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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  November 23, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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david asman is next. "bulls & bears" starts next. ndavid: hi, everybody. this is "bulls & bears." thanks for joining us. this is david asman. jordan and the pinup, steve forbes, megyn ortega -- morgan ortega's and rick unger. stocks failing to stay in the green today and even a positive nasdaq failed by a mile to catch up with losses earlier in the week. so what happens on black friday coming up? will retail action pull stocks higher or set them think him ag? >> i think youis continue on fr.
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it will be a while before we get a picture of retail sales. people expect retail sales in the fourth quarter. what is holding down the market is fierce on trade. the market slipped to the future now what's happening now or what happened in the past but looking to the future. they don't like what they see. we have enough to know coming up next year if they don't do it this year. >> you mean the u.s. mca? >> that the democrats can allow that to go unscathed. so this is bad stuff potentially coming up enough what worries the markets. >> i don't know, we got a black friday shopping discount coming up this week and one of the stock market and what is important as investors will see this as one of the dead that is a buying opportunity, a sale if you will, as the last five, six, seven in a row has then. or is this the end of a ten-year bull market and we're going to fall 20, 30, 40% like we do what we enter recession. investors are timid right now.
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raising interest rates come down without stifling backup is as happened in the last few weeks we've been in for a couple months here. i'm watching, too. i like to think it's going to come back. we're not going to have a recession but i think tech stocks are going to have a bear market the 20% decline. >> i've got to disagree with my friend jonah. there is a recession coming. the only question is when. we'll talk about that a little later. friday, the market is looking for any excuse to continue weakening. and if retail sales are not just good, but really good, given the economy that we are in, then that will just be one more excuse to push the markets down when that data comes out. >> yeah, i also think the markets are signaling that they don't like these rate hikes. the president doesn't like them either and he could read about them and say as much as he wants, but the market will have a lot more of an impact on these decisions by the fed and the
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president street spirit the fed would like to go back to normalizing rates. the market is not ready for that. there are some positive things on the horizon other then just black friday which is great. i love black friday. the president treated about gas and we'll get into that. i'm traveling tomorrow. my flight wasn't super expensive. that adds up in the minds of everyday americans. there are things that will keep us positive through the end of the holiday season. sure into the consumer still confident. ultimately consumer confidence when the rubber meets the road is when they go and buy stuff. we'll see on friday whether they're actually going to do it. when you have unemployment as low as it is, if you have more opportunities if you don't like your job or if you're not paid enough you can trade up here that's what the job market is all about. that makes people go out and spend more, doesn't it? >> there was no data out there that looks bad for the economy but that doesn't matter because investors right now are raises
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2,042,007 mode. in there was no bad fines and economy. 2006, 2007 looks good other than the real estate bubble. we don't know if the market is leading a recession or not. i don't think we are, but that is the fear we are looking for a sign of a buying opportunity. this is just a correction. this is the recession we don't know the signs until later when the numbers start to get that. >> if we get a trade deal, keep the nafta to common after junior online and get a deal with china which i think we will in the next six to eight months, we are not going to go into a recession. the fed rate hikes have been anticipated for months. i think they will do one next month to show they are not counting down to the president. next year will be a different story. the fact of the matter is market does not like this uncertainty. it started to affect investment decisions, people's behavior in terms of euro. you can see it in japan and that
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kind of uncertainty are we really going to go with china and is the president, indicated for example, i was hoping larry kudlow to it yesterday here on fox that is indicated january 1st we are not going to put on the terrace because we enter negotiations. what happens in argentina and the next few days in the g20 meaning is going to be crucial. we will sit down, marcus walsh heaved a sigh of relief until we see what actually unfolds. >> it is happening at a time when world trade is contracting. there were stats out today about world trade all of the world, not just the u.s. versus china, but it is england's break from europe and bragg said. it is what is happening in the rest of europe as germany and italy. when world trade shrinks, soda markets because profit-sharing spirits >> the problem with china if there's two competing fears that are vying for the president's attention. you have larry kudlow that would clearly like to make a deal i
