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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 28, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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amazon, particularly after they just bought this pharmaceutical company. one thing we learned the past couple months. no guarantee they can keep tall our data private can be believed. thank you very much. and thank you for watch can "bulls and bears." "evening edit" starts right now. president trump: if mexico can get it straightened out. during certain times we closed the border. they will not be coming into our country. we actually started big sections of the wall, but we want to finish the wall. we want to get funding from congress. when you look at what's happening at the border. there will never be a right time if this isn't the right time. liz: the caravan issuing a list
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of demands to the u.s. the ukraine fearing a land invasion as putin sends a missile system into crimea. colonel allen west will be with us. the u.k. may release a treasure trove of facebook documents it has seized. those documents could undercut facebook's credibility once and for all. this congress ordered google's ceo to testify about vacuuming up more your data than you know about, all without your consent. hillary won't say if she is running in 2020. thank you so much for joining us. money, politics. we have the debate behind tomorrow's headlines.
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"the evening edit" starts right now. [♪] welcome to the show. you are watching the fox business network. president trump is head together g20 summit tomorrow where he is expected to meet with pution president vladimir putin. the fed may sit tight on future hikes. blake wereman this buenas aires. reporter: the president will be arriving for the g20 around this time tomorrow. there are meetings and we think he'll still meet with vladimir putin.
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the president gave and interview with "the washington post" in which he said he could cancel that meeting. he said he wants to get a report with relation to russia's latest actions against cry me ra. the defense secretary james mattis had these strong words for moscow. >> if you think there a treaty. russia cannot be counts on to keep its word. reporter: president trump will have a dinner saturday nightn with argentina. president trump actually has an unusual ally in this one as it relates to the top democrat in the senate, chuck schumer. schumer saying he agrees with
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president trump's position. and he says he agrees more with stwrum's position than he did with obama. schumer said trump should strike a deal with china just to generate a headline. >> now that we are musting the screws to china, we can't give in for a photo-op. yes our actions will cause them pain. but in the look-run there is more gain than pain. reporter: he says he was hopeful there could be. >> breakthrough. but he expressed major disappointment with the chinese over the last couple months leading up to all of this. keep in mind there are still
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major structural issues in play here. liz: tensions rising at the border with mexico. jeff? >> there is growing concerns about the amount of resources to sustain migrants from central america living in this sheller in tijuana. yesterday 200 more migrants from central america arrived. and they are expecting that to continue the next several days. there are more than 67,000 living in and around the area. with so many people the resources are being spread thin. they are relying on non-governmental organizations for help with food, water and clothing. i spoke to some of the migrants about their next move and what
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they will do if the situation doesn't improve. take a listen. have you that about getting up and going back snoam. >> no, i haven't. >> why not? >> i would still -- now we come this long way, we are here just like waiting and evening. so we have to be patients. it's not like we are going too come here and go over there. we have to be patient. i still have determination of going over there. reporter: some of the migrants who made that long journey are making the tough decision to give up on the hopes of entering the united states. some are getting in buses, cars and planes to return to central america. facebook is in the fight of its life.
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a former facebook official says facebook give if false testimony to a panel in the u.k. they say they did let prefilers get your information even if you made it private. facebook, including mark zuckerberg's emails. the documents allegedly show facebook was investigating russia harvesting of data in 2014. two years earlier than facebook has said. louie gohmert, welcome to the show. what's your take on facebook. will it be regulated? >> i'm not a big fan of regulation. what i with like to see, i have
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a bill -- for so long, facebook, google, youtube, a different group, google. they said all we are are town square so we should have immunity from broad suits. they are not town squares. they are publishers. they they decide using a gore rhythms what works and what they allow in and what they don't. i think some class actions would probably change their conduct pretty dramatically. i think it would do beater jonathan trying to overregulate. but people like you were talking about who sign thanked their profile that their data would not be released, then find out facebook is whreght that be released.
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they were not protecting it. sounds like a class action whrawt. all we have to do isn't remove their immunity. by the way, during one of our hearings where we had google and facebook and twitter. one of them made the pitch, look, we just want to be treated like fox news, thinking that was going to make points. i said you want you to be treated like fox news so you can be sued when you misrepresent the facts or when you misrepresent your product. i would love that. they thought it would be cute. but fox news is a publisher. so are these internet companies. liz: that's a heck of a story. let's get to the border. migrant caravans issuing a list
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of demands. end deportations, accelerate the asylum process. they want perm' in the accommodation in mexico. lift the executive order limiting access to asylum. are they in a position to make dehands. >> only if we let them. fortunately we have a president who will be able to stand up well against that black mail and extortion. -- blackmail and e torsionooo d -- and ex-torsion. we need to -- i have a bill that says if you don't enter the u.s. legally, you cannot make a claim for asylum. it's clear international law. if you are offered asylum in a
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country before you get to the united states, you don't get asylum in the united states. the president is handling this correctly. though he doesn't use tear gas in the trump administration but a fraction of the number of times obama's administration used it, because he's more soft heard the than the obama administration. but they don't use tear gas as much as obama did. we need to deal with these before we leave. i'm afraid they are going to forget wall, and funding. we have got to give the president the help he needs. all it will take is 50 votes. it's 50 when you have got the vice president. we can do itthrough
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reconciliation. it doesn't require more than 50 votes in the senate. all we have to do is have a resolution that mandates, and there is the bill called the 50 vote for a wall bill. it would require the resolution through the budget process and we can fund the president's wall for $25 billion. we need to give the president the help. we didn't give him that help before the election. i think that cost us the majority. they know he worked to keep his promises and we have people who kept us from keeping his.
