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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 26, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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with the hospitality that significance and is our tradition. >> kevin kramer, great to see you. we welcome you back on soon. >> thank you for having us in your home. thank you for watching. lou dobbs is here next on the foxbusiness network. >> good evening. our top stories, president trump back on the campaign trail continuing his tireless efforts to repot elect republican parties in support of city heights smith in her reelection bid. the president wrapping up a rally at an airport less than an hour ago. two hours from now he's giving another speech at the mississippi coast coliseum in
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biloxi. we will break down the details of his critically important election boost. will be talking with jason che fits. also michael goodwin and pastored darrell's scott. also tonight, president trump pushing back against gm's plan to cut nearly 15000, mostly american jobs, after the united states spent $50 billion to bail out the carmaker a decade ago. the president making it clear to the ceo that gm had better get with the program. >> we have a lot of pressure on them. i think you'll see something else happen there. i'm not happy about it. their cars not selling well. i have no doubt the not too distant future they'll put something else in.
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>> lou: my commentary, if you thoughts on general motors plants. they are laying off thousands of its workers. the wall street investigators cheering their closings and thousands of layoffs. yes, gm's exquisite timing is equally brilliant. that's coming up later in the broadcast. president trump bows to close the entire border with mexico of the mexican government refuses to stop central american migrants at the southern border. hundreds of migrants rush the border throwing bottles and stones at border patrol agents over the weekend. former secret service agent, nypd officer joins me tonight. we will be talking about the president's right to secure our borders and to deal with robert muller's never ending futile witchhunt that goes on, on, and on. why would the american people put up with any more of this nonsense? our top story tonight, president trump in mississippi.
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he is using his influence and persuasion on the campaign trail to promote senator cindy hide smith's bid for reelection. >> i'm here to ask the people in mississippi to send cindy hide smith back to the united states senate so we can make america great again. your vote on tuesday will decide whether we build on our extraordinary achievement or whether we empower the radical democrats to obstruct our progress, reverse our gains, and return to the failures of the past. if we win tomorrow we will be at 53 - 47 which is substantially more than what we had. >> lou: hide smith leads her challenger, former agriculture secretary, mike sp. she leads him by ten points in the latest poll. with them favoring the no it
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would be extremely helpful in pursuing the agenda especially in the senate. our first guest tonight about the last senate race of 2018 in the state that donald trump on by 18 percentage points in 2016 foxbusiness contributor and author of the book we recommend to you, the deep state. how an army of bureaucrats protected barack obama. we are looking at hide smith's efforts to get reelected. this is a race for the margins which have expanded. what do you think of the likely outcome? >> i think with the search with president trump in town
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democrats have nobody to balance that with. nobody that will compel his turnout like president trump. the fact that he is spending to stop the day before the election bodes well. people have to get out and vote. apathy is probably the biggest thing you fight against. people have to get out and vote. >> lou: this is the hardest working president we have ever seen in our lifetime. this is a president who is nonstop. who would have imagined that he would be fed below special counsel for two years. that he would be campaigning like this in a midterm election. you have to give credit to the president for expanding the majority in the senate and holding the losses. people don't realize, the republicans had 45 retirements. that's like handing the democrats a slate they can fill in as they wish.
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>> book, the president had great success, certainly compared to barack obama during those eight years democrats across the board last more than a thousand seats. the idea that donald trump is picking up another notch on the belt and move muted up so he is achieving more things in the senate growing the lead is amazing. >> lou: what else is amazing is a president who says he is going to stop illegal immigration. he moves troops in, the gnashing of teeth on the part of the left as he secures the border. what did the left think? the radical dams think that they were just going to throw open the borders to caravans of illegal immigrants crossing the border with impunity? actually sense of entitlement and not so much as a thank you.
