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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 28, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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swoosh! nothing but net! i'm jamie colby. thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. [ whistle blows ] o join us. pete: we're thinking about you pittsburgh. ed: all right maria: good sunday morning everyone thanks for joining us officials giving an update on the victims murdered during a shooting rampage at a synagogue in pittsburgh this morning. president trump has a message for thousands of migrants in that caravan headed toward the southern u.s. border deputy attorney general rod rosenstein 's closed door interview with lawmakers is postponed at the last minute and now nine days away until the mid-term elections which partly really have momentum, which party has the momentum now. high, everyone thanks for joining me i'm maria bartiromo welcome to sunday morning futures. 11 victims gunned down inside a
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synagogue yesterday, investigators are treating this mass murder as a hate crime. this attack immediately comes in the wake of pipe bombs circulat ing through the u.s. mail system we'll speak to senate homeland security chairman ron johnson plus house homeland and judiciary member john ratcliffe and those topics and more and president trump message to the caravan that made the u.s. its final destination and defense secretary jim mattis just approved troops to the border as the commander-in-chief is expected to take further executive action also what was behind the postponement of rod rosenstein's meeting with house lawmakers and is he expected to answer questions in the future? the countdown is on for our mid-term elections the panel will weigh in for congressional control as we look ahead right now on sunday morning futures. and just moments ago officials
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in pittsburgh releasing more information on the 11 people killed in yesterday's shooting at the tree of life synagogue. eight men, three women ranging in age from 54 to 97 years old. officials say all the families have now been notified and the mayor of pittsburgh pledging the support of the entire community. >> the victim's families to the vick tip's friends we're here as a community of one, for you. we will be here to help you through this horrific episode. we'll get through this darkest day of pittsburgh's history by working together. maria: mourners gathering at the synagogue last night in honor of those 11 lives that were lost, this tack comes on the heels of another incident that rocked the country, the series of bomb scares targeting top democrats, the suspect in that case is in custody. he is scheduled to make his first court appearance tomorrow joining me now is texas congressman john ratcliffe a
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member of the house homeland security committee and sits on the judiciary committee and serves as chairman of the cybersecurity committee a former federal prosecutor congressman always a pleasure to see you thanks so much for joining us. >> good morning, maria. maria: your reaction to all of this. let me start off with those pipe bombs that of course we are going to hear from the suspect tomorrow in court, and really this tone that we are seeing and political discourse. >> well, i think the main story shouldn't be the political discourse. it should be appreciation and admiration for our law enforcement community. if you think about it, in a matter of days, our law enforcement community, our bomb technicians, our forensic experts were able to find the one person out of a population of 320 million people that was a would be terrorist, so i think it's pretty extraordinary and remarkable and they certainly deserve our praise. i understand people want to always make everything political and turn it into political
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discourse. look there's been rhetoric on both sides. i know that obviously mr. sayoc was targeting democrat s, but we've seen it the other way. it was a bernie sanders support er that shot my friend steve scalise last year. at the end of the day i don't think it's political rhetoric. it's mental illness that is causing these tragedies or would be tragedies. weave got a mental health crisis in this country. maria: yes we do you're right. we'll watch the developments there. i want to get your take on the caravan. they've taken a break right now, have gotten off of the bus but are continuing their goal to come to the u.s. southern border in the united states and the president continues to say look, now is the time to get back in and turn around, because you will not be let into this country. as the congressman from a border state of texas, your thoughts on how to deal with this caravan
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and now another caravan? >> well, as a nation of immigrants we want to be as generous and compassionate as possible and we are. we let 1 million immigrants into this country legally every year that's more than any other country in the world, but to ignore a horde of folks from unknown origins with unknown intents, intentions other than to come into this country illegally is just plain wreckless. i mean the role of the federal government while we have one, maria, is in part to provide for the common defense and that means securing the sovereignty and integrity of our borders. now presidents have paid lip service to that in the past. it's nice and i think president trump deserves credit for demonstrating that he really intends to enforce our borders and to enforce the rule of law, so i commend him for that and i support him. maria: the issue is once they do
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get here, there's catch and release, so they can come in and then get a court date to come back and oftentimes they don't come back so then they're just here illegally. >> yeah, you asked about the impact, maria. it's profound in any number of ways, particularly to constituents of mine in texas where a lot of these folks will come through. there's an economic cost, the burden on our health care system , on our hospitals, on our schools that's profound but there is also a far more personal impact. i have a family of constituents that lost three members to an illegal alien that had previously been deported. kate steinley in san francisco, and unfortunately almost every week, we see an example that in this population of people that would come here, are folks that have a history of gun, gang, drug, and violent crime histories that sometimes have a
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profound impact in a personal way on americans. maria: it's really important for you to assess the impact, because oftentimes people will say look, america is a country with immigrants and we are, and as you say, that is why that we let in legally the number of people that we do, but there is an economic cost to this and when you do have others coming in and taking the jobs and taking the resources of the people that have already been here are american citizens have in many cases gone through the structure to get in legally you're taking those resources away from them. the president was at a rally last night in illinois. he discussed border security and the caravan as part of his campaign. listen to this. president trump: as you know, the military is going to the border. you do know. >> [applause] president trump: and want the people of the caravan to come into our country but they have to come in legally.
