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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 5, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EST

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>> america has the best economy in the history of our country and it can be destroyed very quickly, the economy created more jobs in my last 21 months than it has in 21 months since i left office. that's what a progressive agenda did. >> all right. that message and how it is resonating with voters this morning and then hitting iran, where it hurts oil market u.s. sanctions going into effect today. now iran's president is vowing to break the punishment. national advisor john bolton joining me later this hour and taking a look at futures right now we are expecting mixed opening this after well dow industrials expected to be down about 14 points and nasdaq is positive up three point right now after stocks closed lower on friday. despite that strong october jobs report. at the close on friday dow industrials gave up 110 points that was one-half of one
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percent. s&p 500 was down two-thirds of a percent and nasdaq down just over 1%. in europe this morning markets are edging higher take a look up four point as is in paris and dax index up 6 in asia overnight declines across board to tell use about worst performer there was hong kong and index down better than 2%. amazon new report this morning saying that amazon is down to just 3 cities and tell you where they are and what they may do for your economic story in those portions of the country. all of those stories coming up this monday morning joining me to break it all down dagen mcdowell "forbes" media chairman and former president candidate steve forbes and president of partners lee carter great to see you this morning. >> great to be with you. a lot to talk about. what's on your mind? >> obviously the elections while everyone is focusing on congressional elections and house races you have to focus on state legislators with a 20/20
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census who controls in a major way in a election but next decade. it is a important point and wow what a nail biter in florida in terms of the gubernatorial race. >> it is amazing far left guy wants to do with florida what democrats have done in states like connecticut, new york, and new jersey and he might win. i don't get it. >> connecticut used to have no state income tax florida has no state income tax democrats viewed that as a giant potential source of revenue. to fund their absurd left wing policies period. connecticuts economy is contracted more than 9% since the downturn in like the last two years or so. and businesses are leaving the housing market in connecticut never recovered by the way, i said this last week. it is surprising to me that republicans in florida are not running ads saying, this guy running for governor is in favor of medicare for all medicare for
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all based on billses that are in washington is actually medicare for none. it getsed rid of medicare as we know it today it gets rid of all private insurance but -- >> the plan in place. again if the democrats they love to do the run that granny off cliff ad i would be messaging that way if we were a republican. to make it easier to get grandmother off the cliff. [laughter] you remember that ad -- that ad was horrible. >> but you're right. i mean, i don't know that the messaging has resonated in terms of what this medicare for all plan really mean. >> yeah. i know that it resonates that people on medicare for all that sounds fantastic. at the same time, i think it is a slip is rei slope and i don't think republicans have figured out tow to message against it. s that democrats number one message all about health care medicare for all and preexisting conditions, and, though, we have to be careful, though, because in thes have this as a message but it is not we can't confuse
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policy with a message and that is a policy it is not a message i don't think in thes will figure out how to tell their story to capture hearts and minds of folks but really all about party of resistance. >> that's exactly right that is the -- proposal or the -- the basic platform resist and impeach donald trump. so we've got a big show this morning talking about all of that. joining kftion is natural security advisor john boll as iran captions take effect today. john joins carolyn on a midterm panel go through platforms on both sides former white house press secretary and ceo of bank of mc. brian will give us a window into what this economy looks like and whether or not we should have worry about greet a big three hours coming up and we kick it off here with midterm elections looming final kowpght down. final day before's contentious elections president trump and former barack obama feud from a distance hitting campaign trail
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in dualing rally this is weekend before voters head to polls going to head to get them to the ballots as to what is at stake. >> the consequences of any of the staying at home are profound. because america is at a cross roads the character of our country -- is on the ballot. this election will decide whether we build on prosperity that we have created did you see the numbers on friday? [cheering and applause] did you see or whether we led the radical democrats take a giant wrecking ball to our economy and to our future. [booing] america now has the best economy in the history of our country. [applause]
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it can be destroyed quickly that's why you have to go to polls. both taking credit for economy and makes me laugh when barack obama says stuff about i started all of this first first he hated trump and then he think trump did was horrible now own it. >> it is fascinating because obama said promises of trump made were going to be impossible you could never bring jobs back that all of these things could not happen now taking pleat credit for it and working with his face now i think what's important to note is that obama is only one out there besides biden who is face of the party who can rally anyone. but it's not going to change hearts and lines his whole message is really about we can't afford to let this happen it is a very negative message that is very unobama obama has been the order when he tries to motivate people he can motivate people and he's not doing that. what president is doing he's selling his policy and what he's
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done and it is getting base energized and republicans needed to get more so kavanaugh that hearing started to energize reallies we're seeing numbers neck and neck. a lot of polls is taken for granted right now and democrats have more enthusiasm i don't think that's true. models i have seen seen 24 seats, i don't see that i see only 17 so i think there's -- >> so far you see 17 let's not forget you have to defend seats that they already have as well as gaining 23 seats. steve. >> yeah but republicans missed a huge opportunity by not putting out a real tax cut plan instead of saying make the last ones perm napght they should have came out reducing tax rates reducing capital gain levy also on health care why didn't they come out with health savings accounts for everyone. remove restrictions. so everyone can get to basic coverage. make it the new ira they didn't come out with positive stuff, and so -- yeah, the economy is god but
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amazing thing is sadly people start to take it for granted and they focus on other issues. by the way, for obama to take credit for the economy, like saying baltimore oriole won world series. like -- [laughter] >> kevin majority leader writing op-ed in journal he says dagen if democrats win they will paralyze government in attempt to imoach president trump. and you know that they -- they are hoping for that. >> well that's the trifecta of what i was talking about governor -- talking about governor's race are in florida andrew gillum that's trifecta is abolish i.c.e. and abolish for all boom what will that do for state of florida but to that point, that i think -- the republicans needed to do a better job on the messaging on health care -- called bull on the notion that preexisting conditions, the coverage for them have been eradicated president trump has said repeatedly he's not in favor of doing that despite justice department lawsuit there's roughly 20 state
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attorney general is part of that lawsuit. number one and number two is the messaging on the economy. i'm just overwhelming at how the fact that it is we've had to wait nine and a half years to get north of 3% wage growth. president obama did not deliver that to american people he did not deliver an economy in any one calendar year that grew at 3% that's why there was a malaise hang hadding over this country. and because of republican policies, we now have an economy that is operating at a higher level. a higher growth plane. and it is breathtaking. >> and president obama was -- really, you know, keeping businesses standing still. buzz of all of the regulations -- that the president came out with us at that time. but 2016 they added 300,000 regulators that's why manufacturing went down tubes and didn't get investments.
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down to 76,000 pages exactly, and we're getting results we have the october jobs report out on friday significantly exceeding expectations. it was 250,000 jobs added to the economy. and month of october year over year wage growth, of 3.1%, and markets were volatile in month of october with worries about a slowed in on horizon, yesterday on sunday morning futures i asked white house advisor larry kudlow what his thoughts about are a slowdown in years to come. >> you've got 3.1% rise in wage you've got 250,000 we're running solidly you know, the biggest beneficiaries are maria, blue collar workers take a look at numbers the employment increase is largely centered on blue collar workers they're big winners fastest since 80s and they're experiencing the largest wage gains. blue collar workers are beating white collar work nothing
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against white collar workers but i'm saying this is a depth you know reaching down deep into the blue collar area. that is precisely what we wanted with our supply side tax cuts across the board. and deregulation of the presidents program. it is working. >> and you know, he was answering tim ryan, congressman from ohio who basically was making the point his point was that the tax cuts went all the way up to the ridge. that the majority 83% of the tax cuts plan was for the top 1% and i had to say that's absolutely not true. >> that's a lie that's a lie. that's after the individual tax cuts expicture and so sick of the lie. >> that's what had i said too congressman tim rienl because this is a talking point that will not die. i mean this tax cut plan lowered income taxes -- for every -- every income level and double standard deduction steve. >> and in thes are complaining about deductions in the high income blue state which benefit
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the rich. and they want to bring they want to repeal that. they want to repeal the tax increases on rich. so it is preposterous a big lie. but fact that that is why -- the republicans should have said we gave you good christmas present last december we have a better one coming up in this december. this -- president tried but nobody else the house -- the house is. but i think it is important to know, though, that american people feel the -- feel that policy. so they're more optimistic they say they're more optimistic about future of our economy they feel more consumer confidence than they have before so when you ask about taxes directly they'll say i'm not sure but as a whole economy is goodism better than i have in a long time and that's ultimately what drives decision making. >> i wonder political polls are wrong and the 18 year high on consumer confidence last month even during the market downturn, is that speaks to how people will vote. inch always look at whether
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having one interrupt your dinner i think that's how people are -- how they support president trump and won't get that if somebody calls you on the phone. i don't think polls capture it because people still do not want to tell anybody where they stand. in my view. >> on this part of the world. better not say it outloud in a restaurant because somebody will shout you down. exactly. >> even in las vegas. shaming and mobs, i mean, that's why presidents you know jobs versus mobs was pretty -- when you look at jobs created on friday from october job report alex baldwin punching somebody in the face over a parking spot. >> i wish donald trump would have done inters nation of alec baldwin. stay with us we have a busy week we're going to have special live coverage of the 2018 midterms beginning tomorrow night at 7 p.m. eastern time. lou dobbs will kick us off. wednesday morning marches with march why an hour earlier wednesday coverage begins at 5 a.m. so join uses as we have all of
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the results at that time. of busy tuesday night. first, though, coming up, a neighborhood rock, a home explosion in a pennsylvania suburb rattles communities with miles around. the latest coming up next and sempg per headquarters two amazon widling down list of cities home to latest giants headquarters. a good place to start is with an independent registered investment advisor. as fiduciaries, they live by a simple rule: always act in the best interests of their clients. that's why charles schwab is proud to support more independent financial advisors and their clients than anyone else. visit we were talking about the model t. now here we are talking about winning the most jd power iqs and appeal awards.
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welcome back a massive house explosion in pennsylvania was felt in new jersey as well. cheryl casone with the details now. cheryl. >> this is something else maria. good morning this happened in pennsylvania, explosion at the 9,000th square foot home was felt for mile around. fortunately everybody was able to escape. the home was being renovated at the time but officials speed limit that blast leveled 75% of the home a gas leak is the suspected cause. well, amazon has reportedly zeroed in on a few cities for his second headquarters company now in late stage talks with northern virginia crystal city,
6:18 am
also still on running reportedly dow texas and new york city, and negotiations with these top candidates reportedly at different phases and decision could come some time this month there's speculation amazon may also announce plans to play smaller operations in runner up locations and there's a lot of them. all right amazon by the way, is rolling out free shipping to everybody for the holidays. last year nonprime members had to at least 25 for free shipping this year amazon is feeling generous waiving purchase minimum that starts today folks and has not said when promotion will end but after target announced its offering for shipping on orders until december 22nd and shares of amazon up in preb market there's nothing better than free. [laughter] back over to you. >> you're right. free is always good. coming up hitting iran where it hurts to president trump unleashing toughest sanctions on iran yet they go into effect this morning. national security advisor is
6:19 am
here to talk to us about this coming up. cheap shot -- you may be surprised to hear he's a congressional candidate and not a hitman in a porno movie. >> how congressional king the and veteran navy s.e.a.l. dan took the high road after this s&l slam that's back in a minute. - [narrator] at athene, we think it's time for the financial world to stop acting the same old way. in today's complex world, you need a partner that is driven to provide you with better solutions for these challenging times, one that is willing to disrupt the industry,
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this is directly related to turnout i think in next two days you know that -- the team, the side that gets the most turnout is handles the grouped game appropriately.
