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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  November 26, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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reason, -- is an adequate reason for killing 15,000 jobs? thanks for being with us tonight. and good night from new york. trish: we are at a boiling point on our southern border tonight. tear gas is deployed as migrants attempt to cross our borders. the president threatened to close the border permanently if mexico doesn't do something. >> they just walked right through for many years. but they are not coming through anymore unless they come through legally. trish: the president is in full
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view in mississippi. "trish regan primetime" begins right now. i want you to see this. this is the scene at our southern borderers. border agents for used to use tear gas as hundreds of migrants attempt to enter our country illegally. they can be seen throwing rocks and bottles at our border agents. self-described alexandria ocasio-cortez comparing this scene to nazi germany. beating in part, asking to be considered a refugee and applying for status isn't the crime. it wasn't for jewish families fleeing germany. what's that supposed to mean?
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why are you bringing up nazi germany? for political purposes? or because you are intellectually dishonest for both. everyone knows what these migrants from honduras and el salvador with going through. but for some, anyway, they are escaping something pretty awful. but to equate it to what the jews in nazi germany underwent? that's dishonest. the pseudointellectuals like her masquerading as champions of the underdogs comparing the president to i doch hitler, anybody who has ever picked up a history book knows this is irresponsible. they want you to think president trump is the reincarnate of
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hitler who salute i ared millions of people. put them on trainsndenteed themoeath inas chaers. ose who we kildn naz germany are like the migranted waving their -- the migrants waving their flags rush our borders? they have an opportunity to apply for asylum in mexico. while what they are going through is extremely difficult. it's not similar to what the jews in nazi i'm setting the record straight. don't think i don't empathize with those struggling. don't think i don't sympathize with their challenges. they are facing economic challenges in their homeland. but this is not nazi germany,
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and to compare this to nazi germany, do me a favor and pick up a history book. we invited her on to explain what she is saying but we have not heard back. joining me someone who does understand history because he lost 150 family members in the holocaust. mark zell. an israeli-american attorney. good to have you here on the program. what goes the through your head when you hear people equate this president with the likes of adolph hitler or when you hear alexandria ocasio-cortez talk about how these migrants are similar to your relatives and what they went through as they were sentenced to their deaths? >> i kind have put it better than you did in your opening
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remarks. the comparison with what the jewish people went through in the holocaust is insensitive and the height of ignorance. it shows a complete lack of understanding of what the jewish people went through during the holocaust. i had 150 members of my family perish in the holocaust. these were times when the entire jewish people were threatened with extinction. as difficult as life is for the central american migrants, and i don't take anything away from them. their plight isn't anywhere near what the jewish people when through in the holocaust. the comparison in my way of thinking is obscene. in the 1920s, when the american government first put on immigration quotas for people coming from eastern europe.
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my grandparent weren't able to come to the united states. they went to havana, cuba and waited there for 10 years. my mother was born in havana, cuba in 1929. for her to come to the united states, they waited 10 years. and so did millions of people from abroad. waited to come to the united states legally. that is the way things are supposed to work. trish: so they have an opportunity to be there in mexico. but so many of these migrants -- i get it, mexico is not as nice a place too live as the united states of america. but if you were seeking asylum because you wanted to be safe because of the reasons you said, wouldn't you take mexico? >> i'm an international lawyer, trish. i do a lot of immigration work. nothing in international law and
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nothing in immigration law he titles people seeking asylum in the country to pick the country among -- the country they want to immigrate to. they -- they are entitled to be freed from persecution in the country they are coming from. that's it. it's not like column a, column b situation. if they are free in mexico and free to settle there, that's where they should go. just mike lie forbearers went to cuba before they could get a legal advica. trish: does it -- does it strike you to somehow equate the two and what we are seeing unfold at the border. i understand it's tough. but nonetheless, as i said in my
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commentary, it's not as though they are being sent to their death in a gags chamber. to equate these in any way i find highly insensitive. >> it's certainly insensitive. to say it's anti-semitic, i wouldn't go that far. it shows a deep lack of understanding. this is a woman taking her place in congress in a few weeks. she has a very serious responsibility, a duty to the american people to make sure she doesn't make this kind of faux pas and silly and disrespectful comparison. trish: i hear you. intellectually dishonest. we have reaction from geraldo rivera. what do you think on this comparison? >> i think that there is so much
