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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 21, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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i do want to say one thing to you. happy thanksgiving, eat, drink, and be healthy and merry. that will do it for the " countdown." we're off tomorrow but back live on friday. >> happy thanksgiving, whiplash on wall street the dow fighting for gains into the close after a brutal two days of loss the dow only up now it slipped into negative territory look at that at the close, so we're definitely off session highs, we have been up more than 200 points earlier on, the s&p 500 closing in positive territory, and the tech heavy nasdac up around close to 1%, so i'm susan li in for melissa francis. connell: i'm connell mcshane, couldn't close this market fast enough welcome to more on the big market movers ahead but here is what else is happening at this hour. doubling down. president trump thanking saudi
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arabia for lower oil prices, following some bipartisan criticism, over his response to the killing of washington post columnist jamal khashoggi. how lawmakers are now demanding answers, and action. plus, mark zuckerberg's on defense, how the facebook ceo is responding to new attacks and the calls for him to step down. we'll talk about that and millions of americans hitting the road, taking to the skies, ahead of this thanksgiving holiday what you need to know, before you leave the house. >> susan: let's give back to the markets and the dow cutting gains at the close being dragged and weighed by shares of johnson & johnson, mcdonald's and also jpmorgan. phil flynn is watching the action in the oil markets from the cm e, gerri willis on the floor of the new york stock exchange, gerri let's first get to you. gerri: well what a turnaround we've had in the last few moment s the dow now negative as you say just barely, the s&p 500 still in the positive as is the nasdac right now. let me tell you what traders are telling me on the floor of the exchange here is that it was
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really a rollover in oil. oil prices, sent the major indexes plummeting, from its high today, the dow was up 200 points, and it's worse as you can see, down one point and change. let's look at the technology the big story in the markets this week big sell-off in technology as you can see facebook and amazon higher here, apple negative, but let me tell you its been positive and negative all day long, moving to the plus and to the minus, facebook, as you know, the ceo there, mark zuckerberg saying hey, i'm going to stay on as chairman, to a cnn reporter. that was a big headline for that stock today. people picking up amazon shares on the low prices, apple did have a big boom, but not so much any more. also, taking a look at the foot locker here, big winner for the markets today, and it's an interesting story that stock was up 15% today, and really a eps revenues, earnings report with
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lots of surprises on the upside, same-store sales up 2.9% taking a boost from nike's latest lines air max, that was big news for them and good news at that, but what was it, it wasn't just earnings already in the rear view mirror, it was a forecast that really propelled this stock they said they expect solid double-digit growth in the fourth quarter and that was enough to set a fire under the stocks. so lots of action today. lots of surprises, got to hold on to your seat until the very end back to you. connell: as usual, all ahead of thanksgiving gerri thanks and to gerri's point, oil is part of the story, and has been throughout the week so let's pick up on that, since gerri says it had an impact on the stock market. phil flynn that's your department what happened today? >> gerri hit the nail on the head today and it's pretty amazing with stocks giving up their gains oil in the after market continued to stay strong and it continues to strong despite the fact that we've got a bigger than expected increase
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in oil inventories today. and the reason why it's doing that is demand. you know, we've been selling off a lot about concerns about a slowing global economy. we had a report from the department of energy that said that overall demand for all products crude oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, you name it, it's actually almost 7% above where it was a year ago at this time, so we're seeing very strong demand in the market, that is giving the oil bulls a little bit of confidence to step in here and buy. i think the biggest thing they have to fear is another donald trump tweet who knows. also gold today is good, highest close in three weeks a little update on gold to end the week. connell: don't worry phil, he's feuding with the chief just us of the supreme court now so for safe in the oil market. susan? >> susan: let's bring in lenor e hawkins, chief macro strategist, jason rotman, and why don't i start you with, lenore, because when you don't have a conviction to recover with the low volumes
