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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 22, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EST

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network, have a good weekend. >> good evening, i much ashley in for lou, our top stories, supreme court chief justice john roberts weighing into politics day after trump slams an active obama act pointed federal judge for ruling against trump asylum prob la maproclamation that wouh en our borders. roberts said there no such thing as a obama judge. take up that chief justice's comments and why he should stay out of politics with former
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federal prosecutor sydney powell. >> and house republicans will hear testimony from prosecutor appointed to investigate corrupt dealings of the clinton foundation, while hillary clinton served at secretary of state. appears that g.o.p. is interested in answers. >> and sarah carter will join to us take up latest with the investigation. and new reports of increase chinese hacking, aimed at stealing more u.s. technology and intellectual property. this as president trump is scheduled to meet with his chinese counter part, xi jinping at the g20 summit next week. as president said yesterday, he will not allow chinese to rip off americans any more. >> i have another 250 billion dollars worth of tariffs to put on if we don't make a deal, believe me, i'll be putting them on, china has been ripping off our country for many, many
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years, they don't rip us off with me. we made a great deal with canada, and with mexico. >> we take with up with asian export gordon chang. >> supreme court chief justice john roberts, best known for twice defending president obama's affordable care act says that judiciary is a independent branch of government, as a direct confrom dec to president trump who -- contradiction to president trump who called 9th circuit court of appeals a disgrace, kevin cork can traveling with the florida in -- with the president in florida. >> 9th circuit is something we have to look at. it is not fair. reporter: what began as a president's sharp contribute ike of 9th circuit yesterday, today, off of pillars of u.s. supreme court, chief justice john roberts chiding the president for injecting politics into the court. we do not have obama judges or
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trump judges, bush judges or clinton judges, we have an extraordinary group of judges doing their level best. that independent judiciary, is something we should all be thankful for. president responded on twitter, sorry chief justice john roberts, but you do have obama judges, they have a different point of view than people charged with safety of our country, roberts rebuke after judge john tiger ruled against plan to impose new restriction on asylum cases, a move that president believed was politically motivated. after rulings from judges in hawaii and michigan, they were halted and temporarily. >> i don't know if the frustration is anything new, but it is heightened, seems almost every policy, rule, regulation
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or law that comes out right now seems to be immediately challenged. reporter: it is rare that chief justice would return volley. >> justice roberts really let us down, what he did with obamacare was disgraceful. ashley for those at home could you are looking at a single district court judge, making a decision that could affect the nation, a nationwide injunction, that does two things, it means that president's political enemies can pick and choose, find a judge then block his policy objectives. the second part of, is important, there is no gore guarantee that supreme court will hear a lower court case like that, that could effectively block the president as well or wind its way through the courts, who knows how long that could take. >> kevin cork in florida thank you. >> other top story, republicans
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on house over site committee looking for new insight to investigation of clinton foundation, they will hear from jeff sessions appointed u.s. attorney john huber beforehanding over control of the house to the dems, for more on that, we turn to chief intelligence correspondent, catherine herridge. >> what don't you give back the money it would be great. reporter: on campaign trail, candidate president trump had harsh worries for clinton foundation. >> a criminal enterprise, saudi arabia giving 25 million, qatar, all these country. reporter: running to congress last week then attorney general jeff sessionstached a utah federal prosecutor john huber to prove the foundation took millions from foreign interest while clinton was secretary of state under president obama. fufound dpaig-- in a found intew congressman mark meadows said
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that hearing will be public. >> december 5, subcommittee on government operations am hold a hearing, we'll request mr. huber to come in and testify with potentially a couple whistle-blowers based on previous conversations with department of justice, weeksing, they indicated for huber made good progress. reporter: metedos, chairman of freedom caucus, say they have new record about foundation's work. >> there is at least a question of impropriety with the clinton foundation, whether it quid pro quo or it is improper use of charitable giving. reporter: with the foundation, huber investigating allocation of surveillance warrant abuses targeting trump campaign aide carter page, and investigating alleged surveillance abuses and media leaks by doj and fbi to include former fbi director
