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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 2, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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lou: good evening our top story, president trump responding to crisis at the southern border. today vowing to do whatever it takes to stop the migrant caravan, ordered that broken immigration laws be fixed and trump administration encore ence all who want to come to america do to legally. >> this endemic abuse of the asylum system makes a mockery of our immigration system. displacing legitimate asylum seekers, there are legitimate
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asylum seekers, while rewarding those who abuse or defraud or system, these individuals disrespect the foundations of american government by will have fairly choosin voluntarily chooo break the law as their first act on american soil. lou: also delivering a stern warning to thugs and gang members aboard some of the caravans what might try to confront our military or border patrol. president spelling it out for all who would consider attacking our agents or troops. we'll have the latest from the president. >> and new develop in trade dispute between u.s. and china. president trump strong stance on china is altering the relationship between the two countries, and china appears to be readying itself to accept
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balanced trade, in one way or other to end the theft of american technology and intellectual property, president said he and president xi had constructive talks. we address the future of the u.s. and china relationship with top experts, former woulds house fred flights and garden chang. president trump leading on every issue and challenge facingu u.s., still campaigning for candidates all over the country, he is leading a rally tonight in missouri, these are lines and people who have been gathering since this morning, outside of the columbia regional airport, as many as 15 thousand people are expected to be in attendance. president expected to speak a half hour from now, as we makings news we'll be bring it to you. our top story tonight, president
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trump taking on the open border policies of radical dimms, koch brothers and the pope. the president also insisting that there will be one way for foreign citizens to enter america. that is legally. mr. trump policy will deny asylum to anyone who don't enter through au port of century, john roberts with the latest. >> these illegal caravans will not be allowed into the united states and they should turn back now. reporter: president trump keeping the issue of immigration high on the midterm agenda. now taking aim at thousands of asylum claim could made by migrant who enter u.s. illegally. >> a case takes 3 and a half years to complete, and other people tell them, out get out. just get out, other countries, get out. reporter: as fox news has been reporting white house is working on executive acted to change
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rules. >> illegal aliens would no longer get a free pass by lodging meritless claims in seeking asylum, they will have to present themselves lawfully at a port of entry. reporter: if it passes legal muster, people who cross border illegally will no longer be able to claim asylum and not released to united states. >> we'll hold them for a long time if necessary. reporter: president trump continues to use immigration as a -- against democrats. video drew same outrage as
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infamous willie are o orton ad 8 elect. >> that ad upended democrat michael du duke campaign overni, president trump warning there are more bad people in caravans headed to united states, and pointed out how some members of caravan battled with me mexican police and military. >> we're not going to put up with that, they want to throw rocks at our military, our military fight back. i tell them consider it a rifle. reporter: president trump insists there is a difference between true asylum seekers and economic refugees. but american civil li liberty un on record as saying what president trump as plan it is
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illegal. lou: that is why they make courtrooms, thank you. >> as john roberts just reported, president warning about violent gang members and criminals some of whom are aboard the second caravan. the president was repeating the warning from mexican government. and that is also world noting. >> also, 4 caravan, consist mostly of central americans are continuing their trek north ward. the lead caravan pushing 40 miles into mexico, to second caravan, mect mexico gafort govt saying some of the members of violent. the third caravan, making its way through guatemala, and fourth left el salvador yesterday. lead caravan is now 850 miles
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from mcallen, texas, it was slowed because leaders could not fine buses or trucks to carry them northward. fox news contract william lajeunesse is traveling with the lead caravan with the latest. reporter: a lot of confusion and disappointment, some consider a win for president trump, that could mean that caravan slows down, fractures, breaks up, fewer people in it, more people may say in mexico. they were looking for busing this morning. but the buses never showed. forcing them to go east to another town. toward veracruz, there 600 miles to mcallen, texas, 1600 to their initial destination of tijuana, we spoke to several people this morning who was confused. >> what is going on right now. we're supposed to go that way.
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that is the wrong way right now. i can't understand who is running the show. reporter: maybe you are going to mcallen, texas, instead of tijuana. >> i don't know. i think we go to tijuana but i'm not sure. reporter: lou, majority of caravan were thinking about 4,000 people, 2800 sheltered here in mexico. and 400 within home, caravan made it here, a combination of walking, hitchhiking, paying a bus fare it continues tomorrow. lou: thank you william lajeunesse from mexico. >> today stocks rallied for a third straight session, dow jones climbing 265. sep up 29, a good day on wall street. we'll have more on the booming trump economy in the broadcast.
