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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 15, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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why don't they have an index fund i can invest in? david: the more letters like this people receive, the easier it will be for some politicians to come up with the right answers. that does it for bulls and bears. >> it's a complex negotiation. but i think what most of people want to know is what we can deliver will be in their interest. >> the government is in chaos. >> i will do my job of getting the best deal for britain. i will do my job getting a deal that's in the national interest. >> the agreement represents a huge and damaging failure. >> leadership is about making the right decisions, not taking the easy decisions. >> no deal is not a real option. and the government has not seriously prepared for it.
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liz: a wave of u.k. ministers quitting over a brexit plan which is really remain in the e.u. plan that came from fell theresa may. no defined date for the u.k. to leave the fewer mean union. dozens of mps calling for her to go. the u.k. staring down the barrel of a potential recession. we'll debate how president trump was right in telling theresa may to stick to her guns and lead. we are monitoring the final results of the catastrophic florida recount. this is a story that's changing by the hour. senate and governor races still undecided. a federal judge gave thousands
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of florida voters until saturday to correct mismatched signatures. election day is turning into election week. that judge calling florida the laughingstock of the world. tonight the legal eagle that says to democrats, back off. the law is on president trump's side. the president does not have to hand over his tax returns to democrats. that legal eagle igniting a firestorm of controversy. but the supreme court backed him up on his views. we are all over it. thank you for joining us. thank you for watching. money, politics. we'll bring you the debate behind tomorrow's headlines. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now.
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[♪] reporter: in the short term what it means is stocks moved off the session lows when prime minister theresa may spoke. she made her remarks that six high-ranking government officials including one of the architects of the deal resigned. may says the agreement on the table protects manufacturing jobs. >> i bleach with every fiber of my being that the course i set out is the right one for our country and all our people. reporter: this was the biggest daily drop for the pound against the dollar since july of 2016. that makes british products cheaper for to us buy here. there are so many critics in the united kingdom over this deal saying it gives too much power
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back to the european union. it might hamper the ability to have a real trade agreement with the u.s. the united states set up a committee to look at trade deals with the united kingdom. the trade representatives office had no comment about this news. the european union will meet on november 25th. liz: great reporting, thank you so much. i remember the night of the first brexit crisis. i was covering it on camera with stuart varney through 3:00 a.m. in the morning june 2016. it was one of the most of volatile and scary trading sessions of the decade. the u.s. markets plunged. trading halts were triggered. here's what happened today.
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the dow went down triple digits and it did retrace. joining me the founder of the heritage foundation. this isn't looking good. it looks like the u.k. is stuck with the same level of playing field rules out of the u.k., and no trade deal from the u.k. to the u.s. trump seems to be right. >> yes, i to say you are right on this. this deal by theresa may is an absolute disaster it's an unpopular deal. an opinion poll shows december land 20% of the public back it. there is overwhelming opposition to this deal. we call the resignation of two cabinet ministers today and several junior ministers. we are seeing conservative mps queuing up to condemn this deal. i think theresa may has done an
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appallingly bad job in terms of the negotiation. i have to say it it fund fundamentally undermines write tish sovereignty. i think all in all it's been really a bad day here. i do hope this deal will be defeated in the house of commons when it goes before a vote december 10. and i think it's highly likely the deal will be defeated. >> what's happening, as it stand now, britain cannot try to out of the european union across the board. they have to adhere to e.u. rules indefinitely. is the momentum growing for a vote of no confidence in theresa may? >> it certainly is. all you need are 48 conservative
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mps to submit letters of no confidence to the chairman of the 1922 committee. my understanding is that figure was nearly reached today, and i think it's likely you are going to see a vote of no confidence taking place within the conservative party. it could happen as soon as the beginning of next week. i think theresa may could be in complete defeat or heavily -- heavily wounded by this vote. and in that case she has the option of standing down or trying to remain as prime minister. it's very clear. the british people have lost confidence in their prime minister. and her own party last confidence in the leader of the conservative party. i think it conservatives need
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leadership in the united kingdom, someone who fully believes in brexit and is willing to stand up to the european union. liz: this is a deal that's good for the e.u., not the british people. that's what conservatives are saying. northern ireland now gets to abide by a different set of rules than the u.k. that means it's shaking the very foundation of the united kingdom. >> that's an important point. this is a bad deal for northern ireland. the democratic union is part of the d.u.p. who work in tandem with the conservatives to keep them in power. they are fundamentally opposed to this agreement because it's a bad deal for northern ireland. er reelsa may has handled these negotiations in an absolutely weak-kneed manner.
