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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 1, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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night. lou: good evening, our top story, president trump taking on a rapidly worsening border security and illegal immigration crisis, president trump and an escalating political battle with radical dems, rinos and national left wing media created or supported open borders. president trump today repeated his pledge to end so-called birth right citizenship for children of for foreign nationas and illegal immigrants. >> a person comes in, who has
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never come to the country before, has a baby, now all o aa isn't that baby is a u.s. citizen. through chain migration and other things many other come in through the baby. it is ridiculous. all you have to do is take a look at what harry reid said in 1993. guess what, before he know went insaminsane he got it right. lou: president said he is ready to send 15 thousand troops to border is mexico to deal the sunk of primarily central american migrants, they are headed in 5 separate caravans to our border. we'll have latest hire. >> also, represented louie gohmert is joining us, we'll talk with texas congressman about house battle over illegal immigration and border security. former federal prosecutor joe
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digenova will join us that talk about president's power to secure that border. and look at that. those folks, trump supporters, who have been lining up all day in ester o, florida outside of fort myers, a chance to see the president, first of 11 presidential campaign rallies, mr. trump will be leading over the next 6 days before the election. president trump to walk on that stage, and speak at any moment. whethewhether -- when he does hl bring his news making comments. >> and president trump continuing his push to use an executive order to help end birth right citizenship. fox news chief white house correspondent john roberts has
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the latest. reporter: president trump is upping ante in trying to stop the migrant caravan from crossing to united states, saying he is willing to put additional 10,000 active duty u.s. forthd border on assist with border control. on his way out the door to begin his campaign blitz, trump trump doubled down on his bet he could en birth right citizenship for illegal immigrant with the stroke of his executive pen. >> this is not a constitutional moment. you could have a simple vote in congress or in my opinion, after meeting with legal stoll scholars you could do it with an
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executive order. >> in case in case 14 amendments clear. reporter: in a tweet president firing back, paul ryan should be focusing on holding the majority rather than giving his opinions to birth right citizenship, something he knows nothing about. >> all you have to do is look at what harry reid said in 1993. guess what, before he went insane, he got it right. reporter: president trump did applaud former democratic senator harry reid, who in 1993, introduced legislation to end birth right citizenship, rejecting it as a reward to lawbreakers. >> no sane country would do, that right uguess again. if you brake our laws by entering without permission and give birth to a child, we reward that child with u.s. citizenship. reporter: in a statement today harry reid said, i made a mistake, after i proposed a bill my wife sat me down, and said,
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what are you doing. don't you know that my father is an immigrant, immigration will form a wil a central part of president's argument. the economy is another issue, in a workforce even this afternoon, the president pointed to volatility in stock market, saying that people's 401(k)s could be at stake. >> they are waiting for results of midterms, if they don't do well for republicans, i think you will all lose a lot of money. reporter: on birth right citizenship, congress never passed a law granting sts citizenship to children of illegal immigrants and supreme court has never ruled on that particular aspect of the 14 amendment. up until now it has been a custom. lou. lou: john thank you. >> also tonight, leading caravan
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of the central american migrants has rested nearly 900 miles from u.s. border, as second and more violent caravan, trails them by 250 miles, but hoping to reach the lead group in and form up as one. as these caravans there are now 5 are headed north, president trump taking to twitter to warn of violence nature of some of those migrants, caravans are made up of very tough fighters, he tweeted. and people. fought back hard and viciously against mexico at the northern border before breaking through. mexican soldiers hurt, were unable or unwilling to stop the caravan, should stop them before they reach our border but won't. department of defense announced 7,000 troops will be deported to
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worldeborder now. james mat mattis shot down it ws done as a little bit al politic. >> support we provide to secretary for homeland security is practical, support based on request from the commissioner of customs and border police, so we don't do stunts in this department. lou: joining us with more on the caravan, william lajeunesse. >> i tell you, i talked with a honduran immigrant this morning and asked him about the comments, he said, he will say that, otherwise everyone in honduras would go to united states, this caravan right now, they are taking a day off. the road to oaxaca is steep,
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there are blind curves, and towns on the way are too small to host a group this large, they have asked for a bus to take group of 5,000, to mexico city for safety of the caravan, and motorists. >> i don't think nobody can make it walking it is a long way. but i think if we all get together and find away, a ride we could make it. walking there i don't think so. it will be too hard, that would take us a long, long time. reporter: right now generocity of mexicans are keeping this caravan afloat, otherwise they would be dead in water, no food, no water, no gas, no wheels. we shot a video of 40 going back home. 2800 taking shelter in mexico,
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some will claim asylum. right now president of mexico, is performing a balancingable to be jen orous tha generous. but not actistlively supporting people crossing. sarah sanders subjected that -- suggested that nieto is helping to detou deter the caravans. >> they helps us in new ways to slow it down, and kee keep it fm moving toward united states. reporter: we have a thousand people. and another thousand south of border in guatemala trying to get to mexico, 800 left el salvador for mexico border.
