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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 21, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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family, both parent, my three kids, my husband, sister and her fiance. keep us posted. i'll see you on monday. tune in sunday. >> can anyone stop nancy pelosi and her quest forever power? i am guy benson in for kennedy, house democratic leader mission to retake peaker ship gaining more steam today. along with new evidence that democratic party is learn learning -- learning further left, alexandria ocasio-cortez today threw her support to pelosi.
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hard pass. so long as leader pelosi remains most progressive candidate for speaker, she can count on my support, pelosi pick the up support from two vocal critics in her party, higgens and fudge, who said she had been considering challenging pelosi for the gavel but not any more, former president barack obama also sounding off, e endorsing her. >> i think nancy pelosi when history is written will go down as one of the middle east most e legislative leaders, her skill, tenacity, toughness, vision is remarkable. >> not much of a surprise considering pelosi's famous role in sheparding through obamacare,
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she is promising to make healthcare her top priority. she could caw major headache for president trump, she will be presiding over a party if she wins, determine to investigate him for everything under the sun. it is inevitable she will be next speaker of the house, if so, what does that mean for democrats, republican ask country, join me now rnc spokesperson kayleigh mcenany, and jehmu green happy thanksgiving, this is your party, seems like pehl employ is tightening her grip on speaker ship, what are you hearing is there serious opposition lift to her, if not her, it has to be someone else, it does not seem that someone has been force coming. >> there not only serious opposition but no opposition.
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i have said on this show, to kennedy after come, i said, it may be time for her to go, but look, pelosi has been picking and rolling her opposition like her name is michael jordan. the republicans -- democrat talk about healthcare, they were talking about nancy pelosi. democrat picked up 39 our 40 seats. there is no reason not to go with the proven leader. the effective person as we're looking at tyranny not knocking on the door any more, but sitting down at thanksgiving dinner table. with actions of this president. and so we need her expertise. >> all right, kayleigh mcenany to you. interesting point from jehmu, saying democrat talk about issues. republicans talk about pelosi,
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was that push back from a lot of democrats, she, saying she is oe way out, and they won, and very price, wagons are circling. >> there is a reason nearly 40 democrat could candidate say we're not with pelosi. it because being with pelosi of the toxic. you look at national polling, 27%, of voters, want pelosi there. 29% approval rating. voters don't like nanc nancy pe. putting her speaker is toxic. if you don't have votes nancy will give you votes. we could not is for anything more. more. >> i think people will agree pelosi is experienced leader. but kaley brings up a fair
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point, she is unpopular, and polarizing, there has to be some sound side, a stale leadership recycled. >> i am very excited it of dem democratic party that saw largest number of women, most diverse members of congress come in through the midterm election. i am not concerned about, that i want her to tap people, like congressman elect presley, and omar, tap to the new voices and be looking to holding her accountable for, that but clearly, guy and kaley, she was not toxic. she -- that was a -- >> no, no. >> it was a good message try with you it failed, i would suggest to republicans, move on from something that failed, that
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is the definition of insanity. >> i want to say, i think this getting on what you might be about to respond, but, it not a secret president trump, quickly president trump lovings a foil, do you think some of his advisers might be dance a jig if nanu nanu is foil. >> no doubt, who would not' someone who says let's solve border crisis. by mowing grass, and crumbs to give american people something in their paycheck, wen 't nancy pelosi and talk about a romping, a romping is not what we saw, it was 2010, president obama off lt all those seats. we lost the house, nothing like what happened with obama. >> leaf it there, kaley, and jehmu, enjoy tomorrow. >> thank you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> ivanka tram trump on hot sear
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her e-mails. two my power republicans now asking for investigations, soups familiar to some. house oversight committee chairmen trey gowdy requesting more. could, and head of senate homeland security committee ron johnson doing the same. trey gowdy is retiring at the end of it term. no lift wants to equate ivanka to hillary clinton and her fry at server, president said there is no comparison. >> ivanka can handle herd, these are historical records, there of no deleting unlike hillary clinton. who delighted 30 thought e-mails. this is early on. she came in, these calls not
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closclassified. unlike hillary clinton's calls, it is fake news. >> wellest vision go anywhere, can we agree one of these thing ofs is not quite like the other. let's welcome our panel. >> thank you. former congresswoman, board member. nan, happy thanksgiving. >> we're having a dits cusion about stuffing versus stressing, regional differences. nan with you, about comparison that i think is kind of -- >> i agree. >> strikes he apples and oranges. >> i would agree, they are fruit, and e-mail. issues. in fact, wording that senate
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hockey hockey chairman ron jon john used, we want to determine whether or not there was anything substantive in the e-mails. or classified. which are all archive is, retained. nothing is missing. here look at these e-mails, this is who long gistics. -- logistics. >> there are differences, i'll give you this. your reaction, at very least, i've evivanka trump father was t rallies where they were chants lock her up, you would think she would be more attuned to that issue. >> this is as that president tr.
