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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  November 13, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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to vote on a leader. you can guess which fella we are pulling for. ron app mcdaniel is among our guests tomorrow as is matt gaetz. trish: chaos reigning in florida. less than 48 hours the final tally must be submitted, as we hear calls grow louder and louder for brenda snipes, the elections supervisor with an apparent history of destroying votes to resign. the migrants from the original caravan are just miles from san diego, california and tijuana as thousands more continue their trek. they are expected to reach our
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border within the next few days. firefighters struggling to contain california's deadliest and most of destructive fire. 42 people are dead. the latest on the scene on the west coast. and apparently the bromance is over. that's good, because i hate saying bromance. president trump hitting back at french president man wel emmanun for saying nationalism is bad. the president rightly pointing out that the french are so snooting about their french stuff. he's recommending about macron give the whole make france great again a shot.
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prim "time" begins right now. chaos and controversy continues in florida where election officials are racing against the clock. the ballot debacle is renewing questions regarding the competency and biases of broward county elections supervisor, brenda snipes, hop apparently happens a checkered history of counting votes or not counting votes. there are reports that she is actually republican. >> she is a republican appointed by form i shall president jeb bush. she is hardly a democratic official or someone doing the bidding of democratic candidates. trish: snipes was a democrat when she was appointed in 2003
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and she ran several times for rye election as a democrat. with me now, deroy murdock, syndicated columnist, and philippe reines, former senior visosenior -- advisor to hillary clinton. this is a copy of an official ballot where she was listed as a democrat for supervisors of elections. maybe miss mitchell got it wrong. >> this is a 2016 democratic primary ballot. it says supervisor of elections. they can choose between david brown and brenda snipes. she is a democrat. she is not republican. trish: we can forgive these things as long as it's not fake news with bad intentions. she is a democrat. do you think that personal
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biases have affected her in the past and are affecting her now? >> i don't know if they are biases. trish: tino what you think. felipe, over to you. >> i think two things if i can start on a bipartisan note. one is i think we can all agree, once a century is enough for florida to have a ballot problem. they have got to get their act together. and two is the mid-terms which were a week ago showed as a percentage more americans voted than in 104 years. i think week all agree everyone who was legally eligible should be able to vote. to the extent the problems they are having there are voting mechanical problems or nonsense like 2000. we should figure that out. in terms of her being attacked. i read up on it, and it seems
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like she has been several times told by judges in florida that what she has done has been reasonable. rick scott had to withdraw this lawsuit that he filed this week about impounding the machines. i think it's convenient. it feels like republicans are getting the band back together for 2000 where let's just get this done quickly. trish: there is a little bit of a deadline. basically the next 48 hours. >> self-imposed. trish: it's important that every vote be properly kowrnltd. i guess what makes people nervous is the politics of this environment. i wanted to get to the stunning move at the white house. first lady me than yeah trump's office called for a top national security aide to be fired, word to the wise, do not mess with
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melania and her team. edward lawrence has the latest. >> the direct thrient president. the first lady melania trump calling for national security advisor john bolton's top deputy. ' reports say ricardel threatened melania's staff unless she and another staffer was added to the trip. she could be seen near the president at the celebration at the white house. it's the position of the office of the first lady that ricardel no longer deserves the honor of serving in this white house. this comes as the president is making changes in his cabinet. former attorney general jeff session us is already out. there is talk that kirstjen nielsen could also be on her way
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out. trish: like i say, don't' mess with me large yeah and her staff. she didn't appreciate the squabbles this lady generated for her staff. >> you want to keep the principle and the principle spouse happy. in the 1980s, some people got on the wrong side of nancy reagan. including donald reagan. and because of that he was out. this was not the first time a first lady has had a top fern removed from the white house. >> i have a different take in terms of what happened. i know people love saying the white house is in disarray and chaotic. but i don't think this is what this was. to me this reads like she said something previously to either
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john kelly and/or john bolton, and one of them dropped the ball or flat out ignored her and saw on tv she was still there. i have got to tell you, if that's the case, ricardel is not the only one in trouble. trish: let's move on to the other story. we learned president trump is lashing out at his french counterpart, emmanuel macron. he denounced nationalism, calling it a betrayal of patriotism. he seems to be effectively pointing the finger at you know who. the problem is. macron suffers from a very low approval rating in france, 26%.