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what does that say? >> well not only the low volumes but what i want to see to say that it's really the time to go back in is i want to see the headlines saying it's over for equities. we really haven't seen that much pain, even though we're on track for what you could call a triple waterfall with the market because we've seen the dow has gone down more than 10%, three times this year, the nasdac has done it, the s&p is just about to do it, yet the vix is still pretty low compared to historical norms. susan: it's even less than what it was at the beginning of october so jason what does this mean for the markets are we looking for the first year for the dow and s&p since 2015? >> i think we could finish flat to slightly down but i don't think that should really be a major cause for concern, because even if you take one step back, with the speak of seven, eight, nine, or 10 steps the market is extremely high, people's politicians have increased over the past five, six, seven, eight
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years and what i'm really focused on is not necessarily what the market as a whole is going to do over the next six, 12, 18 months but what i'm focused on is right now my belief that a lot of what i'm calling generational stocks of our time, alibaba, amazon, those are incredible buys, right now. i don't think we need to wait to enter those stocks at these ridiculous fire sale prices. connell: interesting i don't know if apple is in that group but there is a new warning for apple we do want to talk about with you guys. foxconn, the biggest assembler of iphones, reportedly slashing almost $3 billion from expenses in 2019, citing "a very difficult and competitive year" so it's not like this is the first we've heard of something like this, lenore. what does it tell you that we've heard it now from foxconn? >> well i think it could only go so far with apple having so many devices and so many people 's hands and people are kind of getting a little tapped out with the constant upgrade
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cycle and having to replace and that's coming at a time where people despite what we keep hearing the economy is doing so great, the economy is doing so great but wages really haven't grown as much as you would expect. you've got credit card default rates that are rising. connell: yeah it's a lot of challenges no doubt about that. jason, is apple to your earlier point, one of these generational stocks and if so, given the headwinds that are there, lenore talked about with foxconn and the other suppliers talked about 24% off a recent high what do you make of apple shares right now? >> so, i don't believe that apple or first of all, yes, apple is a generational stock, let's get that out of the way, but i do believe that a company like alibaba has a much greater potential for growth. in other words alibaba versus apple i would pick alibaba any day of the week right now.
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i think apple is more like a utility, it pays a nice little dividend. the growth is kind of tapped out how many iphones can people have alibaba, china that middle class is still growing so i'd go with alibaba for sure. connell: interesting. >> susan: okay so we're heading into black friday and we have to take a look at retail stocks getting crushed this month ahead of the holiday shopping season and other factor s such as tariffs could hurt these companies even further, but, walmart, target and others are hoping to find new success in the toys department this season, without the competition from toys "r" us which recently went bankrupt so lenore what do you think? >> well retail sales are getting killed and i'm not surprised to see that because what we're really looking at is much further forward. i'm not even that concerned with what's going to happen in the fourth quarter. what i am concerned with is see ing that for example, the credit card default rates at the smaller banks, and those are banks that have to take people say lower credit ratings, we're seeing default rates that are
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now at levels we haven't seen since the financial crisis. that is an indicator that things are not so fantastic. >> susan: for the consumer but the retail index, i mean these retail stocks, the retail index is up 17% in 2018. yes, they are priced to perfection so even when you come out with numbers like kohl's and target did yesterday you'll get hit right? >> we've seen that across-the-board, there's been so much optimism that many many stocks in this earnings cycle when they've beaten on the top line, beaten on earnings but their guidance wasn't nearly what investors wanted to see their stocks getting hammered. susan: yes, inventory a problem , profit margins as well, jason? >> at the same time, as i said in my notes, this is projected to be the first year ever of $1 trillion of retail sales, the highest ever, so the money is still flowing into goods and services. it's just maybe it's a little bit more slanted towards online
