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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  November 30, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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7. trish: a growing chorus that the mueller investigation is coming to an end and the president will soon be on his way out of the white house. think about how bizarre this is it's a total distraction, and i'm pretty sure if this mueller investigation is wrapping up, there will be no evidence of collusion. at best they will have the president on technicalities like they have gotten everyone else.
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i have done some digging. and tonight you need to hear why this investigation all wrong and all one-sided. more on mueller. tensions running high at the historic g20 summit as president trump prepares to sit down with chinese president xi jinping for make or break trade talks. it's high time a u.s. president calls out the chinese. china is a big threat to our way of life. maybe it's not tomorrow. maybe it's not next year. but if allowed to continue stealing from us unchecked, i tell you china will eventually emerge as the most of powerful player on the world stage. why take that risk. why not address the crisis while we still have the power to do so. this is the president's
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thinking. for more on the china threat, i want to bring in retired lieutenant general michael farriter. general, congratulations on the veterans museum. but from a military perspective, what kind of threat in your view does china represent? >> what the viewers need to understand is china is a competitor and they are playing on multiple fields at the same time. they will play us diplomatically through the information channels, through the military channels and through the check channels and the cyber channels, too. as a threat, we have to meet them with great strength on each playing field. trish: is it a threat that's
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been emerging and now all of a sudden we wake up and say they are stealing $600 billion of intellectual property from us each year. they are putting tariffs on our goods when we haven't necessarily followed through the same with theirs. at what point does it become a military threat as well. >> they made the small islands in the straits over there, they take inches at a time. but inches at a time and microgains become ma yes gains. we find d become macro gains. trish: we still have a fair amount of power, if you think about it. we are their biggest customer. i would think we would want to use that leverage while we still
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can. i would hate to wake up 20 years from now and not in the position to do so. you and i talked about china's interests around the world in africa and latin america. >> the u.s. military and our diplomats are in more than 156 countries. even though it's the smallest military we have had for many years. but through rule of law and business and medical capabilities. you wage and they have earned an ally and friend and positioned themselves firmly throughout the countries. and it wasn't a military takeover. it was much more over entering the markets there. trish: when you look at their
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investment in africa and brazil and venezuela. let me turn to now what you are heading out, congratulations. tell me about the veterans memorial and museum in ohio. >> we opened on the 27th of october. it is the national veterans memorial and museum. it tells the story of how veterans have impacted u.s. history. as we transform and come back and transition into our cities and businesses that veterans are winners. when you hire a veteran, everybody gets better in your country and your organization. it's extremely well done and inspiring. trish: congrats again. i'll be out there in columbus. you bet. homeland security is asking for more security on our border.
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the trump administration wants to send more military troops and people to deal with the chaos. we are just one week away from a potential government shutdown. the dems aren't budging on the wall. congressman, why do we need that wall? >> it's a matter of putting our country above illegal aliens. we were sent to congress top uphold the constitution and serve our citizenry. moderate republicans worried about the optics of illegal immigrants coming over the border shouldn't be. they should put our citizens first. that's why mr. trump is so popular and continues to lead this country.
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the least we can do is fund the building of the wall. every sovereign nation deserves to have a border that's secure. trish: it's striking when you see the migrants on the border south of san diego. we saw our border patrol have to use tear gas to fight them off. this has been done multiple times before during the obama administration as well. it tells you we do have a problem. it's continually been a problem. it's reaching a tipping point as the caravans are become more aggressive in making their way to the u.s. the president said mexico is going to pay for it. a lot of democrats keep going back to that talking point. >> trish, you hit the nail on the head. it's not the first time they
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have come. it's not the first time they have been lawless. we are a country of laws. and we have to preserve that for the rest of the world. it's not about teargas or being mean. it's preserving the rule of law. mexico in the end will pay for it, i believe that. just like china. we are stopping them now and that's who will pay for the wall. trish: how? a trade agreement? >> yeah, we are not going sit there and say mexico pay for the wall and we'll wait nl around until you do it, we'll build the wall, then take it out in trade. trish: effectively it's not costing the taxpayer anything. >> the key is are you going to fund, this is to my democratic and republican colleagues alike. are you going to put the people of this country, make them a top priority ahead of illegal aliens
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or not? nothing else should be more important. if you can't do that, if you can't fund the wall, even for a year, you shouldn't fund anything else either. trish: you may be looking at a shutdown. >> if that's what it takes. there shouldn't be a higher priority than funding this wall when you have care vans of people more disrespecting our laws at our border right now. trish: you are willing to take that risk with the government shutdown. politically speaking do you think you will get blamed for that? >> chuck schumer and the democrats should get blamed they are the ones holding up the funding. all we are asking for is $5 billion. it will cost $25 billion as a whole to do the whole wall. we are not asking for it all. we are asking for a year's
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worth. trish: what do you say to those who say this is not right, this is not who we are. this should be a welcoming country. we were founded by immigrants. >> we are. we are a welcoming country. we want people to come here the trite way. we are above all else a country that follows the law. no one is supposed to be above the law. that's what makes the other people want to come here. let's not throw the baby out with the bath water. let's follow the law when it comes to entering into this country. trish: the president preparing for his big meeting. do you think anything comes out of it? >> i was just in china in september, and i was amazed how bad their economy is doing. i was amazed they can't even electrify part of their city.