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there is no country more nationalist than france. very proud people. and rightfully so. here is the kicker. make france great again. so there you go, mr. macron. your reaction? >> i think this is wrich to have the president of france complain about nationalism. they left nato back in 1963 and said we'll go our own way and they took off and did their own thing. also bothersome is the notion to have a european army to defend itself against america. the field of france are filled with the bones of americans who died defending their country it's very insulting. trish: i'm not related to donald argan. and you are d donald regan.
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his comment about french nationalism. >> i thought two funnier ones were, i didn't think msga made a good hat acronym, and the funny thing is they were learning german in world war ii. i have been in paris and they are arrogant. once they were too arrogant and i tell like saying if not for us you would be singing, you know. but there is a difference between arrogance and nationalism. but what macron is saying is the president is use these terms either without knowing or intentionally knowing that they are loaded terms. they don't just mean happy to be french or happy to be american. they are codes. trish: you all are reading something into them in a way that is kind of perverse. make america great again. putting america first. >> this is a historical aspect
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to say nationalism and you know that, then don't. trish: if you follow samantha bee you can't say globalism either. >> you as a country are an independent sovereign who makes your independent decisions. trish: what's going to happen in florida. >> i'm not sure how it's going to turn out. my biggest concern is the mystery ballots that pop up out of nowhere. ballots show up in florida and arizona. where are they coming from? trish: we need to be able to trust our election system. i don't care what side of the aisle you are on. it has to work properly to have faith in it. >> why are ballots inside the truck of a an avis rent-a-car.
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>> if you see hugh senator elect sinema and the race with martha mcsally. mcsally concede. it would be nice to see that more often. we are headed to a place where you can't even do that. trish: it was undecided in florida. >> if rick scott were behind, he would be saying count every vote. trish: deroy, philippe, not french. at least 42 dead tonight in california as firefighters continue to battle that relentless fire. meanwhile, they made it to the border. reports tonight that the first wave of migrants, they have indeed arrived in tijuana. just south of san diego.
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100 more expected to reach our border this weekend. former army vet and weekend "fox and friends" co-host pete hegseth is here. one msnbc pundit is suggesting if donald trump doesn't win the presidency in 2020, you will see a military coup. i'm setting the record straight. they need to get a grip. i'm ken jacobus and i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. what's in your wallet?
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trib * the deadliest and most of destructive wildfire in california burning through 125,000 acres as it continues to rage. unbelievable pictures. the destruction is very real. claudia cowan is live on the ground for us in california with the latest. reporter: the people of paradise face a long road to recovery. six days later many still don't know if their loved ones survived. coroner search teams have been visiting dozens of addresses
8:18 pm
that belong to people reported missing since the fire. they are bringing in cadaver dogs and anthropologists. sometimes the only remains are bones or bone fragments. they are using dna to help identify bodies burned beyond recognition. utility crews cleared away damaged polls and downed power lines. working around the clock to clear the power lines and restore power. 90 of the cities first responders and the entire town council lost their homes, including the mayor. >> i have seen these things on tv before. it will be one neighborhood. but in our town it's the whole town. it's everywhere you look. there is nothing.
