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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 16, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EST

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and thank you for watching. thank you for having us in your home. lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business news network. have a good night! >> good evening everybody. our top stories, florida's election mass is still a mess! but there is some greater clarity. but not so much as to lessen the mess. tonight it looks as though republican, ron desantis is the likely winner of the gubernatorial race. an activist judges and state and federal courts could yet put their eager hands on the scale of justice and the outcome of these elections. but so far, so good! florida secretary of state has ordered a manual recount of the
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races for senate and agricultural commissioner. after one of the states largest accountings was unable or unwilling to meet the deadline for a machine recount. palm beach county election officials blaming shoddy equipment for their failed count. while the scott campaign says it is time for the electoral fiasco to end. >> in the shadows of noncompliance, that is what we be concerned about from the start. but we have now completed the election. completed the count, we completed the recount. it is time for governor scott to assume the duties for people of florida. >> congressman is joining us, he knows a thing or two about the recount he was on the bush and gore recount commission. we also take up the future of the publican party could also connect the death toll from the california wildfires has risen to 59. the toll is expected to increase and it is already the
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deadliest wildfire in the century. president trump is heading to california on saturday. there, he will meet with victims and families and survey the devastation. we will have the latest on the efforts to control these fires. and radical democrats in the national left-wing media. claim that central american caravans were weeks away from our border. but there on the border now. near tijuana. illegals crossing every day over what is still a porous southern border. are we a nation? do we still have borders? we are about to find out. our top story tonight, a manual recount set to begin florida for the u.s. senate race between republican, rick scott and democratic incumbent, bill nelson. it is all but confirmed that ron desantis will be the states new governor. phil keating is in palm beach county with details. reporter: good evening. after five long round-the-clock days of machine recounting in all of the florida's six or --
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they will be hand recasting. sitting at tables like this, most likely tomorrow morning for sure. for everyone, some may actually see this evening with that hand recount. it is to get the final numbers in on just the races still too close to call. those were the margin of difference still under 1/4 percentage point. these hand counters will only be going over the problematic ballots. thosethat are under oath -- and those that were over. -- in the governors race between the republican, ron desantis and the tallahassee mayor, andrew gillum, it is basically op recount saying that he still leads, that is enough to avoid a hand recount. while broward and all other counties made the 3:00 p.m. recount deadline, actually broward was two minutes late. recount numbers were tossed out
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this afternoon.palm beach county did not even make the deadline.. the county machines broke down losing this recount and the election chief said is simply made the deadline not able to be met.>> it was not human effort it was mechanical. and so we are required to present a report to the secretary of state. and that is exactly what i will report. reporter: because of the breakdown in palm beach county machines, senator nelson late this afternoon, filed a new federal lawsuit. actually i guess secretary of state as well as palm beach county. the 2018 election weekend is over, hand recounting. we are expecting to begin perhaps, this evening. right now is a waiting game here inside of palm beach precinct where the warehouse where they make counting and recounting all of the votes. it is still not over and the new deadline for the hand recount is sunday.
