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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  November 28, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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argentina. it's going to be an interesting weekend as he meets with president xi and vladimir putin. good night from new york. trish: breaking right now. president trump slamming the mueller investigation saying we are living in the joseph mccarthy era. he says the presidential pardon for paul manafort is not off the table. the mueller team says manafort whried about his dis -- lied about his business dealing. stormy daniels said anti-trump lawyer avenatti filed a defamation suit against trump against her wishes. the president gearing up for the
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g20 summit. i'm setting the record straight. with so many academics, one north carolina university is taking it to a whole new level. turning it into a sanctuary campus. tonight, president trump in an interview with the "new york post" not ruling out the possibility of a presidential pardon for mr. man for the. he's facing an extend the jail time. the president saying tonight that a pardon and i quote here was never discussed. but i wouldn't take it off the table. that was a bad situation for the country. but this is where we are and it's a terrible thing.
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here we are with his reaction. what do you make of this? >> i think it's an interesting development. the president has the power to pardon anybody he wants to for any reason he wants to. i think it's great that we have a president that pushes back on a prosecutor that's out of control. trish: do you run the risk of president trump, if you pardon him, looking as though you are not trying to pursue the real truth in this situation? >> half the people are going to think donald trump is wrong no matter what he does. he could give a thousand dollars to a salvation army red kettle and people would criticize him. it's a political issue. half the people will be against him. what's important is he pushes back on ways an illegitimate investigation.
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fatally conflict prosecutors who are out of control. trish: we know the russians tried to do something, right? are we get together bottom of what they were trying to do? it wasn't necessarily trump or clinton specific. they wanted to see us in the state we are in right now. they wanted this division. this as far as they are concerned is a big success. but is this investigation, is the mueller investigation getting it, at what actually happened or as the president likes to call it just a political witch sun in the. >> i have got no illusions about the russians. i was in west germany when the wall fete fell. i'm literally a veteran of the cold war. i don't trust those bears as far as i can throw them. we were promised donald trump and vladimir putin hugging and kissing, instead we got jerome
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corsi saying i forgot about that's email. oh, perjury. trish: they say he hasn't turned over all his evidence. let me get to another story. breaking tonight, the infamous stormy daniels is telling a publication the lawsuit filed against the president by michael avenatti was filed against her wishes. she says he mishandled the funds donated for her defense. if this is true, could he be looking at being disbarred? >> oh, boy, trish. as you can see, i'm turning tail here. as a fellow los angeles lawyer who file as suit without permission who commits shenanigans with a client's money. if that's true, if i did that, i
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would be mopping out toilets at a -- at a carl's junior restaurant where i started 35 years ago. trish: there is another woman saying he was making these accusations against kavanaugh. and that she didn't -- when push came to shove she didn't support those. i realize he's kind of in the line of fire. but it doesn't look good for him right now. >> trish, i'm a civil defense attorney here in los angeles. i deal with guys like michael avenatti every single day. some of them defend their clients zealously and some of them step over the line. i am going to give him the benefit of the doubt. he's really in trouble, and he
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better go get that carl's junior uniform. trish: there is nothing wrong with carl's junior. >> i love carl's junior. trish: ivanka trump breaking her silence on the private email use. some are likening it to the scandal that plagued hillary clinton. in a brand-new interview ivanka trump shuts down any i am slaishts between herself and hillary clinton. take a peek eight. >> in my case, all of my emails are on the white house serve i are. there is no intent to circumvent. my emails have not been deleted. nor was there anything of substance. nothing confidential that was within them. there is no connection between the two things. >> so the idea of lock her up
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doesn't apply to you. >> no. trish: for anyone who thinks the two are remotely similar in scope. morgan, why is there a difference between what ivanka trump did and hillary clinton. >> it's the difference between rent versus own. ivanka rented space on a server. if somebody went to serve legal process we say we think there is a crime that's been committed. they could seize the emails. in hillary's case, she owned the server and the software. trish: it was a personal server. >> hillary owned the software herself. it was her server, it was
