kennedy: i can't wait, i hope it's a picturebook. >> she's going to have to write that book with me! >> yes! anthony, thank you so much for coming by. >> great pleasure to be here. please invite me back to put pink on. i want to micromatch the set.
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kennedy: on thursdays we wear pink. >> i'm not going to wear the lip gloss, i don't think it fits with my other makeup. kennedy: the now infamous caravan from honduras moving farther north, now there are two more forming. president trump says they're not getting in but could his hard-line approach lead to unintended consequences. nick gillespie joins me with libertarian take on the immigration debate, next. introducing add on advantage, a new way to save on travel. now when you book a flight you unlock discounts on select hotels that you can add on to your trip up until the day you leave. add on advantage. only when you book with expedia. every call is different,
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9:32 pm
journal" reporting up to 2500 more migrants are gathering in guatemala to follow in the first step of the first caravan. president trump hasn't articulated a clear plan how he's going to deal with the caravans and there are reports of heated disputes between trump factions in the administration over what to do, but would more immigration be such a bad thing if it's from poor countries like honduras, and reason tv editor at large nick gillespie with me. you've been writing so interestingly about this at reason, talking about the chaos that has ensued from some of the trump policies, and there are a lot of republicans who want to blame democrats for the confusion, but you say it could actually be what the trump administration is doing. explain that. >> okay, well, first off, fiscal year 2018, saw record number of families bringing themselves to the southern border, and either asking for
9:33 pm
immigration or for asylum. that's on trump. it's his policies and i think there's a couple of things to think about. immigration, we'd like to think that the country that controls the border controls the immigration flow, but it's not really true. immigration, people leave countries because they have a reason to leave a country. they're the ones who decide the levels and the flow of immigration. it's one thing if you are north korea or east germany, you can build walls to keep people in, but if people want to come to your country, it's hard to keep them out. kennedy: are we asking the wrong questions here? >> yeah, in many, many ways. and one of them is what happens? trump and a lot of republicans say we have too many immigrants, can't deal with them. it's a better question what happens when you stop having immigrants come? even in the united states, you look at places that have the fewest immigrants going there,
9:34 pm
internal immigrants and external immigrants, they always have the weakest economy, typically more crime and things like that. one of the mistakes that people make is they say immigrants cause crime or illegal immigrants cause crime because they're criminals by coming here illegally. every study shows that the legal immigrants don't commit crime. kennedy: no, crime is lower in the immigrant communities and research on that as well as the cato institute and various other immigration groups, and that's data driven, that is not driven by confirmation by someone's political point of view, but i think it is a valid request that people come here legally and we come up with a better system of figuring out what we need in terms of labor and seasonal labor and what kind of country we are in terms of compassion and allowing people to come as refugees and
9:35 pm
asylees from various parts of the world. >> one of the things trump is stoking fear and republicans stoking fear, mostly conservatives doing this, not exclusively, but they make it sound as if these people inside, 5,000, 7,000, by the time they get to the border, it will be a couple hundred that go all the way. but they come and ask for asylum and go into a process which we already know what it is. it's the official process where they get in. kennedy: why isn't the u.n. more involved in that? if there are refugees from other countries that are so overrun by the drug war and corruption, why isn't there an objective international body interfacing with these people so it's not just a political issue? >> the u.n., it's internal problems, either they haven't reached the scale of civil war like syria or involve multiple nations. part of the reason the countries from latin america and come up to the u.s. get
9:36 pm
special treatment week spent most of the post world war ii era in places like guatemala and el salvador and partly destabilized. the u.s. has a special relationship with the countries and more willing to allow certain asylees in and more. kennedy: we will see who benefits from the political -- >> the big thing is see what the numbers are when they get to the border. i guarantee it's going to be under hundreds. kennedy: exactly the word, thank you so much. nice to see you in the flesh. saudi arabia crown prince muhammad bin salman called the death of jamal khashoggi a heinous crime and promised to bring those responsible to justice. he was killed in the saudi consulate in istanbul and the saudis keep changing the story. they claim he left alive, there he is, there's footage, then said he died during a fight.
