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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 2, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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we priced that in. liz: great to see both of you, sean o'hara, stephen gallagher. the dow could not scratch out a double-digit loss. we're still down triple digits. nasdaq down 88. backdrop of a sparkly jobs report, that will do it for the claman "countdown". a good weekend. melissa: president trump easing fierce on wall street. the president is about to land in west virginia for a campaign rally. four days to go to the midterm elections. stocks bouncing off lows, when president trump touted trade progress in china. i'm melissa francis. connell: i'm connell mcshane. anything on trade seems to move the markets. welcome to "after the bell." also the numbers we brought you yesterday on apple dragged down the dow today, it closes down 114 points. s&p 500 in the red as well. tech-heavy nasdaq, percentage wise biggest loser of the three
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down 1%. as you might suspect we have you covered washington to wall street. update from gerri on the floor of the new york stock exchange in a moment but first to blake. blake burman at the white house where many market moving headlines came from today. reporter: there were a couple different twists and turns out of the white house. there was a report early this morning from bloomberg, after president trump and xi xinping had their phone call yesterday, president want ad trade deal with china at g20 summit at end of this month. he dispatched his trade members to start crafting termsp after that, president the a es top economic adviser larry kudlow so the down that report. fast forward an hour ago as president departed on south lawn he appeared pretty bullish as relates to a possible deal at some point with the chinese. watch here. >> i think a very good deal will be made with china. they want to make it very badly.
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we want to make a deal if we can. and a lot of progress has been made. reporter: where does everything stand now? according to sources i was talking throughout the day, there are sources in the administration on u.s. side, relates to president's meeting with xi xinping at the end of the month in argentina as those two sit down face-to-face. i'm told the preparations from the u.s. side will ramp up. next week is the midterm result as an tuesday. but as one source put it to me earlier today, none of this should be any sort of surprise whatsoever considering this is something the president has been talking about for years and there is a big meeting in just a few weeks. connell: that is a fair point. it is interesting to see the market gyrate like this. melissa. melissa: apple weighing on markets today. let's go to gerri willis on floor of the new york stock exchange. >> that's right, twist and turns no doubt about it.
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apple led the market lower. take a look at the stock. difficult week for the company. record revenue and profit but guidance was lower. that is not what investors did not look, like, that is. the dow down 111 points, half a percent. s&p 500 down, about half a percent there,is 11 points -- 111 points. nasdaq down 1%. for the week we're seeing the dow up 2.2%. s&p up 2.3%. nasdaq up 2.5%. what good news that is after such a volatile week. as i said apple was leading the tech sector lower and google, facebook, all these companies, facebook finally seeing a turn higher, reacting as well. there is also stocks like texas instruments, qualcomm, analog devices, those companies lower. why on this week, apple is a
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service. want to talk about a good news story, starbucks, that stock on fire up as many as 10% on better-than-expected earnings, same-store sales growth, during that fiscal fourth quarter. why? beverage innovation. they're making lots of improvement to their operation. it was the company's strongest same-store sales growth in the u.s. in five quarters, for stores open at least a year grew 4%. big news for starbucks. investors have been waiting for that one. guy, back to you. melissa: gerri, thank you. connell: let's get to our market panel on a friday. michelle girard natwest markets. jack otter from "barron's," associate publisher and hadley heath manning independent women forum policy director. welcome all three. michelle, start with you on blake's story, talking about trade. we'll get to some of what gerri was talking about. interesting to see the market trade one direction or another depending which headline we get. we had headlines on both sides today.
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what should investors assume where we are with the china discussion? >> what we have to assume it will take a while. there is not going to be a quick fix to this problem, to this conflict. unfortunately i believe that is probably going to be the case, even if we do resolve the issue around tariffs. i do think that the u.s. is going to be confronting china on number of issues over the coming months and years, even beyond just the trade deficit story. so i think we have to settle in and understand this is a, there is a bigger effort here at work. and so, we have to be patient. but, we can't read too much into it. it will be, i think a noisy environment. connell: right. >> you saw today how quickly knee-jerk reactions are. you have to take things with a grain of salt, look through a lot of this volatility. connell: similar to what blake was reporting. it is going to take a while. maybe people get that by now. maybe they do. trades made on day-to-day basis. jack what did you make of today's action?