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agree with everything steve just said about how that would be good for the market. if you look at it from the national security perspective in all the people that don't see china has made any real concessions on the fact we are in a legitimate cyberwar with them right now, they're continuing, not making any concessions on ip staff, goes through a laundry list of things. while it is the best interest of the market to get a deal, from a national security perspective i don't think it's in the best interest to make a deal. >> the question is what is the most effective way to do it and get at them without hurting us. picking on specific chinese companies, industries, banks, taking the bank out of the sweat system. other things like that would get the message across. david: didn't i hear you say the other day you thought there would be something coming out. in fact something on natural gas. >> what is interesting is the chinese have been lowering tariffs on a lot of imports that are not coming from the u.s., which was at this stage and will
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do it for you, uncle sam. the big headline they do a deal which will overshadow everything else is a big deal on natural gas. they need natural gas unlike an alternative to russia in the middle east and they feel like that, conjure up over 10 years or hundreds of billions of dollars from a great deal of the century and that what i think the debate take. >> back to get the markets going again. >> i want to go back to something steve said a few minutes ago. i do agree that the trade situation is absolutely playing a major part in the weakness in the markets. i'll tell you what. i don't think we have to sound any alarms about the democratic congress coming in next year and nafta or ymca as i call it, whatever you want to call it because the deal that we got is really pretty much what the democrats wanted. it was pretty much expressed by the obama administration and cpa. this is not going to be a problem.
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>> i want to go back to the comment made by steve forbes. ultimately to get something out of china that you have to be one that takes an economic or, the reason they pushed it with so many democratic countries that have elections like all across europe is because every politician is scared of causing economics. they let them get away with it because they don't have elections in china. you almost have to be played, whether you play chicken or have that level of toughness or you're not going to get a whole lot out of this country. that's the best case. you might not get anything anyway. >> absolutely true. looking forward we will be talking about tech and the geopolitical risk as it relates to trade not just in the u.s. and around the world, but seeing the big tech companies losing 1.1, over a trillion dollars in value in this volatile market we've had here. the reason why that's happening as well and tim cook is way ahead of this. so we are going to see -- yeah,
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the appleshare. we'll see regulation of some sort on the tech company. i'm waiting for one of these 30 democrats running for office, one of them will decide going against big tech is the equivalent of going against wall street in 2008 in the opaque data. david: what a segue into this intro. did facebook ceo mark zuckerberg interviewees investors worry sir just make them worse? >> did you another leaders try to minimize russia's role in spreading propaganda on the platform? >> no. an august to remember,
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david: facebook ceo mark zuckerberg defending a social network over recent scandals in a cnn interview but struggling to answer some questions, they let some investors nervous. take a listen. >> did you another leaders try to minimize russia's role in spreading propaganda on the platform? >> no. look, here's what happened. >> house on the reporter power you repeatedly denied he knew anything about hiring this opposition group pr firm. can you stay for the record did you know anything about this? >> well, like i said on the call, i learned about this when i read the report as well.
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>> and many would argue it's a way of spreading the same type of here's the theory that facebook has worked so hard in the last couple years to get on top of. >> look, and in the review i've done so far, it doesn't appear anything without the group said was untrue. >> you are not stepping down as chairman. >> at night can happen. david: i know that was painful, forgive us. we felt we had to play the whole thing to get an idea of it. what to do with mr. zuckerberg, gang. >> that does not compute. these companies run by genius is obviously one the greatest companies and it continues to do good they have made some mistakes. the press took too much focus under the russian news and too little onto facebook work along essentially because it was a
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question of becoming a business model. and they're going to do this to lay out $100 a share, cheryl samberg is out the door. seventy-five dollars a share they are going to spin off mr. graham before the 2a because that company is valuable still and may on too much social media. the whole era of the robber baron is over in my opinion and is partially their own fault. the bottom line is they got away with it for a long time worries makers and looking: at the end of the day, they might as well be the standard oil company at that point. >> there's a lot of truth to what jonas just said. look, mark zuckerberg is not going anywhere in the near term. i don't think the board of directors is ready to cut off the head, not going to have been. but he is certainly on notice now that as jonah said, the days of walking around looking cool in a hoodie, those days are over. he is in another world now, another ballpark.
