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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 8, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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[closing bell rings] we're flat-lined for the dow jones. that is a significant comeback. wait until the closing bell to see how it settles. that will do it for the claman countdown. i'm appreciative you're with us every day. connell: that is why we're here to settle everything. fed decision to leave interest rates unchanged, stocks sold off a bit. nasdaq, s&p are still down appear to be closing lower. s&p snapping a three-day winning streak in the process is. we're moments a way from big earnings report. disney coming out for those results. the moment you're out, markets move tomorrow. we'll see how today's numbers settle in. i'm connell mcshane. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell."
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more on market movers. here is what else is breaking at this hour. a a massacre on college night. a gunman killing at least 12 people inside a bar outside of los angeles. we're live in thousand oaks, california, where officials are trying to figure out why a 28-year-old marine went on a shooting rampage. we're waiting for an update on law enforcement. that is what you're seeing on the screen right. there we'll bring all the headlines when they come. speculation how a change of leadership at the justice department will affect the russia investigation. some democrats are demanding that the new acting attorney general to recues himself. white house says there is no constitutional crisis. it is official. the florida governor's race is heading for a recount and as the
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senate race. connell: market settle as little bit higher up by. another story we had there, was oil. oil is now officially in bear market territory. phil flynn watching all of that out in chicago at the cme. gerri willis today at the new york stock exchange. gerri, which start with you. >> it's a little like a seagull in a windstorm, back and forth, band and forth. nasdaq lower as well by 43 points. talk about some of the stocks at issue hire. tesla named robyn denholm, i know you don't know her, robin denholm as as chairman. elon musk stepping down from the board as part of a settlement with the sec because of that
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tweet where musk said he would take tesla private $420 a share. he said he had funding secured. maybe not. new person to sit in the chairman's seat there. walgreens, walgreens up 1%. why, possibly because what happened yesterday in the election. big win in the house for democrats. they're thinking that maybe obamacare is left alone, stays in place that would be good for companies like walgreens. ulta beauty also a big name, trading up 4% today. the stock rallying after same-store sales jumped 7.8%. the other big news, kiley cosmetics, they're launching their own line december 2018 at ulta. kylie jenner a huge success in this business and a billionaire as we know from "forbes" magazine. back to you. melissa: gerri, thank you for that. oil is in bear market territory. talk to me about that? >> the selling is relentless.
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we were down nine days in a row. that hasn't happened over two years in the oil market. a lot is this perception there will be a lot of supply in the marketplace. we have seen u.s. supplies rise week after week after week. a report from the energy information administration that u.s. production will be above 12 million barrels a day next year. but the problem with that, it will probably not happen if prices continue to fall because the shale guys will pull back. melissa: phil, thank you for that. connell: to the market panel, a special guest appearance from our own ashley webster. lenore hawkins, thematica research. you know it is big when we get ashley. what is interesting about, lenore, about the afternoon trade, the dow looks like it settles up higher but the broad market sells off but tech stocks in the nasdaq sell off, even though the fed statement was designed to be about as boring as you can make a fed statement which is saying something yields
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went up on treasurys. so talk to us about that relationship between stocks and bonds, seven 1/2-year high for the 10-year yield. what did you make of that, lenore? >> economic data we get in continue to be fairly strong. most importantly we're seeing a tighter and tighter labor market. that is one of the things the fed keep as close eye on, with the labor market getting tighter and tighter. they're concerned about inflation nary pressures. i'm is surprised to see anybody their comment we're still on track to keep raising rates. with the rising rates, that is actually a contraction of liquidity as rates go up, bonds become more expensive, bonds are more attractive than stocks, it puts downward pressure on stocks. connell: i don't know anybody is surprised, ashley. i think of one fed watcher that calls 1600 pennsylvania avenue home might be annoyed. hold on lenore. melissa: disney earnings,
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adjusted earnings per share of $1.48. so estimate was $1.34. that is beat on disney. $1.48 a share on adjusted basis. we're waiting for the revenue number. i will break in with that. connell: susan is looking at some of those numbers. do we have susan now, ready to go? susan li joins us. ashley, get back to you in a second. susan li from the newsroom. better than expected eps. we have revenues as well. >> 14.31 billion in the quarter. much better report card for the quarter. as you can see the stock is rising in after-hours, breaking it down by individual businesses, very impressive with the media networks revenue increasing 9% to $6 billion. broadcasting as well seeing gains. studio entertainment revenues, some criticized the quarter for