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we had a lot to digest, a terrific jobs report, and headlines michelle talked about and also apple dragging down the dow, order of importance if you were giving orders to everybody at, what is the orders for today? >> that is interesting point. frustrating for us teasing out cause and effect, and you have jobs issue or chinese report, you want to know which one is it? that is good news, bad news sort of thing. 3.1% year-over-year wage growth. this december rate hike is pretty assured and probably more to come in 2019. that means rates going up, more competition for stocks, lowering the discount rate going forward. that is net-net a negative for stocks. connell: right. >> clearly the market is hanging on every word of trump's, kudlow's, everybody else's when it comes to china. i wouldn't be surprised maybe with election on horizon, we're talking happy talk a little bit
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with china for the last few days? connell: you're a little skeptical of that topic, by the way. of anything before an election. hadley, quick thought from you. apple trading off. i didn't think it was terrible news from last night at apple. people concerned about the forecast. anything you think we read into that about consumers and holiday season? >> well, certainly a boost in wages, probably indicates a good thing for the who say season. in october we saw 18-year high for consumer confidence. that will carry us i hope what is a happy holiday season. i hope it is not just happy talk with u.s. china relations. president has good story to tell about the usmca deal. i believe he wants to reach a strong deal with china. by talking tough, approaching this with a tough negotiating position, then maybe we can make some progress. i believe there is a lot going on with china geopolitically. any steps in the right direction, for example, if we get better protections for american ip in china that would
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be another victory for the president. i think he is moving in the right direction but it may take some time. melissa: stick with us. october report is last major release before midterm elections on tuesday. it just crushed expectations. the economy adding 250,000 jobs, wages rising, fastest pace in nine years. >> really an astonishing report. we did this estimate of what the hurricane effect was going to be because the hurricane came during the survey week and we thought it would subtract about 60,000 jobs for this. we were prepared for the worse. this is astonishing number given all the literal headwinds that we had. melissa: michelle, the actual unemployment rate, look at the wages, it is astonishing. >> through and through. looking at trend job growth, over200,000. healthy gains in construction and manufacturing. there are two sectors there is a lot of concern about.
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the unemployment rate held steady. if you dig deeper, it held steady with a surge of over 700,000 new entrants into the workforce. people, a huge surge of people looking for jobs. most of them found job. 600,000 found jobs a million over the last two months. this was a solid report at this stage of the economic cycle. truly impressive. melissa: jack where do you go from here? >> movement out of the u6, people previously not not in the job market is the most exciting thing in the market. that is where we have scope to move, pet more people in jobs in the jobs market. we're below 20, 25 years ago in terms of that number so that is fantastic. you raise a good point. jeff gundlach said how much more can go right? he wasn't say how terrible the
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economy was, investor you need to look forward. you got your tax cut which boosted earnings tremendously. you've gone regulations gone away, markets and banks didn't like, what can go well? maybe not that much. mull tells are shrinking. in other words people are paying lower multiple of earnings for stock, just the reason you cite. i think investors need to be cautious. not because i'm negative for what the economy will look like but because all the news is priced in. melissa: although i tend to agree with so much what jack just said. look at other side, we have companies repressed for the past eight years in terms of regulation weight we put on them with health care, taxes, all these different things. maybe there is more room to even go further here? >> first of all today this is unequivocally a great jobs
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report. we can celebrate that than being afraid of good news. there is tight labor market of the e we're seeing increases in wages. which are overdue. people feeling strained living paycheck to paycheck. finally march fin for the families to by an extra christmas present or new investment for their family. but i do agree there could be, we could improve, for example, filling many open jobs by, addressing our skills gab, our drug addiction problems, immigration issues in the united states. there are things we can do policywise to equip right workers for right jobs. for american workers today it's a good jobs report. melissa: with midterms days away, congresswoman maxine waters is issuing a warning to wall street for of all place. >> i will be the first african-american woman, first to chair the powerful financial services committee. [applause] that is all of wall street. that is all the insurance