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like all the millions of people that are waiting in line right now. >> [applause] president trump: they can't break into our borders. they're not going to. you're going to see we call them the military, the military of they're ready, they're ready and i wish i could just say it, caravan. turn around. you're not coming in. you're not coming in. [applause] maria: so congressman, tell us the role of the military. the president has sent military troops there. what specifically will the military be doing? >> well they will support law enforcement. this is not a deal where the troops go there for a military confrontation. they're not authorized to do that they have to have authorization from congress, what the president is talking about is sending troops in support of our law enforcement to support our immigration laws at the border, so it'll be a supporting role, but i think that clip again demonstrates that the president is sending a
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message, obviously to the folks in the caravan, that would come to this country illegally but i think maybe just as importantly sending a message to the central american governments that in some cases are encouraging this and have been encouraging this, so very clearly, i think this is one of the reasons that canada trump because president trump because he promised to secure our borders and he's making good on that promise. maria: yes. and i support him. maria: let's take a short break congressman because i've got to ask you about the week that was, you just came off of your interview with george papadopoulos and you were supposed to be talking to deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, house republicans postponed that testimony from the deputy attorney general. we want to ask you about rod rosenstein, if in fact, you will plan to speak with him in the future after this short break so stay with us congressman, john ratcliffe joining us this morning we'll be right back with more. >> you
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maria: welcome back and we're back with former federal prosecutor and texas congressman john ratcliffe and this week you interviewed george papadopoulos and i want to ask you about this an get a status check on where your investigation stands looking into the fbi and doj's handling of this trump russia investigation. we want to know about george papadopoulos because this is one of the early individuals that the doj and the fbi said was the trigger for them to launch an investigation of collusion between trump and russia correct >> correct, yeah, and unfortunately we learned, maria, this week that the obama fbi and the justice department opened up this investigation into whether the russian government was colluding with the trump campaign centered around george papadopoulos, a 28 year old policy advise or who to this day has never been to russia and to this day, has never knowingly had a conversation with anyone
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in the russian government. maria, the person that bags your groceries at the supermarket has the same number of contacts with russia and the russian government as mr. george papadopoulos which is zero. one of the troubling things that came out of my questioning is why, if i have seen classified documents that lends support to mr. george papadopoulos' contention that he had no knowledge or intend to collude with the russians or anyone on the trump campaign having that, why he hasn't seen those documents or why his lawyers haven't seen those documents, or why the judges at the foreign intelligence surveillance court haven't seen those documents, so the more people we talk to, you know the more troubling it is but it's really the same old story. there's no collusion, there never was collusion and so that's why we need to talk to folks like rod rosenstein to get better answers to what he knows about what the fbi and the department of justice were doing back then. maria: so just to close the loop
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on george papadopoulos in other words there was information, there was certain evidence that would refute claims that there was any interaction between the trump campaign and russia, but that information was not given to the fisa court when they went to get the warrant to wire tap american citizens? >> so let's my opinion of the classified documents that i have seen. it's evidence that would be favorable to mr. george papadopoulos' claim and assertion with regard to that so the government would have an obligation to turn that over to mr. george papadopoulos and his lawyers under what's called the "brady rule." it appears that that did not take place and i think that's one of the reasons that george papadopoulos has been public in the recent days talking about moving to withdraw his guilty plea. maria: right he said he may withdraw a guilty plea from the mueller agreements over
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misconduct at the doj. >> yeah, so he'd have to move to withdraw and convince the court that there is a basis to throw out his plea agreement which is again based on lying to the fbi but if the government didn't meet its obligations in turning overall evidence that it had that was favorable to his case, then he certainly can make that argument, but setting that issue aside, really, what's more troubling is how all of this started and why it continued for such a long period of time, why it has consumed the public debate when very clearly folks like george papadopoulos and carter page have little or no connections with anything russian but this has been allowed again to go on for such for two-year period of time. maria: we thought you'd have an opportunity to talk to rod rosenstein about all of this but the meeting was postponed. paul ryan didn't want it to move forward. what can you tell us about why