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and aggressively is going to be one that wins and i feel good about our turnout. across the country and i think we're going it take the house back. j i think we're going to hold house i feel enthusiasmer swing district you can see it we're getting large crowds a lot of feelings to what we saw two years ago when democrat were measuring the drapes they were ready to win. and something funny happened up on the way a lot of people showed up that they weren't count on. steve scalise along with tim ryan both sides confident about mid term victories when speaking with me on sunday morning futures. joining me now is richard fowler republican strategist madison thanks so much for joining us richgd one day to go. tell us how you're feeling and how you see tomorrow playing out. >> one day to go is right and i think this has been a quite an election cycle to say the least here's the thing, listen, you never e know until final poll will be cast had is tomorrow. here's the thing i think i feel
6:24 am
optimistic for democrats this is how you'll know by the virginia tenth district which is just a suburb of virginia not too far from this bureau here. which is the district if you see barbara will lose no matter what and see big numbers in her loss early in the night that means that democrats are going to have a really good night across country if those numbers are tighter democrats have a tougher night throughout the country so we have to see what happens. >> jonathon tell us about platform and do voters understand differences in materials of the policy on both sides? >> absolutely, i mean, i would say there's a tail of two americas here an on one hand you tale of the booming economy but then also you have the tale of the america that's concerned about health care and immigration reform. policies that the house and senate chambers have not come to terms on, and so you have a division there. but i think overall i like to look at history maria.
6:25 am
history tells us this a booming economy supports the -- party in power, and so i think when you look at unemployment being down lowest in 50 year, i think when you look at the small business confidence being up at a high fest level on a record that's topping the reagan administration level consumer confidence being at all time high u.s. being largest economy in the world, i mean these number speak for themselves holy independent of the president approval ratings. you're right, and confidence at a 18-year high steve. >> it is very high and wondering this election will see blue state become more blue and red states become more red and virginia may go blue. it has bnl going blue for years but other parts they do better than expected and see more of the colors get brighter. might say -- [laughter] >> absolutely. absolutely, about i mean, and you know i think it could be a good and bad thing, you know,
6:26 am
more that certain states get bluer and more that certain states get, you know, more red are -- are purple to some extent it kind of shows this growing divide in the nation. i would say there's an untold story or vairnl of a number of americans who aren't voting altogether there was a recently suffolk university poll that shows roughly two-thirds of americans won't probably vote. just because they're so fed up with the gridlock between the two party. >> on display this weekend when president trump and obama hit the campaign trail president trump hosted three rallies -- yesterday -- jonathon, who has advantage here, and i'm sorry richard jump in here. who has advantage here in terms of seeing both obama and trump out in force this weekend? >> i do think that democrats have the advantage and here's why a usual election i would agree with jonathon that economics would economics is the actor to play but sadly republicans are chosen not to run on that argument but chose ton run on this immigration on
6:27 am
this border security on this border safety argument but that is playing very well for them in place like georgia governor's race or the florida's governor race or michigan or illinois governor race where we see poised to pick pup governor mansion in all of those states so what you see here is voters are saying yes the economy is doing well. but i'm really frustrated with current narrative from our leaders and that is causing me not necessarily to vote against president trump but to accepted a warning shot across the bout of republicans to knock it off and let's go back to real issue affecting the kitchen table. >> god to see both great to see you do you agree with that? >> i'm not so sure i do. but i think polling is understilting overestimating voter turnout. >> the reason they're focusing on immigration is because people don't tend to vote for things that are going right they want to highlight that they're getting tough on things that have never been fixed in this country. how hard is it for democrats to
6:28 am
step up to say thousands bomb rushing border that's -- a bad idea. we need to make sure that we secure our borders. i can't say that. >> not a word about caravan. nofnlgt. again four caravans up to at this point sanctuary cities and that's their immigration platform here's a quick break coming up early voting underway as analysts are predicting mixed results for president trump we will have a break down. he's not on the ballot but he is on the ballot and then president trump touting economic record trying to turn out vote this weekend. what it means for markets as well. back here in a minute. (vo) 'twas the night before christmas
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welcome back good mondays morning everybody thanks so much forking us i'm maria bartiromo
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it is monday november 5th your top storieses is right now, 6:31 a.m. on the east coast. it is the home stretch president trump and a three city rally tour today. voters headed to poll tomorrow for midterm elections and a investors are eyeing these elections. futures indicating markets are quiet this morning. opening mixed dow industrials up 10 points s&p up 1 and nasdaq up nine and quarter right now. this after indices closed and dow industrials gave up 110 and nasdaq down 77. white house economic airs larry kudlow joins me yesterday on sunday morning futures, we dropped about what he sees as some of the big pluses of the trump economy. >> we're running solidly you know the biggest beneficiaries are blue collar workers fake a look at the numbers. the employment increase is largely centered on blue collar workers they're big winners. >> asked larry kudlow if he sees
6:33 am
slowdown on horizon given markets worry. across the board today by a fraction s&p 500 up 16 and nasdaq in germany up, closing lower and hank sang down 2% as you can see there. plus outrage over "saturday night live." look at this s&l mocked american war hero and congressional candidate when lost an eye serving in afghanistan. it truly was disgusting and a new low for "saturday night live." all of those stories coming up, this monday morning but first our top story this half an hour confronting iran. the trump administration restoring sanctions lifted under the 2015 nuclear agreement, the move hitting iran's oil banking and shipping industry, it has sparked protest on streets of tyrann with iranian president hassan vowing to resist measure. joining me now is john bolton great to see you here. tell me really that teeth on these sanctions, what is it beginning to do to iran
6:34 am
speaking? >> i think sanctions in aggregate are already having an enormous affect on iran. you know when president announced we were withdrawing in may of this year big businesses that had prospects or even trade investment with iran weren't going to wait for sanctions to take effect and pull out and cut back in many ways i think we have seen consequences in iran that currency decline by 70% since the sanctions inflation has quadruple country is in recession seeing rise in demonstrations arranged the country. just provoked by ordinary citizen so i think this will cut into iran ability to continue their nuclear program to finance terrorism, and to engage in military activity around the middle east i think we're already seeing that. >> now look, obviously, taking some oil off the market but criticism as editorial board and journal wrote, over the weekend one complaingt is that the administration has excepted eight countries from sanctions on oil exports from iran.
6:35 am
are they japan, south korea, china and india? >> i think those are announced today look the president policy here is maximum pressure and whaing he means by maximum pressure is maximum pressure, aim is to drive iranian oil exforts to zero we're working with other countries to get alternative supplies for countries that are or buy. and i think that's critical over extended period of time but let's be clear we're going to have sanctions that even go beyond this. we're not simply going to be content with level of sanctions that existed under obama in 2015. more coming and even more important perhaps we're actually going to have very strict very tight enforcement of the sanctions that do exist and iran right now is in the escape innovation mode to get around sachss we're determined to prevent that. >> i know you're going announce later today that country specifically and exceptions but why put some in category of having waivers. and others not? enings yeah look i think we've said for a long time zero should
6:36 am
mean zero but some country for last three or four years able to purchase oil from iran, needs some time to get down to zero. these are not permanent waivers no way. we're going to do everything we can to squeeze iran hard as british say, to make to squeeze them until the pits squeeze and do everything we can. their choice and in tehran or fake economic disaster. >> this weekend i spoke with prince of saudi arabia, tell us the importance of the relationship with the one stability in the region we thought which was saudi arabia, as we face off this behavior from iran. >> look we've had a -- deep and important relationship with saudi arabia since franklin roosevelt it has a cornerstone of our policy in the middle east. and we want to get to the bottom of what happened to khashoggi we want the truth there's no question about it. it's unacceptable behavior, but the relationship is foundational
6:37 am
for the united states and we're going try everything we can to see it through. the other oil producing monarchies in gulf region are going to depend on that israel sees saudi arabia as an important and stabilizing factor and in struggle for what is really causing tension and danger in the region is -- iranwet saudi on our side. >> i want to get become to that in a second but here's an op-ed perry writes this in wall street journal and op ed titled the world can live without iranian oil. so did america's new role as this energy power house factor into this decision did u.s. at such a level in material of its own production we don't need middle eastern oil from iran anyway. >> rick perry and energy dpght have done a fantastic job since president pulled out of the iran nuclear deal to talk to other countries to get their production up to find oil that's suitable if for refinery in countries that have been purchasing from iran we've ramped up our own production in
6:38 am
america. i think we can get it a point where nobody responsible needs to buy oil from iran. >> so let me get back to saudi arabia and this saudi journalist jamal khashoggi the sons of khashoggi did an interview recently and they've asked for their fathers remains to be returned. to the u.s. -- as i mentioned prince yesterday with me on sunday morning futures in exclusive interview here's what he said about that investigation. >> some people intelligence did follow that order and sent a group of people to turkey to pen engage and strong over there and whereby he was murdered. because sometime for them to finish and i asked publicly through a program -- public as soon as possible to whereby i believe that saad doe companies will be 100% vindicated exonerated. >> investor i realize the relationship with saudis is critical very important in
6:39 am
this -- neighborhood if you will. but is it nbs to lead? one year ago we were there in riyadh he told me in an interview and to world to modernize scraib to weeks later imprisons administers and then a month ago we learn this horrific murder of jamal khashoggi is he the guy? >> look we have heard both from the king and the crowned prince very strongly and a number of conversations directly with president trump. but they have no involvement in this, and that they're both committed to getting to bottom of it. that's what they've said to us and we take them at their word that they're going to do it. >> what are you going to do in terms of monitoring iran's behavior? and whether or not it warrants further sanctions? >> now this is krit are call phase we're in escape and evasion by iran to infiltrate banking systems of other countries to use front companies to evade sanctions to do all kiekdz of things this is what i would say to american companieses, and any foreign company that wants to do
6:40 am
business in the united states. and i would say particularly to their investors and to their independent directors on their boards of directors, if you see your company engaged in a transaction that has word iran anywhere associated to it, that ought to be like a fire bell in night not only will we have the incredible importance civil enforce the from treasury department office for asset control, the justice department criminal investigators are going to be all over this. they've already got a number of important cases against iran sanctions violators ting they're going make this a big priority there's a lot of risk for any company that comes anywhere close to iran. >> so you're willing to go as far as sanctioning european companies. european investors -- if they're doing business with iran. >> if they violate our sanctions but i tell you even though we've heard a lot about how european government wish we were in iran deal european businesses have spoken with their feet. they're out of iran. that's one of the reasons why the iranian economy is tanking right now. and we're going to ramp this up.