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shipped from there to colorado and the bleach bit software was used to wipe it. that's nothing that ivanka could have done to the servers owned by microsoft. it's the difference between rent versus own. trish: i have had an email account for a long time. what happens to those personal email accounts when you go to work at the white house? >> if this is a government record or something that should be responsive. we have had many, many cases -- trish: do we shut down the gmail accounts? >> only those things that are government records get stored on the white house server. that's why her attorneys went through that and said here is what is responsive to the government side. we have had instances from colin
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powell to james comey because the government doesn't use the best systems. as long as you make sure it gets archived usually you are in compliance on the government records act. trish: president trump preparing for the crucial g20 summit in argentina. dr. sebastian gorka is here on what our president must do on the world stage. chaos on our southern borderers. officials in tijuana say they are running out of resources to help the migrants. just hours left. the promises the caravan organizers used to lure the migrants to our borders. insurance that won't replace
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my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. trish: president trump departing for argentina. still no official word on whether that meeting with vladimir putin will happen as
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planned. our own blake berman is live on the ground. blake? >> a beautiful wednesday evening in buenas aires. this time tomorrow night thursday president trump will be landing in argentina for the g20 meetings. we still believe or at least we think that this meeting with president trump and president putin will take place. president trump gave an interview and said he could cancel the thing because of the latest actions against the ukraine. the kremlin said they believe this meeting is still going to take place at some point. it is scheduled for saturday, they say. the defense secretary has strong words for russia. >> when you think there is a treaty between the two
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countries. russia cannot be counted on right now to keep its word. reporter: cannot be counted on to keep its word. >> trade will be one of the top issues here. the top democrat in the senate saying he believes president trump's stance toward chain today is the right one. he's cautioning the president not to make a deal for the sake of generating a headline. >> we cannot relate for the sake of a photo-op at the g20. yes, our actions will cause some pain. but in the long term there is much more gain than pain. >> we got a chance back at the white house to sit down with larry kudlow and talk about this upcoming g20 meeting. there could be some
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breakthrough. but he said he's very disafound it with the chinese on the trade front as far as what happened the last several months or so. there are still some major structural issues for both sides to work through. i.p. theft, the forced transfer of technology. trish: i agree with mr. kudlow on that, there is a lot to get to on that. enjoy buenas aires. former deputy assistant to the president, dr. sebastian gorka. good to see you. you get all this tension between russia and ukraine. if you listen to chuck schumer he says you shouldn't be appearing with vladimir putin for the sake of a photo-op. what do you think? >> i think chuck schumer need to read the national security strategy that we wrote in the white house.
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we shifted from 30 years indecision and long laundry lists of what need to be done which are completely utopian to the first national security strategy worthy of its name that understands the world is about grand power competition and china is our number one competitor and should be labeled an adversary. and the president knows exactly what he is doing, trish. trish: how did he deal with putin in light of all this? i want to get to china. it's a whole big can of worms. in terms of the here and now with vladimir putin. should he be meeting with him? should he be talking with him about the situation in sue crane? what do you think he should say? >> vladimir putin is a former kgb colonel and russia remains a
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destabilizing force in the world. they are interested in destabilizing the status question and then exploit to their own benefit, whether it's the ukraine, the middle east, asia or africa. the president should meet with put where on one pr -- on one p. the independence of the ukraine and the annexation of crimea. we don't give them something for nothing. we don't give them face time until there is a serious concession. you saw in north korea it was the deneur nuclearization of north korea. trish: you would vote for him sitting down with vladimir putin. >> it depend on whether it's a
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meet and greet photo opportunity or substantive meeting. trish: g20? it feels like a big photo opportunity. >> it is. but before that meeting, you heard secretary mattis. there can be discussions behind the scenes between russian inlocs andthe u.s. but with no preparation and no preconditions, no. trish: turning to china, a mess. i give the president credit for calling china out. for too many years you had big business and a lot of ceos who want nobody that market. a lot of consumers over there. they want to have a presence.