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>> what i like about donald trump's he's doing what he said he's going to do before he was a president. these are people showing up at the border. not all of them but they are throwing rocks and trying to break into the country. they're carrying a flag from where there lien. these are signs that this is a hoax and everybody there is trying to plead a silent, it's crazy. >> how about the shot of the women with the children nearly the entire caravan is comprised of males and young males at that. >> you could see shot after shot where there are young males during this period you have them talk about how the drug or cartels are going to use this to try to piggyback and bring people and items into the united
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states. i love that donald trump is doing what he said he was going to do which is locked on the border. i'm tired of the democrats saying they're going to secure the border but they offer no legislation or policy that would help. >> that is a pipe dream. an absurd insult to the intelligence of the american people to even think that one of these democrats means what he or she says about border security. we know the reverse is the case. jason, it's good to see you, thank you. >> thank you. >> lou: president trump spending the night campaigning in mississippi for cindy hide smith while the left-wing media launches vicious attacks. >> of the controversies trail her over public hangings and talking about depressing voter to or not. we have new reports that she
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attended a segregationists high school and work confederate hat and sat in jefferson's home and called it the best of mississippi history. she supported histories. >> she clearly has sympathies with the neo- confederate movement and the white supremacists. >> 's will take all of that up and more after the break. michael goodwin and darrell scott join me. stay with us, we will be right back a february to remember,
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>> lou: senate republicans are considering the scaled-back member of members for the judiciary committee. that would mean camilla harris could be left out if she's the most junior member. there's a lot of reasons why harris should not be on the committee inc. occluding occasional grandstanding. certainly a brett kavanaugh's confirmation hearing. >> are you willing to ask the white house to conduct an investigation by the fbi to get to whatever you believe is the bottom of the allegations that have been levied against you?
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we should invite the truth and speak the truth and we should be patient with that conversation. that is not what we got from this nominee. he is not fit to serve. >> lou: i am still trying to diagram her first statement. then, what she had to say about open borders, immigration, and customs enforcement. >> i think there's no question that we have to critically re-examine ice. >> the government should be in the business of keeping families together not tearing them apart. >> the plan was to call a domestic terrorist group. >> are you aware of the perception of money about how the power and discretion that ice is being used to enforce the laws? do you see any parallels?
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>> lou: keep in mind, harris was the former attorney general to california. the highest law enforcement job in that state. now she wants to demonize law enforcement officials as parallel with the kkk. joining me now to take up her faith on the -- the ceo of the national coalition, pastor darrell scott. it's great to see you. a new york columnist, michael goodman. let's start with you pastor. camille harris, i think reducing that committee might have a lot of unfortunate consequences. >> i agree. seniority has its privileges. with her being the junior ranking member she is the first to get cut. she will probably try to play the race card or the gender card. being the good old boys club. but the truth is, it is what it is. i think some people are more interested in building their
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brand than building this country. they want to make their brand good instead of making this country great. the financial opportunities they go in making a small salary and come out a millionaire, it's all part of the plan. >> i could attach a host of names that would fit that description. michael, your thought about her comparison, ice to the kkk. >> that is a developing meme on the far left among the democrats that ice is here to break up families that it's a gestapo or the kkk and it does everything and has a racial angle as well as an authoritarian ankle. i think president trumpeter correctly by supporting them publicly by going out and including them in law enforcement. i think that is for the countries and they are real first responders in the true sense of the word.
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>> you know who has been quietest the folks in california. that left-wing government is keeping its collective mouth shut while the caravan crisis is unfolding below by her southern government. >> there keeping their mouth shut because they don't want to say the wrong thing. i believe they are not pro- caravan, but they don't want to portray themselves as anti- caravan so the not saying anything. anybody with any reasonable amount of intelligence knows you can't just allow thousands of unvented, undocumented people into our country with no visible means of support. you can't do that. it's not a humanitarian crisis. it's people looking to take advantage of this great economic type. it's a great time to be in
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america it's a great time to be an american under president trump. they want to take advantage of this robust economy the president trump has created. i went on the street today and i saw signs outside companies that said they were hiring. i don't fall people in this caravan to wanted to take advantage of this but they have to come in the right way. >> lou: the president is not been a restriction asked he say obey our laws, respect our border and come in legally. >> the caravan has highlighted a problem that has been going on despite the caravan. people were saying we could get $1000 or $2000 a week for a couple of years. this just highlights how weak the borders are and how the laws are riddled with loopholes. >> lou: border patrol making it clear they have been dealing with the caravan, caravan a day
7:19 pm
of those entering the country. right now mexico is setting our immigration policy. the guy i thought would be perhaps a good partner with this president turns out he is just another latin american leftist. that's a shame. thank you both for being here. >> god bless you. >> lou: up next, president trump offers advice to robert muller on what he should be included in his final report. we'll take that up and more. we'll talk with craig jarrett. plus, general motor put a prophet over livelihood. i'll share my thoughts with you we continue we're about to move. karate helps... relieve some of the house-buying...