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versus brick-and-mortar but people are spending money more than ever. connell: hard to talk about retail without at least mentioning caption in some way, shape, or form and we do have a story about amazon eying a mobile payment service and brick-and-mortar service with its amazon pay of its digital wallet offering lower processing fees to entice business owners to use it instead of or in addition to apple pay, its rival wall street journal has a report , lennon this let's start with you. on this story. i mean america's generally speaking for whatever reason really haven't gone to the whole digital wallet things just numbers wise, percentage wise, some people use it all the time. what about amazon getting involved? is it a good move? >> i think it's definitely a good move. this is an area that is ripe with opportunity. like you said the united states we haven't really gone to the digital payments, nowhere near what you see happening in china, but what you've seen in emerging markets, people really leap frog because in a lot of those emerging markets like china you didn't have anywhere near the developed retail financial
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services like you do in the u.s. , right? so they've just taken a big leap frog but in the u.s. i'm looking to also see that these, the credit card companies that they look for better and better ways to improve the problems with fraud, and these apple pay and amazon pay, i mean those are ways you can really provide an awful lot more security. connell: and i'm sure jason, apple, i'm not sure but i would think apple might have a lead there that's always been part of what they do they tell you we will keep you safe, we'll en crypt all of this, whereas i'm not sure that people have the same kind of trust factor or the same association with amazon. what do you think? >> yeah, apple has got more of that brand identity. amazon could change that and maybe not a heartbeat but maybe two heartbeats with their reach and messaging, all it takes is them to put it on their homepage , pay somebody to come up with some type of brand of that, were the safer way to pay and boom you've got it so that's not really the issue. amazon i agree with the other
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guests clearly that this is an incredible international emerging markets opportunity for amazon, because the one point that's important is that it costs less to implement the qrc payments that amazon pay would use versus more sophisticated apple pay concept so i think that applies internationally quite well. connell: that is interesting len ore, happy thanksgiving. >> susan: we'll stay with tech mark zuckerberg firing back why the facebook ceo is dismissing calls for him to step down as chairman while controversies continue to cloud the company. connell: and is congress going to give the title of speaker back to nancy pelosi? certainly looks more likely by the way so then what would this mean for the trump economic agenda and your money going forward? we'll break that down from town susan: plus the roads and airports are getting very very busy. 54 million americans are planning to travel this thanksgiving holiday we'll tell you what you need to know before starting your journey and hitting the roads that comes your way, next. building a better bank
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>> susan: bipartisan backlash, president trump facing criticism from both democrats and republicans for standing by saudi arabia after jamal khashoggi. edward lawrence live at the white house with the very latest >> susan, the president played golf with jack nicholas today but he's got his hand on his phone tweeting first about saudi arabia saying "oil prices are getting lower, great. like a big tax cut for america and the world, enjoy. $54 was 82, thank you saudi arabia but let's go lower" and the white house making this an economic issue, benefiting the american people, breathing over the fact that some reports say that the crown prince possibly ordered the murder of jamal
4:17 pm
khashoggi, the washington post columnist senator bob corker and bob menendez say that they believe that the president should find out exactly and sanction the crown prince or congress will do it for him. now another big issue today the president's new policy on anyone crossing the border illegally will forfeit the right to apply for asylum. now the federal appeals judge temporarily banned that order. the president didn't like it. president trump: well you go to the ninth circuit and it's a disgrace and i'm going to put in a major complaint. the ninth circuit we're going to have to look at that. this was an obama judge, and i'll tell you what. it's not going to happen like this any more. >> now in a rare move, chief justice of the supreme court, john roberts, standing up for the judge releasing a statement saying we do not have obama judges or trump judges. bush judges or clinton judges. what we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their best to do equal right to
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those appearing before them. that independent judiciary is something we should be thankful for. well the president responding minutes ago saying sorry chief justice roberts but you indeed have obama judges and they have a very much different point of view than the people who were charged with safety of our country. it would be great if the ninth circuit was indeed an independent judiciary, but if it is, why and he goes on to say in another tweet, why are a vast number of his policies being overturned? he says he wants the chief justice to study those numbers. you know it's interesting the president now starting a twitter war, apparently with the supreme court justice, the chief justice of the supreme court. a lot to be thankful for, this thanksgiving, susan. >> susan: that, edward is what i call a clap back, good to see you ed word lawrence at the white house. connell: never a dull moment, political editor and host of the radio program fox news contributor good to see you, guy. >> thanks for having me. connell: maybe it is time to edward's point that we pause and say the chief justice of the
