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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 20, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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worth of tariffs to put on if we don't make a deal and believe me, i'll be putting them on. lou: that's it for us tonight. congressman matt yates and investigative journalist sarah carter among our guests tomorrow night. please join us. thanks for being with us tonight. good night from new york. well, you go to the ninth circuit and it's a disgrace. i'm going to put in a major complaint, because you cannot win if you're a case in the ninth circuit and i think it's a disgrace. this was an obama judge, and i'll tell you what, it's not going to happen like this anymore. trish: breaking tonight, president trump blasting the liberal-leaning ninth circuit court, aka, the 99th after a judge appointed by president obama blocked the trump administration from denying asylum to migrants who enter the country illegally. the legal setback comes as
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thousands of migrants right now are making their way towards our border this evening. thousands of others are already camping out in the border city of tijuana. residents are taking to the streets, just take a look at those pictures, to protest against their presence. they don't want them there. meanwhile, we have homeland security telling us 500 of the people trying to get through the border tonight, 500 of those thousands are known criminals. known felons. and we can only process 100 a day, so with 6,000 there camped out on the border right there near tijuana, just miles from san diego, what do we do about it all? well, the president is trying to invoke some kind of legal action but apparently, the ninth circuit ain't having it. joining me, trial attorney misty marks who said you know what, this feels a lot like the travel ban of just a short time ago. misty, explain. >> yeah. so i was having a little bit of
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deja vu because with the travel ban, it was actually in the ninth circuit which has a reputation of being known as the nutty nine which issued the same injunction. ultimately, as we remember back in june 2018, the ninth circuit was overruled, and the supreme court actually said that some executive order with respect to the travel ban was valid based on the president's broad authority over immigration, and i think that's the path that we are on right now with this latest development. trish: they want to keep challenging. you have an obama judge, obama-appointed judge here making this decision. but you know, the ninth circuit certainly has a history and pattern of behavior just like this, and they have a pattern of being shot down by the supreme court. it's just unfortunate we have to once again go through all of this. i would say, you know, look, the president has limited powers but when it comes to the safety and security of the united states of
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america, if he proceeds, a group of people coming in as an actual threat, as he did with the travel ban, shouldn't he have the right as the president to secure our nation? >> that's exactly it, trish. that's why that june 2018 decision is so important right now, because this is a tongue twister, but the united states supreme court precedent is on the president's side. it said that he can suspend entry of individuals into the united states if it's a national security issue, in the national interest, and we're facing an emergency at the united states/mexican border. that's what this is all based on, his proclamatibleming lclam tailored to say you have to come through the legal port of entry. trish: we are starting to lose you.
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i'm not sure if we can keep going with you. you started to say you just have to kind of do things through the proper channels. that said, historically, i think others would argue that well, you used to be able to do it this way, you used to be able to come here, be here illegally, then apply for asylum because the thinking being if things were that bad in your home country, you have somehow had to figure out your way here and then apply after the fact. he's simply saying is this a temporary thing, that we will change this for now because we are facing this massive threat tonight on our border. >> trump is looking to make this the law of the land at some point, and because of this emergency situation, time is of the essence. i think we are going to see this particular case be expedited to the supreme court. look, there are very smart folks over in the administration who knew this would be challenged, but they know that there is legal precedent out there that says that the president of the united states has broad authority over immigration to protect our country.