6:41 am
this is going to be a big squeeze that's what president trump mean when is he says maximum pressure. >> should we expect retaliation from iran? >> i think they have to make very hard decisions. you know if they change their behavior, with president said he's happy to pen gauge them. on whole range of their behavior support for terrorism, ballistic missiles, conventional military activity and yemen and iraq and syria. we're prepared to do that. they need to change their behavior or they will face the economic consequences. >> let me turn to caravan headed to u.s.-mexico has started to receive people from the my graduate caravan as u.s. troops are now there. set out barbed wire on southern bodder from a national security perspective how should we view this caravan and the need to put barbed wire up already? j well look this caravan that we're talking about and others that are formed a very politicized effort to make a point about the united states, you know, there are groups in latin america groups around the world that talk about a borderless society that people can come into any country they want any time theght.
6:42 am
we should have a philosophical discussion about that. that's not the american view. i personally think there ought to be more immigration into the united states but controlled and legal immigration that we get to decide. and control the southern borders not just an immigration issue alone. it ises a natural security question. human trafficking drug trafficking, the risk of weapons and mass destruction and terrorists coming across border this is something people are rightly concerned about i think president trump has answer for them. >> i want to end where we begun on iran, there was a report on friday -- that china is looking to buy oil from the united states, as opposed to iran, and this is going to be the the beginning of a new trade deal that the president is going to talk with president xi about when he sees him at the g20 truth? >> i think there's a lot of possibility the the american production of oil and gas and potential for export is e enormous it is a strategic alternative and could be a strategic alternative in the far
6:43 am
east as well. chinesebacks that are stopping clearing iranian financial transactions and same it true for many other comings businesses the the reach of american economic powers enormous, and that's what the president is using here. >> how significant qowld that be in the middle of this fight with china? over this theft of intek chul intellectual property this could be a big deal. president is probably able to see president and president has used trade weapon here in ways that have never been used before. i think he's caught chinese offbalance they say wow an american president whop doesn't act like a well bred doormat when we trample over rules so i think that -- the president is really changed the dynamic with china and see what happens here. >> great information, and ambassador great to see you. john bolton joining us there and stay with us on fox business with special live coverage of the 2018 midterm elections beginning tomorrow night at 7
6:44 am
p.m. eastern with lou dobbs, and then wednesday morning here an hour earlier morningses with maria at 5 a.m. with our special coverage of the election, from tuesday nights so join us for special coverage wednesday. first, though, "saturday night live" mocks an american war hero outrage after pete davidson minimizes service of navy s.e.a.l. dan crenshaw.
6:45 am
6:46 am
6:47 am
welcome back outrage this morning after "saturday night live" mocks an american war hero
6:48 am
who lost his eye serving in afghanistan. cheryl casone with the details. >> former navy s.e.a.l. den kren haw is republican running for texas congress with and third tour in afghanistan. pete davidson mocked him on s&l. >> you may be surprised to hear he's a con depression gnat candidate from texas. and not a hitman in a porno movie. [laughter] >> crenshaw taken the high road folks. saying he doesn't need an apology from davidson but he wants s&l to know that veterans, quote, shouldn't have to feel that the wounds are the subject of a bad punch line for a bad joke. but the national republican congressional committee took a tougher stand here is what their statement saying getting dumped by your pop star girlfriend is no excuse for lash out at a decorated war hero lost his eye serving our country and immediately apologized to millions of veterans and
6:49 am
military families who tune in because they're not laughing. haven't heard anything from nbc by the way folks nice to hear you know nbc come out and apologize for this -- really rude. >> most defensive thing was because he leans and goes yeah i know we he lost his eye in a war or whatever. got to show that soundbite that was so disgusting is this it right here? okay. anyway, i'll point this out, as a journalist i will never, ever call for or advocate for an advertiser boycott. however, there are many people on the liberal left who immediately call for advertiser boycotts loudly across the internet when they hear anything that they disagree with. so what about the bias of all of those people on the left who were slengt about this can you imagine?
6:50 am
>> the conservatives the nbc -- and nbc is -- cheryl why -- why? >> safe for all of these people. >> why do you think nbc has been so slow to respond to this? i would think they'll come out with a statement today but so far complete silence from them if you look at social media left, right independent everybody is angry about this. it is so rude. >> this wasn't spontaneous but scripted and planned and rehearsed. rehearsed that's shameful. you know a live show. what they're doing is they're gasping for relevance so they are getting what they want. they're part of the conversation, and the most hideous disgust way. this is equivalent of ad toddler eating toilet paper in the middle of a parent cocktail party. doing it for attention. >> very aggressive on texas on this texas race they made fun of ted cruz couple of weeks ago. they're really going political on the texas race. i mean, they are --
6:51 am
>> all stupid if we're from texas is that what it is? >> say we're full of bull. markets headed to polls tomorrow markets have been on edge anticipating if results and worried about a growth slowdown. we have a full break down, next. this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart beds are on sale now during sleep number's veterans day sale. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to put your pedal to the metal. and now during our veterans day sale, the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299 - save $400. plus, 24-month financing on all beds. only for a limited time. sleep number. proven, quality sleep.
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6:54 am
welcome back investors are watching midterm elections on edge waiting to see what results this have vote will mean for the stock market and the economy. obviously we got some good economic numbers last week joining us right now to talk more about back drop is ocean first financial chairman and chris thank you for being here. >> morning maria how do you see from the bank and you've got in terms of your low and growth portfolio everything else how would you characterize everything right now? >> markets have gone up and down a little vol toil but at the
6:55 am
core economic data it is pretty good. our customers are looking at investment decisions that they've got facing them, and they're feeling pretty good about it with some reservations. obviously this week with elections that is causing them to think about what outcome will be. what the future is for things like infrastructure spend bill, tariffs or a big subject of thought. so they're optimistic but being cautious and uncertainty is getting to them. >> are they engaged you have banking in new jersey and pennsylvania are they engaged in political conversation? >> absolutely. and voting and mid term? >> absolutely i think our customersings guarantee they're at poll when is they open tomorrow so they're very much pen gauged very thoughtful and most of our customers are family own businesses. some quite large, i mean -- not unusual for them to do a hundred million in revenue but they're staking their own money in investment it is personal for them. >> what do you think would push them over for investment and they're cautious would be a big trade deal with china what would set them off in a positive way?
6:56 am
j i think you hit it on head a entrade deal is single biggest unknown right now we with operate in a place that is a new jersey is logistic economy, so a lot of our customers are dealing with transportation related opportunities, and not e knowing the outlook if it is a short-term trade issue, that gets, you know, worked down next couple of months i think everything is fine. it it is protracted and you see tariffs sink in and have -- an impact going well into 19, you could be looking at a setback. >> you don't deal primarily commercially but autosales seem to have slowed down is that temporary thing what's behind that? >> yeah autosales are slow and residential home sales are slow so we're watching that closely to understand whether that is a temporary phenomenon to bounce back or a little more protracted fortunately sectors are smaller piece of the economy than they were ten years ago but we're watching them and i tell this story over the weekend, where interest rates are for folks that have been around baby
6:57 am
boomers seem quite low. right are over this span of time. if you're a millennial and you've known 3% on mortgage or 4% sound like a really big number. >> it shot up. got the to have you on the show thanks so much. chris joining us still ahead polls officially open for all americans tomorrow.
6:58 am
6:59 am
. . .
7:00 am
maria: welcome back. good monday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, november 5th. your top storie store right now. countdown to the midterm elections is on. voters head to the polls tomorrow. we break down all of the issues that pet people are voting on ts morning. u.s. sanctions against iran go into place today. this is what john bolton told me about the punishing sanctions. >> we've seen the consequences in iran, the currency declined by 70% since the sanctions,
7:01 am
inflation has ya dre gone up, ty is in recession. maria: crude oil is at $62.90 a barrel, down a third of a percent, brent is at $72.74. mixed market ahead of the midterms. worries after the volatility we've seen in markets over the prospect of a growth slowdown. stocks lower on friday, but bouncing this morning. futures indicate a gain at the start of trading of 20 points on the dow industrials after closing lower despite a strong october jobs report on friday, dow industrials were down 110 points at the close. in europe this morning, markets are edging higher, fq100 is up 26 points, the cac is up a quarter of a percent and the dax index is up one-quare of a quarf a percent. in asia, declines across the board, hang seng index down better than 2%. shawn duffy and caroline malone are here this morning.
7:02 am
sean spicer will join me along with fox news contributor newt gingrich. plus former new mexico governor bill richardson joins me as well. big two hours coming up. don't miss a moment of it. first, voters are headed to the polls tomorrow on the heels of a strong october jobs report. 65% of you adults say the economy is in excellent or good shape according to a new poll from abc news. i spoke with larry kudlow about his outlook on america's economy during sunday morning futures yesterday. >> the markets have been very volatile and nervous that the good times are not susable, that a slowdown -- sustainable, that a slowdown is on the horizon. are you worried about a slowdown on the horizon? >> i'm not worried. i hear about this stuff, about a sugar high, not sustainable. you've got rising raises, we're running solidly. the biggest beneficiaries are blue collar workers. take a look at the numbers.
7:03 am
the employment increase is largely centered on blue collar workers many they're the big winners. maria: joining me right now is bank of america ceo brian moynihan. it's good to see you. thank you for joining us. you're the largest bang. you've got in-- laterrest bank. you've -- largest bank. do you see a slowdown comeing in. >> we don't. consumer spending is up 9% over last year. it was up 6% the last year. during a given year that would be $3 trillion of spending that will run through our consumer team. the economy continues to grow. our experts have it at 3% this year, 2.7% next year. they're predicting it to slow a little bit but that's higher than it was, 1.3, 1.7 type of levels before. maria: what do you see in terms of loan growth? how healthy is the consumer today? >> the consumer is very healthy. loan growth on the consumer side is consistent with the size of
7:04 am
the gdp growth rate. from a banking system, the credit is very good shape for all the participants. that's really good for the economy. maria: you think that continues? what are the metrics that you look at that are most important in terms of identifying where the weak spots could be? >> if consumers slow down spending, if unemployment moves up and wage growth slows but those things are in great condition right now. if the consumer stops spending the american economy slows down. maria: from a bank of america standpoint, you rebuilt capital, rebuilt liquid at this and got the bank in again the number one spot. tell us where you see holes or opportunities to grow at bank of america. >> there's always opportunities to grow the market share of the company and our biggest business woulds be 15%. we've got a lot of room to grow. we have new markets in retail platforms like pittsburgh, denver, indianapolis.