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up next, president trump on the campaign trail. he is making it clear what radical dimms are about. open borders. >> which means crime, they are against law enforcement. they are against i.c.e. a vote for democrats is a vet for open borders. >> i would be a failed politician if i had to really promote. >> open borders, everyone comes in democrat party is openly encouraging millions of illegal aliens to break our law, violate our borders and overwhelm our country. >> a vote for democrats is say vote to liquidate american borders. >> democrat' open borders, and they want to invite caravan after caravan into the country that brings crime upon crime. >> we take up president's plan to secure our borders, and to fix our broken immigration laws,
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we'll be joined former congressman jason chaffetz after these quick messages, the, stayh where's tommy? i thought he was with you? no jack! (sfx: piano plays "twinkle twinkle little star" tommy? (sfx: audience laughing) don't stop. keep playing. (sfx: pianist playing masterful duet) here we go here's the fun part
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lou: are you excited yet, only 5 days until midterm election.
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report as drudge report where is that drudge report? there it is. drudge just ballyhooing maxine ready for gavel, and cook report, dems gaining, look at that, more than it was forecasting a month ago. predicting dems pick up 30 to 40 seats in house, up from last month forecast 25 to 35. but this cook outlook may be an albatross for the dems if results are like last election forecast, here is their call week before election day. november 8, 2016. week before. cook had hillary clinton winning presidency. wow. they missed that. by 293 electoral votes. saying north carolina, pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan all leaning democrat. all states that ended up in
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president trump's column. won. in cook predicted that week that democrat would gain control of senate picking up 5 to 7 seats, they picked up two, and republicans held control. and house? well cook was projecting 40 republican held house seats as competitive, in the en, republicans lost 6 seats in the house, and yes, they kept control. we'll be here election night to tell you how it works out this time, it should be quite a night, we have the cook report's attention. >> here is assess upcoming midterms and forecast which way political winds are headed, the chaffetz report, joining us former congressman jason chaffetz, served nearly 5 terms in congress. and also author of new book, the
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deep state -- >> great to have you with us. jason, let's -- thank you, lou. lou: let's take up the first cook outlook. it looks pailous for republican what is your sense? >> well, historically we're you know republicans are supposed to lose these seats. but interesting nobody is predicts that anyone will church turnover in senate, that charles m--charles m. schulz chuck -- chuck schumer would be majority leader. will democrat win some house seats probably, i don't know, but who pays these big bucks to the polsters, what a con-game. >> a little bit like weather, you can forecast it, people forget outlook of the next day.
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we never do. i want to turn to this suggestion it will be overwhelming. one variable they are not considering this time, a same variable they done figure on in 2016, that is president trump. he is campaigning -- this is a historic campaign. no president has ever approached anything even a fraction of the appearances and rallies he is is a tending and driving in the midterms. >> i wish his the fraction of energy that donald trump has, with everything on his plate, i mean, and doing rallies, he loves it. it energizes him and the people out there and record number of people. i have to remind you, before he was the president, it was like this. i remember in nevada, he sent out one or two tweets there were
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-- like 20,000 people showed up. lou: he is to speak to hour, a standing room only. 15,000 people within the arena. there will be as we know certainly 10,000 or more outside. let's turn to the president's pushing immigration forward. one thing i love about him, i think it right thing for president to have chosen to do and policies he is prescribing. he was advised by you know all of establishment hangers on, the chamber of commerce, you know koch brothers, little friends. all and all ryan of course, insisting that he talk about tax cuts, and to stay away from immigration. your thoughts?