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about her that i admire. in this case clearly she is uninformed. trish: she studied economic and international relations. but in her curriculum apparently there wasn't a class on world war ii. >> you are being a bit hard on her. the press followser, from the moment she was elected until now. she said a million thing. this is unfortunate. nothing compared to the holocaust except the extermination of a people through an industrialp power. trish: we heard bernie sanders making these comments. we heard anchors on the network. >> anyone who compares the
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american administration with the fascists who almost wiped out the american jews. i won't tolerate it. trish: why do they do it? >> it's like the jews, it's so easy. it's an easy way to make a quick cheap point. i know her district very well. my three grandchildren live in her new district. east bronx. i admire so much about her. and i lament that she is demonized like the migrants where being demonized in many ways. i think we have to give her a chance. trish: she should not say stuff like that. >> she'll learn and grow out of
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it. trish: i hope so. there are so many people who haven't grown out of it. you are either dumb, racist, anti-semitic. and i find that intellectually dishonest because they should if they appreciated diversity the way they tell us, they should appreciate intellectual diversity. >> i'm a person who considered himself not middle of the road. in the issue at hand. for example, i believe that president trump has earned his wall. the 45th president of the united states is being duly elected. he should get his wall which will make this process more orderly and safe for the migrants as well. the problem is both the president and his party and the
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democrats are playing games with these lives. they are keeping this issue festering. president trump gets his wall, the dreamers, the daca students get their amnesty. we create a bra were oh program for these folks to come and harvest the crops that are unpicked. they can work in the kitchens and babysitting. we have a need for them in an orderly process. they are the poorest people on earth. they live next to the richest country on earth. trish: we need to find some meaningful immigration reform. but when you have the likes of her saying what she is saying.
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how do you get to any kind of compromise. they are saying if you don't let them in and have open borders, we are no better than the nazis. >> anyone who uses that comparison should gag on it. my mother's side is jewish. they came escaping the russian pograms. they immigrated from russia and eastern poland to this country. persecution of the jews, let's get that aside. she'll never ever go that way again, i hope and she'll have a promising career. but we have to be bipartisan about this. we have to be practical and understand if you are a parent
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and you have a 3-year-old and the 3-year-old is hungry. no wall will top them, no g.i. will top them, no border patrol will top them, they will claw their way the way our forbearers did to get away from the oppression they were facing in their homeland. trish: i don't have a problem with immigration reform. we are all immigrants. back when your family and my family came here, they did it the right way. i would like to see a path put forward and i would like to make it easier. but in doing so, you have got to have both side there. that's why her rhetoric is so responsible. thank you so much. straight ahead, we reported it right here first. fears of a human stampede come true as migrants rush our
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southern border. border control fires up a few rounds of teargas to get the crowds under control. but why is this administration facing backlash for using tear gas when under the obama administration they used pepper spray to fend off migrants at the same port of entry. we have live reports from mississippi coming up. do not go anywhere. stay here. i'm ken jacobus and i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. what's in your wallet?
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trish: fears of a human stampede at the border come to fruition. hundreds of agents with rocks ad bottles. 65 my grants are in city in california after crossing illegally. joining me now, chris cabrera.
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there is a lot of criticism of the administration for using this teargas. but we feared this. we talked about this all last week and the week prior on the shore show. did authorities do what they had to do? >> most of definitely. if any blame is placed on anything that transpired it's on the folks who did what they did. you see a lot of coverage of a lady was small children. what was she thinking getting in front of that thing or the guys using her as a human shield. nowhere in the world can you just crown is to somebody's border and expect nothing in return. trish: where does that leave us now? we had to use tear gas. i should point out during the obama administration they did the same thing. not teargas, but they used
8:21 pm
pepper spray, rather similar, to thwart off these crowds of people trying to come into our country. you do not have borders and you don't protect the borders, what are you left with, sir. >> this has been a long time coming. we have been dealing with this since 2004. congress has sat on their hands and done nothing. we had the chance to fix this when it was just the rio grande valley facing this. everybody's numbers are up across the southwest border because we did nothing. president trump seems to be serious about this, and hopefully he'll do what we need to do to stop it. trish: he said he might permanently close the border. is that what it's going to take to get mexico to listen? mexico is allowing this.