4:19 pm
united states supreme court is in a twitter war with the president of the united states, so just another day i suppose, but this wouldn't have been normal a few years ago. >> yeah, no it's unusual but we're used to unusual at this point. i guess it's a one way twitter war. connell: i don't think chief justice roberts is. >> there's still time for this to escalate on twitter but i think actually both of these parties have a point here. i think it's right for the chief justice to sort of stand up for the independent judiciary, as the third independent, separate branch of government. i understand what he was doing there i think that's appropriate , but the president also is right to say look, it's true that maybe, you know, they're all part of the independent judiciary but often you can sort of get a sense of how they're going to rule certain judges based on who appointed them, and there's sort of a relatively long history of quickly looking at a federal judge and who appointed then as sort of a short cut to figuring out what their judicial philosophy in many cases, not
4:20 pm
all cases, might be. connell: but do conservatives like you and i believe like you is fair that supported this president on his judicial picks and maybe one of the main reasons that if you do support the president you would support him, was he like the judge, if you like certainly kavanaugh from a philosophical point of view. do you have an issue with his attacks on that independent judiciary? >> this is how trump operates, so it's not really a surprise. i think that you're right. gorsuch and kavanaugh and nearly 30 circuit court judges that have been confirmed through this trump mcconnell pipeline have been a huge feather in the cap of this administration. i think that's a broad agreement among conservatives so trump is going to get mad sometimes, occasionally with good reason, sometimes less so, and lash out. i just think that it's up to these judges to follow their actual philosophy in this case, originalism, ones that we support and if that means occasionally standing up to the
4:21 pm
president and his policies are ruling against them so be it. it shouldn't be, judges shouldn't rule based on the person. judges should rule based on the law and the constitution, and their interpretation thereof. connell: we'll look for further tweets on that subject but while i have you here we did want to run through other political points, and this whole back and forth about whether there will be a speaker pelosi, seems to be nearly settled right? democrat after democrat who had come out against her, i guess alexandria cortez now says she's inclined to support her but maybe more importantly there was a democrat in buffalo, new york who was against her is in today so the point is it looks like we'll get speaker pelosi right? how much does that matter, in particular for the president's economic agenda versus maybe a speaker tim ryan or another democrat or does it matter? >> i don't think it matters that much because the center of gravity within the democratic party has gone to the left. pelosi is a liberal and so no matter who is running the show for the house democrats, they
4:22 pm
were going to in many cases, just be resist resist resist and we're going to have a divided government so there's a lot of grid lock. that might not actually be bad news for the economy, because the economy is in a pretty good place, and if they are a republican in charge of the senate and democrats in charge of the house that makes it more difficult for either of them to screw it up so sort of let this thing play out and let this thing keep rolling because that's what it's doing right now connell: you think the president likes the whole foil concept? >> yes, and pelosi, so pelosi is effective that is definitely true that's part of the reason i think a lot of democrats support her but she's highly unpopular and polarizing, and a very easy foil for president trump. he loves a good foil and i do think it's interesting that for weeks and weeks and weeks during the campaign all of these moderate democrats supposedly are out there saying oh, we need new leadership it's not pelosi and then the second they win the house, they fall right in line behind nancy i think we're going to see her.
4:23 pm
connell: it definitely looks that way. well if the president gets into any twitter feud say with santa claus before the parade tomorrow -- >> totally plausible. connell: thank you, guy good to see you. >> susan: he says he's not going anywhere we're talking about mark zuckerberg he's standing his ground saying he's the best person to run facebook, what's his leadership mean for the future of the company, plus the centers for disease control issuing a severe warning for rom aine lettuce. oh, my goodness, as dozens are falling ill. what you need to know, that comes your way, next.