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>> i think it good to talk about tax cuts, but it was not donald trump who started this surge of people running north and in big caravans, that is not his doing, that was thrust upon him. but now prescribing policies that will push it back. you know let's call it what it is, this is human trafficking, i thought we were opposed to, that people who say they want a better life, a job to be with friends and family, they are very nice. but it does not nea meet standaf credible fir fear need for propy assigned asylum seeker, president is doing the right thing. lou: no question. real issue is why paul ryan, rino, koch brothers, and business interests, chamber of commerce, business round table
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aligned them with radical left wingers and radical dimms insist on open borders and amnesty. we are approaching 30 million illegal immigrants this year. it is preposterous that we have to debate this issue. >> we legally and lawfully bring in over a million people each year, the democrat right now cannot point to a single bill, point us to a bill, democrats, that you support would help solve these issue. they don't have one. they are opposed to building the wall, they want to get rid of immigration custom enforcement. scarey to think what maxine waters with gal e gavel in theid want to to with chairman of the committee. lou: you brought up maxine
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waters. i have to share with audience, who is set to be head of financial house services committee, if they were to win the house. this alone might interest people who would have some interest in having the economy continue its rapid growth with this president. listen to maxine waters tell financial industry that banks, the all of the institution and wall street, what is in store for them. >> what am i going to do to you? i will do to you what you do to us. lou: what do you think? >> if there is not enough compulsion to vote for a republican, the fact that maxine waters, the consumer financial protect bureau, really, you give that gavel to maxine waters?
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that is unbelievable. lou: jason chaffetz great to with you with us. >> thank you. lou: president trump continuing his commitment to end open border policy of the radical dimms, koch brothers, and the pope. the koch brothers funded libya initiative, released a statement today opposing president's plan to end birth right citizenship. koch brother say, it goes against our principles, well, how d-doe, we would not want koch brothers upset because we're enforcing laws and predictioning our borders, oh, no. aeri terrible thought. >> and hope hop pope hope -- pos saying, migrant build a country.
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wow. that those are powerful forces. so is the president of united states, thank goodness. >> vote in our poll, do you support president trump's effort to secure our borders end chain migration, and establish merit-based immigration policies? cast your vote on twitter, at lou dobbs, follow he on twitter at lou dobbs, like me on facebook and instagram, follow me at lou dobbs tonight. up next, we separate fact and fx about what the -- fact and fiction abou about what the pret fiction abou about what the pret cayour insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small you could fix it with a pen. how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead?
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lou: national left wing media,
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rinos and lovely dems still up in arms over president signing an exe executive order, are only developed nations that now allow birth right citizenship. no european union nation allows it. country that had it such as england and australia, have discontinued. joining me to give us instruction and mentor and tutor us all. to discuss true intent. greg jarrett, fox legal analyst, author of "new york times" bestseller, russia hoax. >> good to be with you. lou: stunning stuff. set this up, if we could have that. the president alluded to some, a full screen of the couple of salient facts.
4:29 am
establish the context. there it is. the first is a reference to the yale m.i.t. study reveals not 11 million illegal immigrants it is 22 to 30 million. also there 7 50,000 immigration court cases in backlog that would take decades to resolve. and asylum cases, take three and a half years to resolve. this is the context. we have an immigration crisis because of illegal immigration and open borders, i think that president is doing god's work, and the nation's work in dealing with this crisis. >> it always amazing media automatically says, he can't do this, he can. barack obama was cheered by media when we altered immigration policy with his daca
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program, affecting 1.76 million people here illegally allowing them to stay. the media is either ignor ignorr hypocrites or both or they don't know what they are talking about. lou: i don't want to limit it, they are all, they are complicit. they are reinforcing a forces in this public arena now. let's go to the issue. 14 amendment. and the issue is in phrase of the founders, this -- well let's go to again another full screen. all persons born or natural rise in united states and subject to jurisdiction there of, this is where gregg jarrett shows his stuff, citizens of the united
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states and state they reside. >> it is not supe superfluous. they would not have added that qualifying phrase. what does it mean. go back and reread the legislative history, authors of 14 amendment, excluded children born in u.s. of foreign citizens. and then the u.s. supreme court -- >> diplomats for example. >> yes, then u.s. supreme court weighed in in case. they said, the 14 amendment excluded children born in u.s. of foreign citizens, that was the law of the land for almost a hundred years, until 1960s and they liberalized it. lou: it was the explosion of great society of wealth that
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entitled illegal immigrant so long as they claim birth right citizenship to participate in our welfare system. >> president is duty bound to take care that laws are faithfulling executed, it means correctly apply. lou: can we impeach past presidents. >> you wish we could. one of the impeached not so long ago. if president looks at a particular law, say this is incorrectly applied and misinterpreted, i am going to correct it he is allowed under the constitution to do that. lou: he is duty-bound to enforce the laws. this is you know. issue comes up then, what can he
4:33 am
do with an executive order, clear he is establishing a foundation for a supreme court challenge. >> he is, you can't wait for congress, president is taking lead as he does, yes. this will be challenged, but it will go to u.s. supreme court, i am confident that strict will interpret it as i just explained. lou: this is the intent of the authors of 14 amendment. >> correct. lou: gregg jarrett, a great help. >> thank you. lou: thank you, sir. up next. new development in trade dispute between united states and china. as president's firm position is paying dividends. we take it up with a panel of chinese experts here next. stay with us. we're coming right back with them.