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trish: well, i would think logically, as he should. the president would have knowledge of threats and intelligence that not everyone else, certainly those judges on the ninth, would have. misty, very good to see you. thank you for joining us. nearly three dozen migrants are being turned over for deportation tonight in tijuana. after being arrested for offenses including drug possession, public intoxication and disturbing the peace. all of them, according to authorities, are men. all of this as the u.s. army is now considering shifting some troops to tijuana. joining me, a guy who has had enough and is taking things into his own hands. militia organizer, texas minutemen president, shannon mclaughley back with us. good to see you again. do we need more troops in tijuana right now? >> i believe we do and we need more in brownsville and --
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trish: you're one of them. you are a local guy there who started his own militia and you have people who joined you in this effort as you try to patrol the border where you are. what is the sense right now there on the border tonight in texas? what are people saying that you talk to as they see these pictures coming in of all the unrest on the california side? >> well, they are trying to prepare for it here. the whole point is if we had a wa wall, the federal court ruling wouldn't matter because they would still have to come over through the port of entry. but what the locals in the -- well, in mcallen near the ports of entry you see the razor wire but in the rural area, you don't see any razor wire. i talked to an agent and he said it didn't make sense to him that there wasn't any razor wire in the rural area. trish: the department of homeland security has expressed
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a lot of concern in terms of who is in the group, not just those that are trying to stampede the border where you are, but also on the tijuana, mexican, california side. their concern, sir, is that there are felons among the group, 500 of them. they also expressed concern about the potential for terrorists and this again is from dhs. i also spoke with vice president pence most recently, who told me he has intelligence that there are leftist radical groups in latin america that are aiding these groups of migrants, helping them to make their way to the border because they deliberately want to see this kind of political chaos both from mexico and for us. where does that leave you with the local militiamen? >> we are going to observe and report any suspicious activity but i'm getting calls from several landowners, like i have to go up to del rio to visit one because he has drug smuggling
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across his property and he wants people to help him observe and report on his property, so that's my next agenda, as soon as i have time to leave brownsville. so i'm getting calls from several landowners. trish: you know, if you had a border and it was properly enforced, you wouldn't have to do that. right? you wouldn't be getting those calls. >> like i said previously, lack of border security and visa management, you know, led us to 9/11 and then the patriot act. i'm afraid that something else is going to lead to more of our liberties being stolen from us by the people that are supposed to provide us security. trish: i mentioned this before, i don't know if you and i have talked about this, but i'm always struck by these pictures, because as we reported, some of those arrests happening in tijuana tonight are all men, actually, and when you look at these pictures, there's a lot of young men. i don't see the women and children that the mainstream media keeps telling us is there.
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i'm sure they are, somewhere, but when you see this and you are trying to patrol it yourself, what is most common? who do you typically come across? >> well, the other day we saw a group of ten, and there was one female with them but no children, and we tracked them and border patrol pursued them and captured them. that was in brownsville. trish: and what happened to them after they were taken by border patrol? >> i'm sure they went in for processing and they were given whatever option they have available to them. we feel like they're probing us right now so that they can contact the caravan organizers and tell them where the most -- where the easiest spots are. trish: all right. well, shannon, thank you. appreciate you joining us as always. this story is not letting up, and we're not letting up, either. we will continue watching it
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here every night throughout the hour for you, as thousands more try and make their way to the united states of america illegally. breaking tonight, president trump submitting written answers to special counsel robert mueller. this before heading down to florida for thanksgiving at mar-a-lago. fox news white house correspondent kevin cork is in west palm beach, florida. you get around there. what's the latest? hey, kevin. reporter: lucky me, right? i certainly drew the long straw. what an amazing city this is. let me just say this, trish. there is no doubt that there's a great deal of frustration on behalf of the administration as it relates to this russia probe. that is not new. but what is new, obviously, is the description that we learned today, the release of the questions submitted to the mueller probe team by the president of the united states. about which, by the way, rudy giuliani had a great deal to say in a statement that we got from the white house. let me share part of it for your viewers here tonight. the mayor of new york, former mayor, saying this, among other things. it has been our position from
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the outset that much of what has been asked raised serious constitutional issues and was beyond the scope of a legitimate inquiry. this remains our position today. he goes on to say this. the president has nonetheless provided unprecedented cooperation. it is time to bring this inquiry to a conclusion. that from mayor rudy giuliani, counsel to the president. so the next move is obviously in the hands of robert mueller, the special counsel. he will now have a chance, trish, to review the answers, he will compare them with the answers from previous respondents and then he will determine if now's the time to go ahead and file that report, or look for more information. meanwhile, as the president made his way down here to the beautiful sunshine state for the thanksgiving holiday, he was asked if he wouldn't further punish saudi arabia for its role in the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi. >> it's all about america first. we're not going to give up