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they think they are above the law. now, all of a sudden, wait, not that big of a deal. it is ivanka, she knew. december 2016. hard to speculate what was in e-mails. unless i know anything i don't know. >> her lawyers made a statement, we'll see e-mails. >> of course. >> the who in in situation on republican side, trey gowdy about to say good-bye to congress, spent millions of dollar going over hillary. he is a smarted man smart man.
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it should be bipartisan, they have an obligation to find out what happened. >> i agree with last part. >> you should agree with everything. >> that is a tall order. house republicans will hold a new hearing, they have power, think is is clintons. as you know clinton foundation long faced accusations of corruption and allegations of pay to play, critics say big ticket donors got access to u.s. -- now, house chairman mark meadow plans to hole a hearing on december 5, and he's u.s. attorney, to testify, meadows reportedly wants to find out if go improper activity may have occurred. >> so, i wonder if they will find anything here. >> is this worth while or getting the band back together. >> according to -- they have
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been irs been looking into this since 2016, have you fact that fbi is looking into it. you can make parallels to it why continue to do this. if you give 10 million to saudi arabia before you go for presidential campaign, i would -- that leads back to ivanka, and her e-mails, we're having a conversation, thinking it is not that big of a deal, she did not delete the e-mails, we have to discuss it. right away, hillary deleted her e-mails. we just fox news fox business news all on it. we have to be fair, she that we're bigger, tell ivanka, that trumps are not above the law, follow the rules in white house. they are not stupid, i they out the us how to file a freedom of
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information act for a the reason. politics and public servant will use their phone. >> a pattern of behavior and president trump and family. >> if happens with everyone. >> i tell you. >> they are above the law. >> let's -- let's see what the e-mails are. >> i am saying, if it was barack obama administration, this happened, you would do cartwheels about issue and saying -- >> you know, cart whiles would be short lived, we'll find out, i'm sure is that e-mails, look, lawyers -- >> fact that they said, nothing is being concealed, these are about logistics. >> imagine. >> particular be more. >> oversight committee asked -- right.
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>> they asked for an investigation, they have not -- >> 2017, and they have not. >> republicans are in control. >> they have not done the investigation. >> when republicans in control. >> yes. >> you have pointses. >>ly the he come back. a last -- >> i am ask the question. is this a worth while use of their time in a lame duck session. >> no -- well oversight committee has ample opportunity to ask these questions. >> a no? >> yeah. it is a last hurrah. but it is a last hurrah we're having? >> hang on. there has been au attorney investigating it. is there reason to ask what do
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you have. >> this is so democrat get in, it goes nowhere. >> last playbook in republican control congress, they will run to make it -- issue. if you want to waste taxpayer dollars. >> wait, wait, wait. >> and that is okay. >> guys. >> parallel, you are the parallel, you show follow-up with the e-mails, we should know, we should know if clinton foundation has done anything wrong. >> we have to go, you will be back. panel returning. but first, new backlash over president trump's support for saudi arabia. just weeks after the murder of jamal khashoggi, should president use stronger rhetoric to condemn the saudi, mike bake ser here next. ♪
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we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. guy: welcome back, trump is not getting a lot of heat for not punish saudi arabia for murder of khashoggi. that did not stop him from thanks saudis today, tweeting oil prices getting lower, great, like a big tax cut for america and the world, enjoy.