7:05 am
we're adding people in the investment advisory business geared toward middle class america. we've got commercial and investment bankers. maria: fin tech has become a sexy area of financial services. it's because technology is changing things. how are you using technology differently and how will you do that in the next five years? >> think about two or three different things. one is customers are using it. so we have 25, 26 million mobile customers today. maria: 26 million. >> 35 million digital customers. they do 23% of their sales on the mobile device. those are very important customer behaviors. every day, about 800,000 people walk into one of our branches and we do a great job there. you have to have high touch, high tech as we say. and then you move to how workers work. we're continuing to simplify the company. this will be our sixth or seventh straight years reducing
7:06 am
expenses while revenue is growing. it gives us great operating leverage. maria: it makes you stronger going into a new era with interest rates. the federal reserve has begun raising rates. that has expected to continue. how does that impact b of a? >> raising rates helps it's hard to explain to the general population out there but as rates came down very low we hit a zero floor. we didn't charge people to put their money. as rates rise, the industry gets back into equilibrium. it helped our net interest income grow. what is going on in the economy? the economy is growing. they're not raising rates to choke off inflation. it's really raising rates to take the accommodation back out. that is good news. that means the underlying economy is growing well. maria: just it challenge boa specifically as rates go higher and the yield curve changes. there's a lot of speculation you don't gain from higher rates. >> our net interest income has
7:07 am
gone up $2 billion a year for the last four years in a row. i think that helps. maria: we should be happy then that rates are going to a more normalized level? >> i think -- maria: and savers will get to finally make some money on their savings. >> it means the world's getting more normal. we had a recovery that's very long now and so the ability to normalize fiscal money tri policpoll-- monetary policy is . maria: you're announcing employee bonuses following the tax reform plan. tell us about that. >> last year a lot of companies gave a bonus after tax reform came out. we came off record earnings from the company. the team and the board thought it was important to recognize our teammates. so $1,000 teammates who earn $100,000 and restricted stock under $350. that's to the teammates who deserve it who did a great job. it's a billion dollars because of tax reform and good earnings. maria: the tax cut plan had a
7:08 am
big impact, then? >> it did. it increased our earnings. we're sharing that success with our team. maria: let me ask you about the other big policy with regard to the economic growth and that was the rollback in regulation. how impactful was that for bank of america. you cleared away much of the litigation in the last 10 years. tell us where that stands right now and the regulatory burden that has been lifted. >> we've done a great job of cleaning up the company and getting the regulatory stuff behind us. for the biggest banks, there's a careful amount of regulation. we've been trying to bring it back to the middle a little bit, capital levels, liquid at this levels, the way the stress test works. they've been focused on the smaller, mid-sized banks which they should have focused on. the new bill that they're implementing, but overall the environment's gotten more balanced and we hope it will continue to do so. maria: will you be able to unleash more capital to pay shareholders and raise the
7:09 am
dividend? >> if you think about it, we went from -- been raising the dividend the last couple years. we repurchased $20 billion of authorization repurchase and that's because we have enough capital to serve our customers, we have enough capability to grow loans and we can do that within the capital levels we have and the earnings are going back to shareholders. maria: what about wealth management? do you see expanded wealth had management through acquisitions. >> it's illegal for us to do an acquisition in the united states, it's not permitted because of the market cap. maria: even with wealth participate? >weltmanagement -- wealth manag? >> we're adding financial advisors, adding them in new markets and we continue to grow the business. we're growing almost $3 trillion in assets for those customers. maria: how is the business community viewing the policies coming out of the trump administration? you're on the business round
7:10 am
table and you chair the health care subcommittee. talk to us about what business is seeing from this administration and what you'd like to see different, given the midterms tomorrow. >> i think american business was very favorable towards regular a la tori reform, getting the balance back. american business was favorable for tax reform, get the rate and territorial system. foreign business cans do more in the u.s. the issue of the trade war is on people's minds, whether it gets resolved soon i think is critical. we've got to reach agreements so people can plan business. right now people understand the debate and trying to become reciprocal with other countries but they're nervous would whether it's able to be dealt with in a reasonable period of time let's watch that play out. it's not an issue right now. maria: are you wore he read about the fight the u.s. is having -- record wee-worried abt u.s. is having with china.
7:11 am
>> the principles people are trying to straighten out on a fair basis for both countries, which is how to have people regulated, can you operate in the company freely, can you keep your data and use it around the world, those are critical things to get to. maria: in terms of b of a's expansion you're talking largely domestic. you mentioned a couple markets you're building up in terms of branches. are there plans to do international business expansion in a place like china? >> we already operate in china. we operate in the capital markets and a bank and treasury services. we operate around the world. we have 15, 20% of revenues are -- maria: what can you tell us about operating in china? >> just to give asimple thing, we can't own the equity business. we have to have a joint venture. they moved it up a little bit. the reality is, if you want to have a deep capital markets, you have to let the best institutions like bank of america participate everywhere in the world on an equal footing. maria: you can't because it's
7:12 am
joint venture are you expecting that to change in the next five years. china suggested it will open up markets. and this part of the fight that the u.s. is trying to push back on china about. >> they've announced they're changing a little bit. we'll see what happens. maria: it's great to have you on the show. thank you so much. brian moynihan, ceo of bank of mesh. we have live special coverage of the midterms beginning tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. here with lou dobbs and neil cavuto. i will join them as well. wednesday morning, "mornings with maria" one hour earlier at 5:00 a.m. we have special coverage to bring you all the results. american reinstates sanctions against iran, details on the measures sparking protests in the oil-rich country, coming up. going underground, the behind the scenes look at elon musk's new tunnel aiming to tackle los angeles traffic, more on that and a look at the tesla pickup truck, stay with us. ♪ we can get started for love,
7:13 am
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maria: welcome back. lowe's closing stores in the u.s. and canada cheryl casone has details. cheryl: the chain is announcing it will close 20 underperforming store locations throughout the u.s. they will try to relocate employees to other stores. another 31 stores will close in canada. they will focus on their most profitable stores and improve the overall health of the company. taking a look at shares of lowe's, up 4% so far this year. the stock fractionally down in the premarket right now. well, berkshire hathaway repurchasing stock during the third quarter. it suggests that buffet doesn't see good deals on the horizon. the last big acquisition two years ago when they bought precision parts for $32 billion.
7:17 am
this comes as stock repurchases by s&p 500 companies hit a record in the second quarter according to s&p global market intelligence. there is berkshire hathaway the year-to-date chart. elon musk tweeted out this video of the boring company's underground tunnel in los angeles. he's also setting an ambitious deadline when the public can ride in the tunnel. yesterday, in it. musk wrote this, walked full length of boring company tunnel under l.a. tonight, disturbing long, on track for opening party december 10th. will be very one dimensional. people will be able to go in there on the tenth. elon musk excited about another project as well. he talked about the upcoming tesla pickup truck. you're thinking have i heard of this? you probably haven't. he described it at a blade runner pickup truck. he said this will be heart-stopping. it stops my heart according to musk. it will have dual motor, all wheel drive, suspension that can
7:18 am
adjust for load and the ability to parallel park itself. it's pretty on the drawing. can you make it? maria: where do you sit? the engine looks like it's too big, that it's in your way to see. cheryl: it looks like a -- i guesseguesses thinking for construction, for commercial use. >> it looks like the bat mobile. maria: it does. thank you, cheryl. >> cheryl dagen: just a rendering, not reality. like most of his life. he said he doesn't think that apple blows people's minds anymore. well, you know what? their revenue -- apple's revenue in the most recent quarter is bigger than tesla's market cap. he's a little jelly. a little jelly. maria: that's mind-blowing. >> $250 billion of cash, apple can buy tesla ten times over. dagen: he yes, they can. -- yes, they can but they won't.
7:19 am
maria: didn't he have funding secured? migrants arriving in mexico as american troops set up barbed wire. we'll discuss that coming up. papatagonia urging americans to vote. they are closing their stores tomorrow to urge people to go to the polls instead of going shop. shopping. ♪ we've got a long way to go. ♪ we're not perfect but we try. ♪ get along while you can. ♪ give love the upper hand. ♪ learn to dance. what if numbers tell only half the story? at t. rowe price, hundreds of our experts go beyond the numbers to examine investment opportunities firsthand. like a biotech firm that engineers a patient's own cells to fight cancer. this is strategic investing.