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thank you so much. we'll have more on the fight or border wall funding with one of the lawmakers holding the purse strings. strings. that's coming up in a few minutes. mexico signaling it would be willing to house the migrants on the mexican side of the border while they apply for asylum in the u.s. look who is here. betsy mccaughey. >> the president is as you might expect, driving a hard bargain. he identifies mexico's soft spot. we having this incoming newly elected president who is left wing and you wouldn't expect him to cooperate with trump. but trump said the key words. i am going to close the border.
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members kois an exporting country. 80% of their exports go to the u.s. you close down the border, you close down mexico. that's key. if they don't put their foot on american soil, they are not eligible for american public schooling and knowledge medical care and all the things that cost taxpayers a bundle. liz: it looks like the left-wing media is wake up that they are coming here for economics and not under asee you lumg law. chris matthews admitted that notice msnbc reporter said the same thing. >> give us the profile of who is there mostly? >> from what we have seen,
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majority are actually men, and some of these men are not articulated the need for asee you lumg. instead they have talked about going to the united states for a better life and to find work. >> the migrants and their advocates have turned asylum into a hoax. when you look at the data from the justice department. when people crush across the border early legally. they are apprehended and they say asylum. that's the key word fp. word. they are released into the community. over half of them never show up for a court date. and of those who do, 80% don't qualify. they are being coached by advocacy groups to say i have
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fear, i have been beating. i am afraid of gangs in my neighborhood. asylum means you have been persecuted by a government. liz: credible fear, you would take asylum in mexico. what did you think of the caravan's list of demands? >> i thought it was ridiculous. they are not in a position to utter demand. fortunately we have someone in the white house who understands. look at this. feeling good about the dow and your 401k? ho stocks popping after the fed chief signaled a slower approach to rising gas prices.
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gas stations in 19 states selling gas under $2 a gallon. a gop win in mississippi last night. republican senator cindy hyde-smith beat mike espy. nancy pelosi formally nominated as democratic how keeper elect. pelosi will have to get half the 35 votes to win the speakership come january. what started the fire in arizona? an off-duty border patrol agent accidentally started the fire when he fired his weapon at a gender reveal party. he pled guilty to a federal
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misdemeanor. no injuries reported. the uss destroyer john mccain returning to the ocean. it successfully left dry dock in japan, a little more than a year after that deadly crash near singapore. coming up, president trump slamming other countries for taking advantage of the u.s. auto industry. he's promising to end federal help for gm over the layoffs. we'll debate all. the migrants making a lot of demands. we are staying on that store joy. also president trump's demands for funding for the border wall. we are bringing in a key lawmaker that can make that happen.
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stay with us. jam-packed hour coming up. over 100 years ago,
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that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. liz: president trump again playing hardball with general motors. slamming countries, too, for taking advantage of the u.s. on
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autos. it looks like the president will follow through on his threat to end help for gm. the labor union is starting to shame gm in their position as mexico's second biggest car maker. great to see you guys, amber, the bad labor wrap expires next year. they are going to humiliate gm. does that help trump? >> absolutely. trump's position has been he warrants to bring more manufacturing jobs back to the u.s. he's been very successful thus far. but let 7 be clear. we are looking -- but let's be clear. we are looking at the negative
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side of his tariff policy. when he places tariffs on steel he makes it harder for american businesses to hire american workers. his tariff policy could have unintended consequences. liz: al, here is one fix that would help the trump team's argument. how about the white house say it this way? it's trying to match what china on other countries are doing? trump -- here is what trump is saying about the gm plants closings. let's just keep rolling with what the president said. al, your reaction to all that. >> i think's much better off blaming china than blaming
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general motors. no candidate who has run for president has done well when they take on the auto industry. the president is on shaky ground. you are right about the tariffs impacting trump's policies. but it's better top blame china and not attack an icon much american industry. liz: it's not been a level playing field. the president is trying to point it out that it's been unfair and under the radar for far took long. >> the president has said this a lot at his rallies. he says it's not about free trade, it's about fair trade.