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54 of the just 82, thank you to saudi arabia. >> let's go lower. tweet is a bit misleading, he is quoting from two different oil price metric. the president yesterday said getting testify with -- tough with saudis would hurt american interests, he is getting heavy criticism from left and right. including south carolina republican senator lynn lindsey graham. we talk with baker. >> thank you. guy: i am looking at that tweet from president about gas prices. oil prices, that is risky business, a president boasts about oil prices or stock mark
9:21 pm
market. >> word is not that simple, low gas prices, great. this is a tweet spot for price of oil. >> not you know, starting tanking. in terms are own economy. we know, president trump is not delicate with his social media messaging. with the situation, there is an element. selective outrage. killing of khashoggi is awful, it needs to be dealt with. i have high confident, in the cia report, that says that you know crown prince was directly involved in the descri decision. but, having said that, i mean selective outrage. for administration stretching way back, we have turned an a
9:22 pm
toward outrageous saudi behavior with human rights, civil liberties,y we continue over years whether obama administration or bour bush administration or clinton or carter, we continue to do business with them, selling them arms and deal with them, it is a pragmatic decision in terms of realpolitiks, there outrage, and the righteousness and desire to say something about this awful thing they did, but you have to live in the real world, we have to fine a way to continue to deal with saudis and this regime. guy: that is true. we have gone through motions of tipping our cap to american values rather than saying, here is the cal calculus so whatever. you use the term high
9:23 pm
confidence. it seems have you high confidence in cia judgment, but it seems that president does n not. what does that mean? a technical question question. >> a couple parts to this. to go to early point you made with president. president says, things in a way no previous president has, you look at previous administrations, you say one thing while doing business with saudis. i don't have a dog in the hunt with this, but he is transparent. he says what he is thinking, we do business with the saudis,
9:24 pm
we're outraged about way he speaks and things he says but end result is same with prev prs administrations. guy: a recurring thing, mike baker, thank you for your time. >> thank you. guy: coming up, president trump called a federal judge an obama judge, supreme court chief just justice john roberts is not happy about that. and president is not backing down.
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guy: president trump has a new unlikely targets for his round houses, chief justice of u.s. supreme court, john roberts, it started when reporter asked president about a federal judge, who ruled administration could not enforce a ban on asylum
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seeker who crossed the southern border illegally. >> this was an obama judge. i'll tell you what. it is not going to happen like this any more. everyone that's to sue the united states, they file their case. in 9th circuit, it means an automatic loss. guy: total obama judge. in a rare move, roberts weighing in, we do not have obama judges, or bush judges, clinton judges or trump judges. that independent judiciary is something we should be thankful for. a few hours later president fired back tweeting, sorry chief justice john roberts, but you do have obama judges, they have a much different point of view than people charged with safety of the nation. it would be great in 9th
9:30 pm
circuit was a independent judiciary, why are so many opposing view on border and safety cases filed there and why are a vast number of those overturned, study numbers they are shocking we need protect and security, thied these rulings mr country unsafe, druz and wise. ball is back in justice robert's court. i cannot imagine him taking this further. >> i do not think he will, i can't believe he did it to begin with, it shows how angry they must be. you need independent branches,
9:31 pm
we want people making decision on future of lives and children to come, you want them to be fair and independent, i understand where chief justice roberts is coming from with the statement. president should not make comings like that. >> i know wherey is coming from. but is in a point there is not an obama judge or's trump judge -- often times you can look at who appointed a judge maybe get a sense of their philosophy. >> no. >> no? >> bottom line, a justice is sworn in, they ple pledge their allegiance to follow the rules.