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connell: damage control mark zuckerberg standing his ground, amid growing calls for him to step down as chairman of the board of facebook. deirdre bolton is in the news room with the latest. >> connell it has been a rough year for him after spending much of this year apologizing for facebook's many missteps, with mark zuckerberg with somewhat
4:27 pm
defiance in an interview with another network so he reiterated facebook's potential as a force for good and pushed back against some of the critical coverage of the company most recently a new york times piece that was published last week so he resisted growing calls for changes to the csuite including his own position. >> i always talk about how we need to partner with governments around the world, and other companies and non-profits and other sectors, so yes, i don't think fundamentally that we're going to be able to address all of these issues by ourselves. >> so you're not stepping down as chairman? >> that's not the plan. i do run the company. i am responsible for everything that happens here. >> connell, because of the a& b shares he has he's actually pretty tough to shove out, so he would actually have to step down sources were saying there was even high tension as far as that c-suite in recent months with co o sheryl sandberg, sources say she even expressed concern with her close friends
4:28 pm
about keeping her job. mark zuckerberg is part of the interview that you just saw did get rid of those fears when he told reporters last week she is a very important partner that is the word that he used and continues to be and will continue to be. it's worth noting though, a lot of high profile executives have left and notably, the companies, the founders of the company that facebook bought so co-founders of instagram, what's app, more recently occulus vr, in part because of the future of the virtual reality headset and perhaps political differences that may be in a different category but a lot of people are leaving the company. growing pains, most analysts say for facebook and the stocks drop certainly showing the strain. connell? connell: that's been painful in and of itself deirdre thanks. susan? >> susan: lenore and jason are back, and of course for the last 10 minutes of the program, so you waited the entire hour, but i felt, lenore tell me if you
4:29 pm
agree i didn't think that i heard anything new in that interview? >> no, well facebook is just trying to, i think, calm everyone's nerves. they've had such a rough go. in the past two quarters they lost 4 million daily active user s out of the european market and the u.s. market remained flat over the past three quarter s at 185 million daily active users. now, one of the real challenges there is in like the u.s. and canada which is their most profitable goring you've got about half of the people here are already on it so what is going to take somebody who isn't using facebook and suddenly they're going to be compelled in significant numbers to hop on i think they're if a tough growth position. susan: the question is jason, what is it going to take for somebody else to step in for mark zuckerberg to maybe step down as chairman? >> good question. i mean, when there's smoke there's fire and to reiterate everybody else's point there's been multiple smoke signals if you want to call it that this
4:30 pm
year, that facebook may still have things come out. what it is obviously i can't even begin to predict, but the reality is from an investment standpoint, or to answer your question, i think that there would have to be some additional type of critical event and i know that's general but at this point -- >> what more down mean, you have 50 million accounts hacked, you had the russian meddling, i don't know what else you need. >> it's tough stuff. >> the stock is down 30%. >> it is it is at least it was at 210 now it's at 130 so that's actually $80. with that being said way back when when facebook was coming down from the 2 hundreds i came on this channel and i said wait until facebook literally check the archives wait until facebook gets to 120. nobody believed me and i still believe if facebook falls below 120 it is a to refer back a true generational buy and hold. right now the smoke is not clear yet. >> okay, lenore, jason, thank
4:31 pm
you. connell: we move on to this major recall, ahead of thanksgiving, as a lot of people concerned including susan she loves her salad. the cdc warning consumers across the united states to purge their shelves of romaine lettuce and also to sanitize all of the places where the leafy green may have been stored. this follows an e-coli outbreak, at least 32 people sick across 11 states. how's that for timing? >> susan: just in time. i need my caesar salad. connell: the last thing i think about on thanksgiving is salad, but it's fine. >> susan: it's the pie. all right not one but two big banks sounding the alarm right now why jpmorgan is warning an economic slowdown might be in sight for us, and the former economic advise or under president george w. bush, if he believes this is true. that comes your way, next. ♪
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connell: from wall street to main street winter is coming. the dow erase erasing all of its earlier gains today as we went into the close and that just added on to this sell-off in a steep two-day decline that we'd already seen this week. on top of that economists at goldman sachs and jpmorgan warning of a growth slow down next year so glenn hubbard join joins us the former counselor of economic chairman under president george w. bush. good to see you, sir. the goldman report on the
4:36 pm