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it's the antithesis of how marching a thatcher would have handled them. marching receipt thatcher would have stood up to the e.u. she would have got a deal in the british national interest. and plarg receipt thatcher before she passed away in 2013 was a strong supporter of britain leaving the european union. i worked forker in a private office. it was clear margaret thatcher thought great britain was bert off outside the e.u. and that's not what she is dwhriferg it many the opposite of how margaret thatcher would have handled things. liz: hundreds more from multiple caravans arriving in tijuana at
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the border with the united states. william thrawj necessary on location with the latest. william? >> the unofficial number is 1,700. that's how many migrants arrived from the caravan. all the shelters in tijuana are full. the city opened this. you can see the line here. plenty of people lining up to get in. i am told it will hold about 3,000. this was the destination. but the goal is the united states. i just talked to a group of guys for 30 minutes. they don't want to be used. they know one of the -- of the organizers is hoping to have a publicity stunt. we talked to a social worker after talking to some of these
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guys and she feels they are being misled and misinformed. >> yes, they are fleeing political conflict and persecution. how and who is going to help them and who is going to guide them to do it the proper way? that's the one thing i do want to ask people. reporter: we mad video yesterday of climbing the fence and goading border patrol agents. but there are vulnerable sections of this border where there is an old landing mat and 8 or 9 feet on the u.s. side, but the mission cans built it up on the soil. that's where they are putting the razor wire. they are welding that today to harden the border. the real fear is several
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thousands individuals who get impatient, they would bull rush the area where the automobiles go through. there are 28 lanes of traffic. that's very vulnerable. that's one of the reasons they would have to use tear gas to knock them back at that point. we are looking at 5,000 here. maybe 2,500 from the other caravans you mentioned at the top. liz: thank you so much. now we take to you silicon valley and a major, major controversy. facebook had to hold a press call today firing back at a scathing bombshell "new york times" report on how facebook delayed, denied, and deflected the 2016 russian meddling crisis on its social media site and a data security breach that exposed the data for 87 million
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facebook members. it's undercutting mark zuckerberg's apology tour. here is mark zuckerberg reacting on that call earlier. >> i said many times before that we were too slow to spot russian interference and too slow to get on top of it. we certainly stumbled along the way. but to suggest we weren't interested in knowing the truth or we wanted to hide what we knew or tried to prevent investigation is simply untrue. liz: let's go to the power' familiar, madison jessiaano and'
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robin. it's embarrassing. mark zuckerberg claims to care about one thing but we have evidence that shows it doesn't seem to be authentic. liz: what is your take on what's going on at the facebook, robin? >> this is inexcusable. he was in front of congress saying they were there to unite us, at the same time they hired a p.r. firm to discredit the investigation saying george soros was behind it. liz: is facebook just a shark here? >> one of the points we need to bring up is they preternlded to care about this issue and other
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issues like making sure people are treated fair on the platform. we have had many employees coming out saying it's an intolerant liberal culture and people are discriminated against conservative voices on the platform. i would not want to be an investor on facebook right now. liz: democrat senator mark warner is saying it's taking all of your information you aren't even aware what it's taking. it's hard for to you get your own information back from facebook, and it's making a lot of money off of it. >> facebook we need more transparency. at least this takes mark zuckerberg out of the political arena. he won't be a contender in 2020. liz: 56 dead in the cam fire
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wildfire in california. survivors suing p g & ex. that's pacific gas and atlantic. amazon under fire he over two new headquarters and the whopping tax breaks it has gotten for them. the controversial foxconn deal in wisconsin flew under the radar screen. you wouldn't believe what happened in that deal. we have that story next. so lionel, what does being able to trade
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from, from... from darkness to light. ♪ you're not gonna say it are you? liz: this is you fighting in conservatives with socialists like alexandria ocasio-cortez. we are talk about the amazon deal that was struck with new york city and virginia. but we want to talk about wisconsin. congressman sean duffy was on our show last night. he says there is a big difference. >> foxconn tonight southeast part of the state. we have a lot of room to expand. unlike queens which is a narrow area. foxconn investedn millions of dollars in the wisconsin education system.