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that meeting was postponed? >> well i wasn't in the conversation directly as to why it was postponed. i can tell you one of the reasons was that the deputy attorney general was under the impression that it was going to be about a 30 minute interview of his knowledge of this alleged conversation about wiring, wearing a wire to record the president pursuant to the 25th amendment. when he found out that our intention was to ask him details about the comey firing, his role in that, the aftermath of that, the appointment of special counsel, the scope of special counsel, his role in the fisa process and potential abuses of the fisa process, he wanted a little bit more time and hopefully, justice delayed is not justice denied. he has agreed to come back. i think he will spend a full day with hopefully the judiciary committee. that certainly is my hope and
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intension. maria: when would you expect him to come back and is that a public hearing when he will come back? >> again it'll be up to the chairman to make those decisions in terms of the format, but i think a lot of folks were unhappy that it was going to be so limited in terms of whose going to get access to asking questions that i think that this is more likely going to be a public hearing, where more members of congress will be able to ask some of the questions that i just raised directly to the deputy attorney general. maria: and we should expect that after the mid-terms some time in november you think? >> yeah, i don't think it's likely to happen in the next week, before the mid-terms, but i know that hopefully, the sooner the better. maria: so we had lindsay graham on the program last weekend, and basically, i asked him what i would like to ask you and that is what happens to this investigation? should the house flip? and go to democrat control. here is what lindsay graham says
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to me last week in terms of the senate. watch this congressman. >> well the house promises to impeach the president and kavanaugh and i think republican s are going to continue to try to hold the fbi and department of justice accountable for abuse of power. if i'm the chairman of the judiciary committee next year we hold the senate i promise you we're going to find out about the simpson fusion gps problem. i promise you we're going to get to the bottom of how they used a dossier prepared by foreign agent paid for by the democratic party to get a warrant against an american citizen. we're not going to turn our back on this. if i'm chairman we're going to get to the bottom of this and the only way for me to be chairman is for us to hold the senate. maria: so congressman, i mean, this feels like the biggest scandal of our time. are the american people going to understand what took place here and what are the prospects for the mid-term elections? do you have a plan b in terms of keeping this investigation going >> well i will tell you, maria, i feel really good a week out
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from the mid-terms. i think a lot of what senator graham was just saying will come to fruition. there is no blue wave in the senate. we are going to keep the senate and in fact we're going to pick up seats in the senate at least one, hopefully two or three, and the bigger the margin , the better it will be for not just investigations but confirmation hearings being able to avoid spectacles like we had with justice kavanaugh, so i fully anticipate that it will be chairman and he will be the chairman of the senate judiciary committee and we'll be able to continue this investigation. the house is going to be tight. history is against us, maria, but there are things that are working for us. one of those is the president whose out on a daily basis working his tail off to help republicans in tough races . the other thing that's working for us, maria, is i think it's being crystallized in these last few weeks the choice that americans have ben republicans and democrats. i mean the kavanaugh hearing
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demonstrated that democrats believe in a standard of guilty until proven innocent and with respect to this caravan, you still have democrats out there saying that we should abolish immigration customs enforcement, the agencies that supports and enforces our immigration laws. i mean, i hate to use the word stupid, maria, but i can't think of a better word and, you know, sometimes you can't fix stupid but you can vote it out of office. maria: there you go congressman good to see you this morning thanks so much. >> you bet thanks maria. maria: common john ratcliffe joining us we're learning more about the lives lost in yesterday's horror at a synagogue in pittsburgh. new reaction with my exclusive interview with ron johnson, next
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maria: welcome back we are learning more this morning about the victims of yesterday's horrific shooting at a pittsburgh synagogue that left 11 people dead. their ages ranging from 54 years old to 97 among the lost a pair of brothers, a husband and wife. this as the fbi releases new details of the suspected shooter , whose social media post ings were reportedly full of anti semitism rants he's facing 29 federal counts 22 of which carry the potential of the death penalty. he's expected to make his court appearance before a judge tomorrow. the horror in pittsburgh coming on the heels of friday's arrest of a florida man in connection with a string of mail bombs sent to prominent democrats including the obamas and the clintons. my next guest joins me right now senator ron johnson the chairman of the senate homeland security committee and sits on the foreign relations budget.