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james comey and his memos about his meetings with the president, fox news reached to attorney was on the in utah and clinton foundation there was no immediate response. , huber testimony may be republican's last chance to get foundation evidence in congressional record, ashley. >> catherine herridge thank you. >> and our first guest to talk about clinton, state of the mueller witch-hunt and more, sarah carter, investigative reporter fox business contributor, so much to go on. let's beginning with clinton foundation probe. what has attorney john huber been up to, close to a year now why has it been drug out. >> i think that is a question that quite a few people had for some time, they will look at, i think congress is very ad adamat
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what has huber been doing, has he looked in financial aspects of the foundation, the donations to the found doing -- found doing, and whether or not they misspend the funds, i know there will witnesses testifying beyond huber at this hearing, or ast at least we'll hear about them, this is new information this surfaced after huber was appointed this is not based on anything previous. that is significant right now. >> it is, we would love to hear it move to mueller probe. okay, president got his homework, he did -- he answered his questions, probably easiest home work assignment. but enough is enough. sarah, from your point of view, president answered the questions, i think 1.4 million
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pages of evidence has been gathered by this as lou calls it a witch-hunt. when does this end? there are those say maybe by the end of the year? >> i think it is optimistic, this has been going on for two years, this president, this administration, has been more transparent than any other administration, more communication over a million documents. hours of testimony. i think don jr. testified over 26 hours, incredible how much people have been talking to congress, amount of information they have received. we know is that he did not more than likely answer any questions on obstruction, we know based on article 2. that president has every authority to fire comey, secondly, rod rosenstein who is deputy attorney general, was the same person who wrote the memo. basically laying out an outline for president to fire comey. what did he answer questions
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about? it focused on russia. collusion, which even the fbi admits and people involved they had not one irky o iota of evide that there was collusion between the trump campaign, and russia, even after they opened the investigation. we know from lisa page's testimony, i think that mueller will wrap it up, i think it will end before the end of the year. >> your take if you can on the spat, between chief justice john roberts and the president. 9th circuit, lou tweeted this out, most reversed in the country. of course, there are obama judges, and trump judges.
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how can he be serious. >> we know courts have been politicized based on what they have done, when they took it to lower court with intention of taking jurisdiction across the united states, right now border patrol and i.c.e. and senior officials, this is just within days, they tell me don't focus on the caravan. we're getting a thousand family units a day crossing into country, and almost impossible to get them to go back.
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as long as they don't have an aggravated felony, even if they have a list, they have to release them. so president is frustrated about this. he is trying to get control of the border, and you know. justice roberts has a right to say what he says, but it is incorrect. he knows as well as everyone else that courts are used politically again the president, more so than any other presidency. >> we all feel president's frustration, no doubt, sarah carter, thank you for joining ic on this thanksgiving eve, have a great day. >> thank you, happy thanksgiving to you and everyone. >> thank you, sarah carter. >> still to come, thousands of migrant gather along southern border with mexico, white house approved increase authority for
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u.s. troops. we take that up. coming up next, new signs that china has stepped up effort to sale american technology -- to steal american technology, gordon chang will join us with more when ♪music ♪another summer day is come and gone away♪ ♪in paris and rome but i want to go home♪ ♪mmmmmmmm
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ashley: u.s. defense secretary, said join -- joint military exercises with south korea will be scaled back next year, late of in the good faith effort from u.s. as pyongyang demolished from front line guard posts along the dmz. >> and a new report from u.s. government says that chinese hacking has increases over past year amid a trade distribute between u.s. and communist china. saying that they are aimed at stealing american technology and trade secret, president trump to meet with chinese president xi jinping december 1, at g20 summit in argentina. >> joining me now to discuss chinese aggression genes the u.s. and upcoming meeting between president trump and xi, gordon chang, author of "the coming collapse of china."