9:32 pm
we is branches of government. we should keep them separate. i am glad it is up to chief justice to call balls and strikes. i am disappointed -- >> i'm old enough i remember when president obama in state of union address, mischaracterized supreme court decision to their faces. do you remember that. >> i do, and justice alito shook his head no. >> it -- it is every president's writright into expression his opinion. judges and justices are selected by presidents, probably because, philosophy of government and a way of viewing the way our country goes about a business,
9:33 pm
trump understandably feels this trump is -- with him, he -- it is all right to say that. chief justice roberts to point out judiciary should be independent. guy: i want to. >> come from. >> they agree again. guy: a miracle. shifting gears, the on-line outrage mob striking again. actress sarah michelle gellar. pressured to apologizes for posting this photograph to her instagram with a captain that read, i'm going to pin these all over my house as a reminder not to of eat thursday, almost immediately, she was accused of fat shaming, some calling it triggering. she has apologized. >> was that necessary or should buffy have said to put a stake
9:34 pm
in it. i am wondering. were there cruel intentions on the part of sarah michelle gellar? >> i could she is looking at -- looking at herself that is from 2004, if i -- she lookings great now, what i am 80, and heavier not as fit, i want a picture of me in a nice bikini, however, these trigger -- they do. they -- >> should you not post them? >> don't write the kament, i should regrecomment. >> should she have apologized. >> yes, we live -- this is highest rate of suicide, depression. >> mental illness. >> you have a platform, you have to be careful with what you say. >> hang on, she was talking about not overeating, i thought we were supporting exercise and
9:35 pm
better diet. >> it look the like, a humble brag. i might overrite. look you on fab i look. >> it seems arrogant. >> we live in a sensitive environment, you never know what triggers people. >> we should not judge other people. >> i feel ashamed that i look old. >> look at this. my phone, auto correct. why over eat when you can over shop? 71% of consumer plan to shop this holiday weekend, they spend
9:36 pm
420 between tomorrow and cyber monday. if you going to store, you might deal with mobs like this. is there really any bargain worth risking for an early morning brawl on holiday week? unless that your thing, do you do black friday, cyber monday. >> the beauty is that it is further evidence this power of free ep fo enterprise, and brilt visioned of our founders, that tax cuts that americans can go out on this holiday. i am serious. >> i have zoned out. >> and spiritual gifts that come from within. guy: i, agree, you are right. >> do not go in the red trying to satisfy the black. i need to by bills. student loans, and --
9:37 pm
>> fiscally conservative. >> there you go. >> i think what is most important is people should put up money for a rainy day, with this president, have you no idea what economy will be soon. guy: partisan shopping. >> friday is cheaper sporting goods, sunday before souq are -r monday, appliances, and monday best time to buy toys, i have tips. >> what are you buying me. >> nothing, i just met you. i coach liki don't like you, i . >> and use you're, co. >> it is cheaper. guy: that suess ful useful. >> follow her on twitter if you want purchasing tips. >> panel thank you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. >> we'll step aside, a lot of people thought michelle wolf,
9:38 pm
she bombed last year white house correspondent dinner, she may have changed that evening in the process. is it enough to get president trump to show up? joe will join me to discuss that, when we come back. accident forgivenessibertl means they won't hike your rates over one mistake. see, liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ constipation until my doctor direcommended stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate the nerves in your colon. miralax works with the water in your body, unblocking your system naturally. miralax. now available in single serve mix-in pax.