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not a big hit. ant" man," wasn't that great, the see well to it. "incredibles" 2 was pretty good. only two weeks of play in the quarter. i would consider this a very strong report card and also parks and resorts, that might be a little bit light. i will check in on that. i will get back right to you guys. connell: parks and resorts at 5.07 billion, you're right, that might be a little light. 5.09 i believe was the expectation there. however the stock's up. the stock's up 2.4%, ally, after-hours. let you know dominic patton joins us from deadline, senior editor. will weigh in on the disney numbers as we just received them. overall, remember the other thing we'll look for on the call this afternoon how they will integrate the new fox assets they bought from our parent company, ashley, but overall seeps like a positive report. >> better than last quarter. i would like to see clarity with direct to consumer streaming. what about hulu. we know they have espn plus. they don't break out the numbers
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but i would like to see how that service is doing. we know later on next year they will bring out direct to consumer disney branded streaming service. i would like more on the timing, pricing, content. that kind of information would be very good. how they integrate the fox assets. what about hulu? they picked up extra 30% in hulu from fox. >> that's right. >> they have 60%. i think at&t and comcast have the other pieces of that. i would be interested to know just in buying them out. connell: dominic, join in on the panel. thanks for joining us today. we appreciate it. and give us not only your first glance at these earnings but what your big questions are? this fourth quarter, when we compare to it other fourth quarters, usually a light time of the year, there are a lot of questions for disney making changes going forward. what are the answers you would like to see disney answer? >> they got approval from the
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european union with the fox deal. that is the last hurd deal to make disney to be global, global beast to compete with netflix and amazon on streaming. of course when we talk about things like hulu, we talk about disney streaming, remember they're in a unique position where they don't have to reinvent the wheel. now they have the dominant share of hulu, they can graft on to that, series, a "star wars" series by "iron man" director jon favreau. there will be one or two new marvel superhero series. already the primary product base is finding a launchpad. melissa: i want to break in with a couple more numbers that susan was reporting but a few more to add on to that. studio revenues for the quarter increased 50% to $2.2 billion. a little more color on this one, she mentioned it, media network revenues for the quarter, 9%. cable network revenue for the quarter increased 5% to 4.1 billion. connell: right.
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melissa: you mentioned that resort number. 9%, to 5.1 billion. and -- let's see. yeah, oh, fourth quarter revenue view, 13.79 billion. connell: don't see any big problems -- melissa: pardon me, 13.7 billion. connell: is that the right read, susan? doesn't seem any big problems with what disney is saying. more what they say about the future with so many changes to the company anticipated? or lenore. take that one, actually. >> definitely the focus is much more on the guidance. the numbers, they all sound really good but it is as everybody has been saying, the real focus for disney what it is doing going forward with respect to streaming, trying to go up against netflix. disney is just the content behemoth. if they really control the delivery of that to the consumer, that is going to help them. connell: ashley, another headline. this is from the press release. this is forward looking a little
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bit. they look forward. >> of course they do. connell: would you let me finish. yes, it's today. they look forward to further development of their direct to consumer business including the launch of a disney-branded streaming service late next year. that is the big question, going out on their own. espn paves way many times for disney. they did well with the espn plus. now the company on larger basis with the direct to consumer business doing it on their own. >> that is the key, connell. for so long, everyone would go straight to the espn numbers to see how many cable subscribers they lost. that is flipping around. now the number of digital subscribers they can offer or continue to grow. if we look at the subscriber service i would like to know when. to be honest they have been late to the party. when they get to there, it will
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be fanfare when they come through the door because they have so much content. connell: susan was digging. >> my mic was off. connell: ashley cut the cord. >> a lot of people cutting cords these days. that was it. i wanted to bring it up. glad you found it. they were looking forward to the direct to consumer business being launched at some point, possibly middle of next year. espn plus was launched april this year. it was a slow pickup. looks like signs are saying more draw for subscribers as well, especially cord-cutters. core cutting is reality as disney knows and at&t, comcast and 300,000 for 2018 so far. connell: we'll come back to disney. as i said the headlines later might be more interesting than ones we have now. so far, so good. appreciate the panel. melissa: i'm interested in the 9% increase number on parks and resorts because that always tells us so much about the economy. where people are going, what they're doing. like to see how that breaks out in terms of locations.
