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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  November 12, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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failures of internationalism that hurt the american people. lou: mcsally has conceded. imagine that. to sinema in arizona. trish: the senate seat in arizona goes to the democrats. the associated press calling the arizona senate race to krysten sinema. all eyes shifting to florida. it's the first state-wide recount ever. with 100,000 votes suddenly materializing supposedly out of thin air. the florida congressman matt gaetz is here. he has new information about
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those suspect votes, and he'll join me in a couple minutes. new video of the migrant caravan. a wild 400% increase in the number of illegals traveling with children coming to the united states. as we watch these people continue their march. former deputy assistant to the president, sebastian gorka says these illegals must stop. he's here with a warning online. his warning has something to do with this. take a look at this mugshot. this is the illegal immigrant set free by new jersey authorities, authorities who ignores i.c.e.'s request for detainment. he's now charged with murdering three people in missouri. an angel mom is furious that this man was set free.
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facebook in hot wire for allegedly firing an executive for his support of president trump. "trish regan primetime" begins right now. breaking tonight. chaos and controversy in florida. the first full statewide recount ever is off to a messy start. governor rick scott is accusing his opponent bill nelson of committing fraud. scott is leading by a razor thin far gin. election officials have until thursday to finish recounting 8 million ballots. joining me, congressman matt gaetz. >> the florida gosms race is outside the margin of fraud.
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but with governor scott clinging to a tight lead. every vote will count. i expect that process will be politically charged. >> i just keep looking at it and say i don't get how 93,000 votes just show up in the days after the election. the integrity of our elect is something we all hold dear. it's important for our country. how do you have thousands of votes showing up after the fact? >> we have no chain of custody for 80,000 balance lots that were almost spoken into existence in broward county. judges ruled the broward and palm beach supervisors of elections broke state statutes and violated court orders that require transparency. there is a big question in the national media, where is the smoking gun and proof of fraud. when you stand in the way of
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transparency and block access to the printouts that these machines print out. when you don't provide a ballot reconciliation regarding how many ballots were voted, then it becomes impossible to triangulate the fraud. my concern is this could be a trial run for 2020. democrats may be looking for what mechanisms open the door for fraud and what would close the door. my hope is we'll be able to find that and we won't have a 2020 presidential election that could be stolen. trish: this has national implications. what does it say about our system going forward? what does it say about the safety of that voting system.
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>> brenda snipes in 2016 was found by a court to have illegally destroyed ballots. that's a series offense and she was not removed at that time. i have called on brenda skies to resign. it's. i think there is good bipartisan desire to see a clean election. and i'm not opposed to having democrats have the same access republicans and the media would have. my objection is when you have a partisan democrat who has been found to have violated the state statutes and corresponded orders. what are we supposed to do, leave her there to keep not doing her job? they don't want to see their
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legal votes diluted by any illegal fraud activity in florida. trish: you notice when the democrats don't get their way, they pointed fingers -- it had to be because of the russians. if you listen to democrats and even still today you would think it russians are breaking into the voting system and changing votes along the way. but now with president trump coming out and saying maybe the results of the actual day should stand because we have to have some kind of process here. and you can't just show up with 93,000 votes after the fact. and they are claiming foul. they are accusing him of things like fascism which they like to do. you can't have it all one way. >> you are absolutely right. my concern is this is the new flavor of the resistance. first they showed up at our town
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halls. we passed tax cuts anyway. then they started screaming at us in restaurants and we had election success. now they don't like the results of the election and they are trying to steal the elections they can't win the voters. we have to go all over the world and preach the virtue of democracy and a representative republic. and if we can't stop this our own backyard it undermines our efforts globally. trish: your thoughts on mcsally in arizona. martha mcsally and others who were not successful. they tried to play it had way. the real trump voters know who stand with the president. it's a message to republicans,
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let's have a roaring comeback in 2020. i think the best days are still ahead of us. trish: as long as votes don't materialize out of thin air. president trump tweeting the florida election should be called in favor of rick scott and ron desantis. those ballots showed up out of nowhere. an honest recount is not possible. ned ryun and leslie marshall. good to have you both here. ned, you say the president is right. what is this vote counting debacle say about our democracy. >> there are two fundamental principles to a constitutional
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republic, free a fair elections. and democrats down in florida seem to think the law is a series of suggestions they can choose to accept or ignore when they find it convenient. they have broken multiple florida election laws by not posting numbers 30 minutes after the polls close. accidentally including illegal votes with some. now you have the gillum and nelson campaigns have been campaigning for non-citizen votes be counted. the thing that's galling to me, the media is saying we on the right have no evidence. this is the same media that two years ago ran with a false fairytale of russian collusion screaming bloody murder about election integrity and four democracy is in jeopardy.