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lou: good day on wall street, stocks higher, dow up and nasdaq up 128. on a 3 day winning streak, volume -- big board almost 5 billion share. weekly jobless claims dropping tto 21414,000.
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listen to my reports 3 times a day coast-to-coast on salem radio network. >> president trump making some progress in the trade dispute with china, tweeting, just had a languagalong and very good convn with president xi jinping of china, we talked about many subjects with a heavy emphasis on trade, they are moving along nicely with meetings being scheduled at g 20 in argentina. and had a good discussion on north korea. joining us to assess this how president's policies are working particularly with china, fred fd and gordon chang. great to have you here. let me start first with fred,
4:39 am
welcome back from government to the real world. on television. great to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: let me start with sanctions president announces today, a wide range. on everything from iran to venezuela to cuba to nicole petallides. -- to nicaragua. >> well, i mean, what is going on with iran is important, president is reimposing sanction lifted by obama administration in 2016. but lou there is trouble. there is exemption, president wants maximum pressure, i regret there are people in the government in the swamp who are try to put exemptions out there. we have to have a high level discussion in government to say if we have maximum pressure in
4:40 am
iran there are no exemptions. lou: and cuba and venezuela. >> that speech by john bolton great, three stooges of socialism, these people are thugs. they are stealing from their countries, causing problem, they cause you know great pain to the pop like. -- their population. lou: will there be exemptions. >> no, they are cleaning up an obama mess. the decision with cuba was unilateral by president obama. and president trump is moving back. lou: gordon on china, president inversely in a trade dispute with china with a quarter tril trillion dollars looming in additional goods to be tariffed,
4:41 am
chinese exports to this country, president and president sh xi jinping had a good conversation. >> there will be discussion that mean thought would not occur at g20. i don't know if the chinese are at point where they are willing to make concessions that have to be made, like stop stealing our stop. lou: a hell of ey of a note thae call it a of consession. >> it is, he with economic high cards, and leverage, but we have a president with correct vision on china trade, and a president with political will to use american power, this is important, chinese steal hundreds of billions of dollars of u.s. ip each year, we cannot allow it to continue. lou: fred with china, does it
4:42 am
look like progress like chinese am understand they have to move to balance trade, they have to stop stealing american intellectual property. i know it is a heck of a if you will at least a concession on part of the chinese they can't steal our stuff. >> my friend gordon chang has it right. china buzz these thing predator trade practices, because we let them get away with it. lou: president made clear. >> no american president was willing to stand up to them, pay price of telling them they can to the do that. this president thrown out normal diplomatic rule book and said to a number of rogue states. no more. lou: no more, and fred is being nice. we had cowardly leaders on the issue of china, wrong-headed leaders on the issue of china, you talk about a correct vision of this president with china,
4:43 am
across all trump doctrine and global vision of the president and foreign policy. he is doing precisely what should have been done 30 years ago. 40 years ago. >> to mix nixon, between nixon and obama, all those. lou: i am not going fathe fare r back then clinton. >> since 1972, seeing communist party and positive success was a goal of foreign policy. lou: this president on these issues. right now, he has done so with outcry from radical dimms and left here, and national left wing media, saying he did not know what he was doing, it was not to be done. point of fact every one of his initiatives paid dividends and been productive and constructive
4:44 am
for national interest. >> on trade, you see across political spectrum, people supporting the tariffs, they are getting it. this is the correct visioned. >> fred as we wrap up. i appreciate you being with us, you too gordon, this president spent some conside considerablef his first 21 months as leader of the free world, educating, educating the free world. and by the way, starting to pay off. gordon thank you, and fred thank you. >> great to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: up next, trump economy soaring, but president warning what could happen if some of those radical dimms are elected. >> radical democrats mob take a giant wrecking ball and destroy our country and our economy. democrats are for higher taxes.