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connell: it is almost, you're right a very good economic indicator. almost like a mini economic report from disney. all right. melissa: change in leadership at the doj. speculation flying surrounding the pick for a new attorney general following jeff sessions' exit. what we know and what it all means for the russia probe going forward. we have a live report from the white house with what the president is saying. connell: plus we're on the ground out in thousand oaks, california, following this shooting at the bar. gunmen unleashed fire, killing 12 innocent people. we're waiting for a news conference. could happen any moment from law enforcement. we'll give you all breaking details. we'll be right back.
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connell: now to washington. a familiar face making an appearance at white house. you may have already guessed. it was former new jersey
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governor chris christie. had a lot of people talking especially with some media outlets he might be under consideration for the attorney general position. let's go to the white house. blake burman is there as usual with the latest. blake. reporter: connell, one white house official told me there is not a rush to name a permanent successor for ousted attorney general jeff sessions and there is not a definitive timeline either. there were a lot of comings and goings around the white house as speculation surrounding a possible success sore continues. senator lindsey graham met with president trump inside the west wing. i'm told they discussed the open attorney general spot, graham has no desire whatsoever to be the pick. chris christie was on white house grounds though he was here to meet jared kushner on prison reform. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein was here at the white house. we're told he was here for a completely unrelated matter. the new, acting, i guess i
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should say acting attorney general, matt whitaker. he was jeff sessions chief of staff. he got the nod for the interim basis over rosenstein. the white house is defending that by saying there will be a continuum of department of justice leadership with the new situation that is currently at the doj. listen here to mercedes schlap here on fox business earlier today. >> you're also there to represent the united states in all the different court cases. so we're dealing with issues like immigration and health care. you know, matt whitaker is being briefed on a variety of these topics, including the mueller investigation. again that is a very small part of what the department of justices doing. reporter: they're also trying to make the argument the mueller probe is just a small part of whitaker's job. whitaker, by the way, has been a very vocal critic before he stepped into this role of the mueller investigation. by the way on twitter a little while ago, senator jeff flake, the republican from arizona
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announced he and senator chris coons, a democrat will be dropping legislation next week when the senate reconvenes that will protect mueller's special counsel probe. connell? connell: not the first time we've seen those two names. melissa. melissa: here is react, brad blakeman, former senior staffer to president george w. bush. what do you think about this, the last bit we had there, the legislation that will be dropped in order to protect the mueller probe. do you think that is necessary? >> useless. these guys certainly have something better to do but apparently they don't. it is not going anywhere. there is no need for it. there is no threat either by the president or anyone else, especially the acting attorney general to remove anybody. the president said it i am self. that should be -- himself. that should be enough. he should be doing something else. melissa: do you think too much is made of the op-ed whitaker wrote or do you think it is fair
4:20 pm
to say his opinion is out there against the mueller probe, maybe, there are ways to undermine it and that compromises him? >> no, it doesn't compromise him at all. it is no secret people have their own opinions before and after they serve in government. and he certainly wasn't briefed like he will be and he has been with regard to what is actually happening within the doj i don't think it will have any effect on him. i think the president is wise to wait a little bit. there is no rush. everybody is doing what they were doing before sessions left. it continues today, it will go forward. the president has a healthy majority in the senate. i don't see any problem with confirmation. time is on the president's side. mueller stills that to report. i think the president is doing the right thing. melissa: do you think he is considering chris christie, would that be a wise idea? >> no, i don't think christie would be wise because it only rehashes the whole "bridgegate"
4:21 pm
affair. i find christie to be competent no doubt, but highly too political. melissa: yeah. who do you think would be a good person? >> i have a favorite. somebody interviewed for the fbi, judge michael garcia. he is on the court of appeals in new york state. he was a leader in new york state as the u.s. attorney for the second department, southern district. he is an outstanding candidate. he would be one of the great hispanic leaders to be appointed to the president's cabinet. so i'm a big fan of judge garcia from new york. melissa: there is a lot of sympathy for jeff sessions. he left what was a safe seat. he was an early supporter of the president. obviously things ended really badly. what do you think is is the lingering impact of that? is there anything that the president or anyone can do to sort of patch up the feelings around that? >> i think senator sessions served his country well as a