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lou: that room behind you, it does not look like it is filled, i'm sure that is going to take on a little more suspense and drama in the day ahead. as always, good to have you with us. >> not the most exciting warehouse. lou: thank you. phil keating. the white house is president trump visit victims of the california wildfires this saturday. the announcement comes as the number of deaths across the state has risen to 59. hundreds of emergency responders continue to comb through charred remains, fearing more bodies may be buried. claudia is in paradise, california with this story. reporter: it was one week aago today that this became helen or pay the aftermath of the deadliest and most instructive wildfire is still hunting those that survive. >> we try to get back up to see
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our houses. yesterday, it will be four months. paradise is gone. >> totally flattened. nothing left but ashes. you know it is just heartbreaking because we really thought we were going to go back. >> a m scene for search teams looking for those who did not make it. nearly 500 people and two dozen cadaver dogs now coming to the ashes. the county sheriff says dozens of still unaccounted for and the death toll keeps rising. >> during the course of our search, an additional eight human remains were recovered. it brings the total up to 56. reporter: added to the misery and outbreak of the contagious flu like norovirus. at an evacuee shelter.>> said that was just the food. i was like -- it did not settle right. out of nowhere, just hit really hard. reporter: healthcare workers so they do everything possible to stop the spread. >> a lot of cleaning and wiping down services that have contact with food and certainly,
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educating people in the shelter to wash their hands and pay a lot of attention to hygiene. reporter: in southern california they assess the damage from the was a fire. the secretary of interior promising the government will work hand-in-hand with california. going forward we agree there's no silver bullet to these fires. the seasons have got longer, temperatures are hotter. we are in the midst of a historic drought. the solution is working together. reporter: ,wind is helping the fire crews gain the upper hand. they're hoping to get full containment on both fires by the end of the month. but smoke is making the air quality so bad, classes are being canceled in the san francisco bay area.170 miles away. lou: thank you very much. claudia cowan reporting. there are two distinct messages tonight from the president. his demonstration is doing a great job in robert mueller 's
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witchhunt is in chaos. for more, we turn to the chief white house correspondent, john roberts. >> good evening! with all the talks about possible staff changes at the white house, and who will stay and who will go, president trump today insisted that the white house is running smoothly. he pushed back against recent media reports that his support for the u.s. military is lacking. at the marine barracks and later at the white house, the president reinforcing his support for veterans in the military. the president criticized for canceling a visit to an american world war i cemetery last weekend because of his helicopter was grounded. today the president insisting he has gone to great lengths to back the military. >> factors are done a lot. i could -- [applause] goodbye everybody! >> the president took new aim at the mueller investigation in a series a particularly vitriolic tweets this morning
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to the inner workings of mueller investigation are a total mess the president wrote. they found no collision and have gone absolutely nuts. they are screaming and shouting at people. horribly threatening them to come up with the answers they want. they are a disgrace to our nation. and don't care how many lives they ruin. the president also tweeting, universities will someday study what highly conflicted and nuts and approved robert mueller and his gang of democrats dogs have done to destroy people. the presidents renewed attacks on the mueller investigation coupled with his appointment of matt whitaker as interim attorney general stoped sharp reaction today from capitol hill. >> the president ranted about the special counsel investigation. it doesn't matter to him that his claims have no basis. it doesn't matter to him that his words may degrade faith in
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agencies and rule of law. he proceeds only according to self interest to request democrats have called on whitaker to recuse himself from overseeing the mueller investigation. after whitaker met with republican senator, lindsey graham today, lindsey graham saw no reason for him to do that. >> he believes he did not have a reason to recuse himself legally or factually. nothing i have seen would require him to be recused. i think he has gotthe background, the judgment to be , to fulfill the job. reporter: he also shut down jeff flake start to vote against the present judicial nominees and unless the senate takes up legislation to protect the mueller investigation. lindsey graham insisted he sees no need. >> is not to hold judges hostage. after having talked to mr. whitaker in the president, i've zero concerns that the job of mr. miller is in jeopardy. >> the president and his attorneys are still weighing whether to go special counsel, robert mueller, written answers to questions about the rush investigation.if they agree it could happen as soon as
