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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  November 29, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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party where he has belonged throughout his career? tomorrow jerome corsi and fred fleitz among our guests. please join us. >> the left claiming it has the final nail in the coffin for the president of the united states. and they couldn't be more wrong. a new twist in the mueller investigation that has the mainstream media and democrats claiming victory. but it's a whole lot of nothing. and tonight i tell you why. tonight president trump's former personal attorney is pleading guilty to lying about trump's efforts to build a trump tower in moscow during the 2016
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campaign. what do they have the president snon when he was running for the administration. the trump organization had stakes in 500 businesses in two dozen countries. one of the projects was a luxury building in moscow. i want to remind you, he was work, running his company right up until he won the presidency. so given all the russia collusion questions, there has been a lot of focus on his personal attorney. the talks about the building ended in january, 2016. but cohen says they talked about it until june of that year. president trump accepted the nomination in july 2016. so long story short.
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he was in business, look at potential deals all around the world. we live in a global environment, don't foreget. and what is -- don't forget. and what is wrong with that? i get that cohen is in trouble. but the president? that seems like a leap. >> that's a huge leap. michael cohen, that's a guy with no credibility. so if you are trying to build a case against anyone, and michael cohen is your star witness, you are already in trouble. so the president -- there is nothing against the president. it is a whole lot of nothing. and michael cohen time and time again he has been caught in lies, now pleading guilty to lying. so when do we choose to believe him? it's definitely a situation where credibility is a huge
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problem. trish: the lie is a matter much timing. discussions were going on for this potential tower in moscow six months later than michael cohen originally said. i look at it. maybe it's because i covered the world of business and economics as long as i have. i understand we live in a global marketplace. if you are the ceo of a business that he started himself, you will have transactions and deals around the world. you are not limited to the united states of america. so why is the left look at this like some kind of smoking gun? >> because they are look for anything to call a smoking gun. you bring up such a good point. you said it before. it's almost illegal to drink a white russian at a bar. something you need to remember.
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it am not illegal to do business in russia. a real estate developer looking at real estate deals in any country is not an illegal issue. there is no i wil -- there is no illegality there. michael cohen lies and it doesn't mean anything other than that. trish: i want to show you this, misty. he's saying he got a deal, so what? president trump: he's a weak person and he's trying to get a reduced sentence. he's lying about a project everybody knew about. we were very open with it. when i run for president, that doesn't mean i'm not allowed to do business. after i won, obviously i don't do business from january 20.
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trish: so let me ask you this. what does it get michael cohen, this deal? how is he in a better spot today than he was yesterday? >> when you cooperate with a prosecutor, you agree to provide information. what's going to happen is that prosecutor is probably going to ask for a lighter sentence, or recommend a lighter sentence that he otherwise would have been facing. he's getting sentenced december 12. it's coming up soon. i'm sure he's trying to curry some fave so he end up with a little bit of leniency when it comes down to it. i think donald trump hit the nail on the head. you are talking about somebody who has consistently lied and got caught in that lie. he's really trying to save himself and he has shown that. michael cohen has shown that
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time and time again. he's out for number one doing whatever it takes to keep himself safe. trish: alan dershowitz the famed law professor from harvard said these witnesses not only do they sing, they sometimes compose. you mentioned the credibility this guy how he lied and lied and lied. i look at what bob mueller is doing. they got him on something. he can't lie to congress. if these negotiations went on six months later than originally anticipated. i don't get the there there. >> it's one of those why lie about it. the question was asked today when michael cohen was telling his story, and there was nothing in there, trish. it wasn't, well, the trump organization told me to. he took it upon himself to do
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what he thinks he does best, lie. when you are a trial lawyer, assessing the credibility of your witnesses and how you will use testimony later is a key component. anything that's based on what michael co-' says is pretty much garbage. trish: president trump expected to arrive any minute in buenas aires. our own blake berman is there. let me ask but this canceled meeting. he says he is not going to meet with vladimir putin. the critics are saying it's because of this michael cohen news. what are you hearing on the ground tonight in buenas aires. reporter: look what landed on our doorstep and g20 summit
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hasn't begun and president trump isn't here. the timing is not ideal for the president. the story came out as the president was leaving the white house. he was asked about it. when the president was taking questions from reporters. one of the questions the president was asked about is whether he'll be meeting with vladimir putin. at the time the president said yes but he wanted to be briefed on air force one that related to the latest with russia, ukraine and the waters off crimea. we were told the president was briefed by the chief of staff and national security advisor john bolton. trish: he was briefed on something that bothered him enough. it just happened to coincide with the michael cohen stuff so you have conspiracy theorists who think the two are linked. reporter: you have got the
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michael cohen news which deals with russia and the president canceling a meeting with the russian president. some are saying there could be something there. at least the story from the white house is there was a high-level briefing on board air force one. and the president decided to change his mind and this meeting with putin will be off. coming up, straight ahead, we have the whole battle over border security. it's heating up tonight as a looming government shutdown is possibly just 8 days away. the president is saying we need this money because we are look at chaos tonight on our southern border. you look at what's going on in tijuana and the 500 felons the white house identified. then you look at the tragedy of the children being trafficked.