4:22 pm
senator as well as an attorney general. he should be thanked. and he has, i think the appreciation of a great many americans regardless of party affiliation. his legacy will be one of continuity within the justice department and re-establishing the rule of law across the board and confidence in the justice department. i wish him well. i think his legacy will be one of service. melissa: do you think there is a non-controversial that could take over with sessions or will it be like it is with whitaker, where one side or the other will find fault whom it is who tries to take over the job? >> the democrats will find fault whoever it is but certainly within the power of the president to appoint somebody who is less controversial and highly competent. he certainly did that with his supreme court justices as well as the justices he named to the lower courts and for that matter
4:23 pm
the political appointees, that he has been able to get to serve him. so i would like to see somebody like judge garcia. because judge garcia is one steeped in the law. he has an excellent reputation. that is the type of person the president hopefully is looking for. melissa: brad blakeman, thank you. >> thanks. connell: more to come on all this plus a new congress is getting ready to take over. what does that all mean going forward for the trump administration and the president's agenda? we'll talk about it. out west, devastation in thousand oaks, california, following a deadly shooting at a bar filled with college students. law enforcement is set to address the media with an update. we'll follow the event closely and bring you the headlines as we get them. >> it was just aimless shooting in any direction. he pointed, started shooting at the crowd i was in. he was just trying to kill people.
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4:27 pm
reason why a 28-year-old former marine went on shooting rampage killing 12 people before apparently taking his own life. fox news correspondent jeff hall live in thousand oaks, with the latest. reporter: still a lot of law enforcement here in thousand oaks, california. they are near the borderline grill, 200 yards from where we're standing trying to figure out what happened where 12 people died, including a sheriff's sergeant the first to arrive on scene. after investigators say a former marine went inside of this bar and began opening fire. here is what we're learning about that suspect. he is 28 years old. his name is ian david long. they said he was using a .45-caliber handgun. they say he first shot the bar's unarmed security guard and then began to shoot other employees, then into the crowd. witnesses say he tossed what is believed to be a some sort of smoke device into the bar and
4:28 pm
began firing on terrified patrons. long time ventura county sheriff's department ron helus was the first to respond, only to be shot and killed. he was a year away from retiring. those working with him they're not surprised it was home who so bravely ran in there to save lives. >> we lost a great human being. it is part of the loss, again of the 11 other victims in there. all part of the suffering we'll go through as family members and parents and brothers and sisters on this tragic, senseless loss of life. reporter: now as the day begins to go on we start to learn more about the victims and patrons who were in there for what is being described as a college night inside the borderline bar and grill. some of those names are starting to be released to families. the father of one of those victims actually just spoke a little while ago. take a listen. >> ever since the my son was
4:29 pm
3 years old i coached him all the way up till he played high school baseball, i was the coach. i did this. i did that. he was my fishing buddy. i fished all the time. that poor boy would come with me whether he liked it or not, fishing on the boat. that is kind of stuff i am truly going to miss. reporter: now investigators are still trying to figure out what caused this suspect to allegedly go inside of that borderline bar and grill and open fire. there is an update happening right now with investigators. we're hoping to get answers to some of those questions shortly. back to you. melissa: so tragic, jeff. thank you. connell: boy, what an awful story. we go back to the breaking business story we're following on "after the bell," which is the disney earnings report. the walt disney company reported a few minutes ago. the stock is up in after-hours trading by almost 2% on top and bottom line. the figures were better than expected for disney, driven they say by the success of the marvel
4:30 pm
sequel, ""ant-man" and the wasp. we'll see about integration, any comment from bob iger and company about integration of fox assets, natgeo, the movie studio and plans going forward on the streaming side. melissa. melissa: thanks. attorney general jeff sessions is out. who will end up filling the seat and what does it all mean for the special counsel's investigation? plus supreme court justice ruth bader ginsberg is in the hospital currently with an injury. we'll have the latest details coming up.