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we spoke with migrants here, they said we don't want to mix with sal v salvadorians they ar, we want our caravan to get going. lou: william thank you. >> traveling with those migrants trying to make their way to southern border. up next, 6 days to go until midterm elections. and national left wing media is hard at work. >> he is willing to score anti-semitic and racist points when it benefits him. >> that is disturbing it is about a racial, ethnic agenda. >> fear and loathing focusing on migrant. >> the truth points to him being
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lou: we're awaiting president to take the stage in front of this large crowd at hertz arena if fort myers, florida, we know there are than awaiting, president is campaigning for governors rick scott and congressman ron desantos, running for u.s. gubernatorial election. joining me now, joe digenova former u.s. attorney for district of columbia, former
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independent counsel appointed by court of appeals for dc circuit. founding partner of digenova law firm, great to have you with us. >> good to see you. lou: let's start with this rumor. well a report by politico that president had been subpoenaed, they were preparing a response, this is wild stuff. >> well, i called white house counsel today, and spoke with jay sekulow he said that politico piece by a former biden staffer was false. there has been no subpoena issued to president, there is no litigation by which this former biden person claimed there was. this is an outrageous piece of politico hackers, they should be
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embarrassed by publishing. this guy runs, runs, mclarty and associates a big lobbying firm, what this guy is doing writing about a constitutional issue involving the president of united states is unclear, but to create a false story just a few days in front ofs midterm election. what a disgraceful portfolio by mclarty associates and politico. lou: well, littl politico, theyt really a moderate organization with their news philosophy. it is great to have you with us, thank you for clearing record on that. president in his legal team also, said or been work working on written questions to mueller. >> my understanding they have been thinking about some written answers to some questions.
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there has been no decision made about whether or not to answer them. mr. mueller is on very shaky ground, he is not asking any questions about anything that involved president while president of united states, all questions relate to when donald trump was a private citizen and a candidate regarding russia collusion nonsense. lou: well, question i would ask, what sense does that make? this has -- none. >> none. lou: he has trivialized just about everything associated with maximum charter he was given by rod rosenstein. >> this is an embarrassment for legal profession, deputy of justice, but. rod rosenstein created this monitomonster on purpose, he was engaged in discussion with corrupt fbi officials to record president of united states and president is keeping him for one
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reason, he has to get this mueller thing over with, when that done there will be no jeff sessions and no rod rosenstein that will be best thing that happened to this country in two years. >> it stunning. the fisa abuse, i have to say what congressman mark meadows came up with request of the court to investigate whether or not fbi was abusing the process, you know here we are, two years into this administration, two years intos fbi, and two years plus with fbi and special counsel investigating russia collusion. this is a first time i heard thin suggested that fees that fisa cd investigate itself. >> they can.
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in april 2017, saying there was a lying by fbi. sad is that rod rosenstein and jeff sessions who had a chance to fix it have done nothing about iti except obstruct congress, that is one of the saddest stories, they have stolen two years from this president. i say with great regret, that jeff sessions has been an abysmal failure and rod rosenstein is the most politically corrupt deputy attorney general in the history of this country. he needs to go. lou: on birth right citizenship. some counsel to president, his idea of a an econom -- executive order to lay a foundation as i understand it practice of granting birth right citizen
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sip. >> this is a brilliant move by the president and his legal advisers, president setting up a case or controversy under the constitution that can be litigated. setting up a test case, he wants to he will interpret 14th amendment with an executive order to prohibit birth right citizenship for children born in united states of illegal alien, supreme court has never ruled on, that they will deny a child citizenship, who is born here of an illegal alien that will stett stage for a court challenge rather than wait for 10 or 15 years for the right case to come along, this say brilliant maneuver, some so-called legal exports are manifesting ignorance of how you set up a constitutional case that is staggering, i heard a bunch on
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fox, i am amazed how really ignore an theignorant they are. lou: i am sitting here trying to think who they might have been, i decided to disengage from that. guess you saw far more on other networks, correct? >> oh. they are everywhere, they are everywhere. they are everywhere. >> we feel better about that. all of us here at fox, joe thank you so much. >> joe digenova, one of the country's great legal minds. >> president trump has taken stage in florida, there he is. giving the crowd a salute. and i am sure one member in particular in this crowd, that dlonmorethan 8,000 folks will bu
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and propositions you for sex, creating a hostile environment report it to hud. [woman exhales] [phone vibrates] if a landlord threatens to evict you or increase your rent if you don't provide sexual favors, [heavy breathing] [slapping] contact hud for help. you deserve to be safe at home. if you believe you've experienced sexual harassment file a complaint at hud dot gov slash fair housing. fair housing is your right. use it. lou: on wall street, stocks closing higher, dow up 241. volume on big board heavy trading 5 billion shares, stocks finishing with worst monthly