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thank you for joining us, what are you hoping comes out of this meeting on the sideline of g20. are you optimistic something can be done oring in. nothing. >> i hope there is no agreement. we had so many agreements with china over decades. xi jinping and president obama stood in the rose garden, and promised not to hack commercial interviewses of other country for commercial purposes. chinese have not stopped, and it has gotten worse since middle of 2017, we have our backs again the wall. ashley: they are not actions in good faith. >> xi jinping for various reasons, cannot come to terms with the united states cannot deal with us in good faith.
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so, the only alternative for us to impose costs on china so great, at some point xi jinping has to back down. ashley: what is that point? >> i don't know. ashley: they are good for playing the long game, they will figure president trump will not be president in 6 year's time, they will wait it out until a new leader comes in that maybe will not put as much pressure on them. >> i think in washington, you see it in u.s., there is real concern about china. so, even if president trump were not there, i think that this would be continued by his predecessor. important is when you look at this issue is, when will xi jinping back down? that say trump issue, that is a question how much political pressure president trump will put on the chinese economy with tariffs or other things. ashley: is he doing enough in
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your mind? >> doing what is necessary and politically acceptable. but clearly chinese, xi jinping does not' to back down, he knows if he backs down he will lose not only power by he could lose more. he is all in, this is a struggle. ashley: you said, not just the united states, but the global community, losing patience with china. interesting beijing, i read here, trying without success to recruit france, germany, japan and other governments as allies against president trump, saying no way, they agree with the united states. contention that china is sheeting steal -- cheating and steals to boost its own economy. >> sure, the past year, policy on part of beijing to divide brussels from washington worked, it not working this year, they see president trump is providing leadership, everyone wanted to do something, but nobody did
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until this year, trump said he broke wil the dam, in the world people understand that you have to take a tougher approach on china, no one's to take a tougher approach but chinese leaving everyone no choice but to do that. ashley: we know that china's economy is slowing down, is that a product of sanctions, u.s. putting in place and pressure? or is it more a case of others have argued that chinese government trying to tackle its massive aim of debt. >> it is more just the internal factors in china, includes debt. whether you have president trump, start to impose the tariffs, it contributing to chinese's economic woes, that is getting some people in china, not xi jinping, but some, want to do the rea right thing, a lof people are embarrassed by china's theft inside of china. ashley: they know about it. ashley:
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>> of course, they know because they participate in it. this is a confusion idea a have to be honest and up right, and everyone knows they are not, have you a number of senior former officials in last week, have come out, and criticized xi jinping for his policies for this, and other reasons, they don't like it. ashley: i read australia yarch , saying this will go until 2020 it is more than just a trade war, it is greater. would you agree? >> absolutely, you see chinese behavior across the board. ashley: militarily aggressive. >> in south china sea and east china sea as well, china is going in all wrong direction. xi jinping believes in malice
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political control, you have a crime against humanitarian in what chinese call since john. i did detention and eliminate religion islam, the world has not paid attention, these are concentration camps. you know, china is just across the board. ashley: not changing overnight. but -- it takes someone like a president trump, who is unconventional and does not have a filter it bamboozles the chinese. >> they are rattled, they are used to -- >> campaign. >> go to white house, listen to henry kiss e kissinger and be no chinese this president tried to come to terms with x xi jinpinge pushed to far, trump brings down hammer that of the right
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approach, people are following in our wake, they are upset. ashley: we'll see where it leads to. gordon chang thank you for being here appreciate it. >> a, ash, happy thanksgiving vote in the poll, do you think bush, judge supreme court chief justice john roberts should stay out of politics and not pa patronized american people. cast your votes on twitter @loudobbs, and reminder follow lou on twitter @loudobbs could like him on facebook and follow him on instagram. ashley: coming up next, president trump answered mule mueller's question. >> i can't imagine there will be much value in the written answers. >> i first once accepted written questions in a criminal case. >> you could look at the book, when you within home, but you
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could not ask your friends and lawyers to help you on the test. >> you you sure that robert mueller did submit the written questions, we are just hear from donald trump and routed judy guliani. >> does not determine what is not legitimate line of questioning that is crazy. ashley: there you have. we'll take that up and more after the break with former federal prosecutor sydney powell. stay with us.