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they are so concerned about quarterly e and showing investors they are active in such a big market, they don't care that their own intellectual property is getting stolen. if they don't care, who does. our country, we need the preserve it and strengthen what we are best at which is intellectual property. if the chinese are stealing it and the companies don't care, how do we deal with that. >> it's worse than stealing billions of dollars worth i.p. they are agreeing. they are only allowed access to the market if they open the kimono and show the i.p. so we have to educate silicon valley and businesses. it's not about short-term profits. they will destroy their own companies if they get in bed
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with the chinese communist governments. trish: they are concerned about quarterly earnings and how they look year over year. china has a 20-year plan. can we, meaning the united states of america, can we educate -- how do we enforce it? what can we be doing to make sure we are not giving everything away for free? >> you do what the president has done and launch those 302 investigations on i am p. theft. we initiate the tariff regime that makes the chinese hurt even more. at the end of the day, this is an educational process. we have to break the myth that was sold to us from kissinger on down that liberalization economically of china leads to political liberalization. we have xi jinping who changed the constitution to literally
8:22 pm
make him president for life. how did the economic liberalization from the 1970s onwashed leao d -- on washed leo this. that said, the way to peace is through trade. typically they want to do better. they want to do better and for some reason it's not working with china. >> we have other nations with which to collaborate. i was with a chinese billionaire today. he understands it as well as anybody. this is a nation that wishes to displace us by the 100th anniversary of the resolution. they want it to be one global
8:23 pm
power. communist china. we are not trading with belgium. this is a nation that wishes to displace america. in a world run by china, nobody wins except the communist party in beijing. that's it. trish: dr. gorka is the author of you a new book. you can check it out. straight ahead, miles from san diego, we have chaos going on as the mayor said resources to help the migrants are running out. one tijuana officials are blaming caravan organizers for false promises of a great american dream. president trump gearing up for the g0 summit. why it's so crucial he not take the same apologist tone
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>> the leaders were promising them the great american dream are not coming through. they are noticing that. so they know they will be better back home. trish: that's from an interview from one of our reports. you see a tijuana official saying the caravan organizers made false promises. do not forget what vice president mike pence told me on this show. he said there are radical leftist groups encouraging these caravans because they want to see the u.s. struggle with this chaos. the mayor says his company is in crisis because the money for the shelters will dry up in a matter
8:29 pm
of hours. an ms-13 gang member has been apprehended from the caravan. the gang member from honduras. joining me, former congressman jason chaffetz. let's talk about these false promises. do you think people were artificially encouraged to come to our border with the hope they could get to the united states of america? and was this done for political reasons as the vice president had said? >> yes, these people are coming up en masse. there was no genocide or natural disaster that propelled these people forward. it was an organized event. the president has been doing an exceptional job of holding the lines saying no, you are not just going to overrun our borders like you have in the past. for those who want to claim
8:30 pm
asylum, you will have to qualify under credible fear. trish: homeland security talking about an ms-13 member apprehended trying to come in. i was on "fox news sunday" talking to the representative from connecticut. he said no, that's not true. there are no felons. he's on the intelligence committee. i said this is being reported by the department of homeland security. he said no that's wrong, those are lies. you have the government saying there are bad people. then some on the left are saying these are not bad people. they are just coming here for a better shot at a better life. >> you know there are three immigration judges in all of arizona. and all of a sudden we are surged with thousands and thousands of cases. they can't possibly handle it.
8:31 pm
i know the president put up more i am gracious judges so they can get these hearings. but there are more people repelled and sent back than they are accepted because they don't meet the basic criteria. call it for what it is. it's human trafficking. that's what they are doing. they are trafficking in humans. trish: i talk about it in law and economics. you have incentives. i wonder if we have the wrong incentives. if they knew there was no shot at getting through, then maybe they would not be as incentive tides make that journey and risk their lives and perhaps their children's lives. >> that's what's infuriating about what the democrats are doing. if you want to apply to come to the united states, go to the united states consulate or united states embassy in your country. that's where you need to do it.
8:32 pm
instead of traversing thousands of miles, putting your family at risk. going through the pillaging that's going on. you got to tijuana, but you will have to turn around and go back home. trish: it's a tough situation. i don't underestimate what those people are going through. i have a lot of other questions in terms of who is making up this group. the main real media said it's mainly women and children. judging from the pictures and the footage coming in, it doesn't seem to might will be primarily women and children. there is nothing wrong with having a lot of pride. you are trying to come to the united states of america, wouldn't you want to with goodwill carry an american flag? it seems like a small gesture like that would at least go a long way.
8:33 pm
where does it go from here. will the democrats and republicans come together and accomplish any kind of immigration reform? >> i worry that the democrats like the issue more than they want to resolve it. they keep saying they are for border security. i can't see a single bill or policy they are in favor of. they want to abolish i.c.e. they won't provide the funding the president is want to go secure the border. if they think the fence and the wall doesn't work. are they advocating to take down the wall? is that their position? they give a little rhetoric here and there. they try to play the compassion card. but it's less compassionate to do what they are doing. they are putting people's lives in danger. that's why i think the president is spot on in doing the right thing.