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and they have all the up season tough to bring those children here to the united states. so what do we do to change those incentives and help those people and to secure ourselves? do we get that wall or do we wind up with a government shutdown. white house deputy press secretary hogan gidley will join me with his bold prediction on what is going to happen with our wall. one liberal college professor assigning an essay entitled donald rump. to write about a man who targets women and minorities. it accounts for 30% of their grade.
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leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. trib * president trump just landing in buenas aires tonight. the president is doubling down on his threat to shut down our government if congress doesn't find a way to come up with the
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money we need to protect our border. here he is a little bit earlier. >> if we don't get border security, a possible shutdown. trish: we are facing a funding deadline next sunday. the dems say they are not going to give the president the money he wants. will that bring about a shutdown? if so, who gets blamed. michelle ritchie and rob smith, good to see you both. it's always a pleasure. it seems to me that when you look at what's happening and we have been showing viewers the picture of the tragedy south of san diego where people are effectively stampeding our border, you have got to do something. if the democrats are not willing to give the money, does that
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mean in fact a shutdown happens? >> this is what i think. the people that voted for the president voted for the wall. this is what they voted for. so it is a strong signal for him that he need to do what he need to do to get that funding. when you look at people -- i didn't see people fleeing violence. i saw them perpetrating violence. throwing rocks at border agents. it's despicable and it makes the american people afraid what would happen if we don't deal with it. trish: do the democrats get blamed if we have a shutdown? the president is asking for money to protect us and our borders. >> the president has been fighting with democrats and at one point fighting with his own party as far as getting funding for this wall.
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the $5 billion the republicans have arounded up is a pacifier to keep him quiet. the democrats offered $40 billion for immigration security. that would have been 40,000 additional troops on the border, 700 more miles of fencing and the republicans said no. now the democrats are coming back with $1.6 billion. >> i think what we have going on is i think both side think this is a win for them. democrats think they can be seen as compassionate by avoiding the conversation about the wall. the president needs to be forceful and say these people voted for me, that's what they want. that's why both sides think they have a winning issue. i think the people that voted for the president want the wall. and i think we are going to support him in whatever he does.
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trish: i think there is compassion on both sides. as a conservative looking at this. someone could say you have got messed up incentives. there has been a 110% increase in young men with children coming across the border. that may be tied to if you come across the border with a child a better shot. it's going to be hard. but maybe you do it from a compassionate standpoint helping those kids. >> i wonder why we aren't saying what sort of human services we can provide in the united states for these people. i think at some point the united states needs to hold mexico and these other countries accountable for the violence in their countries. these people should not have to run away from their homes. trish: you are so right.
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by the way, she is a democrat, right? this is encourage and enlightening. i hear so many on the left say it's our problem. >> i support what the president is trying to do. but i want to see more focus when it comes to drugs. that was another reason he said they were going to have the border wall because of drugs coming into the country. three days ago in arizona you had the dea find tunnels in which cashing with drugs and weapons were being funneled into the united states from mexico. we need to do something as far as the drugs coming into this country and the illegal immigration. we need to figure out what's happening in those countries and how we can help. >> we are being plenty compassionate enough because the american taxpayers spends millions of dollars take care of the ones we have right now.
8:20 pm
trish: it's good to hear your perspective. i hope we don't have a shutdown. thank you so much. a lot coming up. white house deputy press secretary hogan gidley. the president just arriving, touching down in buenas aries, argentina. we'll keep you posted. we'll see if he says anything as he exits that plane. don't go anywhere. "trish regan primetime" is on right after this.
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trish: the president just touching down in buenas aries, argentina. he canceled his big meeting with vladimir putin. but he's still meeting with the
8:25 pm
big honcho from china. so we'll see what happens with xi. we have new reaction tonight. the president making headline after headline. there he is. you see the president exiting the plane alongside his wife, melania. there is much talk and hope he'll be able to get something done with china. china is a problem no president has been killing to take on until this president, at least in such a public way. the $600 billion a year the chinese are stealing in intellectual property from us, he intends to try to make some progress on that. but nonetheless, a pretty tough row ahead.