jpmorgan report basically said next year we have maybe a little above 2% growth first half of the year little below 2% growth the second half of the year i believe. what do you think next year will look like? >> well, i think the forces to look at are what do you think is going to happen to oil prices, to monetary policy and to the trade policy discussions that are going on. there are scenarios that could get you to the slow growth in the 2% range but i could also see higher growth if the fed does its normalization right, if trade policy normalizes, and the oil price stabilizes. so it really depends, and i think part of what has weighed on the stock market right now has been the decline in oil prices. there's been a pretty robust correlation between oil price changes and s&p 500 changes. connell: a couple of things, well i guess three things that you mentioned there to take apart but let me try to do it one by one if we can because it plays into what the president has been saying this week and over time so for context for people, who know your past
4:37 pm
experience. you were in kevin hassett's job and people watch he comes on this network a lot and larry kudlow does as well but if you were in that position now, and the president were approaching a meeting as this president is, with the president of china, at the g20, what would you advise him is the best course of action to take economically? >> well, i think what the president needs to do is ask first what america could be doing itself to get its own house in order with respect to china and china has its own strategies, we should have ours too, but i think the president needs to get quickly to the core issues, which have little to do with the bilateral trade deficit and a lot to do with intellectual property protection. i think there's a good deal to be had and i hope the white house is on that path. connell: would you tell them point blank, mr. president, cut some sort of a deal if you want to get re-elected in 2020? >> well i can't give any politician advice on being re-elected. they are the people who get the votes, not economists like me
4:38 pm
but what i could see is that a good trade deal is definitely in the interest of the nation, in the interest of all of our citizens and that's the reason he should do it. connell: what about oil because that's the other thing the president talked a lot about is the saudi arabia back and fourth this week and some of his tweets even one we mentioned earlier this hour where he was openly rooting for oil prices to continue to decline, but it seemed to be from your earlier comments, i'm reading into that, would not be such a good thing for the economy. >> well, not so fast. i mean, what i said was oil price declines are associated with a mid-term decline in the stock market, the u.s. isn't the u.s. at 30 or 40 years ago. we have a lot of investment in energy and in oil production. having said that, i think a lot of what is going on in the oil market has as much to do with supply as it does demand. one thing that is worrying people is this a fallen demand because people think the economy is not going to grow. i think really it's a supply shift and the market maybe over reacting. connell: that's interesting because it plays moo into what
4:39 pm
saudi arabia who the president may have been trying to pressure to not cut oil production what they will actually do. they still might go ahead and cut oil production because that speaks to oversupply issue right >> right they may find it in their own interest. connell: i want to get kind of a broad macro view if i can from you for what factors might lead to the consensus being wrong for next year. we've talked sometimes i think tend to focus too much on the negative but i've asked you already about what the headwinds could be and you've talked about what some of those could be. if those people who are predicting a slow down are wrong , what has to happen? what would get us back on a better growth trajectory? >> a couple things one the labor market is still quite hot. when the fed is looking at the economy that's what it's focused on and it's extremely robust. the second is business investment. we saw a snap-back in business investment after the tax cut and jobs act and then ceo's started to worry a little bit as the trade discussions happened and
4:40 pm
concerns about global growth. i think really, what's worrying people, is what is long term growth in the united states? do we have a positive growth future or a less positive one? and i think when business people sort that out, the markets and the economy will respond. unfortunately some of the rhetoric in washington really muddies the water, the trade wars, criticism of the federal reserve that's really not what's going to bolster expectations. connell: right and real quick on the federal reserve you expect an aggressive federal reserve no matter what rate, hiking rates next year this will be the final question. >> i wouldn't call it aggressive. i think the fed will do what's right in normalization and i think the fed is looking at the economy just like everyone else. it has been a little bit behind now its caught up. connell: that's it normal normal normal glenn, thank you very much, good to see you. thanks for coming on today. susan? >> susan: apple is teaming up with the department of veterans affairs according to the wall street journal the tech company is looking to create software that would allow veterans to
4:41 pm
transfer health records straight to their iphones. now this move is an effort to simplify hospital visits for patients and in turn, would help apple gain new customers. win-win. connell: i was going to say a win-win. that seems to be a rare case where it make sense for everybody. in a moment to california where it's still such a devastating situation, we have rescue crews searching for survivors in the aftermath of the wildfires we'll take you to one of the hardest hit areas, next. >> we only had minutes. my house was backlit by his orange glow of fire that was coming our way. i'm still going t even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin, i'm up for that. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk better than warfarin. plus has significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis is fda-approved and has both.