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he can't get away with that. he has to understand what the big issues are in the big issues are not just what company to buy for some new algorithm he can develop. he's got to now understand that if he doesn't he will follow cheryl samberg right out the door. >> what's amazing about this whole thing in terms of the god, why don't they do something simple. any political ads have a disclaimer on the bottom like you do everywhere else in any ad that will, past have a real identity to it. that takes the thing off the table. or if you had a problem do something about it. the other thing he have to do is bring in the two founders googled it, somebody like eric schmidt that can assure people this company is going to be properly managed and they're going to have a heavyweight at the helm. david: that is supposed to be cheryl samberg. >> you know, google had some cheryl samberg there, but they made a super samberg.
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>> when i saw the cnn interview, and less than a year ago zuckerberg was doing this listening tours in middle america and there is all this talk running for president. i think that's over. what is happening here it is all the social media companies did the exact things they did in 2008 which is immediately fight regulation. everyone in washington is an idiot. i was there sometimes. we are going to fight against washington. they are all idiot and where the brilliant tech guys. the same attitude the big bang took in 2008. i've been arguing for the past year and maybe the ship has sailed that these guys should be getting together and led by someone like tim cook who understands the issue reportedly speaks to the president to say how can we get ahead of this. once washington figures out what they want to do with them, someone talked about them being
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a monopoly and broken out. that is the past. >> another problem which is the business model itself. the business model is raised on them having all of this data, all the personal data and giving it to advertisers. rick, you know this better than anyone else because you are the advertising business or at least the marketing part of it when you know who you're speaking to, when you have a targeted audience, advertisers will pay a lot more for that information. if the regulators suck that personal information out, advertisers won't pay as much. not absolutely correct. if the united states goes on a path that we adopt the rules europe adopted, when it comes to privacy, it's going to be good for your average consumer in my view, but i'll tell you what, they have to change their business model because when companies like facebook can no longer sell that data, and they've got nothing to show to wall street or anybody else.
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>> the banks are an easy target because politician had the feel of the public behind them. banks are in the business of charging interest and late fees. the tech companies give you free stuff and you don't know how it's paid for. everyone loves apple and these companies until very recently and now back as past behind politicians to go after that and that's the danger they lost the trust of the public. apple is very smart about this. the cvs targets me when they print on their seat stuff about coupons i want to buy. that is okay. a point you try to keep the growth and double-digit and taking over the whole thing and now you've got to keep squeezing in knots when it gets a little evil so to say. >> most consumers understand the deals. in the days, weeks called for a television or the chargers trade that you have the ads with it. that is the bargain. most people wanted to go along with it.