8:26 pm
check in challenges are very, very real with china. their economy is struggling. let's not forget house in the driver's seat. we are china's biggest customer. so we have some leverage. in china they don't have to vote their people in and out of office. they can put in place a plan that might be difficult for their people. so they have leverage on that front. but we'll see how he addresses that. the president and first lady melania trump just arriving in buenas aires, argentina. he did do a lot of talking earlier today and made a lot of head lines. i want to go to my exclusive interview with deputy white house press secretary, hogan
8:27 pm
gidley. there were headlines from earlier today and i wanted to ask about the administration's reaction to the president's former lawyer, michael cohen and that guilty plea. >> i can't get too much into a case that has nothing to do with the white house. i can reiterate what the president said today as was getting ready to leave for the g20. he said michael cohen admitted to lying to several entities, the house, the senate, and the irs. this guy can't be trusted. the president was clear. he has done nothing wrong. this is a witch hunt there will be was no collusion, and he feels it should be wrapped up in short order. trish: if the president was running for office and still running his company. last i checked, that's not illegal, and if he has a global
8:28 pm
business, it's not unreasonable to think he would have business all around the world, including with russia. >> it's 100% legal. people know that. this is an effort by the democrats who have been attacking this president since he came count golden escalator and said he was going to run for office. he has been very clear. he has done nothing wrong. there is nothing that implicates him in collusion with the russians. a majority of the american people say this turned political. and that should tell the people all they need to know. trish: let me ask you about that meeting not happening now with vladimir putin. the president is getting criticism as expected. he's damned necessity does and damned if he doesn't. but he's being criticized for not meeting with vladimir putin.
8:29 pm
some on the left are saying it's because of michael cohen. >> i spoke to people on the plane after they took off. the president set behavior from russia is completely unacceptable as it relates to ukraine. they refused to return the crew members back to their country and the president said i won't talk to vladimir putin about any types of deals. there are times when we have to work with countries like saudi arabia or russia. and when they do wrong, the president says i am not going to meet with you. and that's his decision. trish: what's going to happen with china? are they going to stop stealing our stuff at some point in the near future? or will this play out in a painful way for both sides. >> the great larry cud flow made it clear everybody in the world knows china has been cheating for decades with forced
8:30 pm
technology transfer and intellectual property. taking all that from the american worker and american industries. no one said a thing about it even though they night was going on in front of their face. president trump comes in and says no more. he doesn't feel like china is ready yet for a deal, but he's optimistic they can come to an agreement. he doesn't want to hurt a china. though what he has done is hurt china and protect the u.s. economy. he wants free and reciprocal trade. we don't have that. trish: i agree with that and applaud the fact he's willing to take china on so vocally and publicly in a way no other president in history has been willing to do. but that said, china is playing a long game.
8:31 pm
and they don't have to worry about getting elected in china. how do we deal with this, given that we will feel some economic pain if they are raising tariffs on us? >> our long-term economy looks amazing it's strong it's gangbusters. the stock market is through the roof. the gdp is up. china is suffering because they understand and their economy is feeling what this president has actually done. trish: do they care? >> they are going to. the people of china care about how the economy is doing. the american people definitely care. but the american people are the ones who have been kicked in the teeth for the better part of 30 years. the president says he's going to fight back. obviously the president's tactics have propped up our economy, but on the world stage it made us a better partner and
8:32 pm
better ally and gave us better negotiating tactics. china wants to do a deal with us, we'll see what happens. trish: let's turn to the wall and whether we'll see a government shutdown over lack of funding for this wall. we reached a crisis point. do you have guys get the money you need, the country needs in order to build this wall? >> i hope so, but it's up to the democrats. this is the same song but a different verse. january of this year we were having a different conversation. we are going to stand with hundreds of thousands of people who are here illegally is a problem. the president recognized this problem and called it out when he was running for president.