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companies. that is ault banks. what am i going to do to you, what i am going to do to you is fair. i will do to you what you did to juice michelle i'm not asking you a political question. i'm asking you a bank question. would this make wall street nervous? >> yes. i do believe it would. this is one of the concerns i have about the outlook and outcome of the midterm elections. even if the, even if the senate, for example, stays in republican hands and, just some of the changeover of the committees in the house, i am worried that companies are going to worry that the very business-friendly, low-regulatory environment, roll back of regulations, the friendly posture that the administration and congress had that encouraged businesses, boosted business optimism, got them hiring, got them investing, they are going to be concerned with this kind of rhetoric, that we're going back to where we
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were. the very positive environment won't be sustained. so i think that this is a real risk as we look at how the midterms will go, what it may mean for the markets and economy going forward. melissa: we want to tell people what they're seeing on the screen there. this is west virginia. obviously this is the president arriving. he is on this non-stop campaign until tuesday, to make sure that that regulatory environment that michelle girard was talking about, what he can do to keep it in place. we'll see the door open there in a second. jack, i will ask you, when you hear what maxine waters has to say, does that, should that strike fear in the heart of wall street or is she just talking and they don't have to worry about it? >> on the surface it sounds scary. i bummed into charlie gasparino in the hallway. his sources say they are not worried. raymond james came out with report, there is headline rick, not actual risk. believe it or not she has
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reputation for working behind the scenes across the aisle. melissa: i believe that not. i will take the under. you said believe it or not. i'm going with not. >> fair enough. but again the stock analysts who is covering banking says not to worry. i don't think it's a big threat. melissa: we'll leave it there, guys. thank you. terrific panel. great to see you guys. connell: charlie's reporting, as we look at air force one in huntington, west virginia. banker think they can have quote, down quote constructive relationship with her. melissa: were they drunk? connell: i didn't have a breathalyzer. president on his way to the rally in west virginia. one of two, huntington, west virginia, rallying voters in the mountain state. after that wraps up, he will head to another rally, indianapolis, indiana. melissa: amazing. connell: ohio on monday, a closely watched governor's race. tightening ahead of the tuesday election. mike dewine, gubernatorial
4:15 pm
candidate on republican side in just a few minutes. melissa: we'll take you nationwide, live on the ground to miami in phoenix where our fox business reporters are standing by. they will break down the high-stakes contests. that is coming up next. connell: ramping up tensions with iran. trump administration reimposing all the sanctions lifted under the nuclear deal. could this get tehran back to the negotiating table? rebecca heinrichs, hudson institute senior military fellow coming up.
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senate candidate patrick morrissey, running against joe manchin. that is one of many close races we're watching. manchin is leading in the polls in west virginia. the democrats are hopeful they will hold on to that seat. we'll watch the president, rally in west virginia. another one coming up later in indiana. there are a couple others i want to talk about, that are really close as we go to the fox business maps. one is florida. the other is arizona. two of five true tossups in the senate we're watching. we have reporters on the ground in both of those states. kristina partsinevelos on the left side is in miami covering the florida race. hillary vaughn in arizona. we'll get to both of you with your insights and reporting. let me go back to the races a little bit to set things up if we can. first in florida, very close race between the incumbent senator bill nelson, the governor of the state of florida, term-limited governor, rick scott.
4:20 pm
what is the key in florida? you never know. there is always so many things. last time around it was red state, if just barely. watch the panhandle. i was down there a few weeks ago for hurricane michael, it is red, red trump country up in the florida panhandle. is turnout going to be a factor there? we'll see. where kristina is you have a more democratic area in the southern part of the state. kristina, we have another race, governor's race, watching, listening to your reporting today, seems like, correct me if i'm wrong, seems like there is almost more focus for people in florida on the governor's race than the senate race? reporter: you're 100% right on that. literally the people outside of the building, lined up at 7:30 a.m., the vast majority were supporting blue t-shirts that said gillum on the front. i didn't see anybody that wore a t-shirt bill nelson, incumbent for the senate race.
4:21 pm
everyone is talking about andrew gillum, 39-year-old. mayor of tallahassee. that he is energic, a people person. they can relate to him. focus on health care. based off people i spoke to here, that is the priority, number one concern. another big topic that came up is equality and race. how prevailing it is right now in the media. those are two major drivers for this race. like you mentioned, you had former president barack obama who stood on the stage behind me but almost as if he didn't even need to be here because there was so much enthusiasm for the democratic governor, republican, andrew gillum. there was quite an energy here for that but if you talk about the senate race, rick scott, very, very close. he is is the governor of florida. a familiar face, especially during the time when the hurricane hit. i know because you know you were there. connell: interesting to see if enthusiasm for gillum helps senator nelson. we'll see. kristina, good reporting.