4:45 am
more regulations. and more top-down government control. >> democrat want to raise your taxes. they want to impose socialism, and democrats top raise your taxes -- want to raise your taxes. >> democrats want to erase our prosperity and reverse our progress. lou: from the president we take up his economic agenda and politics of it all, how it will play in midterms? we'll be back with our panel. stay with us. ('god's whisper' by raury plays)
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lou: joining me now to discuss booming trump economy and its impact on midterm election. just 5 days away. we're joined by heather, vision for senior vice president harmy dylan attorney, and rnc committee woman for state of california. great to have you . . nasdaq up 43%.
4:50 am
that is after just getting killed, this economy is the trump economy without question. we have seen on wilshire 5,000, all of stocks added to market cap, additional 7 trillion dollars. why this the world would anyone discuss electing a democrat to mess it up? >> well, what we're seeing, going tgoing to -- addition to u mentioned consumer confidence is highest, the democrat are resorting to mob violent. and rhetoric like we saw with bernie sanders. lou: they are nasty. >> it is desperate and nasty and vulgarized our entire discussions. they have several false starts, you don't hear them talking about that on the stump, it is all about attacking president.
4:51 am
lou: do we hear republicans, talking enough about what the president has accomplished, and achieved. on every level, we were talking about foreign policy, domestic policy, economic policy. the president has reversed a country that was in decline for previous 8 years of the obama administration. >> he sure did, and we do hear about it on your show, according to pew research, americans are feeling very confident, excellent or good is quote they use, over half about the economy. you don't hear that on cnn or msnbc, the message is getting lost in media but not here. lou: thank you for that. and in the caravan coming forward. some of little snarks in left wing media trying too say president is worrying about
4:52 am
things at margin, he has worried and acting on a fundamental challenge to the country, its borders, and sovereignty and people in this country expect legal immigration and to be deciding who will join this great privilege of american citizenship, har mead -- why should there be any debate? >> there is debate if you are a democrat looking for potential future voters who are not here legally, that is the problem, you are correct from economic point of view and job point of view. so, i think president is correct to focus on, that not a marginal issue this have a pocketbook issue and quality of life issue. lou: the reality for most americans, they are better off than they were two years -- as we prepare to go to polls, next
4:53 am
tuesday, many have already as many as a third, i am told have voted, think about that, and early voting, it is extraordinary. >> we are better off. than we were two years ago, growth started under 2010 under president obama, you will hear that in media, but reason growth began then is because we were coming out of a recession, out of a financial crisis. and it was hindered by president obama poll sees of increasing taxes and increasing regulation, president trump had decreases, cut taxes and decrease regulation across board causing unemployment 50 year lows, and wage growth, but one piece missing from the expansion was wage growth, we're now getting that 3.1%, you have gdp last quarter 3.5%, that is what matters to the average american.
4:54 am
>> we thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> for keeping lights on. >> up next president trump in missouri, he is continuing his cease less campaigning for republican midterm candidates, no president, no president has ever done what this president has done, not on-line in offers, but on the campaign trail. for the candidates of his party. in a midterm election. much more on this, and more, as we continue. stay with us, we'll we're coming right back.
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lou: we asked you if the rino's agenda is a sure way to lose the gop majority in congress and 95% of you said yes. 5 days away, congressman chaffetz is talking about
4:59 am
trump's tireless campaign. >> i wish i had the fraction of the n donald trump had with everything on his plate as the president of the united states. in doing the rallies and he loves it. he thrives on it. it energizes him and energizes the people out there. lou: it energizes the entire republican base. giving his idea of plans to require asylum seekers to present themselves only at a port of entry. the president saying he would execute an executive order next week. do you support president trump's efforts to secure our borders, end chain migration and establish merit-based immigration policies? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs.
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that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. among our guests tomorrow night, congressman jim jordan joins us. thanks for being with us tonight. good night from new >> i think they are setting up to beat 3 months from now if they possibly can help it. cheryl: apple not helping shareholders warning about holiday sales, stock down more than 5% in premarket. lauren: dow futures are higher and higher by 213 point, investors optimistic about potential u.s.-china trade deal. cheryl: taking a look at europe, easing trade tensions really pushing european stocks higher at the open every major index in the green right now. lauren: potential trade news he


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