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because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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7:22 am
maria: welcome back. reigning in iran, the united states restoring all sanctions lifted under the 2015 nuclear deal, hitting iran's banking and
7:23 am
oil industries with iran's president vowing to resist the new measures. joining us now is former ambassador to the u.n., bill richardson. thank you for being here. >> thank you, maria. maria: your reaction to what iran is coming back with, that it's going to resist these moves. are you expecting retaliation? what's the impact of all of this? >> well, i think what we want is iran not to get out of the nuclear deal that they have with other countries. i mean, we got out of it. i would have kept can it. but i think this is iran's political reaction. their economy is in trouble anyway. these are very tough sanctions, oil, banking, shipping, but it's going to take about a year for them to really bite the iranian economy. the worry i have is that france, germany, britain, are not joining in the sanctions and that we've exempted eight countries. they're our allies from oil shipments, oi oil sanctions, but
7:24 am
what we want the iran government to do is stop their cyber attacks, stop their support terrorism, stop their campaigns around the world to disrupt friendly governments. in syria, they're doing terrible work. in yemen, they're doing the same thing. so let's hope this works. but i would have kept the sanctions -- i would have kept the iranian deal because they were complying. but they still are complying, so -- maria: we know the iranian deal is not happening. we pulled out of that. national security advisor john bolton spoke about the potential -- i asked about china potentially buying oil from the united states instead of iran. watch this. >> one complaint is that the administration has exempted eight countries from sanctions on oil exports from iran. are they, japan, south korea, china and india? >> those will be announced today. the president's policy is
7:25 am
maximum pressure. what he means by maximum pressure is maximum pressure. the aim is to drive iranian oil exports to zero. we're working with other countries to get alternative supplies for countries that are buying. maria: that's what he said. your issue is these exemptions, governor. what do you think about that? they're going to name what the exempted countries are today. >> well, look, i understand the tactic. these are our allies. you don't want to hurt them and they are going to be reducing those trade relationships with iran on energy which is good. but at the same time, we've got a trade war with china and we're giving them a little break here. all right. so tactically i don't know the ins and outs of what we're doing. but i think this is a good measure, rea reimposing the sanctions. i hope that france, germany, our
7:26 am
allies, britain, lean on the iranians for them to stop the support of terrorism. i think that's the main objective that we're trying to achieve. the iranian economy, you've got steve forbes there, he knows that their economy's in trouble. they've got water shortages, banks are in trouble, their reserves are in trouble, oil production has gone down. >> they've got a bad inflation too, governor. >> yes. >> what else should we be doing against iran? major european companies have pulled out of iran. they're not going to try to mess with the united states. what pressures should we put on germany, france and britain to follow up with what their own companies are doing to bring iran to its knees unless it changes its behavior. >> well, steve, i would hope it's gentle pressure. these are countries, they're our friends and allies. we're already sort of i in in ae war with them. we don't need to hurt our relationship with our allies
7:27 am
anymore than we have. >> how do we persuade them? >> we persuade them by telling them it's critically important that they lean on iran to improve the behavior of iran. that's what we need to do. but not impose sanctions on our allies. >> realistically, is there a way really to change iran without a regime change? these guys have been in 40 years. they're as bad as ever. is that ultimately what's going to have to happen? >> well, -- >-->> how do we encourage someb? >> there's a lot of iranian opposition groups out there that have support. i think we talk about ways that we can communicate directly with the iranian people, with young people, with millennials, with business leaders. as you know, their economy is in very bad shape and there's a real po populace movement that e
7:28 am
should encourage. maria: what you're saying sounds terrific. how do we get to the people and encourage this when the government of iran is using tax money, all the money that comes into the country towards terrorism. yeah, of course we want to connect with the people who want a change in their lives. how do you do that when they're being governed by a terrorist organization? >> well, i think these sanctions as i said are h very strong. but it's going to take a year for them to really bite. the oil sanctions, the energy sanctions are the ones that are most important, that can really cripple their economy. their production is already going down. i think within opec, some of our allies there might be helpful. the saudis that don't like iran. maria: they say that they want to increase production in saudi for sure. let me ask you this, we want to switch gears and get your take on this, mexico city has begun
7:29 am
to receive people from the migrant caravan. u.s. troops have set up barbed wire on the southern borde bore. as former governor of a border state, how do you think the vair vacaravan should be handled? >> i think the president has made a terrible mistake, a miscalculation a day before the elections. instead of talking about the economy, the jobless rate that has gone down, wages going up, he's zeroing in on immigration that goes to the base he already has, it's the wrong policy, blaming democrats, sending the military down there. i think it's going to be a big problem for him tomorrow. maria: is the migrant caravan not an economic issue? >> they're fleeing percent caution, fleeing gangs. we have an asylum policy. maria: they're going to show up on the southern border. they want to come into america. is that an economic issue.
7:30 am
i understand what they're fleeing? >> it's going to take until the end of the year for them to get here. they're poor people, women and children, fleeing gangs and persecution. there's, what -- there's several thousand. that's not an invasion. i think what we need to do is have a sensible immigration policy that deals with those that are in the united states, stronger border measures, but we have an asylum policy, maria, that everybody abides by. maria: my point is really economic. >> he fleeing terrorism and persecution. maria: there's one caravan, another caravan, the numbers do eventually add up. when you've got illegals coming into the country and sort of assimilating themselves, ultimately there will be a need for health care, for food stamps, for -- i mean, all sorts of benefits that are given to american citizens. is that not right? >> i think it's trying to get to
7:31 am
-- >> they're going to end up in mexico. >> these caravans, these people are fleeing terrible conditions, the fact of the matter is these things are organized. they're done for a political purpose, started in honduras, a leftist there engineered that first caravan and we've got to be prepared. we're over well med now in -- overwhelmed now in terms of holding these people. they can't be allowed to come in and i think the president's made it clear. we're not going to let them in. maria: final word, governor. go ahead. >> i just think the president on this issue, i'm a border state governor. there's been a reduction in immigration from mexico and it's now central america and these are individuals fleeing from poverty. i'm not justifying. they should come to the border and apply for asylum based on the law. they should be rejected if they don't meet the standards. but to say they're an invasion, started by democrats in a
7:32 am
situation that -- where they're fleeing gangs, it just makes no sense to me and politically it's going to hurt the president tomorrow. you watch. maria: thanks so much. bill richardson joining us. coming up, countdown to the midterm is on. we're headed to florida next. they're seeing record high early voting totals. we'll tell you what that says. that's next. stop acting the sam. in today's complex world, you need a partner that is driven to provide you with better solutions for these challenging times, one that is willing to disrupt the industry, and break free from conventional thinking. (thudding) we are a different kind of financial company. we are athene, and we are driven to do more. and all thro' the house. 'twas the night before christmas, not a creature was stirring, but everywhere else... there are chefs, bakers and food order takers.
7:33 am
doctors and surgeons and all the life savers. the world is alive as you can see, this time of the year is so much more than a bow and a tree. (morgan vo) those who give their best, deserve the best. get up to a $1,000 credit on select models now during the season of audi sales event.
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7:35 am
maria: welcome back. good monday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, november 5th. your top stories right now. the midterm election is tomorrow. one day away now. president trump stumping on a three city rally for today. three cities, as voters get ready to head to the polls tomorrow. investors are watching the election as well. trade tensions are on the rise. u.s. sanctions against iran take effect today against various sectors including energy. john bolton sitting with me last hour, explaining how they're already affecting iran. >> we've already seen the consequences in iran, the
7:36 am
currency declined by 706% since the sanctions -- 70% since the sanctions. i think this will cut into iran's ability to continue their nuclear program, finance terrorism and engage in activity around the middle east. i think we're already seeing that. maria: iran's president vowing his country will bypass the sanctions. markets this morning are showing a flat opening, take a look, dow industrials down just 1 point right now, s&p a 500 up 1 1/4 and the nasdaq down 3 points. markets waiting on the results of the midterms as well as evidence of economic growth sustainability. the major indices closed lower on friday. take a look at friday's close with the dow losing 110 points, the nasdaq down 77 at the close on friday. in europe this morning, mixed story, mostly to the upside. take a look at the european indices, the fq100 is up almost half a percent. the dax index with a 21 point move, higher, up just a fraction. asian markets closed lower
7:37 am
overnight, hong kong was the worst performer, hang seng index down 2%. under the -- the s.e.c. under fire. the securities and exchange commission and president trump chris sized by the new york times for allegedly going soft on corporate wrong-doing. all those stories coming up this monday morning. joining me to break it down is the all-star panel. voters are headed to the polls across the country tomorrow. kristina partsinevolos is in the sunshine state this morning of florida, joining us from miami. good morning, christina. >> reporter: i'm in downtown miami right now. we've been speaking to voters. seems like, yes, this is a tight race for the governor's side as well as the senate. but people are voting more in the sense that are they for the president or against the president. have you a tight race for governor, andrew gillum, ron de santis. there was a shooting here on friday at a yoga studio in tallahassee, florida. andrew gillum discussed the
7:38 am
second amendment at a rally on saturday, his thoughts on gun control. listen in. >> in this state, we have become all too familiar with not only gun violence in our schools and our houses of worship and now in yoga studios. enough is enough. we can celebrate what it means to have the second amendment and celebrate safety and security in our homes and our neighborhoods and our schools and our houses of worship at the same time. >> reporter: his competitor is ron de santis. he held a rally yesterday. i got to speak to him one on one and brought up the fact that andrew gillum talked about protecting the second amendment as well as being an advocate for gun control. listen to what he had to say about gillum. >> he doesn't believe in it. he's the most hostile ever for the second amendment. he is not running as pro second
7:39 am
amendment. he's not doing that in a credible fashion. >> reporter: i'll have rick scott, the governor running for the republican side, interview later on this afternoon. back to you. maria: christina, thank you. kristina partsinevolos in miami this morning. corporate crack darn, the newdow york times accusing the trump administration of going lacks on corporate -- lax on corporate wrong-doing. the securities and exchange commission responding, calling the paper's methodology flawed. joining us now is judge andrew napolitano. it's hard to compare what you're seeing here in the trump administration versus what you saw under the obama administration because the d.o.j. was very tough with a lot of regulations on corporations. >> no question about it. it's really an unfair comparison, or it's an unfair conclusion to draw that just because the trump administration is less aggressive on corporate regulations and corporate fines
7:40 am
than the obama administration, the trump administration is soft. the obama add medicine administs anti-corporate and over-the-top. in a corporation is fined because of toxic margins, where do those fines go? do they go to the people that bought the mortgages? of course not. they go to the federal government. these fines are largees, a gift to the federal government. they don't compensate the people that was harmed by the alleged corporate activity. donald trump for years, even going back to long before he was the president of the united states, argued that a lot of these corporate regulation% too excessive. i'm smiling because he said this is what we have to get rid of, the foreign corporate practices act which prohibits bibber bribery of -- bribery of foreign officials. walmart was accused of bribing people in mexico. donald trump said big deal, you
7:41 am
can't do business there unless you bribe them. maria: that's not untrue. if you're doing business in mexico, you probably are going to be paying a bribe. this is one of several countries. >> this is one of these things that he occasionally comes out with that you don't expect the president to but it's true. he's in charge ultimately of the justice department that is prosecuting the people that did the behavior that he says should not be considered criminal. i don't know where this will go. the walmart case has been going on for seven or years. there is no agreement. there has been no trial. i think there's going to a down and dirty and soft settlement so that walmart can turn a page and the justice department can turn page. dagen: people on the left are angry that people by the dozens didn't go to prison after the 2008 financial collapse. maria: how about government
7:42 am
bureaucrats who said everybody should have a home. did they go to prison. dagen: democrats in this cycle, the journal has a story today, not since 2008 have donors in the securities and investment industry given a higher percentage to democratic candidates and party committees than to republicans. again, they will glad by accept that money and lambast the republicans. >> politicians will take money from either side. they will take money that disagree with them. dagen: they take money from satan. >> the whole thing on obama's excessive regulations, the book, three felonies a day by silverglade, there's 300,000 rules on the books, you commit a felony every time you get up. if the government wants to get you with that vague language, they can. that's the real scandal. that's what the times is looking at. >> let me suggest something else, a little below the radar screen that donald trump has done to make this better. justice kavanaugh. jusjusticekavanaugh is a known f
7:43 am
the idea that the courts should defer to the judgment of administrative agencies and presume that they are correct. the administrative agencies that are trying to grab money from anybody they can, justice kavanaugh says we're not going to presume they're correct. they're equals when they come in the courtroom and we'll evaluate what they did according to the law without this presumption. maria: thank you so much. judge andrew napolitano there. midterm countdown, one day to go, how companies like patagonia are encouraging people to hit the polls instead of stores. they're closing the stores. how verizon is reorganizing to address changing business at the telecom giant, all that coming up, right here. ♪ release your inhibitions, feel the rain on your skin. ♪ no one else can feel it for you, only you can let it in. ♪ no one else, no one else.