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hundreds of billions of dollars in orders and let russia, china and everybody else have them. it's all about for me, very simple, it's america first. i'm not going to destroy the world economy and i'm not going to destroy the economy for our country by being foolish with saudi arabia. reporter: the president was clear when he said listen, we may not ever know exactly who was behind the murder of that saudi journalist, but he was also very clear to say today he accepts the word of the crown prince that he had nothing to do with it. trish? trish: thank you very much. straight ahead, she lost the election fair and square, but georgia gubernatorial candidate stacy abrams just can't let it go. sounds familiar, right? watch. >> brian kemp oversaw for eight years the systematic and systemic dismantling of our democracy and that means there could not be free and fair elections in georgia this year. trish: somebody else's fault. president obama, meanwhile, taking a swipe at president
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trump, suggesting, this is a new one, he has mommy issues. it's a new one and a new low, frankly, for the former president. i am setting the record straight. plus, michael avenatti was a favorite guest on mainstream media. where have they been? why haven't they covered his arrest? the liberal media's bias at its very best, coming up. your insurance rates skyrocket
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trish: new tonight, democrat stacy abrams losing georgia's gubernatorial race to republican brian kemp but you know, she just can't let it go. >> it was not a free and fair election. brian kemp oversaw for eight years the systematic and systemic dismantling of our democracy, and that means there could not be free and fair elections in georgia this year. the law as it stands says that he received an adequate number of votes to become the governor of georgia. and i acknowledge the law as it stands. but we know sometimes the law does not do what it should, and that something being legal does not make it right. trish: so brian kemp stole it? why is it the democrats can't seem to accept results when they
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don't fall in their favor? it just happens over and over and over again, right? it's either russia or it's an unfair election or you know, they didn't count all the votes in florida. by the way, i haven't heard any republicans complaining in arizona. they had quite a squeaker right there and lost the senate seat. here with me now, fox news contributor, dineen borelli and ethan bierman. ethan, to you first. what is it? if they don't win, it's sour grapes over and over and over again. >> well, in this case, we have some real serious issues. the supreme court in 2013 essentially dismantled the voting rights act, and secretary of state kemp oversaw the election, his own election, the referee is the one who is in charge of deciding the game and controlling the rules of the game. that causes problems in the exact match rule in georgia, it's deeply problematic. stacy abrams is right there are
11:19 pm
problems with the process in georgia. he did win and he's now going to be governor kemp and we all acknowledge that. but the issue is the exact -- it's because of the way they did the exact match. that was a settlement with the aclu that kemp himself did, and then he went behind their back and went to the legislature and said well, i know the court settled and i said that we won't do this, so go ahead and pass a law that does what i just said we wouldn't do here in the state of georgia. trish: she's shaking her head so i'm going to her for the other side of things. >> so much to unpack here, trish. listen, the local and county officials are the ones who are controlled with the elections. mr. kemp did not have anything to do with it. on the other hand, i want to mention how much of a sore loser stacy abrams is. i mean, this so-called non-concession speech, who does that? great example she's setting for future generations.
11:20 pm
she clearly did not have enough votes to win this election and she is continuing to throw a temper tantrum on the public stage. trish: isn't that what happens? i hate to interrupt you, because you're on a roll, but i have seen this movie played out before. i have only to think of the 2016 election and hillary clinton, and we're still hearing how somehow it was russia's fault. in other words, there seems to be a lot of finger pointing as opposed to saying, you know, maybe i need to offer the right policies, maybe i need to make sure that i'm doing a better job to help my constituents to make sure they have jobs, and the ability to take care of their families and put food on the table, and they're not doing enough of that, but they're sure out there complaining. >> sure. well, listen, she is a progressive. she believes more in the power of big government than the individual, and with her throwing this temper tantrum, she has really ignited the hollywood elite mob, who wants
11:21 pm
the tv and film industry to boycott georgia, who gets the tax breaks in that industry. that's going to harm the local citizens who have jobs in that industry. she's hurting the voters as well. trish: yeah. you know, ethan, i worry about the country right now, okay? i worry, we are going to talk about this later in the show, about how divided we are, but i worry as well about this direction of the left and i think that you can probably, i hope, have sort of a rational view on this, because the sort of finger pointing and also the sort of increasing element of socialism that's creeping into your party right now, i don't think it's healthy for the country and so when i say i would prefer to see democrats offer worthwhile policies and win fair and square, as opposed to griping about it after the fact and they didn't like the way this went or that went, i think that actually a lot of americans might agree with me. your thoughts?