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tomorrow. there appears to be no sense of urgency here at the white house to find a permanent replacement for the departed attorney general, jeff sessions. according to white house officials, matt whitaker can state his position as interim attorney general for at least 200 days. there is every indication, that they like him exactly where he is. lou: john roberts from the white house. thank you. still coming today, we spoke with a congressman who has had enough politics. ask him how he feels about the future of the republican party. and how it compares to what you're feeling, what you are thinking. up next, the national left-wing media continues to bash president trump. they had been at it for almost 2 years now trying to delegitimize the president they resent. my, my, my, the poor darlings. >> sometimes behavior should be unacceptable to anybody who believes in the ideals of american democracy. >> he is very comfortable undermining democratic
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institution. >> where is your party? the president, he has no shame. does no one else? >> the acquisition of order for the series but the president expedition for the mechanics of it are linda fantasy. >> i think dismantling a fundamental pillar of our democracy, which is the same -- >> wow! there on fire. my goodness, they're upset. we take all this up and more after the break. the former trump liberty mutual accident forgiveness means they won't hike your rates over one mistake. see, liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> british prime minister,
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theresa may, maybe in a little trouble fantasy for political life as her cabinet ministers are resigning over her brexit deal. after her brexit proposal was published late last night, two cabinet ministers looked at it and resigned on the spot. including the chief brexit negotiator. she is having a lot of troubles. one pro brexit member calls for her to step aside. the anti-brexit folks in parliament would not mind it either.the 2016 brexit vote by the way, passed with 52 percent support. still, nothing really dumb. but leave the eu or scheduled to on march 29, 2019. that deadline fast approaching
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but of course, the british have not met any other deadlines. so what are we to think? a federal judge expected to rule tomorrow. whether the white house must restore the hard pass of jim acosta. the hearing is scheduled this afternoon. they postponement comes after attorneys for the administration claim the president has the authority to bar any reporter. from the white house and that there has been no violation of first amendment rights. period . joining us tonight to talk about the latest antics of the disappointedmob and the sore losers of the democratic party , former deputy trump campaign manager, david bossie. co-author of the forthcoming book, trump's enemies have a deep status undermining the presidency. available for preorder now. we recommend you do so. they are going to run out of this quickly. david, great to have you with us. >> things are heavy. >> this is amazing to me.
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this lawsuit. this lawsuit is over a reporter who frankly, in my opinion, would be an embarrassment to any news organization. covering the president of the united states. >> he is an embarrassment and that is one of the reasons that the president decided to take the swift action that he did. jim acosta made the press conference a travesty. and he made about himself. it was his ego driven speech to the president that, not a question, not a question but a speech. >> it was an attempt to become a peer of the president of the united states. as a lowly journalist. i mean, the grand eiseman of the role is extraordinary on the part of mr. acosta for the fact of the matter to presume he should be the debating the president in the white house is, it is outrageous! >> of illegal. >> whether the present own thing anyway acted on a timely
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fashion certainly not in a hurried fashion. he has put up with this nonsense since he was standing there before them in the white house press room. >> is amazing how he's impatient with the people. he puts up with more nonsense honestly, i think it is on the front of the president. >> it is a must get to the facts of this for a second. that is that, there is no breach of the first amendment of cnn. cnn has 50 -- [multiple speakers] >> is cheaper than buying ads! you have two bit liars to run a suit against the president at the white house. >> is exactly right. the cnn has 50 hard passes. 50! more than anybody else! so they have the ability to have people they are covering this president and asking questions. >> they were more people in
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white house the president does. that's when they will be happy. >> that is accurate. look, this is going to end in court and we're going to see exactly what a federal judge believes but i think that this white house has put forth an argument that says, that they've not breached the first amendment of jim acosta or cnn. >> is nothing anyone should take very seriously! if ever they were a frivolous lawsuit, this is it! and all the folks her joining into this thing, i mean they know what is! this is a publicity stunt on the part of cnn and they are getting all of this airtime. most especially, we are talking about it. >> they're desperate for ratings. and that is what they do. a show like this. >> this president, there are no shows like this david. we've had this before. you have to stop it. you have to stop. i'm going to wait to see what your response is to that. i'm going to wait you out, david. >> what? about the, the show that cnn is putting on a court is what i'm