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>> 's after a six-month 300 million-mile journey, nasa landed at smarts inside lander on the surface of mars. the probe will dig into the planets to measure heat and seismic activity within the planet. trying to determine why mars is so different from earth, and whether there are similarities that would lead one to think life once existed on the red planet. attorneys for apple appearing before the supreme court arguing the app store is not an illegal monopoly. consumers challenge in arguing prices for applications are too high. the app store has no competitors and apple store takes a 30% cut. just distance justices expressing sympathy with the argument. joining me now to talk about the argument gregg jarrett with foxbusiness legal analyst. author of the russia hoax and we
7:25 pm
continue to recommend this fine book. and we have it's fine author with us tonight. let's talk about apple. do the consumers have a legitimate argument? >> i think they have a legitimate argument when they have to deal with the software with the apple ipad, through the apple app store it's a monopoly. >> it's a fine set. >> it's not standard oil or at&t. but the plaintiff say it is. >> lou: will find out what the supreme say. let's turn -- jerome of well-known conservative journalist and author doing a plea deal, well considering at least in the rejec rejecting a a
7:26 pm
deal from robert mueller the special counselor. how did he get involved with this? >> it looks like it was another minor process crimes, making a false statement or perjury. which mueller could never prove against anybody if he's had to actually have a day in court. it requires knowingly and willfully making a false statement. >> lou: why is he going after corsi? >> this is the immense power in a nonaccountable federal prosecutor that can ruin someone personally and financially force them to throw in the towel. corsi is saying i'm not going to do it because mueller wants me to lie which doesn't surprise me one bit at this point everything
7:27 pm
has turned inward on the special counsel. there are more investigators to have been taken down here at least one or two, the investigators are rancid bunch. from the special counsel, the fbi. where is the leaders? >> where's the investigation of what i believe are corrupt individuals at the fbi who not only cleared hillary clinton but framed donald trump. they never had evidence. we know that because two months ago the top fbi lawyer, lisa page and deposition for congress admitted they never had evidence of collusion. >> lou: the text show that as well.
7:28 pm
>> there is no evidence of a crime when mueller was appointed. that's a violation of federal regulations. yet mueller runs rampant. >> eric: 's and yet the american people are putting up with this nonsense. i get a kick out of these democrats that are going to go investigate this amount about trump. we have seen a democratic investigation for over two years led by the fbi in the special counsel. what are those the president says mueller and his 17 angry democrats the number is dwindling. >> the good news is there will be a new attorney general as well as the new judiciary committee chairman, lindsey graham who will both present evidence of wrongdoing by these corrupt officials to a grand jury or appoint a special counsel. >> lou: i don't know. i'm so disgusted with this.
7:29 pm
i'm not prepared to contemplate a second. thank you so much. up next, caravan migrants throwing rocks at her border patrol agents as they try to reach our southern border. we have a live report. dan joins us next. stay with us, we will be right back today...
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>> 's a big daily on wall street's. the stocks closing higher the s&p is up 41, the nasdaq up on 43, volume on the big board. 3.4 billion shares, crude oil rebounded up 2%. following last week's plunge, gold is down 80 cents an ounce. silver lost 4 cents, copper down a dollar 20. listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the sale and radio network. president trump threatening to shut down the entire u.s. border with mexico tonight after members of a migrant caravan rushed a key crossing throwing rocks and other objects that agents. jeff is in tijuana tonight. he has details. >> outside the main migrant shelter tonight is overwhelming.
7:34 pm
you have people walking in different directions. some are moving out to the street where they are living in tents. you can see the crowds over here. it's called compared to what just happened at the border yesterday. that's when rocks were thrown up according to border patrol where they returned by using tear gas and pepper spray balls. some people were arrested in that caravan and in the folks that marched up to the border. while others were looking for safety. >> when we went to the side that's when they started throwing teargas at us. many children fainted. my daughter also got gas. pregnant women and many men who also fainted.
7:35 pm
>> there were arrests on both sides of the border. both in tijuana and on the american side. seventy-nine arrests from people who are trying to enter the united states illegally. you can see there's still a lot of people out here. some of the migrant said despite that going on at the border they are not deterred. they're hoping at some point to gain access to the u.s. >> does that somehow include rushing the border as morris are expected to make their way up from central america to tijuana? >> there are still several out here. it is 5000 strong. there are people who are trying to wait in line. the line is taken a while to claim asylum. there are some folks trying to remain hopeful impatient.