11:22 pm
>> well, i think the democrats just won the house of representatives on the message of health care and the fact that we want to make sure the people have access to health care, are covered for pre-existing conditions. we are worried about things like infrastructure and i'm hoping that we can come to an agreement with republicans and come up with an infrastructure bill that will work for americans. trish: don't hold your breath. i would love to see you guys do that. any chance? >> i would love it but i still think -- i think so, but i still -- i want to go back to georgia for a second. one person, one vote, that's a democracy. if there's a policy in place that minimizes people's ability to vote because they put a period on their d.r. instead of -- and they wrote drive on the voter registration -- >> that's the law, ethan. that is the law. >> it's not okay. >> if the citizens want to change that -- trish: hang on. the flipside of that is they also have a law that says if you do not put your birth date down,
11:23 pm
the year that you were born, your vote's still counted. it's still counted, okay? just to clarify. maybe it works both ways. i have always been a little shocked by that because i thought, you know, hey, what if you're not even old enough to vote. apparently birth date doesn't matter. dineen, i want to make one quick correction. i don't know if i heard you correctly on this. i know you said they are really getting fired up, the hollywood element, in georgia or rather, about georgia, and that they want to boycott funding. for what it's worth, i give her credit for this, stacy abrams has said no, that's not the right thing. >> she pushed back. yes. trish: that's good. i would like to see more leadership like that than all the griping and the sour grapes we keep getting. anyway, we will see how it goes. thank you both so much for joining us tonight. former president barack obama suggesting our country isn't making any progress because apparently, we all got mommy issues.
11:24 pm
okay. so who's the "we" and what did he mean by mommy issues? i'm a mommy. i don't like the sound of it. and fame-loving attorney michael avenatti maintaining his innocence tonight as his alleged accuser files a restraining order against him. so where's the liberal media on this? why aren't they covering this story? hey, remember when networks like cnn and msnbc had mr. avenatti on, what, every day? to blast president trump and brett kavanaugh? the liberal media's double standards, next. don't
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we are still confused, shrouded with hate, anger, raci racism, mommy issues.
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trish: mommy issues? that's a new one, huh? what is president obama suggesting, or inferring, may i ask, when he says we collectively? us as americans have mommy issues? i don't appreciate it, i'll just say. i'm a woman, i'm a mother. i don't like the reference to mommy issues. i don't even quite know where he's going with this. i actually had to look it up on urban dictionary today. it ain't pretty. so why is a former president of the united states of america suggesting that our country has mommy issues? lousy thing to say, right? joining me, former senior adviser to hillary clinton. maybe you can tell me. what's he mean? >> i'm sorry, i'm tearing up a little bit thinking about my own mommy issues. trish: you know what, not funny. not funny. not funny.
11:30 pm
no, you know what? i like you, but i don't like that. i don't like that kind of tone from him. i don't think that's right. i don't like the term. and i don't like what it's suggesting about mommies or women. >> i'll tell you what i think. trish: it wasn't appropriate. >> he, a few sentences later, said he was being a little too cerebral. look, i think i know what he was saying, i don't know why the hell he said it that way, to be perfectly honest. my first thought when i saw it was thank god hillary didn't say it because that's the kind of thing i would be spending all night talking about. i would rather defend barack obama than her saying it. i think his point, especially if you remove those two words, which frankly were weird, i'm not going to sit here and defend them. trish: i appreciate your honesty on that. seriously, because i didn't like it. i really didn't like hearing that. >> i don't think he meant it to make you not like it. i think he was literally just
11:31 pm
thinking out loud and his point, i think, was to say we are not getting anything done because we are so busy hating each other. and it's a valid point. trish: again, like what does that have to do with mommy issues? i don't want to have to get urban dictionary out. i don't understand his logic or his word choice. >> i think he was just leaning for something to say but we have a weird history of progress on this kind of stuff. we tend to not have a steady rise in race relations and gender issues. we tend to take two steps forward, one step back, and i think he's talking about that a little bit in the sense that -- trish: the mommy issue is gender issues or mommy issues is -- >> he said mysogeny, he said racism. i think he's basically saying we are killing each other and letting things like climate change go to, you know, and i -- trish: all right. you know what, he says that, and
11:32 pm