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talking about. that is what i'm talking about. the show that they're putting on a court.>> i was mortally offended! [laughter] >> let's turn to the press attempts, the national left-wing media the democratic party efforts, really honest, the republican establishment efforts as well as that of the radicaldems . they've been trying to delegitimize this president since day one. of his election. and it has reached absurd levels. and so quickly. but now, it drags on and on. there are no new words for them to new tactics. these people have become more numerous, they have become burdensome to anything amounting to civil dialogue. this president should not have to put up with this nonsense and yet, he is tolerant of the special counsel, has been investigated for over two
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years. the fbi and the special counsel. this president and the charge of collusion. it is absurd. but we are watching you know millions of illegal immigrants cross our borders and many of them, voting in the past election, a couple of weeks ago. and having immense impact. if there as yale and mit, 20 million illegal immigrants already in the country know what that means for the district of the u.s. congress and the influence that they are giving to, for example, the state of california! illinois. new york. and the burden on our economy. >> is not going to have much effect. i'm sorry? >> and the burden on our economy to bring along with it. >> yes, but the president himself acknowledging the last week that yes, the country needs labor. and it does. but why the koch brothers? go on with illegal immigration system.they want to have a koch brothers immigration
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system.wall street wants -- >> they want cheap labor. at all costs, open borders and so that they can make -- >> why doesn't this administer should stop it now? it is in their power. he has got troops on the border. he has called upon his secretaries of the department of homeland security. the department of defense, my god, what does it take? are we just sitting here, helpless against anyone who wants to cross that border? and to have their way with the american way. >> it certainly seems that way. especially with democrat takeover of the house. you're not going to have any legislative -- >> are you kidding me? are you kidding me david? with paul ryan and those that make up the leadership team. one is now, the speaker designate. they did more to crush this presidents plans for a wall, they refused to appropriate. this not a democrat/republican
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thing. that is a fiction. this is a president who has been betrayed by his party. and he is being right now, betrayed by some in his own administration. >> are exactly right. all i was going to add on is when the new speaker of the house wants to destroy i.c.e., destroy the men and women of i.c.e. and destroy the organization, create open borders and immigration policy coming out of that house. that is even worse than what we have now. it is hard to imagine what this president is going to be able to fight. >> the new minority leader., big difference? >> we will see exactly what trevor look, i believe kevin mccarthy will look. that we are all the freedom caucus now. i think that is the approach that he has to take in being in the minority and as minority leader. he has to join and band together with the conservative caucus. >> after the broadcast, you and i can make a small bet and wager. we can leave it there.
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david bossie, it is great to have you with us. and the presidents enemies you know, i think it is a timely subject. we wish you well with your book. come back soon and will continue right here. thank you so much, david. be sure to vote in today's pole. what's more important? securing the borders or reforming prisons? does there have to be a choice? that is the question today. we want to know your cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs like me on facebook, follow me on instagram @lou dobbs tonight. in tijuana, steps are from american soil.we have a live report. there you are. also tonight, reaction the washington times with us. we will be right back. autism spectrum disorder he didn't have any friends as a result it broke my heart. ♪brother let me be your shelter♪
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that was the inspiration behind my non-profit "score a friend" go! educating people to include the people with differences is so important because when jacob's included he feels like he can succeed in life and he feels like he actually has a purpose. cuz, um, i thought that was what i needed to do. we got our orders to go overseas and i went to baghdad, iraq. we were transporting a bomb sniffing dog to the polling stations. we rolled over two anti-tank mines, it blew my humvee up, killed my sergeant. after the explosion, i suffered a closed head injury,