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what the russians did in 2016 pales in comparison to what brenda snipes is doing. trish: leslie, good to see you. i don't get it. i don't understand how votes keep materializing. to me you have an election. you do your very best to count every vote. and when you have got a close election i have no problem counting the absentee. what i don't like is how tens of thousands of votes suddenly show up. marco rubio tweeting out that picture of the truck that was dropping off thousands of votes. i didn't think that was how it was supposed to work. >> this is why i like what the state of arizona does. we just heard that a democrat won the senate in arizona.
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they make sure every vote is counted and every absentee mail-in ballot is counsel. i feel florida should have done that. this could still go in favor of desantis and rick scott. if i am running for office i want to know i won. it's a percentage point. trish: they are not giving full transparency to the other side. >> trish, we have the same woman that not only was appointed by republican jeb bush who is calling for her to be removed. but governor rick scott didn't have a problem when he was elected and re-elected pass governor in broward. so that makes it look for us on the left -- trish: he calling her out
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earlier. we are in a situation where you had to have a judge rule that the other side could see the you a then isity of the ballots. as matt gaetz just said that's problematic when you are not willing to share this information. >> if we want clean and fair elections in the future, we need to go back and make election day a national holiday. forget the mail-in, absentee. make it a holiday. only the military should mail in. trish: i am all for that. good to see you guys. straight ahead, a record number of migrant families apprehend at our border last month as the 6,000 caravan of migrants continues to our border at this moment. dr. sebastian gorka is here
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trish: u.s. borderer patrol tell us october was a record month for immigration. 400% increase over last year when it comes to the number of family or adults with children crossing our southern border with children. joining me right now, the reasons behind this sudden surge in illegal families in particular. former deputy assistant to president trump. sebastian gorka. the president is not exactly chairman of the welcoming committee for illegal immigrants who want to come here illegally. why this massive increase in the move october? >> because you have people running for office that are going on fake news media
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platforms like cnn, msnbc saying we need to dissolve i.c.e. i don't think there is any nation in the world where you have a political party that isn't a fringe party, isn't on the extreme, that is openly calling for the dismantling of the system that protects the national sovereignty of its nation. 23,000 illegal immigrants apprehended on the border just in the month of october. trish, that is an assault on the national integrity of the united states of america. trish: do you see it as an invasion as the president suggested? >> what do you call thousands of people coming to your country without the invitation of that nation or without them going through the process that is lired for them to legally enter
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that country. these people aren't applying for visas. trish: the left says they are asylum seekers and refugees. they would say they are not. >> just this weekend we were celebrating the 245th birthday of the marine corps. and sara carter was at the event, and she went down to the caravan and spoke to the intelligence agencies monitoring it in the region. she says when you look at it, the vast majority, more than 80% are not political asylum seekers. they are economic illegal migrants. there is no nation in the world that can allow a 400% increase in migration and maintain its economy. it's not me that suffers. it's the recent immigrant at the
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bottom of the pay scale who will be threatened through their subsistence. i will mow your lawn for cash and the recent immigrant loses their job. trish: there is an economic component to this. it threatens the people in this country legally. let me suggest one other reason. i want to get your perspective on this. the vice president of the united states telling me there are some very bad actors not just in the streets, but bad political actors that are trying to bring this group closer and closer to the u.s. here is his comment. >> what is different about this particular time. you are saying this is not organized, and previous groups we have seen come to our border. >> this group was organized whatever intention, it was by leftist groups, human
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traffickers taking advantage of many vulnerable people. trish: do you think that's part of it as well? >> i don't think it, i know it. irrespective of who he voted for in the election. at my twitter feed you can read the official dhs statement that knows already there are at least 270 criminals, known criminals in the original caravan. now we have multiple caravans. those are only the people we know of. it has always been the case with these caravans, the drug smugglers, the weapons smugglers, the coyotes exploit the massive waves. and that's a threat. trish: critics will say dr. gorka and, somehow we are
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fear mongering. >> well, i would ask them to talk to the angel mom you are going have on next. come to the angel moms i stood with outside congress a month ago who lost their children, who lost their brother, who lost their husband. if you want the truth of the threat to this nation, talk to the parents of kate steinle and then get back to me about fear mongering. trish: you can find out more on what dr. gorka thinks in his brand-new book, why we fight. the left blasting president trump for questioning florida's. >> i recollection results. one cnn commentator says this behavior is akin to a dictator. they love that word over on the left. how is it okay for the left to get outcome an election like they did in 2016.