9:37 pm
a writer for the new yorker claimed khashoggi told her the saudis wanted him, quote, out of picture. the crown prince met and offered his condolences to khashoggi's son. they vowed that any operation would have been carried out without his approval. yesterday president trump suggested salman could be involved and called the whole thing the worst cover-up ever. will the truth ever come out? joining me now senior editor at the federalist mollie hemingway. great to have you, mollie. >> great to be here. kennedy: having mbs oversee the investigation is like having bill cosby run the depositions at his own trial. >> sure, but it is also true, having him say this is a heinous crime is a huge change from where we were two weeks ago. people are expecting him to take full responsibility and step down voluntarily. kennedy: what does it mean for a monarch to step down, he can't stop being crown prince?
9:38 pm
>> he could, there are other crown princes to take leadership. it's highly unlikely or if it happens, i don't think it's going to happen because pundits in the u.s. media would like him to. even that they have admitted that they killed him is actually significant and should be treated as such. there's a difference between abhorring what saudi arabia did in the killing of this man and saying that therefore you want to completely redo the alliance that you have with them. alliances should be set based on what your interests are as a country and our national interest in forming this alliance was never based around khashoggi or other citizen in saudi arabia. if we're going to change that alliance and could choose to do, we have to think of good reasons to do it. kennedy: so if not this, if not 9/11 and 15 of those 19 highjackers coming from saudi arabia, what makes us reconsider this alliance? >> what's kind of interesting
9:39 pm
is so long people wondered why we were working with saudi arabia when they have been involved in different issues of terrorism and what not. they present a better alternative to iran for a lot of people. in part because of iranian dominance of oil roots which is in our interest to keep that check. they have a huge control over a subset of islam that is important to keep in check. they have will to play in keeping the refugee crisis spinning out of control, and we have big trade in arms arrangements with them right now. there are other alliances with bad actors for lack of a better waive putting it, people who don't share our values who kill dissidents in their borders but the question is do you want to make your alliances based on the virtue, like the traditional neoconapproach, you want to spread democracy or based solely on -- kennedy: i don't think we're going to spread democracy like
9:40 pm
margarine in saudi arabia any time soon. >> probably not. kennedy: but i think it's okay to rethink some things and everyone is going to be driving a tesla. >> a lot people could be doing to think about differently. we could extract things from saudi arabia because of the sensitive situation right now. kennedy: they need us. mollie hemingway, good to talk to you. secret service intercepted the suspicious devices sent to the obamas and the clintons today, so where is the investigation going next? i'm going to ask a former secret service officer who worked with the clintons. gary burns joins me after the break.
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fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. . kennedy: we're back with more on today's shocking pipe bomb investigation. explosive devices sent to the homes of former president obama and clinton as well as congresswoman maxine waters, billionaire george soros, former cia director john brennan and cnn. and if you think about it, this was essentially an
9:45 pm
assassination attempt on at least one president, and some of the most powerful democrats in the nation. so how is the secret service and how are the feds keeping them and other possible targets safe? joining me former uniform division secret service officer gary burns is here. also the author of secrets of the secret service. the history and uncertain future of the u.s. secret service. welcome back to the show, gary. >> thank you, kennedy. glad to be here. kennedy: so the secret service has been doing this for over 100 years. how good are they at detecting these suspicious devices? >> well, what we're talking about today, they're very good at. they use many implements to protect the president. first of all, the sitting president and the former presidents, all their mail is brought to a remote site, and it's x-rayed and if the x-ray is suspicious, they'll use
9:46 pm
explosive sniffing dogs. kennedy: you know if they did that today? >> different methods they use. kennedy: do you know what they did today? >> i know they used the x-ray machines. the way they detected it was first all the address was odd, and a lot of the packages, when they're mailed and from somebody like this, they're explosives or made to look like explosives. the packages looked odd. there was a lot of tape on them. that type of thing. kennedy: bunch of stamps. >> no postmark, right, exactly. kennedy: so tell me what you think so far. put your profiler hat on, what do you think based on some of the evidence that you've seen at this point? >> well, it looks like it's amateurish. it's not somebody who does this or has done this before, possibly. it looks like, the one device had a lot of tape on it, kennedy, that screams out somebody with mental illness.
9:47 pm
they put so much tape on there, that it's ridiculous. the other thing too is, you see that the -- most of the devices didn't have all the parts they needed to be an explosive. that doesn't mean that they still won't be charged, it's still a crime, an act of terrorism. the secret service and the fbi, i don't think it's going to take two weeks do this. i think they'll have it wrapped up quick. kennedy: do they work well together, these two law enforcement agencies? . >> they do when they have to. they fight over budgets a lot. the first director of the fbi was actually a former secret service agent, and the first person he hired was a young guy named j. edgar hoover, they work together when they have to, and they work together pretty well. years ago -- kennedy: it's a fascinating history, and for those who are interested in, it they should absolutely buy your book.