4:22 pm
hillary, getting to you in arizona, let me set it up, arizona is a toss-up of all tossups. krysten sinema and martha mcsally are tied even. another state the president won 49 to 45%. south of the border there is democratic support. if you look at arizona, one of the real big keys people are looking at is hispanic turnout. sinema in our fox poll had 29-point advantage with the hispanic population. hillary i go to you on that topic. mcsally is trying to limits losses in that community, right? reporter: connell we're at an event where congresswoman mcsally is speaking behind me to members of hispanic community. we're at local hispanic church. she will be endorsed by some pastors in a moment. i said why are you supporting
4:23 pm
mcsally, not sinema. is immigration a big issue for you. yes it is and healthcare is a big issue. those are dueling top issues we hear a lot in the state, health care and immigration. republicans are pushing immigration. democrats are pushing health care. i want to mention one thing i heard today, very interesting. a person here, fernando, the hispanic community was hit really hard about it obamacare mandate. they're so glad that was repealed. he says it punishes people who are poor, can't afford to pay monthly for obamacare. they end up paying the fine instead. that had impact on hispanic community. economy is big driver heres as well. interesting to see immigration and health care kind of come together in one issue at this event. connell: almost every state, immigration for the republicans, democrats, on the health care issue. thanks. hillary vaughn in arizona. kristina in florida.
4:24 pm
watch races as they come in. they are toss-ups. we have three others as well. getting closer to next tuesday night. melissa: you are such a showoff with the one-touch. i was hoping you would draw on people as they were up on -- i will wait for that. connell: we should have done that. melissa: absolutely, soon. no republican has been elected to the senate from new jersey in 46 years. the gop eyeing a major upset as democrats are scrambling to save that one believed to be locked seat. plus a surge of star power hitting the campaign trail all over the place. >> you get a vote and you get a vote. >> and you get a vote. ♪ something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions
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hundred roads named "park" in the u.s. it's america's most popular street name. but allstate agents know that's where the similarity stops. if you're on park street in reno, nevada, the high winds of the washoe zephyr could damage your siding. and that's very different than living on park ave in sheboygan, wisconsin, where ice dams could cause water damage. but no matter what park you live on, one of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands? melissa: four days after the midterms, key races nationwide are still as toup. charlie hurt, "washington times"
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executive editor. good to see you. talk about the battle of the bobs. don't steal my line later. use that next week. bob versus bob. >> i'm afraid i'm already going to steal it. melissa: all right. that is okay. what do you think about that? you know, on one hand bob menendez, wow they're really going to send this guy back. a lot of criminal questions there but. >> yeah. this one of those things, it, we shouldn't be having this conversation right now. it has nothing to do with republicans doing anything necessarily brilliant like putting up some sterling candidate, not to knock bob hugin, but the problem here is the incumbent is so terrible. you get the mix of "me too" movement and the corruption charges and in this kind of political environment it is just a killer. and i would say, whether or not hugin is able to pull this off or not, it is still an uphill battle for him. melissa: yeah. >> the fact that republicans,
4:29 pm
the fact that chuck schumer had to poor millions of dollars into this race, instead of one of these other races that should be where they're fighting right now, that is, that is a real tangible damage -- melissa: which bob wins in that one, do you think? >> you know, i hate to squirm like this. melissa: okay. that's okay. >> i would say that, it is an uphill battle for hugin. i would say menendez -- melissa: pulls it off? >> i don't know. i tell you this, melissa, in the last couple of days of an election the winds blow in one direction usually. if they blow in the direction, favorable to republicans, could absolutely see hugin pull this out. if they went the other way we would be talking about other races i could see going democrats way. melissa: next up, roll the oprah so the. >> i have voted republican, and i have voted democrat.