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but when president trump does it, it's somehow fascist. i'm setting the record straight on the left hip truth i. and a sanctuary city refusing to work with i.c.e. to deport a criminal illegal immigrant and that same illegal immigrant is accused of killing three people in missouri. an angel mom is here who lost her son to an illegal. we watch the migrants continue their march. we have more than 6,000 in this group. we'll have more for you insurance that won't replace the full value of your new car? you'd be better off throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> i think it insidious thing is what trump is doing. he's basically trying to undermine at every turn. that's the hallmark of a failing democracy. someone moving towards an
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authoritarian, where he says fake news. don't believe what you see, only believe what i said. that's very troubling. trish: are you getting tired of it? i am getting tired of it. don't you find it interesting how those on the left have absolutely no problem suggesting the president is force our country into some kind of authoritarian state when questioning what the heck happened in florida? shouldn't we all be asking those questions? how did 93,000 votes show up out of nowhere after the election? apparently this is how necessity roll. last time those on the left didn't see an election turnout the way they wanted. and they told us it was because of russia. if it doesn't work in their favor, they always have a reason. they always have an excuse as to
11:29 pm
why. well, maybe in the case of florida, 93,000 more votes. whatever it takes. you see the hypocrisy. when things don't go as planned for them. they question our election system and its ability to be hacked. or talk about collusion with the russians. when the president questions the extra votes that show up in florida, it's somehow because he's on a path toward fascism and here we go again right down that path toward dictatorship they love to talk about. >> i have to say you are absolutely right. for nearly two years the democrats have been drying to undermine the 2016 election results. in my home state of florida there is great cause for
11:30 pm
concern. you have two election supervisors who openly defied florida election laws while simultaneously finding tens of thousands of new votes. so yes there is great cause to be concerned and we should all be concerned about the integrity of the pal lot box. but that doesn't seem to be what the democrats are about. trish: i have an inkling you dent agree. some people in your neck of the woods don't believe in having these other viewpoints. but i think it's important to hear all side. so go for it. >> let me first say happy veterans day to all the veterans out there who served our country and protecting our right to vote. to your question, what's going on here is absolutely the president -- i know joe
11:31 pm
lockhart. the president is fear mongering and scaring folks into thinking our election system is broken. the reality is we want every vote to be counted. trish: when you talked about collusion, before you knew it. >> there is an investigation going on. trish: russia stole the election i do believe that was a common view. >> ten independent intelligence agencies said russia meddles in that election. so there is evidence there. trish: there is also evidence brenda snipes had a history before the election. >> we know of 22 non-citizen votes were made provisionally. that's the "miami herald" saying that. at the end of the day we need
11:32 pm
all legal votes to count. the democrats don't want all legal votes to count. >> we want every vote to be counted and every legal vote to be counsel. now when we are saying we may not be able to count every vote by the deadline, you guys and scott and trump want to say let's go back to the way it was because that unless their favor. trish: why does a judge have a rule to allow the republicans some -- to see the ballots and verify them? >> i'm not disagreeing that what has been going on, there needs to be changes in broward county. but this woman was appointed by jeb bush. she was appointed by a republican. let's talk about dade county after the governor said it wasn't to be aloud, allowed people to vote by email.
11:33 pm
trish: there has been a desire to see some of these illegal immigrants' votes dmowntd that process. >> i don't think that's what's going on here. trish: i want ford's analysis of that. >> over the weekend we saw a situation where the gillum and nelson campaigns were happy to have at least 22 non-citizen votes counted. something else the democrats are misleading, including a lot of news networks. the broward county election supervisor was elected by the voters of broward county. the reason she keeps getting elected is because it's a democratic stronghold. she is the marion barry of broward county. >> if broward county and palm beach county are current the way they should be, he'll lose.