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we'll have people in wisconsin with skills to fill those new jobs. liz: jeff flock has the details on the foxconn deal. >> despite what you heard there, i would say you are right. this has unified the left and the right. you think amazon got too good of a deal from new york and virginia? take a look at the numbers wisconsin paid for the jobs being created. new york a billion and a half. less than a billion for virginia. wisconsin $4.5 billion. if you break that down by the number of jobs created. virginia was $22,000. new york $48,000. wisconsin paid $344,000 a job in tax breaks and direct payments and infrastructure updates.
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this was a big deal six, seven months ago. president trump breaking ground with the ceo of foxconn. it was a big deal to get china to come and build a plant here. the only thing is, it cost a ton of money, and shining a light on this notion of taxpayer money being shoveled into these multi-billion dollar corporations whether they be from china or the united states. the congressman making a point about the comparison there, the average job for amazon about $150,000 a year. average job at foxconn $54,000 a year. the word now is they can't find enough skilled workers. the wall street journal is reporting they may have to bring people from china to fill some of those jobs. not exactly what was intended.
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liz: great stuff there, sir, good to see you. democrat socialist congress woman alexandria ocasio-cortez is on the same side as the "wall street journal" editorial board. here's what's going on. ocasio-cortez did wage a blistering attack over billions of dollars in government subjects does for am zonls newspaper head quarters. quote, the worst actors are the politicians. this is the "wall street journal" saying this. the politicians pose as job creator. they are essentially job buyers. new york governor andrew cuomo said he would change his name to amazon cuomo if the company located in new york. google and other companies have created thousands of jobs in new
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york without'' subsidies. bill mcgurn is here to talk about it. you are on the side of cortez here. >> i put it she is on our side. i suspect the congresswoman would favor a lot more corporate welfare than we would. just in principle, it seems the company that's the most of desirable $is the come any that pays its way. if you are going to have welfare, it should go to the poor, not the richest in the world. look at the price of this. governor cuomo * had the buffalo bill and it was going to create jobs taint was a flop. the government picking winners isn't a good idea. you never know what the market is going to do. generally these plans are not
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realized,. it has to come from somewhere. why should the guy who slaves at his laundromat have to pay in taxes his share and not amazon? liz: the guys and the entrepreneurs and the small businesses, it's upstate new york. >> if you read governor cuomo's dissent in the "new york times," he said we have to do this because we have a lousy tax and regulatory climate. if we didn't offer them all these bribes they would be in texas. shouldn't you be looking for a level playing field for everyone? isn't that the way to wealth? liz: to your point, basically virginia is spending half the
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tax break per worker than what new york is. >> i think it's a bad deal for virginia, too. i think the way to prosper is to lower your taxes, have a light regulatory touch. encourage risk take and entrepreneurship and blue states like new york and connecticut and my hell hole new jersey-stan have done a terrible job with that. you don't know who is going to win. they didn't know when computer companies were starting up in garages which one was going to take off. yet governor cuomo knows this? or the governor of virginia? '. liz: so alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> i'm with her on this. i'm sure there will be splits in the future, not too long. liz: we are going to take you
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back to california. that major utility pg & e hit with a class action lawsuit by survivors who blame it utility for at least one of the wildfires in california. we have the stunning data on how many fires are blamed on pg & e. governor jerry brown has been signing laws protecting utilities.
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liz: the northern california campfire death toll at 56. 130 people still missing. it's now california's deadliest wildfire in state history. people who lost homes in the wildfires suing pacific gas and electric, accusing the utility of negligence, blaming its
6:32 pm
faulty equipment for the fire. a spokesperson for pg & e said the safety of tour customers and the communities we serve is the highest priority. our primary focus is on the community, supporting first responders, getting our crews positioned and ready to respond when we get access so we can safely respore gas and electricity to our customers. jamie is out in lax. great to see you. >> thanks for having me. liz: state officials in california determined the electrical equipment owned by pg & e is responsible for 17 of 21 major fires in california last year? what's going on here? >> unfortunately this is a long pattern the last 10 years for pg & e.