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um, traumatic brain injury, loss of a limb, burns to 60% of my body. when the doctors told me i reached my plateau, i did not want to hear that because i do not believe i have a plateau. so, i had to prove 'em wrong, which i am doing to this day and i will still do until the end of my days. i've gotten to where i am at because of my family. and, the wounded warrior project has helped me more than i can ever imagine. they have really been there to support me in my endeavors. my number one goal, basically, is to get close to where i was. i am more than ready to work hard to get to that goal. i am living proof to never give up and i will never give up. >> more than a dozen illegal
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immigrants from the lead caravan were arrested for illegally crossing our border
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with mexico last night near tijuana. 650 more were arrested, just a few short hours away from arizona this week. the central american migrants began arriving in tijuana earlier this week, thousands more are now expected to arrive shortly. doctors chris bennett, william longeness, has been for the past couple of weeks, during the caravan and tonight, he is in tijuana and has the latest for us. william? reporter: have to tell you, the shelters here in tijuana are full. the city has opened a ymca. we think that there are about 2000 here right now. i also want to show you, they ran out of food, the truck pulled up with some beans and rice and there was a line here about a block long but i think it is the food is all gone. the destination of course was
4:31 am
here but they want to go to the nine states printer one, canada, number two mexico -- some know that they will be used as a publicity stunt near the border. they don't want that. number two, they said listen, we just want to know what the rules are. some thought i could just knock on the door and they will let us in. most are not aware they cannot. the rules have changed they cannot simply go in and claim asylum and get in. mexico has already offered asylum to these individuals. your asylum claim here, lithosphere for mexico, is not going to probably go well. you will be arrested and prosecuted. you will ultimately be returned to your country. basically, there is three potential options here. what is going on here? this is food, they're bringing more food. people are really hungry. we have seen three
4:32 am
possibilities. number one, some stay in claim asylum. number two, a patient and try to impress the border illegally or number three, they stay in mexico, get money and hire a coyote. >> there are some other possibilities in that as well. they could return home and the organizers could be feeding them and providing shelter. it seems like the least that they can do with all of these grandiose promises they made these poor people. >> number one, i do not think they will go -- with that he repeatedly, opposite, that they've nothing. they are starting with their kids and so forth. it is possible they will return home but remember they have the opportunity for the last five weeks they've chosen not to. instead, came here not knowing a lot about what was going to happen. i heard people repeating the same not going to worry about until get there. or i'm not going back it is too far. it is definitely the last option. >> i was just going to say that
4:33 am
we need to remember that they've also been informed by u.s. officials at the midpoint between mexico city and guatemala, what was going to happen and along the way. that they had been denied the opportunity for the old form as you put it of refugee status. which is what the coyotes have been rehearsing so many border crossers for years! this is just a sad and pathetic exploitation of people who as you point out, in their home countries, impoverished and seeking help. this is an ignorant display to witness.and shame on all of those associated with making these people into victims. it is disgusting. i think the nonprofit organizations who have organized this and just for the injured these people, really should be held accountable. what do you think? >> you are right, lou.
4:34 am
there is a push and pull there. we know jobs in reno that these people think they'll get work if they get in. they not realize how hard the border really is. but you also write that at the front end, they were not informed entirely. what was going to happen. organizers knew that and did not tell them. >> absolutely! william longeness, thank you for keeping us up-to-date on this journey on part of these people. and we will be back to you tomorrow. william longeness, reporting from tijuana. up next, deadlines missed and ms in florida. we will get people sitting around the table checking out well -- ballots. did they mean to do this? do they mean to do that? over counted under counts, it will be exciting. we take that up when we continue. and tammy bruce joins me right and tammy bruce joins me right
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i want some more what's he doin? please sir. i want some more more? he has asked for... thank you well he did say please yes he did and, thank you (all boys): thank you, thank you, thank you. >> on wall street stocks moving
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higher. the dow jones industrial rallying 209 points breaking a four-day losing streak. s&p of "countdown to the closing bell", the nasdaq up 123. volume on the big board 3.8 billion shares. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network.