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he talks about china because their tariffs are impacting their ability to import goods. so the president is going to have to get that messaging across to show long term this will be an effective strategy for the united states and the auto industry. liz: you guys are terrific. the ukraine says it fears a land invasion by russia. russia claims the showdown at sea is nothing but a stunt by ukraine to get the message
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liz: the president of ukraine warning his country is under extremely serious threat. that's a quote. of a land invasion by russia. that's yes says he had to declare martial law for 30 days in regions adjacent to russia. put requires accusing ukraine of playing a quote dirty game. he's claiming the sue crane staged and faked the naval incident that led to the seize our of three ukrainian ships with the crew taken prisoner. >> we have to go back to when vladimir putin enabled those russian separatists who are paramilitary to go in and take over crimea. that caused concern for the
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ukrainian government. now' with the incident this week we have a dream of navigation issue and their ability to get their experts or imports in. vladimir putin said his greatest disappointment in the 20th century isn't. we have to take russia as a mass power on land and the see -- the seas as well in the ukrainian vicinity. >> can you tell nuts context of the g20 meeting? >> president trump has been sending more weapons and we have more military to military cooperation. president obama sent socksag so-
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sent socks and mres. but it has to be nato support escorting the ukrainian ships to make sure they have freedom of navigation. liz: russia is deploying missile system through crimea. >> this is something that's been going on for quite some time. they have overrun there. you had that passenger jet airliner shot down by the russians and the surface-to-air missile system. he so you are going to continue to see this afte -- you will ses behavior. this is about deterrence and showing strengths against
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vladimir putin. and using economic measures to get more oil and natural gas to sue crane and these coster countries so we can undermine vladimir putin's expansionism. liz: president trump said a pardon for paul manafort is stale a possibility. will robert mueller's report end up exonerating president trump? lawmakers duking it out big time in an epic battle for border wall funding to avoid a government shutdown. will president trump get what he wants? we'll talk to the man holding the purse strings. he's next.
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liz: will president trump get his money for the border wall? house conservatives previously blocked funding for the wall, because any final legislation may support daca. they don't like the. they say it's amnesty. let's get to the bottom of it with kevin yoder. he's chair of the committee that helps set funding levels. how much money do you think trump will get for the wall? >> we hope it's $5 billion. earlier in the year it was $25 billion. the offer from the white house has been $5 billion. the senate has $1.6 billion in
6:40 pm
their bill. but $5 billion is the right number we need to secure specific second towards on the southwestern border to reduce drug and human trafficking. liz: let's stay on that point. the president said he believes he would win a political battle with democrats over this issue. in 2006 the democrats passed a border fencing act. that's the law of the land. how come that hasn't been happening since? >> that's the question the american people want to know. we have 654 mills of fencing 0er barriers on the southwestern border. there are 2,000 miles total. you remember that 2000 bill, senators obama and clinton voted for that bill. this used to be a bipartisan up
6:41 pm
i shall tough securing the borders and keeping america safe. but since trump made that a significant part of his agenda the left decided to block that. the attempt to block that political victory is and talking our ability to protect our borders and keep america safe. we think the 2006 laws the democrats support, and doing what the american people expect us to do. it's simple, common sense proposal and notion here, and it's frustrating to see the blocking going on from the left. liz: why do you think a border wall is necessary? >> i have been down to the border a couple of times. what border patrol and customs tells us we need more personnel, and we need investments in
6:42 pm
technology like drones and cameras, and we need barriers. we are talking about barriers. what we have in many places are fencing. we are talking about 18-foot steel ballards that would create operational control. what happens in the rio grande and laredo sectors, the agents and cameras are not enough to protect the american people when there are large groups of folks. our officers are some of the most of assaulted in the country. they need more officers and a barrier to back them up so they can secure the border. liz: that's interesting stuff, congressman. come back soon. coming up.
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the clintons kick off their paid speaking tour to largely empty seats. first president trump reveals a pardon for paul manafort is quote not off the table. we'll bring in judge napolitano to talk about that. and whether the mueller report could eventually exonerate president trump. patients that i see that complain about dry mouth,
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liz: president trump saying a pardon pore paul manafort is quote not off the table, according to a "new york post" report. he says it was never discussed, but it was not taken off the table. why would i take it off the table? joining us, judge andrew napolitano. what would happen if the president pardoned manafort. >> the problem with it legal are you, when paul manafort pled guilty he did so in a 175-page document. he pleaded guilty to federal crimes, but he pleaded guilty to
6:48 pm
state crimes for which he has not yet been charged. i would think those prosecutors would indict him immediately point issue of the pardon. liz: would a pardon clear him of those state crimes? >> no, the president can only pardon more federal crimes. freedom of peach like the rest of us. liz: what if the mueller report? >> i think you will see crowing. if it continue out he's right, even out of the mouths of his tormenters, you will see his crowing and you will see his reelection. liz: what happens in the beltway
6:49 pm
echo chamber? >> we did learn two days ago when jerome corsi intentionally released a document they gave to him. he's a witness in a case they wanted him to plead guilty to to lie together fbi. if the lies he told are lies, it was wrong so that the essence of it is truthful. they have a roadmap to donald trump and russian hacking. i don't think they knew corsi was going to tip their hand. liz: the number of migrants at the border the numbers have been changing. we are hearing it's 6,000. the trump admin, it looks like they will appeal a judge's order on his asylum reform.