he's using mommy issues again as some kind of excuse, which i find derogatory and unnecessary. >> i don't think he meant it that way. trish: i certainly hope not. you got to be careful, when you're the former president of the united states. >> i know. trish: there's a certain amount of decorum he should offer when he's onstage there and he's talking about us as a country. i look at the challenges our country had under barack obama and i'm just increasingly disappointed in him and what he could have accomplished. i mean, certainly, from an economic sense -- >> i think he himself is a little confused. i think he's going to be writing about this in his book but from what i've read of other people who worked for him is that he's having a hard time understanding how the country went from him to donald trump, and i don't mean that in any kind of really horrible way. i think he's literally trying to understand the overlap between his voters, because remember, one out of every five people who
11:33 pm
voted for donald trump not only voted for barack obama in 2012, on election day in 2016, they continued to approve of the job barack obama was doing. it's a really strange dynamic that i don't think anyone really understands. trish: can i help to explain for you? >> sure. trish: i think that the country was so excited and they were so hopeful for everything that he could have done, you know, it was so symbolic, right, to have our first african-american president, and i think a lot of people felt it was long overdue, and then you look at the deterioration in things like race relations during his eight years in office, and i think it speaks to the disappointment that many americans have for what he could have accomplished and instead of us being more united with an african-american president, how wonderful was that, we became increasingly divided by things like race. >> i look at the last two years
11:34 pm
and i think the same thing and worse about donald trump. we're on a trajectory and i would like to think again, i have been around him enough to know when he's being too cute by half in making a comment. he was trailing off. i really don't think he meant it in any kind of way. i can understand why some people would take it, i don't know who he was directing it at, but i think he was saying it in a way that was going on as larger than him, larger than donald trump, and is coming at a real cost on things that we actually shared agreement about. so for instance, we can kill each other over supreme court justices, over gun control, but there are things that we all share and should be on the same page about, and we're not even discussing them because we are too busy killing each other over literally, you know, whether he said something -- trish: he's not helping, right? he's not helping with rhetoric like that. >> i don't think it's his new stump speech. trish: not if you have anything to do with it.
11:35 pm
he needs to get a few better talking points down. >> look, again, i'm just glad hillary didn't say it. trish: good to see you. thank you. coming up straight ahead, media loving attorney michael avenatti noticeably absent from the liberal media's coverage. why downplaying his arrest a september to remember, starts with a december to remember at the lexus december to remember sales event. lease the 2018 rx 350 for $429 a month
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trish: the mainstream media really and truly showing its bias, liberal bias, once again tonight. fame-loving attorney michael avenatti reportedly appeared more than 200 times, that's a lot of tv work, huh? with cnn and msnbc. but is now, what do you know, missing in action from both networks after his arrest on felony domestic violence charges last week. the networks are almost completely ignoring the story, including the latest twist tonight which is that a judge is now approving a restraining order against avenatti by an
11:40 pm
actress who claims he dragged her by the arm across the floor of his apartment just a week ago. we should say mr. avenatti has repeatedly denied the allegations and last time i checked, you're innocent until proven guilty, right? joining me now, media reporter for the hill and reporter for fox nation. good to see you both. they love having him on tv when he could criticize brett kavanaugh and now they don't really care about doing the story anymore. he's suddenly not newsworthy. what's going on? >> you brought up that 200 times number. it should be known that that happened more than 200 times, avenatti appearing on cnn and msnbc, in a six-month period. we're not talking over years. he was on sometimes twice, three times a day on those networks, going back and forth between the two buildings. look, the worst kind of bias, trish, is the bias of omission. that's when you hide news from viewers. it's one thing to be openly
11:41 pm
biased or be not a partisan or non-partisan objective anchor. it's another thing all together to not report big news. this is big news. i'm with you, you have to give him his due process. i know brett kavanaugh was guilty until proven innocent. michael avenatti like anybody else should be innocent until proven guilty, but to not report this story when it's all over everywhere else in terms of this restraining order and the felony charges against him, they are not doing their viewers a service here, and it is shameful that they could have him on so often when he's accusing brett kavanaugh or donald trump or anybody else of things, particularly with those julie swetnick allegations, and not even report it now, i don't even know what to say anymore. trish: yeah. disappointing and yet not all that surprising. britt, you know, there are some out there that say this is somehow poetic justice or karma or whatever. again, i would reiterate, look, the country we live in, you are innocent until proven guilty.
