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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 27, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> $250,000. [laughter] paul: remember, if you have your own hit or miss tweet it to us jer on fnc, this is it for this week's show, thanks to my panel and thank you for watching, i'm paul gigot hope to see you right here next week. good evening. our top story's authorities investigate what is now ten suspicious devices into prominent democrats but providing little in the way it feels about what exactly is inside those packages and who will try tonight to separate fact from fiction. also the pentagon gearing up to said at least 800 of our troops to the southern border under
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order from the president. president trump calling on the migrant caravans from guatemala to mexico to turn around and assuring them they will not be allowed entry to the united states. to make we knew it a long time ago when our country is assaulted by thousands of thousands of people marching an they openly say we're going to go into the country, we cannot do that. we cannot allow that. judicial watches have justice return from guatemala from whic they crossed over into mexico earlier this week he joins us tonight, what with the border patrol to the midterms drawing closer republicans gaining ground and scoring political points against the radicals tickets key senate races. our top story three more suspicious patches packages. authorities intercepted that th day one to the actress speech after robert deniro and another
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for joe biden. a total of ten. the fbi calls and destructive devices. those were discovered this week. authorities treating that package contents as if they wer bombs. despite my not having gone off, all ten of the devices are on their way to the end fbi bomb facility in virginia. fox news, chief intelligence with us tonight. >> fbi officials say this investigation is now their highest priority with agents an forensic evidence and other joint terrorist task force. the attorney general who oversees the fbi to future prosecutions the snowstorm woul go unturned. >> we met with the president to meet bring him up today. >> as suspicious white powder include in one of the mailings
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turned out to be an inert. they are no hoax devices. civicspeemac the initial analys that the powder in this particular envelopes did not present a biological threat. government officials confirmed they are using postal market student narrow their focus describing florida as a region of interest. they get regular updates with the postal market keep it would not get into specifics. >> that's going to help investigators great deal in terms of determining where they originate out of. >> they been able to narrow dow locations former attorney general eric holder said he spe expects federal investigators t move swiftly. they need to figure who did it and figure out a week in which
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they can get beyond these types of things. the former cia director john brennan and delivered to cnn causing westies evacuation. it was designed to confuse not an indicator of the terrace connection. officials are not is saying whether or not they believe the suspects are suspect operated from florida where all the packages were mailed from buick in maryland are also a focus. >> thank you very much. for more from the white house and for the presidents responde to this suspicious packages the were turning to fox news john roberts >> good evening. president trump was brief several times about the latest developmedevelopme nt in search for who was responsible for
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those packages for some of the fiercest critics. the white house is mom mum on the problem says of the white house but it's clear that the president had a lot on his mind. it is only public event president trump said nothing about with some suspicious package is being counted a burl he pointed a finger at the medi for feeding the flames of tribalism. a very big part of the eager we see today in our society is caused by the falls and accurat reporting of the main street meeting as i refer to as fake news. it is gotten so bad and hateful it is beyond description. ensuring media must clean up their act, fast. >> the media also has a responsibility to set a civil tone. the tweet in similar comment they made as of wisconsin pm rain rally both sharp criticism from cnn president jeff soaker who the statement said there's total and complete lack of understanding about the white
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house of their series continue attacks pitts make the criticis of the media site for the most part president trump dialed bac his attacks last night developing the mailings urging people to solve their differences peacefully. >> it's called peacefully at th ballot box. some insisted it's not the medi sibling, but the president. former cia director was a targe of one of the mailings. pitts make his rhetoric fuels these feelings in sediments that are now bleeding over into potentia acts of violence. sara sanders fired back at the president had nothing to do wit the threats. the president is not responsibl for sending suspicious pack jus for more know more than bernie sanders was responsible for supporter of his shooting up a republican baseball field last
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year. it was taken out of the headlines. president trump and the vice president at their best to get it back above up of the foot this afternoon. >> to those in the caribbean turn around. we are not going to allow you t enter our country illegally. >> the president also ordered the pentagon to muster troops t the border 800 military engineers and doctors and lawyers some of them active dut will be headed to the frontier to back to the border control and the national guard troops already there. where they go has yet to be decided that the president is now thinking chief active duty military endeavor to secure the border with a new milestone get his efforts to curb illegal immigration. thank you very much. >> john roberts at the white house. also tonight more on the migran caravans of the 14th as it as it moves north through mexico