8:22 pm
they haven't tried hard enough to stop any of this. >> i agree with you 100%. i think if the situation was reversed, mexico would be up in arms over it. it may come to that, closing ports of entry and stopping trade. but if that's wait comes too, whatever reneed to do to solve this problem. >> what is it they are not understanding. if you have been marching all of those many, many miles. i understand you want to come here for a shot at a better future. i guess i just question it when you are carrying a guatemalan or honduran flag, you refuse to take asylum in mexico, then you are throwing things at our border patrol. what is it they don't understand. do they think they can or should
8:23 pm
be entitled to come here? >> i think what they do understand is right now we don't have any teeth. the loophole has been around for so long, they know the loophole is there and they will take advantage of it every chance they get. until we get up our rear ends and close the loophole. we'll continue to have our borders exploited for the simple fact they know they can. trish there are maybe the message is getting through. sad to see it coming to this. it's a sad thing for our country and a sad thing for all of them. trish: president trump getting ready to take the stage at a make america great again rally in biloxi, mississippi. what he's now saying about the possibility of closing the border permanently. we have the intel.
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president trump: if we keep it closed we'll have a problem. >> what would cause you to close the border? president trump: violence. trish: that's the president in biloxi, mississippi, for his second rally. he's holding two rallies today to stump for cindy hyde-smith. peter doocy is live at the trump rally now. hi, peter. reporter: you have got rnc director ronna mcdaniel, and the campaign director.
8:29 pm
they are two of the ways you can see republicans are all in trying to hold this seat. they are trying to make everything about president trump. this is the first time donald trump has gone to a state to hold two rallies in the same day for a candidate not named donald trump. there are multiple thousands of people here. and it's just a last minute subject change. because a ton of the talk throughout the course of the cam paint last through weeks has been on controversial and caseld racially tinged statement. and a photo of her wearing a confederate costume. and a comment about discouraging
8:30 pm
liberal, young college students from voting. she has tried to turn the tables and talk about an indictment on bill espy when he was working for bill clinton. that's bent talk for the last couple days. but two presidential rallies. you have got the trump team here. the vice president will introduce the president. i just heard an announcement. santa. trish: wow. a pretty good night, i guess. certainly a lot at stake. joining me now, ned ryun fan democratic minority leader capri cafaro. >> here we go again.
8:31 pm
a republican running against two opponents, a democrat and the media. cindy hyde-smith is not roy moore. be safe, we hold this seat. it's a net gain of two republicans in this cycle. and these two net gain votes in the senate will be a huge boost for him in reshaping the judiciary and the lower courts as well and putting on federal society judges that will be on for 20-40 years. trish: when you look at what the democrats were able to do in the house versus the senate, we'll see how this turns out in mississippi. but you get the sense people were thinking differently when they were marking the box for six years as opposed to two.
8:32 pm
>> there are different things at stake with united states senators versus members of congress. not only do they serve for longer terms. but they have the role of advise and consent. it's not just limited to the jew dish air yea. all of that has to go through the senate. so the stakes are different given the dynamics and the responsibilities that the united states hoped. mississippi has not elected a democrat in this seat since 1982. so it will be a heavy lift. trish: let me turn to the border. sure enough, this our fear. you saw a kind of human stampede, if you would. because people were rush our
8:33 pm
border. and our border patrol agents to hold them back were forced to use tear gas. they are under a lot of criticism from many, many people on the left with the likes of alexandria ocasio-cortez even calling it somehow akin to refugees that were fleeing nazi germany. that's what these migrants where doing in her view. what is it that she is missing in that. and how do we as a country make sure we are able to enforce the borders we have when we are in such a dysfunctional political environment? >> we have gotten to this point because of an unholy alliance between republicans and democrats. i'm stunned at the hypocrisy on the left. obama did the same thing in 2015 and had to use tear gas.