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guy: president trump is celebrating white house correspondent association, for decision to have a presidential historian speak at this year's dinner, last night tweeting so-called come comedian michellf bombed so badly, this year, they will have an author instead of a comedian. maybe i will go, question mark. last year, michelle wolf, shot
9:43 pm
back with. i bet i would be on my side if i killed a journalist. some, applaud, but will president trump get last laugh, if he shows up a at the nerd pr, i hate to term so much, joe is here. happy thanksgiving. >> gobble be gobble. >> thank you for retiring nerd prom on this. look at is we're nerds going to prom, i have been there is good stuff, but, joe, nobody likes talking about the press more than the press. it strikes me as type of dust up that president trump relishes. >> yeah, you can say he is now
9:44 pm
single handledly destroyed wayse houshousecorrespondent dinner. blow back toward her. from left leaning media, that was final nail. if trump goes next year, he better look into person that replaced wolf or not wolf, not a lifetime appointment but replaced comedian, ron whic chew he did a facebook video begging people to not vote for president trump. i have a feeling you will have someone that will be attacking the president. >> well, here is is the thing, a lot of americans look at that
9:45 pm
dinner, as this self congratulations and self import importance, they don't rel relate to it. why not just happened out awards and scholarships. and just call it a night. >> to celebrate first amendment, journalism, always did not have a comedian. i think they could have gone in between, they lose buzz now without a comedian, but get a responsible one, white house correspondent association, for last couple years, the last 4, has chosen a comed ya comedian m comedy central, like old nba lottery, said, you work at comedy central, no one knows who you are, we're not going to vet what you said in the past, screw it go out have fun. jay leno seems to know what he is doing, can you get someone
9:46 pm
like that out there who understands what the line is and purpose of the evening, this does lose the buzz. i have a feeling it will get covered. >> because of the change. >> yeah. >> right. guy: predicttion, does trump so up. >> no. he loves that split screen, on the left elites. like us, on and or side, him in a rally in pennsylvania. guy: all right, i may or may not be there this year, if so we with clink mediocre wining in and liston a speech from a historian it should be super fun. >> thank you. guy: topical storm is next, you don't' too miss it.
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guy: harvard football player provided photographic evidence he it not give finger during his team's win over yale.
9:51 pm
both teams can get back to doing what in a do best, selling term papers to -- football teams. >> topic 1. we begin out side of america, new jersey. where i am from, i did not right this, a traveler is burning up roads this car collided with car, no one was hurt in the accident, a firefighter got treated at scene, he inhaled too much too much axe body spray. the road was reopened and everyone in jersey got back to their busy schedule, of gym, tan, laundry. >> triple a predicts 54 million people will take a road trip,
9:52 pm
not counting ambulance trips black friday, spain has running of burls we have flats screen stampedes. >> no one can counting their blessings more this thanksgiving than 24-year-old woman in maryland who put a winning lottery ticket in the laundry, it was still ledg legible whetht came out. >> the woman told lottery officials she bought 7 mega-billion ticketses, she could not fine the last one until she pulled her pants out of the wash, it was as there are continue,00$10thoition10,000 winner, good news she is say rich woman, and now charged with
9:53 pm
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political views will not be most offensive subject at dinner table. >> and topic 4, "rolling stones" announced a u.s. stadium tour. call it n filter tour. they can still rock, there talk to change song catalog to accommodate their advanced age. brown sugar called brown splenda. and start me up is now help me off, and get off my cloud, is now get off my lawn, and good-bye ruby tuesday day is now half price meal at ruby tuesda tuesdays.
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the stones might be biggest bad ass of all-time, ven if you don't love their music, you have to respect their ability to do that much partying for that long and still be alive, let alen on tour, i suspect they shared what lupahs i -- chalupa in their da. >> speaking of pears an parties, legalize marijuana. went on sale in massachusetts yesterday, state is raking in big bucks in tact revenue, they -- tax revenue, they will need of dollar, cops are not writing a single speeding tick the all l year, very slow drivers. oddsmaker giving warren a 1 in 124,000 chance of becoming next
9:56 pm
president. >> if you just saw there, lines are long for pot. it is one black friday sale that will never get violence, because everything is fine, bro. that is the topical storm, we'll be right book.
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kennedy will be back monday. tomorrow is thanksgiving, i'm thankful for big 10 west 10 champion, northwestern wildcats, beat illinois have a plate great thanksgiving, kennedy is back in this they're next week. weekend. >> good evening, i much ashley in for lou, our top stories, supreme court chief justice john roberts weighing into politics day after trump slams an active obama act pointed federal judge for ruling against trump asylum prob la maproclamation that wouh en our borders. roberts said there no such thing as a obama judge. take up that chief justice's comments and why he


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