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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 21, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EST

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new hampshire is a neat place. or i think there is a real independence streak to people, i am thrilled, new hampshire magazine honored me on its 2018. have a terrific night. we're gearing up for a big thanksgiving. kennedy: no. news alert now president trump has officially submitted his written answers to robert mueller questions in russia investigation. a milestone in the probe, first time president is giving his official side of the story. until now had it has been of. >> it was kno didn't a big deal.
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the questions were asked and answered. i got the questions, i responded. we wrote them out, i read them once, i read them a second time, we made some changes that is it, very simple. kennedy: today rudy guliani said, it has been our position from outset much of what has been asked raise constitutional issues, of beyond scope of a legitimate inquiry, this remains our position today, president has nonetheless provided unprecedented cooperation, appreciate council has been provided with it is time to bring this inquire to a 31 a conclusion. robert mueller may not be done. he could try to submit more questions, or go with a "nuclear option" and subpoena the
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president. will the answers put ball back in the president's court. joining me now, fox news contributor andy mccarthy is here, welcome back. >> kennedy, great to be with you. kennedy: talk about this what do you think that president will do if robert mueller pushes the issue on obstructtion. seeks more written answer or tries to subpoena him? >> well i think we'll have a fight over whether he gets subpoenaed or not, i think the president's lawyers have pretty much communicated to mueller, they have given as much cooperation as they can, on the so-called collusion end of things, i think that president of the right about that not being difficult, i don't think he has ever been a suspect. that is the aspect of the investigation. and even director comey told them 3 times he of not was note
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suspecasuspect in. can you cite president for obstruction based on his performance of his pro rodrigo e under article 2. other people think that if the president has corrupt intent, even if he takes legal actions he could be cited. that is why argument is. kennedy: so, what? what is the inclining ation as r as you know of special counsel seeking answers on that be on vehiclobamavehicleobstruction it is a by for kateed fact. how proveable does that charge
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have to be in order to compel the president to answer some of the questions? >> to my mind, he should -- special counsel should not be able to question the president or even should not actually be asking for a interview with president, unless he has president implicated is serious criminal behavior, the question they have to ask themselves on be obe on vehicleobstruction isw clear a case, do they have real good food comey was fired with intention of corruptly derailing the investigation. and how strong is legal theory
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that you can read the president's mind, you think you can prove he had corrupt intention, and can prosecute him on that. , this is a weak legal case. this is a weak factual case. kennedy: i it will be curious to see how it would be applied to future cases. a lot of this rests on precedent from nixon administration and clinton administration during paul opaula jones testimony. let's talk about th the legislation, that is making its way through the senate. to protect the robert mueller investigation, and mule are himself from being fired. what sort of implication does it have for future special counsels? >> i think that this is just a lot of over wrought politics,
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never been a moment when trump did not have the power to fire mueller if he really wanted to, he has never done it the thought that he would now fire him at the end seems crazy to me, i don't understand other than political posturing. the president gets to fire prosecutors. and i don't think that there is anything congress can do about it the president runs the executive branch. kennedy: democrat who push for this might' to think about the future consequences. i want to talk about how this might play out. so, what are various scenarios, if we're meeting the end of this mueller road, what are different ways it could play out for the president and special counsel?
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>> most important thing is what is the contend of mule are's mus report, most people if not all people looking at justice department guidance understand that president cannot be indicted as long as he is president, is this then an impeachment investigation, then what part of what goes to that, what is mul mueller's role, to y mind, he is a prosecutor, his report should be a narrow matter, is there enough if evide to prosecutor should we decline. his job is to tell us, is there enough evidence to indict. kennedy: i would like to see the contents of that report, i don't think they need to be shielded from our view, so we can all make assessment. country is strong enough to do
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that, i appreciate your insight, thank you, andy. >> thank you, kennedy. kennedy: president today announcing he will not be punishing saudi arabia for its role in murder of "washington post" columnist khashoggi, in a statement president argued that it is a national security issue, say we may never know all of the facting surrounds murder of mr. khashoggi. in any case our relationship is with the kingdom of saudi arabia. they have been a great ally in our purpos important fight agait iran, united states will remain a stedfast partner with saudi arabia. critics gymed o jumped on that,g that put money ahead of justice, he said if we push saudi ghts to hard they can cancel be deals with u.s.