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>> are we approaching a constitutional crisis? >> i think we're on the verge of that. i think it's a big mistake to let jeff sessions go. i understand the mueller investigation is wrapping up. you ought to have the team in place to wrap it up so there is no questions. looking like it all has been tilted one way or the other is wrong. connell: senator joe manchin reelected in west virginia, joining what seems to be a growing list of warning of a cron constitutional crisis if president trump's firing of attorney general jeff sessions interfees with the russia investigation. we talk about with john malcolm, heritage foundation, senior legal fellow and former justice
4:35 pm
department in the criminal division. we appreciate you coming on. with where do you understand whether we're approaching what is being described as a constitutional crisis. is that a legit worry? >> really don't think so. at very least premature and probably somewhat farfetched. rumor has it that bob mueller is wrapping up his investigation. that he is preparing a report for transmission either to congress or the department of justice. i don't see any reason why matthew whitaker, who is the acting attorney general would try to interfere with that or any credible allegation that he would interfere with that. early on before he went back to the department of justice, as jeff sessions chief of staff, he made comments about how he thought that bob mueller, if he thought went too far afield into investigating president's personal finances might be strained beyond his mandate. but there is no reason to believe bob mueller will be in
4:36 pm
any way be shape or form impeding finishing up his work by matthew whitaker or anyone else. connell: you don't think that is enough to raise concerns? what about the idea of legislation to make sure? that is what senator flake and coons said this afternoon. they plan to introduce legislation on the mueller probe that would protect it? >> well, they can try to do that. the president would surely veto it would be my guess. it would take quite a bit to override a veto. we did away with this country in the independent counsel law because it had become extremely unpopular for good and sufficient reasons. ken starr, last independent counsel testified against reauthorizing the act. if the congress wants to reenact the independent counsel statue they can go down that road but they may regret it. connell: there is, kellyanne conway's husband, not exactly a big fan of the president, in
4:37 pm
op-ed of "new york times," whitaker's appointment. he is acting ag. at some point the president will appoint someone he wants to take the job on a permanent basis. you have ideas, many others do as well. you mentioned a couple current cabinet secretaries happen to be named alex, alex acosta, alex azar, i think that is coincidental. who else and why would they be good choices? >> a lot of names you're hearing floating around. senator lindsey graham. a couple of congressman, john ratcliffe from texas, outgoing congressman trey gowdy. a few interesting names floating to the surface. janice rogers brown, recently retired judge from fifth circuit court of appeals. michael ludig, former fourth circuit judge. these are able, distinguished men and women who could serve with distinction. connell: a lot comes down to confirmation or the prospect of being confirmed?
4:38 pm
>> yeah. look, i think that's right but the senate is controlled at the moment by republicans. they increased their majority, by how much we don't know. there has to be an attorney general. somebody will ultimately get confirmed. these are certainly well-qualified people. connell: you don't think, the president will be picking from that type after list rather than boeing -- going down the road of chris christie whose name was floated out there? >> chris christie's name, you heard rudy giuliani. i'm sure the president has somebody or some small group of people in mind. after all he called for jeff sessions to resign. he called for it now. connell: that was telegraphed more than i don't even know just about anything else. good to see you today, john malcolm. thanks for coming on. >> good to be with you. melissa: building bridges. president trump hoping to find common ground with democrat leaders as they peep to take -- prepare to take control of the
4:39 pm
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>> next year on economic growth, infrastructure, trade, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, these are some of the things that the democrats do want to work on. i really believe we'll be able to do that. >> we have a responsibility to seek common ground where we can. where we cannot, we must stand our ground. melissa: re assistance no more? house democratic leader nancy pelosi signaling maybe an interest in bipartisanship in the aftermath of a split decision midterm election. shared interests by president trump. what could the president and congressional democrats accomplish together? let's bring in our own bipartisan panel. republican strategist ford o'connell, and democratic strategist jessica ehrlich. what do you think, is there sincere, i don't know, desire do you think to work together? >> i think there is certainly on
4:43 pm