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maria: welcome back. futures indicating a flat opening this morning, dow industrials down 11, nasdaq down 8. verizon is planning to break up its wireless business. cheryl casone has the details in headlines this morning. cheryl. cheryl: just getting this news this morning. they're going to restructure the business lines and that includes that massive wireless unit at the company, one of the first major organizational changes under the new ceo. a new vee consumer group will include consumer focused wireless and wireline services, the changes taking effect in january. shares of verizon are up 7% so far this year.
7:48 am
patagonia is going to be closing all of its stores tom rove. it's within of many companies giving paid time off or changing hours for election day, to give employees and customers time to go vote. patagonia's ceo says, quote, together we can remove barriers to civic participation and encourage americans to be citizens and voters first. they announced last month they're backing two democrats, john tester in montana and jackie rosen in the nevada senate race. jeffrey the giraffe is back for the holidays. the beloved toys r us mascot is appearing in pop-up displays in nearly 600 kroger locations under the name jeffrey's toy box so shoppers can choose toys from former toys r us private labels. toys r us went out of business back in june but shares of kroger are up nearly 10% so far
7:49 am
this year. you've got to love jeffrey giraffe. maria: yes, you do. cheryl: it screams christmas. maria: it will be here before you know it. what is at stake in the house and the senate? we're covering the most nail-biting races across the country as voters head to the polls tomorrow and we'll identify the important issues. back in a moment. ♪ night moves. ♪ night moves. ♪ night moves. ♪ yeah. ♪ night moves. ♪ i remember. ♪ and i found out that i'ma from the big toe alian. of that sexy italian boot! so this holiday season it's ancestrydna per tutti! order your kit now at
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7:53 am
majority in the house? >> it's going to be tough. because when you look back, the first term when barack obama was in the white house, the democrats lost 63 seats. bill clinton's first term, they lost 54 seats. so it's like i've been saying all yoalong -- it's only 23 sea. it doesn't have to be a wave in order for the democrats to get control of the house but it is that close. >> i'm really curious, looking am some of your numbers. your generic ballot is closer than anybody elses. you've got 46 to 44. everybody else says a seven to nine point spread. >> a lot of media polls under-represent the republicans. usually the republican vote is a third of the electorate. midterm elections we've had them where the republicans and democrats are on par. that happened in 2010. you hear the cliche, and i hate it when people say it's all about turnout, but tomorrow it
7:54 am
really is all about turnout across the country. the reason why donald trump won, he had a great turnout day on election day in 2016, better than what hillary clinton had. dagen: back back has been back -- barack obama has been back on the campaign trail, very prominent the last several days in particular. turnout under his -- when he was president fell 40% in both midterm elections from the prior presidential election. >> correct. dagen: why do people think he can get the vote out now. a 40% decline in turnout is much steeper than what the republicans put up during his two midterm elections. >> you're exactly right. the one thing barack obama proved he was really good at turnout when he was on the ballot. he was very good for himself in terms of turnout. but it didn't seem to translate. you see both parties because they understand turnout is usually down during the mids term elections, even though we're seeing record levels of turnout here, he's playing to the base right now. it's very strategic where the
7:55 am
democrats are sen sending him. they're sending him to liberal places, even a place like florida which is the ultimate swing state. they're trying to get the liberal base to turn out. >> what do you see happening on legislative races which will help to determine what the maps are after the 2020 census, who controls the hous house in the s how is that going to pan out. >> i think what it's going to be, to be quite honest, a mixed bag. i think you're going to see republicans in blue states like larry hogan in maryland, charlie baker in massachusetts, i think they're going to win. i think bob stefanowski is on the verge of an upset in connecticut. there's a tax revolt in connecticut. the legislative races are not getting enough of the attention. they'll decide what happens in redistricting. we see these competitive races
7:56 am
for congress. a lot of that is there would probably be more if it wasn't for redistricting. maria: what races are you going to be fau focused on tomorrow nt that will give you an indication of whether or not the republicans have an edge or the democrats have an edge? >> i think early in the evening you're going to be looking at races like in new jersey, like tom mcarthur versus an d disci kim. it -- andy kim. it will be maybe pennsylvania, brian fitzpatrick. i think the firewall races for the republicans, which will be hugely important, down in south florida, carlos kabello, cd26 and m maria s a al a salazar whk will win. maria: in georgia, a couple races important there as well. we start with 7:00 p.m. eastern
7:57 am
with lou dobbs and neil cavuto joins us at 8:00 p.m., i will join him as well. still ahead, a full look at the 2018 midterms. we'll hear from sean spicer and the battle for h2, amazon whit g through a list of cities where they can have their new headquarters, next hour, "mornings with maria." stay with us. moving? that's harder now because of psoriatic arthritis. but you're still moved by moments like this. don't let psoriatic arthritis take them away. taltz reduces joint pain and stiffness and helps stop the progression of joint damage. for people with moderate to severe psoriasis, 90% saw significant improvement. taltz even gives you a chance at completely clear skin. don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase risk of infections
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maria: welcome back. good monday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo monday, november 5 top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, mermdz on the balance of power up for grabs, with voters headed to the polls tomorrow, and a presidential blitz president trump and former president obama, making a final push touting their economic errors to drive turnout. >> america now has the best economy in the history of our country. and it can be destroyed very quickly, the. >> the economy created more jobs in my last 21 months than
8:01 am
it has in the 2 1 34u7bs since i left office what a progressive agenda did. >> thank you message is snaikt the oil market, u.s. sanctions into effect today now iran president is vowing to break the punishment, what national security adviser bolton told me this morning about wobble pacers iran selling to china, later this hour. >> then markets this morning, indicating a flat opening dow industrials up one point s&p 500 up one and a quarter nasdaq down seven points markets lower despite strong october jobs' report friday friday close has dow down 110, s&p down 17 nasdaq down 77 on friday in europe higher across the board ft 100 up a half percent cac quarante up a quarter of a percent dax in germany in asia overnight declines across the board the board hang seng worst amazon
8:02 am
search for a home nearing an end report says amazon is now down to three cities we tell you where it could choose for second headquarters, he stories coming up monday morning joining me to break it down fox business network dagen mcdowell, he foeshs media chairman former republican presidential candidate steve forbes president of partners, lee carter. >> waiting for this day the midterm elections tomorrow here we are dagen happening tomorrow. dagen: a really astonishing what is going on in this country i think because nobody really knows how it is going to turn out pols are saying one thing, house likely go to democrats senate likely stays republican hands, with some additional seats add you don't know the fact that you have governors races in a places like georgia, florida, that are extremely competitive, and could wind up in blue hands that -- even the governor
8:03 am
races alone tomorrow the reason to watch, the fox business, i want to point out about florida really interesting not just the cuban voters in the state it is, all south american voters from areas socialism failed people understand danger of takeover of health care, a confiscating wealth. >> was florida also a purple i feel. >> was weeds very red. >> very red because the economic policies of no income tax, small government you would think would resonate would be -- >> move into states more -- >> gillum -- >> people move into low tax states because they hate high tax states end upbringing voting habitats into new states you saw in california, saw in new hampshire, great
8:04 am
exodus from massachusetts turned that state politics aroundfully taxes vote for people who want new taxes. >> used to be very careful what is going on in florida, because democrats in that state view the fact that there is no state income tax, as a vast pool of untapped wealth. >> and from liberal policies it will -- change the state forever. >> i think looking at florida is important to me a model of the rest of the country brings a little bit of everybody, same thing watching that 2016 that is a state gave us an indication saying this election is far from over. >> i am waiting for the policies of high tax states like context, new jersey, new york, to start changing given the salt deduction went away. >> made in context -- tomorrow 8 years of day of theous dmath governorship. >> you think republican wins. >> i think he will. >> in context.
8:05 am
>> connecticut rick as to the in race for senate crazy democrat may win people take prosperity when they have it a little bit for granted. >> that is why president trump is hammering home the immigration issue he knows that if the economy is going well that doesn't get people fired up, to quote -- said people don't vote a thank you, if the economy is doing well not going to vote for you to thank you for the prosperity, they are going to focus on -- >> churchill civilization got tossed out in a landslide. >> a good point. >> we got a big show coming up joining the conversation this morning sean duffy new york congressman ma'amony former white house secretary scene spicer former speaker of the house newt gingrich stuart varney weighs in don't miss a moment big hour right here we kick off with top story,
8:06 am
midterm being elections before voters head to pols president trump visiting fort wayne indiana today jeff flock is there now gives a preview good morning. reporter: good morning to you interesting state this is a state where the democrats senate candidate doesn't think obama, president trump is such a bad guy a battle of presidents president trump today, as you point out here in fort wayne yesterday was former president obama in town of garey indiana bike crowd for him democrat senator joe donnelly telling crowd how important he thinks just one senate vote is. >> last year mitch mcconnell tried to kill health care. in the united states. we survived by one vote. the people of lake county gave
8:07 am
me the chance to cast a vote that they have health care for people of the united states, of america. [cheers and applause] >> president trump not only bringing his support in person here, to indiana but tweeting take a look at this tweet rumor has it senator joe donnelly of indiana is paying for facebook kwladz for so-called opponent on the libertarian ticket donnelly trying to steal the election? isn't that what p russia did? >> the president, also a involved he was here, as well on friday, but i tell you i leave with you this picture this is something that senator donnelly has been sending out, a handshake between he and the president, donnelly pointing out he voted with president trump 62% of the time over corresponds of the past year he voted three times, for wall funding, says i hope president trump will come back to the state, after i am reelected i welcome him with open arms sometimes the president finds
8:08 am
a way to win even when he is losing i don't know we will see. >> thank you so much jeff flock, joining us there right now to talk more about all that america first action pack sr., advisory spokesperson former white house press secretary author of the briefing politics press and the president sean spicer. >> good to see you. >> how are you feeling. >> o i feel good. >> how do you think this plays out? >> so many tight races about incredible how close things appear. >> right i think that is especially true, in the house, in the senate i am bullish, i think you could see as high as 56 seats republicans i know that is -- i look where momentum is right now, i think all of these races breaking the republican way democrats have four seats targeting that republicans currently hold arizona tennessee nevada texas all of them i think republicans maintain then nevada, absolutely has been on the rise no question about it, run a pitch-perfect campaign
8:09 am
jacky rosen has not been the -- i think -- they thought she would be. in terms of bringing it home with union workers. in vegas. i think then you look at places we have opportunities indiana north dakota missouri, there is a lot of these that are that are huge republican pickups those are the obviousnessr obvious ones. >> new jersey, first ad steve i checked in hotel last night i saw a bob hugin inuvenl reading through indictment of menendez has to play well with independent feel voters i think that could be upset that michigan john james has run a phenomenal race against stabenow from 23 to single digits there is a lot of races i think two months ago nobody was paying attention to now coming close, on house, look, i think history is against us. we have over 40 house republicans not running for reflex i think people need to
8:10 am
understand in a district that might be one or two points for a republican, when you have an open race in a year where you are being outspent in history against you, and you don't have an incumbent that has name id, the list of accomplishments legislative -- that is a wash i think it goes from maybe rplus two to d plus two, in this cycle this year, so they need 23 seats to pick up history signatures they should pick up north of 30 on average i think republicans have in play to keep majority one to three seats but this could be election tomorrow doesn't get decided tomorrow night could be weeks away knowing who controls house. >> many say dems have won 17 seats. >> those are same people said donald trump wasn't going to win wisconsin, pennsylvania. >> hard -- to tell pols, you find out what voters thought of president trump's comments on tax reform watch this.