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the earlier today traveling 30 miles north 110 miles from the latest. gustavo dominguez was reported -- was deported giovanni was deported after a traffic violation and both are going back. >> he speak with me and he is saying when you come back. and i say may be 30 or 35 days may be. most of the caravan ever lived in the us. we are big family my children are young we are looking for th
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american dream. right now we're in southern mexico but 2,000 miles to the border at cnet the 1,000 miles to texas. some will walk in the hitchhike with ak catching a ride in the back of a pickup truck with a backup of thought that the plac about $2 per person they get on of the tax event and a hopscotc town to town sleeping each nigh walking a little bit all the wa through mexico to the us border there's a train they can catch not far from here but it's dangerous the father we go nort it will likely splinter in some local towards these but the majority we are told local west to tijuana and that's where som will cross illegally and others like this him it will ask for asylum. >> are you worried about not being allowed in yes, a lot because it is a long way with the children for nothing. it's 62 miles away but it's als home to the tree that we talked
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about that with so quickly. migrants tells they're going to jump the train they can cover i one hour what it would take one day to walk. mexico promise us officials the would try to disrupt that train service towards the caravan. they said that the last few day and often true. how this plays out, we do not know. it's an unfolding story. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> they cannot come in the way they want to come in. it does not work that way. we don't have borders and we don't have country and we have the greatest country on earth. republicans know that the rule of law is essential to national sovereignty. >> president trump on the migrant caravans at his rally last night wisconsin my next
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guest just returned from guatemala where he spent 40s on the ground witnessing the caravan just north of the hungarian border. the initial watch, civic speema good to have you with us. >> i know that this caravan was the subject of considerable interest for you for judicial watch and the american people. give us your first and we have little time be an assistant is possible your thoughts on what you witnessed in which you saw in her pitts make it's a male caravan of midteens to mid 40s the woman and children are supe minority. there is a criminal elements rolled into the caravan there we're children that recovered from human smoke. speeches bubbling operation. what amounts are trying to hold them back and turn them back bu it's a very great situation. the group reported to beat the organizers playing instrumental roles and financial roles tells
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which you you can. >> it's a criminal involvement is a highly organized. oh leverett sophisticated operation. as a from the highest levels of the guatemalan government. they're investigating those groups criminally and i strum really urge trump and the attorney general to do the same here. a lot of these folks also have affiliates who are getting mone from the source occupied state department which is of great concern and they want to start cutting money so company their pitts make you don't anything about what we're seeing with reports and pictures of usaid packages and bags containing what we know not, but obviously distributed. what is behind that? >> i don't have a clear answer there's all sorts of programs that they are affiliated with the we spend taxpayer money on it it needs to be cut off now. >> we are we headed.
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>> we have another caravans of the thousand more people formin up in honduras ready to make th same tractor guatemala into mexico into a plan of getting t our southern border. your thoughts about this and what we can expect. civicspeemac it's an intermitte river of humanity is not a caravan of a discrete group. i also look i don't have from evident checkable to my intelligence and my indicators are to look for something comin out of el salvador in the next week. >> the president has ordered at least 800 troops of logistic merely an missions to the border . what is it going to take what appears now 14,000 migrants in this caravan 98 percent think i
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through something fundamental have to change her. >> chris farrell, good to have the back. >> the secrets of wad rosenstein . while we may never get his story. we're joined after this quick messages. stay with us. we'll take all of that up. oh yes, the president's power t declare a national emergency th book the military on the border if he so teams it necessary.
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we are still awaiting on the president to take the stage tonight in houston texas or she is appearing in support of tenant senator ted crews. right now they're telling that he and senator are basically now great pals. and the big controversy over th rosenstein interview was supposed to go and judiciary committees we are joined by
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victory, of speeches former federal prosecutor, they are th founding partners of the end la firm. great to have you with us. >> great too happy with us. but * come if we may come at th president president is winding up support of senator. they're only about 300 miles in the coming weeks. the assessment about the president's statement that this is a national emergency and he is ready to move troops to the border to seal it off as necessary. >> i do one shoot to know that am 3.6% native from my mexico i think it very valid by that president. he can stop an invasion.