8:19 pm
reporter: even so, the mayor is making a promise, the city will rebuild. interior secretary ryan zinke will visit communities affected by the wildfires. he'll be in butte county tomorrow and southern california thursday. the wind much calmer today and crews have this campfire 30% contained. without breeze to blow it away, toxic smoke is affecting millions of californians and causing school closures in the san francisco bay. winds cut both ways. trish: thank you very much. breaking tonight. new from the pentagon. defense secretary general james mattis is heading to our southern border amid reports this evening the first members of the original care swran have arrived in the mexican border city of tijuana, a few miles
8:20 pm
from san diego, california. here with me, pete hegseth. we know that the secretary of defense is heading to our border right now. how unusual would you say is this? >> it's unusual. other presidents have taken this step. they haven't taken it as far as president trump has in saying we are serious about toughening up our border. i'll tell you, i have a friend of mine i served with in iraq, a great soldier who is part of the operation to secure the border. he tells me they have the resources they need. they have been able to free up the border patrol to be on the border together apprehensions they are supposed to do while the national guard and army build the barricades, help with intelligence, surveillance and
8:21 pm
oversight. this president is serious. he's saying you can't come in illegally. if you want to claim asylum you better have a credible case. a caravan stunt is not going to work just because a lot of people are trying to do it. the d.o.d. is reflecting the views of the president. trish: i look at these pictures. i don't see a lot of families there. i see a lot of young men. where are all the women and children and families they tell us are coming here for the better life? that's not what i see when i look at those images. >> we heard reports that say a lot of women and children are put to the front of the caravan used as effectively p.r. shield saying it's the women and children coming when the bulk of the group are men of young age. maybe seek good things. they may not have nefarious
8:22 pm
intentions. but whether it's economic reasons they are coming or nefarious reasons, this is not just a humanitarian approach of men and women. this is a threat to our country and jobs. when men carry flags of their home country in a group and they come to your country, that is the definition of an invasion. if you want to come here and carry our flag and say i want to be here through a peaceful means. great. but when you are carrying your flag and you are a young man and there are lots of you, and i don't know what you are intentions are, i want to know why you are coming. that doesn't make me racist or xenophobic. we have rules. follow those and you might be allowed in. try crossing our border with your flag and you are not welcome. trish: it's like they need a
8:23 pm
marketing campaign. you have got the women and children out front. how about a few american flags. maybe we would feel better they showed they were excited to come here. let me ask you this. we saw numbers that suggest the number of families coming in is at an all-time high. people with children. last october, an increase year over year of 400%. is this because we made it clear if you have a child with you, you get a better shot at entry? is that part of the thinking? >> i think so. policies create incentives. our congress hasn't figured out the laws. so this president is doing what he can with what he has. but our laws remain ambiguous. the president calls them dumb. catch and release is still the law of the land.
8:24 pm
so -- and chain migration and what we do with kids, i'm not saying we should separate kids at the border. but when you say families or kid have an incentive, it creates an impression that's the way to do it. until congress fixed our laws you will see that magnet effect at the forefront. trish: there are hard and fast rules of economics surrounding this. people are told if you have a child come together border, you have a better shot of the getting through. of course, you are going to bring a child. and you are putting those children in harm's way. >> just because you feel bad for the kids doesn't make you more compassionate. rules that are clear can be more compassionate to people when they can come here in an orderly way. trish: the liberal media going crazy because president trump
8:25 pm
isn't talk about the election in florida. nancy pelosi playing identity politics as she does so well with her own party. she is warning fellow democrats that it would be ridiculous to out of a female speaker following an historic mid-term for women.
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>> questioning the legitimacy of elections you may lose, or trying to stop the votes of people who may vote against you. that's not what we do in america. that's what happens in banana republics. he happens single handedly sought to undermine every institution in this country that we depend on.
8:30 pm
the reason leaders do this is to gather power and become authoritarian. trish: when an entire system -- i like everybody to see both sides. i'm trying to teach the mainstream media something. when an entire system is stacked against you. are you supposed to just roll over. do you expect them to go out there and praise robert mueller when in his mind and his heart he believes he did nothing wrong. mainstream media you are right. i am just going to retire now. is he supposed to say fine. open the floodgates. bring them owl in. thousands of may grants that want to -- migrants that want to come here. why not allow all of latin america to come here. people want to go stampede our borders. according to the mainstream media it's somehow discriminatory to not allow them? or in florida after an election
8:31 pm
was called. is the president not supposed to ask questions about how 93,000 votes suddenly show up. and the woman in charge of counting the votes has had troubled history as an elections supervisor. i get that his style isn't always what some in the mainstream media want. and that's just the way it is. but you have got to think sometimes about substance. right? it's a point i make about how we have to think about policy. policy is important. what is the economic policy that will drive us forward. what can we do to keep us safe. in this case, the substance is legit. he wants legal immigration. what's wrong with that? he wants to prevent voter fraud. what's wrong with that. and he believes there is into there there with mueller. isn't he entitled to have an
8:32 pm