two issues that you heard the president mention there. first the infrastructure bill. this is something that i think since day one has been being worked on in both the house and the senate on the hill. the president has had a team of people working on it. it has been unfortunate thing it didn't get passed initially almost two years ago now. that i think will be probably one of the first priorities we see addressed. similarly, the cost of pharmacy and prescription drugs which has been a major issue. the president brought up as we know before the election. it was a hot button issue with folks across the country. that is another place where there is desire an similarities and view we could see action and have real change. melissa: ford, doesn't seem like a stretch of the imagination to see the president to try to work with democrats because he has you know, he has, been verbally abusive to republicans when he hasn't been able, they haven't been able to come together to deliver something to him he can
4:44 pm
sign. he is openly frustrated with republicans in the house. he threatened in the past to go to nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, make some kind of a deal. it seems like democrats might want to do it because they have a stake in it, they have a seat in the table. they can claim victory on some things. do you think it is possible? >> i think president trump sincerely wants to make deals. he wants to do it on two issues jessica just mentioned. i will say this, let's be perfectly honest. the democrats are not interested in passing legislation. they want to settle scores. they will likely impeach president trump and issue subpoenas that will make government to grinding halt. they are not working to better for the american people, they want trump's head. period. melissa: jessica, is that fair. >> i don't know. you guys have written subpoenas. >> that is what we've gone through, frustrated the american people. that is one of the reasons they voted trump in. that is opposite from
4:45 pm
nancy pelosi. we will definitely see changes now there is control over government oversight and reform. we'll see a lot coming out of there. more consumer protections brought up from house financial services but there will be actual legislation. there is an agenda. there are certain things we've heard from both pelosi and president we need to get done. the voters of this country wanted it to happen. melissa: hang on. do you think nancy pelosi is the best person to try and forge some kind of relationship with the president? i mean if you look at her compared to tim ryan, match them up against each other, you know spent half the time in congress as her which seems like it might be a plus at this point since he is less entrenched. you know is, is this somebody you look at comparative stats there on the screen, would he be a better leader right now for the democrats? ford, what do you think? >> looks, pelosi will be speaker. because of her fund-raising prowess and amount of ious she accumulated on capitol hill with house democrats it is all but a
4:46 pm
done deal. remember, the reason why no one else throws their hat in the ring because this is all about speaker pelosi. >> jessica, what do you think? >> i love tim ryan, one thing is missing here, pelosi has ability to whip. we saw paul ryan not be able to do which frustrated president. she can't count votes, get people out. she wants something to work hard for the president she can make it happen. melissa: she wan whip it. connell: like the counter last week, you could bring that. melissa: why didn't i bring it. connell: the race in arizona, still undecided, may take a while to figure it out, two days after voters cast their ballots. are we closing in on a winner? we'll take you live on the ground from phoenix to find out next.
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connell: breaking news with law enforcement holding that briefing we told you about earlier following the deadly shooting in thousand oaks, california. officials saying it would be premature to speculate on any kind of a motive. that is one thing they said. they also said the fbi does not have any indicators at this point of any associates of the gunman. and crime scene investigators are taking a closer look at evidence on the scene. still a ways to go in terms of the investigation. we'll monitor that event as it continues, bring you any additional headlines. melissa. melissa: supreme court justice ginsberg is hospital aided today after falling in her office and fracturing three ribs. her fall forced her to miss the investiture of newly nominated supreme court justice kavanaugh. we'll keep you updated. connell: counting continues in the race to replace jeff flake
4:51 pm
as the next senator from arizona. fox news correspondent dan springer is in phoenix with the latest on this one. dan? reporter: hey, connell. the republican candidate, martha mcsally's lead grown slightly to 17,000 votes. this thing is far from over. could take days. we have our first lawsuit, that was filed yesterday afternoon late by the republican party in four counties. it argues that the process being used to verify mail-in ballots when signatures don't match is not the same across the whole state. some counties throw them out if the vote can't be verified by election day. mayor -- maricopa county and three others are calling up phone who dropped off the ballot to verify whether they voted or not. republicans call it fairness issue. democrats say voter suppression. they said the republican party