10:26 pm
sir thanks so much for weighing in for us. >> good morning, maria. maria: from a homeland security standpoint, what are your take aways from what took place at pittsburgh yesterday? >> well, the department of homeland security apparently already consulted with the synagogue and they actually had the plans in place for exit in case of a tragedy like this were to occur. it's sick that people have to plan for these things but there is a fair amount of consulting that occurs there but like congressman ratcliffe mentioned earlier this really does point out how effective and how brave our law enforcement is in terms of the bomb suspect, how quickly that person was apprehended, and in this case again law enforcement rushing into a synagogue putting themselves in danger i think for law enforcement officers were injured in that, we need to celebrate these individuals and certainly thank them for their service and sacrifice. maria: very important. i want to ask you about the caravan that the president is
10:27 pm
asking the congress to close the loopholes that cause these people to come into the country illegally. once they get in and claim credible fear, 80% of them that's 8/10 will lose their case because they are presenting fraudulent claims according to tom homan, form early of i.c.e. your take on what the u.s. should do with these caravans headed to the border? >> i completely agree with the president. we need to change the laws and close these loopholes we need better barriers no doubt about it but the fact of the matter is we reward people for coming to this country illegally because if they get in here they're able to stay and listen as trouble some as these caravans are the fact of the matter is maria on an average day last year 1,400 individuals came to this country illegally between the borders another 500 presented themselves to the points of port of entries and the broken legal immigration system we have right now is prompting this, so we have
10:28 pm
lengthened adjudication process, an almost unending appeals process, and of course one of the ways we're handling this backlog of cases is we just simply grant administrative closures to the tune of close to 900 per day last year, although attorney general sessions stopped that administrative closures but this is a terrible situation. the main problem is literally our laws, bad court decisions, bad court precedence that incentivize people to come to this country illegally. we need to end that. i'm working on a bill called the families act through my committee that would hopefully address the inability to enforce laws without separating families and hopefully we can get agreement from democrats, hopefully democrats want to secure the borders but i have my doubts because their solution literally is sam nunberg sanctuary cities, opening borders, catch and release and abolishing i.c.e. maria: i understand that but why haven't these laws been changed? the republicans have been in the
10:29 pm
majority the last two years why haven't we seen any movement on our immigration laws? >> because democrats want comprehensive reform that literally creates more of these incentives. they're not interested in closing these. listen i would love to solve the problem of the dreamers but they won't work with us to actually enforce the laws, end these incentives, stop the endless appeals, so again, we have not been able to come together. my own personal preference was let's just take a look at one of these problems. the family separation issue and let's fix that one. i'm trying to do that with my committee rather than comprehensive immigration reform which quite honestly the last time the senate passed that it included $260 billion of welfare benefits for non-u.s. citizens i call that an enormous incentive for further illegal immigration which is why i voted against it so let's start this process, step by step, try and find the areas of agreement. it's one thing that as a business person i'm always trying to do, try and find the
10:30 pm
areas of agreement, find the areas of agreement and then try and fix these problems step by step, what one word i'd like to quite honestly out law in washington d.c. is comprehensive we do a terrible job of it and maria one of the things i've done. we've held almost 30 hearings on some aspect of border security. frequently when i start up those hearings i list the laws that we passed to fix this problem and as i list the law, dating back to the mid-80s i talk about the number of people in this country illegally and it goes from 3.5 million to 6 to 9 to 10 to 11 to 12 we pass all these laws but we never fix them because there's not a good problem solving process inside congress. we need to start solving these problems but you have to look at the reality situation. maria: what's the answer to the families separating in terms of changing that law and which law do you think is the most onerous that needs to go? what's the worst than the you can just communicate to viewers? >> well right now it is the re
10:31 pm
interpretation of the settlement that forces i.c.e. to no longer detain children past 20 days, even if they're in a family unit so that is why when we tried to enforce the laws and we separated the children obviously that was a huge outcry , but that's the first thing. we need to come to agreement on how to actually fix the settlement so we can detain families and their children together and then adjudicate their claim rapidly so that we can send them home. michael churnoff phased a surge of illegal immigrants from brazil and established a rapid removal process, sent them back to brazil the next year we went from 33,000 people coming in from brazil to the following year 1,700. we need consequences. we can't reward people for coming into this country illegally and right now because we incentivize families coming, we incentivize unaccompanied children so we've had a huge surge of both those types of illegal immigrants. maria: because people do what
10:32 pm
you insect, not what you expect. let's take a short break i've got more to ask you about senator, continue with my exclusive interview with ron johnson after this including the u.s. responses to the theft of u.s. technology by china, the latest economic numbers as well stay with us, senator ron johnson continues. i'm ken jacobus, i'm the owner of good start packaging. we distribute environmentally-friendly packaging for restaurants. and we've grown substantially. so i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. that's right, $36,000. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. my unlimited 2% cash back is more than just a perk, it's our healthcare. can i say it? what's in your wallet? just a second, we also have the mendez mediation. brian is going to take the lead just follow his- hello. uh, no i need it right now. yeah...