4:30 pm
each time i voted i voted for the people who i felt represented my values. stacey abrams values are in alignment with the consciousness of which our democracy has been founded. melissa: i don't know if i believe the top part of that sound bite but still, you know, she was, inspirational when she got out there did the whole speech, got people fired up. you think it transfers to the candidate though? people wanted to vote for her when she was up there. i don't know if it is one of those things. what do you think about it? >> if there is any celebrity who can make something like this matter in the polls, it is somebody like oprah but i thought it was interesting what she said right there. that is a very conservative message, i vote based on people with my values? the entire democratic party has completely walked away with that they hate that in fact. what they do, they vote based on identity politics, race, gender,
4:31 pm
religion, which is the most anti-oprah thing you can think of. melissa: she was basically saying trump is a jerk. >> fine. she was. melissa: i'm guessing. >> but that is why, you know, i don't think, i don't think that oprah fits into the, into the democratic party today. i think she would be a much better republican. melissa: interesting. balance of power, in the house. what is your bet on what is going to happen there? conventional wisdom, everybody says, democrats are going to take it? >> i think it will be close either way. i don't think particularly matters. no legislation is getting out of the house. melissa: that is a squirmy hedge if i ever heard one. >> i know it is but i have to go with that. but i think republicans pick up in the senate than trump, goes to town on judges. and, that is a very good thing. melissa: charlie hurt, always fun, thank you. >> thank you. melissa: thanks for playing. connell: squirmy hedge. melissa: squirmy hedge.
4:32 pm
connell: we have governors race in the buckeye state it is tightening up. we'll tuck with the republican candidate, mike dewine about the high-stakes race coming up. trump administration reimposing most crippling sanctions on iran. the potential fallout is next.
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connell: not backing down of the trump administration announcing plans to reimpose more severe sanctions against iran, mainly targeting its oil, shipping and banking sectors. deirdre bolton in d.c. with the latest on that. reporter: connell the u.s. is putting maximum pressure on iran, reimposing as you alluded to, all the sanctions lifted by the obama administration. just a few hours ago the president made this comment from the south lawn. >> sanctions start on iran. they're very serious sanctions. they're very big. they will be elevated from there. but as you know sanctions are starting on iran and, you know, iran is taking a very big hit. >> the trump administration will reimpose all sanctions on iran that had been lifted under that 2015 nuclear deal. the key to the president's comment that we just heard is the implication of potentially even more sanctions. here's a tweet that the president sent out a few hours
4:37 pm
ago a nod to the "game of thrones," the style winter is coming. hbo responded with a president's tweet with response of its own. we're not aware of messaging, prefer our trademark not misappropriated for political purposes. the sanctions take effect monday. cover the financial energy sectors. if you look how crude traded. we've been following light sweet, also present. essentially, both are down on the day. normally when sanctions are imposed, you see prices of commodities go higher. there is a difference in this situation because traders are really talking about oversupply when it comes to energy. the u.s. has a lot. russia has a lot. most traders say prices go lower from here. just yesterday remember u.s. energy information agency u.s. crude production reached a record, levin .3 million barrels
4:38 pm
a day in august. you have almost a concern, if you like of the trading community of oversupply even with sanctions. goldman analysts saying brent prices could go to $65 by the end of the year. connell: interesting. good stuff, deirdre bolton in washington today. melissa. melissa: joining us rebecca heinrich, hudson institute senior fellow and military fellow. thank you so much for joining us. i want to drill down deeper on idea of sanctions. the president is talking about bringing back this idea preventing iran from banking through swift. swift is the financial transaction network that allows them basically to buy and sell stuff everywhere around the planet and the way, if i understand it correctly, toll me if i'm wrong, they would sanction swift or anyone that deals with them if they deal with iran? is that right? what would be the impact? >> that's right. the administration is watching swift. they put them on notice. they warned them do not do
4:39 pm
business with these iranian banks. but remember 80% of iran's revenue, economy is dependent on oil, oil exports. so these sanctions go into place that will hit on monday are, in addition to what the administration has already done. this administration has taken a million barrels of oil, melissa, off the market since june. so this is a pressure campaign that continues to ratchet up. swift will be the next thing. they will keep an eye on it. what these sanctions do now, takes another gigantic bite out the iranian regime. melissa: we know basically what they tried to do is flood out as much oil as possible before this went into effect. there are also others that will risk trading with them and buying their oil because they want it, they will get it at a cheap price, that sort of thing. how big of an impact does it
4:40 pm
have? >> i think it will be a big impact. there are two things you have to look at, iranian exports and access to the exports and that is held in the escrow accounts. the united states is watching the escrow accounts, none of the revenue they make from what is left that the sanctions don't hit that comes out of the iranian country, they don't get to use any of that for their maligned activities, for their port of terrorism, any of the maligned activities they're in support for. assad and houthi rebels in yemen. none of that is allowed. so the iranians are really strapped, they will be heavily strapped for cash. this is all to try to change the iranian regime's behavior, get them back to the table, so this administration can actually have a good deal with the iranian regime to try to get some transparency and to slow, actually stop their nuclear program. melissa: is that what it is about though because, i mean what is a good deal?