4:52 pm
is doing everything it can to silence thousands of arizonans who already cast their ballots. that is absolutely wrong. interesting a very prominent republican, sydney mccain, wife of john mccain seems to agree. she tweeted to the arizona gop, quote, i am one of those mail-in ballots. i was under the impression my vote was always counted. of the 620,000 votes yet to be counted most are in the three counties, with maricopa being by far the most critical at 475,000 votes. to this point, krysten sinema has 8,000 vote lead in maricopa. that is .8% of votes cast there. if that lead grows, excuse me, analysts say she will be very tough to beat because her lead in pima is almost certain to get larger. mcsally leads only in pinnell county. we'll see how the things shape out at 5 today. we're expecting a big volt drop. connell. connell: couple hours in
4:53 pm
mountain time. dan, appreciate that. one. states we're still watching. melissa: absolutely. bruising battle in the sunshine state. florida facing mandatory recount as the senate race in the state gets even tighter. the latest next. ♪ fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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doctor is part of humana's large network of doctors and hospitals. and see if a humana medicare advantage plan is the right plan for you. pick up the phone, and call the number on your screen. the call is free. and licensed humana sales agents are standing by. so call now. david: florida, it is official now, there will be a recount in the gubernatorial race down there. and the senate race as well is within the margin. bill nelson continues his calls for a recount. under one-half of 1% separating candidates in both races. ford o'connell is back with us. jessica ehrlich as well. look at ford smile. you're a florida guy. you're a florida voter i believe. jessica with us from florida. so let's talk, ford, you go first on this. i don't know if you saw marco rubio's twitter feed today. you would have to look them up. we wouldn't be able to put all the tweets on the screen, but he is worked up this basically
4:57 pm
saying the democratic lawyers are coming you down to quote, unquote, steal the election. what do you make of what is happening in florida? >> he has a very good point. the fact uncounted votes exist in broward and palm beach county, two of the biggest democratic strongholds in the state is beyond suspect. florida law says, early voting, vote by mail has to be reported 30 minutes of polls closing. we're 45 hours later arguing whether a recount exist. the lawyer is the democrats hired, mark elias, famously known for putting together the russian dossier. you don't have to be a scientist to figure out the fix are is in. connell: what do you say about that, jessica? there are votes, broward county, calls for a recount not only calls of margin, people look at same not votes in senate races they say that is discrepancy. what do you make of what we're seeing in florida? >> there are several different issues. first of all shouldn't be a
4:58 pm
surprise to anyone we're having issues in such a tight election. we're talking about down to the tiniest of percentages here. we had over 8 million votes total across the state on these, but this is broward county, palm beach, the same place where we had issues in 2000. connell: right. >> the issue we have automatic recounts at .5 percentage we have automatic machine recount. at .25, which is now separating the senate race we have an automatic hand recount. so i'm not surprised there is issues. i'm disappointed there is issues. connell: you would think we cleaned it up. >> not only in these counts, and pros vision ballots in -- we have more in pinellas there are at least 20,000 military ballots. there are a lot of votes. connell: real quick. >> here is the issue i have. when it comes to palm beach and
4:59 pm
broward county, that is supervise sore of elections is controlled by democrats. florida law is very clear when it comes to absentee ballots, they have to be reported 30 minutes within the polls closing. guess what they're saying there are new ballots exist after the fact. really smells fishy. connell: do you think -- >> they are saying not new ballots. >> you still have to report them. that is florida law. we're both lawyers. >> the past issue. connell: we're running out of time, jessica. 10 seconds. do you think the outcome could change? >> yes, we've seen that already in agricultural commissioner race where democrat has now moved ahead by over 750 votes because these continue to come in. not just from broward and others. >> palm beach. >> there is a lot of places where we continue to see that. that will be recount as well. connell: like going back in time. jessica, ford. melissa: i do not like that at all. back and forth on votes does not
5:00 pm
make me feel good. you vote. count them. it's over. doesn't make you feel good about democracy. i don't like it. connell: that does it for us. thanks for joining us today and every day. melissa: "bulls & bears starts right now. ♪ david: hi, everybody, this is "bulls & bears. i'm david asman. joining me, gary b. smith, mike murphy, charlie english and charlie gasparino gas. gang what do you think about this? >> the fed said the key thing i take out of it, the fed said they're going to look at the data. they are not saying we'll


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