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ashley: trey gowdy waging his last battle against the white house, asking white house information on ivanka's personal use of e-mail, 14 months doing durings transition, despite never laying a han in the
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investigations. joinings me now, sydney powell. thank you for joining us. seriously, trey gowdy. let's think about hillary clinton, secret service set up in her house in chappaqua, deleting e-mails with bleach bits and a hammer to smash her phone, not a glove laid on her, and now trey gowdy calling for this on ivanka during the transition period. >> i think that this is a grand standing, he should knock himself out over the whole thing. there snow comparison to hillary's secret server she had classified and special access program material. none of which should have left the state department, this is apples and oranges, ivanka's e-mails were personal.
4:31 am
that not the issue, and miss clinton had classified top-secret and special access program on her secret server, it was unsecured and she districted justice -- destruction of the justice when she destroyed it. >> moving on, before i get too angry. justice roberts, moving in on the political arena. >> justice robber robert, woulde correct but president is expressing reality, and opinions of the american public. who see what they see. yes. unfortunately, judges have become increase be likely polit, especially with the obama appointments to the bench. they have sought out liberal judges who are willing to play
4:32 am
politics in their judicial opinions. that is what happened with judge tiger, please, if district judges were able to issue national edicts they would be kings, this is is a falling. ashley: you know, how -- this is appalling. ashley: how can that be is my response, could it be challenged in the supreme court that small local judges would have that power to shut down nationwide policy in the interest of the country? >> it can be challenged, first in 9th circuit, that might even reverse that one, because, the president has the authority to dedto do what he did. under the immigration act. it is clear congressional authority that the supreme court itself gave him and the trump
4:33 am
versus hawaii case, it should not be open to review at all. so, that is business settled in the 90 circuit, e-- 9th circuit, and if not supreme court should settle it again. judge tiger, went off on an obscure provision of the administrative procedure act which you cannot make sense. ashley: they all make me angry, get to mueller. the president has done his homework, answered the questions. do you think mr. mueller wants more? could there be a sou subpoena? >> i don't think there will be a subpoena, president cannot be indicted it would be ridiculous to try to issue a subpoena for the president under circumstances when he can't be indicted. it would not surprise me if mr. mueller came back with
4:34 am
another question or two because i really don't think he wants to let it g we'll see, there is nothing much more they could do other than ask a few more questions, i know that mr. mule mr. mueller's report should come out shortly. >> what is that shortly? by the end of the year or drag to 2019? >> well, it would not surprise me if they don't drag it to 2019, they don't top let go of it -- they don't want to let go before they have to, i am sure they will' time to review the answers and compare agents statements from other -- compare against statements from other witnesses. you know they will try to drag it out probably to 2019. ashley: enough is enough. i think that everyone believes that, sydney powell thank you for joining us, have a great day. >> thank you, you too. ashley: coming up next guest embedded himself inflation mig
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caravan in migrant caravan to find out why they are headed to the u.s., we'll have that story next. i joined the army after 911, cuz, um, i thought that was what i needed to do. we got our orders to go overseas and i went to baghdad, iraq. we were transporting a bomb sniffing dog to the polling stations. we rolled over two anti-tank mines, it blew my humvee up, killed my sergeant. after the explosion, i suffered a closed head injury, um, traumatic brain injury, loss of a limb, burns to 60% of my body. when the doctors told me i reached my plateau, i did not want to hear that because i do not believe i have a plateau. so, i had to prove 'em wrong, which i am doing to this day
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and i will still do until the end of my days. i've gotten to where i am at because of my family. and, the wounded warrior project has helped me more than i can ever imagine. they have really been there to support me in my endeavors. my number one goal, basically, is to get close to where i was. i am more than ready to work hard to get to that goal. i am living proof to never give up and i will never give up.