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what is this other than an invasion. >> it is an invasion by any standard and i want. i am 100% american. >> your thoughts on the issue. >> i don't think that there's any doubt that under federal la and constitution that president can deploy troops out for purposes of domestic law -- which is prohibited by law. but to pale imitation. it's now clear for me and statements from the people in this march that they are coming to the united states without lawful authority to come here for their own purposes they are not fleeing clean anything that requires them to be refugees an the president has reaped the power to repel them at the border but he can enter into mexico and repel them on mexica soil and i'm sure he's had some
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i don't think he's going to mak this threat. >> i can't think of a threat that he's made that he wasn't prepared to carry out. let's turn to rosenstein, who many people think an absolute central problem take care whether it be the conduct of th special counsel or the prospect of him putting on a wire and recording the president in the white house or whether it be putting together spies and putting him into the trump campaign and paying him to do so . victoria, your reaction to the ranking members of the chairman of that house judiciary and oversight committees will be there this wednesday.
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>> this is a disgrace. it wasn't supposed to be this way. i talked to members combined with inside scoop. there was an agreement with the speaker, ryan mccarthy and they all told members that the he was going to be treated like everybody else and they caved t his demands. and the me tell you of the things you mention only for people get to interview him, tw republicans and two democrats. last i checked, we were in the majority of the house of representatives for doesn't quite work that way is to lame-duck and worried about wha they're going to do for them an taking account to the constitution. they're going to do it in a skip .
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they caved to their demands. they have to come and look at everything that was there and they have to take their time to decide what should not be released to the public. it's a disgrace. >> joe, you get the last road -- word on the rosenstein committee . and the interview committees on the people present. >> it's an embarrassment an example of republican oversight. this is a moment of disgrace that a disgrace deputy attorney chad, who in fact, we know from members of the house site, did in fact describes the people wearing a wire and going in to
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see the president of the united states. this is an embarrassment. >> and when he wrote the memo h was there when he wrote the mem they all got mad at him. so do you know what rosenstein said? i'll give you a special counsel. and he appointed a more. >> i promise wrote job you get the last word. thank you very much. i know who gets the last word n matter what anybody says. >> up next, delusional dad. she says her disastrous dna tests will restore your faith i government. she hasn't made sense for days now. we'll have that and much more when we continue. stay with us, we will be
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joining us now to talk about that caravan in the latest announcement of the rosenstein classified interview of the judiciary and oversight committees has been postponed. that gates, member of the committee, congressman, great t have you with us. here we go again. what's up with this postponemen not coming from rosenstein, but from the four elders of that congress who is playing this game. >> with to you make of it. >> we make been a member of congress so much harder than it has to be all we have to do is tell the truth and hold open hearings and show the american people what's happening i'm so frustrated that we are now week after rosenstein we learned tha rosenstein made statements abou wearing a wire on the president who has not happened in an open hearing under oath to answer questions i'm hopeful the fact that we've ended this behind closed with patty cake game
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between the president and -- the chairman and roses i will have more transparency and openness. frankly, sometimes, our own leadership and the other they want to keep jim jordan and the want to keep us out of there because they asked tough questions that they don't want us to participate will provide the answers and we want to some of the truth leads. >> the new desk that you've bee spearheading calls for the truth . and imagine that. from that justice department an the fbi, also from the courts which appeared to be complicit in the political corruption of the fbi department of justice. i want to turn quickly to what you think will happen next. are we ever going to see any results from the rosenstein interview before the midterm elections or have they successfully ran out the clock on that as well.