8:11 am
>> republicans passed a massive tax cut for working families and we will soon follow it up with another 10% tax cut to the middle class. [cheers and applause] >> and remember the democrats are going to substantially raise your taxes watch. >> this is showing up what are lines moving what is it. >> you can see the red line is republican, of course, excited about tax you expect it higher i am he focused on independents surprise not higher an issue appealing to independents all the way throughout one thing they said we had a guest on last week said very same thing when i hear them saying tax cuts are coming for the middle class i thought that already happened so you are saying didn't happen are you admitting there was something wrong with first policy there is question independents how they lean right now i am not sure where the momentum is going to go. >> i think the shocker when he
8:12 am
talked about democrats will raise taxes democrats cheered that, look at blue line they actually get excited about paying more in taxes, that tells you something about mentality. >> not going to pay more going to be rich republicans who pay the taxes we're going to confiscate their wealth. >> they raised the democrats raised taxes based on blue or red nothing else not income level. >> look at in reaction to jobs in america, watch. >> we created almost 600,000 new manufacturing jobs. [cheering and applause] you remember the previous administration? we can't create manufacturing jobs anymore they are the best jobs the most important jobs great jobs high-paying jobs. we do it better than anybody. 600,000 and going up rapidly as companies come back into the united states. they all want to be in the
8:13 am
united states because now for the very first time in decades we are where it's at we are the hot country, can you believe it? >> again, people react to what he is saying. >> that is right jobs one of the most wij issues he talks about, the republicans start with -- off charts even -- sort of flat there in the middle that is not bad to have democrats react the jobs he gets credit goes off rails more some comments made about birthright citizenship alienate folks even on the right an issue thought no winning right now immigration a whole something that does energize his base. >> same playbook he won on in 2016. he knows how to tap into issues that motive people more than anything else. >> a quick break when we come back we have got to watch the "snl" ask it over the weekend. tr that is willing to break free from conventional thinking.
8:14 am
we are a different kind of financial company. we are athene, and we are driven to do more. we were talking about the model t. now here we are talking about winning the most jd power iqs and appeal awards. talking about driver-assist technology talking about cars that talk and listen. talking about the highest customer loyalty in the country. but that's enough talking. seriously. that was a lot of talking. back to building
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8:17 am
spicer outrage over "snl" skit over weekend mocks former nativey seal he wears an eye patch lost eye in third tour avgs how "snl" dealt with this. >> ben crenshaw -- >> come on man. >> come on. >> you may have surprised to hear a congressional candidate from texas not a hit man in a porno -- >> i'm sorry, he lost eye in war whatever. [laughter] >> whatever. >> i don't know what to say. >> look, this is a man lost an eye serving this country protecting everyone else's freedoms they rehearsed this skit still thought okay played it, now promoting it this is
8:18 am
not just pete davidson this is michael shay everyone at "saturday night live" thinks funny nbc has been silent disgusting over the top not close to funny or humorous the idea nbc getting away with this lauren michaels able to remain silent is wrong all holier than thou stuff people they fired in name of transparency doing right thing laur lauren michaels needs to be fired a bad history how they treat veterans with respect to to williams what he said up shouldn't get away with bs apology lauren michaels should be fired. >> dan crenshaw tweeted about it made comments about it said -- i try hard not to offended
8:19 am
harder not to be phoneded that being said i hope nbc "snl" recognizes vets don't deserve to see wounds used as punch lines for bad jokes go after crenshaw i think go after everybody whoever served fought for freedom freedom isn't free those idiots across the street don't seem to know that maria: you are right. >> i got to say one thing didn't expect to happen going to energize republicans to vote i bet last thing -- >> alec baldwin, punched somebody over parking space he denied by the way, didn't do it right?n >> right agent why did he go to jail. >> i thish donald trump had done an impersonation of alex baldwin. maria: i think there is a lot, i don't want to lose sight of what they did. i mean, because i get it alec
8:20 am
baldwin thing behavior i agree with you i am saying what i think can't get lost what how they thought that making fun of combat veterans' wounds was in any way, shape or form funny, and i don't think that this should get dismissed, the more -- they laughed at it, er they rehere'sed rehearsed it, they rehearsed it, then did it did it again and -- >> silence from anybody about at nbc, a host, there is none of these people so outraged every time someone on right says or does anything. >> you have not heard from democrats on it completely underlines makes it more appropriate the president jobs versus mobs. really does. it is incredible 205,000 jobs created on friday the day alec baldwin punching a guy in the face a day before "snl" motor vehicles an national veteran who served our country proud
8:21 am
three times in afghanistan, good to see you. thank you, stay with fox business election coverage 7 pm eastern tomorrow with lou dobbs,8 pm neil through entire night next day "mornings with maria" kicking off earlier 5:00 a.m. eastern. we'll be right back. kevin, meet your father. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. hi.i just wanted to tell you thdependability award for its midsize car-the chevy malibu.
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congratulations. thank you. how many kids? my two. his three. along with two dogs and jake, our new parrot. that is quite the family. quite a lot of colleges to pay for though. a lot of colleges. you get any financial advice? yeah, but i'm pretty sure it's the same plan they sold me before. well your situation's totally changed now. right, right. how 'bout a plan that works for 5 kids, 2 dogs and jake over here? that would be great. that would be great. that okay with you, jake? get a portfolio that works for you now and as your needs change from td ameritrade investment management. maria: . >> america the health care of millions is on the ballot. a fair shake for working families is on the ballot. perhaps most importantly, the character of our current is on the ballot. [cheers and applause] >> this is really one of the most important elections that
8:25 am
we will ever have the privilege of voting in and for. this is a big one. it will decide whether we build or the extraordinary prosperity that we've achieved for our nation or whether we let the radical democrats take control of congress -- [boing] and take a giant wreaking ball to our economy, and do our future. >> president trump and former president obama both hitting the campaign trail this weekend with different economic messages final days ahead of midterms former speaker of the house fox news contributor newt gingrich, always a pleasure your take one day before midterms what are you seeing? >> well i think first of all that was great clip because it showed what is at stake i don't ever remember a former president barnstorming the way obama has. i don't ever remember an incumbent president barnstorming the way president trump has tells you how big
8:26 am
the stakes are captured frankly in your lasegment i agree with spicer, they have pathetic need to be grumg veterans who serve condition faithfully when obama said this will decide our character i don't think he understood how deeply trump supporters agree with him but draw opposite conclusion i think we are going to win in senate did he decisively the house up for grabs from five or radiate vote republican majority to 10 or 15 vote democratic majority i think anything from that zone is possible. >> when you took back the house, right, you were -- you he o you are in touch with american voter you made committals contract of america
8:27 am
you. >> you what they wanted, you proposed things that everybody could agree on. now, democrats are going out trying to take it back right now it doesn't seem like they are in the same way in touch with american voter do you think that is really going to hurt them in the end, traditional polling traditional historical saying that you ne the democrats should win back seats, but it is not necessarily for conclusion just because of history; right? >> no frank democrats much more like republicans were under franklin delano roosevelt so committed to radical policies some are committed to open borders some committed to abolishing ice not the having protects on immigration many you showed earlier want to raise taxes think a great idea they intend to raise on republicans, independents don't intend to raise taxes on democrats you go down this list sort of trapped by a left wing
8:28 am
ideology that i think actually hurts them, i think in places like florida, where you have people who fled socialism in cuba socialism in inventories ap socialism in nic nicaragua. >> they get scared to death with the governor if candidate in georgia a very left wing -- socialist and gubernatorial candidate in florida, as they veer to the left, as they veer away from average american you end up in a situation where i think it is very hard for them to reach out to the independent voters and create the kind of wave that they thought they were going to have. >> to add one thing they also fled newt voters in florida the socialism in places likes new york city plenty of
8:29 am
socialism they fled not just overseas it is here in northeast, go ahead. >> mr. speaker, why didn't -- have not republicans been more effective on the health care issue liberalizing hsas to show they are going to make it better? why do they leave themselves open to have democrats use that as an issue against us? >> well i think they began by taking a part the idea of government-run health care, medicare for all all that stuff did pretty good job of it, it became not a very effective issue for the democrats. and i think in middle of everything else that has gone on the president the republicans have not been as effective as they could be, at explaining that this step-by-step he reform system is working you look what it has done generic drugs now saved about 26 billion dollars. >> nobody knows it. >> i we have a program now to -- >> i agree with you. >> nobody knows that even the
8:30 am
messaging around the economy and jobs has not been as substantial as you would expect numbers are clear october jobs' report exceededed expectations on friday 250,000 jobs added to the economy "sunday morning futures" i had white house economic adviser larry kudlow on here is what he said. >> you got 3.1% rise in wages you got 250,000 we are running solidly the biggest been fisheries blue calor workers the big winners they are the ones experiencing the largest wage gain blue collar workers have beaten white collar workers nothing against white collar workers i am saying reaching down deep into the blue collar area that is precisely what we wanted with our supply-side tax cuts across the board.
8:31 am
and deregulation, of the president's program -- >> but newt, i mean -- democrats come out and use that talking point, that a majority of the tax cut plan went to the top 1% not even true but they keep spewing it out. >> sure. sure look the democrats always campaign on a set of lies they all agree going to use, same stuff almost every single time, but here is reality, most you see this, by the way, in a number of articles a number of studies local races, most americans know they are better off economically most americans know that their wages are going up, most americans know that trump has been fact acquired a level of economic growth you see numbers on part what have has propped up the republicans. is the fact most americans do understand this is a stronger economy you see in things like the michigan consumer
8:32 am
confidence sway or various small business indices, i am look every campaign has to make its decision what it is going to do a lot of campaigns have talked a lot about the economy, the president talks about the economy every rally. entire section on the economy every rally, but the truth is, you know nbc news cbs news are not going out of their way to carry good news about donald trump. >> don't cover it great to see you newt gingrich joining us there coming up america reinstates sanctions against iran details on measures sparking protests in the oil rich country that is next arizona voters headed early to the pols we take a closer look at top issues in the grappled canyon sta-- grand canyon state when we come back. >> the ♪ you really got ahold ♪ (vo) 'twas the night before christmas
8:33 am
and all through the house not a creature was stirring, but everywhere else... there are stores open late for shopping and fun as people seek gifts or even give some. not necessarily wrapped with paper and bows, but gifts of kind deeds, hard work and cold toes. there's magic in the air, on this day, at this time. the world's very much alive at 11:59.