opinion? the mainstream and left-wing media need to get a grip. after a while they all sound like chicken little. the sky is falling. it's not. but these pundits do not care. they do not care about history. i hate the way they throw around history, all these historical references like they know something about history. they don't. they don't understand history. the only thing they understand is ratings. joining me right now, the director media research center, i'm sickened which the lack of responsibility among so many of my colleagues at these other networks. i was a history major in school and i consider myself still a bit of an historian. they throw out historical references that make no sense. analogies that make no sense but somehow are scary enough to have
8:33 pm
people thinking this president is the next adolph hitler in the making. your thoughts. >> this is something maybe you could say this in 2016 before he was elected. we have had almost two years of actual governing reality. as yet there are no concentration camps. there is no holocaust. there is no world war iii. trish: isn't it insulting to the millions of people who lost their lives as we celebrate veterans day to all those that died trying to defend our nation in europe, for the likes of joe scarborough to repeatedly invoke the hitler references or joe lockhart talking about authoritarian regimes and dictatorships. they are going down a slippery slope. >> these are the networks that would say we are facts first. we are the people that bring you
8:34 pm
the real news. not like fox. fox is state-run media. the reality is, that they don't deal in facts. they don't deal in trying to report what is broward county doing? who is brenda snipes and what is her record. trish: those are questions we should be asking. let me show you speaking of crazy mainstream media times. let me show you this clip of one of those folks. >> in the event he does win and he does lose, which would be a happy event. it would be funning what he would say. he would say i'm not leaving. call the military. we have to look at this man. he would do that. he would say no, no, no. i'm still here. edge if they carried him out he would turn top the american
8:35 pm
people and say i'm still your president. trish: i kind of thought he was joke. but he wasn't. >> there were certain people who thought barack obama was not going to cede tour at the end of his 8 years. those where kooky people. but msnbc say this ways we consider an expert it's a cuckoo conspiracy theory. trish: the cuckoos in mainstream medialand. brian kemp holding a solid lead in georgia's gubernatorial race but the state says it can't certify the race until the state reviews all provisional ballots. nancy pelosi says she deserves to be speaker of the house
8:36 pm
because wait for it. she is a woman. details next.
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get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be. trish: the final countdown for georgia as residents wait for a final answer on who is going to be their governor. republican brian kemp in the lead over stacey abrams by nearly 60,000 votes. you think that sounds like quite a lead. but a judge siding with abrams ordering the state to set up a hotline for voters to check to see if their ballots were counted and ruling that thousands of those votes need to be examined. joining me, doug collins. did you ever think you would be watching something like this in your state? >> not in my state. it's amazing to me that stacy abram forgot to go to math
8:41 pm
class. by the shows she can't ad -- she can't add because she didn't pay her taxes either. even the if they can find every existing vote out there, it doesn't make a difference it's time for the democrats to say we lost this. trish: you had oprah winfrey campaigning for stacey abrams. they were bringing out the big guns. president obama as well. >> we have an open congressional seat that hasn't bend called, and a senate congressional seat. this goes back to 2015. they do not like this president who has provided more jobs and
8:42 pm
tax breaks and clarified we need a secure country and actually funded the military. this goes back to president obama because he has done good things and they are going to try to disrupt. trish: they don't like president trump because he's doing good things economically speaking. it makes it tough for democrats. it's the policy on the other side is working, i guess that's when you start clinging to identity politics themes? >> you do. what's the old saying, if you don't have the law, you use the facts, if you don't have the facts, you just jump on the table and scream. there are good things we can't do. in this state they are finding a way to eke this out. the voters have spoken. stacy has lost.
8:43 pm
trish: there was a ruling that came through tonight. a district judge is saying one georgia county would act in violation of the civil rights act, the 14th amendment if it didn't count absentee ballots, and specifically those ballots that didn't have correct birth years or any birth year at all. if you filled out your absentee ballot and you never bothered to put down what year you were actually born, that doesn't disqualify you at all. what's your reaction to that? i know mine. >> it's astonishment. at what point do you stop. at what point do you continue to push an agenda that's not work. for me as a judge, there has to be a rule of law. there are things you are supposed to put there. we are not talking about minor clerical errors. >> people don't even bother to put down their birth year. >> you can't, that's the problem
8:44 pm
you are having here. when you have rules in place, you can't say 7 days after the election, let's make sure they didn't. did they really mean to do this? if you say pretty please, telecast your vote again. several thousands of votes were thrown out basically because they voted two times. they voted twice. these are the kinds of things we are seeing down there. trish: what kind of rinky dink operations are lapping all over the country? i am not going to completely lay the blame on your state. i shared my own personal experience. we have got to get this under control otherwise we'll look like the folks over at msnbc and say it looks like a banana republic. >> broward county, give me a break. how many times do we have to go back to the same place to the
8:45 pm
same person and realize you don't need to have a job. trish: they are electing her. there ought to be a bigger body that comes in and says okay. you don't have the best track record and our elections do matter. >> hopefully there will be a governor desantis and he'll say we need to take a look. it's time for the democrats to realize they lost the election. math is simple. if you don't have enough votes, you lost. brian kemp will be our next governor. this is the legacy trump has provide for us in our economy and they don't like it. trish: nancy pelosi is vowing to become the next speaker of the house. the house minority leader
8:46 pm
warning fellow democrats it could be a dumb idea to out of a female. my next guest served in the house with nancy pelosi. man hayworth is sounding off. today...