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>> it is what it is. because it is america first to me, all about america first. we're not giving up billions of dollars in orders and let russia, china and everyone else have them, for me simple america first. saudi arabia if we broke with them, i think your oil prices go go through the roof, they have helped me keep them down, right now we have low oil prices, i would like it lower, but i think that simple equation for me, i am about make america great again. and i am goamerica first. kennedy: 4 republican sensetor called president's rational a betrayal to american values, they are planning to go around the president and sanction the saudis themselves? is this the way the world works. joining me now, buc buck sexton.
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welcome back. kennedy: i have never been a fan of saudi arabia, i will never forgive them for 9/11, they will deny their involvement in murder of a critical journalist, having said that, they need us more than we need them. and saying we're going to allow this behavior, i think shows weakness on part of the administration. >> there is a lot of shades here, one, president said this is vial, and terrible, and he dud not support it but he went on about what a good ally saudi arabia is, this is -- >> are they? >> the complexity of foreign policy, saudi arabia can be an ally, can also be a big pain, you also mentioned 15 of 19
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hijackers came from saudi arabia, not from saudi government, about are questions raised about what saudi government knew. there is a lot of problem with saudi regime, and also pakistan, and russia, and china. they engage in a similar behavior but not a journalist with connection in united states, and dc and a green card holder, i would say, what is the acceptable, trump said this is bad, i didn't like his waffling or maybe they did or didn't, that is trump's, what would critics who are jumping all over trump with this, think is acceptable? kennedy: let me push back a little bit. if president started waffling on his rhetoric about the wall. said maybe we'll build a wall or not, people who are fans of his
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immigration policy would be upset. it sort of counterrables some of the foreign policy he laid out when running for president, which is, it is tougher, it dids put country first, does not take nonsense from places we have kowtowed to for several administration, and rand paul it funny tweet, wrote, of the president statement, i am pretty sure statement is saudi arabia first not america first, i am sure john bolton wrote it. what do you? >> based on sinc syntax and ver, i think that trump wrote it but i am not going to quibble with that one. on the respond, trump could have been more forceful in his rhetoric, this is where reality of world kicks in, do we adversely affect strategic national security and u.s. interests with saudi arabia in the region, economically from a
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security stand point because of this one incident. there have been sanctions level the again 17 individuals. kennedy: we didn't do it for 9/11 we have to. >> kennedy, people view this as a opportunity on roll out talking point you on trump loves dictators. kennedy: i'm not seeing that. >> i know you are not, i am looking for putting freedom above all else, and the way saudi arabia behaves in general and specifically here. >> i wish president was more forceful in what he said about this issue. but truth, if you talk about saudi arabia, and what it does. they are hacking people's heads off with sim tars as a regular course of business in town squares in riyadh, they have problems. kennedy: you are making my point for me. >> i am saying, you can go in that direct,tion and push but i
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think a lot of fervor about why now is because it is an opportunity, people say trump is en youine couraging murder -- encouraging murder, that is crazy this is not trump's fault this is in a minor way trump and america let's problem, and i think that he is trying it balance a lot of competing interest. have we been ser vile to saudi arabia for a ln for a long side. kennedy: let's get off oil. let's either extract the resources we need from this country and our real allies, and stop propping uptick tat uptickr ship like -- dictatorship like russia iran and saudi arabia who only exist because of their energy export. let's be consistent for those of
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us who stand up, lonely voices saying what saudi arabia is doing, turkey is doing, it is wrong, it is wrong who iran is doing, wrong what russia is doing, they are trying to curry favor by making real estate investment here or in clinton foundation, none of this makes it right. it is all wrong, i was hoping this is moment we caming i toger for consistency. >> russian -- this is tealing witreality ofdealing with these. kennedy: like beverly hillbillies in man dresses, we have to go. >> we're just getting started. >> i appreciate your insight.
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because you know how the world works. sometimes we have to keep an eye on those practicalities and fighting for ideals, i appreciate you buck sexton. kennedy: a rough day for market. we'll have a live report after the break. and american household debt surpassed peak of 2008 by nearly a trillion dollars. we're crunching numbers next.