4:41 pm
they are not going to stop trying to have nuclear weapons. they just kind of push it deeper underground. is it about that? or is it about forcing regime change within the country? that you have the situation there is so dire whoever, there have been a lot of people internally it seems rising up. the information we get about what is going on inside is hit or miss. what's the endgame? >> that is an excellent question, melissa. actually it is the million dollar question. what this administration has said, what it is trying to do change the behavior of this regime. they're doing it by forcing it to its knees, to make it understand there is no alternative. they cannot continue being the terrorist regime that harms iranian people. remember the biggest detriment, the biggest harm to the iranian people is the iranian regime. sport for terrorism, nuclear program and maligned activities
4:42 pm
in the middle east. it's a combination, force the regime to make a decision to have a more peaceful regime, help the economy of the iranian people and stop its nuclear program and let inspectors back in to have a more comprehensive, transparent inspection regime. melissa: rebecca, thank you. connell: we're watching the president. he is now campaigning in west virginia. that is the now. later he takes his message to voters in indiana. people are lining up throughout the day for the rally. we're live on the scene in indianapolis. talk about a very close senate race coming up next. ♪ i've even built my own historic trading model. and you're still not sure if you want to make the trade? exactly. sounds like a case of analysis paralysis. is there a cure? td ameritrade's trade desk.
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4:46 pm
there is another one later in indianapolis where jeff flock is patiently waiting for the president's arrival. jeff in. reporter: i feel like i have done this before. so have a lot of these people actually. take a look at this crowd. i'll tell you this is a rally in a gymnasium here at southport high school. capacity about 7,000. i have not counted all the heads. i have to tell you, i don't know if everybody will get in. i know at trump rallies people are some times quite tolerant of that. there is jumbotron where folks can watch if they don't get inside. here is why the president is here. take a look at candidates. this is a race that the republicans think they can flip back from democrat to republican mike braun. he is a businessman from indiana. who is challenging the joe donnelly, the democratic senator. you know, donnelly is an interesting character. he is not your typical typical democrat. >> cavuto for life.
4:47 pm
reporter: cavuto is not on now but we have fans not just for mike braun. he has embraced the president on number of issues. he supports president on the wall. he voted for judge kavanaugh and voted for tax reform. let's hear for the candidates on that subject. >> joe has tried to align himself in the middle, somebody being behind trump on every important piece of legislation, he voted voted with the radical. >> i passed 50 pieces of legislation with a republican partner, every single time. mike can't even name a single democrat that he would work with. reporter: and, the polls, they have been back and forth, melissa, but, latest poll is "fox news poll." and that shows donnelly up 45-38%. so the president, being welcomed here and he will be back in indiana, again on monday in for
4:48 pm
the wayne, to do his best to get his man over the line. melissa: i'm taking eight, kind of under of number of rallies between now and tuesday. the number is eight. i bet he squeezes in a few more, jeff. reporter: works hard. connell: cavuto for life. melissa: we could have a cavuto rally. how do we love that. >> that guy. that is great. in a moment we'll switch it over to closely-watched governors race. out in the state of ohio. polls are tightening up there as well. republican is mike dewine, taking on the democrat richard cordray in ohio. president trump is getting involved in this one as well. mike dewine joins us on the state of the race and his message for voters. don't go away. only half the story? at t. rowe price our experts go beyond the numbers to examine investment opportunities firsthand. like e-commerce
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connell: a key race heating up in the tate of ohio. the campaign intensifying in the close contest for governor there. republican candidate for governor mike dewine is trailing candidate richard cordray in "real clear politics" average. president trump is heading to the buckeye state on monday. he would like to go back to the senate as republican from ohio. will we see you at the rally in president in cleveland on monday. >> i will certainly be there. the president is coming in to give our campaign a boost. we're appreciative of that. connell: i ask you that, i was curious about whether or not you think he can give you a boost? you have been endorsed by the outgoing governor of the state, john kasich, who has been one of the president's larger critics. how do you see yourself in terms of who you identify more with as a republican, is it john kasich or is it president trump? >> i'm a mike dewine republican i guess. seriously the real question in