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current house minority leader, democrat nancy pelosi, facing unexpected opposition within her party. as she tries to regain the house speaker ship in the next session. 17 current and incoming democratic lawmakers signing a letter pledging not to support nancy pelosi. it is unthinkable. the democrats poised to occupy 234 seats in the next congress. nancy pelosi can only afford to lose 16 in order to gain the necessary 218 to end the speakers gavel. join me not to talk about this in the recount battle in florida and more, editorial director, -- good to see you. and bruce, washington times comments, good to see you. and all of a sudden, we care about whether or not nancy pelosi is speaker or not? i have not gotten use to ryan as speaker.>> i am, i missed
4:40 am
nancy. actually, maybe it should be maxine waters. that will be fun too. isn't it interesting that the number of people who signed the letter, just read on the margin the numbers that she needs. which means that all of them will be able to demonstrate to their constituents that they opposed her but she in the end, will have enough +1. >> you think it is a sham?>> i do, indeed. >> what you think? >> i think you will be a speaker but come and winded. it's interesting after the election, one of the first is the presence of the night state said that they were speaking nicely about nancy pelosi and he wants to see her. and they have may have compromised part of it. >> the president would never do that. >> she comes in with that i think she is a tough task ahead of her. she'll have a caucus that showed distaste for, is not going to be abiding by her leadership and that she is too weak on trump. >> olivia expression! >> -- i love the expression.
4:41 am
>> she is the fundraiser and they know that she brings in money and that is what's going to drive them. >> yes, ocasio-cortez will be on cable news and take over the party. >> that will be great too! >> never before, have the democrats be led by an intern! she says she keeps getting mistaken for an intern. i think she is a conflict within herself whether she is complement it or annoyed a bit. but the truth is, the election right now, we do not know the outcome. a number of seats still obviously unknown and in florida. the mess again, your thoughts about what's going on there and how much can the democrats afford to steal? >> i think the democrats are no listen. the governors race is fully settled. the senate race, barring some
4:42 am
last-minute shenanigans here is going to also go to the republicans. but the end election florida in general, people think how inefficient can you get? in fact, it is so inefficient you cannot vote for it to become more efficient. they have a lot of problems in florida. everything for missing ballots, precincts entirely not being counted, machines being broken, the vote tabulated is being given the day off. >> can i make a suggestion though? i think in the end, democrats want to see this and i think amanda knowing they will lose florida and georgia, they want these republican victories to be thought of as illegitimate. so something that cannot be trusted. that -- >> when did they ever come up with that strategy? >> anna, unheard of. that is the goal. as a result really, would the russians love to make the american people not trust their electoral system? this is exactly what is happening through the inner workings of what the democrats
4:43 am
are doing. i find it just heartbreaking and i think really, illustrative of what the democrats now think more about. not the country but what they want. >> to your point tammy, remember october 2016, donald trump was on stage with hillary clinton and donald trump was challenged whether or not he would accept the legitimacy of the election results when he lost. the new york times wrote that it was an affront to the very foundation of democracy that they would dare question the results of an election. >> that's right. >> they have republished that statement so many times now in two years. it is amazing how they have held hillary clinton accountable for her conduct that night. and forgiven the president. it is quite a place new york. >> she has become the road model. clearly number must accept the results of elections on the democratic side. the american people should take note of that. >> republicans should learn
4:44 am
from it. why except results if you lose? fight it and maybe prevail. republicans look, i don't know. they don't seem to have a lot of -- as a matter fact checker we have to leave it on that. >> there you go. >> thank you so much. vince coglianese, tammy bruce, good to have you with us. next, right here, the latest of the devastating damage in california. also more on the recount battle of florida. and we have a congressman joining us next. you'll find it fascinating as we look back on 2000. we look back on 2000. we will be right back.