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75% vacancy rate. and pollution stung my nose. our economy is strong. we are winning. the rest of the world including china is not doing so well. and i think china will come to the table in a humble way before it's all over. trish: i'm so with you on that. if you don't take that opportunity now, our kids will be challenging with his challenge, and it will be a whole lot harder. you won't have the leverage and the economic position. you are not going to have that, right? because you will be in a weakened position. >> exactly right, trish. we don't allow our kids to cheat. why would we accept it from a trading partner? that's what this is about. they don't abide by the rule of law. that's not a partner, that's a
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thief and we ought to stand up to it. trish: straight ahead, why the left's out of control talk or hope that president trump will soon be out of the white house is really ridiculous and completely one-sided. i'm setting the record straight on this one. but pete hegseth is here, he's joining us live from california after this. carl, i as my broker...invite here. what am i paying you to manage my money? it's racquetball time. ♪ carl, does your firm offer a satisfaction guarantee? like schwab does. guarantee? ♪ carl, can you remind me what you've invested my money in. it's complicated. are you asking enough questions about how your wealth is being managed? if not, talk to schwab.
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trish: the left and the mainstream media are declaring president trump guilty of something, but they are not sure what. one anchor accused trump of sounding like a guilty man. he said the president sounds guilty. based on the president's tone, he should be behind bars. >> this is not the way a high-elected official is supposed to talk. it's the way guys talk to me when they are wearing orange
8:17 pm
jump suits and explain why they got done wrong. trish: joining me, pete hegseth. that was chris cuomo. what do you think of that? >> really insightful stuff from him. but he wasn't the only one. he was the most of glaring example of hyperbole based on body language and tone. but network after network are declaring it's time for him to go to jail. last time i checked, mueller was charged with attempting to show there was collusion in the 2016 election. but what i'm learning is donald trump was a builder for decades in new york and international
8:18 pm
building. that's why this defense has been so strident and straightforward. this is what i did, this is who he was. i made deals in tough places. but i had no idea how you can take that connection and turn it into collusion. trish: you bring something important. frankly, this this is my theory. people have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to business. they don't understand the role of business and they don't understand the president was actually still running a company with 500 entities in two dozen countries all over the world. necessary was going to give it up and say forget it and not work at all or have a position at his company if he was running. if you are a businessperson, you
8:19 pm
will be doing some deals. we live in a global world, right? >> that's part of the reason they can't stand the guy. they go to fundraisers but not really doing big deals or making big decisions. donald trump entered in because he wanted to fiction this country. until then he wanted the biggest profit and bottom line. remember when he talked to his donations to democrats and republicans? he said i knew how to play the game. i greased the skids with campaign donations so i could get my buildings built. he says i know how the system is rigged, i know how to unrig it. and in places where i might be able to forge through a
8:20 pm
relationship with putin. and the manufacturing of guilt from michael cohen and paul manafort who had shady deals for decades. a couple of people might go to jail for lying to congress which you shouldn't do. trish: he said they stopped talking to russia six months prior to the time they stopped talking to russia. we don't know because michael cohen lied over and over again. >> manafort, remember we were told he met with saader three times. this is all specious evidence. we don't know what mueller knows. he doesn't have a collusion or obstruction case. if he's going after trump's business deals, that's not the
8:21 pm
point. trish: i don't think mueller has an idea what he's looking for he's in search of a crime. trish: great to see you at the reagan presidential library. the left-wing media thinks michael cohen's guilty plea is proof that trump excluded with the russians. i think robert mueller doesn't have any idea what he's look for in this investigation. find out why. we have exclusive intel next. a february to remember,