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maria: welcome back we're back now in my excuse clues ever interview with chairman ron johnson and mr. chairman i want to get your take on some of the other big important issues going on like this fight we are having with china, and the vulnerability of our data, our cyber positioning right now, and i had the opportunity to catch up with larry ellison this week on fox business the chairman of oracle and of course oracle is home to most, 90%, of the world 's large company's data, so he is incredibly informed in terms of our positioning in cyber, as a country. here is what he says about the vulnerability of the u.s.' cyber material. >> modern cloud is constantly under attack by what are called bot nets. some are state actors, some are just cyber and we're building modern robotic defenses to protect our customer's data. maria: what do they want? >> there are two classes.
10:37 pm
there are people who want to steal credit cards and just make money and then there are states, state actors who want to gain intelligence. the government agency, basically the min minnesota ministry for personnel in the united states was hacked by a government actor who was able to get all of the researcher um as for everyone in the white house, all of the office of personnel management it's called, the state actor took all of that information and they were able to analyze it and they for example, they did something very clever. they said these are all of the people that work for the government. these are all of the people that work at this embassy in our capitol city. how come there are some people that work in the embassy in the capitol city that aren't in the list of government employees? maybe they all work for cia. i think we live in a democracy.
10:38 pm
if i don't like our government i can vote for somebody else, you know? we have a choice. maria: that's the way it works. we can pick a very progressive government. we had a very progressive government under barack obama and barack obama was president of the united states i'm still on team usa. that's my team, because it's wonderful to see the u.s. economy growing again over 4% i think our big competitor is china and that if we let china's economy pass us up, if we let china produce more engineers than we do, if we let china's technology companies beat our technology companies, it won't belong that our military is behind technologically also. maria: a lot to go through there , senator. your thoughts first on the vulnerability of our cyber. i thought larry ellison did a good job of connecting the dots of that breach of the office of personnel. >> well, you hit on just
10:39 pm
another enormously complex problem here. we had our annual threat here in two weeks ago with the head of d hs, and director wray and the head of the national counterterrorism center and the two big threats is homegrown violent extreme and then cyber. there's no doubt about it that we are incredibly vulnerable and the federal government in a recent report said that the federal government through its own internal cyber defenses only detects about 2.5% of incidents, so we're woefully unprepared and we're not very effective at this we just saw got hacked about an 80,000 individual's personal information was obtained so this is a huge problem. my own thoughts is that public exposure and disclosure is probably the best line of defense. people need to be aware of the fact that the fact we've had so many high profile cyberattacks certainly has energized the private sector to begin to
10:40 pm
really start ramping up their cyber defenses and we have these information sharing groups, i think, within the financial services is probably one of the better ones. i really do think we need a private sector model because they are far more nimble than anything the federal government can do but we need the federal government governmented in terms of information sharing as well but for example, our intelligence community knew about this for years didn't tell anybody and so we allowed kasper ski labs to become this enormous company to have their software on security. it's an absurd situation and we've seen this report from bloomberg. i don't know if it's true or not , director wray said be careful with it but potentially some chips being installed in some of these computer boards. again, the awareness at least makes companies do their own certification process and better testing to make sure they're not vulnerable but we need better supply chain management, but public awareness, i think, is probably the most important thing, and there was a report about the pla, they have their
10:41 pm
own cyber group out of china there in 2014 and that led to at least i think a lessening of china's bad acting but let's face it china has been stealing hundreds of billions of dollars worth of our industrial secrets as well as our military secrets and that is really i think the biggest threat that we face in terms of our relationship with china. maria: so how long will this fight go on and what are the implications if we continue pushing back on china? what are the implications for the economy, for people, because we know that they've been steal ing for all of these years but they won't admit it. are tariffs the answer here to get them to behave differently? >> well, our vulnerability to cyber taxes is going to go on as long as people use computers. i tell young people if you want job security, get a degree in cybersecurity. so again, i think the good news is because of public awareness, the gap between those on offense and those of us on defense is
10:42 pm
quite honestly narrowing and i think this administration appropriately is studying the fact that potentially going on offense ourselves as part of the deterrence but again it's the public exposure that hopefully if we have a unified rest of the world when it comes to trade in our dealings with china, we'll discipline them to begin really adhering to the norms of the rest of the world trading system maria: well i also think it's interesting to note that ellison also commented on the department of defense contract that oracle is trying to get, amazon wants to get the business with the pentagon as well, while google walked away but they are fine going into china and having their search engine censored. real quick. >> well, again, that's a decision i guess google is going to make. the chinese market 1.4 billion- person market is very attractive which is why a lot of u.s. businesses go over there and willingly give up their ip as well. maria: right. this is an incredibly complex