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maria: welcome back. good monday morning thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, november 5 one za away from midterm elections top stories 8:35 a.m. on
8:36 am
rooeks memoriam elections, voters headed to pols tomorrow president trump will visit three cities today part of his rally a little bit three cities investors watching as well, futures this morning are showing a decline start of trading, things have worsened in last hour or so dow industrials down 40 points s&p down 3 nasdaq down 22 fractional moves, of course, europe is up this morning take a look at indices ft 100 up a third of a percent cac quarante dax up fractionally asian markets closed the lower across the board worst was hong kong, hang seng down better than 2%, amazon, hq2 online retrial giant zeroing in on a city to host second headquarters, the decision reportedly down to northern virginia crystal city dallas, new york city. >> we will check that out all is tos coming up first stop tour this half an hour the final push to midterm elections has arrived pols open tomorrow many races in
8:37 am
the house and senate heading up, hillary vaughn in prescott, arizona where a tight senate race good morning to you. >> good morning, maria. this is one of the closest senate races in the country but both candidates put politics aside on the football field to attend to arizona state homecoming game over weekend, republican representative mcsally boltdz out national anthem democrat sinema did onfield coin tows off field sinema mcsally sparred over local issues big one this weekend the caravan headed heres sinema telling a local station the border crisis nothing new and thinks the priorities should be more judges at the border. >> make sure we are not letting bad people in like cartels. >> have ms-13 also visas to allow good people to come if be workers in terms of the caravan our duty to get a bunch of judges down to the
8:38 am
border, so we can decide the cases quickly as possible. reporter: we went door knocking with mcsally yesterday at neighborhood in prescott, arizona homeowner tracked her down to tell her how border crisis hit their neighborhood two young boys in the past two days due to opioid crisis. >> we peacefuled pretty major legislation. got to get immediate treatment, we've got to stop it at the border as well. >> absolutely. >> that is what i say -- stop it at the border. >> sinema ran in a half marathon mcsally telling me tells voters what sinema prierlths are she focused on finish play on on election day. >> thank you so much, joining us there we will watch that one joining me right now congressman maloney, congressman duffy thank you for joining me. >> thank you for oversighting us. >> important at a, tomorrow,
8:39 am
you both running for reflex in your districts first congressman how are you feeling in your local race in your district. >> well i think there is a lot of momentum on the democratic side i am feeling a lot of energy participation, more activity politically financially every area it is the i would say decade of the woman we have a record number of women running, and the gender gap high evident in history 18 points so that bodes well for female candidates. >> nice to see so many women running sean duffy how are you feeling what does it looked like? >> i am -- on -- hay war hudson, central northern part wisconsin feels as go northern part of state used to be democrat really, transitioned more republican so i feel good about our race governor scott walker i was with last night rallying, i have been against tammy a lot of energy a poll
8:40 am
came out shows republicans are down by 7 points in generic ballot, republican or democrat we knew a year ago maria that if we were down by 6 keep house, if down by seven tough but still can keep the house i think going to be a squeaker, no blue wave a possibility -- >> that is the question that is the big question will the democrats be able to flip the house because that changes so much in terms of of the president's agenda doesn't it. >> well, that is true, but i think you will know early in the evening on the east coast pols close 6:00 in kansas mcgrav a fighter politely is running in virtue awe four women ring very, very close, they close at 7:00 if they all win you will look at major democratic momentum in new york, new jersey, and pennsylvania we have many competitive races, that are leaning democrat we will know very song weather or not they turn democrat i hope they do predictions are they will if that happens if we pick up 10
8:41 am
seats on the east coast, bodes very well going forward. >> o congresswoman let me ask you this tell us what your. mr. is do you platform is do you want to see pelosi as speaker. >> i am ring on health care, that is a priority, for democrats, and preserving preexisting conditions lowering the cost of prescription drugs, good jobs, infrastructure investing in infrastructure that should be something we can all agree on, sean i hope, and move our country into the 21st century integrity in government with all this violence that we have to seriously look at gun safety we stand alone in the world with number of mass shootings, and senseless shootings, we have to work together, for sane policies. >> there is a lot of expectations the dems take house do you want nancy pelosi as your speaker. >> i am supporting nancy pelosi, because of her leadership on health care, and
8:42 am
many other areas, and very, very helpful to new york 911 health and compensation bill well over 10 billion dollars to new york city, in infrastructure projects she helped us shepard through. >> sean duffy same for you do you think the republicans will be able to hold on to the house, and -- and us there what your platform is. >> what are you running -- as a party. >> again i think close first i have off i don't care if a man a woman black white brown gay i don't care what your gender or race is, or sexuality i taxpayer about policies what we are debating, we serve on financial services together we like each other comical democrats running on health care they broke health care with obamacare right now if you are poor, get a subsidy obamacare works well if you are rich got a lot money you can being pay the plan if middle in america obamacare jacked up the cost of your
8:43 am
health care, people in my district not wealthy paying 18, 00, 2000 dollars a month for insurance plan 7,000 dollar deductible democrats running about health care they broke? we do want more free enterprise choice in health care we want to empower people, and families to make decisions in our lives, no the the federal government, i mean, you should pick plan that fits -- i have 8 kids me and rachel do we might want to buy maternity coverage there is other people might not have kids don't want maternitied coverage what people pick and choose plans we will continue growing the economy tax cuts, rules and regulations streamline capital markets based on common sense principals not ideology that comes from you know left in politics -- >> we would welcome republicans to work with us to build on health care, to make it a more affordable available, i have had to vote 60 times to preserve health care, but on the economy, the
8:44 am
tax bill is terrible for in orange county state and local taxes like a dagger in hearts we have to remember we are a donor state, we spend far more to federal government than comes back. >> maybe taxes need to come down in new york. >> we need to get rid need to be able to deck state and local taxes that is a very, very unfair, item they put there, and i am proud of the democratic record, growing the economy, we were shedding 800,000 jobs a day president obama took over in last 22 days or rather months of his tenure we created more jobs than the trump administration. the good news is both trump administration, and the obama administration, have been pushing us forward into a good economy and that is good for the country. >> we will be watching all tight he races you think we are going to know early. >> i think going to know the trend, i think the momentum is with the democrats, if they win those seats in virginia, kansas, new york, new jersey,
8:45 am
pennsylvania it is a -- it is a really good for american people i think should be good for the american people when democrats in house. >> what you are are you saying to say sean duffy? we'll be right back stay with us.
8:46 am
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8:48 am
. maria: welcome back, it is final push 2018 midterm elections close races across the country tomorrow, how will market react to the results stuart varney weighing in on that good morning to you stu. >> good morning, maria. let me try this out on you see
8:49 am
what you think of this, if it is a split decision, that is, the democrats win the house, but republicans keep and expand their majority in the senate if a split decision i think market reacts with modest gain gridlock something market generally likes, item b, supposing the republicans keep the house, and keep the senate? in which case i think a nice stock market rally. possibility three democrats win both house and senate in which case i think that would be one almighty sell-off op wall street what do you think. >> i agree with your analysis i also think important to recognize, that if the republicans gain seats in the senate, that allows president trump to get a lot of his nominees through easily right off the bat you know going to have a big shake-up in his cabinet so one person likely going to leave this is
8:50 am
attorney general jeff sessions once he gets a new ag in there a lot changes for this president. >> very good point. maria: i think that the success that you are expecting on the senate side is right out of the gate a victory for president trump tomorrow night. >> i think it will be a success on senate side i think they could win extra couple of seats would not surprise me at all, that is what a lot of people are saying. so i will take that rosy scenario run with it. >> we will see you 10 minutes i know you have a lot coming up "varney & company" top of the hour 9:00 a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria" joy stuart and great panel coming up forget blue or red wave breaking down the grey wave what issues will impact baby boomers at the polls and seniors? stay with us. ♪ ♪ welcome to the place where people go to learn about
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maria: welcome back, midterm elections tomorrow, a recent fox news poll shows health care is number one reason driving americans to the polls, i spoke to house majority whip steve scalise yesterday on "sunday morning futures" asked what he thinks is driving voters. >> m economy is top issue, democrats have been trying to mislead people about health care read our bill we protect people with preexisting conditions different ways same people lied said you like what you have you can keep it same people that lied said composure to go see premium down under obamacare those same people are lying again about health care. maria: regardless of the red or blue wave this election this is a gray wave aging baby he boomers thor of seven carry giver land mines we appreciate
8:55 am
you being here. >> great to be with you. >> what are those seven items. >> well one of the biggest ones loss of identity that carry givers feel so many 6 a million of us no matter what happens tomorrow at election, 65 million people going to show up on wednesday morning, and go back to work taking care of aging chronically ill he zaindisabled loved one crushg to family when you lose identity a lot lose themselves in someone else's story don't know how to make good decisions move hard to see lifeline when eyes blinded with fare guilt rage respentment all those kinds of things this is what i am on a mission to do we can throw money at them but not going to know what to do if struggling i am seeing families come apart with struggling with this i had a lady call in mother 93 i can't make her happy want to drink again sober six years, i walked her
8:56 am
back said look you are sobriety more important man mother's happiness i deal with this issue all the time speaking in public a carry caregiver 32 years i know 23 a carry giver's headed space not in a good space guess what happens to loved one we as you can can pull together recognize just like in a hurricane comes, we know the paths of the hurricane, we know it is coming, we help get people to safety point to a path of safety get out of the way of this or high ground catch breath take a knee. >> no attorney loved one parent you got to take care one way or the other, what do you do? >> there is an alternative you don't have to be miserable unhealthy doing it one land mine carry carry caregivers case get them healthy make
8:57 am
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>> thanks everybody great show. >> great to be here. >> i want to tell you your show kicks ass here and on the news channel because you all of those great guests yesterday you booked them all. i know -- i know behind the scenes you're amazing. >> thank you so much. have a great day everybody. "varney & company" begin right now. take it away. >> i thought she was talking about "varney & company" but i'm not sure about. >> i wasn't. >> good morning all maria good morning everyone. you know it has got the the feel of a presidential election. very high turnout intense debate, welcome to the midterms. we're about 24 hours from the vote. today, president trump begins the the final leg of his truly whirlwind in missouri with rush limbaugh by his side concentrating on senate races


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