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my fear is that there is a bipartisan desire to make no weights before the election the democrats think they have that win at their back the democrats think that they -- the republicans think they need to be quite the tax cuts. weather rosenstein is fired or not fired or the republicans wi or lose we should never have a government that is trying to unseat to the elected president and that's what i'm going to be fighting four. >> and that caravan, that caravan seems timely. whether full of people are or not it's making its way north. they're going to enter the united states of the president says it will not. my thoughts. i'm proud of our president for protecting a our reported that you made a point that is worth highlighting. this is not just a group of desperate migrants we have people who are criminals, thugs
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and i have received information from intelligence officials in central america and the intelligence community in the united states that you have som folks that have come from as fa as africa to drink that caravan because that's the way to gain illegal entry into the united states. they use this weakness on our border to bring problems the united states that's quite serious it's beyond the humanitarian and our president who is tasked with protecting this needs to make sure that this caravan a stop and i think he will. >> the idea that this is a humanitarian crisis fits into the left wing or is that an accident that we understand. it's the second caravan that's been assembled in honduras to about a thousand people and it
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is we say please bring to our country. it would be safe to people in line he was much concern about decade ago about being fair to them. let me make this point. this is not one caravan or two caravans this is a new strategy to get people who are not supposed to be in the united states and to our country. we do not take strong bold action they caravan will never end. it will be ongoing and our country will be borderless i don't think it's a coincidence that this is happening i'm not election time, but we better show our strength. >> the president and you would agree, is doing just that.
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congressman matt gaetz. here we go. >> i think we should get rid of ice. it's a determination and optimism. it's supposed to be here to kee americans safe. but it's turned into is a terrorist organization of itself . her saying that we should be doing with the imaging caravan. we will continue in one
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radical left-wing sentence has unveiled her parties speaking at an illegal border's country. our strength has always been they don't have anything to do
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with about 60 million hispanics who live in our country. the recent nbc news wall street journal poll they would rather have the democrats controlled congress but i'm sure at to do with that. joining us tonight to discuss the caravans heading to our southern border political commentator, best-selling author , and author of the new book called back resistant is mine. thanks for being with us. it's great to see you. we recommend and spoke to you. and, let's start with the caravan. it is moving towards us. i don't see how many us see how they got 14,000 people with ove thousand miles to travel. >> just so that quote what the just wait.
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they're not only taller, amazingly generous and charitable. they are starting to feel like this is a con man. taking in more refugees taking on the rest of the world combined they are always refugees. the fact that so many of these caravans are hooking up with another of the problem is that all of them are dysfunctional. the problem is who the people are its we overwhelm our countr with more millions of latin americans eventually we just become another failed latin american state. >> the president has made it very clear that that caravan will not enter the united states .
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this is why we wanted a wall. we have to keep hoping that thi president and the next presiden another caravan coming or point out to keep going tickets for the next two months for the res of our lives and as bush said about the terrace though get into donald trump before his voters do. the democrats, the mob mentalit it seems as if the party leader are the mob leaders this thuggish dish that has been exhibited the violence toward the republican candidates this year which is escalated its
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repugnant and goes on without apology from the democrats. if, i wrote a book about this. it was a few books back about the mob behavior you always hav that angry and mentally ill storming the barricades. trying to explain how a wall or tax cuts will be better for you and improvement with lobs of people. it's not part of the mentality of the right wing. it is always been a part of the left wing. boy, we are seen it like we hav had not seen any sense of obama 's friend william is this setting bombs around the country . such trump has been elected. they have really taken it up a
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notch. the book is resistance is futil how that trump hating let's los its collective mind by none other robbins. great to see you. powerful and found money in politics. this is really getting to be dangerous is it interesting times in washington. much more to go. much more to do.