11:42 pm
but certainly i suppose it doesn't look good, right? i mean, here's the guy who like accused brett kavanaugh of all kinds of things, went after donald trump and don't forget, one of his witnesses, a couple of his witnesses didn't even pan out. his clients, you know, took back what they said. so britt, what's your take? >> yeah, julie swetnick, who nbc put on prime time news without corroborating any of her sources. senator chuck grassley recommending both of them, michael avenatti and julie swetnick, to the department of justice to have more investigation there, but then when this happened, when the news first broke almost a week ago, i actually watched cnn and some other networks to see if they would discuss it in their prime time lineup, for about 20 minutes. i saw nothing. i think it's shameful and you know what else, too, trish, i have someone in my family who suffered from domestic violence, very personal side. i saw the pictures, i saw her pain. i read this article, put the
11:43 pm
partisanship aside for a second, this woman has visible bruises in these photos that were released, and no matter what else comes out of this, why is she not a #metoo victim? i think it's shameful. trish: apparently there is just a double standard, right? it's the reason why the left has -- look, i say this all the time -- a lock on feminism, for example, right? why should they be the only feminists? why can't a conservative woman care enough about equality for women? somehow, just the fact you're conservative apparently, you know, that's one big strike against you. you know this as a conservative woman. >> oh, yeah. the backlash that you get when there's a huge distinction, too, with brett kavanaugh. those charges were 30 plus years ago. no one could corroborate the story. so of course, to your point, we want to see innocent until proven guilty. we want to see due process. but here, it's 2018 and within a week we see photos, we have
11:44 pm
neighbors' stories coming out. there's a lot of damning evidence against him and for no other networks to discuss it is shameful. trish: yeah. joe, what does this mean for his presidential aspirations? because he's still talking about it, right? >> oh, yeah. no, he still says he's running because he figures the only way he can get back on tv at this point is to be a 2020 presidential candidate. but look, to britt's point, it shows you how much the #metoo movement has been weaponized by the media, depending on who the accused is. so in this case, if michael avenatti is accused and in cnn and msnbc's case, they're not reporting it. let me give you a little trivia before you go because i know you have to jet. this is unsettling. i looked up avenatti before for another reason. i saw that he was born on the same exact day and year as i was. in other words, february 16th of the year that will not be disclosed. i get john mcenroe and the olson twins. you were born on december 13th.
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you get taylor swift and mary to do todd-lincoln. born under a lucky star. trish: you do some weird research. it's really good to see you. happy thanksgiving. you are going to celebrate it, right? right? i bring that up only because of -- thank you so much. good to see you. several colleges are waging war on none other than thanksgiving. i am not kidding on this one. they want it done and over. coming up, why these liberal campuses think it's so outrageous for us to celebrate thanksgiving. the pc police won't stop. nobody gets to have any fun on thanksgiving. alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market when it might be time to buy or sell?
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trish: big holiday coming up, right? the pc police have a new target. thanksgiving. new tonight, on college campuses all across america, a growing number of students and professors claim we need to throw away our turkeys, we need to cancel thanksgiving because
11:50 pm
apparently, it's a celebration of intolerant times in american history. can't we just get together with our friends and our family and be thankful for one another? do we have to make this some kind of history lesson? and that kind of history lesson? here with me, acclaimed author sarah goff and kristina partsinevelos. they want to ruin thanksgiving, too? >> they want to raise awareness on the history of thanksgiving. i asked around, because i was curious -- trish: i would rather you disclose that. i was going to get to that. >> i'm not even mentioning that, just the point do people really know the history of where thanksgiving came from. is it the pilgrims, are we celebrating the harvest. so this situation at this massachusetts college is literally focused on the fact you are ignoring history and aren't looking at the national day of mourning. i understand that yes, there should be an opportunity, a time in school and our history
11:51 pm
classes across canada and the united states where that indigenous culture, indigenous people come up, but to change the whole thanksgiving point -- trish: they kind of -- they want to make us feel guilty all the time. look, i think, you know, i don't know about in your family, but in my house, we go around the table and everybody says thanks for whatever fortunate, you know, aspect of life that they have, we are thankful for our family, thankful for our friends, and you know, i get it and i hear you, i hear what kristina is saying, we have had a challenged history, but you know, it's also a history that we're all here because of. >> absolutely. i agree. and you know, i'm also all for broad understanding of our history, but sometimes and in this case, to call the national day of mourning or to mourn thanksgiving is more creating isolation and bitterness.