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when people feel the data has been misused for purposes. they didn't take a cue from the old elbow for the breakup. legalized monopoly went out of their way to make sure they're on the good side of everybody. every newspaper, and every magazine every political campaign. they made sure they covered all the bases. these guys thought they had a lot of nice lobbies in washington that take care of the problem. >> especially conservatives and republicans and now the far left have enemies which is unnecessary to do. >> a big part of the problem is something we call contracts of adhesion. people don't know what they're giving away when they sign a contract where you can't read anything with facebook. so you'd be surprised how many people aren't aware of it. they need to be more aware of it so they know what that clue what they're given. >> it will happen when you get blocked junior going to control
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the data anyway and give 101-cent and to give up your data. that's coming anyway and that's why the regulatory thing -- >> technology is always so much ahead of the technology. we've got a talk more about that. president trump doubling down on a saudi arabian comments about oil and his critics are going wild. who makes the best point and wins that argument? that is next. >> saudi arabia is probably the second biggest oil producer. they work with us very well. we check oil prices now. if you want to see them go to $150 a barrel, like by the way russia would love to see that. all you have to do is break up our relationship with saudi
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david: just a day after president trump said the u.s. would back saudi arabia despite the killing of journalist jamal
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khashoggi, the president is now thinking that company, saudi arabia, for the declining price of oil seen oil prices getting lower. that is great like a big tax cut for america and the world enjoy $54 was just $82. thank you to saudi arabia but let's go lower. is president trump kind of overselling our business relationship with the saudi's and the impact it could have an oil and our economy? >> david, i have to parse out here the crown prince who, you know, reportedly potentially may be behind us. they haven't fully said this in the relationship of the kingdom of saudi arabia. we've had this relationship of the kingdom since fdr says the president must the first king of saudi arabia in a long-term relationship. we've had major dips or the oil crisis in the 70s. after 9/11 when the majority of the hijacked or some saudi's. we've had tumultuous points in our relationships with them, but the question is why does the
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president want to define the entire saudi arabia relationship by justice crown prince. the one thing we will see going forward as this isn't just the president's call. the congress especially in the senate would have the two biggest foes on the republican side, rand paul, when graham and others teaming up to actually try and hold and be accountable through sanctions coerce the congress can pass. >> the thing is the saudi arabia is really strategic. they are with us against iran. we don't want iran dominated the middle east. iran kills farmer journalist. >> overplaying the business. >> is overplayed in the business side not in the most sophisticated manner. the underlying policy we need to be with saudi arabia. we do the right thing with individuals if you prove it and go after them. they put a lot of them under the sword before long. saudi arabia and everyone now
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knows you don't mess with western journalists. and so, taboo has come out of this. not just a senseless killing, but a good thing will emerge further journalists. the mac would you have another video of the president i would like to get to. one quick thing on that, we do need the saudis, but if we are serious about area, over to the iranians, then our whole plan to counter the iranians have gone nowhere. read the saudi's. we also need to be serious in iraq. >> let's not make the same mistake made in the 1970s thing we could use iran as a proxy back when iran was our friend. we have to take the lead in syria we should have done what the military and the safe area we did with the kurds in iraq. >> let's get to the sound of the president quickly. >> all i do is focus on this country and making great deals for this country.
5:29 pm
i don't focus on making great deals for myself because i don't care anymore. saudi arabia has nothing to do with me. what does have to do with me is putting america first. i'm not going to destroy the world economy and i'm not going to destroy the economy for our country by being foolish with saudi arabia. >> the president is 100% right. the fact he sold condos aren't into rich people, which people come from saudi arabia doesn't mean your crooked. that's an absurd thing. this tweet that we just looked at, the president is basically trolling them a little. we remember why oil prices came out so sharply before the election coincidently. the president said there was an iran sanctions coming and he got and saudi arabia to pump up more oil than the sanctions were sanctions like. there was a glut of oil and the a lot of leverage hedge funds in the oil market and the price collapsed. the president caused billions of dollars of damage to this
5:30 pm