7:36 pm
>> lou: thank you. i appreciate it. joining me tonight to discuss the mississippi runoff election between central american migrants and our border patrol, dan, former secret service agents and nypd officer author of spy gate, we recommend it to you highly. let's start with the border. it's an ugly situation. i really had hopes that lopez over door would be a partner for donald trump on the issue of illegal immigration and the cartels. he has turned out by all appearances to be another leftist latin american leader. >> what were seeing not just on the immigration front but in his disregard for contract laws well. i'm not surprised by this. i wish the same thing. can we all agree because we live in the real world and have to answer to real people. this is no longer situation with good or bad options. it's a situation with bad and worse options.
7:37 pm
what i'm getting tired of his liberals constantly criticizing the president and conservative republicans insisting on border security and suggesting nothing. i asked them a simple question, what are you going to do? this is a serious question. this is the real world. what you tell a border patrol agent who had a rock thrown in their place and sees a hundred people storming the borders. >> if you're one of the radical dams like eric holder, you lie about what is happening with the gun running operation called the fast and furious. you lie to the congress and american people and you keep lying. that has been their device in pretext to continue the status quo which has been awful until
7:38 pm
this present show mexico that he means business on the border. >> donald trump is a builder. in his prior line of work if there is no building other talk didn't matter, there had to be brick-and-mortar or it's all cheap talk. donald trump is now the commander-in-chief. i keep asking my liberal friends i say constantly, what do you want the president to do? you have hundreds of people who have violated our laws. some of which choose to violently attack our border patrol and you criticize the president for what? using a nonlethal agent? i've been pepper spray it stinks. it's not a good thing it's bad or less bad. >> lou: are your left-wing friends like the aclu same using
7:39 pm
tear gas to any of them remember when president obama did the same thing. >> there having a fit over this president and forcing border security. he has told everyone what he wants to do with the border how he's going to treat these asylum-seekers and guess what, he sent adversaries to talk to the caravan personally and he told them what would happen and they didn't believe them. >> you're right. it happened in 2013 under barack obama. i think it's the san diego. >> i looked it up. >> i had a producer who looked it up. but i read the article. but my left-wing friends come back with the same thing. they say they're coming here for economic opportunity of lien danger.
7:40 pm
fine, there's a process for that. you enter at a legal port of entry and claim asylum. that didn't happen yesterday. they never answer the hard question. >> they don't want answers. this is the aspirational side of dan. it's good that you still have a dream. >> my wife is an immigrant. i know you personally. we had a great conversation in the green room. this matters to me. my wife is an immigrant she busted her butt. but my mother-in-law never took it got time of government benefits. she's mad because she did it the right way. she didn't storm the border and she never made excuses. in matters to me and it matters
7:41 pm
to people who care about this country. if democrats think this is the hill to die on their making a mistake. this does not resonate with working-class americans. >> unfortunately there are forks at the business roundtable, the chamber of commerce who really don't care what you or i, or wives, family and friends and millions of americans who care deeply about this country, they don't care what we think. >> is shameful. >> lou: a few thoughts on general motors surprise announcement. a moment of callousness and maladroit analysis and strategy. it reveals far more about general motors than its management would like any of its investors to know.
7:42 pm
consider the president of the united states has made it clear to business leaders that jobs had better return to the country. the millions of jobs that they have out outsourced to cheap foreign markets. then exporting their products into the united states will no longer be tolerated labor arbitrage is what it's called. it's an fancy expression for killing american jobs. management must do far better than simply expand margins by employing cheap workers. >> this is the home of the american dream. and executives like those at general motors are trying to return us to the nightmare years of clinton and bush and obama. so here now is general motors going against the president of the united states, against american workers and families.
7:43 pm
how about gm's tone deaf time of this announcement? which of the billion executives decided a few days after thanksgiving, less than a month before christmas that this would be the perfect moment to announce and destroy the livelihood of 15000 gm workers? that's genius. what did the ceo expect? applause or holly leah course. do she and her top managers believe general motors can keep 15000 jobs in mexico while killing jobs in america and still expect americans to buy their cars and trucks. did they really believe americans will buy products from companies that closes plants in the united states but keeps them open in mexico with more
7:44 pm
employees in mexico than any other carmaker. what about that huge tax break that president trump just gave corporate america. >> you really think you can still tell american workers to go to hell, take advantage of the tax breaks for business and not even a faint thank you? no contrition. how about just investing many of those millions of dollars in this country, in america? don't you have any sense of obligation to what nationals like to call the home market. it's america. because we have a president who has made it official it's america first. gm's management announced its
7:45 pm
obscene and does violence to what this country stands for. prosperity for all americans and thank god president trump reminded all americans that he just something unions haven't done in decades that neither party has done, president trump represents american workers their families and the american way. he told gm executives today that you are playing around with the wrong person even the damn bigshot set general motors should understand their assault on decency and loyalty will not end well. perhaps gm should export the top management to a much cheaper foreign labor market and keep the rest of gm's jobs in ameri america. just a thought. we can only hope the board of directors will take up soon. be sure to vote in the poll. do you think this statement quote we don't see anything specific on the horizon is an adequate explanation for killing 15000 jobs.