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loss, this by way worst october since well, in a decade. dow down 1300. sep down more than 200. and nasdaq down 740. workers have their highest wage in salary increases since 2008. up more than 3 percent in third quarter. consumer confidence also surging in october. to highest level since september of 2000. listen to my reports 3 times a day coast-to-coast on the saleifle radio network. salem radio network. >> turkey prosecutor saying that khashoggi was strangled and dismembered in saudi consulate, khashoggi disappeared after entering the consulat in istanbul on october second. >> reportedly, he will challenge
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crown prince mohamad ben salman who has been criticized for his handling in the khashoggi murder. >> 10 chinese spies charged with hacking u.s. companies, trying to steel, jet engine technology, chinese spries ran cyberattack for 5 years, this third time since september that department of justice charged chinese intelligence operatives with i-t theft -- ip theft, chinese said to steal as much as 600 billion worth of our intellectual property every year, joining me to talk about this theft of intellectual property, the upcoming g20 meeting that will -- well feature a meeting between president xi and trump,
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professor paul bracken great to see you. >> good to be here. lou: a lousy way to begin a meeting with arrest of chinese spies, there are all sorts of front companies that chinese operate here, we're just now beginning to take action against them. >> it is really in about past year, maybe past two. that this issue has surfaced of how much intellectual property looting which that occurred for decade from the companies operating in china, people would walk outdoor with a usb stick with intellectual property on it. and open up a corporation next door. lou: chinese built an economy on that. >> it is quite interesting, they have taken a left designs head to had againshead-to-head againt high-speed rail transit.
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they have stolen designs, but they are reverse engineering it for a global market, they will steal medical technology implants and reverse engineer it, it make it less reliable and cheaper to produce and selling it latin american and africa. lou: corporate america has not done enough aside from different to government issues, that u.s. multinationals have not done enough to protect that intellectual property, technology, you name it. >> correct they feel that government, u.s. government has not supported them. if i had a nickel for every multinational who came to me said we ran to u.s. ambassador in ba beijing to complaint about the theft, my reaction is good luck, you might hear from them in two or three years.
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lou: are we really such fools that for past 30-years, we would put -- you know write a little piece of paper put a protest on desk of chinese ambassador or the you know chinese government in beijing. we're just abjec fools? >> we have been fools, but this being foolish has worked. american economy until last 10 or 20 years was going well. >> until 10 or 20. >> important of the economy. in terms of flat wage growth, it took 20 years to build up pressure to look at world in a different way. >> and donald trump. >> and president president trump to be fair. and policy elites in washington. interesting statistic, every most think tanks were created after world war ii in cold war,
4:44 am
in last 10 years every think tank that moved inside of washington beltway. and -- >> looking for crumbs. >> and also looking at a short-term set of issues. and larger issues like how technological e -- innovation cn be stolen and used to ramp up your own gross domestic product has china has been doing, has received very little attention in think tank world. lou: the think tank world does precious little thinking. i am not sure who they are thinking for, h.r. mcmaster working with i think tank for 10 years while a high ranking officer in u.s. military, that is mind boggling to me. >> there are issues with think tank, and if not as a locust of
4:45 am
invasion for new ideas with them, where do you get it one is universities and that has issues there. they are hitting a scale, you cannot control them any more, they are bursting into scene like chinese intellectual property theft, and u.s. foreign policy and support for overseas countries that can well defend themselves. lou: you mentioned it. fact that ideas origin nation of iny it je detectiny it -- intela does occur on university campuses, but also not the same vigor there once was. and an educational complex that has grown up that continues orthodoxy of u.s. business. >> i am not here to criticize
4:46 am
u.s. academia, but there are really issues. lou: i was going to give that you opportunity. >> there are real issues, and as a default, if it does not occur in universities that actually gives the think tanks a larger role, which they are not taking up. lou: i am not disappointed in that, there should be few are think tanks, most end up being either i auto is -- at public th or lobbying organization in guise of i think tank. >> very more partisan. lou: they are more in the tank than think. >> thank you. lou: and what do you think of the xi and trump meeting. >> i think it will be interesting, potential if shinea and u.s. to get together on a
4:47 am
partial trade deal would have such an immense impact. this is a bargaining back and fort. lou: president said clear, it is a trade dispute. >> okay, there you go. lou: he will win it, paul bracken. >> good to be here. lou: up next, less than a week until the midterm election. radical dimms are smearing the president. >> the president will lash out at anybody, even members of his own party, he will eat his young if necessary to stay as powerful as he can be. >> he has a no holds barred attitude of dividing country, and egging on his supporters and encouraging by praising violence against journalist. >> agenda of most racist, sexist, hom homophobic, bigoted
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president in history will go nowhere. lou: maybe they are the ones that are cannibalistic, we take up the attack when we come back. i joined the army after 911, cuz, um, i thought that was what i needed to do. we got our orders to go overseas and i went to baghdad, iraq. we were transporting a bomb sniffing dog to the polling stations. we rolled over two anti-tank mines, it blew my humvee up, killed my sergeant. after the explosion, i suffered a closed head injury, um, traumatic brain injury, loss of a limb, burns to 60% of my body. when the doctors told me i reached my plateau, i did not want to hear that because i do not believe i have a plateau.