10:43 pm
situation here. we do need to be aware of the vulnerabilities that we have with the cyber crime or cyber theft, industrial espionage possibly going up to cyber warfare. maria: senator good to see you this morning thank you so much we will see you soon. senator ron johnson. >> have a good day. maria: we just heard from the co -founder of oracle larry ellison about the impact of the trump economic policy the growth our country has seen up next we talk with one of the architects behind that policy whether we will ever see tax cuts 2.0 how ways and means committee chairman kevin grady on deck next as we look ahead on sunday morning futures stay with us. but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better.
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maria: it has been 10 months since the president signed the republican tax cut bill now the gop is setting its sights on tax reform 2.0 the president promising an additional 10% cut for the middle class can republicans deliver joining me is texas congressman kevin brady chairman of the house ways and means committee and congressman always a pleasure to see you
10:47 pm
thanks very much for joining us. >> good morning, thanks for having me. maria: mr. chairman i know that you have wanted to make the individual cuts permanent from the beginning. is that what this is or is this an additional tax cut? >> yeah, it's even more, so it's really about keeping the momentum going, obviously the economy is booming, we're on track for the first total year-over-year plus 3% economic growth in more than a decade, we're seeing jobs coming back, paychecks going up, main street is hiring again, so the president is really focused on more of that economic growth. the house has passed 2.0 before we left for october, with 44 democrat votes for this three- bill package. it's now over in the senate and i think permanence really depends on this election if republicans are retaining control of the house and the senate next year we will do reconciliation and make these
10:48 pm
tax cuts permanent. the president wants to go even farther. he's really focused on the middle class. he just believes they're the ones who get squeezed the most. he's asked us and we work with him on developing another 10% middle class tax cuts for workers and families so we'll be ready to move with that as well. maria: so what you're saying the president suggested that we were going to hear about this before the mid-term elections, obviously there's nine days left and you're out of session. you're not going to be voting on this in the next nine days but are you saying that you're working on an additional 10% tax cut perhaps to be announced and to bring to a vote after the mid-term election some time in the fourth quarter? >> perhaps but really what the president was referring to and i wish some of his critics would have just simply asked, what he was talking about was when best we introduce either the bill or non-binding resolution laying out our commitment as republican s to doing that, which we talked about doing some time in the next month or so, but in
10:49 pm
truth, the lame duck is so unpredictable. that period between the election and the end of the congress, really common sense tells you that this is something that as republicans retain the house and the senate that we'll advance in the new congress. maria: let me ask you about your assessment of growth right now. we did get a gdp number out on friday, and it was growth of 3.5 %. we know that your economic policies have triggered real growth and animal spirits we saw a 4.2% economic growth number in the second quarter so if we had 4.2% in the second quarter and 3.5% in the third quarter should i surmise that things are slowing down there is a narrative out there that growth is going to slow down that's why we're seeing markets so volatile how do you assess growth right now? >> you know, i think look when we're retaining above that 3% growth that's just good news. president obama never had a 3% growth year in both of his terms , so this is a welcome return to more of what america
10:50 pm
is capable of. we may not always maintain a 4% growth as you know, depending on the conditions, but what i am pleased with look, some of the headwinds we're seeing is because of growth, interest rates are going up, as the fed normalizes hopefully not too quickly, they put a break on this economy. we're also seeing a challenged hiring workers so we've gone in a year from a country asking where are the jobs now it's where are the workers and literally every business i'm talking to is holding projects back, because they don't have the labor force we need. well as republicans we're going to elevate that workforce issue to perhaps our top economic issue going forward so look some of these challenges we have in the economy is because our economy is now returning to a pro-growth mode. maria: do you worry about a trillion dollar deficit does the pushback on more tax cuts obviously is the debt, very quickly, sir. >> yeah, i do, but we were not seeing tax deficits because of
10:51 pm
the tax code. it's because of spending and in fact, maria, the difference between the obama less than 2% growth and the trump greater than 3% growth that's an additional $44 trillion for the federal revenue, spending is the problem. maria: congressman good to see you thanks so much. mr. chairman we'll be right back ♪ the lexus ls 500 & ls 500h. take advantage of great offers on the 2018 ls 500. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. back pain can't win. now introducing aleve back and muscle pain. only aleve targets tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve back & muscle. all day strong. all day long.