8:33 pm
the democrats have refused so far to come to the table. the pictures from the border. when you see those people trying to climb over and attacking i.c.e. agents and customs border protection agents and using children and women as human shields to try to get into our country, it's unacceptable. democrats have to come to the table to get something done. trish: the pressure is on. and i like your jacket. it's walter con citesqu d -- war cronkitesque. i am setting the record straight on why it's not illegal for a future president to have foreign dealings. ts tailors portfolios
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trish: president trump after landing in argentina announcing there is no meeting with vladimir putin amid escalating tensions with russia and ukraine. the media is suggesting the president is canceling the meeting with putin because of michael cone, not ukraine. >> critics will say his decision not to pete with putin casts doubt on his image of being a strong president. he says he's not meeting with putin because of ukraine. do you buy that? trish: i guess she doesn't. former national security
8:39 pm
advisor',. >> the meeting was canceled for the reason the president said. the russians have not returned the members of the ukraine they took prisoner. '. and they always find darkness in his motives. trish: you think of melania's decorations in the white house. they were a symbol of murder and horrible things. for whatever reason, the media is so resistant to everything he does. how do you deal with that. ways your advice if you were trying to coach him. how do you deal with that when you get so much resistance. >> donald trump will do what he chooses to do. but i think he'll tour through
8:40 pm
this. odds are leaders will bump into each other on the margins of things in buenas aries. the president is standing up for our allies and those who have been stepped on by russia or other great powers. he'll have a big sit-down with the chinese president. the russians and saudis and others will get an earful of what the president thinks, too. >> if he does meet with russia. they will say he's too chummy with the president. it's good to see you. thank you so much. the liberal media having a field day after michael cohen pleads guilty to lying to congress about then-candidate trump's foreign business deals. many hoping this is the smoking gun that will bring down the president. i'm setting the record straight.
8:41 pm
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>> today is a good day for donald trump to resign. >> the high-level just reach closed the circle of business links. donald trump trying to profit over outreach to the russian government. >> the plea today by cohen tells us that there is a financial connection here. and that donald trump was operating as a new york developer. he was focusing on make money which is what new york developers do. trish: exactly. anyone in business focuses on making money. but the way they are trying to construe this whole thing doesn't make any sense. if the media has its way, then apparently you can never ever have held a position as ceo of our own international company. you can't be a business person, right? maybe that's just because they would prefer everybody be a
8:46 pm
former community organizer. the mainstream media doesn't have any idea how business actually works. they don't even want to know. i can tell you with authority, with certainty as someone who has worked in both business and does work in a newsroom. business journalists, we are different. we actually understand how the world works. because this what we cover day in and day out. we cover the markets and we understand the economy that mainstream media and the rest of them out there, forget it. being a reporter in california in the newsroom when the enron story broke. remember when enron went bust. there were journalists there cheering. they were cheering. they were happy that a company was going bust. i was explaining to them, this is bad news. people will lose their jobs,
8:47 pm
their employees with their life savings all in the company stock. people with 401ks tied up in the company stock. but they didn't care. all they saw was a big company going belly up. they kind of liked that. i tell you they don't understand or respect business. and business employs people, right? if you are going to have a job, you are going to be employed by business and you need businesses to succeed. which brings me tonight to the media's criticism of donald trump and his role as a business person. newsflash, everyone. when you run an international company as he did. there is a good chance you will wind up doing business with a foreign country. the trump organization owns, controlled or had stakes in five dozen businesses in two dozen
8:48 pm
countries all over the world when he ran in 2016. we live in a global economy. if you have run a big company, you will be interacting with foreign players. but for the mainstream media, somehow if you are a business person, you are bad. they don't like business. somehow if you are bad enough to actually win the election over their chosen favorite, hillary clinton, then they are just going to jump from you doing business in russia to actual collusion with the russians. in other words, donald trump they say stole the election. that's a massive stretch. but tonight, i'm setting the record straight. the mainstream media doesn't understand basic economics. luckily investors do. if you look at the market today, these investors know this news is a big nothing for the president.
8:49 pm
joining me right now for his reaction. former advisor to prime minister david cameron. steve hilton. good to see you, steve. it always bugged me. as long as i have been in this business, and i formerly worked on the emerging debt market goldman sachs. as long as i have been in the news business, i have seen this bias against business itself, right? they don't understand it, they don't like the. they would rather cover a lot of the inside baseball going on in the white house than policy. when they say michael cohen is the smoking gun they needed to put the nail in the coffin of this president as you heard joy behar laugh about earlier, what does it tell you about them, the mainstream media? steve: you are exactly right, and i'm so glad you said it.