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>> cool weather moving to california helping with the deadliest fire, firefighters have been fighting the so-called campfire. it is 40 percent contained now. to the south, the woolly . . radical dem
4:49 am
senator nelson. karen walker, the wife of a judge has donated 502 nelsons campaigns. the question has to be asked if judge walker will recuse himself from any cases involving nelson or any other democrat. notice how i picked up the democratic thing about recusal? we'll see if it works. our next guest witnessed the same corruption taking place in broward and palm beach counties. 18 years ago. he was an election recount attorney. during the george w. bush time. we have congressman of indiana, member of the budget committee good to have you with us. we appreciate it. you have to wonder, as you're looking at broward and palm beach counties again, what is going on? >> i have to tell you, i cannot
4:50 am
help but think our friend yogi berra, it is dcjc vu all over again. in one sense it is the same thing that i tried to correct in florida some 18 years ago. and later when i became the indiana secretary state across the nation, here we are again. a big difference though this time, big difference. in 2000 for mr. bush, we were worried about you know, a couple hundred votes. i understand now there are over 10,000 votes in another way it is very different. >> and apparently, i live this expression. beyond the margin of fraud. but i'm not quite that comfortable with that expression. even though it is at the very minimum in the case of scott walker, some 10 or 12,000 votes. and even more for ron desantis, who appears to be the new
4:51 am
elected governor in florida. >> congratulations to my friend ron. but this business i think, we have to take a look at this pretty cannot hold the country hostage like this any longer. >> it is frankly obscene. and the obvious disregard for the gravity and the importance of this election on the part of the election supervisors. they couldn't be more blasc if they tried. >> it is really the same for the people of florida. that is real who is hurt here. i mean around the nation but you know floridians themselves, they do not deserve this reputation. >> let's talk about the republican party. the outgoing speaker, paul ryan, will be going to work for someone who will put a lot of money in his pockets. i'm sure that he is very comfortable and familiar with the person but my gosh, congressman, this is now a
4:52 am
situation where we have his number two in a leadership team that is establishment and it has the president all the way. what in the world is president trump going to do when his friends and often more effective enemies than his enemies? >> you're probably interviewing the wrong guy. >> i like someone that is knowledgeable. >> i am a huge supporter of president trump. he has done so many good things. >> you are the right guy! [laughter] >> but really he has to solve this. maybe it is a power-sharing kind of deal in maybe it's not. but the president does have the ability to really affect the internal dialogue here. i think he already has. let's wait and see. think jim jordan is a strong candidate and you will have a strong race. he is good for the country. kevin is also a friend. but yes, he comes from a different part of the country.
4:53 am
he has you know, a different constituency in his district. >> is he going to do the same thing that paul ryan did? >> i will tell you what, i do not know. they are two good men. i like them both. i am much more conservative but i like both of these guys. when i saw the new leadership team up there yesterday, it had the policy chairman, he is a conservative. it had mark walker, that is good news. and i've steve scalise up there. have a good balance. and give them a chance. >> we will give him a chance! there is no choice it is the way the system works. the fact is, we would also be idiots if we did not take note of the fact that kevin mccarthy is a ryan acolyte and also among the leadership team that refused to fund the border wall that the president promised the america people.this is deeply disturbing that the president who is fighting, he is fighting establishment of both parties.
4:54 am
the business establishment, the corporate, globalist, my god! no president has had to contend with the forces within. >> and we are all allowed to learn. i think represent her mccarthy has learned he is very strong on the border wall bill. now let's hold him and the rest of us frankly accountable for getting the funding. >> will be interesting as he said, to see. but we will watch. very carefully. >> thank you. >> todd rokita, thank you so much. and the white house and cnn. when you think of miami you
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4:59 am
scott and bill nelson. a federal judge delaying a decision on whether the trump administration has to return the hard pass of jim acosta. he's an embarrassment. that's one of the reasons the president decided to take the swift action he did. jim acosta made that press conference a -- a travesty. and he made it about himself. it was not a question, but a speech. lou: more than a dozen illegal immigrants arrested for illegally crossing the u.s. borderer last night near tijuana. thousands more are on their way. which is more important to you. securing our borders or reforming our prisons.
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cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs. we thank you for being with us tonight. good night from new >> investing never works, right now we are in market, doesn't take much at all for people to drift. lauren: investors digest brexit turmoil. we saw swing 500 points for the dow, it did end up 208. >> lots of volatility, checking u.s. stock market futures, let's take a look, dow down 47, s&p


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