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tonight the left is salivating. absolutely salivating over michael collins guilty plea. ultimately bring down the united
8:26 pm
state president. they think the timing technicality issue of when he planned to be in moscow somehow .-ellipsis campaign colluded with the russians heading on the second exactly happened? i want to know. do you think the president of the russian student of an house under? stealing the election from hillary clinton is giving the russians an awful lot of credit last i checked those voting machines. you cannot going forward, of course. you can't hack them. suppose the russians operated accounts more than not not it is
8:27 pm
not like the russians were running hillary clinton from campaigning in places like wisconsin and pennsylvania. not instructed to tell : minus out of business. she did that all on her own. donald trump associates try to tap russian sources, i just ask. how is that anything other than opposition research. how's that anything different than hillary clinton's team originating on opposition research? hiring a firm and then hired for, christopher steele, the british spy who then had his foreign sources, russian sources, actually, to on donald trump. i looking into that dossier?
8:28 pm
some of them have been wrong? this is such an utter distraction. it is a disservice to our country. i cannot understand what they're trying to prove here must they find touchup hired a hacker to illegally obtained john podesta 's emails and turn them over to wikileaks. maybe they got something. stretch. i am not sure what mr. miller is trying to prove this investigation has been going on and on. i do not think he knows either. joining me now is brad blakeman who were done several presidential campaigns along with former hillary clinton campaign advisor. talk to me about the opposition research part of this. he likes politics to offer
8:29 pm
business that goes on to that opposition research staff. besides do this? >> absolutely. there cannot be a football game if you do not have an offenses and defenses team. to know what they are capable of. what they've done. >> i am just curious. hillary clinton, her team commissioning that dossier, that is normal, right? course of business? >> information comes from a bout of sources. the question is, are you sources legal? information obtained legally? >> let me fast-forward this. antoine, i will bring you in the
8:30 pm
second episode i looked up to you had with the russian earlier responded with a little more than she had. is that okay to have? can you have a meeting like that #. >> yes, you can can have any number of meetings within the boundaries of law to find out whatever permission you can on your opposition. either way, democrats are famous for this. there was not collusion in 2016 was in regards to democrats. the hillary campaign worked in a conspiracy to deny bernie sanders denomination. >> hang on. hang on. i have to let antoine respond to that. >> is friday night. political malpractice.
8:31 pm
>> hillary clinton campaign stop bernie sanders from his way to the nomination democrat absolutely false. should not say that because it is not true. the special prosecutor is doing his work. from one, the story has changed, four, 10, 12 times. first it 12 times. first it was no contact, there was no business dealing. then, to gotomeeting. go to a meeting. >> think happened? what do you think? do you think think actually happened? >> i cannot speak for anyone. what i think is the trump
8:32 pm
campaign to seek information and guidance from the russians. >> there is nothing wow with seeking information or getting advice. >> a special prosecutor, we wild not have ordinarily found out without this investigation going on. i think it is wrong for republicans to say robert does not know which direction he is going in. >> it sounds like, it sounds like you really think by sharing information that somehow a crime. i was back to the fact that in a global place. i have friends from all over the world would am i not allowed to talk with them? this is information. we have freedom of speech in
8:33 pm
this country. talk to anyone you want. >> antoine, respond to that. >> i never said sharing information was wrong. foreign power is wrong. they are doing that foreign power -- trish: what does it mean in this case? i don't know. unless you can tell me that donald trump hired someone to hack into podesta's emails and turn it over to wikileaks, i don't understand where the crime crime is. he doesn't know what is looking for. >> how do you know, trish? i've got to go. i love you too, and want. >> he would have known by now there was a conspiracy the russians intercede.