4:53 pm
this campaign for voters whether we go back. eight years ago my opponent, richard cordray, ted strickland were in charge in ohio. we had double-digit unemployment. we lost 400,000 jobs. we'vecome back. we've regained 400,000 jobs plus another 150,000. a statistic came out couple days ago indicated this past year we gained more jobs than we gained for the last 2is -- 21 years. we're moving in the right direction. connell: right. >> when my opponent becomes governor, he will raise taxes. he talked about increasing programs, we totaled that, up $4 billion a year, unlike washington we have to balance our budgets. so when you spend four billion dollars more than you have, you have to raise taxes. that is what cordray will do. connell: he also talked a lot about you and talked specifically like many democratic candidates around the
4:54 pm
country about health care. democrats think that is winning issue. he come after your time as state attorney general saying that you are not a supporter of people who have preexisting conditions. that you were opposed to insurance programs that protected those preexisting conditions. what do you say to that? >> that's wrong. they have spent about $10 million to put that on tv and try to convince people of that but i voted seven separate times when i was in the united states congress to make sure that insurance companies had to cover preexisting illnesses. my wife fran and i have eight kids. we have 23 grandkids. anybody with a family that size understands medical problems, preexisting illnesses. connell: right. >> and so there is no way in the world that i would do that. my commitment to people of ohio -- connell: obamacare -- >> absolutely. connell: which had protection for preexisting conditions in it. so by that measure you would have been opposed to it.
4:55 pm
i guess that is the point, right. >> obamacare had a lot of props. you know, the individual mandate that very few people i liked to at all. it was a tax. the fact that you don't have as much freedom to pick your own doctor, all those are reasons to oppose obamacare, preexisting, i have a long, long record of saying we need to cover that. connell: give me the most important factor for you here the next few days. this is a state the president won by 10 points. you've been a senator from this state before. long career in republican politics but if the polls are right you're down a few points. what is the most important factor for you as you close things out? >> we think first of all this is a dead-heat. it is going down to the wire. look, i think again people need to think, do we want to go back to the days when cordray and strickland were running things? we've come a long way in the last eight years. we're moving ohio forward. we need to do that. we cannot have tax increases. a tax increase would be absolutely devastating to the
4:56 pm
state of ohio. we're coming back. our numbers are looking good. we've got a lot of good things going on. one of our challenges, we have a 12-point plan with regard to the drug problem. we also have a real focus in regard to how we up tick the skills of some of our workers so they can have the 2st century jobs. those are two issues really important. connell: opioid crisis a big one. we have to wrap it up. we have a request to richard cordray's office for interview. mike dewine, thank you. >> thank you very much. melissa: fueling american voters. president trump pushing his message in key states today but where else is the commander-in-chief heading in the final days of the midterms? find out next. [ telephone rings ] [ client ] - hey maya.
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hey! you still thinking about opening your own shop? every day. i think there are some ways to help keep you on track. and closer to home. edward jones grew to a trillion dollars in assets under care, by thinking about your goals as much as you do. melissa: it is the final stretch. president trump spending last three day the of midterm election campaigning in states with high stakes races.
5:00 pm
tomorrow the commander many chief will hold a major rally in montana before heading to another rally in florida that night. connell: a couple more, georgia andnd the on sunday. i know the he's going, more stuff coming up on monday to close it out in missouri. that's it for us. anyway, thanks for joining us. melissa: have a great weekend. "bulls and bears" starts now. ♪ ♪ david: this is "bulls and bears," i'm david asman, jonas maxer if race, dagen mcdonnell, gary b. smith and jonathan hoenig. a rocky day for the markets as concern grows over whether president trump can reach a trade deal with china. now, the president trying to the ease those fears this afternoon. take a listen. >> spoke with president xi yesterday. they very much want to make a deal. i think we'll make a deal with china, and i think it'll be a very fair deal for everybody, but it will be a good deal for un


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