7:46 pm
cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs. follow me on twitter, like me a facebook and follow me on instagram. i'm next, the trump administration criticizes russia for seizing ships. plus, much more the special elections run mississippi. local columnist dan gardner tells us what the inside word in the great state of mississippi. will come right back. stay with us. grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. how mature of them! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> ukraine declaring martial law after the president warned there is a serious threat of an internal russia ground operation against the government of ukraine. this comes a day after russian ships fired upon and sees three ukrainian naval ships. nikki haley called the russian aggressive arrogance and for the demonstration on why the united states can have a normal relationship with russia. president trump is in mississippi tonight campaigning for cindy hi smith. the president touted the enormous turnout and enthusiasm of the crowd. >> i wish the media would show
7:51 pm
this crowd, they never do. it's incredible, i wish the media would show this crowd you can tell by the sound that you can imitate thousands of people. [applause] >> lou: the president schedule to address another crowd on biloxi tonight. joining us to analyze the mississippi senate runoff election in the state of politics in the great state of mississippi, columnist daniel gardner. good to have you with us. let me ask you first how the race is shaping up in your judgment. what you think the decision is for the good folks in mississippi. >> i appreciate you have a meal. i think that cindy hide smith is probably going to win. it's very close between her and
7:52 pm
espy in the race but chris mcdaniel pulled a lot of votes away from cindy. he he was the third party candidate. >> lou: that impact leading to the runoff, the president is there. give us your judgment of how important his appearances there today. two appearances today with the election the next day. the crowds look enthusiastic. >> is paramount. he has a very loyal and loud following here in mississippi. everywhere he goes people love him or hate him. but i would say the majority of mississippians love him. his appearance here will help kober over cds verbal full
7:53 pm
pause. >> she is talking in the lingo of average people and that's difficult to do in this day and time when you are a politician. people will grab anything they can call you a racist. that's pretty much the norm in the south. >> it's extraordinary and you think she has been effective in the way she has dealt with those attacks? >> absolutely. there has been coverage of the statements she has made off the cuff. the editorial written about, we don't need someone like her and how bad she is. she was just saying stuff off the cough. >> lou: we are seeing tight races that most people don't expect. whether it be in georgia or the
7:54 pm
south it looks like along with taxes and other parts of the country, there has been a real shift in the electric. your thoughts on mississippi. >> before she had those two little slips it was a no-brainer. she would win easily. those two things affected her chances. she is still well ahead in the polls. president trump coming here solidifies that. she should win hands down. >> lou: it is good talking with you. i look forward to talking with you again soon. up next, a large crowd ready and waiting for president trump in biloxi, mississippi. this president campaigns like no president in history. and to great effect. we will take up the big think use an expression of gratitude
7:55 pm
from the republican senators and congressmen when we return. i'm just kidding about that part. stay with me. ..
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with tough food, your dentures may slip and fall. new fixodent ultra-max hold gives you the strongest hold ever to lock your dentures. so now you can eat tough food without worry. fixodent and forget it. lou: last week our nightly question was, if chief justice john roberts should stay out of politics. 95% of you said he should. the president is addressing the
7:59 pm
migrant caravan. president trump: democrats have become the party caravans and crime. when you have open borders you have crime. when you have sanctuary city, you have crime. republicans are committed to defending the sovereign territory of the united states of america. lou: the president backing cindy cindy -- hyde-smith in her election battle. the president says gm should stop making cars in china and open a new plant in ohio, the one the company plans to close. do you think the gm statement saying we don't see anything on
8:00 pm
the horizon is an add squat reason, -- is an adequate reason for killing 15,000 jobs? thanks for being with us tonight. and good night from new york. trish: we are at a boiling point on our southern border tonight. tear gas is deployed as migrants attempt to cross our borders. the president threatened to close the border permanently if mexico doesn't do something. >> they just walked right through for many years. but they are not coming through anymore unless they come through legally. trish: the


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