11:52 pm
i also think, i think all people can agree, that as people, we have been given two gifts in life, and these are gifts that we have an opportunity to open every single day, and that's the gift of our hearts and the gift of our minds. and especially on thanksgiving day, it's an opportunity to do that. open our hearts to the people that are in our lives and to open our minds to learning from them, even when they have different viewpoints and different perspectives on everything from politics to lifestyle. trish: listen, we need that, right? right now more than ever. this is interesting. there's a new poll out by pew research and i want to share it with our viewers. they are saying 54% of americans say political discussions with someone from the other side of the aisle can be trying. forgive me, that's 53%.
11:53 pm
and seven percentage points higher, since the pollster took a similar survey in 2016. nerd, things are getting more challenging, right. people are hesitant maybe to have those discussions because there is so much emotion involved. right, kristina? >> i don't think there's ever been a moment in my history and i know i'm a little bit younger but looking back in politics here, the polarization you are seeing across the board, not only within politics on the media side, it's constantly a topic of conversation. i moved to the united states less than a year ago and i do, i work for knocks afox and i love here, this is my world, this is what i live in right now but it's crazy to see how often it comes up outside with people who don't work in media at all. they just don't want to talk about it. trish: you work at fox. >> foreigners want to ask me all kinds of questions, what is it like to be there, what is it like to be living in a country under president trump. i think that we are at a moment now where there needs to be some type of middle ground and to bring it back to thanksgiving,
11:54 pm
that is an important middle ground for families. you do have families that don't agree on the politics side but at least they try or some do try to come together during that one day to eat a lot and then regret your decision which i will do probably on friday. trish: about what you ate. >> that's the only thing i will be regretting. trish: what's your advice for families that are coming together this holiday season, how you got one person over here that's still not over clinton losing and one person over here that's rah, rah, rah trump. how do those families deal? >> you know what, this moment in time, which is a very hot and heated moment of time, is going to pass. america has been through so many eras and they passed. and then move on. a new wave takes over our country and what we have to remember is what we're going to be left with are the people that we are sitting around that table
11:55 pm
with, and the conversations that we have at the table and the way that we treat our family and friends that are gathered with us, that is going to be remembered for a lifetime and maybe even generations as our children are there witnessing our conversations and the way we speak to each other, and are we speaking with an open mind? you might not be able to avoid politics coming up. trish: i'm going to. i'm going to avoid it all together. you heard that, right, mom? it's good to have an open mind and not be accusing. it's respect. that's the most important, having respect for the other side. and respect for somebody else's opinion. diversity of thought. >> thank you. yeah. i would think that should happen all the time. it needs to come up more and more when we're having conversations, panel discussions, you need to have it balanced and to be discussing that. but to bring it back to thanksgiving, i'm just really thankful that i can eventually put up my christmas decorations. there seems to be an unwritten
11:56 pm
rule that i can only put up the christmas decorations after thanksgiving has passed, whereas in canada, we do it. trish: glad you're here in america. glad to see you. big surprise for you next. jardiance asked- and now you know. jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill proven to both reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease... ...and lower a1c, with diet and exercise. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy, faint, or lightheaded, or weak upon standing. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. symptoms include nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, tiredness, and trouble breathing. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of ketoacidosis or an allergic reaction. symptoms of an allergic reaction include rash, swelling, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. other side effects are sudden kidney problems, genital yeast infections, increased bad cholesterol, and urinary tract infections, which may be serious. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin
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when you think of miami you think of,you know,rich,glamour but 5 miles away from the beach there's people who have never seen a beach. i was confused why somebody was in this situation especially in america. ♪music:oooh,oooh,oooh so when i started joshua's heart foundation
11:59 pm
it was a key thing to be able to engage youth in the foundation. to help them participate. ♪music:oooh,oooh,oooh i think passing on the torch and lighting a new flame in another person to do good is probably the point of the bigger missions i have. ♪music:aha,aha,aha so we are each making a bigger difference. ♪music:oooh,oooh,oooh that's it! just giving back and producing love for everybody. trish: i grew up in the live free or die state of new hampshire. tiny place. i came home from the hospital, i came home to the house that my parents still live in. my children love going to.
12:00 am
new hampshire is a neat place. or i think there is a real independence streak to people, i am thrilled, new hampshire magazine honored me on its 2018. have a terrific night. we're gearing up for a big thanksgiving. kennedy: no. news alert now president trump has officially submitted his written answers to robert mueller questions in russia investigation. a milestone in the probe, first time president is giving his official side of the story. until now had it has been of. >> it was kno


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