8:34 pm
trish: . her spray. pepper spray. here is the thing. we are a sovereign nation. you can only come in via legal knowns. trish: you are either in the country legally or illegally. capri, i started to hear you say could it be wrong both sides. what do you do in that case if your border is being threatened and stampeded with these people. what do you do? say come in? >> no. the thing that aggravates me when people say obama did this so it's cool that trump did that. you have got to be consistent and that's all i'm saying.
8:35 pm
i think actually unfortunately the situation at the border is so dire. and i think does show we have serious issues. i think it's good from a republican perspective. this is actually good talking points to get democrats to give some leeway to give funding for the border wall. i think that is a possibility. trish: it's a situation now where that border is being threatened with violence because they were throwing bottles at our border patrol agents. we have to do something. we don't want this escalating any more than it has. >> it's time to build a border wall. we have a right, and the ability -- trish: are you willing to pay for it? mexico is supposed to do a lot
8:36 pm
of things. >> i think we should look at all the foreign aired that we are sending overseas to other countries and say we are going to put a pause on that for a couple years and build our wall. we could cut funding to the united nations for three years. it would build the entire southern wall. that's what we could do. trish: i want to play this sentiment that keeps arising out of the left. we heard alexandria ocasio-cortez and her tweet. you have bernie sanders talking about the authoritarian tendencies of this administration. i want to get your reaction. >> given the nature of this president who i think are strong authoritarian tendencies who seems to love people like. putin and the crown prince of saudi arabia and the leader of north korea.
8:37 pm
i worry about using the military in that way. trish: does he have anything he should be legitimately worried about? or is this more leftist rhetoric. bernie sanders is a whole other kind of democrat. >> this is so true. i come from the middle of the country so i see things differently. i understand bernie sanders's arguments about how president trump interfaces with the authoritarian leaders around the world. that does not make him an authoritarian himself. you could make the point it's not good to use the military in a political play. trish: i think bernie sanders is making a political play. >> if bernie sanders is going to make a critical comment, it's more sound to say it's authoritarian.
8:38 pm
trish: when your border is being threatened -- >> we need to do something. >> the president's responsibility is the national security of his people and you have to use the military to secure the borders in the short term, that's fine. trish: thank you so much, everyone. will images like this help get democrats and republicans to the table final to get some immigration reform? funding for a border wall. when you see that why would you say we don't need some kind of protection for our border. hollywood reacting to tear gas being used against migrants crossing the border. one a-lister is calling it terrorism. (roger) being a good father
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>> president trump being tough with the southern border. here is we had to say this we are in biloxi, mississippi. president trump: we are closing the tboard we have any problem. if people think they are going to rush the border, we'll loirkt up so tight. behind that we have sighs *, the local police, police and also our military. trish: he's talking tough. but one democrat claims the president is trying to undermine immigration reform efforts. the president has not ruled out shutting down the government over getting funding for the border wall. from an economic perspective --
8:44 pm
>> you can shut the border down for a few hours, but long-term it will have an impact on ow economy not to mention the mexican economy. there will be a real price to pay for that. it sets us up for mexico will make sure these people are not going to be streaming at the border if they can prevent it because they don't want that border shut down. and i think you will see ultimately a deal done on immigration. trish: socialists like alexandria ocasio-cortez like top akin president trump to one of the most of heinous people in history, she likens the migrants to the jews trying to escape
8:45 pm
nazi germany. wouldn't it be amazing if it's this president who gets the immigration deal done? >> the democrats will fold first. president trump has nothing to lose on this issue. this is not about me advocating for trump. this is calling it for what it is. trump campaigned on this issue. he's insisting people know he put forth every effort to build this wall. he said if the democrats don't want to compromise, i am going to blame them. if the government is shut down, it was shut down before. trish: some democrats are floating somehow this i is is rt not top let mees these people up. >> they can floyd all they want up and count mississippi river.