country. is it for punishment? sure, but it's important to have a business relationship. the world changed when we only had friends basically with israel when iran went. you cannot have another friend in that area because look what happened to the oil markets that cause major economic problems. it's not a sensitive sensor developed a domestic oil industry that we did not have there because there are other reasons with other countries to move the iraq problem which was not a good move because they were counterbalance to iran. the saudi's is the next best place. if you want a trip to the middle east on her game show, and there's only two places you would go would not be worried and not israel and saudi arabia for peer safety points. >> you know, david, you asked the question initially, should we enjoy what is going on here with lower prices of oil. i'll tell you who's not going to enjoy what the president did was saudi arabia. the executives of those oil companies, globetrotting executives like steve forbes who
5:31 pm
travel all over the world and the president of the united paid just told them that coming in a wet, something terrible happens to you, i value our business relationships and our price of oil override due you. it reminds me of the roman maxim that a roman could travel anywhere in the world and no one would dare touch a hair on their head because they were romans. no longer true of the united states thanks to what the president did here. >> in terms of -- who doesn't want lower gasoline prices. especially coming into winter with a thing called heating oil. >> i want to be able to be safe when you travel to saudi arabia. >> here's the problem with what you're saying. when we put human rights interest and again, we deal with a lot of nasty countries. when we put them ahead of our own national interests like we did with iran, for example when
5:32 pm
the shah of iran, your old mouse. we abandoned him because he was killing people kind of the same way the saudi's are and we ended up with the ayatollahs. was that a smart move? >> i agree with that. but isn't putting the interests of americans as they travel around the world something that's pretty darn important? >> it is. if you have a strong country that makes it clear you harm an american you will pay the price, whether we love the saudi's are not, they won't harm us if they know there's going to be consequences. >> great, they chop people's heads off. based on people. it's definitely a kingdom in its backwards and it's not right and a politician would come out and make a lot of statement about it and this president from a business point of view was focusing on the reality that the alternative in the area were that the other countries are not as safe a saudi arabia. the herbs mentioned in the organization that tracks steps to journalist has dozens of
5:33 pm
murders of journalists. turkey is supposedly our friend now. the russians have been doing this to people -- [inaudible conversations] >> in the business reality is that is why we have to -- >> it will get more terrible because we signaled we don't stand up for citizen or our writers. >> don't you think, david, rick, don't you think that the saudi crown prince wishes he hadn't done this? >> yes. >> lesson learned. >> you can't say lesson learned. if the guy was crazy enough to even think about doing something like that, let alone executing a, who knows -- >> morgan, didn't you live in saudi arabia? >> almost two glorious years. how they changed as a result of this? is the writer they not going to do something like this again?
5:34 pm
>> the crown prince was pretty shaken and i would say there's over 200 journalist jailed and in turkey we have come and they clearly do this in russia. we have must homes and internment camps in china. i do care about human rights, but if you care about human rights in saudi arabia, you need to stop all business as it relates to china considering what they're doing. bush is be consistent if that's the position we're going to take. i'd also like to say it's hypocritical in washington because what they want right now is trying to say something rhetoric, but not indeed. in the obama administration, you were talking about how we didn't tan by the shah. we didn't tan by mubarak, and our thirty-year allied as they crumbled and shut the middle east to the core. they never recovered from the air of spring. so you know, what did the obama administration do? >> the obama administration was a friend of saudi arabia. there's pictures of them.
5:35 pm
david: he bowed to the king. does anyone remember that? >> a bombing mission which is led to more deaths than this journalist. every president has problems doing with this country because it's an imperfect situation. david: as for journalists working in dangerous places. paul krugman coffered for "forbes" magazine, editor of russian "forbes" was killed on the street of moscow and a lot of fingers are pointing to putin for that. member paul kolesnikov. quickly, we've got a run. >> never understanding, you're right. obama did stand up for mubarak. he showed up. how does that -- david: will keep that question open. we've got a run. the president says we have a fed problem. the real problem a big sides debate is coming right jardiance asked: when it comes to managing your type 2 diabetes, what matters to you?
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>> i'd like to see the fed with a lower interest rate. i think the rate is too high. i think we have much more of a fed problem than with anyone else. david: the president taking aim at the fed and the possibility of more rate hikes. is the fed in december just to prove that they are independent from president trump. when you think, folks? >> i think the fed is going to do it in december. we should look for is what the fed says when they do that to 25 basis points, one quarter% raise. they will indicate instead of four races they will take a path and see how the economy is actually doing. that way they can show they are not counting down to the president but also nonaggressive next year is the plan to be. the fed also i think will be retreating from this idea that the economy is getting too prosperous, overheating. as we said before the show the fact that if you get a raise in their overheating, physically know it's preposterous.