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trish: house minority leader nancy pelosi leaning on identity politics in her quest to lead the house a second time. pelosi pushing her gender as a reason she somehow deserves the top seat saying a female voter wave helped flip the house for democrats, therefore, the speaker of the house should be female. jessica tarlov, an independent women's forum board member, nan hayworth. you served with her, right? >> yes, i did. trish: what do you think about that. >> for democrats, they do focus on identity, that and makes some sense in democratic circles. speaker pelosi is a very determined woman, as we know.
8:51 pm
she can be determined because she fueled so many of their you pink wave. she is a presen a fundraiser, as a lot of chips she can call in. 60% of her caucus said they won't vote for her or coy. they will start out with an immediate challenge their respective districts. >> i don't think that's the core of her argument. the core of her argument is based on results. >> she is playing the woman card. >>it is important not just for the women in congress. but representation across the country, to have a woman in a position of leadership. people who are going to challenge her are backing down. they are trying to get some of those 60 who said they would oppose her.
8:52 pm
trish: but she won. >> it was a great victory. obamacare was the number one issue in this election. trish: it would have been better for you guys. everybody talks about a blue wave. i don't see that as a blue wave. >> 40 comessal seats? trish: i find her a little too marie antoinette, let them eat cake. why not get a woman who is a capitalist. >> she has been popular for decade. her husband made a lot of money in a private business. she has never been accused of anything sinister profiting off his connections. she was responsible for pushing an agenda that actually put
8:53 pm
middle class families and working families at a great disadvantage. >> that's not what voters thought. >> i don't think the recount will change the outcome. i think it will become much closer for bill nelson. there are some people i know in democrat circles are saying it will flip. >> brenda snipes has been an incredible problem for years and years. so it's hard to believe the voters of broward county would return his snipes to office over and over again. i suppose they have themselves to blame. however, the nation also does in her misfeasance ends up legitimizing both. >> i don't know her personally. i don't like her style.
8:54 pm
>> it's not really her style. it's a travesty in modern-day america that the ballot design could cost somebody a senate seat. i think if we have any accusations of voter fraud from senators, a sitting governor in the form of rick scott when there is no evidence. trish: jesse, jesse. it has been shown the chain of custody was violated more than once by this supervisor. >> by the postal system or by brenda snipes? >> when she mingled ballots that had been rejected with ballots that had been accepted and said we must count owl of them. that's one egregious example. trish: i think we'll agree to
8:55 pm
disagree on this with you two. reality is there is a deadline looming. they have 48 hours to figure this out. hopefully we'll get some clarity on this. >> and then we get to focus on mississippi. >> i think it is tragic that we don't have a better system and systems in place to count all these votes. it feels rinky dink like there should be a better way. >> how can election day not be a national holiday. if you are interested in people having their constitutional right to vote. make it easy for them. don't make someone who has two jobs and supporting a family worried if they come aught and vote. >> and i.d. trish: that's the next segment. your insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small you could fix it with a pen. how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead?
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9:00 pm
get his analysis of the situation as we watch the defense secretary head to the border. that's all happening tomorrow. i'll see you there. have a great night, everyone. kennedy starts now. ♪ ♪ kennedy: thank you, trish. do you smell that step. that is the odor of democrat desperation as they lawyer up, they're heading to florida hell bent on winning the recounts through any means necessary, and every day there are more lawsuits, more accusations and more shady shenanigans. the question tonight, will they steal the election as president trump claims they're trying to do? as you know, republican rick scott currently leads democratic incumbent bill nelson in that senate fight by more than 12,000 votes. because that is under the .5% threshold, it has triggered an automatic recount. rick scott's campaign claims democrats are trying to pull votes out of thin


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