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connell: recovery efforts are underway in northern california after wildfires destroyed thousands of homes, a set of storms expected now to bring some temporary relief maybe over thanksgiving but for the evacuees living in tents obviously this could mean even more bad news. jeff paul, fox news
4:45 pm
correspondent with the latest, what's happening out there, jeff reporter: well yeah, connell it has been raining heavily pretty much all afternoon and starting to lighten up just a little bit but they're expecting six inches of rain over the next few days but that is not stopping search and recovery crews out here who are meticulously going through every single home especially in this block that has been burned to the ground looking for sort of any evidence of any sort of human remains. now with this expected rain it could really complicate search efforts because that ash can get a little harder to sift through. it can also create mudslides and in some cases flooding and then some of these taller trees that you've seen here with that loose soil can fall down without any sound or notice. we speak with some of the search and recovery crews and asked them their thoughts about the rain they said it's good in one part because it puts out the spot fires but they had mixed emotions about all of this rain. >> it's bitter sweet, right? the rain would help with the fire, and the fire control.
4:46 pm
the rain obviously hampers the search and rescue efforts, and you know, i think that we all look at it that it's just a moment in time that we're expect ing two or three days of heavy rain and again we'll persevere and work through that and our objective is to do the best we can as rapid as we can to get the residents back populated into this area. reporter: now the death toll currently stands at 81 that number though could change with around 870 people right now considered unaccounted for, that process, we're told, from authorities is very tedious they go through a list trying to track some of these people down sometimes their name is on the list twice or they don't even know they are on the list or they left this area so they are hoping that number at 81 stays like that and they can start to get that number down and also, one other thing we want to mention with the thanksgiving holiday. these crews aren't taking any breaks. they are working around the clock saying that it gives them sort of an extra sort of sense of thanksgiving being out here, helping these people, who have
4:47 pm
lost everything. connell? connell: that is a very good point to make boy what a situation jeff paul in paradise, california. >> susan: not backing down republican leaders maying their final push on trade before the new blue congress takes control of the house. can they get it done?
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
connell: breaking news more tweeting from the president of the united states just moments ago this is immigration-related he says there are a lot of criminals in the caravan. we will stop them, catch and detain. judiciary activists and people who know nothing about security have the safety of our citizens putting our country in great danger, not good. that on top of the tweets earlier about chief justice roberts . susan? >> susan: working to the bitter end with just 12, 12
4:51 pm
joint working days left for the house and the senate this year, 12 republican senators are hoping to quickly pass a new north american trade deal before the democrats take over the house on january 3. the question is will they be able to do it? let's talk about it joining me now, heath manning, policy director for the independent women's forum that's pretty tight timing do you you think? i mean it might be possible, maybe not likely. >> there's only 12 days of christmas in that particular song, so 12 working days isn't a lot to address all of the priorities, interestingly, these 12 republican senators putting together a letter pushing the priority of the u.s. mca, the new updated trade deal between mexico, canada and the united states, and i hope that ultimately this deal won't, you know, turn into an obstacle as the new congress takes its turn if it's something they can get to this year wonderful if it's something that congress has to address next year it shouldn't be a partisan issue. a lot of domestic economic issues, where there are sharp
4:52 pm
partisan divisions between republicans and democrats but when it comes to trade deals all of our lawmakers should see themselves as americans first we're looking out for america's interests rather than playing on blue and red teams here. >> susan: well there's a lot to like from the democratic side , tighter, stricter, environmental controls gives power back to the labor unions and even raises the minimum wage there's a lot that both sides can vote on. >> that's right and even some of these senators signing on the letter originating actually with senator toomey, who urged president trump to change some of the provisions in the trade deal, so that it's more friendly to free-trade. i think it's going to be difficult to do that balancing act, to get, you know, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle on board with this deal, but it's something that's worth doing ultimately because you want to have positive trade relations with canada and mexico and importantly, this deal updates the previous deal nafta so that we now have better provisions in place for protection of intellectual property and digital trade provisions, sort of bringing it to the 21st