11:34 pm
>> all 67 will be counted in the automatic recount. the deadline is due on thursday. at the end of the day it's about the fox guarding the hen house and the fox not following the law. i want to make sure all 67 counties are done right. trish: your analysis, ford, what happened in arizona. you would think a republican would have been on good footing because the border has been such an issue, certainly it's an issue in arizona and mcsally losing out. >> the governor won by 12 points. and usual. >> i you don't see that kind of split. trish: mcsally conceded. sow it seems to be a don deal.
11:35 pm
but these days you never know. i am sure gillum did, too. ford, andrew, thank you for your analysis. the caravans of thousands are making their way to our border. take a look at that scene. my goodness. they are taking anything possible to hitch a ride. coming up, a mom who lost her son to an illegal all yinls reacting to these images. an illegal immigrant went on to allegedly murder three people. today...
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trish: new video coming to us showing the lengths to which themes illegals will go to to come here. take a look at this. they are all trying to get here faster. these are the images of people jumping on to moving vehicles.
11:40 pm
they are desperate to get to our border as fast as possible. an illegal mexican immigrant was arrested in missouri for allegedly killing three people. this man, he had been in custody in new jersey. but thanks to sanctuary-tile policies, he -- sanctuary-style policies, he was released. my next guest is an angel mom. her son joshua was killed at the hands of an illegal immigrant. welcome. trish: what happened to joshua? >> he was giving a kid a ride home from school and he was beaten over the head with a closet rod. he was kneed in the stomach so hard his spleen was sliced in
11:41 pm
two. and he was strangled over and over again until finally death. then he was tied up like an animal and put in a field and set on fire by an illegal immigrant from belize. trish: when you see all these people coming here tonight and shown the video and shown marching in a caravan and want to come here illegally, i imagine it takes you back to that day, to that night when you lost your son. >> absolutely. i will never forget that day. before the end of the week comes this year, it will be 8 years, and i'm already starting to dance around the day. it destroys families. i'm saddened by all the people coming. the reason they are coming, we offer so many incentives for them to come.
11:42 pm
if there were nothing here for them, no welfare, no help getting a place to live. all the stuff we offer them, they wouldn't come. but word travels to el salvador and other places they are coming from. it's not just mexico. trish: there are plenty of good people out there that want an opportunity and better economic future and they are in that group, too. but we don't know who is in the group. i think that's part of the problem here. we don't know who's there. the administration has gone the intelligence there are some bad actors amongst these people. all it takes is one and and life like your son's is lost. tell me why you are willing to come here on national television tonight and take on this platform, laura. >> lose be sad child destroys
11:43 pm
familiar -- losing a child destroys families. it's just a true story of what happened in my life. fit happened in mine, it can happen in yours. the truth is we don't know who's coming here. i think they are being lied to by whoever is forming the caravan and pushing it and giving them money to eat and food along the way. i think they are being lied to. they are taking that chance and half of them will die on the way. some of them will be raped along the way. i can't imagine drag my 4-year-old kid. in economics we talk bin season toughs. and the incentives are all for people to come here. if those incentives were to suddenly change, the administration were able to stick to the no catch and release policy.
11:44 pm
maybe they wouldn't bother trying. maybe they would try and go the legal route in which case we could vet them. i'm all for bringing people that want to participate in all that's good in our country. we want them. but you just don't want to take the risk you get someone like the man your son ran into. >> absolutely. you don't want to take the chance. it's the same as if you had 100 people on the babysitting list and five of them were murderers or rapists. are you going to take a chance? we have a right to know who's in this country. josh died a brutal death because no one was keeping our country safe. we have to throw up the message you are not welcome here unless you come in the front door. if you do so and do what they ask you to do, well come
11:45 pm
america. if you don't, stay home. trish: i think they are trying to get that message across. we'll see how well it works. i'm sorry for your loss and i appreciate you coming on and sharing all that. >> thank you so much for having me. trish: facebook under fire for reportedly firing an executive who reported lip supported president trump. the hypocrisy in silicon valley. the hypocrisy in silicon valley. it's almost as bad as
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trish: facebook under scrutiny as the social media giant is accused of firing an executive for supporting donald trump. he made a donation to a pro-trump non-profit. facebook is denying they fired him due to his political leanings. but the news report is raising major questions about how silicon valleys greets employees who might have a different political opinion.