8:34 pm
crimes personal to the defendants in front of him. nothing to do with the original charge of the special counsel. it is a fact. debbie wasserman schultz was your chair. she was caught trying to the nomination. trish: had a great weekend, brad brad and antoine. hundreds of criminals. ms 13 playing. identify trying to cross our borders. that is not stopping uc berkeley student government from unanimously funding the caravan members. the president of uc berkeley student republican is outraged. taxpayer dollars involved. he is here to sound off on this one. all money managers might seem the same,
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one tonight, a handful of migrants are staging a hunger strike. the migrants is that the mexican police will not let them continue their trek north. imagine that. they are going on a hunger strike. uc berkeley student government has unanimously voted to fund the migrant caravan. my next guest is a student at this liberal school. [laughter] that taxpayer funds. he is furious. he is joining me right now. mats. also a correspondent for campus good to have you here. why you so upset russia mike. >> student government on wednesday night decided to spend
8:40 pm
$1500 on the migrant caravan at our border. absolutely unacceptable. trish: not a lot of money. in your view, so much as $1 going to the caravan of people wanting to come into our country illegally is wrong. >> absolutely. student leaders and members of the campus community i always stating there is a housing crisis in the bay area and students are homeless and cannot afford meals. sending money to students and families affected by the money on trend fires in california, instead they are sending it to these caravans. trish: people are going to say you're mean. it's just $1500. if you could buy some meals for those kids with their parents, maybe it's worth it. you being a little little coldhearted, maybe? >> no. the chief patrol agent said the overwhelming majority that were apprehended there are adult males who cannot apply for
8:41 pm
asylum status. other liberal news outlets like cnn are painting this as a humanitarian crisis when in fact it is not. trish: but it is a crisis. it is a little bit of a humanitarian one and that you now have thousands of people sitting there along our order. they do not have the means to take care of themselves. mexico is now, apparently, out of money and struggling to take care of them. we have to do something. maybe the messages -- i will be honest, i do not totally begrudge on the $1500. if you told me it was 500,000, we might have a bit of a problem a problem. $1500, look, i think the bigger issue here is, i think you'd agree with me, we need as a country to make it clear that there should be no incentive to travel all the way to that order. guess what, we will not let you
8:42 pm
in. >> absolutely. $1500 is a small amount. they are allowing this. encouraging these people to try to breach our borders and disobey our laws. the university of california at berkeley. trish: we know berkeley. [laughter] good luck to going to school there. thank you, matt. a shocking new report about google tonight. how the search engine conspired to punish outlets after president jumps presidential victory. the most outrageous stories you did not want to hear this week. here's a heads. a little crazy. classic christmas movie. i love this one. bigoted and abusive, they say. we have more. patients that i see that complain about dry mouth,
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trish: breaking tonight. google debated burying search results from conservative outlets right after donald trump won the election. trying to make sure that donald trump would not win in 2020. that is an exclusive report from the daily caller. not very surprising, given the
8:47 pm
reaction to taught executives right after hillary clinton lost. take a look at this. >> most people are pretty upset and pretty sad. because of the election. >> the first moment i really felt like we were going to lose. it was a massive kick in the gut were going to lose. >> not just from a pr standpoint, but working hard to hind the scenes to stand up for what is right. >> bull's-eye brief author mr. adam johnson joining us. >> i guess this gives us more color, more insight into those tacky executives. >> working hard behind the scenes for what is right or at least what they think is right. all animals are created equal,
8:48 pm
but somewhat equal than others. the kids at google think they are in a position to tell us we can or cannot see. talking about russian collusion. look no further than google. there was google collusion. trying to shield able to see or not see. it is unbelievable. we trust it google it. i want to find this out or find that out we assume that they are honest. trish: i think back to the incident recently they had with google. the california republican party. you know what came up. >> how do they bungle that? it is mind boggling. maybe they are even trying to bury fox news. knowing what we know now, it is unbelievable. >> it is --dash was saying this
8:49 pm