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there are now 13 days remaining until the midterm elections. there are major storms developing tonight and a high profile races for the governor of florida is after text messages is in trouble were mad public that he receives broadwa tickets from an undercover fbi agent posing as a real estate development in this to getting corruption in tallahassee. he has not been charged with anything. and the texas senatorial race senator cruz come and offer valid leading challenger by fiv
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points they had them there by two points. the latest what's happening to the radical it's almost everything. they have destroyed his lead in the race for the attorney general. the democratic canada is now facing questions is that she married her brother as part of fraudulent immigrations scheme that she denies. tina smith failed to show up fo a debate her opponent did. this comes as she has close to that race to six points after
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the president's rally in minnesota earlier this month, she had been down as many as 16 points. >> and new hampshire judge has blocked a state law that would require proof of residency when registering to vote. how dare they. kenneth brown suspended the implementation of that the writing in his decision that it threatens to disenfranchise an individual's right to vote. the ruling comes as reports tha previously deported illegal immigrants are joining the caravan hoping to join again with the opportunity to vote in new hampshire would await them the new hampshire relate an invitation for fraud and opens the door for illegal immigrants to register to vote and does no bother the folks in new hampshire. kevin mccarthy's office vandalized the latest episode o violence toward republicans by radical pops. we take that up with your
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conjoint. >> after these quick messages
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>> law enforcement officials in new york say an explosive was found outside georgian forces home it resembles a pipe bombs they did not say it is a pipe out that where that it is an explosive. it was found inside a package
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discovered in his mailbox. meanwhile in another effort to intimidate republicans they say to vent his shot at a install all electronic arts at a house majority leader kevin mccarthy office in bakersfield, california. they had apparently through a good site rocks at a small boulder. you can see it there to the window this is the latest incident of violence against republicans. they've compiled a list of at least 613 assaults against trum supporters and members of the republican party. joining us now to discuss the caravan crisis as well as the upcoming hearing on capital hil york fox business could traded byron, it's great to see you. let's start with the violence against republicans by the left in this country. we have a number of news organizations who want to paint this as some sort of duality an
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at which it is a bipartisan issue. it is not. it is clearly not. it is clearly the pilots and th violent rhetoric rhetoric of th left. >> the most serious speed that shooting attack that nearly killed and could have killed others specifically directed at republican politicians. a high-powered rifle attack. this was really, really serious. we can only hope worse than tha happens. >> we don't have to hope. we can vote. we can actually are sure that none of them get into office. that's probably beach too far. then, and some are likely. we have to after all preserve the two-party system. would you see this election going. i think that he's put it politically correctly in terms of motivation it is i-uppercase-letter caravan
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without any question and common sense the president is being modest it's in his judgment and his intellect that he's bringin is not comment at all. >> i was talking to some republican strategist at recent weeks and they were encouraged by the after effects of the whole bright kavanaugh price that just in the senate but als in the house basically billy discredited all lot of republicans. those consultants and strategists that are working to try to keep the house republicans did say we really could use one more thing. and everyone is wondering if this is one more thing it's jus so obviously newsworthy. you have a mile long caravan of people hoping to add to the united states illegally. and you had schumer and nancy pelosi telling the candidates essentially to ignore it.
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it's a distraction from the healthcare issue. i think any voter can see that that's not going to fly. we still have two weeks from today. we don't know how this is going to play out. >> , it seems to me that it's playing out remarkably well for the republicans. this president has test tough decisions. he also has two opportunities. one is to actually form the partnership that we thought might be might have developed between andrea's and while and it is how that did not happen. he let the president's people on . the president of mexico look like a partnership bit before meeting on may caravan. that did not happen. now, this is a country that has to defend its borders this
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president saying he will send a many troops as necessary to tha porter that caravan will not enter the united states. there are limits on what troops can do in his situation like this. also it could be there not quit what people things just to go t the point. it's our understanding and it's a clear what that those troops can move into mexico with the president's orders at the borde for the purpose of defending that border. although think the legal mind that operate at washington need some support because it's growing as a quick mushroom of conventional thought that i think needs to be corrected. you could have an extraordinary situation. we have heard that this group i actually planning to take the long row to the united states,
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the west about to end up in tijuana and enter in california. california has a state that wants to think it's its own country they went after him for policy. >> i think this is should set u an extraordinary interesting situation if this comes to pass that these migrants are trying to enter the united states and california. the government california does not want to's do anything to stop them in the president want to enforce federal law it could be an interesting situation. at the did this a difficult situation. he is the commander in chief. and jerry brown is not in his leak. it is not a contest that he would want he's been overtime the matter what you think of th governor he's made some pretty good political judgment i don't think that would include taking
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on the president of the united states. >> always good to talk to you. and good night from new york. w, and see you monday. trish: breaking right now, the fbi warns there maybe more package bombs still to be discovered. this as the suspect is being grilled while in federal custody. from the beginning of this ordeal the media has been quick to blame our president for this person's heinous crimes. instead of helping us come together, the media is further exaggerating the division. something the president agrees with. president trump: the media's constant, unfair coverage, deep hostility, and


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