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kennedy: another brutal day for market, dow plummetin plummetin, wiping out all of 2018 gains, s&p and nasdaq taking a tumble. what in the wide, wide world of sports is going on here. and is your money safe. >> you can't retire, just wait a little bit. we have to talk about this that is what happens with markets, they go up and down. kennedy: they are this high. >> right. we're covering it day-to-day, dow hit lower than 600, what is
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happening? major, is technology. talk about apple. what is your phone? apple. this is a concern, suppliers ae cutting back, maybe a slowdown in iphone shipments, saturation, slowing growth. because of that concern with apple, bringing down tech sector. then have you oil, oil has been trending lower. you see it today, closing 53.43. kennedy: did this hurt russia. >> it hurts everyone. if they export oil, that would be case. and but, it is beneficial for us, it is cheaper gas for us, and beneficial for companies they factor in cheaper -- like airlines. but that affects energy stocks, you have some of those, many more like trade playing a big
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role too. >> i saw charles payne he was furious with business journalists covering tariffs as if this is worst case, they bear rotten fruit in the market. >> it is affecting some. some companies have higher prices like a washer make, i am forgetting, january 1st it could hit big time, president would like to increasing tariffs to 25%, it will affect a lot of things, change your shopping habits? will we see a shift. kennedy: people say that, they never do it. >> i don't. i love a deal. kennedy: i get excited with a deal. >> we don't' to spend add much, with thanksgiving average right now we'll spend on each person,
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$175, call kating -- calculating important to get to destination, food, alcohol. kennedy: about what if you just spent $175 on alcohol per person. >> can i come over, and have a big party. kennedy: punch is always spiked. >> we'll celebrate that markets will even -- eventually come up. >> like limbo, but at club med. >> and thanksgiving, usually markets are higher, that is the problem, past 6 years, a week of joy, this week it is down. kennedy: it could change. everything is different because of trump, thank you christinea, i love the jumpsuit. >> thank you. kennedy: nation's household debt with a new high, are we spending too much or not saving enough,
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according to new york federal reserve, total american debt hit 13.5 trillion. could it tank the economy like 10 years ago? joining me now, national taxpayer januar pair senior felt is worrisome when you hear numbers like this, it sounds like people are putting money, buying stuff with their credit card they can't afford to fay off, what is happening. >> you would be excused for being alarm at this new report. there is a difference between liability and creating equity, coming due, credit card debt, student loan debt is a big driver, but mortgages, and auto
12:25 am
loans that is a big portion of the debt numbers, when you look at making up debt numbers not as alarming with overall health of the economy. another thing to keep in mind, idea that this is higher than 2008, economy is bigger than 2008, i am looking at measure am of thaam of that debt to gdp ra. we're still -- >> where to we want it to be. >> lower than 69%, but this is not same as federal debt that has the ability diminish our ability to borrow. you know household debt has a lot of different aspects. i am watching is the student debt, we saw increase over last time we saw this quarterly report from new york side fed, we see a higher delin delinqueny
12:26 am
rate. kennedy: people listen to alexandria ocasio-cortez, they assume that student loan debt will be forgiven in the very near future. >> right. kennedy: when that does not happen what happens to that debt? >> you wait until something is free if you want to see how expensive it gets, the biggest problem that rate serious delink --- >> spending came back down. the fixed factor in people's budgets like mortgage and loan payments stay equal. take those costs into account before they start budgets.
12:27 am
>> figure out what you have to spend, don't spend above that. we all have to try it, mattie thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up, ivanka used a private e-mail address for white house, left is screaming lock her up, but these pail in comparison to hillary clinton, i tell you why next. i can't believe it. that grandpa's nose is performing "flight of the bumblebee?"
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kennedy: ivanka trump has a rain brain as big and beautiful at her hair, but opened herself up to criticism. the left having a hair on fire field day with this. having been down the brutal road to white house, made possible by, -- she should know better to follow a few easy rules. problem not that she is guilty of hil hillaryiesque sins.