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so, i had to prove 'em wrong, which i am doing to this day and i will still do until the end of my days. i've gotten to where i am at because of my family. and, the wounded warrior project has helped me more than i can ever imagine. they have really been there to support me in my endeavors. my number one goal, basically, is to get close to where i was. i am more than ready to work hard to get to that goal. i am living proof to never give up and i will never give up.
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lou: president trump in florida, addressing the media response to his visit to pittsburgh. >> yesterday's visit to pittsburgh was about coming together as a nation, to comfort and heal. after this day of unity and togetherness, i came home and sadly, turned on news, and watched as the far left media once again used tragedy to sew anger and division. lou: joining me now on president final campaign blitz, we're joining by charlie hurt. great to see you. the president is right, sudden n he. >> it is shameful, you know what we have seen over last couple of days and weeks. idea that so many people would
4:53 am
take what nothing short of a deadevastating strategy like in pittsburgh, turn it to a political football. we saw it with mail bomber before that it has proven for a lot of these people, a lot of these democrats, they their hatred of donald trump is so intense, there is nothing out of bounds, nothing that -- >> is it fair to point out, these people are not just doing this out of you know. the ether. they have corporate masters who drive them. at very least, enabling them, there is no constraint on their boundless an ta antagonism on ts president. >> the other thing, also well coordinated, almost like they
4:54 am
all sort of you know on a phone tree, saying. lou: many of them say the same thing over and over within 24 hour period. >> yeah, and some is because they are dumb and predictable. when i read some twitter message that trump sends out or a come, i roll my eyes, i say they are going to eat this up, they are so stupidly predictable. but beyond that it is weird the way they are on message, when it comes to demonizing and villain donald trump, you would think he invented anti-semitism it is just shocking, it the ridiculousness of these charges. lou: it is, i thought they would abilitabate or get tired. >> you would think, it has to be
4:55 am
exhausting. i would be so exhausted at-this-point. lou: they do get the talking points. ryan quickly, we're go out of time, charlie. all of a sudden he rears his head. and wants to talk about birth right citizenship as if he were a scholar of the constitution. what do you think? >> i'm not a big paul ryan barber. because -- basher. but i am not normally in camp that thinks that everything he does is wrong. but that was the stupidest, most unhelpful thing that anyone could have said. he doesn't know a thing about the 14th amendment or how to fix it. this goes to show why republicans have not done anything to quick hey guys. today we're here to talk about trucks.
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my twhe didn't have anyas an autisfriends as a result it broke my heart. ♪brother let me be your shelter♪ that was the inspiration behind my non-profit "score a friend" go! educating people to include the people with differences is so important because when jacob's included he feels like he can succeed in life and he feels like he actually has a purpose. lou: president trump at a rally just spoke about the national left-wing media. president trump: the national left-wing media doesn't want to stoke progress. our movement is about safe homes, great jobs for every
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citizen. lou: that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. thanks for joining us. good night fro >> the worst month and eight years. there's no better timing than the end of the month. will continue on the first day of the new month. they're hoping that the earnings after the bell today. have the market in the tech sector. we have again agreed to start to your (that is building on yesterday's a big rally when facebook or needs earnings helped boost tech shares. the nasdaq still


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