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maria: welcome back countdown, we are nine days out from the mid-term elections we're going to bring in our panel james free man is an assistant editor for the wall street journal editorial page, ed rollins is an 84 campaign manager both fox contributors nine days out your expectations? my expectations are more women are going to get elected in the house and the senate than ever before, more money will be spent we spent $4 billion in the
10:55 pm
mid-term election probably the highest number ever to turn out republicans lose governor's races because we have a lot of them and lose house seats whether we lose the majority or not i would say it's probable we'll lose the majority in the house but we'll pick-up a couple senate seats. maria: that's a win for the president if he gets more senate seats. this president has made a big difference in this campaign and for the first time in modern history he is the campaign on both sides. maria: is it going to be the economy james? is it going to be this better back drop that we're seeing that will drive voters? >> the economy is always one of the top issues interestingly on our most recent journal nbc poll it was back up to number one it slipped behind healthcare earlier in the summer now number one and you see that across the polls, and this is i think the best case the president has, the republicans have, it's the one area where the president has a consistent advantage across the polls. his approval rating on the economy is eight or nine points it's majority support there, so i think they've given themselves kind of a puncher's chance to
10:56 pm
buck history here with the tax cut with the economic growth that they predicted and their plan is working. maria: look at the numbers does the tax cut 2.0 resonate do you think does that help with the president talking ahis next leg of tax cuts? >> well i think he has credibility on this issue, because you look at since december, when they enacted that tax cut they're still looking like it's tough on the generic ballot but its improved a lot democratic advantage of 13 when they passed the tax cut down to the seven or eight range, and i think you can expect that to be the closing argument here. maria: what's most important in terms of the races we need to focus on? >> the distractions of last week and yesterday obviously the tragedy of yesterday, the candidates have to get back talking about what matters to them and republicans have to talk about the trump programs. if they do that they will have some success. there are 14 governors races that are dead even. there are seven senate races that are dead even. maria: i imagine after the mid-terms, the president is going to have jeff sessions step down. if he's got the right number of
10:57 pm
senators he gets his appointee through. he gets a new age. >> holding the senate is very very important because he needs that for confirmation. maria: that's a big deal. ed rollins james free man great to see you both thank you so much that will do it for us sunday morning futures i'm maria bartiromo see you tomorrow morning on mornings with maria morning on mornings with maria on the foxoxoxoxox i'm at this wing joint telling people that geico has been offering savings for over 75 years. that's longer than the buffalo wing's been around. dozen wings. and did you know that geico... (lips smacking) offers mo... (coughing) motorcycle insurance? ho-ho... my lips are burning. (laughs) ah... no, my lips are actually burning. geico. over 75 years of savings and service. see how much you could save at it's too hot. oh, this is too hot, mate.
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♪ >> from san francisco, this is maria bartiromo's wall street. maria: happy weekend. welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. i'm maria bartiromo, thanks for joining us. it was a big week for technology and earnings. we had earnings from microsoft, amazon, alphabet and texas instruments reporting amidst worries of a slowdown coming in the week ahead. fund manager dan nice laid out -- nice laid out such a she mare owe. >> what you've seen in general with boeing being a pretty big exception is that a lot of companies are guiding much


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