6:33 pm
they haven't upgraded their guilt and cleaned the vegetation around the power lines. it's a tragedy. because for about a decade they delayed updating fire maps to the public utilities commission that would have required them to do the fire mitigation earlier. now we are getting hit with fires that you know are catastrophes. we think of them as natural disasters. but when it's faulty equipment or their vegetation spreads the fires, that's preventable. our legislature put a couple hundred million it gave to the utilities to clear the brush around the line earlier this fall. they haven't got to it. what we are seeing is in part the results. liz: is governor jerry brown to blame? there was legislation to do fire maps of those zones where
6:34 pm
communities are vulnerable. jerry brown said it was redundant, that the utilities are already doing it. he's wrong. i criticized him for it and he did it years ago, it was either unanimous or almost unanimous vote of our legislature to update the maps. the governor has been a big partisan for pg & e and other utilities. his top aides have come from pg & e and he protected them. the paradox and irony is the governors of california ever since our electricity crisis in 2000 have tried to keep the sue tilts, including pg & e very solvent. they pander to the bankers and the executives at the companies. and they do that by failing to regulate the companies. if they forced the companies to update the fire maps they would
6:35 pm
have been forced to clear the brush. liz: consumers in california could fay up to $150 a year. >> they private tied the gains. this should be the responsibility of shareholders. it's now in the lap of the new governor. the thing the new governor needs to do is get cal fire and the civilian authorities over the utilities to force them to modernize their equipment and clean the brush. this is gardening. they should do it, but they will only do it if they are forced to by the bliss. liz: jamie court, thank you very much. powerful house democrats are fighting still to this day to get trump's tax returns. but guess what? we have a legal eagle who says the law is not on your side, democrats it's on the
6:36 pm
president's side. we have that story coming up. the deadline for florida election nightmare have passed. still no clear winners. only escalating confusion and chaos. we are bringing in the state's lieutenant governor and why florida is such a basket case when it comes to getting its election together. (nicki palmer) being a verizon engineer is about doing things right.
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liz: we told you the florida recount, the story was changing by the hour. we have fill keating with the latest. -- we have phil queeght the keh the latest. reporter: the machine recounting is complete.
6:41 pm
next up are the humans. they will be sitting at tables like this in all 67 counties to do a hand count of the problematic ballots in those key races that were decided by less than a quarter%. that includes the u.s. senate race between governor rick scott who is leading incumbent senator bill nelson. ron desantis and andrew gillum is over. the recount reveals desantis still leads by .14% which is enough to avoid a recount. the elections chief says the deadline was unmeetable.
6:42 pm
>> i believe strongly it wasn't -- not a human effort. it was mechanical. we are required to present a report to the secretary of state and that's what i'm going to report. reporter: down in broward county it was after midnight when celebrations erupted after they finished their final ballot recount. however, it turns out they were two minutes late. too minutes too late getting the data upload to the secretary of state's website. it was do by 3:00 p.m. so all that work of the past five days for naught. liz: really? for naught? reporter: they go with the original numbers. the recount numbers didn't make it in time. liz: word fail me. let's bring in the lieutenant
6:43 pm
governor of florida. why are these counties such huge problems again and again and again? >> because they planned poorly and they weren't prepared. their incompetence has shown through throughout the last week and a day. the on the thing to note about the broward transmitting the data 2 minute late. the new data would have shown a greater vote lead for rick scott, ron desantis and all the republicans. i find it ironic they celebrate finishing the recount and they were two minutes late in transmitting the data saying they were unfamiliar with the state's website. liz: does that mean they have to go through the recount again? >> i don't think so. the outcomes are not going to
6:44 pm
change. i would expect somebody is talking to senator nelson and telling him you have a 42-year career serving as a public servant from florida. now your legacy will be filing lawsuits to try to change laws that were passed democratically by the florida legislature by florida officials because you want to hold on to and grasp. >> last shred of relevancy. liz: we have a federal judge reportedly calling florida the laughingstock of the world. >> the same judge is responsible partly for what we are seeing today because in his rulings he made in 2016 that set up the standard for judging signatures on absentee ballots and creating
6:45 pm
a clear period. now he overruled his own ruling from 2016. and i heard his household are political contributors to senator bill nelson. liz: do you think snipes should be fired? >> i think bill nelson should finally concede. a source of inspiration. an act of kindness. an old friend. a new beginning. some welcome relief... or a cause for celebration. ♪ what's inside?