4:53 pm
century, so ultimately this is going to be one of many priorities that lawmakers are looking at in lame duck section but a very important one. >> susan: so hadley, i would say the 12 republicans include a long list of high profile senators that includes ted cruz is on board, rob portman, but you know, the rest of the republicans would probably argue look, we have other issues to worry about like funding the government past december 7 and the farm bill is negotiating as well? >> oh, yeah, there's competing priorities here, but i would say if you're a republican senator or a member of the house, you're looking at the spectrum of a divided government starting as soon as january, and knowing that some of these more divisive issues are coming to the forefront means it's act now or potentially go a couple o of years where the divisions in our government are so sharp that we're not able to ratify this important trade deal. >> susan: put a percentage an it, a probability of getting the u.s. mca through, the new nafta? >> you know, i would hope that
4:54 pm
it would be above 50%. >> susan: above 50 is that optimistic? >> that's optimistic, yes. like i said -- >> susan: 80? >> i say a 60% chance because you mentioned the provisions that might be attractive to democrats what's stalling out is democrats have campaigned so hard in the last election hoping tond stacey abrams up to him and they see the trade deal as a potential win for the president they should see it for a potential win for the american people and the economy do what's right by us rather than worrying about the political points. >> susan: hadley, happy thanksgiving thank you so much. >> thank you. connell: we're already kind of set to move on to china but got to get the other deal out of the way first i suppose. now as we all, while not all, we're staying here in new york, but as many people get set to head home for the holidays millions of americans are indeed hitting the road for thanksgiving. triple a has the numbers out saying it could be the biggest travel week in over a decade.
4:55 pm
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>> by the numbers, 54 million americans expected to travel for thanksgiving this year. sound like a lot, it is that the most since 2005 according to aaa. most people drive in the topic you're looking at, but over 4 million will fly and we have mike tobin out at o'hare in chicago for us today where i hope everybody is common getting set to go but the family. how are they doing, mike? >> moving along. record numbers of people traveling that means record number of people going through tsa pedal step out of the way and show you the tsa line. this is a status rescinded all day. all the people off work trying to catch their flight this evening or tomorrow. tsa saw this coming a budget or overtime. their staff in all the position
4:59 pm
after screening lines. they still want people to arrive early at the airport. >> we recommend you arrive two hours before your flight. we are going to have additional hours. we are going to have all lanes operational. we are going to have an overtime budget that has been allocated for additional hours and we are going to make sure that we process our passengers not only safely, but also efficiently. reporter: looking at flight misery map. new york and chicago, l.a., san francisco getting at the worse. strange winds were changing directions resulting in flight delays for 3240 minutes. 48 million people take to the road this holiday season, which is down from previous years. gas is predicting where travel would be down 15% but you saw the precipitous drop in gas prices in october said they anticipate a lot of people make a last-minute vision, fill
5:00 pm
up the tank and head over the river, through the woods to grandmother's house. >> thank you, mike. happy thanksgiving. thank you on the season. happy thanksgiving, everybody. thank you for joining us today and everyday on "after the bell." we will see you next week. david asman is next. "bulls & bears" starts next. ndavid: hi, everybody. this is "bulls & bears." thanks for joining us. this is david asman. jordan and the pinup, steve forbes, megyn ortega -- morgan ortega's and rick unger. stocks failing to stay in the green today and even a positive nasdaq failed by a mile to catch up with losses earlier in the week. so what happens on black friday coming up? will retail action pull stocks higher or set them back further. when you think him again? >> i think you are going


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