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ashley: welcome back, i am ashley webster in for lou dobbs, a slight rebound on wall street, stocks closed mixed, dow down a whopping one point.
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and s&p up 8, nasdaq gaining 64. volume on big board 3.2 billion shares. >> lighter than normal. >> a reminder to listen to lou's reports 3 times a day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network. ashley: mexican authority detained more than 200 central american migrants, these arrest as members of caravan, in tijuana are reportedly planning to rush the border and cross unmasked to provoke trump administration, founder of organization helping them say he believes that thousands will be willing to join that crossing. with 3 -- any attempt to rush u.s. border, could make for a dangerous situation. one that migrants should refrain from creating. a new poll finding americans
4:40 am
believe that immigration and illegal aliens, are top issues facing united states, 20% of americans say they are concerned about immigration, up from 13% last month. >> and my next gift, embedded himself in the caravan to find out why migrants are headed to the sort southern border. >> i am in wa hac -- oaxaca. it is also where camp and base of the caravan is for the night. they are settled here they continue their trek. ashley: joining me now, that documentary film make or army horowitz. pictures we see of the caravan, making their way north, a lot of women children, people fearful for their lives. you embedded yourself with that group, what did you fine. >> not that.
4:41 am
that is a narrative you hear, the com compliesty of mainstream media and organizers therefore caravan is is amazing and sad, we wanted to find out what is going on. for example, when you see any framing of a video or "new york times" or "washington post," you see women and children, there are some. 90 to 95% my estimation were men. >> young men? young, older, but all men. and when -- first question i asked. why are you coming to america? again, narrative, you hear, they are escaping daily violent, their lives are at risk. i asked them why you are moving. not a single person unprompted says violence. ashley: what did they say. >> work, education, better
4:42 am
lives, i would want to come too. but, the question is, do we have a moral responsible to take in every person who wants an upgrade? i would say this country would not exist. ashley: so, narrative is, you say this is highly organized. not a group of people who came together and in search of a better life there is organization, what level of organization? >> as high level as you can get, for example, this -- again to narrative, you hear from mainstream media, you hear, it was a organic and everything they had was mana from heaven, millions of dollar in water, food and chartered buses, they just came out of nowhere. just came out of the sky. the reality is it is organized. ashley: who is organizing.
4:43 am
>> a group, pueblo sin fronteras, people without borders, they don't believe in borders. they want to undermine authority and stick it in the eye of trump, there are hundreds of them working there. you cannot walk without seeing them. >> a deliberate effort. >> comel completely organized, d come come from the ground up. ashley: did they know who you were. >> they are suspicious, i was being followed, we had to do moves to grab people and move them away. they were suspicious from anyone that could possibly be from fox
4:44 am
news, they said, fox news has been here -- this is an area of narcoviolent. fox news creating an unsafe environment. ashley: they told you that. >> that is what they told me. >> are you serious. >> deadly,. ashley: now president, went this group, of migrants are dangerous criminals people we don't know, we can't vet. they present a national security problem. would you agree? >> so, i would say, most people i met seemed to be good people they just' a better life, they are not wearing signs, saying i committed an act of violent. i will say, i did speak a number of people, one group of transwho were leaving, they want a better life. for them in. and they'd said they have been beaten, vi violently during the course of the trip, they want to get to america so badly, they
4:45 am
are willing to endure it and other people said, there are bad people here, but most of us are good, i take them on that word, there are some bad people, i don't think that everyone there, are all criminals, but element does exist. ashley: were they aware that troops were waiting for them. >> no, they are told, they are -- they are being trained. if video, the people organizing are telling, training them to speak to press, and training them how to answer authorities when you get to america to have a better chance to qualify for asylum. ashley: wow, fascinating. >> highlying or niced wha organ. ashley: thisser intive is never heard -- narrative is never heard, not from one reporter. >> that is why i am here. ashley: i am shocked, amazed, army thank you, army horowitz, where can you see this. >> army my youtube
4:46 am
channel, facebook all over. >> thank you. >> coming up next, thanksgiving will be anything but normal for thousands of family in california, whose homes have been destroyed. we take up new congress affect on president trump's agenda with our panel. how much will that be? stay with us, we're coming right back.