5:41 pm
the less the fed does the better. >> here's what is amazing about this. they are more than likely going to raise that in december just to show the president that they can stay independent. who do we have to blame for that? we can all figure that out. here's what else is going on. the president knows there is a strong likelihood that we will see the economy start to run out of steam, fourth quarter in 22020. he needs somebody to blame. the fed is a great target. steve forbes just made the correct argument. the president is telling the fed to cut interest rates. that's not going to happen. what he should be arguing for is to load on the rate increases. keep an eye on what is going on. that is a sensible argument. the president doesn't even know what argument he should be making. >> first of all, does this mean the president is trying to manipulate the fed. twitter saying something about
5:42 pm
interest rates of the public discourage or. a completely different situation. moreover, the president is right in the fed is wrong and here is why. >> the rates are plenty high now. if anything they're probably too high. we saw the top market collapse. >> why is the fed in the business of setting interest rates anyways. >> i think it's very important to save the last crash. but what the president knows that the proper interest rate levels for the current world of real estate, which is adjusted to it is 0% to 3% range. the fantasy that the normal rate is 5% is an old-fashioned economist without for the 70s will have rampant inflation of the don't pick up the interest rates and cause a recession ever so often. the reality is a fed is sitting on a tremendous amount of money to get out of the last crisis. they can only sell that aggressively. david: they are by the way. the issue of billion dollars a
5:43 pm
month. >> they just let it expire. they could then destroy the money they pull out of the market. they really have an inflation problem. they don't need to raise rates to 5% and cause a recession. the fed is living in the 70s. >> while i agree with jonah sent steve i want to take the opposition on the panel. you know what is interesting is the president was so indignant about changing the fed chair and you wonder what would've happened. this is his fed chair that he put in. you wonder what would've happened would we still have the sort of rate increases that were seating. sometimes you've just got to go with that doubles you know. >> the fed uses rhetoric about overheating and can control the economy. the dollar has been remarkably stable in recent years. the fed has not been a problem despite the rhetoric. the real problem is we indicated earlier trade uncertainties. the fed i think is going to be a passive player in the near-term
5:44 pm
future. david: history is not on the side of the president. i don't think there's ever a case of the fed lowering rates when you have low unemployment and high growth, right? >> we have steve ward say in the fed is not the problem? i may need to use that at some point. >> long-term it's always the problem. part of the problem already by raising rates besides causing problems in the real estate market already push the dollar up too high because our rates are so much higher than the rest of the world. that money comes in and that is what is really hurting a lot of these acts orders more than the tariff trade war. >> by the way, if the president gets in a fight with the fed, a real fight, the president will win. the last time the fed when it president was harry truman in the early 1950s. the fed lost. the chairman was out and no one came in. david: he has that authority.
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coming up, you lousy month for apple to say the least. will the drip, drip of departing consumers and investors turn into a flood? an august to remember,
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david: so let's connect the dots on apple's route. at the start of this month the company said they will no longer
5:49 pm
report how many i found an mac they are selling. last week momentum said they were slashing their outlook citing a redo shipment request from one of its biggest customers and they weren't alone. and now fox con, apples because assembler of the iphone's is looking to spice about $3 billion in expenses in 2019. folks, does all of this mean that apple's loyal consumers and investors are his only beginning to abandon ship? >> i don't know if they are abandoning ship, but i'll go buy myself as an example. i do know about you guys do when apple comes up with a new phone i think is really awesome, i go buy it. i go get it. i have no interest in going out to buy the series this year. i just didn't see where it added that much do i heard he had. if apples reached the point where they've kind of given us what they got, i wouldn't expect a whole lot to happen until they come up with something pretty cool and i don't know when that's going to be. >> apple is the greatest corporation ever produced
5:50 pm
including ibm and general motors, the whole world. the world's greatest corporation. but they got to the market cap level two support value needed and they need to change the spotlight from the phone over to the other areas growing and it's scaring investors rightfully and it's good for 25% to 50% drop which is happen many times in this country's history. there's one tech company doing very smart things of privacy or the other companies will keep them for being heavily regulated but is still at risk right now with this tech route. >> that is the thing. it's right on. where is the wow thing coming. jobs, ipad, iphone, other things. but these little incremental improvements, what's the big deal or slashed the price 50%. >> delicate and ron's attention but they haven't. tim cook is a great manager but he's never been known for
5:51 pm
creativity and apparently not the people who can provide that creative push. >> which they desperately need, you're right. not just the u.s. are losing ground. they are actually fifth among cell phone retailers in china. in one of the chinese new papers the users in china that uses the apple iphone are less well-off. they are actually among the most poor in china. where is the wow way users are much more affluent. it is not the status symbol. you better be talking about the chinese. it's not the status symbol there that it used to be. i think that place here in the u.s. where everyone on the panel and i totally agree there's not the urgency to run out and get the next phone. david: also the competition smells light in the water. i know they don't have a get. it's coming out at the beginning of next year. the new 5g model they have which is apparently just the new iphone side of the water.