8:34 pm
trish: president trump gearing up for a face-to-face meeting with xi jinping and possibly vladimir putin. our president needs to put both leaders on notice when he's there because a lot is at stake. one state college, a taxpayer funded state college is considering become a sanctuary campus. the exclusive details on this outrageous proposal next. ♪ the greatest wish of all... is one that brings us together. the lincoln wish list event is here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with $0 down, $0 due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment.
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i'm at this wing joint telling people that geico has been offering savings for over 75 years. that's longer than the buffalo wing's been around. dozen wings. and did you know that geico... (lips smacking) offers mo... (coughing) motorcycle insurance? ho-ho... my lips are burning. (laughs) ah... no, my lips are actually burning. geico. over 75 years of savings and service. see how much you could save at it's too hot. oh, this is too hot, mate. trish: tonight the president is preparing for some pretty big meetings in buenas aires, argentina. as we confront a world wruvment s. is often being undermined. it's imperative that our
8:39 pm
president stands up for our rights. and all too often the president has not. >> there have been times when america showed arrogance and been dismissive and devisive. the united states is working through our own darkest period in our history. we at times have been disengaged and a time we sought to dictate our terms. trish: i think this is an opportunity to think long and hard about what is at stake internationally. and i want to go straight to to china. specifically china. china is an economic force with more than a billion people makes them an economic force. with economic power often comes military power or the desire for it. china hasn't side away from growing its military.
8:40 pm
it's growing its military at a rate significantly higher than ours. though we spend twice as much money on defense. china increased its spending 110%. our spending has decreased 14%. add in the fact that they are stealing $600 billion of intellectual property from u.s. companies every year and charge outrageous tariffs on our goods, it's clear, china is a threat. how do you deal with that threat? the president i would say is making the right move. it's a move not many have wanted to make. but he has taken on the chinese on their tariff system in a way previous presidents never did. they will all tell you china was problem. but no one has been willing to take any action until now.
8:41 pm
it's critical the president stay tough in buenas aires. so tonight i'm setting the record straight. do not let up on china. we have our own retired four-star general. mr. jack keane. good to see you. you tell me. from it in perspective, the bigger china gets economically speaking, how much of a threat is that country? >> absolutely a serious threat. we just finished a year-long study on national defense strategy appointed by the congress. i was appointed by john mccain. we concluded quickly that the security of the united states has never been pat morris can than it is right now in previous three or four decades. there is absolutely no guarantee
8:42 pm
that if we fought a war today against russia or china, that we would win that war. we would struggle than is a possibility we would lose. that's a banner headline. >> we would lose if we were up against the likes of china. >> it's possible we would lose. the admiral who just took over in the indo-pacific. he said there is no guarantee that we could win a war against china. these are statements by senior leaders. we spoke to every senior leader in the united states military over the last year. the consensus is the 17 years of 9/11 wars and the sequestration has so eroded the capability of the united states military that we are at serious risk. russia and china have spent their money wisely and they caught us in many of the
8:43 pm
technological areas that we have advantaged ourselves over them. that's a serious issue. we are an ocean away when we are dealing with china and also when we are dealing with russia which makes going to war much more difficult man this this day and age where they can use defensive cyber too interfere with -- to interfere with everything. trish: how concerned are you about russia and china, and you can throw in iran. when you look at the whole tragedy with khashoggi, saudi arabia has been traditionally our ally. it's a challenging set of circumstances given what our intelligence community learned. it seems he had reluctance because he's fearful if we don't
8:44 pm
have saudi arabia as our main ally, where would that leave our position. do we then run the risk that russia moves in with iran and china, we are in a more challenging international environment? >> russia and china tried to do some military exercises together. but they will never trust each on ther in the long run. trish: that's good. >> russia and iran clearly formed a political and military alliance in the middle east. the anchor against that alliance, particularly against iran's desire for regional hegemony is saudi arabia in concert with the other sunni arabs. what's so unfortunate about the khashoggi incident as horrific as it is. we have been stitching together an arab nato.
8:45 pm
and maybe not normally -- formally, israel. their behavior is not in the interests of our allies in the region and certainly not in the interest of the united states. trish: we look at the challenges on our borderer in tijuana. we got reports from homeland security that one of the people they have arrested is a member of ms-13. the notorious gang. and they told us there are 500 felons in the group that made its way south of san diego. i mention this to representative hinds from connecticut sunday on fox, and i would like to get your response to what he told me. >> the administration is 500 felons. >> they are lying about it.