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ashley: deadly wildfires in california are now responsible for 84 deaths, with still newern 800 people -- more than 800 people unadownearkansas unaccou. there is rain in the area but that could spark mudslides. >> and joining me to take up president's agenda after midterms and more. niger and gina allen, thank you for joining us on this thanksgiving eve. thank you, there is book for mad politics, is there any other kind of politics? gina it's all mad. >> not today. ashley: let's begin in mississippi. race down there, sep sa senate ,
4:51 am
cindy hide smith versus espy, this was is up oath supposed ona shoe in for hyde smith. that put her in hot water. how bad of a flip of of went pd state how bad would it be for the republicans. >> i think that probably polling is better than it looks, just from the media attention to this race, they sense blood in the water, but i don't think it will go that way, not with president going there and doing the rallies for her, we've seen that pull numbers in other races, such as missouri with josh holly and desantis in my home state of
4:52 am
florida. i think that is how this will go down, i don't think that there republicans will lose anything. ashley: move on, nigel, nancy pelosi leader of the democrat. you know, nancy pelosi is master strategist, a tremendous fund-raiser,ry kno we know that. there is some you know, in the ranks some grumblings. do you expect her to survive the vote to be leader of the dems and is that good for the democrats? from what we understand president would love nancy pelosi to have that position. >> i think that nancy pelosi is treating the socialists with diapers on. i think she will put them in their place, there is no chance nancy pelosi is not next speaker. she is highly effective as a movement conservative, my only regret our side does not have
4:53 am
ruthlessness that nancy pelosi has for radical progressive agenda they pursue. marcia fudge from ohio has been threatening to run again her, she has been coon. co-opted don't mess with nancy pelosi. ashley: niger there have been calls to have a fresh face. there is a division, would you not agree on that issue? >> there is no doubt, there is a bernie sanders, alexandria ocasio-cortez, out of new york wing. very progressive, socialive wing of democratic party, but nancy pelosi is not going to have problems, i think she will elevate one or two of them to some symbolic leadership role. she will be ruling with an iron
4:54 am
gavel come january. ashley: all right, gina. the democrats rule the house, what does that mean for president's agenda? i guess you know no repeal of affordable care act. no new rounds of tax cuts, do we get a whole slough of investigations and probes and calls for president's tax returns or phone records are we going to sink 2 into that. >> i am we are, polling indicated that those issues do not work for the democrats. the democrat warned their own midterm candidates, not to run on those issues, do not bring them up, when they do, it will not bode well for them, it will birthdabode well for trump in 2. he will have a senate that goes his way most of the time.
4:55 am
ashley: time flies thank you for joining us. >> happy thanksgiving. ashley: up next, more on president trump's firing with supreme court justice john roberts on issue of immigration, stay with us. we're coming right back. insurance that won't replace the full value of your new car? you'd be better off throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ where's tommy? (sfx: stage doors opening) i thought he was with you? no jack!
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reporter: last night we asked you if the activism of left-wing
4:59 am
judges is undermining our court system. 97% of you said yes. president trump firing back at supreme court justice john roberts after the jurist said there are no quote obama judges." >> justice roberts has the right to say what he says. but it's absolutely incorrect. he knows as well as every one * else that the courts are being used against the president and more so than any other presidency. reporter: a prosecutor is appointed to investigate hillary clinton corruption while she was secretary of state. chinese hacking efforts aimed at u.s. technology as trump prepares to meet with ext xi at the g20 summit next week.
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