11:50 pm
joining me, kelsey, what is it about silicon valley and their disdain for conservatives? >> this story is extremely frightening. it suggests that one side of the aisle doesn't believe that conservatives should even be able to hold a job. we have known facebook and on ther tech companies have had biases for a long time. and we heard stories similar to this for people being fired for having the wrong political perspective. but i think it's extremely hypocritical for a platform that exists to enable speech to fire an employee simply because they don't like who that's employee supported politically. trish: juan? >> clearly they denied it. but you have someone who was fired who is making the case thairt was political -- make the
11:51 pm
case it's political. my sense is to look at the money. when you have silicon valley and right now the markets have questions about how much farther they can grow. but you have an innovator and growing the bottom line, i don't think they are too quick to let them go. they might shun them. but nobodi' kicks out somebody who is making money for them in a money-making business. fritsch that said -- trish: that said, i want to walk you back to the day after the election and how the google executives reacted to that one. >> most of people here are pretty upset and pretty sad for -- because of the election. >> in the first moment i really felt we were going to lose. it was a massive like kick in the gut we were going to lose and it was really painful.
11:52 pm
trish: that was a company-wide meeting. if you are one of the people sitting there listening to those executives and you dared to have voted for the president, i would think you would be afraid. >> he said the company fired him. this is people who have arguments about are reporters mostly liberals or conservatives. i say they are mostly liberals. but it doesn't mean they can't do their job. but he says he was fired because of his political views. the company denies it. but there are lots of people of on the right who say that confirms what we always thought about those folks in the media and hollywood. trish: it's in dispute whether he was fired. facebook said that's not why. but it doesn't change what we heard the google executives
11:53 pm
saying. i don't think it changes the overall sentiment you hear. i wonder how difficult is it for someone on the other side? they talk about diversity. what about diversity of opinion? >> you are right. tech companies are bias. that's hard to even argue against. but juan, with all due respect, nobody should be shunned for their political perspective at work. we should be sable to sit next to some -- should be able to sit nexting to someone who voted a different way. if you read the story in the "wall street journal," it looks like there was and witch hunt after his fellow employees found out about his donation. trish: apparently we might be need to go get ready for a rematch. some of hillary clinton's
11:54 pm
closest advisors are hinting at that. mark penn told fox news the children tons never stop until they get where they want to go. what does that mean? she wants to go to the white house. is she going to run? '. juan: mark penn was a clinton intimate and influential advisor at one time. but right now she remains an icon among democrats high ratings. but her approval ratings are 39% because republicans view letter as the wicked witch of the west. trish: a lot of democrats didn't like her either. juan: but the reason democrats don't like her is different than republicans. democrats like and materials think she is establishment and centrist and not willing to
11:55 pm
stand up and fight for democratic principles. trish: one last thing before we go. are we going to see a lot of investigation? "axios" is saying 78 are in if the works with the democrats in the house. >> i think it will be more investigations and less policy achievement which i think is unfortunate. to hillary clinton, i think a lot of republicans would be happy if she ran again. trish: thank you. straight ahead, a special thank you to all of our veterans, including my father. including my father. see you right [ telephone rings ] [ client ] - hey maya. hey! you still thinking about opening your own shop? every day. i think there are some ways to help keep you on track. and closer to home. edward jones grew to a trillion dollars in assets under care, by thinking about your goals as much as you do. and all through the house 'twas the night before christmas not a creature was stirring, but everywhere else... there are stores open late for shopping and fun
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this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? trish: in observance of veterans day i just want to give a special shout out to my own father, who fought in vietnam in the army. as a kid, if you stumbled in and woke him up while sleeping, he always woke up right away with a bit of a jolt. i remember asking him, as a young child, why, he told me he slecslept every night with an m6 that does something to you, i don't think anything that has been to war -- like that thinkings the same, thank you dad, thank you for everything you have done to protect our
12:00 am
great country, thank you to every veteran on this veterans day, we're here because of you, good night, i'll see you tomorrow. ♪ kennedy: the eyes of the nation once again on florida, sunshine state, now in midst was not one, not two but three recounts two with national political ramifications, and right on with it. lawsuit, conspiracy theories and claims of lying, cheating, and stealing. and rick scott razor thin lead about 12500 votes, out of more than 8.2 million. and that is where lawyers come in, each side filing lawsuit against the other in particular broward and palm beach counties, each is heavily democrat, so far no evidence of voter fraud. that is not stopping


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