6:50 pm
>> it is common sense but i think it judge did the right thing. the judge can't establish wiggle room. the appellate court can. here is what the president says. the law says if you are fleeing repression, you are a candidate for asylum. you can enter the united states anywhere at any time by any means you can. when they catch you you apply for asylum. that is not an illegal entry. the president says we are not going to give you asylum unless you enter through one of our portals. liz: you know they are not fleeing oppression. they are coming here for jobs. >> my heart goes out to them because they want a better place to live. but that's not a basis for asylum. it can only be oppression. that's the law. i agree with president trump
6:51 pm
that the trial judge is going to be afirminged by the 9th circuit and it will make its way to the supreme court. coming up next, hillary clinton dodging another question about whether she will run in 2020. she and her husband faced a mostly empty theater at the debut of their much-hyped speaking tour. you see what happened to donations to the clinton foundation since she lost? they are down 90%. because there is no reason to pay because there won't be any play because hillary is not in the white house to influence her thinking. their foundationing contributions have come to a screeching halt and now they
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6:56 pm
awful opening. sold 330 # tickets in a nearly 20,000-seat arena. >> it's embarrassing. the poster children. the thing that's amazing, they're worth anywhere from 100 to $200 million which is also a question we should be asking, why did thehow did they get tha. if they had any shame or se sency, they wouldn't be doing it. a former secretary of state, a former president going out and playing to half empty arenas, more power to them. elizabeth: some of the tickets were going for $6. they have a deal with live nation. the ticket prices plummeted to $6. live nation could lose money on this, need. >> yeah, no. i think there's a certain amount of exhaustion and weariness from the clintons. boy, when they asked if she's running for president. i think she wants to.
6:57 pm
the more the democratic party sees her out there, a piece of their soul dies every time she ice out there talking. but the bigger question is whether the media protection racket decides they want her to run. and if they adopt want to protect her anymore, they're going to try to take her out. if she ran again she could win the primary and they don't want to see her lose to trump again. elizabeth: last night on the show we talked about the clinton foundation. i want your take on the donations plummeting. they fell to under 27 million. in 2016 they were 63 million. >> it's dropped about 90% from secretary of state to now, been a 90% drop. charity fraud is a crime. people go to jail for charity fraud. former congresswoman brown from florida just get five years for
6:58 pm
charity fraud. the clinton foundation has been one of the biggest charity frauds out there. do we actually believe this the rule of law. we need to rid ourselves of this concept that people and institutions are too big to fail. if we'll all stand equal in front of the law, there are questions that need to be answers because i think the clinton foundation is charity fraud. elizabeth: mark meadows, he's calling for a hearing for the justice, u.s. attorney to come in who's been probing the clinton foundation. do you think they're going to push for a hearing, get it done and talk about charity fraud? >> they have to have more transparency and asking questions, why were people giving this money if there's no game to play, why are people maying. it's a vehicle, pay to play, influenced peddling. elizabeth: why? >> if you look at some of these
6:59 pm
contracts, 165 billion between 2012 and, sales of arms to these countries, which gave 50 to 140 million to the clinton foundation. the sthing that's interesting is that's double the number of arm sales under the bush administration a few years ago. there's a lot of questions that has to be asked. were people giving tens of millions of dollars in returns for securing billions of dollars in arms sales. elizabeth: they're like the teflon clintons, right? >> they really are. and again it comes down to if other people, elected officials are going to jail for charity fraud, why are the clintons any different. and again i understand we have this weird concept that somehow people are too big to fail. we have to rid ourselves of that. in the law is king, if there is a rule of law, all stand equal lfebefore it and should bare bee consequence of it. elizabeth: thank you for being here.
7:00 pm
thank you for having us in your homes and thank you for watching. lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network. have a good evening. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories with, this has been a week of winning for president trump already. and in the weeks remaining days, it looks as though all he's be doing is running up the score. >> for years and years you watched as your leaders apologized for america. now you have a president who is standing up for america. i'm praw proud of america. lou: and senator cindy hyde-smith is proud to have the president's support. she's celebrating her reelection in mississippi today thanks in large measure to the boost she


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