9:48 pm
gary, thank you so much. >> thank you. kennedy: "topical storm" is next. stay right here. i'm ken jacobus, i'm the owner of good start packaging. we distribute environmentally-friendly packaging for restaurants. and we've grown substantially. so i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. that's right, $36,000. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. my unlimited 2% cash back is more than just a perk, it's our healthcare. can i say it? what's in your wallet? hey guys. today we're here to talk about trucks. i love trucks. what the heck is that?! whoa! what truck brand comes from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road? i think it's the chevy. ford. is it ford? nope, it's not ford. i think it's ram.
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. kennedy: a federal judge ordered "jersey shore" star mike "the situation" sorrentino, the "jersey shore"
9:52 pm
star landed a role on spray tan, orange is the new black. gtl, baby. this is "topical storm." topic number one -- we begin in tulsa, oklahoma there. it is, where the new police cars were a real steal. tulsa cops busted a woman for driving a stolen car and she stole theirs too! look at her go. deputies trying to stop her but she persisted. the chase went on for two miles before she ran for it only to get caught at a motel six, the police chopper left the light on for her, the bad news is she's off to prison. the good news is it's cleaner than a motel 6 and only 30% less bedbugs. the police car poacher lost her license and the lawyer argued she won't be able to make it to court. not to worry because knowing her, she'll use a ride share program. topic number two -- taco bell giving away free tacos as part of annual world series promotion.
9:53 pm
i'm not the biggest fan but nice to see someone giving away free stuff beside bernie sanders. 1% has all the best chalupas. steal a base taco prize is awarded to anyone who steal a base, that's what mookie betts during the game. as a result all fans eat free taco bell. they know the drill of sprinting for home. the giveaway takes place november 1st. if you can't wait that long, put the bomb down. topic number three -- this town has banned people from dressing up as clowns because they're too scary. in my days our parents checked our candy for razors, now they check it for peanuts, and the slobs that dress in sexy costumes, i'd rather see penny wise than love handles any day of the week, after a rash of creepy clown sightings spooked the community.
9:54 pm
they're furious because they were planning to send 100 clowns to the parade and rented two cars to get them there. over 5,000 people are expected to attend this year's festivities. sadly, now banned creepy clowns, michael avenatti can't go. how will he launch his campaign. topic number four -- one democratic candidate is taking a flier on her opponents. delaware state representative kevin hensley left a flier only to have his opponent show up and steal it a few hours later. first there was rock the vote, then rob the vote. she wasn't kidding when she claimed she was the better candidate on paper. the home owner causing johns to confess and apologize what she called lapse in judgment. meantime, next time she's going to check for cameras first. despite the embarrassing bust, johns is vowing to finish the campaign strong. here she is driving to her next
9:55 pm
event. woo! lead foot lawmaker. why take a police escort when you can take a police car? all brought to you by nabisco. i love the shot of her hands. great manicure. topic number five -- finally, let us salute a canadian trucker busted for hauling 280 pounds of cocaine across their border. that's a lot of canadian booger sugar, police were suspicious when they saw him tailgated by charlie sheen. according to border patrol, the man claimed to have a truck full of blueberries he picked up in texas. is that what they're calling it now? when they searched his rig, the blueberries looks like darryl strawberry, they slapped the cuffs on him. who would have thought that weed would only be legal in canada for a week before they give way to coke! holy underwear, the trucker's
9:56 pm
name has not been released but told the cops who found the cocaine he was an aspiring actor. he was hoping to land a part on whose line is it anyway. those aren't my pants, that's not my truck, i just like the way it smells. we'll be right back. stay here.
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instagram, on facebook, e-mail kennedy much more to talk about with buck sexton, kayleigh mcenany and my mentor and hero, john stossel is here. i'll see you on the "outnumbered" couch at noon. good night. lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories federal and local authorities investigating suspicious packages sent to prominent democrats including the clintons and barack obama. president trump called the attacks abhorent, and vowed to track down those responsible. president trump: we have to coming together and sent one very clear strong unmistakable message that acts with threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the united states of america.


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