is not entirely true. double checking with the control room. either acknowledging that there was a debate? this information just coming into us. the fact that they are even having a debate. here is the response. we service these sites regularly google has never manipulated search results. our policies do not allow for any manipulation to promote political ideologies. in other words, still not not really tackling the issue that there was this debate. >> was google was able to do, or at least what they tried to do, was mis- code sites like the daily caller or bright as opinion blogs. not as news. that put them in a different bucket. that bucket is lowered down on
8:50 pm
the list. >> that is pretty opinionated staff. >> every news platform out there is opinionated. they're trying to corral eyeballs and ears. they are trying to get people so they can sell ad dollars. trish: it is a business. let's not forget twitter, facebook, they all had a hand in helping the russians to do whatever they wanted to do. i've got to leave it there. good to see you. we will talk more week. i will see you monday. the snowflakes are flowing. i loved this movie as a kid. rudolph the red nose reindeer. according to the left, it is bigoted and abusive. the insanity and more on this week's wackiest stories. ♪
8:51 pm
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i decided to leave and go interview some of the people. next thing i know i am surrounded by a sea of red hats. >> fake news. he is the enemy of the people. >> he was just there to cover the rally. >> that is what separates
8:55 pm
democracy from a dictatorship. trish: he is not really funny. it's supposed to be a comedy series. doubling down on the anti-trump punchlines. no supplies at the rebooted series may not be on the air for very much longer. mr. joe, good to see you. i am not surprised, are you? >> i am surprised at how poor the acting is. [laughter] is that supposed to really be funny? comedies and sports usually have one thing in common. that is escape is him. when i want to watch murphy brown of the saints cowboys, i don't want to hear about politics in any capacity. trump supporters beating up a supporter, no reporter has ever been physically assaulted at a trump rally.
8:56 pm
this is the enemy. i loathe the term of fake news. trump supporters have been attacked, but the creators literally had to create a fictional situation to attack the president, his supporters as being violent and unhinged. >> a slap in the face to the people coming in to watch. >> they are saying don't bother to even show up to watch our show. you will probably be offended. that is why murphy brown is a lowest greatest show on cbs. probably going off the air for this reason. don't pick a side. it's pretty simple. >> you know what, we still watch it as a family, multiple times, now you can just get it anytime you want. rudolph. christmas classic. my kids love it. i love it. i grew up with it.
8:57 pm
liberal new site. huffington post. seriously problematic they are saying their sexism, bullying, and a tree. it is rudolph. >> i love the sexism part did that is when donna went to go look for rudolph after she runs away. the wife reindeer, i knew i would be on national television analyzing this, the daughter says, no, this is a man's job. bullying comes when they don't let it out plainly reindeer games. it misses the entire point. rudolph does not conform. he stays true to himself. he uses teamwork to stave the day. one of the worst pr disasters in the history of mankind when santa claus cannot deliver presents. taking something we all love and wanting to ruin it. >> we're talking about baby it's
8:58 pm
cold outside. again, you can interpret whatever you want from those lyrics. have you at some of the other lyrics that is played nowadays? way worse than baby it's cold outside. >> i think you are right about that. trish: they are taking all the fun away. all the fun out of christmas. comedian kevin hart is now defending that cowboys and indians the birthday party he threw for his 1-year-old son. people are mad. how stupid our world is becoming that is a direct quote. the dallas cowboys played the washington redskins on the same day. >> washington redskins. they want to get it changed because they feel it is offensive. as a kid when you play these games, it was based off the
8:59 pm
premise from a hypothetical place that was put into perception for movies. this is not something that just started. this is not a racial slur that people are doing or being malicious with. this is a game that has been played for years. good for kevin hart. he is saying screw you. this has been going on since i was a kid. my kids will play it. no one is offended and if you are, don't bother showing up to the party. trish: the world is becoming so pc these days. like you said, somewhat sensitive. this crosses the line it becomee slippery slope. it is good to see you, as it is every friday. >> i'm going to enjoy my weekend. >> i'm watching rudolph. >> stay out of trouble. >> thank you to all of you for tuning in. i think i told you this, we won the month. biggest numbers at 8:00 p.m. on
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spn. it is because of you. thank you for watching. murray is next followed by the premiere of -- i will see you monday. ♪ >> happy weekend. welcome to the program that analyzes you for the week and your head. legendary hedge fund manager best-selling author is my special guest this weekend. first, these are both in standing by in the foxbusiness news room. wall street and main street. >> federal reserve chairman sending the market sewing this weekend after suggesting the bank should slow it space of


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