12:32 am
-- at her house with no official armor, she sent and received top-secret information over the set up destroyed move of th mose contep, and lied about it. that suv we know about, ivanka, sep travel scheduled and household instruction over the private e-mail account, servers not included, then when admonished, forwarded all of out of bound booty to her official government account, this too shall pass, the right should not work too hard. the selective leftist outrage is laughable, since when did democrat care about the contents of someone's e-mail, hillary clinton defense was a minor
12:33 am
woops, and now harm no foul, unless you are ambassador chris stephens who might have had his libyan whereabouts hacks and disseminated. we do know that areaing difference in these cases, will not feed the beast of moral equivalence. that is the memo. >> today president defending his daughter. >> early on, for a period of time ivanka did some e-mails, they were not classified like hillary clinton. they were not deleted like hillary clinton. who deleted -- she it not do anything to hide her e-mails. kennedy: we can agree that what ivanka did was thoughtless, but it is in the same ballpark? as hillary clinton, panel too
12:34 am
discuss. from greg gutfeld show. and capri cafaro. and rachel campos duffy. i don't like people who are trying to excuse what ivanka did. i don't like how they are trying to conflate it with what hillary did, they are very different. >> they are, she never tried too hide them, she turned them over. there were 33,000 e-mails for hillary clinton, and dozens for ivanka. there is so many different things. she is not secretary of state. kennedy: she could not generate top-secret information or redesignate some stuff that crossed her death that hillary clintodesk is it the sim.>>
12:35 am
same. >> as a democrat in 2016, i rail hillary clinton talking to "meet the press," she said, well you know, this was the same server my husband had, i authority, this is 2016, you are kidding me, you left office in 2000, what you are talking about aol dial up, this not the same. the content of what i'veiv ivany have is different from a private e-mail server, now, again, that content may be open to a freedom of information request. but it is not the same. kennedy: we should be able to see it all. >> absolutely. kennedy: it is a bad look, you know house is not on fire. this guthe sky is not falling, a
12:36 am
dumb thing to do but everything does it, why is that? you are given clear instructions why do people use private e-mail accounts for the government work. work. >> i agree. i think what everyone is missing is that this is hilarious. this is so funny. her dad, ran a campaign on wantings to lock someone up, she will use a private e-mail, lesselinneys to your -- listen o your dad, i thought they were busbest budding, we should unite and laugh. >> she posted like a today of her like making smore's with her
12:37 am
kids. >> we're continuing to talk about e-mails and there is so much to deal with as a nation. kennedy: they have both reverses course. now republicans are outraged, that anyone would be upset about someone sending and receiving e-mails but they were outraged by hillary clinton e-mail server, rightly so, now, this is the worst thing to happen in the world, the left said she needs justice and house needs to investigate her. >> when is hilarious. >> i think what conservatives who look at this are outraged about, media is unfair, they should be able to be clear eyed about this, they are in, i get it for partisan democrats they are, it is funny, they want to nab or on it.
12:38 am
it. kennedy: like, whether they chancchance lock her up. >> the media should make that -- the clear differences one is classified one not, one is secretary of state, the thor is -- the other. >> right. >> i, agree, that is it. let's stop acting like they are the same. >> right. >> they are not. >> you know same the greatness of panel. returning after the break. are you heading home for holidays. we have tips on how to talk politics over turkey after the break. you don't' to miss a moment.
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and i found out that i'ma from the big toe alian. of that sexy italian boot! so this holiday season it's ancestrydna per tutti! order your kit now at ♪ kennedy: you don't have to talk
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about -- there are 3 football games on thanksgiving. they have no way to cope, what can people do to get through turkey day. panel is back, cat, and rachel. cat, a lot of people say, just aviaoid talking -- avoid talking about politics, there is a way of turning the bus. >> i wish my family talked about politics. >> what do day talk about? >> they are like cat, when are you getting married? i'm like, i don't have a boyfriend, they are like how your cat, the saddest transition. then i eat more stuffing stuffi.
12:44 am
>> you take your cat with you. >> no, there is no other libertarian in -- like 14 of us in world, i would not be agreeing with anyone, i would rather argue then have people feel sorry for my cat life. kennedy: i agree. >> ted nugent. >> he comes to all our family gathers, you, eminem and kid rock. >> and bob seager of course. >> have the cat kill the turkey for you. >> that is it. and -- i love that we have the list. all the way down the line. >> i want to go to thanksgiving at your house. kennedy: we too, you are from a family of republicans. >> you just kind of deal,.