8:46 pm
president trump is not moved by emotion. democrats had an opportunity to win in 2016 and unfortunately due to our poor organizing the past 10-20 years -- trish: are you sure you were the bernie sanders campaign director? >> yes, and social just first director. but this is what he campaigned on. trump said it flat out. if they don't want to play, then i'm going to blame them. democrats will also be responsible for the shutdown because they are trying to run for president in 2020. trish: americans do blame someone, i think they blame out of washington but she is making the argument democrats will get hurt more.
8:47 pm
>> people don't like lawless entry into this country. the use of tear gas unfortunate. what are we supposed to do. we are not going to shoot them. and people don't like mobs taking the law toib their own hands. we have procedures on immigration. i think that's why you will have a deal. the dreamers get. then we give you the big one on the 11 million people here. trish: the democrats will be like wait, what just happened. i hope you both are right. >> they will look at polls and say there are other issues they can hit trump on, this won't be a winning one. trish: you are looking live at
8:48 pm
biloxi, mississippi, where apparently not on the president is going to be taking the stage, i hear santa might be coming, too. peter doocy bringing us that. he's sure to make comments about the chaos at the border. "trish regan primetime" continues next. all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. iyou may be at increased riskf for pneumococcal pneumonia
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tub * some of the hollywood's biggest stars weighing in on the border crisis. making headlines tonight. now calling the use of tear gas at the border terrorism. terrorism. okay? they are saying it's evil. it's an impeachable offense. hollywood can't resist getting into politics. i don't begrudge them that. they have a right to their own opinion. but i resent that over and over and over again it's their way or the highway. why don't they show appreciation for diversity of opinion. someone who knows all too well.
8:53 pm
actor kevin sorbel, best known as hercules. good to have you on. >> i do a lot of family friendly faith-based movies. but you are the on guys who have me on to do family friendly segment. s. trish: what do you think they are saying about this president and his use of tear gas at the border. >> they have every right to have freedom of speech. but it's too bad she is dead wrong on the subject. what did mark twain say, better to be suspected of being a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
8:54 pm
i have no problem with immigrants coming to this country. my grandparents came from norway in the early 1900s. but we have laws on the books. i don't get it why we can't follow the laws. you talk about the a-list stars. these people live with walls around their homes. they have security. anybody for open borders. do they lock their car doors? do they lock their homes? of course they do. they are the definition of hypocrisy. everything they blame the republicans on they are kind of guilty for it themselves. i have a problem with the tsa. why do i have to go through at lax and take off my ipad and shoes and go through a metal detector. trish: we learned the hard way. is that what it's going too come to? we had a man who started his own
8:55 pm
militia on the texas border. and he's struggling with his fares that something bad is going to happen if you allow people to come here illegally. so he wants to see something done. one thing since you are here. barbra streisand is going after women saying women who voted for president trump not women who can think. they are women who are parroting whatever their husbands think. what's your thought on that? that sense that it almost seems like an intellectual look down our nose and assume they should be dumb if they have any appreciation for what the president is going to do. >> my wife has some independent thoughts she might like to share
8:56 pm
with miss streisand. the implication that a woman's thoughts are hostage to her husband's will. how about women who voted for trump who exercise their independence from the left as women. trish: unfortunately i have to leave it there. congrats on the new movie. we'll have more from biloxi, mississippi, next. clear, actions about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. fidelity. but super poligrip gives him a tight seal. snacking can mean that pieces get stuck under mike's denture. to help block out food particles. so he can enjoy the game. super poligrip.
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trish: tomorrow night we'll be back. we have former governor mike huckabee. we'll get his take on immigration. "kennedy" begins right now. good night hello. thank you, chris. battle on the other order over president trumps a migrant waiting in mexico will not be allowed to enter the u.s. without going through the proper channels and threatening to permanently shut the doors. this after chaos broke out sunday after hundred storm u.s. border at the entry. some of them throwing rocks and bottles of order agent. fighting back with here gas to stop him. he they were being brought by some very tough people.


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