5:52 pm
>> that is something they been trying to do for years. we could be, i'm not predicting we are, but we could be at the moment with microsoft and apple where a competitor just takes over and changes the standard. we could be there. >> the original companies that the dow are all gone. every company eventually failed or that the nature of business. this company however would require a competitor to invent something so wow, so beyond what they do the switchover would require stamps on it that could read your mind. it would have to be like that much of it thing to get people to switch. david: could a new phone by samsung do it? that's the problem the watch is cool. they don't have anything to keep the growth. they are not going to lose the phone sales to competitors although they become more similar over time. >> the next iphone can grow here.
5:53 pm
we may be waiting a long time. meanwhile, holidays expense and i love already? or than 20 states are about to make it worse for online shopping. find out if your state is one of (toni vo) 'twas the night before christmas, and all thro' the house. not a creature was stirring, but everywhere else... there are chefs, bakers and food order takers. doctors and surgeons and all the life savers. the world is alive as you can see, this time of the year is so much more than a bow and a tree. (morgan vo) those who give their best, deserve the best. get up to a $1,000 credit on select models now during the season of audi sales event.
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david: holiday shopping online has arrived. nobody will be more excited about that than your state
5:57 pm
government. 21 states for the first time will be collecting sales taxes on purchases. >> this shows two things. one, the greed of politicians nos no bound. and that tax will hurt small online retailers. great for amazon, bad for the little people. >> what about the poor small online merchants in the states. they have to collect sales tax. these companies have had a long time. but they are firmly established enough that we can tax the sales as much as your local merchants have to pay. you are supposed to pay this
5:58 pm
anyway, they are just not collecting it. and i think it's way overdue to do it. >> just as we are heading into thanksgiving and the holiday season, of course the government is going to give a tax bill to the consumer. i would like to say boo to the government. >> i will miss the days of not having to pay sales tax. i do most of of my shopping online. but in the spirit of the season you have to feel for the brick and mortar companies that were at an unfair advantage. david: i don't like to pay sales taxes. there are five states, we have to give them kudos, alaska, delaware, new hampshire and oregon, only you five states in the country that don't have a
5:59 pm
sales tax. >> so instead of shafting us online, why don't they lower taxes at the local level? david: already these politicians are counting their chickens. illinois budgeted in the fact that they will get 150 million dollars from internet sales purchases. >> you need to cut spending and get rid of the sales tax for your local merchants. it's not fair. david: you sounds like donald trump. >> he has a lot of points. >> always is the problem with politicians. when they start a tax, you know it starts low and it does nothing but get higher and higher and higher. >> merry christmas, everybody.
6:00 pm
david: any tax to be lowered or eliminated i'm in favor of. >> you have got to have an equal tax thing across all businesses or it's not fair. you are creating winners and >> welcome to women and money. 40% of american women are the breadwinners for the families and have more power and response ability than ever before. there's a lot to navigate from dealing with practical money and investing issues to how to handle tricky career situations. i'm deirdre bolton and i have invited amazing, successful guests who are at the top of their field. they will share what they learn and put on their mentor has an insert tough business and related personal questions. the show is for all ages, stages and for people


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