12:45 am
kennedy: you find common ground? >> no. kennedy: what is key. >> stuff your face, could like -- kennedy: dinner rolls. >> the whole map of midwest with dinner rolls favorite side, not so much, and it italian world, have you both turkey and rig tony, then you have ham for easter and rig tony. i just, i am lying up to christmas, you know i got my dad, hey dad, fox nation life subscription package. kennedy: you are a good person. >> that is how i avoid conflict. you can drink your egg nog out of this. >> i am guessing in your house, have you 8 children, you are raising them to be political beasts? you can't there is no way to avoid, that mom on fox news, dad's conservative member of congress.
12:46 am
and, it is a political environment, we like for our kids to have those conversations, we talk about a about stability in politics, if you don't learn to be civil around dinner table, how do you expect them as a grow up to have civil discourses. i think for dull to g adult to , the danger is we turn to that 15-year-old, it about acting your age, potentia remembering,. kennedy: i am amazed when people get mad, what the breaking point is, i don't like to push, i like common ground, you talk about being a libertarian, with you can talk about criminal justice reform, and conservatives talk about economic freedom. >> right and second amendment. >> there is something about me for everyone to hate, and also something about me for everyone
12:47 am
to love. i focus on negative from time to time. kennedy: that is okay. we would not have it any other way. all right, it ladies night. >> thank you. kennedy: thank you so much, rachel, capri and cat, topical storm is up next, stay here. an august to remember, starts with a december to remember at the lexus december to remember sales event. lease the 2018 ls 500 for $769 a month for 36 months.
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kennedy: survey found 15% of millennial couples living it for marriage. other 85 percent are old fashion. they live with their parents. get out of the basement. you per vets this is the topical storm. we begin little caesar's restaurant they opened a drive through. no, that did not en well. -- did not end well, they were going about their business someone ordered kool aid, he came through the wall, p lease e -- police are unsure what caused crash, nobody was hurt. including the driver, who was
12:52 am
preparing for thanksgiving, going on a crash diet. watch this. business since resumed, crash did cost pizza place a lot of dough . i got a million of them. topic two. to white house, a turkey got good news. but enough about jim acosta's press cost. hear ye, laying on of turkey hands, are healed bird go flying president trump pardoned two turkeys, named peas and carrots. will two birds were sent to virginia tech university, but after spending an hour with college students, they said, you
12:53 am
just eat us, they are really, really annoying, they asked to to be their therapy animals, we need therapy. topic three. airline passengers are used to surprise fees, but this one takes the cake. passenger aboard a airline flight were reportedly forced to help pay a mechanic to fix their plane, or it would not take off. even spirit airlines was like. you fix your plains? so crazy. flight from beijing to poland grounded because of a broken fuel pump, the mechanic demanded to be paid in cash. they were told to chip in or be
12:54 am
stuck in china. never mind. it was fixed plane took off. and employees now faces discipline thos micure measure t airline. topic 4. we head to great state of illinois. one man does a phenomenal o'rourke impression. the man driving at car is okay from a physical stand point, legally in hot water, not only was he drunk, the building shown is the arlington heights police station. in 2018 even cops have their own delivery app, first grub hub now
12:55 am
pub hub, woo. driver faces charges but cops have forgiven him. just last night, he took them out for pizza. oh, delivery. it will be there in 30 minutes or less. this is why i never tell your gprograms to take shortest route possible. topic 5. >> finally, we salute. we rarely do, a canadian cop he got co caught eating a pot brow. he ticketed a motorist for doing 12 in a 70. dude you're going way too fast. chowed down a pot brownie. he called for back up after he
12:56 am
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kennedy: there i am talking.
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to jessica. thank you for watching best show, best hour of your day, you can follow me on twitter, instagram. e-mail kennedy fbn, tomorrow, on show, in their guy hosting. knock them dead benson. >> h the following is a sponsored program paid for by my pillow do you find yourself sleeping too hot or too cold, not getting the support you need to help relieve painful pressure points or struggling just to get comfortable? then get ready for a revolutionary, new sleep experience. introducing the my pillow mattress topper, the next generation in sleep innovation from the company that brought you the world's most comfortable pillow. [applause]


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