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liz: newly emboldened house democrats say as of this hour they will fight to get their their hands on president trump's tax returns, threaten to go use seen a power if they need to. richard neil saying we don't have a timetable yet. but we talked by the and we are intent on doing it. my next guest says the law is on president trump's side. he's the new media go-to expert on the subject. university of. >> i what law professor andrew
6:50 pm
graywhal. what does the law say about the government getting trump tax returns. >> congress can investigate the president, but they need a legitimate reason for doing so. requesting his tax returns for political purposes won't suffice. usually congress requests information because it's trying to pass legislation, not trying to score political points against an opponent. liz: democrats could face difficulties saying they are getting the tax returns for legitimate purposes rather than being politicalli'' motivated. there is a case that says there is no congressional power folks pose tax returns just for the
6:51 pm
sake of exposure. does this mean democrats can't go on a fishing expedition. >> they need a better reason. there hasn't been any sign the irs is abusing its authority in auditing president trump. sow it seems like a fishing expedition. liz: you say the democrats are tainted because of their public comments they made about the tax returns. >> if you make a lot of comments about a subject, they can come back to haunt you. house democrats have said so many negative things about president trump that it may taint their ability to effectively argue they are pursuing a legitimate legislative purpose. liz: what conceivable legislative purpose could the democrats use to try to get trump's tax returns?
6:52 pm
>> if there were some evidence president trump ordered secretary mnuchin or the commissioner to go easy on the audit. that would be a good reason for congress to investigate. but we don't have those times of indications. liz: thank you so much for coming in. we'll have you back on again. senate republicans block a vote to pass legislation to protect robert mueller. that story next. the hard work you put into lowering your
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>> welcome back. president trump launching a full-scale tweet storm today blasting the robert mueller probe into alleged russia collision. the president says quote - the inner workings of the mueller investigation are a total mess. he found no collision, have gone absolutely nuts. let's take a back to the panel. madison, robert, madison, should he agree to answer questions only in writing in the mueller probe? >> you know is up to be seen whether he'll end up doing that. if it were me i would advise him to only answer in writing. i think it's gotten out of control. i do believe it is a witchhunt and was very concerned about this will go at perspective it seems that they're trying to reach a specific conclusion
6:57 pm
that they were readycome to versus trying to reach the truth here. the investigation is gone for too long with absolutely no evidence coming forward to reach the idea there was russian collision between the campaign and russia. i just think he needs to stop. it's over! >> to madison's point, when you answer questions in this kind of environment, words can be twisted to such a degree that it has been known to confuse the one being question. that is a well-known ploy of interrogators, right, robin? >> liz, you are exactly correct. i think the best course of action would be, they keep saying he is innocent there is no collision. answer the questions in writing that we control the narrative. he's had the questions for three days. that is plenty of time to sit down with his legal team, go through these. and if he is innocent, answer the questions and exonerate himself. i think that is the best resurrection of his indeed innocent. >> was interesting, madison answers that this will only be
6:58 pm
matters about russian interference and electric are not obstruction of justice, right madison? >> right. i think what it comes down to, i don't think it will be a simple as that even if you answer the questions in writing. i do not think they will say, great! you're exonerated the investigation is over. they may try to use us to continue on and say okay, we wanted to look into this. and continue to drag this out places that should not be going and to delay, delay, delay. waste taxpayer time and money and continue to take the attention away from other things in everyday lives. >> there is also a story out that robert mueller is facing pressure to wrap up the inquiry. and he may want to avoid a lengthy fight from the president.>> you know, i am asleep think that at the tail end of this, i think it is wrapping up. his and 31 indictment so far. and i think that we are seeing today from the president, tweet storm if you will they are
6:59 pm
trying to get ahead of the narrative of possible more indictments. and i appreciate and understand the approach. i do not like that someone like you know has on both sides of the aisle as robert miller being labeled a democratic thug when he's been a lifelong registered republican. there some untruth i understand how he's trying to move the narrative. >> the president also tweeted today quote - universities will someday study highly convicted and not senate approved robert mueller and his gang of thugs what they've done to destroy people. why is he protecting crooked hillary? -- and all of his friends on the other side? that is the president this morning madison, your take.>> the president makes a valid point here. again going back to should equal justice for all. we should want to get to the truth.
7:00 pm
it seems a lot of cases not just in the mueller probe but across the doj and across the fbi in recent years, it was only about them going after they wanted to go after instead of going after everyone that committed crimes. we had multiple pieces of evidence in hillary clinton's case. >> you been terrific will have you back on soon. and thank you for watching. thank you for having us in your home. lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business news network. have a good night! >> good evening everybody. our top stories, florida's election mass is still a mess! but there is some greater clarity. but not so much as to lessen the mess. tonight it looks as though republican, ron desantis is the likely winner of the gubernatorial race. an activist judges and state and federal courts could yet put their eager hands on the scale of justice and the outcome of these elections. but so far, so good! florida secretary of state has ordered a manual recount of the races for senate and


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