8:50 pm
it so infects the way our political conversations where is conducted. what you said reminded me of something a friend of mine said. he wrote that book "the black swan." he made a brilliant point about all this. talking about hillary clinton, actually. he said i would much rather people who were rich went into government than people going into government in order to get rich like the clintons. and it's such a true point. but the system is biased in favor of those political types who get used that paper shuffling lifestyle where there is no real accountability. the good thing about business is it brings accountability. either you get it done our don't. that culture, we need more of that, not less of it. >> it's shocking for people. lawmakers left and right. they are look at the president
8:51 pm
saying whoa, what's going on. >> i remember saying this during the campaign. of course, there will be stories coming out about this deal or that deal because he has experience. and yes you can have someone who has a clean slate. but they haven't got what people are looking for which is a change from the usual political types who never get anything done. joy behar is going on by the, it would be a great day for donald trump to resign. for her when is not a great day for donald trump to resign. what really annoys me. like you were saying abou sayine lack of substance and attention to the policy. they don't want to talk about the issues, the people who put the president in the oval as of want to see addressed, jobs, wages and all that stuff. that's what he wants to talk about and they want to talk about the russia soap opera.
8:52 pm
trish: watch every sunday night. you can catch ""the next revolution" with steve hilton on fox news. coming up next. murphy brown on the chopping block after an anemic season. we are on it. a february to remember, starts with a december to remember at the lexus december to remember sales event.
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"murphy brown" may not be on the air a whole lot longer. the rebooted series is on the chopping block after its anti-trump punchlines shockingly led to anemic ratings. funny how they missed where america's at, right? we see a lot of that these days. joining me with more, fox nation host brett mchenry and adam johnson. great to have you both here. >> thanks for having us. trish: what happened with this show? >> i think it's oversaturation. if people want to see anti-trump rhetoric, let's be honest, they can turn on most of the news outlets, when it comes to cnn, msnbc. i don't think people want that negativity. what we saw with roseanne, there are issues with her, the tremendous success, the connors debuted at over ten million viewers. this was getting about 6.2. people are tired of the hate towards trump and i think people are kind of tired of her and these remakes. unless you are the lion king.
8:57 pm
>> the liberals over at cbs finally did the right thing and they realize, as you pointed out, we have just had enough. it's why they got rid of scott pelley on the evening news. he took too much of a view. you can't just hammer people left and right. cbs is supposed to be a place where you go for entertainment. if you are just dissing on the president it gets old real fast. trish: sometimes people want a little break from that. don't you go to tv to get -- not news, right, in this environment. you're right, you can go to many sources on the left and get that kind of anger and hostility, but when you go and sit down, you want to watch a sitcom, you want to laugh and you don't necessarily want to think about politics. >> who wants to see what it actually looks like to go behind the scenes at cnn and laugh about it? "snl" is trying to do that every saturday night. i can't watch that anymore. it's not funny. those guys are just so angry. it's the same kind of thing. just turn it off.
8:58 pm
trish: an important thing in comedy, comedy, sometimes it crosses a line where it does feel angry and suddenly you're like whoa, as a viewer, you don't like that. that's not a good place to go. so much comedy in general -- >> i also think a lot of the multi-camera shows, tim allen, "home improvement" was big in the '90s but i want to see "game of thrones" and the streaming things. trish: it's happening now and it's live. or you want commentary on fox nation. those value adds really and truly in this environment, the stories, the entertainment stories, can be found in so many other places. >> yep. >> it's crazy out there. trish: do we have time? i have another story to get to. >> we don't have time? trish: it's about one of these professors at one of these liberal places. we talk about your alma mater the other night. princeton, right? there's a professor there who
8:59 pm
doesn't believe in the nation state. she wants to open up all borders and this is what she's spewing. you just wonder about the state of education, where it's leading. >> sadly, there are a lot of educators who, like the media, and entertainment, have lost their role and confuse politics with everything else. get out, just educate. there's no room for political opinion in public education. private, maybe, but certainly not public. trish: well, private, all these colleges, this is -- i don't know if i have time to get to it. but there's a law professor who is requiring his students to write this essay on donald rump, rump, with an "r" to talk about how awful he is to win and to minorities and britt, you know, i'm out of time. i knew this would happen. >> we don't need it. we need you, trish. trish: i hope you guys come back and we will continue to talk about this issue, because it
9:00 pm
really is something, the whole world is kind of upside down. thank you so much, guys. good to see you. good to see all of you. thank you so much for tuning in, as always. see you right back here tomorrow night. kennedy begins now. kennedy: thank you, trish. president trump today fighting back hard against robert mueller and michael cohen after his former attorney and fixer today pleaded guilty to lying to congress, but the big question tonight, can we trust michael cohen? clearly he has a problem telling the truth. or is he just trying to save his own scaly skin? as you know, the president has been railing against special counsel for a long time now. cohen has reportedly been cooperating heavily with the mueller investigation. he's already expected to serve up to five years in prison and now we're told he has spent at least 70 hours talking to investigators, boring them to tears. they told tud


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