8:46 pm
they are flat out lying about the national security threat. trish: you are telling us they are lying by telling us there are 500 known felons. >> the department of homeland security does not know who is in that caravan. the president outright lied when he said there are middle easterners in that caravan. trish: a lot of accusations. you usually trust when homeland security tells you a certain number of people are felons in a group or they run the risk of seeing middle eastern terrorists in the group. how do you interpret what the administration is telling us as opposed to what jim himes is telling us. >> the mexican authorities are not going to let that entire caravan traverse the entire country without having their
8:47 pm
agents in it. the united states works undercover and does things associated with drug cartels. and we likely have agents in those caravans. i'm not sure what the source of dhs's information is. but i'm confident in the numbers they are providing. we have good intelligence. i would submit somebody who sits on the intelligence committee knows how good it is. i'm astounded. trish: he's on the intelligence committee. and we have our own government saying these people in this group are problematic. it shows you how political the world has gotten. >> i take it at face value when the secretary of dhs says we have 500-600 criminals moving with those thousands of people, i take that at face value.
8:48 pm
and i think we should trust those people as we would trust jim mattis as we would trust secretary pompeo. we have no reason not to as far as i'm concerned. they are only interested in protecting the american people and the security our nation and sovereignty. trish: before i let you go. i want to say a quick congrats. you are on your way to the reagan national defense form and i understand you are going to be receiving the ronald reagan peace through strength award, general. that's pretty awesome. congratulations. >> thanks a lot. i appreciate that. trish: we told you last night about an ivy league professor calling for open borders. one state' college meaning a taxpayer turned clidges considering becoming a sanctuary
8:49 pm
campus. the exclusive details next. ♪ there's no place like home ♪
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♪ mom. ♪
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trish: several students at north
8:53 pm
carolina state university are considering make the raleigh school a sanctuary campus. this all coming after campus police officer was forced to call i.c.e. last month after discovering a previously deported felon on campus. note, felon. not even student. a felon. so why are we protecting known felons? i want to know. joining me, cabot phillips. >> the students said the presence of i.c.e. agents on campus made marginalized communities on campus feel unsafe. ignoring that they are keeping previously deported felons off their campus. young people are being taught
8:54 pm
they can pick and choose which laws to follow if it makes you feel bad. the student government is demanding i.c.e. be denied to campus and there be extra rights and benefits given to students who are there illegally. trish: in your line of work you see it up close and personal constantly. i guess my question would be, ways that doing to the next generation. how is that influencing them when they are going to school and talking about a sanctuary campus. over at princeton university there is a professor saying open all the borders. what tone does that send? >> it teaches students that rule of law is not important. people don't understand the basics of how our country was founded.
8:55 pm
and the second thing it does, it teaches students you are either -- i have been on 100 college campuses. i find a breakdown. on immigration is you support open borders and allow everyone in or you are a racist again rar xenophobe. you are either a ricist or you support open borders. trish: i like intellectual diversity. i like hearing different opinions. i figure the more i hear, the smarter i am. you want to try and understand where people are coming from, even if you don't agree with it. our children are not being caught this in universities of all places, then that doesn't leave a lot of hope. >> if you don't know how to debate and process ideas that
8:56 pm
make you uncomfortable, you won't a fully informed member of our society. i think what's happening in academia is a larger problem. or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. starts with a december to remember at the lexus december to remember sales event. lease the 2019 nx 300 for $329 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. trish: big show tomorrow night. white house deputy press secretary hogan gibley will be joining us. we will talk about g20 and what exactly the president hopes to
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accomplish there in buenos aries, argentina. lots of other good stuff. have a terrific night. we just got the ratings in for last month. beating the competition, thanks to you. keep watching. see you right here tomorrow. 8:00 p.m. eastern. kennedy begins right now. kennedy: thank you, trish. the left tonight salivating over reports that robert mueller has the president cornered. they are claiming special counsel has a road map leading right to collusion with russia to win the election. once again, facts are throwing a little cold water all over that impeachment talk. just yesterday, the guardian newspaper reported that former trump campaign manager paul manafort met with wikileaks founder julian assange in 2016 at the embassy in london where assange is holed up getting dirt on the clinton campaign. but here's the problem with that story. the washington times


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